Mack finds a motivated students
My name is Mack. My wife, Pam, and I had just recently moved into an upscale condo, which is part of a large, exclusive residential compound that includes four tennis courts, an 18-hole golf course, five swimming pools and a very large community center featuring a full-on health club. Although I make good money as an English professor at the local college, it’s my wife’s salary as Vice President of Technology at a large, multi-national corporation which allows us to live such a luxurious lifestyle. However, the downside is that Pam works late (9-10 PM) almost every weekday and often on weekends. Furthermore, she travels to several out-of-state branch offices on a regular basis, staying 3 to 5 days at a time. This means very little sex and/or intimate time for the two of us.

In the unit next door, lives a couple that I met last week for the first time. Jack is about 35 years old, short and stocky, 5 foot 5 inches tall and somewhat introverted. He works as an accountant at a large auditing firm. His wife, Tomiko, is Japanese, 25, beautiful face and figure. She seems to be very friendly. I would say she is 5’ 4”, 115 pounds and 34C, 22, 33 or thereabouts. Jack is gone most of the time, traveling to several far-distant clients on a regular basis.

My story begins when I pulled into my condo parking space, after work, and found Tomiko struggling with a large box in the back of her SUV. “Can I help you with that?” “Oh, Hi Mack… do you mind. It’s very heavy”. I carried it into her apartment and set it down in their spare bedroom, as she instructed. “Can I get you a beer or something stronger?” I was a little surprised by the offer, since it was only about 4:00 PM; but I thought, why not. “I like scotch, if you have it? How about you? Will you join me?” Her voice was calm and enchanting, “Sure. In fact scotch is my favorite. Jack only likes beer and Jack Daniels. He says it’s to keep up the value of his name.” I laughed. Not at the joke, but the way Tomiko said it. She’s very funny, in a sexy kind of way. “All I have is Glenfiddich. Is that OK?” Surprised and impressed I answered, “Are you kidding… that’s my drink. Fiddich on-the-rocks.” She laughed, “Me too. I’ve tried it ‘neat’, but on-the-rocks is best.”

After pouring our drinks, which she served in authentic crystal tumblers, she sat in a large stuffed chair across from me. She was wearing a bright yellow sun dress, with thin shoulder straps. The dress ended just above her knees. It was obvious that she was not wearing a bra underneath. I could feel my cock growing larger, as I scanned her well proportioned body. “So, Pam tells me that you teach English at the College.” Caught off guard, I replied, “You’ve met Pam?” Her body shifted in the chair, “Yes, just after you moved in. We had a cup of coffee at Starbucks on the first floor of her office building. I was there visiting a girlfriend of mine who works for the same company. My friend works for her” I answered the question, “Yes, I’ve been teaching there for 6 weeks. Before that, I was a professor at UCLA.” She looked confused, “Why did you move here?” I tried to sound humble, “The money is better and I am now the Director of the English Department. Plus L.A. is much too crowded for me.”
Tomiko looked at me with a very serious expression on her face, “Say Mack, do you do any private English classes?” “Why?” I replied, ”You’re English sounds great to me? Were you born here in the States or Japan?” “I was born in a small town north of Tokyo. I met Jack, when he was working for the Japan branch of his company.”

I had already finished my drink, so Tomiko offered a refill. She fixed one for herself, as well. “I was just wondering. I don’t know how to ask this question… sorry?” With a firm voice, I insisted, “Just ask!” She looked flustered, “But it’s rather private and confidential.” “Don’t worry”, I said, “I’m very good at keeping secrets. In fact, Pam always complains that I have too many secrets.” With a tinge of shock in her voice, “So, you promise not to tell anyone… Pam, Jack… no one?” I held up my hand in a mock oath, “Promise… I swear. Whatever you say stays between you and me.” Tomiko gulped down her second drink and got up to fix a third. “Are you ready for another?” I downed the half glass I had left, “Yes please… this is really good!”

She then curled her legs up on the chair and stared into my eyes. Her face was pink… obviously the scotch was having an effect. “I think I can trust you. You see, I can speak fairly good English with an average vocabulary of daily life words; but I don’t know how to talk about complex topics… especially.” Her voice trailed off. She looked very uncomfortable, almost embarrassed.
“Don’t feel bad. Most native-speaking Americans only have a basic vocabulary and struggle when talking about complex topics. You said ‘especially’. What were you going to say?” She took another large sip of her drink, “Jack always wants to talk about sexual things, especially when we are in bed at night. You know, while making love. He always asks me to tell him about the men I slept with before meeting him and what we did… he wants details. Sometimes he asks me to tell him about my fantasies or to tell him a sexy story. He claims that it will make him excited. Please don’t repeat this, but he has problems getting hard. I think it’s me. I just don’t know how to make him excited. But he says that if I can talk to him about sexy things… he can get hard. I’ve tried, but I just don’t know what to say or how to say it. Can you help me?”
I sat there, dumbfounded. Never in a hundred years would I have expected the sweet, innocent-looking woman sitting across from me to talk about sexual relations with her husband. “So, you are asking me to teach you how to talk dirty in bed with your husband?” “No… not dirty… naughty… can you teach me naughty vocabulary words and stories that I can use to make him hard? It’s been so long since he has been able to keep hard for more than 30 seconds. Oh God… I can’t believe I am telling this to you. Please don’t tell anyone!” “Tomiko” I affirmed, “Don’t worry. I will keep it secret. No one else will ever know! When do you want to start learning?” She was now smiling, “You mean that you’ll do it. I’ll pay you. What is your hourly fee?” I grinned, “Scotch on-the-rocks during the lessons.” “That’s all… oh my. Here let me get you another drink.” Swallowing the remainder of her drink, she grabbed mine and headed back to the bar, “Can we start right now, before I lose my nerve?” Thinking for a second, I responded, “Sure, I have all night. Pam is in San Francisco for the next two days.” Tomiko suddenly seemed distracted, “Jack won’t be back from San Diego until tomorrow night”

Taking a large gulp of her drink, “So, how should we start?” I smiled at her, to make her feel comfortable, “Let’s start with the words that you know. That way we won’t waste time. You used the term, ‘make love’. What other words do you know for having sex?” “Jack uses the word, ‘fuck’ and I’ve heard that word in movies before. That’s about it.” “O.K. let’s start with words for having sex… there’s… shagging, banging, boning, diddling, riding, boffing, screwing, poking, boinking, humping, fornicating, laying, nailing, hooking up, doing it, bumping, knocking, doing the nasty, getting it on, copulating, coitus, laying pipe... and of course the classic, that you already know, ‘ fucking’. You can also use the more sophisticated term ‘intercourse’.” She was truly surprised, “I had no idea there were so many words for it. Can you write them down for me?” As I wrote them down, she sipped on her scotch and stared out the window. I could tell she was feeling relieved that she could now get her husband sexually active again.
Suddenly Tomiko looked at me and asked, “What about kissing? Are there other words for it?” “Let’s see… there’s French, Make Out, Neck, Tonsil Hockey, Tongue it, Lock lips, Mouth Wrestle, Plant a big one and Pucker up.” Her eyebrows rose up, “What do you mean by French?” I found it hard to believe she had never heard of French Kissing, “Well, that’s when tongues touch and slide around each other.” “I can’t imagine how to do that. Jack and I only kiss on the lips. Can you show me?” I could see that Tomiko was drunk. She was already half way through her fourth drink.” “Are you sure?” I asked. With the posture of pure confidence, “This is educational. Please don’t think I am being fresh!” I tried my best to assure her, “No, no… this is strictly educational… but please don’t tell Pam or anyone else.”

I moved over to her chair, and while sitting on the arm, pulled her body to mine and kissed her lips. Then my tongue forced her mouth open and began swirling around hers. Her eyes opened wide, but after a few seconds she began to respond and moved her tongue around mine. I could feel her heart beating fast as her fingers pressed into my back. Improvising, I then licked her lips, teeth and even the roof of her mouth. A small sigh seeped out between our tongues as she held on to me with a passionate embrace. I moved down to her neck and started sucking, licking and kissing up and down the sides. She was now moaning… “Oh yes… that feels so good”. Next, I lifted up her left arm and licked, sucked and kissed her underarm. This was obviously something she had never even imagined before. Her body shook for at least one minute, as I continue to apply the underarm oral caresses. When I came up for air, her face, neck and shoulders were cherry pink. “I just did ‘ikku’.” I had never heard the word, “Ikku… what’s that?” “That’s Japanese for finish with sex… when the man’s cream or woman’s juice comes out”. “Well in English we call it… orgasm, sometimes referred to as the ‘Big O’, bust your nut, come or cum, pop your nut, shoot your wad, or ejaculate.” “I guess that I just experienced the ‘Big O’. Thank you. That’s the first time in over a year. I’ve been pretending ‘ikku’ to keep Jack happy. Are you ready for another scotch?”
I watched as Tomiko cheerfully walked to the bar. She was bubbling with happiness. Was it because of my love-making skills or that she could now help her husband ‘get it up’. I really didn’t care as long as I could keep teaching her English… or as she put it, ‘Naughty English’. As she sipped on her fifth drink, she looked at me with a glimmer in her eyes, “O.K. what’s next?”

I knew that this would be a big step, if she was willing to take it, “How about breasts?” Her voice became somewhat nervous, “Do you mean, like kissing breasts?” In a slightly sarcastic tone, I replied, “Yes. Jack does kiss your breasts, doesn’t he?” “Yes”, she said, “But only for a few seconds. Mostly he goes straight for my ‘omanko’!” “Your what?” She placed her hand over the part of her dress covering her vagina, “Here… my hole”. I began to realize just how na? she really was, “I see. We’ll save that for later. Let’s get back to the breasts. In English, we call them baby feeders, bazookas, blinkers, boobs, boobies, bosoms, cantaloupes, coconuts, cupcakes, dumplings, funbags, headlights, honkers, hooters, jugs, knockers, mammaries, milk jugs, mounds, puppies, rack, speed bumps, teetees, titties, torpedoes and, of course, there’s the areola or nipples, nubs, buds, stems and tits. However, when properly done… breast kissing should generate a ‘Big O’ for the woman.” Her voice became husky, “You mean like when you did French, then kissed my neck and underarm?” “Yes… but maybe even a stronger orgasm!” She leaned towards me, “Mack, would you please show me. I mean… I would like to teach Jack how to do it the right way.”

I moved near to her again, slowly pulling down the straps that held up her dress. Leisurely, I moved at an erotic pace until both of her perfectly formed breasts were in full view. With my tongue, I gently flicked her nipple while my left hand softly pinched her rock hard nub. She moans loudly, “Oh yes… Mack… yes!” Taking her entire boob in my mouth, I sucked deeply while rubbing her other tit with my fingers and hand. Tomiko’s breathing became heavy. She was panting, while helplessly mumbling to herself, “Oh my God… yes, subarashii, motto, motto. Mack, it feels so wonderful. Please don’t stop!” For the next five minutes, I lick, sucked, kissed, pinched, rubbed and caressed her sensational hooters until I felt her body bow up. She let out a loud groan, “Ikku… Ikku… I cum… Mack I cum… you give me fantastic Big O.” She kept squirming and moaning for at least two minutes before she finally relaxed in the chair. I looked up and saw her eyes staring into mine with a lustful glare. “I have never felt like that before. You have taught me that sex can be so good. Thank you!”

She reached out and touched my cheek. Maintaining eye contact, she smiled gently. I took her wrist in my hand and brought her hand to my mouth. While looking deep into her pretty brown eyes, I sucked and licked her fingers. She turned bright pick again. “Oh my god… again… you make me orgasm again Mack. How is it possible? We don’t do fuck, but you already make me cum three times. You are a great teacher… my teacher… my secret fuck teacher. Mack, will you fuck me now?”
I wanted to so badly, but then thought that she needed to think about taking that big of a jump with her marriage and mine. “Why don’t we save that one for tomorrow? Here, read these vocabulary words and then tomorrow we can use them during foreplay.” She looked disappointed, but then smiled, “Can we do the French and Titty stuff again?”

I’ll be back with Lesson Two, very soon!

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2009-11-02 01:28:12
please, somebody wake me up , at least there spouses are fucking
each other, that would be the better story!

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2009-10-30 16:32:55
Great start, but continue. I lived, taught and ...... in Japan, so I definitely get it. Believable.

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2009-10-30 15:17:40
Great start, but continue. I lived, taught and ...... in Japan, so I definitely get it. Believable.

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2009-10-22 22:51:21
The only problem I had was that he -said- come AND cum, when it wouldn't be necessary while talking. That's about it. Good otherwise. Hot and whatnot.


2009-10-14 23:40:50
Good. Keep it cumming.

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