PLEASE DO NOT READ IF: all you want is unrealistic sex; or, if you want a professionally written and edited document; or, if you do not like detail. The story is not about sex although there is some. It has been proofed but still will have errors. It is often in much detail to the point of boredom. But it is about relationship that are more realistic and about people just like you and me. Enjoy.
Monday morning I was up and had coffee brewing by five thirty. I knew that school began at eight thirty so I was planning to wake the girls by six thirty. On Sunday, the previous day, I had allowed Regie to drive the SUV to Valencia. She seemed comfortable enough by the time we reached town that I trusted her to drive the two of them to school. I would go with them on this first day to take care of any fees that they might need to pay. After today, Regie would do the driving for the two of them. I was sipping my coffee when Regie came into the kitchen. She was wearing her T-shirt.

“Good morning,” I said. She approached me and laid her head on my chest.

“Do I have to go to school today?” she said in a whiny voice. “I don’t feel good.” I could tell she was not serious, but I knew she was nervous about the day.

“Yes, dear, you must go to school,” I replied in a fatherly tone. I set my mug down and wrapped my arms around her. I felt a bit odd knowing that I was holding this young woman that I loved at the same time I was telling her she had to go to high-school.

“Okay, if I have to,” she said. She looked at me and I kissed her quickly on the lips.

“Why don’t you go wake up your sister and I’ll get breakfast ready?” She turned to walk away. She looked back at me and smiled. That smile was from not from a teenager. She was a young woman.

As I was finishing preparing breakfast, Regie and Madie came into the kitchen. Both were dressed for school. Both wore jeans and blouses and both wore athletic shoes. Suddenly the young woman I had kissed minutes before looked like a teenager again. We ate breakfast, brushed our teeth, and prepared to leave for town. I allowed Regie to drive so she would become more accustomed to doing it. We arrived at the school around eight o’clock. Ellen Banks was standing near the front entrance greeting teachers and students as they arrived. A school bus pulled up and about a dozen kids got off.

“Good morning, Scott,” she said as we approached. “And to you girls, too.” She smiled at them. “Do you remember where your classrooms are?” Both the girls stated that they did. Madie went through the door quickly. Regie turned and looked at me. I wanted to give her a hug but decided against it. She forced a smile, waved quickly, and went into the building.

“Ellen, are there any fees or other charges I need to take care of?”

“Yes, there is an activity fee that we ask students to pay. This helps us with some of the extracurricular events during the year.” She thought a minute. “Do the girls have insurance?” This was something that had not crossed my mind. “If they do not, we do have a company that provides insurance coverage for students while they are at school and participating in school-sponsored activities.” I agreed to pay the costs for this, knowing I would have to take care of this matter. I followed Ellen to the office. The secretary gave me all the paperwork to complete. I did this and wrote a check to cover their fees and insurance.

I walked down the street to the diner. Several other ranchers were there eating breakfast or having coffee. They all greeted me. A couple asked about me losing any more vehicles. One told the story to another man who had not heard it.

“What about that woman, Scott? Did you ever hear any more?” I explained the story of what had happened over the past days. Once I told about Judy’s death, the men became serious. “What about the girls? You gonna’ keep them?”

“They don’t have any family. Neither girl knows who her father is.” I looked at the men around the table. “These girls have had it rough.” They all nodded. “So, if I can help them, I guess I will.”
The last thing I was going to mention is that I was in love with the older one and the younger one wanted me to be her daddy. I figured that if Regie and I got married, they would figure that out for themselves.

The talk turned to cows, hay, and the weather. I finished a cup of coffee and left the others to solve the world’s problems. I drove back to the ranch and checked on the cattle in the pens. The rest of the day was spent making repairs to a windmill that pumped water into a stock tank. I checked some of the range fences and noted several places that needed some mending. I drove back into town to be at the school when classes were over. I drove up just as the bell rang. The students hurried out the door, some getting on the bus, others into cars with parents. Regie and Madie walked toward the SUV.

“Hey, guys,” I said. “How was the first day?”

“It was fun,” Madie said. “I like Mrs. Elder. She’s my teacher.”

I looked at Regie. “It was okay,” she said. “I have a lot of work to do.”

“Yes, I’m sure you do.”

“Scott, I’ll need to use your computer, if that is okay.” I thought for a minute.

“Tell you what. I have a laptop that I bought just a few months ago. It has a wireless connection so you can use the internet. If you want, you can see if that will work for you.”

“Sure,” she said. “Thanks.” I could see the unease in her eyes. She was older and more mature than the other seniors. Her past had nothing in common with them. She would have to accept this about herself. I believed that getting busy with school work would help.

The girls did homework as I prepared supper. We ate without a lot of conversation. Madie was excited to be making new friends. Regie did mention that the girls at school were nice to her but she felt like an outsider. I attempted to reassure her that time would make it easier for her. After supper, I cleaned up the dishes. Regie looked at the computer and let me know that it would do fine. I told her that on the next trip to Stoner we would look for a printer. I questioned her about the need for a desk or work space. I offered to put a desk in her room, or she could use the second desk in the office. It was small but might be adequate. She decided on the one in the office.

Madie showered early and prepared for bed. I looked into her room. She already had her clothes for the next day laid out. We discussed a bed time and decided that nine o’clock was late enough for her to stay up. She gave Regie and me a kiss before she headed for bed. I assured her I would check on her before I went to bed. Regie curled up on the stuffed chair, reading and taking notes until almost ten p.m. She was trying to catch up on the material the class had covered.

“I’m done,” she said, stretching her arms and back. “There’s a lot, but I think I can do it.” That sounded a bit more positive.

“Good. I know you will do fine.” I looked at the clock. “Time for bed I think.” We both stood and held hands as we walked toward the bedrooms. We embraced and kissed before she went into her room and I went into mine. I showered and got into bed. I had already turned out the light when my door opened. Regie walked in and climbed into my bed.

“I need to be with you tonight,” she said softly. I put my arm around her and she laid her head on my shoulder.

“You are always welcome,” I said, kissing the top of her head. She was asleep within minutes as she cradled against me. I fell asleep with thoughts of how these two females had changed my life.

I woke up with Regie’s backside against mine. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I relieved my bladder, washed my face, and shaved. I dressed as quietly as I could, but Regie stirred as I was putting on my shirt.

“Is it time to get up?” she asked, yawning and stretching. I walked to the side of the bed and sat down.

“I guess you could sleep a little longer if you want,” I said. She sat up and leaned into me. She had on the thin nightie. I held her close and caressed her back. It felt good to have her in my arms.

“You smell nice,” she said. She looked at me. We kissed quickly. We gazed into each other’s eyes. “I love you,” she said, kissing me again.

“I love you, too, Regie.” I touched her face. I wanted so much to make love to her. I wanted to share what was in my heart. I think she saw the desire in my eyes.

“I’ll be glad when we can show it.” I smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, me, too.” We embraced again. She pushed the covers aside and got out of bed. I noticed that she had slept without panties.

“I’ll go get dressed.” I watched her walk toward the door. My body reacted to the sight of her body.

“Macland, you gotta’ get hold of yourself.” I went to the kitchen, deciding that cereal was okay for breakfast. The girls were dressed when I called them to come to the kitchen. Later, I watched as Regie drove them down the road. Suddenly I felt lonely. I had lived alone for over fifteen years and was used to it. Now, after about two weeks with Regie and Madie, I felt an aloneness that overwhelmed me. I busied myself with work, unable to take thoughts of the girls out of my mind.

I made some contacts about my retirement medical benefits. I would have to provide medical insurance for the girls on my own. There was no coverage through my retirement unless they were related. I called my auto insurance agent. I added Regie as a driver to my auto policy. Again, the cost would go up, but I had expected that. He also mentioned that the cost would be less if she were a daughter. I was not about to explain that we had other plans other than her being a daughter.

The day went quickly. I was in the barn when Regie and Madie returned from school. I joined them in the kitchen for a snack. Regie reminded me that they were supposed to take their own lunch each day. We had both forgotten that bit of information. We would begin preparing a lunch bag the next day.

I completed my chores as the girls did school work. Regie seemed more accepting of the situation. Madie’s excitement only increased. After she finished her work, Madie asked if she could ride Lady. I helped her with the saddle. I placed some barrels in the corral for her to use in getting on the big horse. She walked Lady around the corral for a few minutes. I opened the gate and horse and rider trotted onto the trail that led to the western pasture. I watched Madie as she controlled Lady. She was a natural rider, comfortable with her horse and in control. That was the most important part of riding. Lady knew that her rider was in control.

Regie walked up behind me. “She really likes riding, doesn’t she?” She asked.

“Yep. And she’s good.” I turned toward her. “All done with school work?”

“I still have some reading in history. I’ve done the algebra work. Actually, I’m not as far behind as I thought I would be.”

“Good.” I put my arm around Regie’s shoulder as we walked into the barn. We checked on the feed in the stalls.

As we finished, I turned to Regie and pulled her into my arms. I kissed her deeply. She responded by opening her mouth. Our tongues met and our passion grew. She leaned her body against mine as I caressed her back. I lowered my hands to her hips, squeezing her cheeks and pressing myself into her. I was sure she could feel the erection that was growing in my jeans. She moved back and forth across the hardness she felt against her. She backed away.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to cause that.”

I laughed. “It doesn’t take much, you know.”

“Can I help?” She was serious. “I don’t want you to hurt.”

“Thank you for that, but right now there just isn’t much we can do.” We looked at each other.

“Maybe later?” she asked softly. We kissed and embraced. The sound of Madie and Lady trotting into the corral caused us to move apart. My cock softened quickly as I turned my attention away from Regie.

“That was good,” Madie called out as she directed Lady to the barrels. She stepped off the horse and jumped down. She patted Lady. “Good girl,” she said. I watched as she loosened the cinch and began pulling the heavy saddle off. I decided to see how she could do on her own. I was surprised at how well she did. The saddle dropped to the ground. Madie removed the saddle blanket and carried it into the barn and tossed it onto a hay bail. She returned for the saddle. She struggled with the weight, but she managed to get it inside the barn, laying it on the blanket. She picked up the brush and began rubbing down the horse. When she finished brushing her, she went to the bucket of apples, choosing one for Lady. The horse ate from her hand as Madie rubber her neck.

“You’re quite a cowgirl,” I called out. She smiled, appreciating the fact that I noticed how well she had adapted to being around the horse.

We walked to the house together. I pulled off my boots before entering. We prepared supper, ate while chatting about different topics. I told the girls about the insurance calls.

“We are like family, aren’t we?” Madie asked. I could see the desire in her eyes. She wanted so much to be a family.

“Well, you’re as much family to me as I have ever known.” I looked at the younger sister. She deserved more than she had received in life. The thought crossed my mind that I should see what would be required to adopt her. Of course, I would have to talk to Regie about it. The situation was getting confused. I wanted to marry Regie. I was willing to adopt Madie. Would that make Regie her sister’s adopted mother? I changed my thoughts. This was becoming too complicated for my mind.

We finished the meal and cleaned up the kitchen. Madie watched tv while Regie read. I watched tv and read, not really paying attention to either. My thoughts continued to focus on Regie. What I wanted was for her to be finished with school. Hopefully, the end of the school term would see that happen. I was hoping that with the new year we could begin a new life. I glanced at her, stretched on the sofa, her back to the arm. She looked up, noticing me gazing at her. She smiled. I smiled.

At nine o’clock Madie went to bed. I checked on her after about fifteen minutes. She was asleep, breathing deeply. I returned to the den. Regie looked up from her book.

“She okay?”

“Oh, yeah. She’s asleep.” I started to sit down, but Regie got up from the sofa and stepped toward me. She took my hand in hers and led me down the hall way.

“Let’s take a shower,” she whispered. We went into my bedroom, shutting the door. Regie unbuttoned my shirt, letting it slide off my arms. I took the hint and pulled my undershirt over my head. As I did that, she unbuckled my belt. I pulled my jeans off and stepped out of them. As Regie pulled her shirt over her head, I removed my socks and boxers. She reached behind her to unfasten her bra. She slipped her jeans down and tossed them aside. She pulled her panties off and kicked them away. We were facing each other. Just looking at her made my cock twitch. Regie turned and walked toward the bathroom. I followed her.

Within a minute the water was adjusted and we stepped into the steam. We both allowed the water to flow over us, wetting our bodies. I took the soap and began moving it over her wet body. I allowed my hands to lather up as I caressed her shoulders and back. I knelt behind her, gliding my hands over her ass and down her legs. As I moved them upward, she spread her legs, allowing me access to her ass crack. The soap slid over her skin. She turned around to face me. Again, I started with her shoulders and moved down her body. I traced around her areola with the soap bar before I lathered both of her breasts. The soapiness allowed my hands to slide over them easily. They were full and firm. I eventually made my way down her torso. I lathered her right leg, then the left one. As I moved up, I had a hand on each of her inner thighs. She spread her legs as my fingers approached her pussy. I stood, placing my right hand over her lips. I moved slowly back and forth, allowing my finger to slide between her soapy lips. After a few minutes, she grasped my hand and removed it.

“Not now,” she said softly. Then, she took the soap and bathed me. I turned my back to her. She covered every inch of my skin, slowly lathering, sometimes massaging. It felt good. I turned to face her. She washed my shoulders and chest. She traced around my nipples with her fingertips. They became erect. She moved down to my waist. She knelt, causing her to be eye level with my cock, which was fully erect. She washed my legs before moving up to my balls. Cupping my balls in one hand, she gently lathered and massaged them. With the other hand she began stroking my cock. I could not believe the sensation. After a minute or two I realized I would not last long.

“Darling, I think you better stop.” She stood and we embraced. We moved under the shower, allowing the water to cascade over us, rinsing the lather off our bodies. We both began to caress each other, slowly moving our hands. We kissed deeply. I turned off the water and we dried off, watching each other. Once we were dried off, we moved together to my bed.

Regie laid down. I laid beside her. Immediately she wrapped her arms around my neck and shoulders. We kissed long and passionately. I kissed her neck and moved down to her shoulders. I moved my right hand to her left breast and began massaging it. I traced the tip of my tongue around her areola. Her nipple became erect. I pulled on it gently with my lips before I covered it with my mouth. I sucked as I massaged, allowing my tongue to tease and caress the nipple. She moaned softly. After several minutes, I moved to her right breast, doing the same. When I sucked the areola into my mouth, I could feel its fullness with my tongue. The feeling was incredible. I pushed the breast into my mouth, sucking harder. Regie’s body moved under me. I began to slide down her torso, licking her skin with the tip of my tongue. She spread her legs, allowing me to move between them. My tongue glided over her pubic mound. As I approached her pussy, she lifted herself to me, bending her knees. I slid my arms under her thighs. This allowed me to reach around her legs with my hands and pull her lips apart with my fingers.

I delved into her pussy. I licked up and down, pushing my tongue into her. She moaned as her hips gyrated with my movements. I covered her clit, allowing the flat of my tongue to caress it. She flinched and increased her movements up and down. I used my tongue to make love to her as I pushed into her love canal as far as I could. I would then lick over her clit, making circles with the tip of my tongue, then sliding over it with the flat surface. The pace of her movements increased as she pushed herself into my mouth. I focused my attention on the now hard and swollen clit. I sucked softly, flicking it with my tongue. She began to shake. She grasped my head with her hands and pulled me into her. She moaned as her legs grew still and closed around my head.

“Aaaaahhhh,” she moaned. Her breathing was rapid and short. The spasms began. “Oh, oh, oh,” she was almost crying out. My face was soaked with my saliva and her juices. She lifted her hips off the bed, allowing me full access to her womanhood. I licked faster, sucking as I did. Her body convulsed. She twisted from side to side, unable to control her movements as the spasms peaked. Suddenly, she was motionless. She let out a long, loud sigh and collapsed. I could hear her gasping for breath. I slowed the movements of my tongue. She flinched when I licked over her clit. “Oh,” she whispered. “Please.” She pulled me up to her. As I looked into her face, she was attempting to smile. Her breathing was still in short gasps. She moved the fingers of her right hand over my face and lips, wiping away the fluids that covered my cheeks and chin.

“Did I do that?’ she asked between breaths.

“I guess it’s some of both of us.” She smiled.

“That was beyond what any words can describe,” she whispered.

“Then, don’t try. Just enjoy it. I know I did.” I lowered my lips to hers. I had no doubt she could taste herself as her tongue entered my mouth. We kissed softly. Her chest rose and fell under me as I held my weight with my arms. After a minute her breathing calmed.

“I think I must have needed that.” She looked at me. “Thank you. I didn’t know that feeling existed either.” I smiled.

“I love you, Regie,” I said in a whisper. “I want to please you. I want to do so much for you.” She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into her. We embraced for several minutes without speaking.

As we embraced, Regie rose up, pushing me over to my back. She lay on her side facing me. Her hand began to caress my chest. She slowly moved it down over my stomach. She gently grasped my cock and began stroking very slowly.

“I want to please you, too,” she said softly. She kissed me and moved her lips down to my chest. She teased my nipples with her tongue and moved down across my stomach. As she stroked me, she moved down and touched the tip of my cock with her tongue. “You need to let me know what feels good,” she said.

“You’re doing just fine,” I was able to say. She placed her lips over the head and began to flick her tongue over the tip. I gasped. I could not remember ever feeling that before. It was like an electric bolt passed through me.

“I need you to help me know what to do,” she said as she looked at me. “I want to learn.”

“I think if you will use your lips to move up and down at the same time you use your hand, it will feel good.” She did as I asked. Within a moment she was stoking with her hand and following the movements with the mouth. Her tongue was sliding up and down the underside. She cupped my balls and began to gently massage. Regie continued this for a minute before she looked up.

“Is that okay?” I could only nod. I moaned and my breathing became quicker. She took this as a good sign and increased the speed of her movements. I knew I would not last long.

“Darling, I am going to cum soon.”

“Do you want me to stop?” She looked up.

“No. It is just that when I cum, I’m going to unload a lot of sperm. You may not want me to cum in your mouth.”

“Do you want to?” she asked. “It’s okay if you want to.” I could not believe this. She was really wanting to please me. She was wanting to learn.

“It’s not that I want to. Once I start, the feeling seems to be the same.”

She was thoughtful as she continued her strokes. “Do you mind if I just watch you? I want to see that I am pleasing you.” I nodded again. She continued stroking, sucking, and licking. I felt myself beginning to build up pressure in my scrotum. I felt that sensation that starts deep down. I knew that I was just about to unload my fluids into her mouth.

“Okay, darling,” I was able to whisper. She raised her head, looking into my face. I looked into her eyes as the first spasm hit me. I felt my semen rise and flow through my cock. I felt the pressure of her fingers around me. A stream shot over her chest, followed a second. As I moaned, she smiled. There was delight that she could make me feel this way. She stroked gently, picking up the pace of her movements. Another spasm and another spurt. Although only a few second passed, it seemed like minutes as we looked at each other face-to-face.

I laid my head back with a moan. After several more spasms, I felt only the pulsation of my cock in her hand. She stroked gently, realizing how sensitive I had become. I had flinched a couple of times. Letting go of my now softening cock, she raised herself up to look at me. She was smiling. I looked at her. There was cum on her cheek and her chest. She wiped it off her face with her finger and put it in her mouth.

“It doesn’t taste like much,” she said.

“I know. But it feels good,” I said as my breathing slowed. I reached up and pulled her down. She laid on top of me. We kissed. “You pleased me well, sweetheart. Thank you.”

“Scott, I want to learn what you need and what you enjoy.” She kissed me. “I told you that I saw what men did to my mama. I saw what they wanted her to do for them.” She looked sad. “But there was no love, only lust.” She smiled again. “I want you to feel my love.” She laid her head on my chest. I caressed her back.

“Regie, I know that we have a lot to learn about each other. I’m no great lover. But I want to please you and provide you with what makes you happy and safe. What is so good is that we learn together.” She looked at me and we kissed.

“I think we need another shower.” I agreed. We got up from the bed and showered. After we dried off, we returned to the bed, getting under the covers. We cuddled together.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you,” she said. We went to sleep in each other’s arms.

I woke up with my backside against Regie. She was spooned against me, her arm laying over my body. I turned over, waking her up. We faced each other.

“I don’t want to go to school,” she said. “I want to stay here with you.”

“I would love nothing more, but I think it best if you do what is necessary to finish school. Then we can have all the time we want.” We kissed and got out of bed. We took a quick shower. I only wanted to wake up. Regie washed her hair. After I dressed, I went to the kitchen. I started the coffee pot and drank my juice. I had breakfast about done when Regie walked in.

“I thought I would allow Madie to sleep a bit.” She poured herself some juice and picked up a banana. She joined me at the table, eating the banana and drinking her juice. “Did you sleep?” she asked.

“I slept great. How about you?”

“Mmmm. I slept like a lamb,” she sighed. I reached for her hand. We said no words. It was simply nice to be able to touch each other.

After a bit, Regie woke up Madie. She dressed before she and Regie returned to the kitchen. I had breakfast ready. We ate, we brushed our teeth, the girls left for school, and I worked around the ranch. In just two days of school we had established a routine. As I took care of chores, I thought about Regie’s birthday. I wanted it to be special, but I knew I would not be planning a party. That would embarrass her. So, I thought about what Madie and I could do for her. I also thought about some other things that went along with having them under my care and in my life. I decided that I would give them some money and then allow them to earn some each week. I could arrange to pay them rather than giving an allowance. We could discuss various chores and responsibilities around the house and ranch. They could earn and spend their own money.

The days passed quickly. On Saturday the girls went with me to the cattle’s auction near Stoner. I sold my cows for a good price and I purchased a few calves. While I was inspecting the stock pens and choosing the calves I wanted to bid on, Regie and Madie walked around the crowd. Regie told me later than she ran into Brad Hendricks. He was with several of his friends. One of the friends and Brad tried to hit on her. She walked off when one attempted to put his arm around her. She heard the word “arrogant woman” as she walked away.

Madie looked over the horses that were for sale. She told me about a colt she really liked as we sat in the bleachers during the auction. She referred to the colt as a “little horse.” When the horse was brought into the arena for auction, she almost yelled.

“That’s the horse,” she said with excitement. “Isn’t it beautiful?” The auctioneer described the fold as the grandson of an Australian Stock Horse. I was surprised that the bids were fairly low. I decided to make a bid. My bid was countered twice and I bid again. I had to raise my bid twice more before the auctioneer declared my bid as high. “Did you buy it?” Madie asked with surprise and excitement.

“Yep. I bought it just for you.”

“But what about Lady? Won’t she be upset?”

“No. This colt needs to grow before you ride it. You’ll have plenty of time with Lady as we train this one.”

Regie elbowed me. “You’re going to spoil her,” she said.

“That’s my plan,” I replied. I leaned toward her. “I plan on spoiling both of you.” She smiled as she shook her head.

“Well, you’re off to a good start with both of us.” She winked as she spoke.

“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” I said as I winked back. “Let’s go get our horse.” The three of us made our way down to the auction desk. I paid for the horse with a check. I placed the horse on the trailer with the calves I had purchased. A pen worker helped me tie it off so it would not hurt itself on the trip back to the ranch.

The rest of the weekend went quickly. Madie was trying to decide on a name for her colt. Regie did school work. I worked around the ranch. The next week would include Regie’s birthday. I talked to Madie about it and we decided that going out to eat would be good. So we decided that Friday night would be a good time for us to go to Stoner. I still hadn’t decided what to get Regie for a present. Madie wanted to find her something as well.

The girls returned from school on Friday. They decided to dress up a bit to go out. Regie was excited about turning eighteen. I don’t think she was half as excited as I was. We made our way to Stoner. We went to the mall. Madie said she wanted to shop for Regie. We gave Regie instructions that she must stay out of certain stores while Madie and I went together to shop for a present. After looking through three stores, Madie found a belt she wanted to get her sister. It was a western style with turquoise and silver trim.

“She’ll like this,” Madie said with excitement. I paid for the belt and we had it gift wrapped. “What are you gonna’ get her, Scott?” Madie asked.

“I don’t know, sweetheart. What do you suggest? Has she said anything to you about what she might like to have?”

Madie was thoughtful for a few minutes. “Well, she said something about an Ipod once. But we knew mama couldn’t afford one.” She thought for a few more minutes. “She also said she wish we had a better car, but I don’t think she would expect that for her birthday.”

I decided that I would get Regie an Ipod. I could well afford a car, but I would wait for that and allow her to choose what she wanted. We went into an upscale electronics store. The salesclerk explained to me the various features. Madie helped me make the choice, happy that she was able to be a part of the decision. I made the purchase and went into the greeting card store for a gift bag. Madie and I both bought cards. We walked to where we told Regie we would meet up. She was standing near a fountain talking to two boys. I recognized one as the son of a rancher in Valencia. We walked up to them.

“Regie, we have surprises for you,” Madie said quickly. Her sister turned and gave her a hug.

“Hey,” I said as I approached. The two boys looked at me.

“Hello, Mr. Macland,” said the boy from Valencia.

“Jeff, right?” I said as I extended my hand.

“Yeah. This is Blain. He’s from here in Stoner.” I shuck the other boy’s hand.

“Hello, sir,” he said.

Madie spoke up. “Today is Regie’s birthday.” Her older sister blushed. “We’re going out to eat.” She looked at me. “And we have special presents for her.” The boys laughed a bit.

“Well, I guess we better be going,” Jeff said. “Nice to see you, Mr. Macland.” They both looked at Regie. “Nice to see you again.” Regie smiled and waved as they walked away. She looked at me.

“I hope it’s okay that I was talking to them.” She looked a little embarrassed.

“There’s no reason to not be friendly,” I said. “Jeff is in school, isn’t he?”

“Yes. He’s a senior like me.”

“Let’s go eat,” I said to the girls. “How does Italian food sound to you?” Both girls stated that would be good. As we walked through the mall, Regie hooked her arm around mine. I had a strange feeling. Seeing Regie with the two boys near her age, I realized how much older I was. I had a brief moment of doubt that I could be what she needed in life. I assume my facial expression revealed my thoughts.

“Scott, I love you,” she whispered softly. She squeezed my arm. “They were nice but they aren’t you.” I smiled at her, embarrassed that I had given away my thoughts.

We made our way to the restaurant and enjoyed a perfect meal. While there, we gave Regie her presents and cards. She was happy with both. She gave Madie a hug. She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Under the table she squeezed my leg.

On the return to the ranch I discussed with the girls about wanting to provide them some spending money. They each discussed chores they could do. We agreed on an amount that they would be making. I assured them that I would provide anything they needed and that what they earned was theirs to use as they wanted. We watched tv for a while until Madie decided to go to bed. She showered and dressed in her T-shirt. Regie and I kissed her goodnight before she went to her room.

Regie and I sat on the sofa. She curled up to me as I put my arm around her.

“Scott, I never dreamed that life could be like this.” She looked up at me. “I want to tell you something and I’m going to ask you to hear my heart.” She sat up and turned to look at me face-to-face. “Tonight, when you saw me talking to Jeff and Blain, I could see that you were uneasy. I understand why you felt that. But I want you to know that I don’t any desire to be with anyone else but you. I know I’m younger. But please never doubt that I love you. Please don’t ever think that I would prefer someone closer to my age.” She smiled. “I told you that these two were nice to me. But they are not you.” She leaned toward me, putting her hand to my face. “You are the man I want. I want to be your wife.”

We kissed. We embraced. I spoke. “Regie, I guess I feel like I’m dreaming. I don’t see how a young woman like you could really care for an old soldier like me.”

“You’re not old. And I like the idea that you were a soldier. Somehow I feel safer.” She kissed me. “I see the man you are. I could not ask for more.” She stood. “Now, let’s go to bed and talk about what our future is going to be.”

To be continued . . .

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