What does a boy do when puberty comes along too early? He does what any red-blooded boy would do.
Precocious Puberty

What does a boy do when puberty comes along too early? He does what any red-blooded boy would do.

I'm Ronnie and the product of a mixed marriage. My mother is black, my father white. Their love couldn't overcome their problems and my father finally gave up, divorcing my mother Suri. When he left, I was 7 and my sister Jada was 5. Suri had gotten pregnant with me as a young teen, giving birth at the age of 14 and then again at 16 with Jada. Now my mom was just 21 years old. Her child support and part-time job were barely enough to keep our two-bedroom apartment. But my mom somehow managed to keep the bills paid.

I was a smart kid, my mother teaching me to read at a young age, when my father was around and my mother didn't have to work. Being able to read helped when I had to go to the Internet to find out what was happening to my body. At the age of 7, I was starting to get urges that I didn't understand, sexual urges. Physically my body was changing. My testicles were growing as well as my penis. I was starting to get erections. Hair was starting to grow around my penis. I found out on the Internet that I had all the signs of precocious puberty, meaning an early onset of puberty. Apparently it was more common in black kids, especially girls. I was becoming a man, at the age of 7, at least 2 or 3 years earlier than normal.

By the time I turned 8 I had already mastered the art of masturbation. I was growing faster than my schoolmates too, already taller than all of them. My mother took my height as a sign of maturity and allowed me to watch my now 6-year-old sister Jada alone after school to save money on childcare. That just provided me with the perfect opportunity to experiment.

"I don't want to Ronnie," Jada yelled out.

"Jada, momma said you had to mind me after school," I reminded my little sister, "so get in here and change your clothes. Here, I'll even help you."

Jada reluctantly came into our bedroom. I helped her take off her clothes, taking every opportunity to let my hands brush across her privates. "Hey Jada, you're getting little boobies," I told her, noticing that she had little bumps growing on her breasts that I hadn't seen before.

"Don't tease me. It's not nice," she warned.

"Oh I'm not teasing you," I explained. "It's a good thing. It means you are growing up."

"Really?" she asked, now showing signs of interest since I used the words 'growing up.'

"Yes. But it's just a sign. There's really only one way to know for sure," I told Jada. "You're probably too little for that test."

"No I'm not. I'm not too little any test. See my boobies. I'm a big girl now. So tell me how can you know for sure so I can show you I'm a big girl?" she asked.

"I'm telling you Jada, you are just too much of a little girl yet to even try the test," I insisted.

"You better show me how to tell or I'm going to tell mom on you," she threatened.

"Well there you go, that's one of the signs. If I test you then you can't tell mom. A big girl would never tell but a little girl would run to momma," I explained.

"I was just kidding," Jada said. "Give me the test. I promise I won't tell."

This whole time we were talking, Jada was standing there in the nude, her black little body making me get an erection. I had to adjust myself twice during our conversation. Even her faintest of boobs and hairless little cunt was a turn on for me. "OK, I'll give you the test. But I am doing this under protest. I'm only doing this because you insist you are not a little girl anymore. This test will tell for sure but I think you are going to fail." I continued to weave my web. "First of all you can never tell anyone, even if you fail, or that proves you are a little girl. Second, this test takes several days to complete. We do a little today, and again tomorrow and finally finish it the next day. Do you think you can do that Jada?"

"Oh yes. I can do it," she proudly stated.

"If you fail the test then you can take it all over again, if you want, until you pass it. But the way you are sounding I think you just might pass it," I told her, building up her confidence.

"So what do we do?" Jada asked.

"As you know big girls can have sex with boys. Little girls can't. If you are a big girl then you will be able to have sex, at least three days in a row." If I was going to scare her off, now would be the time, I thought.

"I can have sex," she announced. "What's sex?"

"Sex is when I put my thing inside of you, right there in your peepee," I explained.

"Oh gross," she exclaimed.

"See, I knew you were still a little girl," I quickly replied.

"I can do it. I was just saying it sounds gross. But I can do it," she kept repeating.

"OK then, go lay down on your bed, on your back," I instructed. As she did I removed my clothes and walked over to her.

"Wow, that's stiff looking," Jada observed, pointing to my hard dick.

"That's so that it can go inside of you easier." I learned that on the Internet. I climbed up on the bed and knelt between her legs. Recalling some of the porn I had seen on the computer I told her, "Lift up your knees and spread your legs apart." She did as I asked. I put the head of my 3-inch erection at her hairless opening and pushed just the head inside. It went in with just a little bit of effort. It felt tight but the sensation was incredible, so much better than my jacking off felt. Jada was squeezing her eyes shut like it hurt already.

I pushed in a little more and Jada said, "That hurts Ronnie."

"Do you want to give up and quit Jada? We can wait until next year to see if you are a big girl then."

She wasn't going to have any of that. "Go ahead. Do it."

I pushed in some more and watched her tense up, her forehead curling up with the pain. I remembered now how they did it on the porn so I pulled out a little bit and then pushed in again. It took me several minutes and many tries to get to the point that I was completely inside of my little sister's pussy. I knew she wanted to cry but was being a brave little girl and holding it back. If I broke her hymen I couldn't tell, as it was tough the whole time trying to get in her. Her tight little pussy had a death grip on me and she wasn't wet hardly at all, something else I read about on the Internet. Even so the pressure was too much for me and I climaxed, filling my little sister's cunt with my cum to the point of it squeezing out the sides. When I pulled out it actually came out easier, now that my cum had lubricated her insides.

"How did I do?" Jada asked.

"Not a bad start. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Now you better go take a bath and get cleaned up." While I was helping her get the tub ready, soapsuds and all, I had a great idea. Maybe tomorrow I could take a bath with her and use the soap as lubrication. As Jada washed up, I got on the Internet and discovered that soap would not be a good lubricant. But something called KY Jelly would be and I remembered seeing some in my mom's medicine cabinet.

The next day after school Jada was anxious to have sex again. I wasn't sure if it was truly for the sex or just to pass the test and be called a big girl. This time I put the KY Jelly all over my penis. It was amazing how much easier I was able to slide inside of Jada. I actually got to fuck my sister. She was little but so was I. I never did bottom out on her. The feeling she gave me made me never want to go back to masturbating again. I noticed that she didn't wince in pain like she had that first day. "Jada, you are doing wonderful," I praised her. She was all smiles. I increased my speed and soon climaxed, instinctively pushing in as far as I could while I shot my cum inside her vagina.

When we were done she asked me, "How did I do today?"

"You were magnificent today," I told her. "Much better than yesterday. But let's see how tomorrow goes."

By the time the third day came around Jada almost looked like she was enjoying it. I thought it might be better for her the longer it lasted so I tried to hold off cumming as long as I could before climaxing. I rocked my hips like I had seen on the Internet. The build up was slower today. I was able to increase my speed much more than I had done before. When I finally climaxed my whole body tensed up as I shoved my cock hard against her opening and filled her again to overflowing.

After cumming in Jada for the third day in a row she asked me, "So did I pass the test?"

"Before I answer that let me tell you that the sex we had, it's called fucking. So let me ask you one question. Do you want to fuck me tomorrow Jada?"

She hesitated for several long seconds and then said, "Yes. It hurt at first, but I like it now."

"Then you are not a little girl anymore," I told her. She was smiles from ear to ear. The following day we fucked again, and the day after that, and the one after that, with no end in sight. But it was a couple of months before she had her first orgasm. I had taught her some different positions I had learned on the Internet. When she climaxed for the first time I was on my back and she was on top of me. I was rubbing her pussy area while she rose and fell on my cock. When that orgasm hit her she fell forward onto my chest and started crying. It took me several minutes to get out of her that it was because it felt so good. She didn't climax every time we fucked but they gradually became more common.

When I was about 8 1/2 years old I woke up to my mom crying in bed. She had done that off and on ever since my dad left. But this night was different because I got up and went in to her bedroom rather than ignore her. "Mom, are you alright?" I asked her.

"Momma's just not feeling well honey," she said. "You go on back to bed. I'll be fine."

But I didn't go back to bed, I got in hers. I snuggled up to her back and put my hand around her waist, onto her stomach. "Everything's going to be OK Mom. I love you." I was surprised to find that she didn't have any clothes on. But she didn't push me away so I stayed. I rubbed her stomach for a while and cuddled up close to her from behind. After a while I decided to let the range of my hand get larger until I found I was brushing across the bottom of her breasts. I then stopped moving my hand and just pressed it up under one breast. After several minutes like this I tipped my palm up and lightly cupped the underside of the breast, just holding it there. Again several long minutes went by before I slid my hand up on top of her breast, stopping and waiting as before. Still Mom didn't protest. I then gave her breast a little squeeze and release, letting my hand rest on top again. I tried a couple of squeezes followed by several circles of my palm on her breast. With no protesting I eventually got to the point that my hand was in constant motion, squeezing and caressing my mother's breasts.

I decided to really risk it all. I moved my hand back to her stomach, continuing to make circles, but working my way downward towards her pussy. Long before I got that far I ran into hair. I didn't let it phase me but continued to make circles with my hand getting closer and closer to her pussy. At one point my mother took in a gasp of breath but then it was over and she was breathing normally again, well maybe a little heavy.

The amazing thing in all this is that she never stopped me. My hand was now touching her pussy and she was wet. My Internet viewing had taught me how to rub a pussy and I practiced my skill. I was actually masturbating my mother. Her hips were moving now and she was no longer trying to hide the fact that she was enjoying what I was doing to her. I increased my hand movement and that just made her thrust up against my hand even more. Suddenly she pushed her hips forward and held them there. She was obviously having an orgasm. I thought about Jada and how much I enjoyed giving her one. Just in the last few of months that Jada and I had been having sexual intercourse I had noticed her breasts getting larger. It made me wonder if precocious puberty was in our genes.

Not wanting to miss possibly my only opportunity I decided to try something rash with my mother. Before she finished her orgasm I quickly took off my pajama bottoms, rolled my mother from her side position onto her back and slid in between her legs. Before she could protest I dropped my mouth down onto her pussy and began licking and sucking her just like I had seen on the Internet.

"Oh baby that feels so good. You are making Momma feel wonderful honey. Yes, lick me just like that baby." I did too. I licked her to another climax. "Oh baby, yes, you're making Momma cum honey. Oh God Ronnie, yes, yes." She had pushed her hips up into the air, taking me with her.

It was like she hadn't had sex since my dad left which was over a year ago. As Momma was having her second orgasm I pulled off my pajama top and crawled upwards on her body until I could suck on her tits. Being much shorter than her, that put me in perfect alignment so that my erection slid easily into her sopping wet pussy. I immediately began fucking my own mother. She was big and I was small so even if she wasn't wet I probably could have easily fucked her. But as wet as she was I just slid in and out without any trouble at all. She felt hot, unlike Jada, and it didn't take me long to reach my climax. I pushed in as far as I could, just like with Jada, and shot four strong bursts of cum deep in my mother's vagina. I know she felt it because she hugged me tight on the ass with both hands, pushing me hard against her, as her body was wracked with her third orgasm of the night.

When it was all over she thanked me, told me she loved me and sent me off to bed. The real surprise came two months later when she found out that she was pregnant. Her 8 1/2-year-old son got her that way. But she could never tell anyone. Not only was it incest, I was a child. She would go to jail and Jada and I would end up in foster care, maybe not even together. There was no way in the world I would ever tell anyone, not even Jada.

We were Catholic so there was no way Mom would do anything but have this child, my child, to be raised as a sibling. A couple of months later we found out it was going to be a girl. When she was born she would be 9 years younger than me.

But my problems were only getting worse. Jada actually did have precocious puberty. Apparently we got it from my mother's side of the family. I found out that my grandfather had it. By the time Jada turned 7 she had breasts I could suck, a growing clitoris, and thin hair around her pussy. What I didn't think about was what that all meant. Shortly after my Mom had our child, Jada started getting sick. When we took her to the doctor we found out that she was pregnant. Jada admitted to having sex but refused to say who it was, just that it was some boy she knew and that it was only one time. The doctor wanted to abort the baby but my mom wouldn't hear of it. Catholic, remember? The doctor said that Jada would have to have a c-section, whatever that was. I hoped it was just a pill.

When we were alone I told Jada, "Thank you Jada for not telling on me."

"Big girls don't tell, remember?" she said with a smile.

I hugged her. "You really are a big girl now."

The End (or perhaps just the beginning)

P.S. Found out, Jada is having a girl. I'll be ten years older than my second daughter.


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