“That takes care of my stomach” Naruto says rubbing his belly and looking over to Yamato who sat there with his mouth wide open shocked by the amount Naruto ate. It was twice as much as he normally does.

“We did the usual training day in and day out and today when Kakashi is on a mission you ate more. I must ask you Naruto why?” Yamato asks while paying the bill noticing afterwards that he had no money in his wallet.

“Kakashi said before leaving that you were loaded and were willing to pay for all meals at Ichiraku 's” Naruto says with a bright smile “Besides your my elder your suppose to pay for my meals.”

“Now Naruto...” Yamato says before being cut off.

“Got to go sensei I have an idea for that jutsu and I think a little bit more practice and I'll have it” Naruto says running off leaving Yamato sitting there.

“Now that I'm full it is time for me to practice my favorite hobby or should I say my second... wait no my third. My first is eating, second is training, and third is...” Naruto is talking to himself when he stumbles by Hinata.

“Naruto-kun!?” Hinata says in her sheepish voice with her cheeks turning beet red.

“Hey what's up Hinata?” Naruto says scratching his back grinning at her.

“Ooh...uhm...well...nothing really” Hinata says and once she looks up she notices that Naruto is no longer there and sighs.

“Whew that was a close one I wonder if she saw my pants” Naruto talks to himself “Better hurry home before it gets any stiffer.” In a few moments Naruto is walking up to his apartment when he spots Sakura standing there. “Sakura how's it going?”

“Sorry Naruto this will only be a minute. I came over to give you these” Sakura says holding her basket up in front of Naruto.

“What is it?” Naruto replies suspiciously remembering Sakura's healing balls.

“I perfected my recipe and even Sai likes them” she says with a bright smile while holding the basket even closer to Naruto.

“I don't know Sai will like just about anything someone gives him” Naruto replies even more suspiciously.

Sakura turns her body around “If you don't want them then I'll give the rest to Sai.”

“'ll take them” Naruto replies as Sakura quickly drops them in his arms and leaves brushing his shoulder while she walks past him.

“See you tomorrow Naruto!” Sakura says walking off

Naruto opens his door and quickly drops the basket on the floor and lays on his bed “sexy jutsu” Naruto turns into a blond completely naked female and then says “clone jutsu” revealing two sexy blond females right besides each other. The second one moves around and gets on top of the first one and begins playing with her pussy. The first one spreads the second ones ass cheeks and begins licking her pussy also. They remain in that position until both give each other two orgasms. “Now this is how to please oneself” Naruto says to himself while moving the clone off of him so she could please herself for a moment. He gets up and sees the basket Sakura had left him and decided to open it up. Once he touched it smoke occurred and it became a small note. Naruto picked up the note and began to read it:


Once you are done pleasing yourself up there I have something you might want to see.


“Ooh something tells me that tonight is going to be my lucky night” Naruto grins and grabs his clothes all the while the clone is pleasing herself. “Sorry girl tonight is going to be my lucky night...” Naruto stops when he feels the Kyubi wanting to talk to him.

“Naruto” the Kyubi repeats with a sinister smile as Naruto enters in front of the bars.

“I don't have time to talk to you fox!” Naruto says

“Oh I think you'll change your mind for this one request” the Kyubi smiles his teeth grinning from one eye to the other.

“I am not letting you out” Naruto yells.

“I never said that Naruto I simply want to give you a little help tonight” the Kyubi replies licking his lips at Naruto.

“What can you do besides destroy!?” Naruto replies wondering what trick the fox had in store.

The Kyubi turns into his bubble form as one of the bubbles moves to Naruto and then begins to glow in front of him as it turns into a human female.

“What is this?” Naruto asks confused as the Kyubi laughs behind his bars.

“Why Naruto this is Kyuu” the Kyubi says “She will help you please any woman and you may also please her. No harm will be taken wants so ever. So what do you think Naruto?” the Kyubi says moving his head and front feet out of the bars looking only inches from Naruto and Kyuu.

“Does she speak?” Naruto asks still not trusting the Kyubi or this girl next to him.

“Hello Naruto” Kyuu says in a sexy voice in his ear. Instantly Naruto's cock rose higher in his pants then it has ever.

“It seems my gift works” the Kyubi says as he begins to vanish and Naruto comes back to his room to see his clone still pleasing herself and Kyuu next to him.

“Who is she? The clone asks.

“Kyuu kiss her will you” Naruto orders as Kyuu obeys and walks over and kisses the clone on the lips while also moving her fingers downward and begins to play with the clones pussy. Naruto could feel what Kyuu was doing so he relieved the clone as Kyuu turned around with a puzzled and disappointed look on her face. “Sorry Kyuu we've got a date with Sakura tonight” Naruto replies opening the door to the crisp air outside. Kyuu shrugs and gets off the bed and walks with Naruto out to Sakura's place.

Once they reached Sakura's place Naruto knocked the door a couple of times until he heard foot steps walking to the door. Then the door opened to reveal Sakura's mother “Oh hello Naruto Sakura is upstairs she mentioned you were coming here tonight. She was going to give you those medicine balls of hers, and who is your friend I don't think we have met” Sakura's mother says.

“Oh this is Chiya shes from the same apartment building as I am” Naruto quickly says as Kyuu smiles.

“May we come in it's a bit chilly out here ma'am” Kyuu pleads with a soft voice.

“Oh yes , yes certainly come on in Sakura is upstairs" Sakura's mother says as the two walk in “May I get you two anything.”

“, but thank you anyways” Naruto says to her but notices she is looking in a dreamy haze to Kyuu. “Well Chiya we better see what Sakura wants” Naruto grabs her hand and rushes up stairs. Naruto gets upstairs and notices before he knocks that Sakura's mother is staring upstairs in the same stance. He knocks once and immediately Sakura opens the door.

“What took you so long Naruto and who is this?” Sakura says in a snappy voice.

“Kyuu kiss Sakura” Naruto orders as Kyuu steps forward and kisses Sakura on the lips and instantly the two are on the floor taking each others clothes off. Naruto walks in and shuts the door taking his clothes off also. Once he's naked he sees Sakura on top fingering Kyuu while Kyuu is taking care of Sakura's pussy. “Sakura would you look up for a moment” Naruto says holding his cock above her. Sakura looks up and adjust herself so she is sitting on top of Kyuu's face and then grabs Naruto's cock in one hand and his balls in another. She begins to stroke it softly and then begins to lick the tip of his cock. While also squeezing his balls gently in her hand. Naruto begins to moan as does Sakura who looks like shes going to cum any second.

“Ooh fuck that's right keep it up” Sakura says as Kyuu continues to lick her pussy. “You should know Naruto tonight I was going to fuck you with Ino's help however she couldn't make it. It seems that she got a last minute mission and couldn't make it” Sakura says and then gets as much of Naruto's cock into her mouth and begins to suck on it.

“Oh yes Sakura suck me!suck me!” Naruto moans even louder realizes he was about to cum he takes her off his cock and and instantly Sakura knew what he wanted so she pulled away from Kyuu as a stream of cum was flowing from her wet pussy. Sakura got on her bed laying in front of Naruto while she played with her breasts. Naruto positioned himself in Sakura's pussy as Kyuu got on the bed and began to kiss Sakura once more while feeling her breasts. Sakura moved one of her hands on Kyuu's breasts while the other moved on down to her pussy that seemed as wet as hers was. Naruto started pumping his cock in and out as he began to release his cum into Sakura's pussy. Sakura screamed at first, but Kyuu kissed her on the lips as their tongues interlocked. Naruto pulled out and moved his cock into Kyuu's pussy. She moaned at the feeling of her master's cock in her. Sakura moved around and decided to have Kyuu eat some of her pussy that had Naruto's cum dripping out of it. Once Naruto cummed in Kyuu's pussy he released his cock and layed down on the floor falling fast a sleep as he saw Kyuu and Sakura kissing each other again.

Next morning Naruto woke up looking at his surroundings and noticing that Sakura wasn't there and for that matter he wasn't in Sakura's room, but oddly enough back in his room looking at old ramen bowls lying on the table and clothes everywhere. He hears a noise next to him and sees that last night wasn't a dream but it really happened since this redhead girl was sleeping next to him completely naked with some dry cum over her entire body.

“So it wasn't a dream after all” Naruto says under his breath and then gets up and begins his day by first grabbing some grub since he noticed his stomach was beginning to grumble. Grabbing some cereal and some milk he started eating while staring at the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen. One that helped him seduce Sakura. Finishing breakfast Naruto realized he needed a shower so he moved into his bathroom and begins the water. Just before he could step in he heard footsteps heading his way.

“Master Naruto may I join you” Kyuu says in her best seductive voice possible standing there by the door as the water is running with Naruto holding his fully erect cock in his hand.

“Yes you may Kyuu and the first thing you can do is giving me blowjob” Naruto orders as he steps into the shower. In no time at all Kyuu was sitting on the shower floor giving Naruto a blowjob while gently squeezing his ball sac.”Kyuu would you please get up I'm about to cum” Naruto orders Kyuu and she obeys and stands up face to face with her master. Naruto shoves his cock as deep as he can into her wet juicy pussy and begins to fuck her. They embrace each other locking lips while exploring each others bodies. They interlock their tongues as Naruto continues to fuck her and have one hand on her breasts and another on her ass cheeks. Kyuu has one hand around Naruto's neck and the other on his ass cheeks. Taking in the moment as the shower ran over them they came at the same time. Once they did it they both got out of the shower and dried each other.

Once they finished getting dressed the two walked out of apartment and into the new day.

Author's note's: For the last Naruto series I have decided to end it. I tried getting back into it a few months back, but had writer's block with it. So I have decided to start a new leaf in the Naruto universe.

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