A very young school girl gets fooled and raped
My name is John Smith, and I'm a Private school teacher at an "all girls" school. I teach elementary and middle school. One day, at the end of school, all the girls went home except for Cassandra. She was a cute 9 year old brunette caucasian. Her parents were gonna be late because they lived far away and they were stuck in traffic. It was 4:30pm and the only people in the school building were and Cassandra and I.

I watched Cassandra for a while and found that I was strangely attracted to her. I was 34, she was 9, I couldn't believe it. I had a huge erection as I watched her. We were in the classroom.

"Cassandra" I said "I have to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back" I knew she was young and gullible. I pulled out my hard cock, through my open zipper, and returned to the classroom, pretending like I didn't know my 8 inch cock was out, hoping her innocent eyes would look at it.

"Mr.Smith, what's that?" she asked curiously.

"Oh sorry, I forgot to put my zipper up!" I yelled "well this is called a penis, Cassandra"

"Well I've never seen a penis before" Cassandra said, "what is it for?"

"It's to give milk, like what a cow has!" I said "I can show you, are you thirsty?"

"Yes, I am thirsty, how do I drink the milk?" Cassandra asked.

"Just suck on it, and the milk will come out!" I told her.

I grew harder as she moved her head closer to my cock. She grabbed it with one hand. She put her lips on it and started sucking. I started caressing her hair as she sucked on my hard, throbbing cock. She looked so cute sucking cock. It felt so good, and I felt my balls swelling up, I was getting ready to explode in her mouth. I started moving her head back and forth with my right hand. It felt so good I couldn't hold back. I exploded and unleashed 7 huge waves of hot cum inside her mouth. It filled her mouth up completely. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. "Swallow the milk, sweetie." I said. She made a cute gulping noise as she swallowed all of it.

I gave her a pat on the cheek and an hour later, her parents picked her up.
"Mommy, Daddy, I just drank milk out of a penis!" she said.

"What!?" yelled her father.

"Yeah, I sucked on Mr.Smiths penis and drank all the milk!" Cassandra said.

Furious Mr.Willard got out of the car. He walked inside, and walked up to me. He put on a glove and pointed a pistol at me.

(The following is gonna 1st person from Mr.Willard's view)

"Kill me" John Smith said "It's what I deserve."

BANG!!! The gun goes off on my Mr.Smith's head.

I just killed an evil man. I put the pistol in John's hand.

When I returned to the car my wife yells "Did you kill him!?"

"No, he shot himself" I said. "Cassandra, if anyone ever asks you to do that again, say NO!!!"

"Why not Daddy?" She asked.

"Doesn't matter why, just don't!" I yelled.

That night I was dreaming of my daughter Cassandra jacking me off. I woke up. My wife left to work. I couldn't help but to want a real hand job from Cassie. It must feel so good. I was being controlled by my body.

"The milk is good soap! Let's shower you!" I said to Cassandra, later that morning.. I then undressed my daughter, and started caressing her butt, breasts and pussy. I put her in the bath tub.

"You can make the soap come out with a nice penis massage! Don't be shy, touch it!" I say as I pull my raging hard cock out of my pants.

Cassandra put her small hands on my big cock and started to work my 9 inches. Then I said "the faster you massage, the faster the soap will come out!" Cassie started jacking me off at a faster pace. After a while of stroking I moved her hands out of the way and I finished myself off. I came, load afrer load, all over her face, neck, breasts, and ass. I then started the shower.

I start washing her ass with my hands. It was so nice and smooth. I got hard after massaging my baby's butt for a few minutes. I then spread her butt cheeks and inserted my hard throbbing cock into her tight little asshole, doggy style. "OW! that hurts Daddy, stop!" Cassandra yelled. I ignored her pushed my cock deeper into her ass. Cassandra gasped. Then I forced my cock's entire length deep in her ass. Cassandra then gave a loud scream! I soon after started raping little Cassandra in the ass with my whole cock's length. As Cassandra was crying in pain, I fucked her harder and harder. I looked up at the ceiling from pleasure as I blew my load inside her ass. As she was sobbing I gave her a kiss on the head. I whispered into her ear "If you dare tell mommy about this, I will do it to you again."

I was addicted. The next morning, after my wife left to work, I asked Cassandra if she could give me a blow job, and I told her to forget I told her not to do that anymore.

"No!" she refused "You hurt me yesterday!" Angrily, I grabed Cassandra by the hair and dick-slaped her in the face with my huge erection. I forced her mouth open and inserted my cock into her cute little mouth. Her lips stretched around my wide cock. I then grabbed her by the hair and started moving her head back and forth. She tried to resist and pull my cock out of her mouth, but I didn't let her. Instead I deep throated her and litterally forced all 9 inches of my cock down her throat! As Cassandra was choking heavily, I got turned on. I started moving her head back and forth while moving my hips back and forth, fucking her throat as hard as I could. My cock was harder than ever, ready to explode with cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. Then I aimed at the inside of her mouth, which I forced wide open with my hands, and my erection exploded! It was the best feeling I've ever felt in my life as I shot 12 huge waves of cum directly into her mouth! The cum overflowed out of her mouth! I then forced her mouth closed with all the cum still inside, so she couldn't spit it out.

"Swallow it, Cassandra" I said, "you don't want me to rape your ass again, huh?". In fear, Cassandra swallowed all of my cum in 5 gulps.


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It made me horny anyway -laugh- I'm one fucked up 13yro -facepalm-

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pretty bad story... so he kills the teacher, then rapes her... messed up.

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I would love having her sucking my cock.

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kills guy who molests his daughter, calls him evil and deserves it, rapes his own daughter...

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Sad. Grammatically, of course.

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