Naruto slams the doors wide open. He notices the ANBU all standing in the corner left of him. He hears Tsunade whimper and figures she's under her desk. Right in front of him stands Kyuu with one tail and her skin boiling red with a ring of fire surrounding her. Her skin slowing peels off to show the fox's muscles aching to be free. Naruto quickly grabs a hold of her and whispers something in her ear. Sakura and Ino stand there in disbelief of the scene in front of them. Kyuu calms down as Naruto gently places her on the ground as she begins to fall asleep.

“She is a danger to this village!” Tsunade screams removing herself under the desk and pointing straight to Kyuu.

“She is my responsibility. If you hadn't separated us this would never of happened!” Naruto shouts back.

Tsunade takes a deep breath and says in a calm voice “We can't allow her to roam the streets of this village your...”

“Let him keep her” a familiar voice says behind Naruto cutting Tsunade short.

Naruto turns around to see Jiraiya and Kakashi standing next to Sakura and Ino “Pervy Sage!”

“I told you not to call me that!” Jiraiya says getting into a fight with Naruto.

“But you are an old pervy hermit though” Naruto retaliates and the bickering stops when Tsunade hits the two of them in the forehead. Sakura and Ino chuckle a little bit and then straighten up.

“Now then the discussion here is whether we should allow this girl that came out of Naruto or to remove her. Normally I would turn to the elders no matter how much of a pester they are, however they are sick at the moment, so I had Jiraiya and Kakashi come” Tsunade says in a serious voice as Naruto and Jiraiya rub their foreheads.

“I think we should keep her it would allow Naruto to work on his jutsu's that has an equal amount of chakra” Sakura says as Naruto nods in total agreement.

“As much as I agree with Sakura we must not forget that it is the nine tail that we are talking about. We have a hard enough time keeping Naruto controlled, and Yamato is really the only one who can control Naruto and that is because of the seal. This girl doesn't have the seal thus making it harder to control, and we must not forget we still don't fully understand the nine tail fox” Kakashi states in his mono tone as Tsunade nods in agreement as Naruto's jaw drops.

“Jiraiya your response?” Tsunade asks noticing Jiraiya thinking deeply about this.

“Sakura and Ino would you please take Naruto and that girl out for a moment” Jiraiya says calmly but in a stern voice. Naruto didn't question his motive he simply grabbed Kyuu with Ino's assists as the four walk out of the room. “Tsunade can you put down a sound block jutsu in this room” Jiraiya continues to speak as Tsunade puts her hand down on the floor “ANBU what is your take on the girl” Jiraiya continues.

“We believe she is danger to this village however what Sakura said does carry something” the main ANBU spoke.

“What would the fourth say?” Jiraiya says talking to the room.

“The fourth if he knew what his son has done now who knows what he would say?” Tsunade replies.

“Lets keep her temporarily to see her effects. If we must remove her let the ANBU do it when Naruto is asleep” Kakashi speaks up.

“I'll agree with that” Jiraiya replies.

Tsunade talks to herself in a low voice regretting this meeting “Agreed.”

“Hokage do you want us to keep an eye on Naruto and that girl?” the main ANBU asks.

“Yes, but do it so he doesn't notice any of you” Tsunade says and takes off the sound barrier and the ANBU vanish.

Naruto opens the door and falls to the ground “So can I keep her?”

“Yes” Tsunade says in a mono tone as Kakashi and Jiraiya stand there watching Naruto cheerfully shouting.

That night Naruto and Kyuu are eating ramen in Naruto's apartment.

“I will never leave you again” Naruto says to her.

“With us finally being allowed together does this mean some more intimate alone time just you and me” Kyuu replies slipping her hand inside Naruto's pants.

“Not tonight Kyuu we have a busy day tomorrow of training. It's time to get some sleep since we are going to be training early tomorrow morning” Naruto says taking her hand out of his pants and walking over to the bed as he takes off his clothes.

“But where will I sleep, there is only enough room for one on your bed?” Kyuu replies.

“Here you take the bed I'll sleep on the floor tonight and we'll figure it out tomorrow” Naruto says giving her a bright smile as he grabs a few extra sheets and lies down on the floor. Kyuu take off her clothes and instead of sleeping on the bed she snugs up to Naruto and whispers “I love you Naruto.” Naruto remember what he had said to her that calmed her down earlier were those words but directed to her.

The next morning Kyuu wakes up smelling something burning. She looks toward the kitchen to see Naruto trying to cook. “Are you purposely burning that?” Kyuu asks Naruto a rhetorical question.

“Oh shoot...morn...ah come on” Naruto was walking everywhere to try and make breakfast.

“Why don't we simply eat out this fine morning” Kyuu responds in a gleeful mood.

“Lets eat these” Naruto tosses a rice ball to Kyuu “we need to get to training within twenty minutes we won't have time to eat elsewhere.”

“So what's so important in training so early in the day, again?” Kyuu asks taking a bite from her rice ball.

“No time to answer. Shower now!” Naruto grabs Kyuu's hand and rushes into bathroom while Kyuu is still eating her rice ball.

“So is that the reason why you want to train so early?” Kyuu says pointing downward at Naruto's crotch that shows a fully erect cock sticking outward.

“Kyuu your job this morning is to make me cum before I turn off the water” Naruto says standing inside the shower as Kyuu finishes her rice ball. Kyuu steps in and positions his cock in her pussy as she embraces his body. Once in Naruto shoves her to the shower wall and rams his cock in her fast and hard as possible.

“Uuuuuuuhhhhhh......oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yessss fuck!!!!!!!!!! NARUTO!!” Kyuu repeats moaning with every time Naruto fucks her. “I'm going to...uugh!” Kyuu's response as she screams as she hits her first orgasm.

“You like wait until I....” Naruto says but stops as he shoots his load in her pussy. He takes out his cock and turns the water off. Grabs a towel as Kyuu stands there in the shower with cum dripping from her pussy. “Are you coming or not?” Naruto asks her as he tries to put on his pants. Kyuu snaps out of her trance and steps out to grab a towel.

Later on Naruto and Kyuu meet up with Yamato and Kakashi for some training.

“Before we can start Naruto Yamato needs to make sure his jutsu can handle the two of you. He already has a hard enough time taking care of just you Naruto, but with this girl...”

“Can't you please just call her Kyuu. I mean she does have a name Kakashi” Naruto says.

“I don't think it's necessary to make the jutsu even stronger since Naruto and I are connected if one of us does transform the other can not transform, but is allowed to prevent the other” Kyuu states.

“That's good news for me!” Yamato shouts from the distance roughly about 30 yards away.

“Shall we get started then!” Kakashi replies and then vanishes over to a tree in the distance.

Naruto does a few hand tricks and poof a thousand Naruto's appear. Kyuu does the same thing to allow every Naruto have one of her own clones.

“That's a lot of clones!” Yamato speaks to himself.

“Lets get started!!” All the Naruto's shout in unison as their training begins.

A few hours later Sakura and Sai show up with a couple of baskets of food. Kakashi was the first to notice them and rushed over while Naruto and Kyuu were busy training and Yamato was busy holding his jutsu intact.
“That doesn't seem to be enough for Naruto and Kyuu?” Kakashi amused Sakura and Sai.

“Sensei!” Sakura replies “One basket is for Naruto and Kyuu while the other is for the rest of us.

“You know Naruto can what's inside both those baskets?” Kakashi questions her.

“Ino and I put a special ingredient in Naruto and Kyuu's food that would allow them to consume less and fill up faster while still retaining their chakra” Sakura replies handing over one basket to Kakashi while grabbing hold of the one that Sai was holding “Now then that basket you have is for those two, so don't go eating anything in there Sensei.”

“Hey Naruto and Kyuu its time to take a break!” Kakashi screams as all the Naruto and Kyuu clones vanish leaving only the real Naruto and Kyuu running over to where Kakashi, Sai, and Sakura were. Yamato relieved his jutsu and lay on the earth for a few moments and then slowly got over to where the rest were already eating.

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