First time with my cousin Vicky
My brother was two years older than me; if I remember right I was fourteen, the same age as my cousin Vicky. Vicky had to stay at house for some reason, not sure why. My Mom asked Vicky where she wanted to sleep. From the look on her face she had no clue how to reply but ended up agreeing to sleep on the sofa in the living room.

I had to beg Mom to let me stay downstairs with her that night. I was hoping for a chance to get a peek at her tits again. I’m not sure if she did it on purpose or not but the last time she stayed over the front of her robe came open and she wasn’t in any hurry to close it. My brother Tom claims it was no accident and that I should have taken that as an invitation. He claimed if she was willing to show she was prepared to have me feel them. Maybe, maybe not.

Mom and Dad hit the sack early; I waited and waited, about midnight she finally went to the bathroom to get changed into her nightclothes reappearing in the same robe but also a Winnie the Pooh pajama set under it.

We were sitting on the sofa, at opposite ends, I had already pulled out my sleeping bag about ready to crawl in when Tom shows up. He had a lot more nerve than I sitting between the two of us it took him no more than a few minutes to have his fingers dancing around her knee cap.

She kept pushing his hand away as it attempted to move up her leg, but she was more than willing to respond when he reached around pulling her in for a long wet kiss. After some maneuvering Tom had had her situated between the two of us. She was easy as Tom and I repeatedly took turns sucking lips with her. But Tom always wanted just a little bit more.

Vicky had noticed our hard dicks showing through our pajamas as she kept staring at them making inquisitive faces when she did. This went on for an about thirty minutes before my brothers nonstop struggles to grab her tits bared fruit. Once his hands connected it was out of control. Two boys and one set of tits caused some confusion between us but we settled into a rhythm of taking turns with them without any protest at all from her.

Vicky never uttered a single objection when Tom unbuttoned her Pooh shirt, as a fact she began a soft whimper as Tom sucked a nipple. I didn’t remember exactly how he did it but Vicky and Tom ended up on the floor, on their there knees, embraced tightly. Waiting for my turn I watched Tom’s hand travel down her back disappearing into her pajama bottoms..

I will never know if she figured it was a lost cause and gave up fighting or if she really wanted it to go further but it did go further than my wildest dreams could have imagined. The top half of Vicky’s body was resting on the brown sofas cushion while Tom was plucking her pajama bottoms from her ass. Her hands and arms thrashing around when the right one ended up on my lap. It just happened to land on my dick, in her attempt to regain composure she gripped it really hard.
Even if it was dark in the room the television provided enough light as I monitored her eyes as they opened wide looking directly at my dick. Not stupid, I immediately seized her hand almost ripping my pajamas off to place her hand on raw skin. Mean while Tom had her bottoms removed and was in the process of eliminating her flimsy underwear. Vicky was in a vulnerable position, helpless, weak and defenseless all three of us knew exactly what was going to take place.

Nudging her hand along the length of my dick she took the hint and began stroking it softly. I think she had experience in sex before, she seemed to know how to please me with as her hand rose up and down stopping just at the head teasing it. My eyes focused on Tom. Both Vicky and Tom were naked with Tom spreading her legs apart as he knelt behind her.

Tom took two of his fingers to his mouth spitting on them before running them across her cunt. I kept moving in closer trying to get her to suck my dick. Tom was now stroking his own dick while his finger fucked her cunt. Then just before the big move he grabbed the base of his dick running his fingers along it forcing out a large glob of pre-cum.

He swore afterward she was cherry but I wasn’t convinced of it. In position, his dick in hand he probed around until he found her hole. With one swift push of his body his dick slid into her. A loud cry of pain escaped her mouth as her body came upright off the sofa. Not one to miss a chance when Tom pushed her back down my lap was under her.

Time stood still for a minute, not wanting to wake Mom and Dad, not wanting her to scream out again no one moved, just the sound of the television in the background while Vicky’s head lay in my lap, Tom buried in her snatch, we all caught our senses. Then the fun began, she loosened up as Tom repeatedly plunged into her over and over while her head bobbed up and down on my dick. I really wanted a piece of her cunt, sure I was getting off on her sucking me but I had never had fucked before.

While I was slowing her down not wanting to cum just yet Tom was groaning as he gripped her hips pushing hard against her, I knew it was stupid of him, I had cummed enough in my short life to know hat was happening, but it was uncontrollable on his part, he was filling her with his seed. It almost sent me over the edge, if I hadn’t pushed her off my dick I surely would have emptied into her mouth.

Tom quickly rose slightly above her as he grabbed his dick spilling out the last of his orgasm on the cheeks of her ass. Then he was on the floor lying on the sleeping bag. I didn’t even think twice, in a flash I was behind her kneeling. With the light of the television glaring on us I pushed my dick into her depths, yes it was wet, so wet that Toms cum was forced out around her cunt lips collecting on my ball bag.

I did better than I thought lasting several minutes fucking her so wildly that Toms cum was beginning to froth up into sticky foam. Then it was over, I too was laying next to my brother as my little cousin still kneeling, leaking cum, exhausted began to recompose herself. For a few minutes we both thought she was about to call rape but settled down.

On several other occasions when she stayed over the house either one or both of us tried to get her to fuck but it never happened.

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2009-11-03 12:46:06
Sorry...had to give it a negative 'cuz the ending sucked! I agree with the commenter saying she probably was a virgin and ...once again the guys don't do anything to please the girl.....
When will guys learn? Please a girl and she WILL please you!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-11-01 21:36:04
Hmm, that was good. Why do you doubt Vicky was cherry? She was only 14, and she came up hard and screamed when your brother jammed his cock inside of her. After you both fucked her an experienced girl who liked to fuck would have been off to the races. Instead she refused to let either of you have her again. She sounded like a virgin who got double fucked the first time before she knew what was happening or how to defend herself. I think your brother was right. Thanks for the story.

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