The first Artist introduced us to Danny, his wife Amanda and his three stepdaughters. It appears that Danny is being seduced by the eldist Natalie who is 15 years old.
Artist 2

The first Artist introduced us to Danny, his wife Amanda and his three stepdaughters. It appears that Danny is being seduced by the eldest Natalie who is 15 years old.

Hi. I am Danny, an artist. I paint. I am 26 years old, married to a beautiful 34-year-old woman named Amanda. She has three daughters who jst came to live with us 6 months ago. Their names and current ages are Natalie age 15, Donna age 12, and Patty age 10. Natalie convinced me to paint her in the nude. But somehow I found myself having to do some physical contact to get her body in the right condition. Though I have not as of yet had sex with her, I dream about it all the time. Natalie, perhaps in her own innocent way, perhaps on purpose, is wearing down my resolve. I need to finish this painting quickly so that our lives can get back to normal.

Natalie was waiting for me downstairs while I relieved my sexual tension by masturbating. I quickly got dressed and ran downstairs to my basement studio where she was waiting for me.

"Well it's about time you get here," she scolded me. There she knelt, completely nude, ready for me to continue my painting. Her breasts were perfect, bold, alert, hard, resting on a not completely mature base. I was able to easily finish painting her breasts. Now I worked on her lower torso, her legs, her tuft of hair between her thighs. Just the hint of pussy lips peeking out of her hair.

I though she might give me trouble painting her pussy but all went well. Ironically I couldn't seem to get her hair placed just the way I wanted to paint it. I tossed it behind her shoulders, partially hanging over, spread wide, pulled together, nothing worked. As I worked with her hair she put her hand on my thigh to steady herself. I tried to ignore it but her fingers were so close to my member that I got an erection.

"Did I cause that again," she asked.

"What do you mean, again?" I asked back.

"Well you know, like when I thank you at the end of our sessions, and upstairs this morning, in your bed." Was I that obvious?

"It just happens sometimes to men, nothing to be concerned about," I told her.

"Then you wouldn't be effected if I did something like this," and she took her nails, glided them up my shaft from my balls to my stomach.

I grabbed her wrist but too late. She knew how hard she made me right then. She felt it throb before I pulled her hand away.She smiled.

"This is not happening, Natalie," I told her. "I am going to finish this painting and then you are going to pt some clothes on.

"Why, does my nudity turn you on Danny," she asked. Where did she learn to talk like that? She took her other hand and repeated the glide up my shaft.

I stood up and told her, "You're playing with fire and you are going to get burnt."

"So you are saying that you are the fire that I am playing with?" she teased.

I ignored her and said, "Listen I have an idea for your hair. I want you to get it wet in the shower, just your hair, not your body. You can use the shower down here," and I pointed to the bathroom.

"If you want me dry, I'll need your help or you'll have to just have me dry off," she stated.

"No, don't get your body wet. It changed the look of the skin. That look doesn't dry off. It takes time. Just the hair," I instructed.

"You need to hold me so I don't fall in," she said. "Come with me."

I followed her to the bathroom and after she got the temperature just right she had me hold her around the waist as she put her head under the stream. Holding her like that put her ass to my dick and just made me that much harder. When it was sufficiently wet I helped to pad out most of the water without getting her face wet from the hair.

When she stood up she turned around with my arms still around her bringing her body close to mine. Her hair was perfect for the painting. I just needed to arrange it a little.

"For someone not interested, you sure seem to find ways to end up pressed against me," she said, flirting with me again.

I stepped back and said, "Go on back to your position."

With her kneeling again I got down close and began arranging her clumps of hair around her face and shoulders.

"We could have so much fun, you and I together," she smiled at me.

"You don't know what you are asking," I replied in a sterm voice. I was starting to get angry with her.

"I could be your fantasy come true," she pressed on.

"Once that animal is freed, it's hard to put her back in a cage," I warned.

"Who wants to cage her? Let her run free," she said.

I got her hair just the way I wanted it, a couple of long groups of strands over her one shoulder with the rest behind her turned head. As I stood up Natalie reached out and let her hand caress my erection as I stood up. "Stop it!" I said. She pt that puty face on with her lower lip pushed out.

I finished the painting somehow, taking longer on her hair than I should have. But I couldn't get her out of my head. The past 20 minutes I painted her hair while boasting an erection. All I could think about was how much I wanted to fuck her.

The painting had to finish drying so I moved it to a special drying rack by the little kitchen table. When I turned around Natalie was right there. She put her hands around my neck and tried to kiss me. "No, damn it!" I shouted as I pried her hands from my neck and waked a few steps away. I loved my wife Amanda, I kept telling myself. This was Amanda's daughter. It was wrong. It would ruin everyone's life.

"You know you want me," she teased. I didn't say anything because she was right. "Do it, just do it," she taunted me again and again. I was getting outright mad at her. "You're afraid I'm too much for you, that you can't handle me." She just wouldn't let it go. She had to press on. "You chicken shit."

I couldn't take it any longer. I turned around and said, "So you want to be fucked do you?" I stepped back to her and spun her around facing away from me. I pushed her forward a couple of steps and then face down onto the kitchen table. She struggled a bit, but not too hard, as I undid my jeans and pushed them and my underpants down, releasing my 6-inch-plus shaft. Kicking her legs apart made her grunt. Taking my erection in my hand I placed it at her pussy opening and worked the head into her. Fortunately she was wet. I pushed in hard and she let out a cry of pain. I was only in halfway. Pulling out I rammed in the rest of the way, bottoming out. Though she was incredibly tight she could obviously take my modest size. I grabbed each side of her ass and began a relentless assault on her pussy.

I continued thrusting hard and deep for several minutes, to the tune of her grunts in rhythem with each thrust. She was soon breathing loudly, almost wheezing that lasted a full minute before ending in her screaming that she was cumming. But I wasn't ready to give her up just yet. This God-Damned fucking bitch had teased me too long to get by so quickly and easily. I continued fucking her through two more orgasms before I couldn't hold back any longer. I wanted to shoot my load deep in her cunt but knew that probably wasn't wise. So I pulled out and pumped my load all over her back and her wet hair.

As my cum shot out of me onto Natalie I heard a gasp behind me. Turning I saw the bottom half of a little girl run up the stairs. In my rush to come downstairs earlier I had failed to lock the basement door. It was clearly little Patty. I would have to talk to her and put some kind of spin on what she saw, make her think it was something else entirely.

Turning back to Natalie I saw blood running down her leg. I pulled up my pants and got a wet washcloth. She didn't move off the table and let me clean her up.

"This never happened and you will never speak of it to anyone, not your sisters, not your friends, and certainly not your mother," I stated. "Do you understand?"

She got up and walked over to her clothes putting them on. "Do you understand?" I repeated.

"Yes, I understand. I'm not a fucking idiot," she replied. "I just didn't know it was going to hurt like that, that's all."

"It only hurts like that the first time," I said absentmindedly. I shouldn't be encouraging her to try it again. She paused and looked at me a moment. Then I saw that twinkle in her eye that I knew meant trouble for me.

"You can't say anything," I said again.

"Noted," she replied with a smile and went upstairs. I heard her say hi to Patty, asking her when she got home and why so early. Patty said something about her teacher being sick.

I got upstairs just in time of Patty asking, "What were you guys doing down there?"

I had to think fast, anything but the truth would do. What I said was lame but better than the truth. "Your sister Natalie is practicing for a play for school next year. It's the kind that little girls shouldn't watch. It's a secret so don't tell anyone or they will steal her school play.

"So I can't watch it?" Patty asked.

"Not until you are a couple of years older," I told her, thinking that would be safe. Patty moved on to other subjects like her teacher being sick, and Donna picking on her, little girl stuff. It appeared we had dodged a bullet. Patty soon took off to her room.

"That was close," I mused out loud.

"Yeah, we'll have to be more careful next time," Natalie.

I looked sternly at her. "There isn't going to be a next time Natalie. That was a mistake, a frustrated moment of weakness. It won't happen again."

"We'll see," she said. She then turned and went to her room.

Things got back to normal throughout the weekend. Sex with Amanda was incredible and I was seeing less and less of Natalie in my mind's eye as I fucked Amanda.

The following Monday Amanda came to me. "I am taking the girls with me to the gym. It is a free family night. I know you won't go, that's not what I'm asking," she said. "Donna just does not want to go. Would you mind keeping an eye on her while I'm gone. I know that puts a crimp in you relaxation time but we shoudln't be gone more than two hours."

"No problem at all honey," I told her. "Go. We'll be fine."

After they left Donna came up behind me on the couch and started massaging my shoulders. "Wow, nice, what did I do to deserve this?" I asked.

"Nothing Danny, it's what you are going to do," she stated.

"What do you mean," I asked confused.

"Patty told me all about what you two were doing downstairs," she said.

My heart skipped a beat. "What do you mean? We were practicing a play."

"Patty may believe you but I'm 12 and I know better," Donna said. "You fucked her, you fucked Natalie didn't you?"

Busted. I didn't say anything.

"And now you are going to fuck me," she demanded.

"No Donna, I'm not. What happened between Natalie and me was a total accident that will never happen again."

"That's a load of crap. You're going to fuck me and you're going to fuck me now, or I may have to share your 'play' with Mom," she threatened.

Donna walked around to the front of the couch and started to remove her clothes. This just couldn't be happening. But I couldn't see any way out of this. I began to question whether I loved Amanda at all. I didn't seem to put up near as much a fight with Donna as I did with Natalie.

Donna had long straight black hair down to her waist. She didn't seem to be shy about her body at all. "Take off your clothes," she ordered me, so I stood up and began removing them. She smiled knowing that she had me over a barrel. I finished before she did and just sat back down on the couch facing her. When she finished she flipped her hair back revealing her perky little breasts. She got up on the couch with her knees on either side of my legs. Then she let her knees slide outward lowering her body down to my shaft, which at this point was as erect as I had ever seen it.

I knew what I was about to do was wrong and I wouldn't be doing it if Donna had given me any other choice. But she didn't. So I might as well enjoy it I rationalized. As her pussy lips first touch my cock I jerked in anticipation. Donna pulled her legs back in but upwards allowing her body to lower down on my erection. And then I slid in. There was no scream of pain, no blood, no hymen. I didn't know if this girl was a virgin or not but she clearly knew what she was doing.

Donna moaned as she slowly worked her body up and down on my shaft. Her tightness was fantastic and she took me all the way in. She leaned forward towards me and placed one of her tiny breasts into my mouth. "Yes, Danny, suck it like that. Oh that feels so good. It has been so long." So long? What did she mean by that? I kept licked and sucking her breasts and tiny nipples. Her movements slowly increased in speed and power.

"Yes Danny, that's so nice," she proclaimed. "Do you like fucking your little girl Danny? Do you like fucking your stepdaughter?"

At this point I did like it. I liked it a lot. "Yes, Donna, I like fucking you."

"You promised Mom that you would take care of me. Is fucking me your way of taking care of me Danny? Is it?"

"I guess tonight it is," I said.

"So you think Mom would approve of the way you take care of me?"

"I don't think you or I will be telling her those kinds of details," I warned her.

Then she came on my cock, squeezing so hard it made me climax too. I didn't have time to get her off of me and I shot my deep into her vagina.

"If you think it is just for tonight then you are sadly mistaken mister," Donna warned me. As I finished emptying my load those words only made me smile in agreement. I was a happy man.

I thought about the past week. I had fucked my two oldest stepdaughter, ages 15 and 12. It made me wonder if I would make it all three. Little Patty was only10 years old. She had barely started puberty. Could I actually violate her? What would you do? Well at that moment I was still inside Donna, somehow still hard, and over an hour and a half before my wife and other two stepdaughters returned. I did what any father would do. I fucked her repeatedly good and hard for the next hour.

The end (until I could figure out what to do with Patty)

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its just a fantasy get through with it-.-

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WOW!! i can't believe i never read this...15 is nice and she probably looks and feels really great on the end of his dick and 12 is an even better fantasy he is one lucky man. as for the 10yr old she is perfect, hopefully she is described in full detail, from what her body looks like completely naked to the size and style of her little panties. also a younger friend would be nice also...

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