PLEASE DO NOT READ IF: sex is all you want or if you expect a story to be withouth any errors; or, if you cannot handle detail. I hope you enjoy because you like to read about people that have their lives changed.
We showered together without play. It seemed that we had grown comfortable enough with each other that we could be naked together and not have to be sexual. We were in bed within minutes with Regie’s head on my shoulder.

“Regie, I need to ask you to understand how hard it is for me to believe that you could actually love me,” I said. “I know you appreciate what I’ve been able to do for you and Madie. And, I understand that you do care for me. But love is another thing. I’ve not been in a relationship in so long, and now you are in my life.” I kissed her hair. “I am not questioning your love as much as I am doubting that I am loveable.” I paused. “Does that make sense?”

“It makes more sense to me than you realize.” She raised up, turned, and sat facing me. That she was naked was not a matter of thought for either of us. “You see, Scott, what I have learned from my mama was that a woman’s value is based on what she can do for a man. That is what I saw in her. Sometimes she bragged that she got as much as five hundred dollars from some “poor sucker,” as she called them. She sold herself for whatever she could get.” Her eyes teared up. “She used men to get money as much as they used her for sex.” She reached for my hand. “Then, that rainy night that seems like a lifetime ago, you came into my life. I watched you with my mom. You did not hit on her. You treated her like a real person. You treated Madie and me the same way.” She was thoughtful. “I guess I need to tell you that when we went to that picnic on Labor Day, I saw men looking at me just like men looked at my mama. It is how I see Brad Hendricks look at me.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “I don’t like that look. But when I see you look at me, I don’t see that glare of lust. I know that you are not here in bed with me right now just because you want to have sex with me.” She kissed my hand. “I will admit that if you wanted to make love to me, I would let you. And I would want it, too. I would let you because I know that you would be making love to me, not just having sex.” She leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. “I know that you haven’t done that because you love me. You have been the only man I’ve ever known who even remotely showed me that I am loveable, too.”

Regie laid down across me. My arms were around her as she laid her head on my chest. We were quiet for a while. The closeness we felt seemed to reach a new level. I knew her life with her mom had been rough, sometimes dangerous, but I had not thought about how it affected her image of herself. At that moment I knew that I would never make love to her until she was my wife. I would respect her and value her for who she was.

“Scott,” she said softly. “What are we going to do?”

I caressed her back. Her bare skin was warm and smooth. “Well, what I think is this. You need to complete your schooling. Hopefully, you will be able to do that before the Christmas holidays.” I pushed up her shoulders, allowing her to lay her arms across my chest and look into my eyes. “Then, my dear Regina, I would like for you to marry me.” She smiled.

“I would love that.” She paused, thinking of words to say. “I will work as hard as I can to finish all my credits. I’ll make you proud.” She rolled to my side and cuddled to me with her head on my shoulder. I turned off the light and we both went to sleep.

The days became weeks. The weeks passed as a routine became more established for Madie, Regie, and me. They went to school, and I worked around the ranch. They did homework, and I paid bills. The weather was cooler, and we enjoyed riding around the ranch on weekends. Regie and I slept together most nights. There was no sexual activity. For some reason we were able to express our love in ways that satisfied any longing we may have had. During one night, Madie had a bad dream and came to my bedroom. She crawled into bed next to Regie. The next morning she seemed to have no recollection that her sister was even in the bed with me. Regie and I were relieved over that.

One incident occurred that brought a disruption to our calm and routine life. The town of Valencia holds a Fall Festival at Halloween. Since the population is so scattered, it is easier to bring everyone together in one place. The children dress up in their costumes and prizes are awarded to them. Some of the adults dressed up. Ellen Banks came as a witch. Some of the boys said that was “fitting.” There was a variety of games for all ages. Food was plentiful. A country-western band played for the line dancers. Regie spent some time talking with fellow students. I visited with other ranchers.

The annual event had become popular enough that people from the surrounding towns and counties attended. Among those who came from Stoner were Brad Hendricks and some of his football friends. I was involved in a discussion about organizing a co-op among the ranchers for purchasing feed for our cattle. I did not notice where Regie was or who she was with. Since the night was not cold, the young people were mostly outside the barn where the festival was being held. Brad Hendricks and his friends made their way to where Regie was talking with other students. They managed to crowd out Regie’s classmates. Brad talked Regie into walking with him as his teammates followed behind. Even though Regie seemed uncomfortable, Brad was able to get her to move to a dark area where cars were parked. Once he had her isolated, he tried to kiss her. She resisted and he grabbed her. Several of the teammates joined in. They groped her, tearing several buttons off her shirt. Finally, she managed to scream loud enough that they let her go. They laughed as she ran toward the barn.

There was some commotion when Regie ran into the barn. I realized that she was running and went to her. She ran into my arms crying. I pulled her out of the crowd where she was able to tell me what had happened through her sobs. My anger boiled up in me. Al Arnette, the other policeman for Valencia approached. I explained what had happened. He left to find Brad Hendricks and his friends. When Regie was composed enough, we followed Al. I put my denim jacket on her to cover her shirt. By the time we walked outside, Al had rounded up Brad and the others. He dispersed those that had gathered and directed the boys to an area where he could talk to them without distraction. Regie and I stood nearby. Brad explained that they were just having some fun and didn’t mean to cause a problem. I started to say something, but Al gestured for me not to interfere. He lectured the boys and told them they needed to leave. They grumbled but began to walk away. I expressed my protest.

“Al, you mean you aren’t going to do anything?” I was angry and it showed.

“Scott, what can I do? Unless you want to file assault charges, and I don’t think you want to put her through that, they need to leave.” He gestured to Regie. He was right. I did not want to aggravate the issue. I began to calm a bit. Madie ran up and asked about what happened. I told her I would explain later. Al walked with us toward my truck. I thought it best that we leave. As we approached my truck, we had to pass near the place Brad and his friends had parked. They were milling around their vehicles. We were attempting to ignore them.

“Hey, Mr. Macland, is she your crack whore?” It was one of the boys. I stopped dead in my tracks as Regie gasped and started crying. I turned to Al, who was shaking his head. I turned and walked toward Brad and his four friends. They were all laughing.

“Is she taking after her mama?” another one said. I had no doubts that the story about Judy Allen had been shared around the community. News like her death seems to travel quickly. I looked at the boy who said it. He was obviously a football player; a linemen from his size. He was almost as tall as me and had at least fifty pounds more weight.

As I approached the boys spread out. Al was walking with me. “Scott, you need to be careful here. These boys are big.” They laughed, taking his comments as a compliment.

“Yeah, I know. Big and stupid.” I gestured toward them as they were lined up. “I’ve got dumb cows smarter than they are.” They stopped laughing. “Actually, I’ve got cows that look better than they do.” A couple of them stepped forward as if to challenge me.

“You want to back that up, old man,” one of them said. I looked at Brad. There was a sneer on his face.

“I’m assuming that all you fellows play football.” I did not wait for an answer. “So, I’m just gonna’ tell you that if you plan on dressing out for the next game, you’re going to apologize to the young lady for your remarks.” I had faced down some men much tougher and better trained in hand-to-hand combat than these boys would ever be. “Now, who’s going to be first?”

The two biggest ones stepped forward. “You think you can make us, grandpa,” one said with a sneer.

I looked at Al. “Al, do you mind letting me handle this?” He looked worried but backed away. The boys stepped closer. I looked at them. I was relaxed and loose. “Now, boys, I don’t think your coach is going to appreciate your getting beat up before the next game.” I pointed my finger. “So, you had better just go apologize and save yourself a lot of grief from him.” My demeanor seemed to unsettle them a bit. But pride took over, and they could not allow themselves to look weak to their friends.

The biggest boy stepped forward, raising his hands as if he were going to grab me. I stepped aside, grabbed on of his arms, turned, and threw him over my shoulder using his own weight as leverage. He landed hard with a loud groan. I quickly turned to the other who hesitated just long enough for me to grab his hand. I put him in a thumb lock that dropped him to his knees as he yelled in pain. The others were starring in disbelief. I forced the big lineman to stand and I guided him over to where Regie was standing. I kicked him behind a knee, causing it to buckle. He fell to the ground in front of her.

“You have something you want to say to the nice lady?” I asked. He groaned and attempted to resist, but it was useless. I twisted his hand a little more. He cried out. I eased up, “So?”

He swallowed hard. “I’m sorry,” he managed to say. Regie was still crying. This caused my anger to grow. I twisted his hand again.

“That really didn’t sound very sincere,” I said.

“I’m really sorry. We shouldn’t have said what we did.” Whatever sincerity he might have felt was overwhelmed by the pain that was shooting through his arm and shoulder. I allowed him to stand and I guided him back to the others. As I released his hand, I kicked him in the butt, pushing him into his friends who had difficulty catching him.

“Anyone else have something to say?” All but Brad took a step back. I took a step toward Brad. Before he could react, I reached out and grabbed his right ear. He yelled but was helpless. I forced him over to Regie. I made him kneel in front of her. Her tears had stopped.

“Regie, I think this young boy here has something to say to you.” I released Brad’s ear. He started to get up, but I placed my booted foot over the back of his ankle and pressed down, twisting it to the side. He slumped down.

“I’m sorry, Regie,” he said. “It was a dumb thing to do.” He paused. “I hope we didn’t hurt you.” He managed to look up at her. When he did, she slapped him across the face.

“You just better be glad I don’t have a skillet right now.” He was in shock. His face turned red from embarrassment. “You think you are so cool and tough.” She leaned down to him. “You’re just a cockroach. You come near me again, and I’ll step on you.” She turned and walked to the truck with Madie.

I grabbed Brad by the collar and dragged him back to the others. The two bigger ones backed away as I approached. “Boys, I know you think you were just having fun, but that ain’t the way to do it.” They looked at me. “So, I’ll tell you this. If I hear of anyone of you, or anybody else, say anything to those two girls about their mother, I’ll deal with you personally. And believe me, I know how to do that.” I paused to let my words sink in. “I may have to speak to your coach about this just so he will know why you are no longer able to play football.” They looked at one another.

“Mr. Macland, we’re sorry.” It was one of the other boys. “We shouldn’t have done this.” He looked at Brad. “It won’t happen again.” All but Brad moved to their vehicles. He looked at me with a defiant glare. I had seen it before. Men who are embarrassed in front of others want to get even.

“Brad, I know what you’re thinking.” I stepped toward him. “Believe me. You want to put that thought out of your head.” I leaned close. “You ever get close to Regie again and I’ll make you wish you were never born. I know how to do that and not leave a mark on your body.” I turned and walked away. Although his defiance faded into fear, I was afraid that the day would come when I would have to deal with him again.

I returned to the truck where Al was waiting with the girls. “Well, that was quite a show, Scott. That was worth coming tonight.” He smiled.

“Al, it probably isn’t over with the Hendricks kid.” I got into the truck. “See you around.” He waved as I drove off. I looked at Regie and Madie. Regie’s eyes were red. Madie had a look of shock.

“Gosh, Scott. Where did you learn to do that?” she said.

“That was from experience in the army, sweetheart. But I hope you never have to see it again.” We drove home in silence. My thoughts were focused on how I would help Regie through what had happened. I could see in her face something of that look she had that night I stopped to help them when their car broke down. There was an ugly mixture of hatred of men and fear. She was sullen and withdrawn as we pulled up to the house. She got out quickly and ran into the house. By the time Madie and I entered, she had locked herself in her room. I could hear her crying through the door. I put my arm around Madie and we went to the kitchen.

Later, Madie said she was going to take a shower. I heard her knock softly on Regie’s door. There was obviously no answer. “I love you,” I heard her say before she prepared for her shower. I waited until Madie finished her shower before I made my way to her room. I tucked her in bed and kissed her goodnight. She looked worried about her sister.

“She’ll be okay, sweetheart,” I said softly. I did not feel as confident as I sounded. I closed Madie’s door and stepped to Regie’s. I knocked. “Regie. Please let me in.” I waited for a minute. Thinking that she was not going to answer, I started to go to my room. As I turned, the door opened. Regie’s eyes were swollen. Her face was a picture of pure dread. She turned to walk into her room. I followed her.

“Regie, I’m sorry.” Those were the only words I could think of to say. She laid on her bed and turned toward the wall. “I love you,” I whispered as I sat down beside her.

“Really. You mean you can love a crack whore?” Her voice expressed hurt and bitterness.

I was not sure what to say. I knew she was hurt beyond what I could understand. Somehow I needed to convince her that I loved her. I reached for her. I turned her over and I lifted her up so I could look her in the face.

“Now you listen to me. You listen good. And don’t just listen to my words. I need you to hear my heart.” Her face was expressionless. “I love you. I know who you are. You are not your mother.” She stared at me. “I know you were hurt by your mother. I know those boys knew what to say to hurt you deeply. They were trying to hurt you for rejecting them. And they succeeded.” I paused to see if she was hearing my words. I saw no evidence of a response. “You know who you are. You’ve proven your character many times. If you can’t accept anything else I say, I need you to accept this. I love you and I want you to be my wife. I love you because you are who you are. I don’t not love you because of who your mother was. In time everyone who comes to know you will see that, too.” I pulled her into my arms. She laid her head on my shoulder, but her body was motionless. When I released her, she laid on the bed and curled up in a fetal position. I laid down next to her and placed my arms around her.

I woke up sometime during the night. Regie was breathing softly so I knew she was asleep. The light was still on so I carefully got up, pulling a blanker over her, cutting off the light, and going to my room. I was almost two-thirty in the morning. I stripped down and crawled into my bed. I had a restless sleep, waking up just before six a.m. I showered quickly, dressed, and made my way to Regie’s room. She was not on her bed. The blanket I had put on her had been tossed aside. My first thought was that she had run away just like her mother. In a state of panic I went toward the kitchen to see if the truck and SUV were in the garage. I was relieved to see the kitchen light on and Regie sitting at the table drinking juice.

I walked to her as she looked at me. She forced a smile. I smiled as I sat down across from her. I allowed her to speak first.

“Thank you,” she said. I allowed her to continue. It was obvious she had something she wanted to say. “I know what you did last night was to protect me. I appreciate your standing up for me. No one has ever done that before.” She sipped from her glass. “Scott, I need to tell you something.” I looked at her. “I know that things like what those boys said are what other people think. They are curious to know if I will be like my mama.” She frowned. “I am not going to make you marry me. I think you just need to let me go my way. I don’t want you to have to live with this.”

I was in shock. “Regie, you could not make me marry you. I asked you to marry me knowing what your life has been like. I asked you to marry me because I love you.” I paused. “Do you think I would let what anyone says keep me from enjoying the happiness of you being in my life?” I took her hand. “I want to marry you even more than I want you to marry me.” She tried to smile as her eyes teared again. “I love you, Regie. No one can change that. I am blessed that you are in my life.” I thought for a moment. “I understand the circumstances of this happening have not been the best. And I know you lost your mom. But, please believe me; I love you and I need you in my life.”

Regie rose from her chair and walked around the table. I stood as she stepped into my arms. I held her for a long time. I moved her back so I could look into her eyes. I smiled. “You are a part of me now. Nothing will change that.” I kissed her softly.

“I love you,” she said. “I need you, too.” We were embracing when Madie came into the room.

“Regie,” she said. Her sister turned to her and opened her arms. Madie ran to her and they hugged each other. Regie led her little sister into the den and sat on the sofa with her. I remained in the kitchen, but I heard what was said. Regie explained that what the boys said was mean. She also told Madie that sometimes people do things like that to cause hurt. She reminded Madie of the past and the things they had done together to stay strong. Then I heard the words that brought tears to my eyes. “And now we have Scott. He will not allow anything to happen to us.”

“I’m so glad,” I heard Madie say.

“He loves us very much,” Regie responded. “And we love him.” After a few minutes of their hugging each other, Madie spoke quietly but still loud enough for me to hear.

“Regie, he’s like the daddy I always wanted.”

“Yes, he is,” her sister stated. “And he’s like the husband I always wanted.”

I heard Madie say louder, “Your husband. Regie, really.” She paused for a second. “That would be wonderful.” They must have hugged some more because they were quiet for several minutes. I busied myself as they walked hand-in-hand into the kitchen.

“How about some breakfast?” I said.

“How about one of those burros?” Madie asked.

“You mean burrito?” I asked. We all laughed as we worked together to make burritos.

From that morning on, I knew what I wanted to happen. I assumed it would take some legal work, but I was determined to make it happen. I would marry Regina Allen. I would adopt Madison Allen. We would be a family.

November saw cold weather with some light snow in the mountains. We were invited to Ellen Banks’ home for Thanksgiving dinner. She had half the town at her house and we enjoyed the day. Regie was developing relationships with the townspeople. Nothing was ever mentioned about the events of Halloween. As I watched people watch us as we chatted, I got the impression that they were suspicious of our relationship. If any of the people we knew felt negative about it, they did not show it. Regie, Madie, and I were accepted as a family even though we were not yet officially that status. Little did anyone know that I had been working in that direction. I had spoken to my lawyer who was working on an adoption decree from the court. I had purchased a ring for Regie. All that was needed now was for her to finish school.

The week before the Christmas holiday break from school, Ellen Banks called me. I went to her office during school hours. She informed me that Regie had earned enough credits to graduate. She had also spoken to the school board. They had agreed to have a special graduation ceremony at a called meeting the week after the school term was over. Regie would be granted her diploma.

The night of the ceremony Regie wore a robe. The president of the board and Ellen made comments. Several towns people where present. Regie thanked Ellen and the board with tears in her eyes. We drove to the house following the ceremony and a short time of refreshments. Madie was as excited as Regie was.

“Wow, Regie. You’re out of school.” She had hugged her sister. Before bed there was plenty of chatter as we began making plans for Christmas which was only two weeks away. Regie asked if we could prepare a meal at home and share it together. We planned a menu. We went shopping, pairing off to purchase gifts for each other. The days went quickly. We found a small tree on the ranch. The girls decorated it with things they made. It was beautiful. The presents were wrapped and placed under the tree. Three stockings were hung on the mantel. We were all making sure that what we bought as gifts would be a surprise.

Christmas Eve came. There was a warm fire burning. We made preparations for the meal for the next day before we went to bed. Madie was so excited she could not sit still.

“Scott,” she said, “this is the first real Christmas I’ve ever had.” I know my eyes teared up as I thought about this precious girl having to suffer the life she has experienced. I silently promised to myself, and to her, that she would have many more even better than this one.

We all showered and went to bed. I was reading when my bedroom door opened. Madie looked in. “Can I sleep in here?” she asked. I laughed and patted the bed. She ran, leaped onto the bed and crawled under the covers. She cuddle over to me as I put my arm around her. Within five minutes the door opened again. Regie walked in, crawled into bed next to Madie. We laughed, knowing that we were all to excited to sleep. But, we did sleep. I woke up about five-thirty. Madie was laying against me, holding her bunny. Regie was laying with her arm around her sister.

“I wonder if this is going to become a pattern,” I thought to myself. I made my way to the bathroom. I showered and shaved. Regie opened the door.

“I’m up. I’ll go wash my hair and get dressed.” We met in the kitchen later, waiting for Madie to wake up. We were sipping coffee when she ran into the kitchen. She jumped into her sister’s lap.

“Can we open gifts now?” she asked. Before either of us could answer, she was at the tree, looking for gifts with her name on them.

We followed, sitting on the floor around the tree. The gifts were opened. I had new shirts, socks, and a belt among other things. I had purchased the girls some clothes. There was one big box for Madie. She opened it to find a new saddle. She squealed and hugged me. Regie opened her gifts from Madie, hugging her sister. They each said how much they loved each other. After the gifts under the tree were opened, I pointed to the mantel.

“Hey, don’t forget those. Santa left some things there, too.”

Madie ran to fireplace, reaching up and removing an envelope from her stocking. She looked puzzled that is was just an envelope. “Maybe it’s money,” she voiced excitedly. She opened it and looked strange. She was reading it, seeming not to understand what was written on it. She handed it to her sister. Regie began to read it.

“Oh my, Madie,” she said to her sister. She began to cry.

“What is it?” Madie asked with a worried look on her face.

Regie composed herself. “Madie, this piece of paper is from the court.” She paused. “It says that you have been adopted by Scott William Macland.” Madie seemed confused. Regie continued, “Madie, you are now Madison Lee Macland. You now have a daddy.” She looked at me. “Scott is your daddy.”

Madie stood for a moment, trying to understand what her sister just said. She looked at me. I kneeled down and she ran into my arms. I hugged her as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“I love you, Madie.” I held her at arms length. “I am so glad that I was allowed to choose my daughter because I was able to choose you.”

“I love you, too, Scott. Oh, I love you, too, Daddy.” We hugged as Regie cried. Finally, I sat in a chair holding my new daughter.

“There’s something for you, too.” Regie reached into her stocking, pulling out a small box. Her eyes grew wide as she slowly opened it. She walked to the chair and sat on the arm. I took the box and removed the ring. I held her left hand and placed the ring just at her fingertip.

“Regina Lynn, will you marry me?” Madie brought her hands to her face. Regie looked at the ring and into my eyes. She nodded slowly.

“I would love to marry you,” she said. I placed the ring on her finger. She somehow found a way to sit in my lap along with her sister. We kissed long and deeply. Madie placed her arms around both of us.

“This is the best Christmas ever,” she said. We hugged and kissed each other, sitting in the chair. Finally, I made the effort to get up.

“I don’t think I can feel my legs,” I said. We all rose. I stomped my feet to get the circulation going again. Regie and I prepared breakfast as Madie dressed in some of her new clothes. She ran her hands over the smooth leather of her new saddle as I explained about what she needed to do to prepare it for use. She had already developed a relationship with the colt. We ate breakfast and made preparations for a late Christmas dinner.

There was joy in the house. There was love. Madie couldn’t stop calling me “Daddy.” I liked to hear it. Regie and I kissed often. She continually looked at the ring, holding it so the light would make it sparkle. The day was wonderful. A number of people called to wish us a “Merry Christmas.”

The days following were filled with a lot of laughter and excitement. Regie and I discussed a wedding. I contacted a former chaplain that I had served with. He was more than happy to make the trip to Valencia to do the wedding. We shared the date we wanted. He agreed that it would be special to be married on January 1. He laughed when he mentioned that it would be a date I should be able to remember. The week after Christmas we announced to the community that we were getting married. Actually, I only told Rose Adams, the Postmaster. The whole town and the surrounding ranches knew about it within a day.

January 1 came. We decided that the Community Center was the largest place to have the wedding. There was snow on the ground but people came in droves. The entire town of Valencia and a few friends from Stoner and other communities were there. Ellen Banks had arranged for a reception. Regie wore a beautiful white dress. It was not a formal wedding gown, but she was a beautiful bride. Madie was her Maid of Honor. Al Arnette was my Best Man. The ceremony went without a hitch. During the reception I heard several comments about the age difference, but I expected that. Only time would be able to put an end to such comments. We went home later that afternoon. Janie’s mom invited Madie to spend the night at their house. Regie and I appreciated the offer.

We arrived at the ranch as darkness was setting in. I offered to carry Regie over the threshold but she refused.

“I want you in good order tonight, my love,” she said. “You don’t need a bad back.”

Once inside, we kissed long and passionately. Neither of us wanted food. It was obvious what was on our minds. Without words, we walked to the bedroom. I undressed quickly. Regie took her time, allowing me to watch her. We decided to shower. As the warm water cascaded over us, we embraced and kissed. Our hands danced over each other’s body, teasing, playing, and caressing. I took Regie’s towel and dried her body. She did the same for me. We walked to the bed, pulling down the coverlet. We laid beside each other. We did not speak as we touched each other. We kissed, we embraced. There was no rush. We had all the time in the world.

“I love you, Mrs. Macland,” I said softly.

“I love you, Mr. Macland,” she replied. Regie pulled herself to me. We kissed deeply. Our tongues met as our hands began to caress each other.

My left hand was under her head. I moved my right hand down her body to her waist. I slowly brought it up, cupping her left breast. It dawned on me how long it had been since I had touched her this way. She stroked my arm as my hand massaged her full but soft breast. I kissed her neck, making my way down. She placed her hand behind my head, guiding me to her nipple. I covered it with my mouth as she pulled me to her. I licked the nipple gently, making circles around the areola. She sighed. I sucked as I caressed the softness. I massaged her mound, pushing the nipple into my mouth, nursing it, teasing it.

“That feels so good,” she sighed again softly. After several minutes, I moved to her right breast as she rolled to her back, giving me access. This time she placed her hand under her breast and pushed it up. I placed my mouth over the swollen areola and hard nipple. My tongue danced over it as I sucked firmly. She pushed harder. I sucked harder. Her hips began to move under my leg. Soon, I could feel gentle pressure on the back of my head. Regie was directing me to go lower. I slowly licked and nibbled my way down over her stomach. As I reached her pubic mound, she spread her legs, allowing me to roll between them. My tongue slowly and softly licked over her lips. She had shaved and was completely smooth. I pressed the tip of my tongue between them. She moved her legs apart even more. I pushed in until my tongue entered her love canal. She was wet and warm. I moved in and out a few times. She responded by moving her hips up to meet me. I licked up and down, eventually making my way to her clit. Her body jumped when the tip of my tongue touched it. She moaned, pulling me into her. I licked harder as her clit became more swollen. I covered it with my mouth and gently sucked it, caressing it with my tongue. She almost cried out. After less than a minute, she pulled me up.

“Not that way,” she said. I raised up, laying over her. We kissed. The wetness of her pussy touched her face. She smiled. Regie then rolled me over, kissing me as I lay on my back. She began to move down my chest, teasing my nipples with her tongue. As she slowly kissed her way across my stomach, she grasped my cock, which was now becoming very erect. She lowered herself toward it, taking it into her mouth. She gradually moved up and down, taking more each time. She slowly stroked with her hand, matching the movements with her head moving up and down. I felt the sensation of her tongue caressing the head and underside of my hardness. I almost cried out as I moaned long and low. After a couple of minutes, I realized that I would not last long. I touched her shoulder. She looked up. She saw my face and made her way back to me. We kissed passionately.

I rolled her over, placing my hand between her legs. I cupped her pussy, putting pressure on the clitoral area as I inserted a finger into her opening. She was tight and very wet. I moved my finger in and out a few times. Regie placed her hand over mine.

“Love me, my dear husband. Make love to me.” I raised myself up, moving between her legs. Her knees were bent. She lifted herself to me, reaching down to guide my hardness into her waiting womanhood. As the head touched her opening we both sighed. I lowered myself slowly, she raised her knees, placing her feet around my waist. As the head entered her, she lifted up slightly. I lowered myself. She was so tight.

“I don’t want to hurt,” I whispered.

“You don’t,” she sighed to me. She put her hands on my waist and pulled me to her. Slowly, I entered her warmth. She was so tight and so warm. I went in a couple of inches and pulled out. I pushed in again, going farther into her. She was breathing slowly, anticipating the feeling. After a few movement up and down, I was able to enter her completely. I felt my head push against her cervix. She moaned as I moved slowly. She lowered her legs to lay beside mine. This cause her clit to feel the pressure of my pubic bone and the base of my cock as I moved.

I moved slowly, enjoying the sensation of her tightness. We looked at each other, eye-to-eye. She smiled. I smiled.

“I love you,” she mouthed. I replied the same way. I pushed deeply into her. She pushed upward to match my pressure. I moved slightly side to side, allowing her clit to be stimulated. Her body responded. I moved a little faster. Her breathing became more rapid and shallower. I increased my pace, knowing that I would not be able to hold off much longer.

“Yes,” she said. “Move like that.” She lifted herself to meet my thrusts. She was almost gasping now. I thrust several more times and she began to moan. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me to her. Her thrusts became more rapid as mine did.

“Oh, oh, oh, Scott.” Her legs stiffened and her lower body began to gyrate. I pushed as deeply as I could, pushing in and pulling out rapidly. Suddenly, I felt her entire body shake. Her head pushed back into the pillow. “Aaaaaahhhhhh,” she cried out. As tight as she was around my cock, I could feel her grip me. She thrust up again and again as the spasm swept through her abdomen and womb.
Her thrusting caused such a feeling around the tip of my cock. I suddenly became aware of what was building up deep within me. I moaned as I felt the pressure increase in my groin. As if a valve had been opened, my semen began to flow. The spasms swept through me as the hot fluid burst from the tip of my cock. I felt the heat and the wetness surround me as I thrust in and pulled out. Regie was pushing up as I was pushing down. Spurt after spurt was released inside her womb. As the pressure of my orgasm decreased, I felt the pulsating of her muscles. She was gasping for breath. I was gasping for breath, finding it difficult to hold my weight off of her. She wrapped her ankles and legs around my waist as I moved slowly in and out. I was growing softer but was still fairly hard. She was well lubricated with her juices and mine. I pushed in, causing her to jump a little.

“Oh, my dear Scott.” She said between breaths. “I love you so much.”

We embraced as I rolled to her side. My cock slid out of her and laid limply on her leg. We kissed.

“I think I should get a towel,” I said. “I think your tank is overflowing by now.” She nodded as I rose from the bed and retrieved a hand towel. I folded it and placed it between her legs. I could see how wet she was. I laid down beside her.

“I never would have believed that I could experience a feeling like that,” I whispered to her. We kissed.

“I am so happy to be your wife.”

“I am blessed to be your husband.” I kissed her. “Happy New Year, Regie,” I said.

“Happy new life, Scott,” she responded. We slept in each others arms.

The next morning we made love again before showering. We prepared breakfast and sat in front of the fire. Janie’s family brought Madie home about lunch time as we had arranged. We spent the day preparing chili for a meal. We made a snowman. Madie tended to the horses. And our family began. Several weeks later we discovered that the new year also brought new life. Regie was pregnant. Madie was as excited as I was. We added a new room to the house, making it into an office. My old office was transformed into a nursery.

Even though our baby was not so far from being born, Regie enrolled in the community college in Stoner. She decided that she needed to continue her education. I agreed. Madie turned thirteen. I turned forty-one. As luck would have it, Scott Allen Macland was born on October 2, his mother’s birthday. I thought my life changed when Regie and Madie invaded my world. Having a baby in the house turned it upside down. One day I was out checking on my cows, riding to a point that allowed me to view a greater portion of my spread. In the distance I saw Madie riding Ranger, her now almost grown horse. Regie was on the back porch with “Mac” in her arms, wrapped in a blanket. The thought came to me, “this place might be the middle of nowhere, but it’s the whole of my world.” I spurred Blackie and headed for the house and my family.

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