Danny was an artist who married an older woman. Events found them suddenly parents to three young girls.

Danny was an artist who married an older woman. Events found them suddenly parents to three young girls.

Here I was, a 26-year-old man and I felt so old. It had been almost 10 years since my parents had died in a tragic accident. My aunt and uncle took me in while I finished high school. But as soon as I could, I got out on my own, using the large amount of life insurance from my parents death. It allowed me to pursue my love of painting, a talent I had well developed over the past decade.

I didn't have any social life since the accident. Putting all my energies into learning to paint well, allowed me to become successful enough at it that I actually starting selling some pieces. It was a whole different world, the world of an artist. The people I met were an older generation than me. I had hoped it was my paintings that drew them to me, and to some degree I am sure that had to be true. But my youthfulness drew them as well.

Amanda was one of those people. She was only 34, beautiful, and divorced, admitting the breakup was due to her former alcoholism. But she had been dry now for over two years and had fallen in with the artistic crowd. Amanda had one of those girlish faces that betrayed her age, keeping her perpetually young. I was surprised when I found out she was not only 34 but had three daughters living with her ex-husband. She showed me a worn out photograph of three little girls, ages 1, 3, and 5. She told me they were a little older now but just as cute. Amanda's smile was her best asset, a wide smile that drew one to her, even if they didn't know her. She was 5' 6" with straight brown hair that was cut to her shoulders. Her green eyes welcomed you, told you it was safe to be with her, comforted you when you were sad, and rejoiced with you when you were happy. Her face was all I needed to make me forget the loss I had buried so many years ago but never got over. With Amanda in my life, real healing had begun and I would be eternally grateful to her for that.

Were I to see her on the street, a stranger, I would marvel at her body. At 34 she was still well toned. Her 32-23-33 frame held B-cup breasts that still stood out on their own without the need for bra support if she chose. She would religiously go to the gym after work several times a week as one of her own methods of fighting her alcoholism.

Though Amanda and I had dated for over six months, it was just the during the last few that we had become intimate. She was my first and the only female I had ever been with. I didn't need any others. I remember the night as if it were yesterday. I had taken her back to her apartment after a date and as often happened found myself staying for a cup of coffee and some kisses, not the candy but her lips to mine. We had been necking on the couch for a while when she suddenly stood up and taking me by the hand, led me to her bedroom. "Danny, I think it's time we finish what we always start but never seem to go any further."

With only the light from the city filtering through her window we started to undress each other between kisses. I wanted to give her a chance to gracefully change her mind before we completely disrobed. "Are you sure about this Amanda?" I asked her. "I know that I want to be with you, but do you really want to be with me?"

"Yes, Danny," she confirmed. "I have thought a lot about it. To hell with any naysayers who complain about our ages. I love you Danny and you are what I want."

"I love you too Amanda," I told her.

We were both soon nude and on her bed, in each other's arms. I was hard but unsure just what to do next. She sensed it and came to my rescue. She was on her back and slowly opened her legs to me. Reaching down she pulled me towards her so that my knees were between her legs. Taking my stiff member she rubbed it across her hairy pussy until the head was moist with her juices.

"Just slide it inside of me," she said. "Yes, that's it. Pull it most of the way out. Yes, just like that. Now push it in again as far as you can. Out again, now in. That's right Danny, yes, just keep doing that baby. How does that feel to you Danny?"

"Oh it feels so good Amanda," I replied. "The warmth and the gripping of your vagina, it's all so wonderful."

"You can push in a little harder now and go a little faster," she instructed. "Yes, even more than that if you want. Oh my yes, just like that. Keep it going. Don't slow down." I didn't for several minutes. "Yes, Danny, oh, oh Danny, oh shit, yes. Oh I'm sorry for swearing. It's just...oh God...I'm cumming."

Just then I felt my own cum rise up through my shaft. My erection got even harder and bigger than it already was. I pressed in as far as I could go and just held myself there. "Uugh...oh Amanda...," I struggled to say how wonderful it felt as my climax rushed through me. I groaned in pleasure as I emptied my cum into beautiful Amanda.

She let me spend the night for the first time and we made love once more sometime before morning. From that time on I found it harder to concentrate on my painting until I realized I wanted to paint Amanda. I had painted people in the past, mostly faces, but never a nude. That's the painting I wanted to do for her. She sat for me and I produced a tasteful nude picture of her. It was more of a side view of her body, showing off a profile of her proud breasts, but with her head turned towards me and her gorgeous youthful smile.

We had decided to marry, she to her young artist Danny (me of course), me to my first crush, an older and mature 34-year-old woman named Amanda. Once we decided it only took us a month of preparation and we were happily wed. Our honeymoon was close by but fun nevertheless. We pooled our resources and purchased a home with a basement that I was able to set up as my studio for painting. It was actually quite nice with it's own bathroom even a small kitchen area. It had it's own outside entryway and appeared to have been a separate rental apartment at one time. I spent the next six months painting people, women mostly, some nude, some not. But none of that mattered to me. I was not affected by any of them for I was in love with Amanda. Even so, since I was painting nudes, I had a key lock installed on the door leading to the basement from inside the house so that it could be locked from the basement side. This provided the comfort that my client models needed and the assurance that we would not be disturbed. But I only locked it when I had a model downstairs. Amanda understood why and I loved her even more for it.

It was during the Christmas season that my world took a major turn. Amanda's ex husband and new wife were killed in an auto accident. The tragedy was so similar to my own childhood when I lost my parents. Remembering how my aunt and uncle came to my rescue during my high school years, I was ready and willing to take over with Amanda as parents to her three daughters. It was a shock though when I first met them. The three girls were a bit older than I imagined from talking to Amanda. There was Natalie, the oldest at age 14, Donna age 12, and the little baby from Amanda's photo was Patricia, everyone called Patty, who just turned 10. They were all beautiful young girls in their own unique way and stages of development. I knew that we were in for some rough years ahead as they were all in those boy-crazy preteen and teen years.

"It will all be fine," I encouraged Amanda on more than one occasion, but struggling to believe it myself sometimes.

"It's just that I am becoming the mean parent who disciplines and you are the nice parent that they always run to for protection or encouragement or just some parental caring and love. I'm jealous," Amanda admitted.

"They love you more than they love me," I explained. "They just need a safe zone, someone they can talk to who won't judge them, someone they can tell anything to and they know they won't get in trouble for it. I guess I've become that safe zone."

"Well keep my darlings safe," she said. "I know you love them, like you love me."

"I do love you Amanda, more than life itself," I told her. "I will love your daughters no less." She hugged me and just nestled her head into my chest.

Life went on and I grew ever closer to the girls, they telling me about who was dating whom at school, or who was cheating and who they were cheating with. It seemed that the one being cheated on never knew until the whole school did. When I wasn't painting a model I let the girls freely come downstairs. I wanted them to know that the 'safe zone' included my studio and they were always welcome, as long as the door was unlocked.

One day Natalie was downstairs with me and we had just talked a little about the upcoming summer as she was finishing her freshman year of high school. I noticed how much she had developed over the past half year. He former perky little breasts had grown a lot, turning her into a knockout. She had her mother's smile but her dark, sultry-brown eyes must have come from her father. Her brunette hair was curled gently over her shoulders. The slight freckles on her nose and upper cheeks enhanced her smile even more. She had just turned 15 the week before and she used that fact to justify her question to me. "Danny, would you paint me?"

"Sure, I would love to paint you Natalie," I told her. "Do you want a formal dress-up look or the laid-back blue-jeans look?"

"I want you to paint me in the nude."

She took me by surprise with that one. I stammered a bit before saying something you could understand. " wouldn't be right...I're only 15...and you're my stepdaughter."

"Don't be silly. Yes, I'm 15, but I am also mature enough to know what I'm doing. We can lock the doors so no one else can see. I can be just like your other customers. Mom doesn't need to know. I'll come and go through the outside entrance if you want. The painting will only be for me. No one else will ever see it, at least not until I am all grown up. And then I will only show it to my husband and will never tell anyone who painted it. Please." She had it all thought out. She came up to me and gently stroked my bare arm with her hand as she continued to repeat "Please" giving me a poutty look that just made her look sexy. To be honest, the way she looked right then, I did want to capture it on canvas.

I knew I should have said no but I relented. "Oh thank you, thank you Danny. Oh I love you so much," she said as she kissed me on the cheek. "When do we start?"

"School is out in a week. I will need to paint you during the day while your mother is at work and your sister's are in summer school," I told her. "No one can know, not your mother or your sisters. That's the deal." She hugged and thanked me again with another kiss to the cheek. Then she turned and left me there alone in my studio. As I watched her leave I knew I was in trouble for I realized my pants needed a little adjustment due to an unexpected enlargement down there. "God, I should have said no," I thought out loud.

Nothing more was said about it for the next week and a half. Then that Monday, when my wife had gone to work and after Donna and Patty left for summer school, I went downstairs to my basement studio to find Natalie waiting for me.

"Did you lock the basement door?" she asked.

"No and after some thought I believe we shouldn't do this," I flatly stated.

"Nonsense," she said as she ran up the stairs and locked the basement door. "We're doing this." She pulled off her top, dropped her pants and stood before me in her bra and panties. She was a vision of beauty.

"Uh, sit on the chair over there," I stammered, still not in control of my speaking. She undid her bra and tossed it aside. My jaw dropped as I looked at her nakedness. I have seen a lot of beautiful people in the nude, both men and women. But she was mesmerizing. Her young breasts were full and proud, raising her nipples upwards. Her areolas were a darker color than the rest of her skin and about the size of a 50-cent piece. When she removed her panties she showed off her pussy fully encased in dark brown hair. I was glad to see that she hadn't started shaving her pussy. It was the fad but I found it to be more seductive to hide the pussy in the hair, just letting the viewer a slight glimpse of what was there. I suddenly found myself in the same situation as when she asked me to paint her. I had to turn around and re-adjust my pants without her noticing the effect she had on me.

"The chair doesn't seem right," I mused, wondering what I wanted. I walked over to my set of props and pulled out a long see-through brown scarf. "Get down on your knees, facing me, yes, that's it. Just sit on your heals. Here take this scarf." I positioned the scarf across her stomach and let it drape over one shoulder. "Now turn your head to the side like you can't be bothered with me. Yes, that's it. Now look down. Yes, perfect. Now the hard part Natalie. Don't move for the next hour."

"How many sessions will it take?" she asked me.

"A least a week. I take my time," I responded. "Maybe longer if you can't hold still. I'll let you break every ten minutes or so until you get used to holding it and we can go longer."

She did well that first day and held the last part for 20 minutes. "Can I look?" she asked.

"Not until it is done," I told her.

"Thank you for doing this," she said as she gave me a hug. I felt her breasts push into my chest as she held her still nude body firmly against me. She gave me another kiss on the cheek and then got dressed. "Why can't we go longer?"

"You may not think so but you need to rest between sessions. The long periods without moving actually take away from the look I want for you. I need you fresh looking. And any longer on your knees without resting would soon take its toll on you. Trust me on this," I told her.

"I trust you completely," she said. She was dressed now and stood there looking at me. "Danny, do you think I'm pretty?" she asked.

Startled by the question I simply said, "I think you are beautiful Natalie. And I'm going to capture that beauty with this painting."

"Thanks again," she said as she gave me one more quick hug and kiss and then bounded upstairs. I looked down at my pants and could see my hard on, wondering if it was that obvious to Natalie. I wasn't sure how I was going to get through these sessions. I tried to put her out of my mind as I worked through my sessions with two other clients that day, but I found my thoughts going back to Natalie. My other customers were never the wiser, a young housewife wanting a seductive painting to give her husband and an elderly couple wanting a portrait of themselves together.

That evening I was a bit quieter during dinner, my wife telling me about her day and asking about mine. Fortunately I had clients that I could talk about. I surely wasn't going to tell her that I was making a painting her daughter's nude body. That night, for the first time ever, when I made love to Amanda I visualized someone else. As I kissed my wife my mind's eye saw Natalie. I tried to dismiss the image and concentrate on my wife. But as I thrust into Amanda, it was Natalie below me. I couldn't get rid of her picture in my mind. And as I climaxed I nearly called out her name as I saw myself shooting my seed up into my stepdaughter's pussy.

"Wow, Danny, we haven't fucked like that in a while," Amanda said, still out of breath.

"I love you more than life itself. You know that don't you?" I asked her, trying to convince myself, to purge myself of this fantasy.

"And I love you more," she said back.

I was soon asleep and woke to my wife kissing me goodbye as she left for work. My dreams were fitful but what little I remembered, I knew they involved Natalie. I had to get a grip on myself, couldn't let it affect me or my work.

After the girls were gone to school I ventured downstairs to find Natalie already undressed and in position. I took out my paints and picked up where I left off. I only had a shell of the face and would be finishing that last. Today I would work on her breasts.

"I need you to do something for me," I told her. "Squeeze your nipples between your fingers. I want them erect and hard."

"Hmmm," she mused glancing at me. She tried it several times but nothing happened. "It's not working," she said. "Maybe you should try it."

"Oh no, I can't do that," I objected.

"Oh don't be such a prude," she said. "It's for the painting. Just it I mean." She giggled at her own joke.

I put down my paintbrush and walked over to her. Kneeling next to her I hesitantly lifted my hand up to one of her beasts but didn't touch it. "Oh here, let me help you," she said as she took my hand and placed it on her breast. I instantly got hard. My god it was as soft as velvet and as hard as my erection both at the same time. My dick throbbed as she massaged her own breast with my hand, her hand on top of mine. I felt her nipple start to get hard without me squeezing it, yet she took my fingers and made me pinch it. She then moved my hand to her other breast and we had an encore performance, except that my dick was already hard. "Is this how you want them?" she asked.

"Yes," I managed to get out, sort of breathy. I went back to painting and struggled at getting the right look. I wanted to capture the maturity, especially that of her nipples, without losing the innocence of her breasts, the youthfulness of her body.

Though she did well with staying in position for 20-minute stretches, I was the one that struggled and knew that I would be painting more of her breasts the following day. When her session was over she came up and gave me a hug again. This time though, instead of kissing me on the cheek she gave me a quick peck on the lips. "You are the best Danny. I love you," she said and then turned to go get dressed. For the first time I took a good long look at her ass. Firm and small it was, on her 5 foot 4 inch frame. I had a quick vision of fucking her from behind, pounding myself against that wonderful ass of hers. Oh God, I was in trouble and I knew it. I quickly turned away, not wanting her to know that I had been staring at her.

That night I took my wife from behind. With Amanda not looking at me I felt somehow safe and let myself pretend I was fucking Natalie. It was all make believe, I told myself, not for real. It couldn't hurt anyone. I brought Amanda to two orgasms that night and she was in seventh heaven. But my thoughts weren't on Amanda as I lay there trying to go to sleep. They were on Natalie, wondering how far I would let my fantasies go. I certainly didn't want to ruin my relationship with Natalie. She trusted me and I couldn't destroy that trust.

On the third day when I went downstairs to meet Natalie she was standing there waiting for me. "Will you need me erect again?" she asked. "Because if so you might as well take care of it for me now. We both know that's what you'll end up doing anyway."

She had me massage her breasts again but this time it was as if she was defying my touch. "It's not working." She sounded frustrated. Wait," she said as she took my hand off her breast. "I want you to lick it."

"Absolutely not," I told. "I can't do that. I've already crossed over the line and done too much."

"That's just it. It doesn't matter now. We need them erect and you can get them that way. I know it's for the painting so please just do this so we can get on with it," she argued.

She put a hand to the back of my head and pulled my face to her breast. I opened my mouth as she pressed me onto her breast. Letting my wet tongue lick around I could taste a sweetness about her. I sucked on her breast and nipple at once, even biting down a little and was rewarded with a hardness that defied yesterday. I repeated the process with her other breast and soon it too was hard. That's when I realized that Natalie was breathing deep and hard herself. I stepped back and looked at her, breasts both erect, her face flush and I knew that was the look I wanted for her face.

"Quickly, get in position. I want to paint your face," I told her. For the next hour she didn't move as I captured the essence of her beauty, pure innocence when it is first aroused. The painting was going to be magnificent. When she thanked me today she held me longer than usual and then looking up she gave me a kiss on the mouth. It wasn't a peck like yesterday but a real kiss. I didn't respond, or tried not to let her know it. But my heart felt like it stopped beating for the several seconds that she held her lips to mine. Today as she walked away I didn't try to hide the fact that I was staring at her. She looked up at me as she got dressed, and I moved my eyes off her body to look directly at her eyes. She smiled and then looked down at my obvious hard on, smiling again.

As she ran up the steps she yelled back, "Maybe I'll see you tonight." What did she mean by that? See me in my dreams? That I knew to be true. Amanda was the winner in this little fantasy of mine. I didn't wait until bedtime. I fucked my wife from behind in the shower, her face pressed against the glass.

"God, what's come over you Danny?" she asked. "I mean I'm not complaining at all, but all week you have been like an animal. If it wasn't for the fact that it's me you are fucking I would think something was up. But as it stands I guess I don't really care, as long as it's only me you're fucking around with."

"I told you Amanda, you are the only one for me, always have been, always will be," I promised. I just wasn't sure I had the willpower to keep that promise. We dried off and got ready for bed. But before we went to sleep I fucked her again, devouring her breasts in the process.

"You know Danny, I don't want to jinx it. I don't care what's going on in that head of yours, just as long as we keep doing this. I love you Danny. Good night."

"And I love you too Amanda," I said as I stared at the ceiling. Soon my thoughts went to Natalie, her naked body, her skin to mine as I penetrated her virgin pussy. Blood flowed all over, too much blood, but she told me to fuck her anyway. Natalie didn't stop bleeding and it just made for more lubrication as I fucked her to a magnificent climax for both of us.

Then I heard my name being called and realized it was morning and I had been dreaming. Amanda said good bye and that she would be thinking about what we could do tonight. She smiled at me and then left. I didn't get up with the younger two girls, letting them fend for themselves for breakfast and get off to school on their own. I didn't know what I was going to do about Natalie. She had me tied up in knots.

Suddenly I heard Natalie's voice. "Are we painting today?" she asked as she walked into my bedroom, completely nude. "Since you did my face yesterday I guess you need my nipples erect again."

Natalie hopped up on my bed and straddled my waist. She sat down on my groin, putting pressure there, though she didn't make any obvious movements that might indicate there was anything but innocence. She leaned forward to put a breast in my mouth, to get it hard like yesterday. Again nothing there but the mechanics of getting her breasts ready for my work, the painting of Natalie.

"This is a little awkward," she said as she struggled to get her breast into my mouth with my head on my pillow. She kept hitting her head on the wall. "Can you just sit up?"

When I did I felt the pressure of her pussy more profoundly against my groin. Trying not to let on that she was having an effect on me I ignored it and reached my hands around to her back. Holding her there I took a breast into my mouth, with the sole purpose of getting her nipple hard, for the painting of course. But my penis had a mind of its own and quickly grew in size. With her sitting on top of it there was no way she wouldn't notice. She wiggled a little when she first felt it and I pulled off of her breast to say, "Sorry about that. It's just happens sometimes in the morning." She looked at me a little funny as I went back to the task of sucking on her breasts.

It wasn't long though before I noticed her shifting her hips forward and then back again, slowly grinding her pussy against my now obvious erection. I kept to the task at hand but realized she had both hands behind my head and was pressing my mouth down hard on her breast. Her hip movements were not hidden in slow gyrations anymore but were obvious jerks like she was fucking me.

She was breathing heavy and her hips were rocking back and forth, my pajama bottoms sliding across my shaft as she did. Suddenly she stopped. Her legs squeezed tight against me, her arms held me tight as her body went rigid. She was obviously having an orgasm and it was all my fault. How could I face Natalie now, after doing this to her?

"Well," she began, "I guess my nipples are hard now. I'll see you downstairs. Oh, and don't get dressed on my account." She smiled and hopped off the bed. A second later I was alone in my bedroom, a raging hard on and a naked stepdaughter waiting for me downstairs. What would you do? I did what any red-blooded guy would do. I went into the bathroom and took care of myself.

The End (until the painting continues)

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Great story I can't wait for the second part...Natalies is young and horny and she shouldn't put her stepfather in that situation.

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I shot a load into her mouth but she just sucked it down and kept sucking me. I got hard again quick like and pulled her up. I helped her get her pants down and I fucked her virgin pussy right there in the car. The problem was she held it over my head to get whatever she wanted all through high school.

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When I got married for the second time my wife had a 13 yo. I wasn't married 2months before Sarah seduced me. I told her she could always call for a ride home from anyone's house no questions asked. I wanted her safe. Well she called from a party. When I got there she had been drinking. She told me on the way home that she gave a guy a blowjob but he was kind of small. She started rubbing me saying she wanted to see how big I was. Well I was getting big fast. I couldn't drive safely with her rubbing me so I pulled over and stopped to tell her to quit it. She took that moment to unzip me and pull me out. The next moment she had me in her mouth. Wow.

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