Next Lesson Gets even Hotter
In the first installment of this story (Naughty English Lesson), I ran into my beautiful, married next door neighbor in our condo parking area. She was struggling with a large box in the back of her car. After helping her to carry it to her unit, she invited me to share a scotch and then proceeded to ask me to teach her naughty English, in order to excite her husband… who was suffering from erectile dysfunction. By the way, she is Japanese. One thing led to another and I ended up doing some ‘show and tell’ English lessons. The first edition will provide more details.

When she asked me to repeat the lessons on kissing and titty licking… how could I refuse? Tomiko is a stunning, sexy babe by anybody’s standard. This time we moved from the large, stuffed chair to the long sofa, which folded out into a bed. I asked her to repeat the vocabulary words that she had learned so far; while I kissed her lips, sucked on her tongue, and danced around her sweet-smelling mouth. “Mack, do you like French kissing me? Making out on my sofa? Locking lips and playing tonsil hockey? Pucker up and plant a big one on me. Tongue me, baby!”

I was impressed with how well she had remembered the words for kissing; especially considering that she had downed 5 scotch on-the-rocks in a relatively short time period. “Very good, Tomiko. You learn quickly.” I slid my mouth down to her neck and began sucking, as my lips glided up and down. “Mack, you’re doing it again. You’re making me cum. I’m doing the ‘Big O’. Your popping my nut, making me shoot my wad… ejaculate. Oh yes, Mack… you have me… ikku!” Her toes curled back, while her body shook uncontrollably. She suddenly lifted her dress and took off her panties, “These are soaked. There that’s more comfortable.” Her pussy was neatly trimmed. She obviously took very good care of her small little cunt.

After she caught her breath and began to settle down, I lifted her right arm and started sucking on her arm pit. I varied the oral attack with licks, kisses and even bites. Tomiko was squirming and kicking her feet, “Mack… I’m yours baby. You can do anything you want to me right now… anything. My God… here I go again.” This time she squirted her liquid lust all over the sofa. I have been with many women in my life, but never had I seen one squirt so much, so far. She was going through contortions, as her body flopped up and down on the sofa. She rolled over and almost fell off; but I was able to grab and hug her firmly, until the orgasm faded.

“Mack, I never imagined sex could be so fabulous. You make me feel so good. I have no words to describe it. What do you call a woman that will do anything her lover asks… anytime he asks… anywhere he asks? What is the English word for that?” I knew I had to be very careful as not to degrade her with my choice of vocabulary, so I went mild, “Love slave, sex toy, or personal pussy.” “Yes Mack. I’m your love slave… your personal pussy; but I don’t want to be a toy. Toys are not real. What I’m feeling now is so real!”

The top of her dress was still down, allowing her perfect breasts to breath in the erotic air surrounding us. Her cunt smelled like raspberries. I always thought women’s vaginas smelt the same; but hers had a unique, sweet scent. My lips began to suck on her hard, thick nipple. It must have been over a half-inch long. It tasted like honey. Maybe it was my imagination, but her body had no flaws that I could see and the flavor of her skin was delicious. I moved from breast to breast, nipple to nipple. Every technique I had ever learned was put to use, as her chest rose off the sofa and her legs began to tremble. “Will you always live next door? Will you promise never to stop being my lover? I swear to forever be your love slave. Oh yes… again… again… I’m popping again. Here is my cum… I’m shooting.” Tomiko collapsed onto the sofa. “In just an hour you’ve made me ‘ikku’ 6 times. More than I have in my entire life.”

I had a raging hard-on and desired to screw her brains out; but wanted it to be when she was sober. “I think I should be going. How about another lesson at 1 PM tomorrow? It’s my day off.” We kissed at the door. I went back to my condo and jacked off, before falling to sleep.

The next morning, I stopped by an adult video store to buy some toys for Tomiko to practice on, when I was not available. Upon arriving at her front door, I was surprised to see her standing there wearing purple, baby doll lingerie. She spoke quickly with unbridled enthusiasm, “I have been waiting for hours to take my next lesson. What do you have in the bag?” I sat on the big stuffed chair and opened it. “These are called vibrators. You can use them for practice, when I’m not available. Here, look at them. Tell me which one you want to try first.”

As she pulled each vibrator out of its box, she became more excited. One was black and 9 inches long. The other was flesh-colored at 8 inches. There was also a 4-inch butt plug. She felt each one with a look of fascination in her eyes and was especially attracted to the flesh-colored cock that had bulging, realistic veins… almost like an ejaculating penis. “I really like the shape and texture of this one. It feels so real!” I spoke in a very gentle voice, “Would you like to feel it inside your vagina?” Her face expressed deep concern, “But Mack, it’s so big… I don’t think will fit in my little o-manko. By the way, are there other words for my vagina?” “Well”, I said, “There a several words and phrases for it, such as: cunt, fuck hole, twat, slit, pussy, twat, quim, snatch, beaver, poontang, coochie, hair-pie, love hole, and tunnel of love.” Tomiko was amazed, “My gosh! there are so many words. I think I like ‘twat’ best.” I laughed at her candid personality, “So, Tomiko, why don’t I put this fat cock in your little twat?” I pulled out a small tube of lubricant… slowly squeezing it onto the tip of the vibrator.

Then I instructed her to use her hand to spread it all over the shaft. While pulling down her purple thong, I looked into her sparkling eyes. She was like a little girl preparing to go on her first rollercoaster ride. “Now pull your legs up to your chest and spread them apart.” As if she was in a trance, she followed my command. I took the tip of the flesh-like staff and gently stimulated her clitoris and labia. Tomiko moaned loudly, ”Oh yes… it feels great… ooh, so nice. Please don’t stop.”

Small droplets of natural vaginal lubrication appeared on her pulsating quim. After about 1 minute of teasing, I inserted it into her tiny hole. She let out a mild grunt… not one of pain, but rather of pleasure… deep pleasure. She lifted her hips up towards me, as if begging for more. I pushed it in further. “Oh my God… Mack I’m cumming… you got me already… here it is!” She began to squirt a small stream of white liquid from her throbbing urethral opening. The room was filled with her moans of pure bliss.

Leaning over, I pushed up her Baby Doll top and began licking and sucking her nipple. Never, in all my sexual experiences, had I ever met a woman who so easily reached an orgasm. I began to wonder how many times she could climax in one love-making session. She squirmed, as my tongue danced over her long, thick, hard nipple. Then I started pumping the vibrator deeper and deeper into her soaking wet pussy. She was raising her hips up to meet every thrust with unfettered enthusiasm. In less than a minute she fired again… this time even harder. Her juice was spraying everywhere. I even had her cum dripping off my t-shirt. “Mack, Mack… what are you doing to me. I am on fire. I want to fuck, screw, hump forever. I never thought it could be like this.”

Reaching over to the coffee table, I grabbed the 9-inch black dildo. Pushing her legs back, I now had her face just inches from her naughty cunt. She watched with wanton anxiety, as I ran it up and down her gapping slit. “Will it hurt”, she asked me in the innocent voice of a teenager?” “No”, I assured her, “You are so very wet. There will be no pain… just pleasure… lots of nasty, erotic pleasure. Close your eyes and imagine a big, handsome black guy pumping his rod deep in your twat.” Her voice trembled, “I’ve never fucked a black man. I feel naughty right now… but so excited!”

The thick, black vibrator stretched her pussy to the limit. She was beyond ecstatic. She was in a state of euphoric rapture. Her gorgeous tight ass was arched up, thrusting up as I drove the phallic monster into the depths of her sensuous snatch. She screamed with delight, “Do me… Do me… Do me with that big black cock!” Then it passed the point where the 8-incher had stopped. Tomiko was shaking and yelling at the top of her voice. Her mound was attacking my hand as I just held the electric dildo still, letting her do all the work. She started squirting more of her cum. It seemed like an endless stream, gushing from her tiny cunt. Although her massive orgasm lasted only about 1 minute, it seemed like 5. She was exhausted. Lying on the sofa, her helpless body, still clad in the purple baby doll top, was twitching every few seconds as she let out tiny whimpers of satisfaction.

While she gradually recovered, I oiled up the butt plug. When I started rubbing it around her anus, she jumped, “What are you doing?” I whispered in her ear, “You want to learn… don’t you?” “Yes”, she cooed, “But I’ve never taken it there before. Won’t it hurt?” I was honest, “Just for a few seconds and then it will be fabulous.” At this point, she totally trusted me with her body. No words were needed. She just lifted her ass to give me better access. I took my time sliding it in a quarter-inch at a time. She winced twice; but then a smile came over her face, as enjoyment overtook pain.

At last, it was all the way in. Next, I took the flesh-colored cock and slid it in her extremely wet cunt. Immediately she began pumping with a slow, erotic rhythm. Taking the black vibrator, I teased her nipples… first one, then the other. I moved it to her lips. She opened her eyes, grinned and started licking her juices off the shaft and tip. She looked at me with lustful eyes, “What do you call a woman like me in English?” I spoke softly, with the affection in my voice, “A beautiful, sexy woman.” “No” she said, “What do you call a woman like me who loves big hard dicks in her pussy, ass, and mouth… all at the same time?” I was reluctant to use the words. My heart was now attached to her sweet personality and perfect body. “Please!” she begged, “Just for educational reasons. I can sense that you don’t want to hurt my feelings; but you must know by now that I belong to you and nothing you say will change it. Please tell me!” Slowly I spoke the words, as she stared into my eyes with unconditional love… “Bitch, Slut, Whore, Nympho, Fuck Bunny, Jade, and Sausage Jockey.” She gave me a lusty smile, “I like ‘Nympho’, it sounds like something out of a fairytale. That’s where you have taken me… into a sexual fairytale.”

I turned on the flesh-colored cock. It started vibrating at full speed. Tomiko squealed with delight, as I pushed deep inside her snatch… faster and faster. Then I twisted the ‘on switch’ to the butt plug. She was now on overload, screaming, “Fuck me… God Fuck me. Those big hard shafts are driving me crazy. Mack, I love doing big cocks in my twat and ass.” She took the black dildo in her mouth and began sucking and licking like a mad woman. Her breathing was heavy… more like panting. She stared into my eyes, “You’ve turned me into a nympho. I need to have cock every day. My little pussy is addicted to the sensation of hard, thick rods going inside me. Listen to the nasty sounds they make, as my juicy quim slurps to their rythym. Do you like me like this? I want to be your Sex Slave. I’ll do anything you want… anytime… anywhere. Oh God… I’m going to squirt again… really big… ikku… Mack, ikku… I’m cumming… Yes, yes, yesssssssss!”

I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 4 PM, “What time is Jack due back from the airport?” She suddenly changed moods, “5:00 o’clock… why?” “I think you better clean up and get ready for him. It’s already 4:00!” She sat up quickly. I kissed her; then walked to the door. “Mack! Are you ever going to fuck me?” “Next time”, I replied, “Jack and Pam will be here for the next week, but then we’ll have three days to ourselves… I promise.” She smiled that irresistible smile. Returning to my Condo, I jacked off three times in a row… cumming more than I had ever done before.
The Final Edition to follow soon!

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2010-08-24 05:22:26
fuck! definitely love this story.. i had a similar experience a few years ago.. my son's asian friend from the same university. She was 19 and came to my house when my wife and my son on the holiday.. I was told that i was his her 1st foreign man fuck her. she was so wet and i had her for half a year b4 she finished her study in australia.

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good story, just like the last one, can't wait for the final

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