Boys have fun in the locker room after a soccer game
Intro: this is my first story so be nice.

This story is based on real people with different names. It didn't actually happen, but I want it to.

Chapter 1

My Friends, Ross, Jake, and I are all on our school 8th grade soccer team. We just had our last game of the year. The three of us stayed late to kick the ball around. When we finally got into the locker room we were the last ones there. I am 5’ 6’’ 130 pounds, Jake is 5’5’’ 130 pounds, and Ross is 5’ 100 pounds. He has this condition that if he eats wheat he doesn’t go into puberty. He found that out about 4 months ago so he hasn’t started growing yet. As we were walking in we were talking about girls in our grade and I started to get hard. I was wearing compression shorts so I could hide it for now.
We got in the locker room and started to undress. Ross is the smallest out of the three of us in all ways. Jake is as strong as me but I am skinnier so I look stronger. All of our nipples were really hard from being horny and out in the cold. As we took of our soccer shorts we could see that in our compression shorts we all had raging boners. Jakes was longer than mine but mine was wider. Ross’s was small. First I said, “nice boner Jake.” He replied, “Yours is pretty nice too.” We both looked over at Ross and laughed because his was as hard as possible but was still smaller than mine is soft. Jake goes, “ on three we all pull our pants down, one two three!” we all pulled down and our dicks all popped out. Jakes was about 61/2’’, mine was about 6’’, and Ross’s was 41/2’’.
We were all speechless until Jake suddenly kissed me. At first I didn’t no what to do and then I just thought what the hell and started kissing him back. By that time Ross was on his knees stoking Jakes and my dick. After a while of that I told Ross to suck my dick and then I started to suck Jakes. Jake later said he was a minute away from cumming so I stopped and because I felt the same way I pulled out of Ross’s mouth. Ross stood up and we kissed passionately for 5 seconds and then I turned him around. I slowly started to slip my dick into his ass. He screamed but no one heard him except Jake and I. Suddenly I felt something poking at my ass and realized it was Jake’s dick. I too started to scream as Jake started to tare up my virgin ass. Jake and I started to pump at a rhythm with Ross. At the same time as fucking him I was jacking Ross off. As I started to feel cum boiling in my balls I felt Jakes dick twitch and my ass was filled with his hot boy cum. I started to cum into Ross I felt Ross’s dick twitch in my hand. He started to shake and had a violent orgasm like it was his first time having an orgasm. We all fell into a heap of bodies on the locker room floor; covered in sweat and boy cum. Ross leaned over and pecked us both on the lips. We then heard footsteps outside.

Chapter 2

The door opened and our Coach walked in. He was standing there with his mouth hanging open and his hand on his dick. Ross then boldly said to Coach “you can join us if you want, Jake hasn’t been fucked yet.” Coach was saying that he couldn’t because he is 30 and we are 13 but we finally convinced him. As he took off his close Ross and I started to stroke each other’s dicks while sitting on a locker room bench.
First Coach had Jake suck his dick so it was wet and easy to slip in. His dick was huge. It was 8’’ and very wide. You could see on Jake’s face he was scared. When Coach said he was close to cumming Jake stood up. He first passionately kissed Coach and then bent over to get ready. Coach stroked his dick a few times then lined his dick up with Jake’s ass. Ross and I are rock hard watching this and stroking each other’s dicks.
Coach finally pushes a little bit and Jake screams. Coach looks at Ross and I and we say at the same time, “GO!!!” Coach pushed in slowly and Jake just screamed. Finally when Coach got all 8 inches in he started to move in and out. Jake is moaning and saying “Fuck fuck fuck fuck me!!!!!” Coach is fucking Jake so hard that Jake is screaming in pleasure.
Ross and I start to make out and then fall off the bench. I flip him around and we start to suck each other’s dicks. We suck for a long time until I unload into Ross’s mouth. He then has another orgasm but not as violent as the first I gave him. He turns to me and asks ”Can I fuck you.” I say “sure as long as you go as hard as you can.” I lie down on my back and put my legs over my head. Ross leans in and slips his dick in my still we ass from Jakes cum. He fucks me for about fifteen minuets. We kissed and touched each other’s body the whole time because we are facing each other. His dick then twitches and I feel my ass get filled with cum. Ross pulls out and passionately kisses my because he is so excited that he came for the first time. We get up to watch Jake and Coach again.
Coach and Jake start to shake at the same time and they both have orgasms and fall onto the floor. When they finally get up the four of us head into the showers and get cleaned off.

Chapter 3

We clean each other’s bodies with our tongs spending a lot of time on our dicks. Jake hadn’t done anything with Ross yet and I really wanted to get fucked by coach because I had a thing for older men with huge dicks. A grab his dick and start to stroke it and then I start to kiss all over his body. When I get up to his head I whisper into his ear, “Fuck Me.” He turns me around and lines his dick up. He slowly pushes into me and I feel the same pain that I felt when Jake pushed into me. I am moaning and screaming at the same. I open my eyes and see Ross fucking Jake up and Jake is facing me. We both look into each other’s eyes and then start to kiss. We kiss and moan into each other’s mouths. Still in the shower we are fucking as hard as we can and having the best time of our lives when all four of us have the best orgasms of all at the same time and fall onto each other. Jake and I are still kissing and cant get enough of each other’s mouths. We realize that coach and Ross have stood up and we look over and see Ross screaming because his little boy ass hole is being ripped open by coach’s monster cock. As Coach starts to pump Ross is standing there with his mouth open in pain and joy. They both have massive orgasms (6th of the day for the group) as we walk out of the shower Ross’s phone rings and his mom is calling. She wants to know where we are because she needs to pick us up. We dress and go out to meet the car.

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2011-04-16 23:32:16
Write another one and this time leave the coach out of it.

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2010-08-10 18:39:07
good story, kinda unbelivable that Coach would agree so easily, but whatever. more detail pls
im horny+11 chick just about a-cups, love to get w/ a 13 year old but meh.

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2009-10-30 22:28:19
You're very good at writing the sex part, not so much on the detail part.

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hey i am 20 u can fuck me 630-540-6210

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