It would of been longer, but I was running out of ideas. Please excuse any and all grammer issues! Thank you and enjoy!
One week later

“Dani, I'm horny!” Robbie said as he stands at her door rubbing his cock in front of her.

“Robbie I've got homework can't it wait for five minutes” Dani says typing up an assignment. “Besides why don't you ask mom.

“She's buying groceries” Robbie said nonchalantly walking right beside Dani.

“Fine a blowjob and then can you please let me finish my homework master” Dani sighs getting on her knees and grabbing her brothers cock and balls, and begins sucking. In no time at all she had him buried deep in her throat. Robbie moaned like he had three hours ago when the two had gotten home and he had fucked her pussy. Robbie placed his hand on Dani's head.

“That's it, I'm cumming now” he said reminiscing at the first time Dani sucked his cock. It was in this same room and he was sitting at her computer manipulating her to make her his slave.

“Now master may I get back to my homework” Dani said with a little cum dripping from her lips.

“Sure thing slave. I think I'm going to call Rose over now to take care of the rest, and when your done you can join us. She already knows and actually doesn't mind that I fuck you, Sara, and mom since she fucks her younger brother. I believe he's your age names Tyler I believe I can have her drop him off also” Robbie said walking out the room holding his cock in his hand.

“Oh master could you bring Tyler over please I will do anything” Dani said turning her chair around and gets on the floor in her best begging stance.

“I'll talk to Rose, but if he does you also have to fuck me again” Robbie said “I'm also thinking about making Rose my sex slave by the way what do you think?”

“A fourth sex slave for master how can I say no” Dani teases her brother a bit and then goes back to typing her paper.

“Say when are you going to invite the cheer-leading and volleyball teams over anyhow?” Robbie turns around and asks as Dani stops typing.

“Volleyball team is coming over Saturday, and for the cheer-leading team they are all busy for the next two months with basketball season going on right now. What about the football team Master?” Dani replies turning around again.

“Saturday they'll be over to take care of your team or at least the offense will be here” Robbie said and then walked off as Dani went back to typing while also rubbing her pussy that since becoming Robbie's slave has become even more wet than usual.

Robbie went downstairs to make a quick snack and to text Rose. Once he had finished it Ellen came back. “Robbie can you grab some groceries from the car for me”

“...and?” Robbie said looking for the answer he wanted to hear from his mom.

“And I'll let you fuck me while I cook supper, but you better help me at least take care of the plates, silverware, and drinks for tonight” Ellen snaps at his son while she drops the first load on the kitchen counter and takes her shirt off to reveal that she wasn't wearing a bra again like Robbie had instructed her not to wear anymore when she entered the house, so he could have easier access to them.

“No problem mom” Robbie says kissing her on the lips and walking into the garage to grab a load of groceries. When he got back in he saw his mom naked unloading the groceries into the refrigerator. He saw her ass and her pussy. “Oh by the way Rose and her brother are coming over after supper” Robbie said dropping his load of groceries on the counter.

“Let me guess Rose has fucked her brother and your trying to make her your fourth slave is that it” Ellen said taking out pork chops for supper.

“Yep, and don't be surprised if Tyler decides to fuck you” Robbie said helping her unload the groceries.

“I told you before Robbie after supper your father and I will be heading to his office for a party and won't be back until late tonight” Ellen said to her son as she grabs a couple pots so she can fry the pork chops.

“Saturday...” Robbie said but was interrupted.

“Saturday both your football team and Dani's Volleyball team are coming over yes yes I know that is why I'm your mother after all. Your father and I will be at his friends place for the day so you can have the place to yourselves, just don't wreck the house too much will you” Ellen snapped at her son.

“It'll be like nothing even happen” Robbie said turning around and cupping his mothers pussy as she was putting turning the heat up on the stove.

“Oh Robbie please fuck me” Ellen said turning her head to him and bending her ass to him for easier access. Robbie slid his cock in her pussy and with a week of fucking her pussy had been able to handle with ease. Robbie wrapped his hands around her so he could play with her tits as she held on to the counter as he rammed his cock into her. “Oooh fuck me!” was the only words Ellen could say after such a busy day at work she needed some relief and was glad she didn't have to turn to just her husband to please her either. Since last week Ellen's sex life has improved and her relationship with her husband has also improved.

“I'm going to cum!” Robbie moaned as he kisses his mother's neck and begins to shoot his load into her pussy.

“I'm coming also!” Ellen gasps as her first orgasm comes as some of the cum begins to drip onto the floor. Robbie pulls out and Ellen gets on the floor and cleans him up sucking his cock dry.

“Hey mom it's boiling” Robbie said and quickly Ellen stands up and places the pork chops into the boiling pots. At that same time Dani walks in looking at what just happened.

“Robbie I'm all done of my homework so you can fuck me now” Dani said seductively rubbing her small breasts in front of him.

“Clean mom up and then I'll take care of you” Robbie said grabbing some paper towels as Ellen stands there rubbing her pussy next to him.

“Please help your mother I'm so horny and at the same time I need to get supper ready” Ellen said to Dani. Dani walks over and gets under her mother's legs and begins to lick her pussy for the first time since that week earlier. Cleaning up Robbie's and her mother's cum Dani gives the same lashes she did the last time she licked her mother's pussy.

“Dani at this rate your going to make your mother cum again” Ellen states looking down below at the head of her daughter.

“Isn't that the point” Dani replied and went back to her mother's now swollen red pussy.

“Alright Dani you can stop” Robbie said and Dani obeyed as Ellen continued getting supper ready. Dani got up looking and instantly she was grabbed from behind. Robbie cupped her small breasts and positioned his cock into her pussy. Robbie moves Dani over to the counter next to mom so Dani could bend over a bit more. Dani was panting as Robbie was forcing his entire cock as deep as it could go into her pussy.

“Oh fuck...Oh fuck! Oh Fuck!” Dani kept saying louder and louder until her orgasm hit it's climax and she came on Robbie's cock. Robbie took it out and without question Dani got on the floor and cleaned his cock that had her juices on it. “Mmm...I love the taste of my own pussy” Dani said after a few times of sucking in her brother's cock. Dani then grabs his balls squeezing them gently and going back to sucking his cock. Getting as far as she could sucked it dry of not only her cum, but also his. She then got up and gave her brother a quick kiss, and then turned to her mother who also kissed her on the lips however the two interlocked their tongues for a short moment. They pull away revealing a stream of cum connecting the two of them if only for a short moment.

“Dani can you help your brother with the dishes” Ellen said going back to fixing dinner.

“Certainly mommy” Dani replied and walked over to grab the dishes while wiggling her ass cheeks in front of her mother and Robbie.

“You know you make me even hornier when you do that” Robbie replied back staring at Dani's ass.

“Robbie can you get the forks, the steak knifes, and the butter knifes out” Ellen stated as she takes out the dinner rolls and butter from the refrigerator and places them on the counter.

“No problem-o” Robbie said as Dani walks past him with the plates. Robbie opens the drawer where all the silverware lies and then takes them over to the table where Dani is setting the plates.

“It looks like your father is home” Ellen said looking out the kitchen window.

“Daddy!” Dani jumped and ran out into the garage to meet him.

“Robbie can you take this and put it on the table” Ellen said holding the pork chops in her hands. Robbie grabs them and turns around to place them in the center of the table and also grabs the first one and places it on his plate and sits down. Just as he does Joe enters half naked with Dani unzipping his pants. Once she unzips them Joe's cock comes out revealing a semi-erect cock. Dani just as Joe closes the door grabs his cock and begins to lick it and suck on it until it gets fully-erect.

“Can't even get in the house without getting blowjob now days. I guess I can thank you Robbie for this pleasure” Joe replied as Ellen drops the bread rolls and butter on the table to walk over to him. Giving him a kiss on the lips. Instead f a quick kiss Joe grabs her head and they begin to feel each other's mouths as their tongue's interlock. Without realizing it Robbie had joined in the family fun by sticking his cock in his mother's asshole.

“Robbie!” Ellen shouted, but as soon as she does look behind her Joe has his cock in her pussy “Joe! Boys will be boys I guess”

“What's that supposed to mean?” Robbie said as he and his father give her a sandwich fuck. Dani licks her father's and Robbies cocks, and her mother's pussy and ass while the three above her are fucking. Both Joe and Robbie are playing with her tits while kissing her all over her neck.

“Supper is getting cold!” Ellen shouted with a hint of moaning in her voice.

“One moment mom” Robbie said in her ear fucking her a couple more times until he came in her ass. Joe fucked her a few more strokes after Robbie had pulled his cock out and shot his load into her pussy.
Dani grabbed both of their cocks and sucked on them at the same time as Ellen moved away to sit down at the table preparing her food.

“Ain't Dani a pro at cocksucking Dad” Robbie said as Dani pulls his cock out of his mouth and shoves her father's cock in her mouth.

“She certainly is son. She certainly is” Joe moans as he shoots a small load of cum into her daughter's mouth.

Dani pulls his cock out and looks up and said “I'm full.” Everyone laughs and then they all go to the table and begin eating. It was a quick dinner since Joe and Ellen had to go to a party right afterwards. Dani did the dishes while Joe and Ellen got dressed for the party. Robbie watched a porn flick from his collection he had hid for so a few years from his family, but now it seemed normal to watch a porn flick in the house. After the first family fuck it seemed like life was far more mellow around the house. Robbie was watching one of his favorites where there was this guy who was in this house full of girls that all looked like they were underage and he got the chance to fuck them all.

“I don't know why you watch that Robbie you fuck Dani and me you'd think that was enough” Ellen said walking into the room seeing two chicks making out and pleasing each other. Robbie was stroking his cock.

“I know the real thing is better, but I'm trying to get in the mood when Rose and Tyler get here which should be in an half an hour” Robbie said stroking his cock staring at the T.V. And ignoring his mom.

“Alright we are out. Enjoy your night Robbie we should be back after midnight. Call if anything happens that shouldn't be, and be careful” Joe said walking in behind Ellen.

“Will do I have Rose picking up the condoms so nothing wrong should happen” Robbie said ignoring his parents while jacking off to the T.V. Joe and Ellen head out and as soon as they pulled out of the driveway Dani walked in and got on her knees between Robbie's legs and grabbed his cock.

“Not right now why don't you take a shower real quick before Rose and Tyler get here” Robbie orders Dani and Dani obeys leaving to head upstairs to take a shower with out a word.

About twenty minutes Dani steps out of the shower and walks downstairs with a towel over her head.

“Why in the I command you to take that towel off right now slave” Robbie said to Dani who pouted for a split second and then took it off to reveal her hair was still wet.

“Do you still want me to keep it off?” Dani said as water dripped on the floor.

“Put it back on and dry it quickly they'll be here any minute” Robbie said and Dani went back up to dry her hair. As soon as Dani got upstairs a someone knocked at the front door. Robbie got up and put a towel around him so no neighbors saw him in his birthday suit.

“Hello where's Tyler?” Robbie asks seeing Rose and another girl who looked familiar, but couldn't think of who she was.

“Sorry Robbie Tyler got sick I know Dani probably could of used another cock besides yours and your dad's. So instead I bring you Yvette who is still a virgin at our school” Rose said with a cheerful voice with her dirty blond hair swinging as she talked. It was one thing that Robbie seemed to like about Rose besides her breasts which were a firm c-cup and were still growing. She was also 5'8” and one of the cheerleaders under Dani's team even though she was Robbie's age. Dani is one of the youngest leaders of the cheer-leading team in school history. For the girl standing next to Rose Robbie instantly remembered who she was. Yvette is a dark black girl who barely looks like she has a flat chest or at least small breasts. A wired frame and the same hight as Rose. The two have been best friends since grade school, but when it comes to boys and sports it's like the two have completely different tastes.

“So Yvette are you prepared tonight to break your cherry. I've broken a few cherries in my lifetime, so I can say I'm good with it” Robbie said letting the two walk in and then he shuts the door.

“Rose has told me about your family at first I didn't believe it, but I recently lost a bet to Rose on which boy would break my virginity” Yvette said nervously looking around the place.

“Don't worry it will be alright” Robbie said rubbing her shoulders “Jut relax and you'll be fine.”

“So where's Dani. Don't tell me she got sick too” Rose asked sitting in the same place Robbie was stroking his cock earlier.

“She should be down here any minute she was taking a shower” Robbie said still rubbing Yvette's shoulders as she stood there feeling her body wither under his control.

“Here I am, say where's Tyler?” Dani said walking down the steps in her birthday suit. Yvette dropped her jaw seeing another female naked feet away from her.

“Tyler's sick so instead I brought over Yvette” Rose said looking at Dani for the first time naked.

“I suppose we should start now” Robbie said and Yvette walked away from him accidentally tripping over her own self on to the floor. She layed there just below Dani. She looked up and saw Dani's pussy.

“It seems someone is anxious to eat my pussy” Dani said looking down at Yvette as Robbie and Rose laughed.

Yvette got up and straighten her self. “I'm sorry I...I've never done this that's all” Yvette said shyly holding her hands over her face.

“Hey it's alright all of us will help you become comfortable” Robbie said moving over to her and trying to comfort her with the help of Dani.

“Say Yvette why don't we show you a few moves and then if you'd like you can join in” Rose said taking her clothes off near the sofa.

Yvette took her hands off her face and looked at Rose “I guess that would be alright.”

“Rose why don't you come over here and give me a kiss” Robbie said and Rose walked over and began kissing him. Robbie moved his tongue in her mouth and Rose followed. Then Robbie moved one of his hands down to her pussy that had a little patch of hair shaped like a heart above it. Rose followed suit and began playing with his cock. At the same time Dani was pleasing herself next to Yvette by rubbing one of her tit's in between her fingers and fingering her pussy. Yvette was lost staring at both scenes that were right beside her. Then she lost it. She kissed Dani on the lips. Dani was taken back at first by what just happened, but decided to take it in and move her tongue in Yvette's mouth, but Yvette had other plans and moved down to kissing her neck and then her tits. Dani was feeling hot at this point with her tit's erect and fingering her self while this girl in front of her was pleasuring her. Yvette flicked one of Dani's tit's with her tongue while playing with the other almost stretching it. Dani moaned by the pleasure as Yvette played with her tit's.

“That's they way to do it Yvette!” Robbie said encouraging her as Rose got on her knees and began stroking his cock. “I see your just as ambitious as Yvette” Robbie said seductively to Rose.

“Oh you have no idea” Rose said putting all of Robbie's cock in her mouth and then taking it out “You have a bigger cock than my brother's I will admit.”

“You never did tell me how you seduced your brother” Robbie asked as Rose went on sucking on his cock.

Rose pulls his cock out and said “Blackmail” with a grin on her face looking up to Robbie.

“You clever girl” Robbie said placing his hand on Rose's head and forcing her to suck on his cock until he came. “Maybe I should make you my slave for being such a naughty little girl and blackmailing your brother” Robbie said with a grin on his face.

“Why not make Yvette our slave. No master is without a mistress after all” Rose said stroking his cock wet cock.

“That wouldn't be a bad idea. Say Yvette can you come over here” Robbie said as Rose stood up next to him.

“Yes Robbie” Yvette said noticing his cock was standing up in the air.

“Now that you've had some girl on girl action I want you to take your clothes off” Robbie said in a dead serious voice. Yvette took her shirt off revealing that she had in fact wasn't wearing a bra and had a-cup breasts then she slid off her shorts and panties revealing a bald pussy. The only thing she was wearing was her shoes now.

“And the shoes” Rose added on pointing downward. Yvette took them both off and now from head to toe this black girl was stark naked standing there with two other naked girls and Robbie.

“Now come over here and give me a kiss” Robbie said in a serious voice and Yvette felt a little pressured with everyone staring at her, so she moved over to him and gave him a quick kiss, however Robbie grabbed the back of her head got her skin close to him where her breasts were touching his chest. Robbie's cock was touching her pussy. It was begging to go in. Robbie put his tongue in her mouth exploring it. Yvette couldn't hold it any longer she had ached to break her virginity for years and here was her chance, so she put her tongue in his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck. She thought she felt something move down below and sure enough she was right it seemed Robbie had moved his cock into her pussy and was now shoving it into her softly and then he hit it. Soon blood and cum came rushing down.

Robbie pulled out and said “Holy fuck!” Everything after that became a blur for Yvette as towels were being thrown all over. Yvette dropped like a rock once she saw the blood down below her.

Yvette wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom noticing that it must have been a guy's. She get up and looks out the window and sees that it's day time. Freaking out she rushes out of the room and hits Robbie in the hallway.

“Good morning Yvette” Robbie said in a calm voice.

“Oh my god it wasn't a dream!” Yvette said then holds her hands on her mouth.

“Yep, your officially no longer a virgin, so you can rejoice in that your no longer considered a geek who stares at the computer all day wishing they had someone to break their cherries” Robbie said gleefully.

“What happened...No wait don't tell me” Yvette said.

“No worries your secret is safe no one other than Dani, Rose, and I will tell of your cherry breaking” Robbie replied with a hopeful face and then comforts her by rubbing her shoulder.

“Wait why am I naked and for that matter your naked?” Yvette asked in a confused state.

“Relax and it will all be over” Robbie said moving Yvette to the wall. Rose stepped out of Dani's room with Dani right behind her kissing her neck and playing with her breasts while also fingering her pussy.

“What's going on?” Yvette said as she began to feel like she was losing space with Robbie positioning his cock in her pussy.

“Just relax” Robbie said in a memorizing calm voice. As he began to fuck her and kiss her lips.

“Uh...please don't” Yvette weakly hitting Robbie, but she seemed to lose control and she let her instincts kick in. Kissing back she couldn't tell if this was real or a dream, but she didn't want it to end it seemed. Robbie pumped his cock in and out of her pussy. He felt her tit's get erect so he moved down and started sucking on them. Flicking and biting slightly as Yvette moaned louder now with her hitting several orgasms.

Robbie kept fucking her until he had cum three times in her then he moved his cock out of her “Now Yvette be a good girl and suck on my cum soaked cock. Yvette didn't seem to object and got on her knees and licked the bottom side of his cock. Then sucking it a couple times then she started pulling on his balls gently with her mouth.

“Taste good doesn't it” Robbie said looking down at her.

“Yes it does Robbie” Yvette replied and then goes back at sucking his cock.

“Good from now on your my sex slave” Robbie said and it seemed that Yvette didn't mind since she continued sucking on his cock. “Say Rose why don't you come over here and help out. Dani why don't you go and wake up mom and dad I'm sure that'll make their day” Robbie said releasing Yvette's hold on his cock.

“Yvette I want you to eat my pussy now” Rose said and Yvette obeyed “From now on you will call me Mistress and Robbie Master do you understand.

“Yes mistress” Yvette replied and began licking Rose's pussy until she found her clit and then she sucked on that. “Oh...gawd yes I'm going...going to cum!” Rose moaned as Yvette continued to lick and suck on her pussy. Robbie kissed Rose on the lips.

“What is with you having sex in the hallway mister!” Ellen shouts, but also moans since right behind her is Joe who is fucking her pussy. Joe pushes her to the wall and pounds her pussy as hard and fast as possible.

“Morning wood sure does help” Joe said looking at Robbie kissing Rose.

“I see Dani woke you guys up quickly” Robbie said as Rose was kissing his neck now.

“They seemed to wake up just as I got on the bed” Dani said walking out playing with her pussy.

“Why don't you come over here Dani and I'll take care of that pussy” Robbie said as he lifts Roses face up to his and goes back to kissing her as Dani sneaks in between the two of them and positions Robbie's cock on her pussy. Dani is also standing directly in front of Rose so she could suck on her tit's while her brother kissed her.

“Oh Joe fuck me harder!” Ellen moaned with her hair all messed up from last night she looked like Frankenstein's wife.

“I am fucking you as hard as I can!” Joe was practically molesting his own wife as he holds on to her breasts with both hands and thrusting his cock that seemed to get hotter every stroke. “I'm going to cum, hun” Joe said as he releases his load into her.

With that Ellen shook her morning mood away and was fully awake straighting her hair and pulling out Joe's cock. “Thanks sweeting” Ellen gave Joe a quick kiss and walked downstairs with Joe following her.

“Oh Yvette! You can stop now!” Rose moaned taking Robbie's tongue out of her mouth. Yvette obeyed and got up looking at Robbie fucking Dani in front of her.

“Give me a kiss Yvette I want to taste Rose” Robbie said and Yvette obeyed and moved over to him and gave Robbie Rose's cum as their tongues intertwined. With that Robbie pulled away from Yvette and fucked his sister even harder.

“Oh fuck, fuck! FUCK!!!” Dani screamed as she felt her self cum on Robbie's cock.

Robbie took his cock out of her pussy “Now I want you and Yvette on the floor” Robbie said and the two went on their knees as Robbie pumped his cock as fast as possible until he shot his load spreading it over Dani's and Yvette's faces trying to aim for their mouths, but got everything but. Once he finished the two were licking each other's faces and were soon making out.

“Rose come on lets get something to eat” Robbie said grabbing her hand as she walks over the two that were in the middle of the hallway.

“It already looks like a good day” Rose said but Robbie ignored as they walked down to get some grub.

When they got to the kitchen they saw Ellen on the table with her legs in the air with Joe still fucking her.

“Say Dad why don't you take Rose and I'll finish up mom for you” Robbie said.

“Sorry son, but I'm in a hurry all I have time to do this morning his drink some coffee and fuck your mother and then take a shower and I'll be out of here” Joe said shooting his load of cum in his wife's pussy. Then he takes his cock out and runs past Robbie and Rose.

“Hold on son I'll get you your breakfast” Mom said about to get up from the table.

“No need why don't you let Rose eat that pussy of yours while your still on the table” Robbie replied back. Ellen got her legs back in the air as Rose stood in front of her. Rose bent down and began eating her pussy that had Joe's cum on it.

“Your better than my daughter it seems” Ellen said looking at Rose eat her pussy. Robbie was making toast and grabbing some O.J.

“Say Rose what are you hungry for?” Robbie asked as Rose lifts her head with cum dripping from her chin. Robbie laughs when he sees her face.

“Other than pussy I'll have what your having” Rose said and went back to eating Ellen's pussy.

“Okay enough enough I need to get breakfast ready” Ellen moans as Rose lifts her head once more seeing that Robbie is sitting there next to her eating breakfast.
“What's for breakfast?” Dani asked walking in with Yvette.

“Besides pussy” Robbie said and everyone laughs.

“I'm working on it hun. Yvette what do you want to eat?” Ellen said getting off the table and moving over to the refrigerator as Rose and Robbie sat and ate.

“I'll have the same as Dani” Yvette said sitting down next to Robbie while Dani sat on the opposite side of Robbie.

“What time is it?” Yvette asked rubbing her eyes.

“7:25” Ellen said “That late I'm sorry kids, but I've got to leave” Ellen ran out of the kitchen to grab some clothes and in a few minutes was out the door driving away.

“Best be getting ready for school it looks like” Robbie said finishing his breakfast “Don't want Mrs. Peterson screaming for being late this morning right Rose.”

“Yeah, lets get going slaves” Rose said taking everyone's dishes and handing them to Robbie who placed them in the dishwasher. Yvette and Dani quickly ran up to take a quick shower and to get dressed.

“I suppose we should follow suit” Robbie said looking at Rose. The two walk up and got dressed and washed them selves. With in fifteen minutes all four were out the door and heading to school with Yvette, Dani, and Rose in one car and Robbie driving right behind them.

Later that day Robbie was strolling the halls he encountered his sister exiting the gym “Hey sis!”

“Oh Robbie thank goodness your here. I want to introduce to you the cheerleading team in here” Dani said with Robbie walking in to see half-naked chicks in the gym practicing.

“Where's the coach?” Robbie asked noticing that there was no one supervising these stunning high school chicks.

“Oh she's on the phone, she always is when we are practicing, That's how I've given so many blow jobs and have fucked a few guys over the years” Dani responded

“So who's the lucky guy of the day today” Robbie half jokes and half says seriously to Dani.

“That would be you master” Dani said.

“Are you crazy! We can't be fucking in public together!” Robbie said nearly having a heart attack when Dani said that.

“Not me, but the other cheerleaders including Rose are in need of a good fuck” Dani said walking away wiggling her ass in front of him as she blows a whistle for all the cheerleaders to stop. They all stop what they are doing and walk to her. Robbie stands there near the doorway knowing this was a bad idea, but with Rose around he couldn't simply leave.

“Master come over here” Dani yelled to him with all the other girls laughing as Robbie coolly walks over. Once he walks into the circle of girls he notices Rose standing there next to Dani with huge grins on their faces.

“Robbie are you ready to fuck all of these girls in here” Dani said with a cheerful smile. Robbie suspected something was up, but couldn't figure it out just yet.

“Give me a kiss Robbie” Rose said in a sexy voice holding her breast out to him. Robbie walked right up and gave her a kiss. Instead of a quick one she held him sticking her tongue in his mouth. He followed by sticking his tongue in her mouth. The next thing that happened Rose unbuttoned Robbie's pants and they dropped straight off. Revealing his hard-on sticking out like a pole in his boxers.

“Look at what we've got here” Rose pulled away and looks downward.

“It looks like my friend is awake” Robbie replied as the rest of the girls giggle amongst themselves. Dani moves over and slides the boxers off to show her brothers cock to all of the girls who all hushed up quickly and were memorized by it.

“So who's first?” Robbie asked rubbing his cock in his hand.

“First things first Robbie from now on you will no longer be a slave master, but instead Dani and I will be your mistresses and you'll be our slave” Rose said with a seductive voice grabbing his cock in one of her hands while the other grabs his the back of his neck. Robbie stood still turning ghost white once Rose said those words realizing his world had completely turned in a way he never would of expected and instantly fell to the ground like a rock.

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I saw that one coming. Once the Master starts to be addicted to his slaves, the slaves gain the advantage, unless he has some kind of leverage (i.e blackmail).

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to girlkller21:

The first one was done by lordofallsouls several years ago. So far there are three versions of chapter 2 on this site all written by different authors. Also a teaser by lordofallsouls done a couple years back.


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what is the first one called because i can't find it?


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what is the first one called because i can't find it?


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what is the first one called because i can't find it?

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