The Story You are about to read is fictious
Our Sunday ritual continued for weeks and as Jennifer promised, she made sure I could see what panties she was wearing. Every Sunday Morning at 9 AM Mom and Dad would leave the house and put me in charge of my sister. It got to the point where Jennifer and I didn’t even bother to get dressed. She would just come down to breakfast wearing a cute almost see through robe and panties. This particular Sunday she came downstairs wearing a pair of panties that I bought for her at Victoria Secret the day before. They were black with lace trim across the top and ruffled along the legs. It was a daring move because her see-through bathrobe was white and my parents hadn’t left the house when she came down.
“Aren’t you cold Jenna? This kitchen is not the warmest place in the house!” her mother scolded gently. Jenna giggled slightly.
“No Mom! I’m just fine!” she answered back hoping she wouldn’t mention how “unlady-like” it was to run around with her underwear showing. I looked up at the clock and 9:00 was fast approaching as Jenna shot a sexy wink at me. She had left me a note underneath my bedroom door the night before telling me that she had a surprise for me because it was my birthday today. I couldn’t wait for Mom and Dad to leave so I could see what it was. Jenna wasted no time as my parents left and immediately slipped off the robe and revealed the underwear in all its sexy glory.
“I know that today’s your birthday and I have a big surprise for you. Follow me into the bathroom!” I looked at her strangely. This was different. I followed Jennifer to the bathroom where she closed the door in front of me.
“DON’T COME IN UNTIL I TELL YOU TO!” Jennifer called out. I stood there and waited a couple of minutes when she finally told me I could enter. Jennifer was bent over with her hands resting on the bath tub in front of her and she’d changed her panties. She’d chosen a generic pair of pink cotton panties that she wore all the time.
“I have a confession to make!” Jennifer said as she stood up after giving me a perfect view of her ass, “I read your diary and I got to the part where you talked about me. I already knew about your fetish with my panties but I had no idea that you wanted to see me in something else…something far more sick and dirty, but it’s your birthday and I’m going to let your fantasy come true. Like you’ve done in the past though, you’ve got to take pictures. I also know you want to fuck me and if you let me do this, I’ll fuck you silly! I also know that you like to sneak into the girls’ bathroom at school and watch the cheerleaders go to the bathroom. I’m surprised you never got caught.” Jennifer sat down on the toilet and spread her legs and rested her feet on the toilet seat, “Now you get to watch me pee. I’ve been holding it in all morning.”
“Aren’t you going to pull down your panties?”
“I wouldn’t have time,” she said quickly as her panties suddenly began to moisten from the pee flowing from her little pussy. Jennifer peed and peed and peed for what seemed like a very long time. When she finally finished she stood up and reached down into the cupboards underneath the sink and grabbed a package and handed it to me.
“You want to see me in one, put one on me!” she said with a seductive smile. I looked at the package. In large red lettering against a blue backdrop the package read, “Pampers XXL Pack of 20! Now 30% More absorbent to get you through the night” This must have been the surprise that Jennifer was telling me about.
“Okay, take off your panties then!” I said.
“Oh no! I’m a baby today and little girls can’t dress themselves!” she said giggling. I grabbed Jennifer’s panties and carefully pulled them down and took them off and then ordered her into the living room where there would be more room. I ripped the package open and pulled out a diaper. I wasn’t sure if it would fit her but I was willing to try as she laid down completely naked in front of me. I wanted to fuck my 10 year old sister but I didn’t want to ruin my chance so I decided against it at that moment and lifted her naked ass in the air and placed the diaper underneath. It was the first time I’d seen her bare tiny pussy but it was definitely a sight. I pulled the front over and reached for the adhesive straps on either side and to my surprise was able to fasten them with very little effort. Jennifer was smaller than I thought. The diaper was a perfect fit! I crawled on top of my sister and gave her a very passionate kiss. The diaper felt smooth against the bare skin of my rock hard cock. After kissing her and making out with her I stood up and she immediately grabbed my cock with her hand and began to stroke it like she usually did but this time gave me another surprise when I suddenly felt her lips touch the tip of my dick and the next thing I knew, my sister was giving me the most amazing blow job I’d ever felt.
“Baby Jen is having her bottle!” Jennifer said as she went back down on me. My ten year old sister was sucking my dick like a pro and it wasn’t long before she was sucking down every drop of cum I was spewing out.
“Jenna, where did you learn to suck a dick like that?” I asked.
“Daddy’s dirty movies!” she responded.
“Well, this is quite a birthday celebration!” I replied back, “I didn’t know you watched Dad’s pornos!”
“Aren’t you going to take pictures of me in my diaper?” Jennifer asked.
“Of course I am!” I said back. I hurried to my bedroom and grabbed the digital camera I had hidden in the bottom of my closet. I had to hide it very well because I knew Mom and Dad would skin me alive if they ever found the pictures of Jennifer that I had taken. I headed back to the living room and found Jennifer sitting on the floor with her legs wide open looking at me with her thumb in her mouth. The diaper had suddenly taken on a yellowish tint to it toward the crotch area and that meant only one thing. Jennifer had gone to the bathroom in it. I knew that this was going to prove to be an interesting photo session.

The photo session lasted 3 hours. I took all kinds of photos of Jennifer wearing the diaper but we knew we couldn’t let it last too much longer because Mom and Dad would be home in a little while so it became time to get dressed and hide the diaper. Jennifer laid down on the bed and I went to work taking the diaper off. I undid the straps and pulled it down off her pussy when I noticed another surprise. The little ball of crap sat amidst my sister’s pee and I got an idea. I told Jennifer not to move and I quickly ran and got the camera again. Three more pictures quickly filled the memory stick. I cleaned my sister up with a washcloth and dried her with a towel and wrapped the diaper in a plastic bag and tied it tightly. I then pulled the naked ten year to me and without warning inserted a finger into her hairless twat. The look on Jennifer’s face was priceless. It was almost like she was expecting it but there was a hint of surprise in her eyes. Her pussy was warm and tight and her muscles instinctively worked my finger as I fucked her with it. It wasn’t long before Jennifer’s pussy was nice and moist. As soon as I put my second finger inside her she bucked hard and began to moan like crazy and I suddenly felt a rush of little girl cum go down my arm to my elbow. The Jennifer lost all her energy and fell back on the bed, happy and satisfied.
“We need to get dressed Sis! Mom and Dad’ll be home any minute. Come to my room later tonight after Mom and Dad are asleep and I’ll fuck you for real!” Jennifer’s eyes grew wide.
“You mean it?” she asked.
“Yep! Come by my room around midnight in just your panties!”
“How about another diaper?”
“No No No Jenna! The diapers are only for special occasions!” I told her gently. I helped Jennifer get dressed and then I quickly dressed myself and told Jennifer to take the diaper outside and get rid of it.

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I liked the cock sucking and finger fucking. Not a fan of the pissen and the

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2010-08-08 06:18:51
The diaper and the piss/shit were a bit wierd, but the rest is good

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2010-06-12 14:08:42
Love the smell of little pussy i have done it many different times little girls girl pussy is AMAZING noting smells better or looks nicer


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dude you gotta keep going with this AMAZING


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Im a big fan of PANTIES and ingon a 10.yo.just smell the girl slime gets me off.

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