Danny got stuck at home monitoring Natalie's sleepover. He had already fallen victim to the seduction of the other chaperon Susan along with the girls Toni, Alecia, and Jane? But Susan's daughter Ginger was one of the girls at the sleepover. Would something happen between Danny and Ginger right under the nose of Ginger's mother?
Artist 7 - Natalie's Sleepover (late night)

Danny got stuck at home monitoring Natalie's sleepover. He had already fallen victim to the seduction of the other chaperon Susan along with the girls Toni, Alecia, and Jane? But Susan's daughter Ginger was one of the girls at the sleepover. Would something happen between Danny and Ginger right under the nose of Ginger's mother?

As I was putting the bottle of whiskey down on the counter, Ginger walked in with some of the orange juice glasses the girls had used earlier. Putting them into the sink she took the shot glass and poured some whiskey into it.

"What are you doing?" I asked her. True to her name, Ginger was a hot looking young girl. At 5 foot 5 inches this 15-year-old red head had a mixture of waves and curls partway down her back. Her light freckles across her cheeks and nose seemed to enhance her beauty. Her apparent 35C-23-34 build was enhanced by the way her breasts hung on her chest, ready to be caressed. They were full enough that there was some body to them and I found myself staring. I couldn't remember if she had gotten dressed again or not after our game. But if she had, she removed everything but her panties when she walked into the kitchen. Ginger was Susan's daughter, though she must have gotten most of her looks from her dad, not resembling her mom hardly at all. Susan, the other chaperon, was probably dead asleep by now in my bed as I let her have that room, knowing I could sleep in my studio down in the basement.

"This is for you," Ginger replied.

"Oh, no more for me tonight. I couldn't be responsible for what I did if I took even one more drink," I told her.

"Are you drunk enough to answer my questions truthfully?" she asked.

"Just don't ask something you really don't want to know the truth about. That's how drunk I am."

"Drink it...Good. So tell me Danny, what did you and Jane do downstairs?" she asked me point blank.

"I uh...well...OK, I kissed her. But you can't tell anyone. I could get in a lot of trouble. Please?" She seemed almost happy by my response.

"What about my mom? I know she wants to fuck you. Has she made a move on you yet?" Ginger asked.

"Well, she sort of wants me to come to her bed sometime tonight," I confessed. It was the truth too. I liked being able to tell the truth.

"I knew it. She's been horny ever since my dad and she got divorced," she confessed. "Take another drink Danny." She handed me the glass. "I saw Coyote Ugly too. I know about you spitting your drink into the beer bottle all evening. Now drink up." I did and it burned all the way down.
She poured me another, a full shot, and handed it to me. Just before swigging it down I asked her, "How are you able to hold your liquor?"

"My dad is Irish. Without my mom knowing he used to let me drink with him. More than once we got drunk together and ended up in bed together. My mom caught us and kicked him out for good. It affected her more than it did me. She became the town slut, sleeping with everyone that would have her, even my former boyfriend. I quit bringing guys home." She filled my shot glass a third time. "Drink up."

As the glass touched my lips I saw Ginger tip the bottle up for a quick sip. I gulped down the whiskey. "Are you joining me now?"

She poured me another. "I think you're way ahead of me."

I swallowed my fourth shot. "OK, I think I'll probably tell you the truth now. What do you really want to know?"

"What did you do with Jane downstairs?" Ginger asked again.

"It's a secret," I whispered, slurring my words and putting my finger to my lips.

Ginger stepped up close to me and put her mouth next to my ear. "What's a secret?" she whispered back.

"That I fucked her in the ass, oops, I wasn't supposed to tell anyone," I said. "Oh well. You won't tell will you?"

"Of course not. Here, have another drink." She gave me another shot. After I downed it she got up close to me again. Running her fingertips across my neck she whispered, "So what else have you been up to tonight? Did you fuck anyone else? Wait, let me be more specific. Did you fuck my Mom?"

"Oh yes, she was my first. When you first got here she seduced me into showering with her. I fucked her in my own shower."

"Did you enjoy it Danny? Did you enjoy fucking my mother, you bastard?" she asked with a tone of anger in her voice.

But I let the anger just slide on over me. "Oh yes, Susan was...well she felt wonderful. Yes I did enjoy it. You know, she wants to wake up with me in bed with her, so we can enjoy each other again. Do you think I should? Would you mind if this bastard fucked your mom again?"

With her voice back down to a whisper and her mouth next to my ear she said. "We'll talk about that later. Who else did you fuck Danny? Did you fuck Toni?"

"She said she was a virgin but she was no virgin. I can attest to that," I told her. "She found out that I had fucked Susan so she blackmailed me into fucking her. Well I guess I didn't resist much. We did it in the hallway bathroom. She was hot."

"You've been a busy boy Danny," she observed. "Did you fuck Alecia too?" Ginger's quiet voice and roaming fingers started to have an effect on me. I was starting to get turned on by it all, I'm sure enhanced by the questions she was asking me.

"Oh Alecia. Now she was a virgin, 'was' being the operative word here. I guess I was her first. God I loved fucking her."

"That leaves me and Natalie. Don't tell me you fucked Natalie too. Did you?" Ginger asked me point blank. I noticed her other hand was gently rubbing across my stomach in small little circles.

"Don't be ridiculous. Natalie's my daughter," I objected.

"Well that's good. I would hate to think you were that sick."

"I stop fucking her months ago," I added.

"Oh shit. So the only one you haven't fucked is me, right?" she asked, as she let her fingers glide down across my limp member, urging it into new life.

"We could fix that if you want," I offered.

She took another quick swig of the whiskey bottle. "Follow me," she said but she just grabbed my hand and dragged me along. Without trying to be quiet she opened my bedroom door and pulled me in, shutting the door behind us.

"But your mother is in here," I protested.

"She will be out for a long time. I know she always takes a sleeping pill. Add in the extra one I slipped her earlier tonight and she will be asleep all night long. But the other girls don't know that. Eventually everyone will know what everyone else did with you tonight. I want them to know that I did the most daring thing of all, that I fucked you in the same bed with my mother. Now get off what little clothes you have left and get in bed."

I did as she directed and got on my back next to her sleeping mother, Susan. Though I had crawled under the covers, Ginger just threw them down to the end of the bed, exposing both me and her mother. She knelt between my legs and took my semi-hard shaft into her mouth. It only took me a few seconds to realize Ginger was no slouch at this. As she sucked my dick she slid her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft. Sometimes she would scrape her teeth from top to bottom and back, ending with a hard suck on the head of my penis while she stroked me with her hand.

If wasn't too many minutes before I realized that she was intending on taking me all the way like this. "You keep this up and I won't be able to hold it."

Pulling off long enough to talk she said, "I don't want you to hold it. Just let it cum Danny."

She began to deep throat me to the point of no return. "Oh God Ginger," I exclaimed as I grabbed her head with my hands and held her down on me. I only gave her three bursts but it felt wonderful. I could only imagine what it would be like if I had a full load of cum to give her. I let her head go free. "Ginger, that was incredible. Where did you learn to...oh yeah, your dad." She sat up and smiled at me, wiping off some cum that oozed out of her mouth.

"Your turn," she said as she swapped places with me.

My God she was beautiful. It's no wonder her dad fucked her. How could he resist an angel, or a devil in disguise? I leaned down and kissed Ginger on the mouth. I could taste the salty-sweet flavor of my cum, even more so when Ginger pushed her tongue across my lower lip. I sucked on it as she toyed with me, moving her tongue in and out of my mouth in a mock fucking manner.

Kissing my way down her neck and upper chest I made my way to her breasts. Her nipples were firm but not hard yet. I would see they got that way later when I fucked her. Moving downward my kisses came to her patch of hair. As I licked and kissed all around her pussy I stroked the insides of her thighs with my fingernails. "That feels so good Danny, keep doing that please," she begged. But she didn't need to. I wanted to please her, make her feel better than she had ever felt before.

I wet my middle finger and without stopping my licking of her pussy, slipped my finger into her hole. She was wet and didn't need anything extra from me. Curling my finger up and back towards me I massaged the inside of her vagina for a couple of minutes. She continued to moan and plead for more. I took my finger and began to push it in and out, just like I was fucking her.

She had her hands all over me, as much as she could reach, while she rocked her hips in time with my hand movements. "Oh yes, oh yes, I'm cumming," she exclaimed. She arched her back as her orgasm swept over her. "Please stop, it's so tender," she pleaded. I halted my hand motions pulling my finger out of her pussy. But a moment later I had replaced it with my hard shaft. "Oh God," Ginger yelled as I pounded her quick and hard for several minutes.

Nearly out of breath I leaned down so that my body rested on her chest, rocking my hips as fast as I could. Ginger gripped my arms with her hands as I brought her to another climax just in time for my own. I had forgotten all about using a condom and just let my cum shoot into this young girl. I covered her mouth with my kisses as we both slowly came down from our respective climaxes. After catching our breath I slid out and rolled onto my back, now caught between her and her sleeping mother.

"That was the best fuck all night," I told her.

"Any night," she added, staring up at the ceiling.

I must have fallen asleep as I don't remember anything else until I woke up on my right side, curled up behind Ginger's mother Susan. I turned my head and saw that Ginger was snuggled up against my back, sound asleep. I truly was caught between two beautiful females. It was kind of a turn on and my body responded. I slipped my hand underneath Susan's nightshirt and began to gently massage her breasts. I rotated my hips, gently guiding my erection between her legs. Susan, still asleep, rolled slightly away from me, more onto her stomach. I took this opportunity and rolled with her onto my knees, spreading her legs apart. I reached around her waist and with one hand pulling her panties aside, the other guided my cock into her pussy. It only took a couple of thrusts to wake her up. I guess the sleeping pills had worn off.

She was still tipped slightly to one side so didn't notice her nude sleeping daughter in bed with us. "So you came," she said, sounding pleasantly surprised.

"Not yet," I replied jokingly, "but soon." While I fucked her from behind I reached around and stroked her clitoris, quickly bringing sounds of joy.

I kept this up for a few minutes. "Oh Danny, fuck me baby, fuck me hard." I did too.

"You are so fucking hot, Susan. I can't think of anything I would rather do than fuck you. Well except maybe one thing."

"Fuck, you say? What would you rather do than fuck me?" she asked.

"Fuck you with your naked daughter in bed with us. Turn to your right," I directed her, not slowing down my thrusting at all.

"Oh shit," she yelled, "what the...oh fuck Danny I'm cumming. Pound my ass you son-of-a-bitch."

I took both hands and grabbed her hips tight. As I thrust forward I pulled her back into me, my stomach pounding hard against her ass cheeks. When I felt her pussy walls grip down on me I pushed in hard one last time and delivered a full load of cum somewhere deep in her pussy. I don't know when Ginger woke up but she was staring at us. She got up, grabbed her panties off the floor and left, shutting the door behind her.

"Oh God she saw us," Susan said. "Was she asleep when you came in?"

"Yes," I lied. "I tried not to wake her but you are just too much for me to be quiet like that. Ginger told me last night that you are divorced. All I have to say is that man was a fool to let someone like you out of his bed."

"Ah, you're so nice," she said to me, followed by kissing me on the mouth. "But we better get cleaned up and get you out of here before the rest of the girls wake up. We'll all be heading home soon. I hope we have a chance of getting together again sometime, I mean just you and me, without Ginger." She laughed.

"Well all I have to say about Ginger is beautiful mother; beautiful daughter. That's a three-way I wouldn't mind trying some day."

"Oh stop it, you pervert. She's only 15. You probably couldn't handle her anyway," she laughed again.

"Probably not, I can't hardly handle you," I told her.

I grabbed my pajama bottoms and headed downstairs to get dressed. I then cooked up a big breakfast for everyone before they had to pack up. I got plenty of winks that morning from everyone but my stepdaughter Natalie. She just frowned wondering what was going on. I filled her in after everyone left.

"You lecherous old man," Natalie called me. "I brought you Susan and you not only fucked her, twice, but every one of my girlfriends too. I feel slighted."

"You know our agreement Natalie," I reminded her, "and I'll continue to honor it by keeping away from Donna tonight."

"Oh that's right Danny. You have another slumber party tonight. Well have fun. There won't be any other chaperons so you will have free reign. God, what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall tonight."

"You girls wore me out. There won't be any of that sort of thing going on tonight. Besides, these girls are much younger. There won't be even a hint of impropriety," I promised. "I will be the perfect parent."

"We'll see," she said, not believing a word I was saying.

An hour later Natalie had me take her over to Ginger's house for the day and evening. When I got home I cleaned up the place in preparation for Donna's sleepover. I had no idea who she would be having over but I knew they would all be around the age of 13, give or take a year. Once done with my domestic chores I sat down and just rested, thinking about the past day and what kind of trouble I could still get into. I was determined it would not happen at Donna's party. All I could do now was wait.

The End (until Donna's sleepover)

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