The new day had truly began and Naruto's life would never be the same all thanks to Kyuu.

We begin with Naruto and Kyuu walking out of the apartment.

“So master who shall we please today?” Kyuu asks following Naruto.

“We will be heading to Granny Tsunade's place first Kyuu” Naruto says “Why is it that you call me master again?”

“Well master I was created for you and so I must call you master” Kyuu replies.

“Yeah...okay, but you were created by the Kyubi inside of me” Naruto says.

“But is he not part of you though” Kyuu replies.

“Okay I think I get it, but from now on can you just call me Naruto like everyone else” Naruto states.

“But I like to call you Master, however if this is Master's wish I will call him Naruto from now on” Kyuu says with a weak smile to her master as Naruto grabs her hand and turns into an ally.

“Let's take a shortcut shall we. I don't want people on the streets asking who you are just yet” Naruto states.

“What if I transform into Sakura would that please Mas...Naruto for me to walk in public” Kyuu replies.

“Sure why not, but can you make sure she look a little bit sexier with her clothing” Naruto replies as he watches Kyuu transform into Sakura, but with shorter pink shorts, and a top that shows that it's too small with her breasts ready to break the small shirt on her that is by the way revealing a six pack. “Damn that's perfect!” Naruto says with his mouth open.

“Do you want to feel them?” Kyuu says perking up her breasts in front of him.

“Oh yeah...yeah...yeah!” Naruto says cupping them in his hands feeling how soft they are in his hands as he squeezes her melon sized breasts that are a size larger than Sakura's own.

“Mmm...oh Naruto...Naruto I'm so horny right now” Kyuu moans as Naruto is feeling her breasts. Kyuu lifts his face up and kisses him on the lips so that their tongues interlock.

Naruto pulls out “I think we are ready to meet Granny Tsunade” he says with a huge grin on his face as Kyuu also has a seductive smile.

“Not yet” Kyuu says fingering her pussy and then pulling it out and putting her fingers in Naruto's mouth. Naruto sucks on them with great care and the Kyuu pulls them out. Kyuu grabs Naruto's hand and walks with him out into the public toward Lady Tsunade's place.

Once they reached the bottom of the building where Lady Tsunade oversees the Leaf village Naruto hears someone whispering his name. Looking all around until he sees that it is Hinata walking out f the shadows nearby “Hinata you nearly scared me” Naruto yells at her.

“I...I'm...a...sorry if I scared you Naruto” Hinata says in a low voice. Kyuu transforms into her orginal self.

“Oh Hinata I want you to meet Kyuu. Kyuu this is Hinata she's a bit shy, but tough in battle” Naruto says moving Kyuu closer to Hinata as Kyuu lifts a hand in front of Hinata with a smile on her face.

“Please to meet you Hinata” Kyuu says.

“Hinata looks up to see Kyuu for the first time and stares at her for a split second and then bows “Hello Kyuu I'm sorry I can not stay I forgot that I need to see my father and Neji for training” she says and then runs off.

“Did you notice that she was wet down below” Kyuu says to Naruto.

“Really I wonder if you did it or if I did?” Naruto replies.

“She was wet before she even saw me, so I know it was you. She must have some strong feeling for you if she was that wet” Kyuu states.

“Anyhow lets get going I want to see Lady Tsunade's face when she meets you” Naruto says grabbing Kyuu's hand and walking in.

“Halt!”a voice says in front of them as soon as they entered the building.

“Who said that” Naruto asks out of curiosity.

“We know who you are Naruto it is the girl next to you is who we don't know” the voice steps closer to them to reveal two ANBU.

“She's Kyuu” Naruto replies “The fox within me created her.”

“I'm sorry to let you know but she will need to come with us” the main ANBU says as his partner grabs Kyuu from behind.

“I go where she goes” Naruto shouts back.

“Naruto don't make this harder than it is. If anything you'll see her by tomorrow at the earliest” the main ANBU states.

“No!” Naruto shouts again as Kyuu is being separated from him even further.

“Silence!” a sharp voice in the shadows says “What did you do now Naruto!”

“Hokage” the main ANBU stutters. Lady Tsunade walks out of the shadows to reveal herself.

“Granny Tsunade you must let her go she is part of me” Naruto shouts.

“No Naruto she is part of that fox that is within you” Tsunade calmly says.

“Still she has done no one harm why take her in?” Naruto shouts back.

“She is a part of the Kyubi she must be checked. I rest can rest assure you Naruto that no harm will be done to her under my supervision” Tsunade replies.

“I want to watch” Naruto says.

“Naruto by tomorrow you'll have her back just a few tests that's all” Tsunade says “If you have anymore to say you will remain a genin for the rest of your life!” Naruto was about to say something, but left it at that and walked out as he heard Kyuu scream for him several times over and over.

“Naruto! Thank goodness I found you” Sakura says running to him “Say what's the matter?”

“Lady Tsunade and ANBU took Kyuu” Naruto mumbles.

“I'm sure she'll be alright. I have a surprise for you, but you need to come with me” Sakura says smiling at him.

“If it's sex I'm not interested right now Sakura” Naruto says walking past her.

“What if I say I want to go on a date with you!” Sakura shouts at him. Naruto stopped and then walked on. “How about ramen my treat!” Sakura shouts, but Naruto just walks on.

After a few minutes Naruto encountered Tenten and Lee “Bushy Brow and Tenten what are you two up to?”

“Naruto it's so good to see you we are sorry for your lost” Lee says.

“Loss what loss?” Naruto asks.

“Hinata told us that ANBU had taken Ty Yu is it?” Lee replies.

“Kyuu, but she comes back tomorrow” Naruto lowers his head and says under his breath. He walks past Tenten and Lee and continues his slump.

“You know Naruto if you ever need someone to talk to we are always here” Tenten says feeling Naruto's cold shoulder pass her.

“See ya later guys” Naruto moans walking on.

“To be a ninja is too hide your emotions” Lee replies and Tenten punches him in the stomach.

“This isn't being a ninja he's being human! You blockhead!” Tenten shouts at him and then looks back to see Naruto had vanished.

“There you are!” a voice shouts near Naruto. Naruto stops and looks around to see Sakura and Ino running to him.

“I told you Sakura I don't feel like it right now” Naruto says with his head down. Kicking dirt around him.

“Ino and I were just over at Lady Tsunade's and you might want to see this” Sakura says and instantly Naruto's head perked up to see Ino kissing Sakura on the neck.

“Are you pulling my neck?” Naruto responds looking at the two.

“Come'on” Sakura replies as the three leave heading to Lady Tsunade's.

Once they reached the palace they heard moaning above “What the fuck” Naruto asks looking up as they hear what's going on up above in Lady Tsunade's office.


2009-11-26 21:52:42
Good one but its short....

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