Cynthia (Cin to me) has been using hypnosis to lose weight. Her brother David has implanted a secret phrase that puts Cynthia into a deep hypnotic trance, ready to receive his suggestions. He has done the same thing to her girlfriend Yvette. But now Yvette was bringing her own younger sister into the foray.
Hypnosis Weight Control 5

Cynthia (Cin to me) has been using hypnosis to lose weight. Her brother David has implanted a secret phrase that puts Cynthia into a deep hypnotic trance, ready to receive his suggestions. He has done the same thing to her girlfriend Yvette. But now Yvette was bringing her own younger sister into the foray.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," Yvette said as she walked out of my parent's room, leaving me still secured to the bed.

"Cin sleep," I said, instantly putting my sister in a deep hypnotic state.

"Yes David," she said in that familiar monotone voice.

"You can't let...," I started to order my sister and then stopped. I remembered that you couldn't just force people to do things just because they are hypnotized. You need to make suggestions and it is best if they agree that the suggestions make sense to them. "You do realize that if I have sex with Yvette's younger sister that I will be committing a crime, don't you?"

"Oh, I guess you are right," she agreed. "She would be underage and that would be statutory rape."

"You don't want me to get in trouble for raping her little sister do you?" I asked her, leading her to the conclusion I wanted.

"Of course not, David," she said.

"It would be a good idea if you stopped her from doing this, don't you think?"

"Yes, I agree David."

"By the way, in the future if you hear me say Cin Awake while you are in a trance, then that means you can wake up from your hypnotic state just as if I counted to three, like before." I knew I had given this instruction to Yvette but didn't think I had to Cin, so I was being sure. "You will wake up feeling fresh, will not remember that you were in a trance but will remember what was discussed and will want to do all that was suggested."

"OK, David," she confirmed.

"Cin awake," I said.

Cin looked at me a second or two and then said, "I don't think this is a good idea what Yvette is doing, bringing in her sister. It's one thing to have us, we're 18. But Sondra is only 12. That's not right and I'm going to tell her so."

"Thanks Cin," I told her. Just then Yvette walked back in. I didn't think I really needed Cin's help but preparing her was sort of a backup measure. I looked at Yvette and said, "Yvette sleep."

"Yes David," she said in a monotone voice. I had each girl conditioned to basically ignore me talking to the other girl when I had that girl in a trance. Just as I was about to convince Yvette that having Sondra here was a mistake I saw a large black girl walk into the room. This couldn't be Sondra could it, 12-year-old Sondra? She was several inches taller than her sister, probably about 5 foot 5 inches. She was very obese; I would guess 180, maybe 200 pounds. She wasn't as dark as Yvette but I could see some resemblance in the eyes and mouth. The differences made sense too though. I remembered that Cin told me nearly all of Yvette's brothers and sisters had different mothers. Just a few had more than one child.

She walked over to me and got up on the bed. She had something in her hand. "You're Sondra?" I mused out loud, still not believing it.

"Yes," she confirmed as she reached up and shoved something into my mouth. It was a ball attached to a strap. The next thing I knew I was gagged, with whatever it was she had, with some head strap that fit over much of the back of my head, making it impossible for me to remove. I tried to talk but couldn't as she pulled something on the back that made the gag tight on me.

"Now just listen," Sondra began. "Yvette said that you might try to talk me out of this. So we decided to use the gag. I hope it doesn't hurt too much. "Yvette, are you OK? Yvette?"

I was in a pickle. I had Yvette in a trance, answering only to me. Cin was silent as instructed while Yvette was in her trance. Yvette and Cin would just stand there silent while Sondra kept me gagged.

"I don't know what you have done to them," Sondra said. "They look like Zombies. But Yvette was clear. She told me exactly what I was supposed to do, just in case something like this happened."

I was in trouble. First of all she was only 12. Second she was very fat and heavy, meaning I could get could hurt. Third I was tied up and couldn't stop her. All I could do was watch. That's what I did as Sondra took my shaft into her mouth to make sure it was good and wet, and hard.

"Since I know you can hear me David, it is David isn't it?" Sondra said. I shook my head in ascent. "I'll just talk to you." Sondra got off the bed and removed her clothes. She had body folds on top of folds. Her breasts were hanging down, big and fat, with wide areolas and dark black nipples. "My mother was a big woman, thus my size. I am almost 13 but have been big for several years. I went through puberty at a young age, maybe even a little premature so have been sexually active with my brothers for a while now. I have of course kept it from everyone else, including Yvette. She thinks I am some poor little fat girl that needs a good fuck by a nice boy before her brothers rape and turn her off to sex. Too late. But it didn't turn me off, just the opposite."

Sondra climbed up onto the bed again, this time straddling my body. I was still hard as rock, thanks to the drug Yvette had given me. Sondra took my tool and rubbed it across her fat cunt several times. This girl was so obese it was a total turn off for me. If it wasn't for the drug I wouldn't be hard at all. She then let her body down onto my shaft. I slid in without any trouble at all, sunk deep in this fat girl's cunt. I was surprised at how good it felt. She was hot and her cunt snug yet I slid in and out easily as she lifted her body up and down on my erection. Maybe this ride wouldn't be so terrible for me after all.

"It feels good to have a man's cock inside of me after only having my two teenage brothers' little pricks," she said as I watched the various parts of her body bounce with her movements. "You don't mind me talking while we fuck do you? I'll take your silence as a yes."

By this time it had been about 20 minutes since I last climaxed. Sondra actually felt good at this point and I really didn't want her to stop. I probably wouldn't stop her now even if I wasn't gagged.

"God you feel good David," Sondra said as her movements became more pronounced. She was bouncing pretty fast now and I knew I would be climaxing in this girl very soon. It was bad enough that I was fucking a 12-year-old, but cumming inside of her was not what I wanted to do. She couldn't possibly be on the pill. "Once I fucked both brothers at the same time. I have more than two brothers but the others are much older and don't know about us fucking. Anyway as soon as my first brother dropped his load of cum and I came with him, my second brother took his spot and fucked me through several more orgasms until he climaxed. I wondered how long and how many orgasms I could have had if they could have kept their dicks stiff. But they couldn't so that was it. But Yvette told me about the drug she gave you and I think I have about 2 or 3 hours yet with you being hard. This could be interesting."

My God, did she intend on fucking me straight for the next few hours. It both scared me and excited me at the same time. The excitement was enough to push me over the edge and I suddenly began squirting my cum up inside this monster of a 12-year-old girl.

"Yes, that's it, cum for me baby," she said as she really began jerking her body on my shaft. That's not language a 12-year-old would use. I knew then that she was telling me the truth about her brothers fucking her. That must be what they say to her. I stayed hard for her as she suddenly fell down onto my body, her tits pressing against my chest. She kept rocking her hips up and down on me as she held me tight. I could feel her breath on my shoulder as her head was now next to mine. "Oh David, yes, that feels so good." Her motions were jerky now as I knew she was in the middle of her first orgasm. Her pussy walls spasmed around my shaft. If I was sensitive after my climax it wouldn't have mattered as Sondra just kept fucking me, slower now but still moving. It seemed with the pill came more than just an endless erection. I didn't seem to get as sensitive after climaxing. Thank goodness.

Sondra dragged her boobs across my face. I wanted to take one in my mouth but of course couldn't because of the gag and my restraints. As heavy as she was she sure seemed able to wiggle her hips and rock my cock. "Do you like fucking me David? You can shake your head yes or no. I won't be offended if you say no because it doesn't really matter. You are fucking me. That's what matters. I was just curious. Do you like it?"

I shook my head yes several times. "Good. I was hoping you would say yes because it will make it more enjoyable for you then. I'm getting used to your cock David, being so much bigger than my brothers. I may not be able to go back to their tiny things. I might just have to come over here and fuck you all the time. Would you like that David, having me for your permanent fuck buddy?" Again I shook my head yes. I didn't even think about it before answering. I didn't want to piss her off in any way. With her weight she could actually hurt me if she wanted to. Besides, fucking her all the time might not be all that bad. It was odd. At first she repulsed me, then she was OK, now I kind of like her, and I had to admit I was beginning to really enjoy fucking her.

Sondra was rocking pretty fast now. "Oh yes David, yes," she exclaimed as she arched backwards, thrusting out her chest and slowed to a near stop. "Fuck, that was good. Wow. You've given me a couple of fantastic orgasms David. Do you want me to stop now?"

I shook my head no. I knew she wouldn't stop even if I wanted her to, which I didn't. I just didn't think I could take her weight for 2 more hours.

"So you want to keep fucking me do you? Well tell me David, was fucking my scrawny little older sister Yvette as good as fucking me?" Again I shook my head no. All the while she kept on rocking her hips, granted at a slow pace right now but still constant movement. "I need a fucking rest. I wish you would behave and could be on top for a while. Oh, how stupid of me." She suddenly got off of me and the bed. She loosened up my leg restraints and retied them so my legs were together but I had an extra couple of feet of rope.

Sondra then got back up on the bed, onto her back right next to me. "Role over and let me slide underneath you. You have the room now that I fixed your leg restraints." It was a bit awkward but I managed to roll over with Sondra's help and up onto her massive body. She slipped her head through my arms, which were still handcuffed to the headboard. She spread her legs for me and I easily found her wet hole. "Now fuck me like you mean it," she ordered.

I just let my body rest completely on her, not caring about my own weight. Doing that gave me the leverage I needed to fuck her. After a few minutes of thrusting Sondra gradually began to open up her legs more to me as I drove ever deeper into her. I found that I was helping to brace my upper body by hooking my chin over her shoulder. "Yes baby, yes, fuck me harder, David, harder," she screamed.

I realized I was sweating. I didn't know if she was too or whether it was just my sweat on her, but our bodies were sliding on each other and it was getting harder to keep a hold of her, harder to fuck her. "Uuggg...fuck yes...keep going," she said as she climaxed. I kept fucking her and felt my own body nearing a climax. "Oh shit again," she said. This girl had a foul mouth and I loved it. I felt my cum rise up and through me, into my black little master. But I didn't even slow down. I wanted to see too if I could keep her orgasms cumming.

"Oh David, yes, keep that up, oh God," she gasped. I was getting tired and knew I couldn't keep this up for too much longer but maybe a few more minutes. Every ten seconds or so Sondra cried out with yet another climax, urging me on, harder and faster. After what seemed like an eternity of this high-speed movement, but was probably only 5 minutes, I collapsed, exhausted.

"Oh my God, David, I'm so sorry. You are probably wiped out. But it was incredible, fantastic." She ran her fingers into my sweaty hair and lifted up my head. She kissed me on my gag-covered mouth and said, "Fuck, you are good. How was it for you? Wasn't it the best fuck you have ever had?" I shook my head yes.

"I want to fuck you without restraints but I don't trust you yet. So I'm going to just let your feet go," she told me as she slid out from under me. She untied my leg restraints. She climbed back up on the bed and said, "Now this will be fun. Fuck me doggie style." She had me get behind her, though my arms were stretched out, still connected to the headboard. She guided my still-hard shaft into her pussy and I began fucking her once more. This girl was never going to get tired. I fucked her hard, having more leverage with my legs untied. When she came I just fucked her harder, trying to string several orgasms together.

I looked over at my sister Cin and her friend Yvette. They were like statues, silently waiting. I decided to take control of the whole situation a little. I had Sondra in the perfect position, I was still hard as ever, and she was having intermittent orgasms. The next time she climaxed I pulled all the way out and let my body guide my shaft to her ass. Lying heavily onto her back I quickly forced my prick hard into her butt-hole. By the time she finished her climax I had already entered her and was fucking her hard. The heat was incredible. It felt like I had put my prick into a furnace.

"No, not there, I've never been fucked there," she complained, but she was too late. The complaints soon stopped though. She moaned in both anguish and pleasure as I fucked her no-longer virgin ass. It wasn't long before she was yelling, "Oh fuck yes, David, pound my ass hard."

I didn't last long and found myself pressing in as deep as I could as I released another load of my cum into this little vixen's ass. Sondra came too and just buried her face into a pillow and screamed. I collapsed on top of her back, unable to hold my own weight. A couple of minutes later Sondra pushed me off to the side as she got up off the bed. She went to the bathroom and came back with a warm wet washcloth to clean me off with. "That was wonderful David. You have exceeded my highest expectations. Tell me again David, am I better than Yvette?" I shook my head yes. "Am I better than Cynthia?" Again I shook my head yes. "Am I better than anyone else you have ever fucked?" Without hesitation I again shook my head yes. It may or may not have been true. But at that moment I believed it was true. "Do you want to fuck me again, now?" I shook yes again. "Do you promise to behave yourself if I undo all your restraints?" Once more I shook my head yes. I wasn't sure if I would but I had to say yes.

She undid my mouth restraint. I could call Cin or Yvette for help but I didn't. I simply said, "Kiss me." Sondra leaned into me and pressed her mouth to mine. I was still handcuffed so couldn't do much but she did it all. She held my head with her hands and we kissed like two long lost lovers just reunited. I sucked in her breath along with her tongue and let her explore my mouth before sending my tongue over to her. We kissed for several minutes before she broke it off and went over to her sister's bag on the floor. Reaching in she pulled out a key that she used to unlock my handcuffs. It felt good to get them off.

"I'm at your mercy now," Sondra said. "You could kick me out, or lock me up if you wanted, or maybe if I wanted," she giggled.

"Do you trust me?" I asked her.

"I guess I have to now," she replied.

"Just sit back and listen," I told her. Turning to Yvette I asked, "Yvette, how are you?"

"Fine David," she replied.

"May I ask you why you brought your sister Sondra here today?" I asked Yvette.

"It was because I was afraid that my dad would take her back to Kenya and sell her," she replied.

"Why would he do that?" I asked.

"Because young virgins that are well-endowed bring a very high price. Sondra is very young and very well developed. If I had you fuck her she will no longer be a virgin and of no value to try and sell. I did this to protect Sondra," Yvette explained.

"But what would you do if I fucked her and liked it?" I asked. "What if I wanted to keep fucking her? She is only 12."

"I was willing to take that risk. If you both want to keep fucking then that's OK. Just don't let my family know. They will know that she is no longer a virgin, but to keep fucking her you might get caught. My brothers would then...well it would not be nice."

"Yvette, did you know that I have already fucked your sister, many times?" I asked her.

"No, when, how?" she exclaimed with an unusual display of emotion for her being in a hypnotic state.

"While you were in this trance I fucked her multiple times, yes again and again, and I loved every second of it. How does that make you feel?"

"I am glad that she is no longer a virgin. I don't have to worry about her being sent back to Kenya," she said, bypassing the real question.

"How do you feel when I tell you that she is the best fuck I have ever had?" I asked Yvette. Sondra was grinning from ear to ear, proud of herself. I looked closer at Sondra and could really see the little girl face. She was pretty and if she was 75 pounds lighter would be gorgeous. But now she was just a little fat girl that I had just fucked all to hell and back, loving the whole trip.

"Is it true? Is it true that you liked fucking Sondra better than me?" Yvette asked me.

"Well maybe it's an unfair question as I haven't given you the same opportunity to really show me what you can do. I still believe in you and think you could be the best. I want you to have that chance. Do you want that chance, to show me what you can do?" I asked Yvette.

"Oh yes, please, let me show you how much I can please you? Tell me to do anything and I will do it for you. Tell me, how can I please you?" she asked, nearly begged me.

I answered her like she had answered me earlier, "By pleasing whomever I want you to please."

"Yes, of course," she responded.

"Me being your love slave has ended. You are now my love slave. Does that sound good to you?" I asked.

"Yes, David, that sounds good. Let me please my master," she insisted. "Whom do you want me to please?"

"I want you to please your sister Sondra," I said, followed by "Yvette awake."

Yvette looked at me, then at Sondra. "It's true then?" Sondra nodded yes. "Thank God you are safe Sondra. That's all that really matters."

Yvette went to her sister and hugged her. I realized she really did worry about her and cared for her.

"What's going on?" Cin said, looking bewildered.

I responded to her with two words, "Cin sleep."

"Yes David," she said.

"Yvette is competing with you again. Are you going to let her beat you?" I asked.

"Of course not. What is she doing?" Cin asked.

"She is making love to her sister Sondra. The only way to beat her is for you to make love to me, don't you agree?" I asked Cin.

"Yes, that sounds reasonable. But how do we beat her?" she asked me.

"By doing whatever she does, only better. Whatever she does to Sondra, then you do the same thing to me only better, as best you can of course, since Sondra is a girl and I'm a boy. Do you think you can do that?"

"Of course I can, better than Yvette can," she boasted.

"Cin awake," I told her and Cin was back with the living.

Looking over at Yvette still hugging her sister, Cin came up to me and hugged me tight before giving me a passionate kiss, loud enough to get the attention of Yvette and Sondra.

Breaking the kiss I said, "Yvette sleep."

"Yes David," Yvette said.

"It looks like Cin is trying to make a contest out of your pleasing Sondra. She thinks she can be better than you at this game. Do you think you can beat her at it?" I asked her.

"Without a doubt," Yvette said with confidence.

"Whatever Cin does with me, you should do it better with Sondra and then something even more spectacular. Then you will beat her. Does that sound like a good idea Yvette?"

"Oh yes David, I can do that and will be better than Cin at this game of hers. In the process I will make sure I please Sondra very much. She deserves it."

"This is unbelievable, what you are doing with them," Sondra said. "You are going to have to tell me more later. When we are alone sometime."

I smiled at her and then said, "Yvette awake."

Yvette looked at me, then at Cin. She didn't crack a smile at all but just turned and took her sister's face in her hands and kissed her passionately. A moment later Cin was doing the same to me. After a couple of minutes Cin pushed me back onto the bed, next to Sondra, both of us on our backs. I saw Yvette sucking on Sondra's breasts as Cin did the same to me. I wasn't used to that so it kind of hurt a bit, especially with her sucking so hard. As Yvette worked her way down the front of Sondra, Cin did the same to me. I knew what was next so I decided to take Sondra's hand. She squeezed my hand as her sister Yvette began eating her fat pussy. Cin had my shaft in her mouth, stroking it with her hand as she slid it in and out between her lips. This went on for several minutes before I felt a sudden strong squeeze and watched Sondra's body lift slightly up off the bed. It was hot watching her cum, enough so that I climaxed too, filling my sister's mouth with my own cum.

Yvette pushed her body up against Sondra's as if she were a man fucking her, but I knew she was just grinding her cunt up against her sister's. A moment later my own sister Cin had mounted me and was fucking me to high heaven. I looked up at Cin and took a breast in my right hand, as my left was still holding Sondra's hand.

That's when it struck me. Of course there is a different feel to every cunt, every fuck a little different. But once your cock is buried inside a girl's pussy, it doesn't matter if she is short or tall, fat or skinny, pretty or ugly. They all make you cum and they all feel great when it happens.

"Oh God Yvette, you're going to make me cum again," Sondra exclaimed.

"Me too baby sister," Yvette said.

Hearing that Cin doubled her efforts and her hips were a blur as she rocked on my staff. Even though I had cum not 5 minutes before I had that old familiar feeling of cum wanting to break free and shoot forth. My chubby little sister was going to be losing weight all right but probably from all the fucking she was doing. "Oh God David, I'm cumming, I'm sorry, I can't stop it." Then she was on top of me, her breasts pressed down against my chest, her vagina squeezing my cock so hard I too couldn't hold it back. I didn't have much to give her but I got off a couple of shots deep inside of her. It was enough to give her one more little orgasm, a nice end to an active contest.

"Who won?" Yvette asked.

"Look at us Yvette," I said. "There aren't any losers here. I'd say we all won." She laughed in agreement. "Cin, Yvette, why don't you two go shower and rest a while. I want to talk to Sondra a bit, alone, so scat out of here you two." They both left. "Shut the door behind you," I yelled as they walked out.

"You're still hard," Yvette pointed out.

"It could go down anytime now but could also last for up to another hour," I told her. "I'm too tired for another round of sex like we've had."

"I'll be gentle," she promised as she encircled her hand around my shaft and slowly stroked me. I was slick with my own cum and Cin's recent juices. She took me in her mouth to add some of her own saliva before rolling over on top of me. The bed supported most of her nearly 200 pounds as she straddled my mid section. She took my erection and slipped it into her wet hole. The warmth made me moan my acceptance of her. How could some enormous yet young girl like this have such a pull on me, to make me want her so badly? As she lifted her huge mass up and I slid downward out of her, her vagina pulled at me, trying not to let me go. Then she fell back down driving me effortlessly into her depths. I never once got near the end of her tunnel. I wondered if I ever could.

"Now tell me about Yvette and Cin," she said as she continued to slow-fuck me. "What power do you have over them?"

"What power do you have over me?" I asked back. "Why is it that I would rather be here with you right now than with any other woman in the world?" She smiled at me and gave me a few quick jerks of her hips that brought my balls to attention. I knew I would be filling this girl again with my seed.

"Yvette told me that she was spending the night here tonight, that your parents won't be home until later tomorrow," Sondra said.

"That's true," I confirmed.

"I am supposed to go home today," she said. "Yvette told my Mom that she was just taking me out for afternoon. But I could get permission to spend the night, if you want. I could spend the whole night with you in bed. Would you like that?"

"More than anything," I quickly replied.

"Tell me about your power over Yvette and Cin and I promise you a night you will never forget," she said. "I will do whatever you want, be whatever you want."

"I will tell you everything if you do something for me," I said.

"Anything," she said.

"Learn self-hypnosis. Cin can teach you this afternoon," I said. "If you do that I will tell you everything."

"That sounds easy enough. Sure," she agreed. I smiled to myself, and to her. Sondra reached over and got the phone off the nightstand. She slipped off of me more a moment but had me back inside of her right away.

She dialed home and here's how the conversation went for Sondra on this end once she got her mother on the phone. "Hi Mommy...Yes, Sondra...I'm still with Yvette over at her friend Cynthia's house. They want to know if it would be OK if I stayed the night with them. Yes, I've been behaving myself." I laughed quietly as Sondra smiled at me and gave me a few quick jerks. "Of course I won't be a bother. Yes, I will...I'll just sleep without my pajamas then...I'll obey and do whatever is asked of know I will...I love you too...thank you so much. Love you. Bye."

"There, that's settled," Sondra said. "It looks like you and I will be spending the night together in bed. My mom said it was OK if I slept in the nude and I'm supposed to do whatever you want me to do. My mommy said so."

"Sounds like the perfect night to me," I laughed.

"Now let's finish this," she said as she suddenly kicked it into high gear and started rocking her hips fast and furious. She soon brought me to one last climax and as I gave Sondra my cum, she climaxed herself.

It was weird. One second we were fucking and the next she was off of me and heading out the bedroom door. "I am going to learn about that hypnosis stuff right away," she announced, and then she was gone.

I decided to take a relaxing shower from all my activities the last few hours. After getting thoroughly cleaned I just stood there and let the warm water drench me. I probably needed a bath to soak in more than anything. I was actually relieved when my perpetual erection finally went down. It is great having it and all, but four hours is a bit much. Though the more I thought about Sondra the more I could imagine myself fucking her for hours on end, and loving every second of it. I couldn't put my finger on it but the more time went on the more I liked her, adored her, wanted her. In one of our quiet intimate moments she had shared with me that she weighed 203 pounds and just loved eating. She said that the women from her mother's side of the family, not Yvette as she had a different mother, were all very large women. Being only 12 she expected to gain at least another 100 pounds or so. She wanted to know what I thought about that, would I still like her. If you had asked me yesterday I would have said that I could never imagine myself with anyone as grossly obese as Sondra. Now I can't imagine myself without her. Another 100 pounds, well that's just more to fuck.

The pull she had on me was almost magical. The more I wanted Sondra, and that seemed to be increasing by the minute, the less I wanted Cin and Yvette, or anyone else. Sondra had become my fantasy come true. But she was only 12. How was I to manage that? She would be with me tonight, all night, but after tomorrow she would be gone. How was I to ever be with her again? I had to figure this out.

After my shower I put on my pajama shorts again and laid down on the bed and must have fallen asleep. I woke up to the excited cries from Cin and Yvette.

"David, wake up," Cin said.

"Come on David, you have to go see Sondra," Yvette added. "She did it. She is in a deep trance."

Looking up at the girls a moment I realized where I was at and what they actually said. I quickly said, "Cin sleep. Yvette sleep."

"Yes David," they both said, standing there staring at me with a glazed look on their faces.

"Stay here until I return," I instructed, and then left them there in my parents' bedroom.

I entered Cin's room and found Sondra sitting on the bed, her back to the wall staring at the opposite wall, just like I had found Yvette. "Hello Sondra."

"Hello David," she said in a monotone voice.

"You look lovely as usual," I said in all honesty.

"Thank you David. You are always so nice to me," she added.

"That's because you are such a nice and beautiful girl Sondra," I replied.

"You are the only one that thinks so then because everyone else says I am just fat and ugly," she said with a slight tone of sadness.

"I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world and I want to spend the rest of my life with you," I told her. I didn't plan on saying that. It just came out somehow, but I felt it was true nevertheless.

"Even if I gained more weight? What if I weighed 300 or even 400 pounds? Would you still want me then?" she asked.

"I would want you no matter what you weighed. It would just be more of you to love," I told her. "In the future I would like to help you get back to this wonderful stage of hypnosis as quickly as possible so when you hear me say the words Sondra Sleep, then you will instantly go into a deep sleep, just like you are now."

"That sounds good David, thank you," she said.

"Whenever you are in a trance and I way the words Sondra Awake, you will wake up feeling totally refreshed. You will remember the things we talked about but will not remember that you were under hypnosis. You will do all the things suggested to you while in the trance. If you ever hear or see me put Yvette, Cin, or anyone else into a trance, whether or not you are in a trance at the time, you will not hear me talking to them nor will you hear them. You will only hear me when I talk to you. When they wake from their trance, time will continue for you as if nothing happened."

"I understand completely David," she said.

"Sondra awake," I said.

"Hi David," Sondra said as she looked up at me.

"Hi Sondra. You look good, even with clothes," I laughed. She did too as I got on the bed next to her. "Sondra sleep."

"Yes David," Sondra said in a monotone voice.

"You are my favorite girl, between you, your sister, and my sister," I told her.

"Thank you David, I like you too, a lot," she replied.

"But you probably don't like it when I am having sex with the others, do you?" I asked her.

"Not really," she confessed. "It makes me wonder if you still like me."

I pressed on. "In fact you probably get very jealous when you see me fucking Cin or Yvette, don't you?"

"Actually you are right, I do get jealous," she said.

"So much so that you would probably be very vocal about the whole thing if you saw me having sex with either of them, isn't that right?"

"Yes, I would probably say some things I shouldn't be saying. But I wouldn't be able to help myself David. Imagining you with them just makes me so mad inside," Sondra explained.

"In fact you would probably be on the verge of violence, isn't that right?"

"Yes, yes, I just want to rip them away from you. How dare they take you from me," she said.

This was the first time any of the three girls showed this much emotion while under my hypnotic spell. "Sondra. I don't want you to resort to violence. It would not be a good thing. Someone could really get hurt and we would all regret it later. Do you understand?"

"Then what do I do?" she asked.

"You know that I think you are far better at sex than either of the others. But they don't think so. So let's have a contest. Let's see who is the best at fucking me. I think you will easily win so let's let the others go first and then you can show them how it is really done. That will shut them up for good. How does that sound?"

"That's a wonderful idea," she agreed. "I know I will win but it will be fun to see the look on their faces when I do."

"I know you will win too. Now when I wake you up I want you to stay in here until they come and get you. Sondra awake."

"So Sondra, I'm going to go check on the others. You are doing really well with your hypnosis. I am proud of you. She thanked me as I got up and left, retuning to my parents' bedroom where I had left Cin and Yvette.

"Cin, Yvette, listen to me together," I told them both.

"OK David," their voices as one.

"Sondra doesn't want you to fuck me anymore," I informed them.

"But we love fucking you David," Cin said.

"Yes, and who is she to say we can't fuck you?" Yvette added.

"She wants to have a contest to prove that she is better at fucking me than either of you two. She wants to go last. But I think both are you are fantastic. Even as big as she is, she is still just a 12-year-old girl, not wise in the ways of lovemaking like you two are. I want you both to be so fantastic that she pales next to you. Then that will settle it once and for all. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, that will finally shut her up," Yvette said.

"I'll go first, then you go Yvette, OK?" Cin stated.

"OK," Yvette agreed.

"When I wake you up I want Yvette to go get Sondra. Cin, you and I will get started. This time when you wake up you will remember our conversation as if we had just had it while awake and will do everything just like we talked."

"Yvette awake." Yvette woke up and immediately went after Sondra.

"David," Cin said before I had a chance to wake her.

"Yes Cin, what is it?" I asked.

"David sleep," Cin said.

"Yes Cin," I said in a monotone voice.

"You have done well David, totally believing that you could put us into a trance just like I put you in just now," she said.

"Thank you Cin. But I do put you into a trance, don't I?" I asked.

"Well, if you want to believe it David. You won't remember any of this anyway. It has been fun fooling you all this time, especially making you want Sondra more and more until you couldn't hardly see straight. I had to promise the doctor I sent you to a full night of hot sex to hypnotize you and create a trigger phrase for me. It has worked perfectly," Cin declared. "Now this is how it's going to go down. You will fuck me until I cum. Then you will fuck Yvette until she cums. In neither case will you climax. You will be so close but won't be able to cum. When you fuck Sondra, you won't be able to cum until she does. Do you understand?"

"Yes Cin," I replied.

"Now pay close attention," Cin warned. "When you cum you will suddenly forget all the pretend feelings you have for Sondra. You will forget everything that has happened concerning the hypnosis. You will remember only the hot sex you have had since yesterday and will realize that you are fucking a 12-year-old girl. And of course you will realize that according to the law you just raped her. So enjoy your evening. David awake."

I woke up feeling refreshed. "Cin, let's get to it." As she and I were getting into bed, totally nude, Yvette and Sondra walked in.

"Make it quick David, "Sondra said. "The sooner you get done with her the sooner we get to fuck."

Nothing spectacular happened. My sister just wanted me to fuck her missionary style. It took a little while to get her to an orgasm though. I was there first, ready to blow but couldn't quit make it happen. It made me try harder and eventually Cin screamed out as a massive orgasm washed through her. I was frustrated that I couldn't climax and that she didn't even try to help me get off.

Yvette soon took her place, on her back like Cin had been. I pushed Yvette's little legs up towards her head while I rammed her hard and fast. Five minutes later and me still no closer to my climax I felt Yvette grip me hard as she orgasmed.

"What the hell is happening?" I said as Yvette got out of the bed with me left frustrated. It was as if they were rushing through this as fast as they could. And I was getting mad that I couldn't cum.

"I'll help you out David," Sondra promised. She too was in the missionary position as I entered her. I decided she had plenty of padding for me so I pounded her as hard as I could. It didn't take her long to reach her pinnacle. When she climaxed it was as if the floodgates were opened for me. I shot my cum deep in her love tunnel as I held her tight.

That's when it happened. Suddenly I realized where I was, what I was doing. I pushed myself up and cried, "What the fuck?" Realizing I was still deep inside of Sondra I pulled out and jumped off of the bed. There in front of me was Yvette's little 12-year-old sister, well maybe not so little but young still the same. And I had just fucked her. The wash of memories flooded back in as I remembered everything I had done to these three girls since yesterday. My God I was going to go to hell first, and then they would lock me up for good.

"David, David, it's OK," Cin said. "It was just an experiment. No one is going to say anything, I promise. Isn't that right girls?"

"We would never say anything to anyone," Yvette agreed.

"I promise not to say a word to anyone, ever," Sondra said.

"Thank you," I said, feeling a bit more at ease.

"As long as you don't mind us spending the night together like we planned," Sondra added.

"OK by us," the other two said in unison.

"But, but," I stammered. I knew I had no choice at this point. I had no power over them. It was all an illusion that Cin had constructed. "I guess so," I finally agreed.

"Thank you David," Sondra said as she kissed me. "I think it's time for bed already, isn't it?"

"If you say so," I said in resignation.

"Yvette, do you have some more of those special pills you gave David earlier?" Sondra asked.

"Oh I have a couple you could use tonight, just one at a time, about 4 hours apart should do it," Yvette explained.

"By you two love birds," Cin said as she and Yvette walked out.

Sondra picked up a set of handcuffs and said, "Now what should we do with these?"

"Whatever you want," I replied.

The End

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