Danny found his life more complex now that he was not only fucking his wife but her two oldest daughters.
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Danny found his life more complex now that he was not only fucking his wife but her two oldest daughters.

I now found myself in a peculiar predicament. Here I was, married to a wonderful woman who I thought I loved dearly. Yet I had violated not only our marriage vows but also two of her three daughters, Natalie age 15 and Donna age 13. Natalie had seduced me into sex. Donna blackmailed me for it. How did I reconcile that and still say I was in love with my wife Amanda? I could see myself with Amanda the rest of my life. With the girls, it was all animal lust, taking pleasure in the here and now. But Donna threatened me about the future. She told me that I was to find a way to be with her or else. The "or else" part was simply she would tell her mother about us. So I found a way.

I had left the situation with Natalie as if I never intended on having sex with her again, that our one time was an accident, a mistake. I now came to her with a proposal.

On Tuesday morning, after my wife had left for work and the two youngest girls off to summer school, I approached Natalie. "The picture is ready for you to look at if you like."

"If I like? Are you crazy? Of course I want to see it," she said. "Let's go." She ran down the stairs to my studio and was waiting by the drying rack when I got there. I pulled out the painting, uncovered it, and held it so that Natalie could see it. She put her hands to her mouth, her eyes wide open. "It's beautiful."

I set it on a display rack and stood back to admire it myself. The nude painting of Natalie was one of my best. I had taken my time and did some of my best work. As I stared at the nude form of Natalie I was suddenly wrapped with her arms. She kissed me on the mouth and I let her, not pushing her away.

She broke the kiss. "I love you so much. It's wonderful." Then she kissed me again. This time she opened her mouth to me and I responded in kind. I put one hand behind her back and the other behind her head, holding her to me, though it wasn't necessary. Breaking the kiss once again she said, "I don't care what you say, you are going to make love to me, right now." She took my hand and walked me to the small bedroom off of my studio. I didn't resist. I couldn't. I would reconcile my love for Amanda later. Right now my body was in control and it wanted Natalie.

Once in the room she pulled her blouse over her head and removed her pants as I did the same. I watched as she removed her bra and panties and stood in awe of her magnificent body. She was not fully developed yet, her breasts would grow some more, her hair around her pussy more full, her hips expand a bit. But she was beautiful nonetheless. And quite frankly her youthful look was a tremendous turn on for me right then. I removed my underpants to expose my already erect shaft. I was ready for her.

She climbed up on the twin-sized bed, onto her back. Natalie knew what to do. Reaching her right hand out to me she beckoned me to come to her. "It's no time to be shy Danny."

I took her hand and got up on the bed, still amazed at how beautiful she looked. Lying next to her we kissed like two lovers, like her mother and I would kiss when we made love. But it wasn't her mother I was with now. It was her daughter. As we kissed my right hand found a breast and massaged it. Her skin was soft to the touch and slightly warm, or maybe that was the heat of passion between us.

Natalie moaned to my touch. But she wasn't satisfied with that for very long. She took my hand and pulled it down to her pussy. She wanted me massaging her there instead. She was a bit dry so I pulled my hand up and broke our kiss long enough to cover my middle finger with spit, returning it to her slit. Slowly I stroked my finger across her pussy lips, every once in a while letting it slip in between her folds. Her own lubrication eventually made it easier and I found myself sliding my finger deep into her opening. To get better leverage I got up on my knees and with my left hand massaging one breast, my right hand rapidly drove in and out of her pussy. I finger fucked her to her first orgasm that day. When she climaxed she instinctively pulled her legs up and squeezed them tightly around my hand.

"Oh Danny, that was so good," she exclaimed as I slowed my hand motions down to a crawl inside of her.

"That's just your appetizer baby," I told her as she smiled at me.

I moved farther down the bed so that I could get my mouth between her thighs. She was wet from her orgasm and she still had an intoxicating scent that made me lick and suck as much of her fluids as I could. This drove her wild but not near as much as when my tongue slid across her clit. She squirmed below me and I had to hold her thighs tight with my hands. Amidst moans of pleasure she thrust her hips upwards in yet another climax. But I didn't let up.

"Oh please stop," she begged. "It's so sensitive." Still I kept on her. She continued to beg me to stop until she screamed, "Oh God," as she climaxed a third time.

Instead of persisting my tongue assault on her I moved my body up between her legs and guided my erection to her slit. Then with one push I buried myself deep inside of her before her orgasm ended. Without any sort of slow build-up I pulled back and rammed my shaft as deep as I could go, over and over. I pounded Natalie relentlessly. I wasn't making love anymore. I was fucking this little bitch of a girl as hard as I could. She didn't talk anymore. She just grunted with each thrust. Her little tits bounced up and down each time I rammed my cock into her little cunt.

She took her legs and wrapped them around mine and curled up as I drove her to yet another climax. Her vaginal walls spasmed around my cock and before I realized it I was shooting my load deep inside of her. It was too late then. I couldn't pull out. I had to finish it, no matter what the consequences, pregnancy or not. We held each other tight for another minute before we relaxed. I slipped out and fell to the bed beside her.

"That was fantastic Danny," Natalie praised me.

"No honey, you were fantastic," I corrected her. "You were fucking awesome."

We were quiet for a couple of minutes as I thought about the threat hanging over my head from Donna. I had a solution but it meant that I would have to tell Natalie what was going on. I decided there was no other way so I just jumped into it. This was the proposal I had come up with.

"After you and I had sex the other day," I began, "and Patty saw us."

"Yes, I remember," she interrupted. "But Patty believed out story about the Play."

"Right, but she shared with Donna and Donna didn't believe it. In fact she guessed that you and I had fucked," I told Natalie. "She ever threatened me that she would tell your mother all about it."

"Would tell? What does that mean? She would tell...unless what?" Natalie asked, getting right to the point. "Did you fuck Donna?"

"Yes," I admitted. "She didn't leave me any choice. And she said that unless I continued fucking her she would tell on us."

"That little shit." Natalie was mad.

"I was wondering if you wouldn't mind, could you watch Patty when the girls get home from school, long enough for me to satisfy Donna?" I asked her. "Listen, I don't like this any more than you do. Donna is way too young. She just turned 13. She is not as pretty as you, not as developed as you, not as good a lover as you. So I'll just do the minimum to satisfy her so she doesn't tell on us. We can continue to be together in the mornings, that is if you still want me after hearing about Donna."

"Fine, I'll watch Patty while you fuck Donna," she promised. "Just make it quick. And you better not enjoy it either." We kissed then. The more I was with Natalie the more I wondered how I could be happy with anyone else."

That afternoon, after the girls got home, Natalie took Patty out back to play. "If this is your doing, it's a good plan," Donna said.

"We need to go downstairs now and take care business." My voice was cold, hard, as I locked the basement door behind us.

"The bed is sort of a mess isn't it?" Donna asked as she began removing her clothes. "Anything I should know?"

"Natalie isn't watching Patty out of the goodness of her heart," I told her. "I had to pay for it."

"Oh, I get it. Nice. It doesn't bother me at all," Donna said. "You can fuck her all you want, if it means you fuck me too on a regular basis."

"Can we just do this?" I asked.

"Hey, you're going to like this or the deal is off," she warned.

"I'm sorry. You're right," I conceded. By now we were both naked and climbing up on the bed.

"Get on your back," Donna directed me. I was hardly settled down before she had my semi-hard shaft in her mouth. She worked it with her hand while she sucked on the end, every once in a while pushing it deep into her mouth. This fucking girl knew how to give head. She kept working on me until I finally had to warn her that I couldn't hold back anymore.

"I'm going to cum. I can't hold it," I said. But instead of pulling off of me, she worked me that much harder. Soon I was shooting my load into little Donna's mouth and she was swallowing it as fast as I gave it to her. After she milked me dry she moved up by my head. Straddling me with her legs she dropped her slightly wet pussy down onto my mouth. I licked and sucked for 5 minutes before I brought her to her first climax. This little girl with her tiny tits was so hot, cumming on my face, that I was hard again.

I sat up and literally lifted her backwards towards the end of the bed. Kicking my legs back towards the head of the bed I was able to position myself on top of her in a missionary style. Her pussy was sopping wet and I easily slid in. But as I began to fuck her I felt her vaginal walls clamp down on me, trying to keep me inside of her. This new friction was incredible and I had to give extra effort to keep my thrusts deep and long. I sucked on her small little breasts and felt her little nipples hard under my tongue. As I approached my own climax I claimed her mouth with mine. She moaned as I climaxed. Not caring anymore about the risks, my cum shot repeatedly inside of her. She felt it and it set off her own orgasm. Our mouths still locked together we came as one. I was sure, at that very moment, that I loved this little bitch of a girl Donna, more than Natalie or even her mother Amanda. The way I felt as I climaxed inside of her was that I wanted to run away with her, to be with her forever.

As we both came down from our separate mountain peaks, I realized it was simply the climax of the moment talking. As much as I cared for Donna, she was only 13 for God's sake. 13. Shit. I had violated her again, and I knew it wouldn't be the last time. I didn't want it to be the last time. In fact, the more I thought about it the more I realized how sweet a deal I had.

Donna smiled at me as we finished dressing and started up the stairs. "You keep doing that well and I'll let you fuck me the rest of my life."

"That's one promise I intend for you to keep," I told her.

When we got upstairs and Donna was out of earshot, Natalie pulled me aside. "You sure took long enough."

"I forced myself to get through it by pretending it was you I was with," I told her. Natalie smiled at me and whispered that she loved me.

That evening I fucked the girls' mom Amanda. I was gentle not because of some desire to be, but because I was worn out by her two oldest daughters.

This arrangement continued for the rest of the week, Natalie in the morning, Donna in the afternoon, and Amanda at night. Finally on Friday I told both girls that I had to have the weekends off or I wouldn't survive. They reluctantly said OK. Knowing that I could relax all weekend I just slouched around and thought about both girls, comparing them both in looks and in bed. Natalie tended to be more romantic, our lovemaking more gentle, not always but in general. Whereas sex with Donna tended to be rougher, more physical, our climaxes more dramatic. I enjoyed both, needed both. Too much of one style would get old.

I don't know why but I started watching Patty closer. She was still 10, though nearing 11, and barely into her puberty. I found myself beginning to lust after Patty, wondering what sex with her would be like. She would have to be tighter than anything I had every experienced. By the time Sunday rolled around I was thinking of ways to make it happen, to have sex with Patty.

I was out of my mind. OK, so I was seduced by Natalie, and blackmailed by Donna. With Patty I was thinking about being the aggressor. I was about to go down a path that I could never rationalize away. I was going to seduce little Patty. Then I got control of my mind. No, I couldn't do that. It was horrible. She was way too young. I should burn in hell forever if I did that. But maybe she would want it, like Donna did when she was Patty's age. Who was I to decide that she couldn't have it, couldn't have sex at such a young age? I didn't know what to do, what to think. Just one more night's sleep and Monday would be here. I would be back fucking my two girls Natalie and Donna. Patty would just be a memory. But I did have all Sunday night to think about Patty and that's what I did.

The end (until Monday)

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