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Before I forget this story is an incest story if you don't like it please leave!!!

It had been fifteen years since my parents took a sailing trip off the coast of Australia. Supposedly they were sleeping in the cabin not realizing a large storm was coming toward them. Once my father realized it he went up to try and get a rescue party to find them, however no one answered. The next morning my parents woke up stranded on an island. They decided to create a shelter presuming it would be short term, but it ended up being long term. Later that year my older sister Nikki was born. The next year my twin sister Kate and I are born. Name is Tim by the way with my parents names being Chris and Megan before I forget.

Around five years ago my father was spearing some fish in the water when this manta ray stings him . The next moment a school of piranha's come swarming around the blooding foot and slowing eat him alive. The rest of us were on the other side of the island so by the time I arrived his legs were missing , before I could chase after him my mother stopped me and closed my eyes as we walked the other way.

Present day both my sisters, my mother, and me all still live on the island. Around this time I'm just starting to discover that my cock is growing hard. It's impossible to hide too counting that every one in my family is a nudists.

I'm waking up one morning when I hear this scream a few feet from me. Looking around I see Nikki is screaming at me and pointing in my direction or I should say down where my cock is fully risen.

“Honey what's wrong?” my mother asks trying to calm down Nikki. Then she and by now Kate are looking at my hard-on. “It's alright sweetie it's natural for a guy to have a hard-on like that” my mother replies.

“How come I've never seen him have one before then” Nikki says nervously.

“Oh trust me I've seen him before have one just like your father. It's the start of how your all born” my mom says.

“Can I touch it?” Kate responds. Before I can say no my mom had approved and Kate had her hand stroking my cock.

“Oh, yes that feels so good” I moan softly.

“I think he likes it mom” Kate turns her head over to mom and Nikki with a smile.

“Why don't you join your sister Nikki” our mother said pushing Nikki over to me. About this time I was a bit nervous myself since I've never had anyone touch my cock besides myself and now I am having my cock touched by both my sisters.

“This is so awkward” Nikki says stroking it as Kate rubs my balls in her hand. “How does feel brother?” Nikki asked me.

I was in really enjoying this new found sensation when suddenly my cock erupted with white stuff not knowing what is was we all looked at our mother who was now standing above us.

“That kids is called cum we all produce it why don't you g ahead and taste it girls” our mother says smiling at all of us.

Now by this time we were all nervous. Nikki touched it and then looked at Kate “At the same time?” Kate also touched it having a little bit on her finger. Then both suck on their fingers at the same time.

“Taste salty?” Kate responds “However I do enjoy the taste.” Nikki smiled with agreement.

“Why don't you two go ahead and lick it?” our mother says looking below us. Both Kate and Nikki gulp at the same time lick the head of my cock. A new sensation over came me and I spurt out even more cum. Nikki licked my shaft while Kate started sucking on my cock while rubbing my ball sack.

“Alright girls why don't we teach him a few tricks” our mother says now sitting down besides us.

“Like what?” Nikki asks.

“First off Tim why don't you come over here” I move myself over to her face to face. My mom then shoves my head downward. “I want you to eat my pussy” she said in a stern voice. I lick it as my mom cooed above me and then I lick it more and more as my mom was holding my the back of my head moaning extremely loud. As I'm licking her pussy I begin to taste cum in my mouth. Looking at it it seemed similar to mine, however instead of being salty like my sisters said it tasted sweet. Licking the cum my mom was producing I began to feel this urge to go further so I use my hands t spread the folds her pussy had and continued to lick deeper in. Before I could go any further she shoved me away as some of her pussy juice was dripping from my mouth.

Shoving me to Nikki who had her legs spread out for me I dived right in and took care of her pussy. It tasted almost just as sweet as mothers, but not quite as sweet. I had this uncontrollable urge to dig further in not wanting to stop eating her pussy when I feel someone pull me away and this time it was Kate who also had her legs spread apart and was using her fingers to spread open her pussy for my for easy access. I ate her pussy and she also had a different taste, but this time she tasted even sweeter than both mom and Nikki it was like smelling the wild flowers around the island I couldn't get enough of it as cum was dripping from my mouth. Once I had enough this time I got up and my mom kisses me on the lips. Out mouths open as her tongue enters my mouth grabbing as much cum as possible from it and then pulls away and looks toward Nikki and kisses her. I on the other hand decide to do the same thing with Kate as I give her some of the cum. As we are kissing we begin to feel each others bodies. I squeeze her small mound as she grabs my butt. As we stop kissing I move down and begin for the first time lick her little mounds. She moans softly when I lick them. Feeling a bit adventurous I suck on each of her mounds flicking them with my tongue. Then continuing to lick down to her stomach and her belly button, when she pulls me off as she licks my tiny mounds and then moves down and does the same except she begins to suck on my cock while squeezing gently on my balls. I begin to feel the same funny urge again below as I begin to cum in her mouth. At first she pulls away, but then she gulps it down and goes back and cleans up my cock.

Looking over I see mom and Nikki eating each others pussies where Nikki was on top of mom. Nikki shoves her fingers in mom's pussy, but mom doesn't seem to mind since she is too busy doing the same thing to Nikki. Then Nikki begins to moan really loud. Looking back at Kate I lift her off me. And I decide to do the same thing by placing my fingers in her pussy. To my surprise she too was enjoying this feeling that she was feeling her mounds that now seemed to be pointing out. So doing this I lick her mounds as she screams above me. Thinking she must be enjoying this a lot I continue to do this for awhile. Then I move up kissing her neck up to her forehead and then back down where are lips connected once again. Soon I felt something down below pulling away I see Kate rubbing my cock. I go back to kissing her, but it stops almost immediately when I feel someone behind me.

Looking behind me I see Nikki rubbing her pussy in front of my face. Figuring that she wants her pussy licked at again I accept. Ending my time with Kate I lick and lick at Nikki's pussy while she screams above me. While I'm engulfing her pussy Kate and Mom are standing above me licking Nikki's mounds. I spread Nikki's pussy further apart craving the taste of her sweet pussy. Digging further inward with each lick of the tongue as cum gushed down into my mouth and down my throat. Enjoying every drop of cum that came out I continued to lick her pussy deeper and faster.

I soon began to feel that my mouth was getting hard so I stopped to take a breath. A moment of adjusting my mouth my mom comes down and kisses me again taking as much cum as possible from my mouth and then going back up and kissing Kate and Nikki together as they are standing above me using their tongues to taste Nikki's cum. Realizing I still had a hard-on not knowing how I was going to get rid of it, of course why would I want to get rid of it when I know my sisters and my mother could take care of it.

“Alright girls why don't you some food ready for this morning” mom says to the girls as I lay their watching them.

“Yeah, but Tim is still hard” Kate replies.

“No worries I know a trick on how to remove it you two just get some food ready and we'll be out soon. Okay.” Mom says to them as they both leave. Leaving me and mom in the room.

“So what idea do you have to take care of my hard on, because I'd like to keep it hard all the time if I could” I say as mom slowing sits down positioning my cock into her pussy as I watch with intent and anticipation as to what is going to happen next .

“I know you'd love to have that hard-on as long as possible, but sadly son it's just not possible, so I'm going to fuck you.

“What's fuck?” I reply, but quickly getting my answer mom moves up and down as I feel her soft pussy moving around my cock. Not wanting it to end I move up and down with mom. She moans while feeling her mounds. Soon I began to feel something down below again knowing now that is was my cock wanting to cum and boy did it ever cum spurting the last of my cum into my mom. I moan just as loud as her. Then she pulls my cock out and walks out the room as I lay there soaking all that just happened.

“Tim don't lay there forever, come get some pineapple and fish to eat” Tim hears someone from the distance yell at him. Then walking out Tim sees Kate standing their with Nikki below her eating her pussy while mom is eating Nikki's pussy. Almost immediately I was hard again just looking at what was going on. A few more steps my stomach began to grumble. Signaling to me that I needed food not pussy. I run over and watch them eat each other while eating some food this fine morning. Half way through eating Nikki walks over to me and then goes down and begins to suck on my cock. I continued eating because my stomach was still grumbling. Then Kate and mom sit next to me while rubbing their pussies leaving me in between with Nikki sucking my cock. Life couldn't get any better so it seemed.

After we ate Kate and Nikki went into the jungle to get some food for later while mom and I did some spear fishing near the coast. “So mom when are we going to do what we did earlier, you know fuck” I ask while mom gets a fish.

“Honey can we talk about that later, right now can we focus on catching some fish” mom says spearing another fish. I move closer to her trying to spear a fish near her since I wasn't getting any near me.

“So why can't we talk about it then, because I really would like to fuck you?” I say slowing moving closer to her as she was busy trying to spear fish for later on.

“Now honey I know what your trying to do, but it's not going to work we need fish for later, so you can either spear fish or go back to the beach and get some wood for later” mom says turning around and looking at me with a serious face. I step forward one step and she sticks her spear right at me “Not another step young man or we won't fuck ever again. I knew she was playing sine she couldn't resist my cock forever, but I stepped back and dropped my spear in the water and ran back to the beach. Figuring if I can't get mom I can at least fuck my sisters. When I reached the beach they weren't around, but I knew they were somewhere in the jungle.

Running around the jungle for a few minutes not able to find them I sat down near a tree to catch my breath. Listening to the birds fly by I breathe in the fresh air and taking in the scenery that has been my home my entire life. Looking around I notice from a distance two bodies moving close together and then instant connection. Standing up I watch as the two objects are moving downward. Thinking that the two are my sisters I begin to run toward them faster and faster. Getting closer I see them getting up and walking away. I run faster and faster wanting to speak my voice seemed to be mute though so kept running. I began to see the shape of their bodies and one of them had larger mounds than either of my sisters while the other had similar mounds as my sister Nikki, however I continued to run toward them. Getting closer I noticed one was a red hair and the other had black hair. I continue to run toward them then I see a man walking up to them. Not knowing what was going on I continued to run then I notice they all have something on their skin, but I continue to run thinking maybe someone got on the island and now they have a ship. So many ideas were coming to my mind that when I finally caught up to them I collapsed right next to them. Hearing a shriek I simply go to sleep.

Next thing that happens is me feeling water being poured on my face. Looking around I see unfamiliar people around me with strange things on their body. Their was the black haired woman and next to her was some older man similar to old father except he looked younger and had larger arms. Next to him was the red haired woman who is standing right besides me. I sit up and ask “Who are you?”

“Ah, I see our little friend has awoken from his fall at last” the man says “The names Jack, Jack Haliton and these fine women are my girlfriends. This black-haired one next to me is Susan and the sexy redhead her name is Trish. Your name is...” Jack says with me looking at Trish's large mounds “I see our little friend has a thing for you Trish, of course I don't blame you boy she certainly knows how to steal a mans heart with her stunning body” Jack kisses and hugs Trish a little as Trish smiles at me.

“So boy what's your name...hmm?” Trish says in her best sexy voice getting face to face to me.

“Name is T...Tim” I begin to sweat and feeling nervous when she asked.

“Well Tim our boat crashed and it's a total wreck right now perhaps you can show us around while we wait for help to come” Trish asked politely as she kissed my cheek. As she did that my cock began to get hard.

“It seems our boy Tim really does love you Trish” Jack chuckles as I sit there confused.

“Who are you people and why do you have our brother?” a voice near me shouts looking around I see Nikki and Kate are standing there with there spears.

“We are here because our boat was wrecked and we were simply healing him back to care” Jack says a little scared of my sisters sudden surprise. I ran over to them as Trish and Susan hold Jack's arms in fear of my sisters.

“Don't they mean no harm they just washed up here and are wanting to see the island. That's all” I tell my sister's and both lower there weapons.

“If you want to see the island we will show you the island, but first you come with us to see our mother” Kate says in a stern voice toward them then she looks at me with the same voice.

“Well that's settled then to your mother” Jack replies walking behind with caution as Trish and Susan hold his arms with fear of what my sister's could possibly do with them.

When we got to our place Nikki walked me in while Kate blocked the stranger's from coming in. “Our mother she's ill a water snake bit her luckily Kate and I were just stopping by to see your two, s she should be alright, but I don't think she's going to...” Nikki says before crying and leaving me all alone. I walk where my mother is laying.

“Son is that you?” my mother asks “Oh it is you good, good to see you. I have something important to tell you come closer.” I walk over slowing then sitting down next to her where she grabbed my head and whispered “I'm dying and I want you to take care of your sisters and I want you to do what we did earlier to both of them as many times as you'd like, but listen to them. Your in charge...” She then stopped. Looking at her face I cried and screamed for her to come back, but she didn't and soon Nikki entered comforting me by rubbing my cock in her hand. Then sadness in our hearts she moved down and began sucking my cock getting it hard while also crying. We both cried for awhile alone with our mother laying their dead in front of us. Nikki stopped sucking and just gave up trying to comfort both of us and continued to cry. A cold wind flew through the place and soon after rain came pouring down above us we felt the rain drops slipping through the leaves we had protecting us from above.

“Your mother was a strong woman for taking care of three beautiful children like yourselves” Jack's says walking in with Kate behind them holding her spear even though she wanted to drop it she couldn't as tears dripped from her eyes as well, but she knew we had to stay strong.

For a while we stayed like that until Jack mentioned we make a grave for her. After burying her near our home we decided to cook some fish for supper. It was a quite supper as we all ate there in silence. Afterword Nikki and Kate decided to create a bonfire for all of us as we sat there in silence until Jack broke the silence “I hate to be the first to speak however these two lovely girls next to me and I don't have any where to sleep tonight so is it okay that we sleep with you three for night or no?” My sisters and I looked at each other warily and then we decided to huddle up.

“I don't trust any of them” Nikki says in a low whisper.

“Neither do I what about you brother?” Kate asks me in a low voice.

“Lets keep them outside with each switching post through the night. I'll go first then one of you can replace me and we will do this until morning. After that well discuss their future” I say to both of them.

“Your saying that because you like that red haired lady isn't it: admit it” Kate says to me.

“I'm with Tim on this one even if I agree with you sister we do need to keep a sharp eye on them for tonight” Nikki says.

“Fine, I'll go second when the moon is at the highest point we'll switch” Kate replies as we break up and look at our guests.

“We've decided you'll be sleeping outside near our place for the night. Tomorrow we'll see what your future is here” I say boldly to them, they agree with a simple nod. Kate and Nikki head up to our place to get some sleep while I direct our guests up there once I see Kate and Nikki are already inside.

Once we get up there I take a few long leaves off some trees lay them on the ground and then I start a fire. After that I look at our guests and say “Sleep here.” They slowing get on the ground and cuddle up just how my sisters and I do sometimes when there is a strong wind coming through. Standing there for a few minutes I look at the moon and the sea as my mind begins to drift off.

The next thing I know is someone is touching me from behind. Looking back I see Kate and figure it must be time to change positions. Heading back to where Nikki was sleeping I noticed that she was playing with her pussy in her sleep. Heading over to where she was I began to help her by fingering her pussy. I heard her moan softly, but she was a sleep, so I continued to finger her pussy for a little while, but soon I felt sleep was overcoming my mind and fell to the ground.

A soft feeling down below that felt so warm and tight began to wake me thinking that one of my sisters or both were giving me a blow-job instead I see Nikki on top of me bobbing up and down. Realizing that she was fucking me. I move my hips with her and then grab her moving her closer to me so I could fondle her mounds in my hands. “I see someone is finally awake” Nikki says to me.

“Where did you learn this move?” I asked.

“Kate and I saw what mom did to you yesterday after we left and we figured would do the same to you, it's just that I'm the first one to do it this morning. Besides you didn't think I would forget what you did for me last night” she said teasing with me as we continued to fuck each other.

“What about Kate did you guard our guests last night?” I ask in a serious voice to Nikki.

“No, I didn't guard last night, however I checked a few moments ago and saw that they were all sleeping, so I figured I'd go ahead and fuck you while there sleeping” she says to me. I shrug it off as we continue to fuck in that position for awhile. “They're was this one night many years ago where I saw mom on her knees and hands while dad fucked her from behind. It was when we were really young Kate and you were sleeping next to me when I saw them, but I didn't let them know that I saw them, so do you want to try that brother?” she asked me and instantly I move her off as she got on her knees and hands. Positioning my cock into her pussy I began to fuck her tight soft pussy that made my cock nice and warm. Slowing moving in and out I fucked her until we hear someone a few feet away.

“Looks like I caught you two in the act. Now don't mind me my brother did the same thing to me when I was your age. It's only natural for siblings to act like this when there's no body around to satisfy their animal urges. Now I won't tell Jack, but when and he will find out I'd make sure that your ready for a man's cock, not your brother's little cock okay little girl” Susan says smiling at us and then turning back.
We stop fucking and began looking at each other then Nikki gets up and runs out the door. I was going to say something, however nothing came out. Before I got up she was back with Kate. “We need to talk” were the words that Nikki said to us in a stern voice.

“We need to figure out a way to kill Jack today” Kate says in a low voice so Jack doesn't hear us.

“Alright I'll go and show him the jungle while I'm showing him it I need one of you to distract Susan and Trish. The other one will follow us from a distance until I give the call then whoever it is both of us will kill him on the spot with our spears” I say quickly.

“Why don't you distract the girls after all your the one who's attracted to Trish not us. We can handle him just as easily” Nikki replies.

“One question who's going to give him the tour?” I ask.

“I will” Nikki says.

“You heard what Susan said if he gets...

“He hasn't found out yet so we should be find” Nikki replies.

“Alright then it's settled lets first get some food then we kill” I say and then we leave the room. Heading out Kate wakes up Jake and Trish who are still sleeping while Susan was standing on the beach side watching the ocean waves. Nikki picks some nearby berries while I go ahead and find a few crabs on the shoreline.

Once we get breakfast cleaned up Nikki and I serve everyone breakfast. It was another quite meal until Susan spoke up “So Jack I think you'd love to hear what I saw these two kids doing this morning” she says pointing at Nikki and I. Both of us couldn't believe it even after she said that she wouldn't say anything she lies to us. “So anyhow I woke up early as usual walking around I hear these two making some noises, so I take a look around and discover that they were playing a little game with stones. Back home we call the game marbles.”

“Really that's fascinating” Jack replies after he put down a few berries. Both Nikki and I couldn't believe it she didn't lie although I am interested in this game called marbles though. “That reminds me who's going to show us around the island?” Jack says in a pleasant and yet disturbing voice.

“I'll show you around. Kate why don't you go ahead and find some mussels over by the caves so we can have lunch later” Nikki says cheerfully. Kate goes ahead and starts running off to where the caves are while holding her spear.

“So girls do you want to join us?” Jack asks Trish and Susan.

“Actually I was going to show them how to spear fish so we could have for lunch” I spoke making something up at the spur of the moment.

“Well okay ladies good luck with that, it looks like I got a date with this beautiful lady” Jack says as Nikki grabs his hand as they run off into the jungle.

“So Tim what are we really going to do?” Trish asks me politely.

“I know I shouldn't be saying this but Trish you know when I talked about the marbles story?” Susan says.

“Yeah, how could I forget it was a fascinating story” Trish says brushing against Susan's shoulder.

Well actually I saw this little man doggy-style his sister” Susan replies while I sit there nervously for their next move.

“Mmmm...I like a man that knows how to fuck” Trish says coming closer to me while I begin to sweat. “Don't worry we won't tell Jack your dirty little secret, so long as we get some action as well.”

“I don't know if that's a good idea he could have diseases and such” Susan says cautiously.

“Oh I have a secret for you Susan when Jack was trying to make contact I accidentally unplugged the power for him so we could be all alone.”

“But why would you do that?” Susan replied.

“Cause I was sick and tired of that mansion. It felt like we were in a prison!” Trish yells.

I guess it did feel like prison” Susan said cautiously.

So now we are deserted on this island, and we never have to go back” Trish replies taking her shirt off “Plus neither one of us have had sex with Jack in over three months,so I'm horny as hell.”

“I like your thinking” Susan playfully says to Trish while taking her shirt off to reveal her large mounds. Then Trish grabs one and begins sucking on it.

“Come here Tim and take care of the other one will you” Susan says to me, and without question I move over and do the same as Trish and begin sucking on her mounds that were beginning to become pointing and hard. “Oh fuck yes suck them fuck!” Susan moans with great enthusiasm. Susan takes her shorts off to show her naked body that had no hair around her pussy. I stop sucking when I noticed she had no hair down below then I point to her pussy as she looks at me. “We umm... took the hair off but it will grow back over time, so why don't you go ahead and eat it” she said looking at me. Trish had stopped sucking and began locking lips with Susan. I moved closer to them and remove what was left of what was on Trish's body and began to lick her pussy while fingering Susan's pussy.

“Oh shit yes Tim fuck us both” They moan while I continue eating Trish's pussy and fingering Susan's pussy. I keep it up as juices began to flow out of both of their pussies. Trish's juices tasted very sweet just like mom's, but even sweeter. Susan's juices flowed down my hand. I pulled it out and lifted my hand upward for them to taste it. Feeling their tongues lick my hand aroused me even more.

I stopped eating Trish's pussy and showed them my cock and pointed to their pussies. “Who wants it first?” I asked them. Susan pulls my cock over to her and places it in her pussy as Trish kisses me. Our tongues met feeling each others mouths. Then pulling out Susan kisses me, but instead of exploring each others mouths we simply kissed and kissed. As I was kissing her and fucking her I felt something wet down below figuring it must be Trish licking my cock as its shoving in and out of Susan.

“Hey that's my brother!!” I hear from behind me and in a flash I'm knocked out. Waking up I notice that I'm laying in my bedroom staring at the stick and leaf ceiling above me. Looking around I notice a shadow standing outside my room. Then I begin to hear a couple people talking, but can't tell what they are saying. I decide to act like I'm sleeping while I begin to roll on the floor somewhat like I am having a bad dream. Moving closer I realize that it's Trish and Nikki talking about me. I hear one of them begin to walk toward the bedroom so I quickly turn over to hide my face. The person begins to walk closer to me and then touches my shoulder and then says “Hey brother when you get up we've got a surprise for you.” Realizing that it was indeed Nikki I smile and turn over to not only see Nikki, but Kate, Trish and Susan standing at the doorway all smiling at me in a strange way.

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