This is a fantasy. But based on a bad boss.
My name is Larry. I am a computer programmer at a big enough company that many people get lost in the works and idiots get promoted. In my case I got a new boss, Mary, who came via crossing departments and she was a dumb bunny that shouldn’t be in charge of a slinky. She was not very nice to me or the rest of the department. She did suck up to the higher-ups. I guess that is how she got the job. She was divorced and I could guess who was at fault. The double pain was I applied for the job that she got and I deserved it after quite a few years of devoted effort in the department. I knew the department, the systems, the people, the user base. I earned it. But this ditz got it instead. Dead zero people skills. Dead zero tech skills. Dead zero planning skills. He was maybe ten or fifteen years older than me. Anyways, one of my systems written before she arrived was to monitor accounts payable and accounts receivable to make sure they were in sync with the projects system. No hanky panky with the numbers. It was not a daily or even monthly job, but instead ran twice a year. Sounds pretty boring, but in this case I struck a gold mine. I found some monies that were going to a new vendor for goods that were not tied to any project. I traced the data entries and found my boss’ daughter, Ann, had entered the charges and Mary had entered the vendors. Ann was younger than me, but a bit of a stuck-up snob. The dollar amount was just a couple thousand. Funny thing each of these vendors had been entered by Mary and Ann and had the same P.O. box to mail the checks to.

A few weeks later, I spotted another bad check going out. I staked out the PO and bingo, was able to photo Mary picking up the check, her hand on the PO box with the number visible. I had her and her daughter for embezzlement. I was about to go to the manager above Mary and Ann, when I had a stroke of brilliance. I would make her sweat with a little theatrical vengeance before I ratted her and her daughter out.

It was late Friday when I went to her office and presented her with the evidence. It was fun watching her face go white, her arms go limp as she sank back into her chair. I could see her life pass her eyes as it just hit the tank. She started mumbling, trying to get some semblance of a cover to make it be right. When she saw I wasn’t buying the baloney she was slicing, she started pleading with me. “Please don’t tell.. I will pay all the money back. It will never happen again“. I said ”Not good enough. Paying the money back is just a start. You and your daughter need to cover interest and atone for your sins. Jail would be fine for you two. Your house, cars, and anything else would be sold to recover the monies. How long does one go to prison for embezzlement? Five years? Ten? More? Think the prison guards will rape you? Or your cell mate? Who will hire you two when you finally get out? Would your bunk mate give you prison tattoos?“. She then said “I will do anything. ANYTHING!”. Now I was intrigued as to how far she meant, so I asked. She again repeated “Anything“. Wow! I could run this bimbo through the grinder before I ratted her out. More fun. Now let me describe this bitch. She was 45-ish, about five and a half feet, blond going slightly to gray, trips to the gym were keeping her from going too stocky. Her tits weren’t bad and she had a tight looking round ass. So with this in mind, I said “Prove it. Strip.” She stared at me and started to mumble again, then she seemed to get a backbone and said “How dare you! I will report you. You will be fired”. I said “And with this evidence, you think they would believe you?”. She stopped blustering and realized I was right. She sank back in her chair again. So I pushed my point home “STRIP! Now!”. She looked me in the eye and said “Please no”. I said “Then toodle-loo. Its off to jail with you”. I turned and started to leave. She cried out “Wait! OK. Ah…here?” I turned and stared at her and waited. Her hands weekly crept up and started unbuttoning her blouse. She suddenly remembered that the door was unlocked. “Please lock the door”. I grinned “That is the first time you said please to me, so I will grant that.“ I locked the door. “But you need to smile as you put on the strip show for me and the camera.”. I pulled the camera out of my shirt pocket. “Please don’t take pictures”. “It is nice that you now know how to say please, but I WILL take photos. Make me believe you want to strip for me. Play to the camera, slut. I hope you know you will be doing many things to get out of this, along with Ann as well. She may have smaller tits and ass than you, but I bet she may have a tighter pussy.”. This crudeness about her and her daughter did not sit well and she again started to get a spine. But before she could say anything I pointed to the folder of evidence. I took a photo as she resumed unbuttoning the blouse. The blouse was now unbuttoned. “Remove it with some style, slut!”. She flinched at me calling her slut again, but that blouse slid off revealing a plain white bra. Click “Now kind of dance as you take of your skirt.” As she started to dance and strip, my dick was getting hard. The camera was getting some good shots. Her tits bounced nicely in her bra as a pair of plain white panties came into view. “From now on, you will wear better undies or if I command, no undies.” She stopped moving and stood there in just her bra and panties. I looked at her and raised my eyebrow. “I said strip. That means everything. I want to see your tit-nips and pussy lips. By the way, do you shave everything, or just some, or not at all?”. She looked at me, but did not answer. So I pushed again and said “Answer me, bitch! Or should I also spank you? Hmm I like that thought anyways. So answer or it will be a nice long hard spanking where I turn your ass red red red?”. “I, uh, trim enough for my swim suit.“. Her face was red from embarrassment. I was enjoying this immensely. I waved at her to remind her to finish stripping. The bra came off and her tits drooped down, but not too much. She tried to cover them with her hands. I said “The undies. And don’t cover up. Get used to showing the goods.” The panties were rolled down her legs. She bent to get them all the way down. She stepped out of them. Mary was now naked and standing in front of me. Her arms twitched every so often wanting to cover herself. But she held her arms down. I said “Turn around slowly. Let me see. Let me see”. click click click Not bad at all. The gym work has paid off. I said “Now on your knees and do what you know needs to be done”. She started to protest again, but thought better of it. With a sigh, she knelt in front of me and reached for my belt buckle. Her hands trembled a bit and she turned her head to the side. “Not good enough. Watch what you are doing. Don’t look away. You want to see the dick that will impale you. You will want to savor the moment.”. Actually I was the one who was going to savor the moment, but I had to rub it in. My pants soon hit the floor and my tented underwear was there in front of her. She reached the sides and pulled my underwear down. They caught on my boner. “Easy, slut. Reach in and gently pull my dick out, then the underwear down.”. She obeyed faster this time. I guess being subservient comes easier and easier to her. “No teeth and go as deep as you can without puking. But do take it deep, bitch”. Her hand pulled my dick to her mouth and she engulfed the head. Damn that was not bad. “Use your tongue. Suck it. Deeper. And you will take the load in your mouth and hold it and wait for me to let you swallow. Now get to it.” After a couple more shots of her sucking my dick, I put the camera back in my shirt and just stood there enjoying the forced blowjob. I did not want her to get away with a quick effort. I wanted her jaws sore. So every now and then I held her head with my dick either just barely in or at the back of her throat. “Pull you hands off. Just your mouth. Play with your tits and pussy. Get yourself wet, but don’t cum unless I tell you to.”. After about five minutes I was getting about to my limit. I wanted to moan, but I did not want to give her the satisfaction of knowing she was doing a good job on my dick. I grabbed her head and said “Now we go deeper still. Brace yourself, you slutty, cock sucking bitch.”. It was fun to call her names. I slowly pulled her head down on my dick. It touched the back of her throat and she flinched. I pulled more and her hands shot up to push me away. I slapped her face and said “Hands back to your tits and pussy!”. The slap shocked her, but she obeyed and her hands went back down and resumed rubbing herself. I pulled her head again. “Now I said deeper and I meant it”. She was gagging, her stomach was jerking, but she kept her hands down. I was almost all the way in. Her nose was very close to my belly, just an inch or so left. “Look up at me. Let me see your face wrapped around my dick.”. Tears were pouring out of her eyes causing her makeup to smear. I let her pull off to get a breath. “Now this time you do it without my help and still no hands. All the way down, hold it, and I will take the perfect slut photo with your lips stretched, nose in my pubes.” I grabbed my camera out of my shirt pocket and aimed. Her eyes bugged open. But she reached with her lips and tongue and got my dick back in and started bobbing up and down. “Deep. All the way”. She closed her eyes and started pushing her head into me. It felt good as my dick hit her throat and again she gagged. Again her stomach flinched. But she pushed on and down. God she was going to do it. No girl had ever taken my whole dick. It felt great. Damn great. “Hold still. Look at me”. Click. I pulled my dick back and she gasped as it came free of her mouth. Her drool was hanging from her mouth to my dick. I took another photo. Her hands had stopped rubbing her tits, but were still in place. “Is your pussy wet?”. She was still gasping for air and did not answer me. “OK, I promised you a spanking. So because you didn’t answer me, it is now”. She looked up at me and quickly said “I am a little wet”. “Too little too late. You need to learn to mind the first time. Stand up and bend over your desk. I think ten good hard slaps per cheek ought to do. Now get in position for your punishment and get your hand cranking on that pussy of mine. Get it wet enough for me to slide in real easy and deep.”. She reluctantly stood and got herself in the position I asked for and moved her hands back between her legs. This caused her tits to smash into her desk. Nice look. I reared back and swung. Crack. “YOW!”. “Quiet. Everyone may not have left”. She was able to stifle her yelp on the second swing. Her ass jiggled lightly with each heavy hit. After ten swats per cheek, her ass was red, and her face was covered with tears. “You wet now, bitch?” “Yes, sir“. The sir was a nice touch. I guess she is learning. “Stay put. Here it comes.” I positioned myself and bent my dick down between her red ass cheeks. I eased it up and felt her wet lips. Damn it felt good sliding in. Her pussy was tighter than I had expected. She even started to moan as I pumped her at a steady pace. Again I wanted to hold out as long as I could. But I was getting that feeling and I promised to cum in her mouth and make her swallow. “uh uh ooh oooooh shit ungh I am gonna cum soon. Get ready to suck the load into your mouth.” A few more pumps. “Now!” I backed out of her and she spun around, grabbed my dick, and pushed it into her mouth. “ahhhhhhhhHHHHHH Yes! Almost there. Now don’t swallow until I tell you. Work it. Ahh ahhh oooooh geees fu fu fuck! Shit! Yes!“. My dick erupted in her mouth. Her tongue swiped along the sides and the spurting end. I pulsed the last few shots into her mouth. I grabbed the camera as I finished blowing my load. I pushed my dick in deep, through my cum. I watched her stomach flinch again. Damn fun going deep in her mouth. I pulled my dick back, rubbed a few dribbles around her lips, and said “Hold your mouth open. Show me the cum, slut. And smile.” She looked at me as she opened her mouth to reveal my puddle of cum. Click. “Now swirl your tongue around in the cum. Taste it. Open again.”. click “Now swallow and give me an open mouth smile.”. Click. “That was good, slut. Now call Ann and let her know what she is in for”.

Mary knelt and slumped at my feet. She looked up at me and said “I gave you a blow job. You fucked me. I promised to pay the money back. It is done.”. “No. I told you, you two have got to pay it all back…with interest. And then some time served serving me. When I say you are done and free, then and only then will you be free. Or do you want to go to jail right now?”. She looked at the folder with the evidence. She looked back at me. I looked at her and smiled the smile of the victorious. I knew her answer. “Now call Ann and put it on the speaker. Tell her to meet us outside at your house. She should be wearing only a coat. Nothing underneath it. Nothing else.”. Mary’s eyes pleaded with me, but she saw no reprieve. “She lives with me. She should be home already.”. “hmmmm Makes it easier. But I still want her waiting outside in just a coat.“. She reached for the phone and a buzz filled the air, then beeps, then ringing. “Hello, Mom. What is up?”. “Ann, we have been found out. Larry caught us. Now to keep out of jail, I agreed to his terms. We have…got to pay the money back. All of it.” I heard a gasp from the phone. “And then some for interest. But we also have to let him…uh…let him fuck us.”. A louder gasp. I giggled and added “Plus blow jobs, plus whatever I say. Now tell her how to meet us.”. “Yes yes. Whatever he wants. And he wants to meet at the house. You will need to be outside waiting. Wear only a coat.”. “What?! You mean be naked under the coat?! No way.”. “You want us to go to jail? He is blackmailing us. Get it?! We lost.”. “I do not have a real long coat. The longest doesn’t hardly even cover my ass.”. I liked that thought and spoke up “Sounds good to me. We will be there in 15 minutes. Be there outside or prepare for the jailhouse blues. See ya soon, Ann. Bye.”. I pushed the speaker button and the phone went dead. “Now put your blouse and skirt on. Give me your undies and bra.”. She looked daggers at me, but reached for her blouse. “I saw that look. That will earn you some more spanking. Understand, bitch?”. “Yes sir. I am sorry.”. The skirt went on. She sat down and reached for her shoes. “No. Just the blouse and skirt. I hope Ann doesn’t wear any shoes or she will get a spanking along side you. Sounds like fun to me.”. She grabbed her undies and bra. Then she stuffed them into her purse. She stood up and started for the door. “Ahem!”. She looked back at me, then remembered the undies and bra. She pulled them out of her purse and handed them to me. “Sorry sir. Here they are.”. I put the garments to my nose and inhaled. I then put them in my pocket. We left her office and walked outside to the parking lot. She walked towards her car. “Nope my car. Over here.”. She followed me and got in. I got in and looked at her and said “First pull your skirt up to show the goods and unbutton the blouse. Then which way to your house?”. She pulled her skirt up as I requested and while unbuttoning her blouse she gave me directions to her house. I reached over to her crotch as I drove and rubbed her pussy. She flinched, but remembered quickly and opened her legs to allow me access. I moved my hand up and fondled her tits. Nice way to drive. We got to her house within 10 minutes. It was a windy quasi country road just starting into the hills. The houses were not all butted up close to each other. The hills would not allow that. “Ah. There she is. OK now out. Let us join my other slut bitch”. Mary started to redo her blouse and I said “Stop. Just one button and make it the bottom one below your tits. Let’s see some good titties on display.”. We got out and walked up to her front door. The wind was light, but it seemed to grab her blouse and her stiff nippled tits would show then get covered. “Now roll up you skirt. Make it a mini.“ I watched as she rolled her skirt. She stopped and looked at me, saw my face, and rolled some more. Finally I nodded. Her legs were completely exposed. Ann was watching and trying to keep her own coat low. “Now stand there with your hands behind your back.”. I saw Ann had on shoes and I smiled. “Stand up straight. Both of you! Hands at your side.”. She looked at her mother standing there with her blouse flapping on and off her tits and legs exposed. She got the idea quickly and stood up. Yup. The coat was too short. Her pussy was visible. She had a nearly bald cunt. That little bit above her slit was all. “Now I see you are wearing shoes. You were told nothing but the coat. Nothing. That just earned you a spanking. But do not feel picked on. Mommie Mary here has already had one spanking and will be getting another one along with you.”. Ann stepped out of her shoes. “Just as an extra bit of fun…” I looked at her and at Mary. “Both of you strip. Then when you are both completely naked, we can go in.”. They both looked back to the street. There was enough trees to mostly hide the front door from the street, but the street light made sure that if anyone went by and looked, they would see them. Mary was first to obey. She put her purse down, removed her blouse, then her skirt. She looked to Ann and Ann slumped her shoulders and removed the coat. “OK. Let us go in for some fun. Oh it will be fun for me, maybe not for you two.”. Mary opened the door and the two women grabbed their clothes and quickly went inside. The cool evening air had made their nipples very stiff and crinkly. Once inside I looked around and saw the couch was in the open, away from the wall. “Great. We will use the couch as your whipping station. Get behind it and lean over and await your punishment.”. The two women moved to the couch. “Is he really going to spank us?”. “Yes. He already paddled me hard at work. He had me fingering myself while he spanked me. It was humiliating.”. “OK hands on the couch. Make sure your tits are hanging over the back of the couch. Spread your legs. Good.”. I walked up to Mary. I rubbed her butt, her soon to be red again butt. I moved to behind Ann. Yes it was a tighter looking butt. I rubbed her butt and told her “Prepare. Here it comes. Now keep the screaming to a minimum.”. Whap! She yelped quietly, trying to keep the noise down. I swatted her other butt cheek. Whap! Two nice red hand prints. Whap! Whap! The swats were raining down on her ass. Her butt cheeks were getting very red. I stopped spanking Ann and moved behind Mary. Smack! Whap! Whap! Whap! Over and over again, I made her butt as red as Ann’s. “Which of you sluts is wet, I need to pump some slave pussy with my dick. Speak up!”. Neither spoke up. “Get your fingers into you pussies. Check if you are wet. Tell me if you are or are not wet.”. Hands moved to their pussies and fingers started moving around their slits. “Mary?!”. “I am a little wet. I think enough for you to start, but please go easy.”. “Ann?!”. “No I am not wet. Mom, how can this be turning you on? How can you be wet? From a spanking?”. “He already spanked me and then fucked me. Your father used to spank me while we did it sometimes. I think my body is remembering the connection.”. “Nice. Mary, since you are wet already, I will start with you. Ann, get those fingers working. After I have fucked Mommy here, I will just up and switch…ready or not. One hard slam in. Your choice if you want to be wet! Or maybe you hope that Mommy‘s pussy juice will allow an easy in?”. I moved in behind Mary and moved my dick head around her slit. Yup. It was somewhat wet. I got a nice bit of slippery fluid on my dick and started to ease into her. We both moaned. Yes. Nice and tight. I wondered what Ann will feel like. I have never done two girls one after the other before. I looked over at Ann. Her fingers were moving in and out. I could see some shiny glistening juice on her fingers. I pulled out of Mary. “Damn nice pussy, Mary. Get your fingers in and keep the flow going.” I lined up behind Ann, and true to my word, I pushed it in with one fast, steady shove. “Eeek Damn! Go easy! You fucker!”. I pulled out and swatted her ass good and hard. “Ow!”. “What did you say, slut?”. I slapped her other side. “Ow! Don’t spank me any more! Ow! Ow!”. Whap! Whap! Smack! Whap! Smack! “Ow! I am sorry. Please stop. Please!”. “Stop what?”. “Please stop spanking me.” “Do you want me to fuck you? And fuck you the way I want? Remember you can go to jail along with your mother, if that is what you want. What do you want?”. She looked back at me, then at her mother. Her mother had not stopped fingering her cunt. She looked with pleading eyes at her daughter. Ann said “Ok. I got it. Go ahead and rape me”. Whap! Whap! “Ok OK I got it. Please stop spanking me. Fuck me.”. Whap smack whap smack “Please fuck me the way you want to, sir! Please stop spanking me. My ass is so sore. It stings bad. Please. Please fuck me now.”. “Better.”. I pushed my dick back into her pussy with a hard shove and held it there. I could feel her legs jerking as she involuntarily tried to get me out. I grabbed her hips and started going in and out, building speed, slamming her ass with my hips. Yes her pussy is tighter than her mom’s. But not by much. “Nice tight pussy you got there, bitch. How does my dick feel? Like it?”. “ungh ungh” She looked at her mom’s pleading eyes and said “Yes, sir. I like it. Ung! Your dick feels…uh…uh…good.”.

I was getting close and wanted to extend this fuck session. So, I pulled my dick out and took my fingers and rubbed them into her wet pussy. I then slid them up to her asshole. “No! Not there!”. Whap whap whap whap! “Ow! Please stop.”. “Slow learner. Now reach back, hold your ass cheeks open, ask me real nice to fuck your ass, and I might go in slow and easy…if you ask real nice Got it this time, fuck slut?!”. “Oh god.” Her hands reached and pulled her ass cheeks open as I asked. Her mom looked on in fright, but did not remove her hands from her pussy. I could hear little slurping noises. She was getting very wet. Mary still did not say anything. She was a becoming a well behaved slut. She looked like she was getting close to cumming. I looked back to Ann. She waited with her ass cheeks held open. I swatted her pussy. “Ouch! Fuck!“. “I said to hold your ass open and ask. Nicely. Do you want me to spank your pussy again?“. Her hands were rubbing her pussy. Trying to work out the pain. Ann said “No, sir. Please do not spank my…pussy. Please sir. Please fuck my ass…easy please. Please go easy. I have never allowed anyone to do my ass. Please easy. Ow!”. Her hands got back to holding her red butt cheeks open. I then eased my dick up to her ass and started pressing in. The head popped in fairly easy with the slickness on my dick from her pussy and the juice I had transferred to her asshole with my finger. “Tight! Pull those cheeks harder. Tell me thank you for ass fucking you.”. I moved my dick back out then back in a little deeper. Oh yes. “uh ow Thank you for fucking my OW ass”. I felt my dick start to stick. Not enough slickness. “Mary, stand up and drool some spit into Ann’s ass. It is not slick enough.”. Mary stood up and leaned over her daughter and hocked some spit into the crack of her ass just above where my dick was embedded. We watched it slide down to my dick. I move my dick out, then in, then out. The spit was working. “More spit, slut. But this time just slather it directly onto my dick. Mary looked shocked that I wanted her to lick my dick that was going in and out of Ann’s ass. She hesitated, but saw the look in my eyes and got in close and stuck her tongue out towards my dick. I held it still with just the head in Ann’s twitching asshole to give Mary room. Mary slurped some spit out and down her tongue. She slid her tongue up and down my dick and few times. “More spit”. She hocked up more. Her tongue spread it around my dick. I eased back in. Mary leaned out of the way. “Oh fuck. It hurts. Easy. Please easy.”. I sped up instead and went all the way in. “eeeeek! FUCK! Oh god. Ow!”. The spit was working real fine. I was able to pump in and out of her ass without resistance. Between the spanking and pussy fucking, I was all worked up, and I was going to blow soon. “Ann. Ask me to cum in your ass. Deep in your ass. Ask me nicely.”. “Ow. Oh please. Please. OW! Please cum in my OW ass. Please.”. I slapped her ass a couple of times and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back. I was then able to grab her tits with one hand, then I let go of her hair and grabbed the other tit. I pinched her nipples. “Ow ouch!”. “Fu fu oh yes god damn nice ass. You want it? You want my cum? Deep in your ass?”. “Ow Yes Ow oh god What?! I can’t be cumming. Not from an ass fucking Oh shit I am gonna cum. Nooo. Oh crap! I am gonna… Oh fuck! Ooooo eeeeeee! Please fuck my ass harder. Please give your cum to me. Harder. Fucking cum in my ass. EeeeeeeEEEEEEKKKK! YES! YES!”. That did it. I slammed as deep and as hard into her ass and let my load go. It pumped into her shaking ass as I shuddered. My hand still held her tits tightly. I felt her body go limp as I stopped pounding her. “Shit I came hard from an ass fucking. Who would have thought. I guess I am a sick person. A pervert.”.

Mary was panting and her face was red. Her hands were working her pussy. But she had slowed down. She was just idly fingering her cunt. She looked like she must have cum herself. Her fingers and her legs were wet from her juice. She looked in stark awe at us, my dick shoved up Ann‘s ass. “I see you came from your fingers. You should have asked. Next time. And yes, Mary. You will get your ass fucked too. But later. Now Ann, when I pull out, you will lick me clean. Like a good well behaved slut. Got it?!”. I pumped my dick in and out a couple of times, but my dick was starting to go soft. I pulled mostly out, then as I pushed back in, my dick bent. I gave up the good fight and stepped back. My dick made a slurping noise as it came free of Ann’s ass. Ann stood up and turned around. She knelt before me and reached for my wilting, wet dick. She looked up at me and smiled, then tentatively stuck her tongue onto my dick. She pulled it back and tested the flavor. A small icky face washed over her, but she then stuck her tongue back onto my dick. She started licking all around. She then sucked it into her mouth. As it was shrinking, it went easily in the whole way. Her tongue kept working my dick over while it was in her mouth. After a minute or so, she pulled off and said “Good and clean, sir.”. She sat back against the couch. “My asshole is throbbing. My butt cheeks are stinging. My pussy is still smarting. Why do I feel good? God! I just came from getting ass fucked.”. I smiled. “Because you are one well and truly ass fucked slut. You and your mom are my sluts. Now Ann, get in the kitchen and make some dinner. Mary go get me a beer.”. “We don’t have beer, sir. We have wine.”. “Damn. Go get me some beer. And be quick about it. Good beer, not any cheap crap.”. Mary reached for her skirt and blouse. Then said “My car is still at work.”. “Use Ann’s. And no undies.”. She nodded and finished getting her blouse and skirt on, then went to her bedroom for some shoes. She grabbed Ann’s keys, her purse, and was off. I went into the kitchen to see how Ann was doing. Some hamburgers were frying, and she was chopping some zucchinis. Not bad. I rubbed her ass and she pushed it back into my hands. “Nice slut. Nice ass.”. “Thank you, sir.”.

After dinner, I said “Now who wants to suck my dick? Get it all hard?”. Mary said “Me, sir. Please allow me.”. “OK. Ann, while she is getting my dick hard, you will lick her ass. Get it all wet in and out. Her turn at getting my dick up her ass is as hand. Hell, spank her ass and get it red and hot while you are there. Fucking red hot ass is nice.”. I decided I wanted to get more comfortable. “Let‘s go to your bedroom. Lead the way, Mary”. Once there, I laid down on the bed and Mary quickly got her face onto my dick. Her hands were stroking my balls. I watched as Ann got behind her mother and planted her face into Mary’s ass. Mary’s head jerked up, looked back at Ann, then quickly got back to the task of sucking me. My dick was responding. I did not think I had fucked this many times since my high school or college days. I heard a slurping sound from Mary’s ass and Ann’s tongue. Mary moved her fingers under my balls and started rubbing my asshole. Oh wow. That felt good. Her fingers had gotten wet from her slobber oozing down my balls. This allowed her finger to slip into my asshole. Damn! That pushed my dick the last inch to full hardness. Mary pulled her head of my dick. “It is hard now. Nice and hard.” Her finger worked my ass a couple more times, then she pulled it out. “Ann has got my ass about as wet as it can be. Let’s do it. Please, sir. Please fuck my ass. Fuck my virgin ass. Oh god, I can’t be saying this. Ass fuck me, sir. Please.”. She laid on the bed beside me on her back and pulled her legs up to her chest. That opened her pussy and ass to my view. I moved and got my dick lined up with her ass. I looked into her eyes and shoved. The head popped in. Her eyes bugged open wide, but she didn’t say a thing. Ann was watching and had her hands in her pussy, working her fingers in and out. “Do it, Larry. Fuck her ass like you fucked mine.”. I pushed my dick in about two or three inches. “Ow Oh fuck. Your dick is stretching my ass.” I pulled my dick back, then pushed all the way in with a steady, firm push. “Oh oh ahhh god fuck! Oh ooooooh!” You are in. All of you.”. “Do her. Fuck her. Spank her too.”. I guess she wanted her mom to get the same harsh treatment. I wasn’t sure if she wanted her mom to feel good or hurt. Didn’t matter. I sped up. My balls were slapping into the bottom of her ass. I slapped the left side of her ass. Then the other side. Whap. Whap. WHAP! WHAP!. I expanded my dick and I heard Mary moan. “Do you like my dick up your ass?”. “Yes, sir. Ow! It hurts, but feels good too. Oh god, it feels good. I never knew. Ungh. Ow! Oh yes.”. I reached for her tits and pinched her nipples hard. “Eeeeekk Owwww!”. I felt her as clench on my dick. Fuck it got tighter. I pinched her nipples again. Again her ass tightened up. Mary squealed, but kept holding onto her legs, pulling them apart to the sides. I was not going to last long if she kept squeezing my dick. “Uhng fu fu You are fucking squeezing my dick each time I pinch your tits.”. I pinched again. “Eeeek I feel it too. God fuck me. Fuck my ass”. She was starting to shudder. Her eyes were rolling around in her head. Her ass was pulsing on my dick. Ann had got behind us and she slid a wet finger into my ass. “Oh god! Fuck. I am gonna. Oh gees. Fuck. I am gonna cum. Shit! SHIT!”. Ann added a second wet finger and started to saw them in and out of my ass while I fucked her mom’s ass. I started cumming into Mary’s ass. It wasn’t the usual pulse. It was kind of a flowing. Ann’s fingers kept working my ass. Mary’s ass kept tightening on my dick. I started to lay down on Mary, pinning her legs even further back towards her head. Ann shoved her fingers in hard and deep one more time and held her hand there. My dick was still flowing cum, but slower. It was like peeing, but it was cum. “Wow!”. I am gonna like fucking you two sluts.”. “We are going to like it too, sir.”.

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