Mike and I had been travelling for a few days. Everywhere we stopped there was someone for us to fuck for the night.
Mike and I had been traveling for a few days. Everywhere we stopped there was someone for us to fuck for the night. Mike would pick his and I would pick mine. It was great to get to fuck anything I wanted and then return to Mike and get totally pleasured by his big black cock. After our little stay at the hole in the wall hotel Mike and I got in the car and started to our final destination. We were headed for Dallas and were running a bit behind seeing how as I had to suck that beautiful black cock as a good morning gift. The feel of that thick black meat in my mouth and throat just drives me fucking crazy. We were due to be in Dallas in just a few hours so I took the opportunity to take a little cat nap. As we were getting close I was awoken to the feel of Mikes thick fingers rubbing my pussy and clit through my shorts. I was deep into my nap and was dreaming of having the smoothest shaved face and hottest tender tongue licking my sweet juices off of my clit and pussy lips. The dream was so intense and everything was just perfect, I was so close to cumming in the dream and in real life and my breathing was deep and labored. As I stirred and began to awaken I let out a deep chesty moan and grabbed Mikes hand. I was still thinking that the world’s best pussy eater had his head between my legs and when I felt Mike’s hand it startled me even more and I became fully aware of what was going on.

I looked over at mike his dark chiseled features and those mirrored sunglasses showed my reflection as he turned to me with one of his wicked…catch me fuck me smiles. The reflection showed exactly how I felt. I was rubbing his arm and hand as he caressed my clit and I was sucking on my bottom lip with my legs spread as wide as I could get them. I was in total ecstasy just from this man’s thick fingers and soon to cum. He then stopped abruptly and laughed. “Candice you are by far the most sensual little black cock bitch I have ever let suck my dick” he growled with his laugh. “Thanks baby, now finish what you started you fucking tease!” I responded. “No way Candice, we are almost there so you need to get changed and I want you ready to satisfy anyone that wants you” he smiled at me with that evil smile again. “What?” I asked puzzled mainly because I was ready to explode from his clit rubbing not really understanding what he was saying. I asked him, “Where the hell are we going? I thought this was just a trip for you and me?” Mike answered, “Well it has been and now it’s time for you to fulfill a few promises I made to some friends of mine.”

“What fucking promises Mike?!” I yelled sitting up in my seat. “Well I told one of my business partners about you and Melissa, not to mention they had heard about you from one of the guys that you gang fucked a few months ago. And we got invited to a party here in Dallas” he answered. “What kind of party?” I asked. “Well babe it’s more of a party for me, you are to be the entertainment” he smiled as he reached for his cigarettes. “Mike what the fuck!” I yelled. “What the hell have you gotten me into!? I am not some fucking whore you can drag around and make money off of!” I screamed. I knew something like this was inevitable. But I thought Mike would ask me before dragging me into something that I knew nothing about and something that I could not get out of being three hundred miles away from home. “Damn baby, calm down!” he exclaimed. “You know damn well I am not getting you into something you can’t handle. I know you and you will enjoy yourself. And I promise that I would never put you in a situation that presented any sort of danger to you. And I would never pimp you out, either” he growled deeply at me. “Well what do you expect me to do fuck and suck; I don’t even know how many guys?” I retorted. “Candice here is what it is, this guy is a business partner of mine and a big shot in certain circles here in Dallas. He runs a few strip clubs and I set up the sound and light systems for him. After the last big job we were talking about this and that and he brought you up” he replied.

I got really nervous and got a chill down my spine, this was getting far weirder than I wanted to go. “What the fuck? He asked about me? How…” Mike quickly cut me off “Well this guy named Vince, who owns these clubs, was talking to a guy that was at my homecoming party, one of the guys that fucked you, and he told him about the whole gang bang. We got to talking and he wants to meet you.” I must have looked scarred but I was getting weird signals from my body. My heart was pounding because I was scared shitless but my body was tingling, I was still horny, though not as powerfully horny as I was five minutes before, and my mind was racing. Mike leaned in and gave me a deep kiss. I was still stunned from what was going on and just sank my tongue into his mouth. He pulled back and began “Babe, don’t worry, at anytime you want the hell out of there, we are gone. I made this guy no promises and told him we would try and make the party but not to count on it.” That offered a little reassurance to me and I began to relax. “So what is the party? If this guy isn’t counting on us being there then what kind of party is it?” I responded.

“Well what it is, is he has a few of his strippers that he stables out for big, I mean BIG parties.” I cut him off, “Mike I am not a hooker I don’t fuck any fucking guy simply to have a few hundred in my pocket? If this guy wants to make me a whore then I am staying in the damn car!” “Damn girl, don’t you think I know you better than that? Look I know I am clean, all those guys are clean that you and Melissa did a few months ago and this guy told me point blank that for these parties people get checked months ahead of time for diseases and shit. He said that he was looking for a new girl to be entertainment at these types of parties that he has. I told him immediately that you are no whore and that you do who you want when you want. He said maybe that you weren’t what he was looking for. I told him I would talk to you about it.” “You fucker! We are just now talking about it, when we are hundreds of miles from home!” I shot back. “ I know baby but would you have come to my homecoming party if you knew fifteen guys were going to gang fuck you?” he snapped. “No…probably not” I answered. “See I know you, when you get worked up thinking about my cock or fucking two or three black dudes you get all wired up and ready to party. It’s the same deal here. I brought you with me because this guy asked about you and I know how you like to try new things and I thought you would be cool about it” he ended sheepishly.

So there I was sitting there going over what Mike had just said. I was nervous as hell now and shaking all over. The way I get when my libido begins to overpower my common sense. I began to think about it and figured that Mike has always looked out for me. He could have easily charged for heads the night of his homecoming night and pimped me out with me never the wiser, but he didn’t. And there were going to be a few girls that fucked guys for a living, so maybe I could just sit in the corner and pick the things that I wanted to do. “Ok Mike, let’s go to your little party, but as soon as I want to leave you promise to get me out of there, ok?” I demanded in a quiet tone. Mike laughed “I knew you would come around, and I promise that I will get you out of there if I see shit getting out of hand or whenever you are ready to go” he said through his smile.

As our little argument came to an end we got into the heavy Dallas traffic and we exited off of the interstate and headed to a little interstate motel. Mike got us a room and told me to go in and get dressed and he walked down to the liquor store and bought us a bottle of tequila. I showered and got into my black cotton mini dress, which show my legs all the way to the bottom of my ass. I put on my cheapest panties figuring they most likely would not survive the night. Mike turned on the radio in the room and gave me the tequila bottle and I poured our drinks. Mike showered as I took a few shots and I took him a shot as he showered. My tequila shots were warming me up and as I walked into the bathroom I could see Mike standing in profile through the see through shower curtain. Mike is very muscular and built to last. His big thick twelve inch cock hung half erect and I was entranced by its shape and form. I let out a little moan and licked the last of the tequila off of my lips. As I stood there mesmerized Mike got out of the shower I was staring at his cock, just wanting to feel it in my hands and mouth. As I handed him his drink I went to my knees and immediately took his thick black head into my mouth. I ran my hand tightly over his shaft making his skin slide along his half erect cock as I rolled my tongue over his thick head.

I sucked his head into my mouth and with a tight vacuum pulled his cock to length, my hot pink lip stick lips locked on him and my mouth sucking a vacuum on his head as I looked into his eyes, my black short cropped hair hanging halfway in my face. “God Damn baby you suck cock so good, but…” as he soon as I heard him trying to talk me off of his cock I took him to the back of my throat, his thick head pressing against my throat muscles and he let out a deep moan. I came back slowly up his shaft as I ran my tongue along the bottom then I locked my mouth on his cock. As I got his head to my mouth I locked on his head and swirled my tongue around the hood and then began to graze his head with my teeth. I was almost out of breath and I gasped for air while raking his head softly with the tips of my teeth. “You were saying?” I asked him as I rolled my hot wet tongue over his head through my coy little smile. “ok you little black cock slut, make your daddy cum” he growled as he grabbed the back of my head and thrust half of his twelve inch cock back into my mouth making me gag as it rammed the back of my throat.

I knew we needed to be going so I pulled off his cock leaving as much spit on it as possible and then began to take him all the way. Once he hit the back of my throat I took inch by inch trying to breathe through my nostrils. I was beginning to get wet and wanted desperately to rub myself, but I wanted to get to the party now. Mikes thick black cock can make me want to fuck anyone he tells me to, just as long as I always get to suck that cock when I want it. Inch by inch I took him into my throat until I had him completely, my face and nose touching his abdomen. I chocked and as I pulled off his cock I felt it twitch as his cock head passed my spassaming throat muscles. I caressed the thick saliva from my mouth into his shaft as I rotated my mouth on his cock. He was getting very close to cumming so I began to squeeze his balls ever so gently until the tightness in his balls made him squirm a little and he began to slowly push his cock into my mouth. I knew he was on the verge and I sucked his head and felt his balls expand as his load of cum passed his balls and came up his thick shaft. “Oooooooohhhh fuck, suck that cum you fucking slut!” he moaned. As his cum splattered against the back of my throat I coughed slightly and increased my stroking motion as I hovered my mouth over his cock head. I looked deep into his eyes waiting for the rest of his hot load, he had three large squirts of cum in my mouth. I swallowed every drop, letting it slide slowly down my throat. After his orgasm I licked his cock clean and pulled myself slowly up his naked hard muscular body. I began Kissing my way up until he pulled me to my feet and gave me a long deep kiss, his thick hot tongue pressing against mine. We kissed and I massaged his beautiful long cock in my hand for about five minutes. He pulled away and said, “Damn Candice you are the best little white cocksucker. Thanks for the second head of the day but we need to get to the party!”

Mike dressed and I did a little touch up work on my makeup. We both took about three more shots of tequila and then we locked up the room and jumped into the car and headed for the party. I was going crazy during the drive, half wanting to suck Mikes cock until we got there and half wanting him to pull over, where ever we were, and pull me out of the car and bend me over the hood and fuck my pussy to explosion in front of god and everyone. I would try to sneak my hands between my legs so that I could reach an orgasm that I desperately needed. When Mike would notice what I was doing he would grab my hand from my crotch and tell me “No, bad slut!” I was well on my way to being fucked up, the Tequila was having its usual affect on me and I was right where Mike wanted me, ready to fuck and suck anything he told me to. After a few times being caught he made me put my hands on his cock. He really wanted me to be completely crazed when we got there so I would not be shy about being part of the ‘Entertainment’. So I just massaged that thick cock in my hands through his trousers. I even tried to free his shaft from his trousers which got me a slap on the back of the head. Hmmmmm so he did not want to be spent before we got there, he must be really looking forward to getting to fuck some of these whores. No big deal for me, I always got him last and I know I suck him better than any other woman he has had. So I tried to stay content kissing and rubbing him and squirming my hips on the passenger door handle, rubbing my pussy on the handle.

Seeing how I was more like laying in the front seat my hands and mouth on his crotch, I had no real idea of where we were going. So I promised him that I would behave if I could sit up. I was expecting us to pull into to some area of Dallas that was worn down with liquor stores, strip clubs and vacant warehouses. But to my surprise we were actually heading to the north of Dallas where nice big fancy homes were spaced out and sporadic. We turned down this street and then that street until we finally pulled into a long straight drive. There were probably thirty cars there and even a catering van. We parked the car and we walked up to the side gate where we meet a very big black man named Tony. He was just one of the many security guards at this party. Tony was so fucking huge I thought to myself, Jesus if this guy tries to fuck me he will crush me! Tony weighed at least 325 pounds and was about 6’7” and most of that was muscle. Mike called out to him “Hey Big Tony how are ya brotha?” “Hey Mike what’s up?” he said smiling straight at me looking me up and down. Not even letting Mike respond Tony said in his deep reverberating voice, “Damn Mike how in the hell did you get a hold of this beautiful woman?” Mike returned in a deep laugh “ohhh hell this is Candice, she is the best black cock slut in all of West Texas! I’ll have to let her introduce herself to you once everything gets going.” We began walking through the gate and Tony replied as he watched my legs and ass pass by him, “mmmhhhhmmmm yeah we gonna have to try some of that tonight, that’s for sure.” I was drunk and so fucking wet that even walking made me want to cum, but seeing Tony scarred me a little bit. Since I have met Mike I have had the chance to fuck a lot of black guys so it is difficult for me to feel intimidated but Tony made me feel just that.

We walked in the side of the house and this very handsome black man came up to Mike and I and yelled out, “Mike you mother fucka, damn I didn’t think you were coming.” Mike responded, “Ahhh there ain’t no way in hell I am missing this fuckin party, Vince.” We had come in through a side door into a huge kitchen. There were three guys and a girl in cooking attire, they must have been the caterers and they were busy messing with the food and all that stuff. Most of them were Hispanic but there was a young white guy that seemed to be doing most of the work. I caught him looking our way and he smiled and said hello. Vince looked at me and just took me in for a few seconds. “Damn Mike this is a beautiful woman on your arm, don’t be a fool and not introduce us.” “Vince this is the girl that everyone’s talking about, this is Candice.” I released Mikes arm and offered my hand to Vince. Being the slick player he appeared to be he took my hand and kissed it gently on the knuckles. Mikes comment sort of startled me and then my libido took back over. I needed to suck or fuck something. I hadn’t had an orgasm all day and was brought to the brink three times. All I wanted was for the party to start.

“Well, well so you are Candice. Damn baby, I have been hearing a lot about you but no one said you were so damn gorgeous.” I offered a coy giggle and thanked him for inviting me to his party and that I loved his house. He escorted Mike and I to a large great room where there was a small dance floor and plenty of couches and seats. It had a small fireplace in the corner that set a good atmosphere. There was a beautiful young blonde; her name was Tiffany I later learned, and she was wearing only high heels and a black mesh body suit. She was hovering around seven or eight well dressed black guys. She was taking drink orders asking them if they needed anything. She would bend over to interact with each of the men and show everyone on her back her sweet pink pussy lips. She was tall and lean and looked so fucking sexy in her body stocking. The men would pat her on the ass and she would then move to the next man. She finally got to where she was taking a man’s order that positioned her back facing us as we were standing in the entrance way. When she bent over I unconsciously tensed on Mikes arm and let out a soft moan. Mike and Vince both looked at me and I realized they were staring at me. I looked at them with a sheepish smile and then turned to watch Tiffany standing up and walking our way. Vince let out in a deep laugh, “Ohhh yeah Candice you will defiantly have a good time tonight. “ “Mike, Candice this is Tiffany and she works for me. Let her get you something to calm your nerves and warm you up.“ “Hi Mike!” Tiffany damn near shouted as she leaned into him and gave him a deep kiss. “Hey Tiff, how you been girl?” Mike said after his kiss. “Ohhh yeah you know Mike don’t you Tiffany?” Vince said. “MMmmhhhmmm” was her response.

“Tiffany turned to me and said in her heavy Texas accent, “Hi Candice, it’s very nice to meet you! You look good enough to eat, Hun.” I said thank you and she took our drink orders then disappeared into the kitchen. After introducing Mike and I to the men in the room Vince went on about his rounds. Mike and I went to sit down and before we were seated Tiffany had our drinks. I was still very tipsy and I didn’t want to lose that but I didn’t want another shot. So I sat and began to drink my tequila slowly. Mike started to talk to some of the guys we were sitting close to and I listened for a while but my continuous buzz and the fact that my pussy was dripping with anticipation of what was going to happen tonight, was making me squirm. All of these men were setting there looking at me like I was the first woman they had seen in thirty years. It was making me very fucking horny knowing that I was the woman that these all very built and healthy looking black men wanted to fuck or have suck them. I was going absolutely nuts.

Vince came back around and offered to show me around. I stood up as all eyes in the room were watching my ass and my legs as I grabbed Vince’s arm and we walked to another room with a fireplace and chairs and a few huge TV’s. I was playing it very coy and shy, just trying to keep myself from plopping down right in front of Vince and taking his cock out and going to town. When I get in a room with black men that I know want to fuck me, I completely loose all control, thanks most impart to Mikes homecoming gangbang that I was THE entertainment for 18 very gifted black cocks. We walked through the TV room and to a deck through the back part of the house. There was a huge swimming pool that was lit up with lights and a waterfall. Next to it were a few black guys in a hot tub, they were completely naked their cocks half erect. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Vince introduced me and laughed when he noticed the trance I was in. He slapped my ass to get my attention, and I swear I let out a moan. I said hello and finally got a good look at the guys in the tub. I recognized the guy on the left, it was Jerome, I found out as Vince reintroduced me. Jerome was one of the guys at Mike’s homecoming party. “mmmm Candice, we finally got you to come to one of these parties!? Bout’ fuckin time! This is just the party for a slut like you baby.” Jerome said in his Philly accent. Vince told him that he can always leave if he didn’t want to treat other guests with respect. Which really surprised me; I know what I am and love it. Jerome apologized and I said “It’s ok Jerome, I can’t deny what I am baby.” We began walking off and I heard Jerome tell the other guy, “damn dude that little slut is crazy for black cock. She fuckn loves it.”

We went back into the main room where all the other men were. This I guessed was a black male only party, which got me very excited. Now there were about thirty black guys eating and drinking and laughing. As we walked in everyone sort of quieted down and just looked me over. I sat down next to Mike and I whispered in his ear, “Mike I need to cum bad, take me to a room now please.” Mike leaned back and said “Chill baby your about to get your pick of what, how many and who you want to fuck.” And as he began to lean back up Vince invited everyone to the pool house. We all got up Vince took me on his arm and we headed back outside to where Jerome and the hot tub was. There were thirty black guys behind me grunting and whistling and talking about my ass as we passed the pool and hot tub and headed for the pool house.

As we started to walk towards it the lights inside came on and a nice thick bass started to permeate the air, growing louder and louder. Two girls a redhead named Tish and a brunette named Erin opened the doors. They were wearing the same type of outfit that Tiffany was wearing. They were not as gorgeous as Tiff but both were still very sexy and well endowed in the chest. Pool house hell, this place was like a mini strip club. There was a big runway running through the center with stools around its length. There were TV’s on every wall and showing different angels of the main stage. I loved the stage immediately because in one of the TV’s you could see that it was black gloss and shaped like a huge cock. There were three stripper poles along the length of the cock stage and all the lights and shit you would expect. Erin and Tish got on stage and started dancing after everyone entered and sat down. A few more girls came in dressed in skimpy waitress outfits and started taking orders for drinks.

After about five minutes big Tony came in and sat at the DJ’s booth and let loose with his diatribe in his deep gruff voice. “Good evenin mutha fukas, it’s time to get this party rolling. Here to get those dicks ready for tonight is Tiffany Minx.” The music changed and Tiffany came to the tip of the cock stage. She was dressed in a nurse outfit that blew me away. She started dancing and all the guys started howling at her. She began doing her routine and everyone started relaxing and getting into the rhythm. Mike and I were in a corner and I finished off my glass of Tequila. We had a couple of guys sitting with us and they were drinking and hooting at Tiffany. Mike was talking constantly with these men and I was just sitting there watching Tiffany dance. Every once in a while one of the guys would look at me with that ‘Cant wait to have you sitting on my cock, bitch’ look and then they would go back to talking. One of the girls brought us a round of drinks and I slammed mine down. “Take it easy baby, we have all night” Mike said. I whimpered into his ear for him to please fuck me. He whispered, “I aint fucking you until the parties over. You gotta show all these guys how white girls from West Texas fuck.”

I pouted a little bit and then Mike introduced me to the two men we were sitting with. “Look here this fine little thing next to me is Candice. Let me tell you how I met her.“ Mike explained how we met at a frat party and how I fucked him and a few other black guys that night. He started rubbing my leg as he was telling his story. I was actually embarrassed a little but when he started rubbing my leg I got over that. One of the guys was looking me over and started rubbing on my other leg. Next thing I knew Mike was telling them how I loved sucking black cock and how good I was at it. “Mmmm that’s just what I need right now” said the guy sitting across from me. By this point I was ready for anything, Mike had my skirt pulled up and my soaking panties pushed to the side. First he started rubbing my clit which had been ready to explode since I sucked his cock in the hotel. At his first touch I grabbed his arm and squeezed hard. “God damn slut,” Mike said. “This bitch is so wet right now; she needs a big fucking cock. But we aren’t gonna give it to her yet. We gonna make this little black cock slut beg for black dick tonight.” With that he slid one of his massive fingers into my wet lips. I let out a deep moan and my eyes rolled in back of my head. The other guy that was caressing and squeezing my leg then started to rub my clit. Mike continued on telling how he had a home coming party a few months back and let all his friends’ gang fuck me for hours on end, not once missing a stroke of his fingers into my pussy. The fucking sensation was amazing. I can only imagine how hard I would cum if he had that twelve inch cock in me right then. I began to pant my chest heaving to the motion of his fingers in my cunt. I began to lick my lips and reached for Mikes and this other guy’s crotch that had scooted closer and was massaging my clit. The guy rubbing my clit then slowly fed his finger, covered in my pussy juices, into my mouth and I devoured it hungrily.

I heard Vince’s loud voice over the music, “Now that’s what I am talking about, get that little white slut ready to go!” When I opened my eyes I saw him standing next to the table. He had a hungry grin on his face, which made me shiver; I was fresh meat for his friends to enjoy. I looked around half expecting to see thirty guys surrounding our table watching Mike and this guy pleasing my pussy and watching me suck on their pussy drenched fingers. But everyone was still at their tables. There were probably ten girls in the place now all doing table dances or what not. I looked closer at one of the tables and three guys were giving a little Asian woman with a perfect body their cock’s one at a time. She was sucking two in turns while the third guy was licking her pussy. I looked to some of the other tables some girls were table dancing but most were either sucking big black cocks or having their pussies and tits worked on by various men.
Tiffany wasted no time at all she was on the stage sucking a cock while she took big Tony from behind on her hands and knees. Erin was under Tony’s crotch with a guy licking her pussy while she sucked on Tony’s ball sack as he was thrusting into Tiffany. “Hey Mike when’s this little bitch gonna start begging for black cock?” the guy that wanted me to suck his cock earlier asked. Mike turned to me and smiled as he said “well what of it slut? You want some black cock or not?” With his thick fingers filling my pussy to the beat and the guy next to me now rubbing my tits as I looked back at Mike I responded. “mmmm please Mike let me have some black cock now!” I practically yelled threw my heavy breathing. “Fuck that you little white slut, you know you have to ask Daddy for black cock. And I aint your Daddy tonight!” Mike yelled, removing his thick fingers from my pussy. I grabbed his hand to stop it. “Please Daddy Vince can I please have some black cock now” I cooed to Vince. Vince yelled out in a roaring laugh, “Fuck ya you little slut get on this table and start sucking cock!”

With that I started climbing to the top of the table. Vince stopped me and pushed a button on the wall and the table began to sink a few feet. It was very wide, just wide enough for me to lay on to support my back or for me to get on all fours without hanging over. Before I could even climb to the top of the table giant hands picked me up and placed me on top of it. I was on my hands and knees my cropped black hair hanging down in front of half of my face. My skirt was hiked over my ass and resting on my hips, my soaking red pussy lips glistening for the guy that was rubbing my clit to get a full view of. The tables were soft on my knees as they were covered with some sort of fabric pulled tight to set drinks on, but this table was built for women to get fucked on and that was its whole purpose. The guys at the table had all stripped, Mike had left and was checking out the other girls, and Vince had raised the table back up with me on it where I was at the right height for sucking and getting fucked. As soon as I was in place the guy that wanted his cock sucked was standing right in front of my face his crooked thick black cock inches from my lips. I sheepishly began to kiss and lick his head. He must have been into me since he saw me because he was all ready leaking pre-cum from his head. I liked his head rolling my tongue over his not so thick but perfectly portioned head.

The guy behind me immediately started licking on my clit thrusting his hot tongue into my pussy. I slowly licked the pre-cum from the cock in my face then took his head into my mouth. Sucking any cum out of his slit and licking it clean. I slowly started taking his shaft into my mouth and inch by inch I had his 10 inch dick covered in my spit. My pussy was getting some release as the man licking my clit began to quickly lick my red throbbing pussy lips and clit then he began to finger my pussy with his long boney fingers. I moaned deep into his buddies cock each time he rubbed my g spot. I was quickly responding to the attention my clit was getting. I could feel it throb each time he flicked it with his tongue. After a few minutes of me deep-throating the cock in my mouth and throat and the fingers and tongue drawing me to a climax I pulled the cock from my mouth and commanded “Fuck me with that black cock baby!” I bent over towards him as he began to get to his feet and as soon as I could I took his cock into my mouth rolling my tongue over his head. The guy that I was sucking shouted “Fuck yeah bitch we love you little white sluts!” I then started taking the cock in my mouth deeper and deeper as the other guy was trying to massage my pussy and clit. Since I was sitting he switched to my breast and rubbed them and squeezed them with his powerful hands. Once the cock in my mouth was sufficiently covered with my saliva I sucked him from my throat with a nice vacuum and his cock head ‘popped’ out of my mouth. I got back on my hands and knees as the guy that was fondling my tits leaned in and gave me a deep long kiss. After about a minute of that the guy behind me was ready to fill me with his cock. He pushed my chest down so that my cunt was lined up perfectly. I arched my back and pushed my ass up to him. I was so wet form his pussy eating that he slid easily into my pussy.

His thick fat cock was at least 2 inches around, not the biggest I have had but definitely sufficient. He eased his cock into my pussy slowly and my tight pussy walls could feel the thick veins along his shaft. I squeezed his cock with my pussy and caressed him as he slid in inch by inch. Once he bottomed out in my cunt he began to pull out but I slammed back into him, I wanted to savor his cock stretching me out. “Damn dude this bitch is for real! Her eyes are rolled up in the back of her head” said the guy in front of me. The guy behind me just let me sit on his cock for a few seconds then he grabbed my hair and gently pulled my head back until my head was all the way back and my back was arched up as well. “MMm hell yah we got a nasty little cunt here. She knows to enjoy these big dicks“ the guy fucking me said. He let my head down and I opened my eyes. The guy in front of me had his cock right there for me to take into my mouth. I took him all the way down my throat as the guy in my pussy slowly started to withdraw his cock from me. He then began to thrust into me with long flat strokes. I was in heaven with a black cock fucking me from behind and a nice black dick in my throat and mouth.

Getting fucked doggy style for me is the best sex, getting nice hard cock thrusting deep into me and having a nice shaft in my mouth just makes it that much better. The black cock in my pussy was slowly thrusting into me and getting faster and deeper with every thrust. I was giving the cock in my mouth the full and professional treatment as well. I would work his head then taking him all the way in my throat and let his cock set until I gagged. Then I would pull my mouth off his cock and suck him tightly until he popped from my mouth and I gasped for air. The fucking of my pussy was now a nice fluid motion with his cock plunging deep into me my tits still swaying to his fast and hard fucking. I was moaning very loud and screaming with each thrust of his huge cock. I was still in my dress, the skirt thrown over my hips and my tits hanging out of the top of my dress. I rose on my knees and arched my back. “Yeah you fucking bastard fuck my little pink pussy! Slam that black cock into me I need to cum all over that cock” I growled twisting at the waist half facing the man slamming his cock into me. He leaned in and kissed me deeply thrusting his big hot tongue into my mouth. I tried sucking his tongue as it was in my mouth but his fast thrusting motion was knocking me off a little and I could not get his tongue sucked into my mouth. I placed my arm behind his head and began chanting “Yeah mother fucka, slam that cock into my pussy, fuck me! Fuck me!” He began to slam deep into me. I was enjoying this massive cock in my pussy pounding away at my defenseless pussy. I was so fucking close to cumming! The guy in front of me, obviously feeling left out moved in closer and propped me up againt him and I grabbed his cock and began to stroke his cock with the rhythm of the cock in my pussy. As I stroked his cock he would lean in and kiss me and thrust his tone in my mouth and then go down to my tits and lick and slurp on my nipples.

While he was working on my tits I glanced around not really seeing much of anything just a bunch of black guys fucking ten or so woman. Some had two guys and some girls had five at a table. I saw Mike with Erin taking his cock into her throat. Her head was bobbing on his massive 12 inch and 2 and a half inch thick cock, he was so large she could not even take him the way I do. I saw Tiffany riding Vince as some skinny guy fucked her ass. She seemed as eager as I was to take on a group of black guys. I then caught a glimpse of one of the TV’s that I had seen earlier. And there I was on the screen. I got wide eyed at first but that quickly went away as my pussy began to quiver at the pounding I was getting from behind. I had never seen myself on TV taking two big black guys before. I had fucked around a time or two with a few of my boyfriends but nothing like this. The man behind me pushed me completely to the table my ass arched up and I saw the curve of my back and could see the heart shape of my ass at a nice angel. Now grabbing my hips nice and tight the guy behind me brought one foot up and started to fuck the shit out of me. He was pounding and slamming into my pussy. I had that passionate look of pain and ecstasy on my face and was screaming “Yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy! Yes! Baby Fuck my cunt!”

I was on the verge of cumming and seeing myself in the picture of that TV with my ass high in the air and my chest pushed all the way down, my black dress laying over my back and this guys firm hands gripping my hips and pulling me into his cock just slamming into me. Then the guy in front moved in closer again and grabbed the sides of my head with his big hands and started to fuck my mouth in motion with his buddy. I could see the image on the screen every now and then. I never thought I would see something like this, two big black studs slamming their cocks into me. That was it! I began to tense up and the little tremors in my pussy now were full fledged quivers. My pussy was contracting as my orgasm started; I pulled the cock from my mouth and pushed away the hands holding my head. I then began to buck wildly back into that thick cock filling my pussy. I cam for what seemed forever, the entire time screaming “Yes! God damnit! I am cumming!!!. As the cock kept stroking deep into my pussy and after I my initial screams the guy grabbed my head and began fucking my throat again. I was groaning and panting into his cock shuddering all over from my orgasm. I crumpled up on my elbows as I heard my pussy squishing with each thrust of that cock. In a few seconds the cock in my pussy exploded from the massaging of my quivering cunt walls and the man grunted and groaned as his cock twitched with each blast of cum in my pussy.

After filling my pussy completely with cum the cock withdrew from me and I was just sitting there crumpled over trying to catch my breath. After a few seconds I heard the two men talking but between the music and me just enjoying the feel of my orgasm, I did not hear the conversation. Both men grabbed me, flipped me over and raised me up. The man that was in front of me feeding my mouth his cock then slid underneath me. “Now let me fuck that tight slut ass, gonna fill it with my cum” he growled into my ear as I was splayed with my feet on the edge of the table and on the outside of his legs, my arms behind me to support my weight. He plunged his cock deep into my wet sopping pussy and let it soak up my wet juices and cum then lifted me off with his powerful hands and arms. I lifted with my legs, just on autopilot really. I was still out of breath and in a daze from finally getting to have one of my most intense orgasms that I had been waiting for all day. He placed his pointy head right at the entrance of my anus and slowly started to push me down. The pussy juices and cum from my pussy were covering the tip of his cock heavily. And with no great pains I slid gently on his cock. I would resist with my legs and he would slow down enough to spit in his hand then rub it on his cock. I would relax a little and his massive hands grasping my hips would guide me a little further down. When it started to hurt I would resist but this time I spit in my hand and covered his cock with my spit. Then finally I was completely sitting on his thick black cock.

He slowly started to raise me and I would respond with my legs and his massive shaft would withdraw from my ass slowly. His buddy had gone to get some KY and after I fully withdrew his buddy’s cock from my ass he held the bottle in front of me. I offered him one hand as I balanced myself with my other arm and he applied a nice thick gob of KY in my palm. I stroked the cock that was inches from my asshole and covered it in a nice thick layer of KY. I then took his cock and guided it into my hole and slowly slid down his shaft. It felt amazing and I offered a quick shiver over my body as his mass and the coolness of the jelly slid into me. After he fed me his cock to the hilt I slowly began to raise and lower my hips on his cock. I began to quicken the pace as his cock invaded my little pink ass hole. I began to breathe heavily and soon the man was lifting me and dropping me by guiding my hips with his hand. I looked forward and a few of the guys who had fucked other girls or were waiting their turn to fuck one were watching me ride this big black cock. I weigh barely 105 pounds and I wear a size 2. I am slim and petite and I can only imagine what it looked like seeing this skinny white slut sliding up and down this thick black ten inch crooked cock.

The motion was becoming steady and quicker with each stroke into my ass. My ass was now tingling and no longer hurting from the massive intruder and I was enjoying the sensation. I quit worrying about what the other guys were doing and rolled my eyes in the back of my head not caring what was going on around me. I threw my head back and was moaning heavily. Soon the man that fucked me doggy was standing on the bench perfectly positioned to feed me his cock. My eyes were still closed and I did not realize he had stood on the bench but soon his massive head was pressed against my lips. I sucked his half erect cock into my mouth and began to suck him as far into my mouth as the suction that I created with my cheeks would allow. As the man underneath me began to quicken his pace as he slammed into my ass I sucked the black cock in and out of my mouth. We did this for a few minutes, me taking the cock out of my mouth every few seconds to catch my breath and moan and scream. Then I would lean back and the guy standing over me behind my head would lower his hips enough for me to suck his black cock into my mouth. Soon the cock in my mouth became hard again and I could not keep his dick from escaping my wanting tongue. So as this guy beneath me continuously pumped his cock into my ass the guy above me gently tried to push my head back. He tried to lower his hips enough to where he could slide his cock straight into my throat. The angle was too odd so he got down and moved to the front of me between mine and his buddies legs. I pulled forward off my arms and squatted over this crooked cock that was stroking my ass. The man beneath me grabbed my firm round ass cheeks and began to slam deeper and deeper into my ass. I moaned deep and heavy sometimes gasping for air as his cock plowed into me. The man in front grabbed my head and slowly feed me his cock.

Soon we had a perfect rhythm and I was deep throating the cock in my mouth as his strong hands pulled my head and mouth deeper on to his cock; all the while the man that I was riding was using my ass cheeks as handles as he pulled me up and down his shaft. Soon the guy in front of me tensed up and he shot his thick load down my throat and on my face. I was trying to catch my breath through the cum in my mouth. As I breathed heavily, my mouth wide open, I was blowing strings of cum out of my mouth. I quickly swallowed the load that I had and let it slide down my throat and gasped as I caught my breath. The little Asian woman that I saw earlier taking three big cocks on all by herself walked up to me as I was leaning forward clasping the edge of the table as I rode the cock in my ass. She gave me a deep kiss her tongue exploring my mouth for cum. We kissed deeply for a minute then she pulled her tongue from my mouth and began licking the cum off the sides of my mouth. She was fucking hot and I love kissing other women and I was getting so wet that I was dripping onto my hands. She pushed me gently back and I shifted back to supporting my weight with my arms behind me which exposed my wet pussy. She leaned over and began to eat my dripping wet pussy. Her tongue was like pure energy on my lips and clit. As she was bent over her pussy was exposed and that drew another black man into the activity. As she licked and caressed my clit and lips with her tongue she was sliding a fleshy dildo into my pussy. All the time the guy beneath me is thrusting into my ass. The man behind her finally finished ravishing her pussy with his tongue and mounted her from behind.

The four of us were fucking each other to the beat of the music. None of the girls were dancing they all were now fucking. Some of the girls in the little waitress outfits were sucking one or two guys at a time. Most of the strippers were being double and tripled teamed. Even some of the security guys were taking turns getting sucked or mounting some skinny heavy chested slut. This was not just a gangbang for black cock sluts; this was my first of many interracial orgies. The little Asian woman, her name is Adara, would trade off fucking me with the fleshy dildo and stimulating my clit with her fingers and just licking and moaning into my pussy. The guy I was riding had amazing stamina because he had been fucking my ass for about half an hour and didn’t seem winded or ready to fill my ass up with his cum. Adara’s nice stud was pounding her pussy so hard that he was slamming her into my pussy and with each of his thrusts she began to lick my clit as her hot mouth crammed into me. I noticed a few guys standing around our table watching the show so I motioned the two men to come over, one each to my sides. I began sucking them off in turns. Giving them the best blowjobs I could give with Adara licking my pussy and me riding that hard black cock. Adara’s stud soon reached his climax and he pulled her off my pussy and squirted his load all over her face and in her mouth. Before she could turn back to get me off with her tongue, one of the guys to my side mounted the table and began to fuck my pussy. The thick cock slid in easily and I was going fucking crazy with a cock in my ass and this new cock thumping my pussy.

I laid my head back hoping the other guy on my other side would take the hint and would feed me his cock. He got the hint and soon I had three very nice black cocks in me. I was not going to be able to do this for long because I had to strain to not choke from the guy fucking my face. A few minutes later and the cock in my ass erupted and the man I was riding barked, “Fuck yeah Candy, take my black shit all in your ass, bitch” I did and he emptied his entire load into my ass. The feeling of hot cum in my ass sent shivers up my spine and I collapsed onto the muscular man beneath me. The black stud pounding my pussy adjusted a little and got better leverage and really began to fuck my pussy hard with nice deep strokes that filled me completely. With my head on the right side of the head of the man beneath me the guy that I was trying to suck his cock stepped down from the bench and aligned my head perfectly to feed me his cock. Sliding his cock in my throat he would hit the back of my throat at an odd angle at times and make me choke. Finally the guy fucking my pussy pulled from my dripping cunt and shot his load all over my dress and exposed abdomen. The man beneath me lifted me off his now limp cock and slid out from underneath me. The man fucking my face repositioned me where I was laying flat on my back with my head over the edge of the table and he then once again began to stroke his cock into my throat. This time it was easier for me to take. After a few minutes he soon shot his load down my throat and I coughed it back onto his cock, as he pulled out of my mouth he shot a few squirts onto my face and neck. I rolled over and sucked his thick cock clean. I laid there just heaving and moaning never in my life, not even the homecoming gangbang party, had I been fucked so well.

As I laid there another man pulled my body across the table, his massive hands grabbing my hips and just pulling me on my stomach till my pussy was at the edge of the table. . .I didn’t even see his face or his cock. I was so tired and worn out from the last three cocks that were in me I didn’t even try to turn to get a look. I heard the snap of a KY bottle lid closing and my legs were pushed out to my sides like a frog. I felt the table rise beneath me and soon the biggest fattest cock head I had ever felt was pushing against my pussy lips. The cool feel of the KY startled me and I looked back quickly and Big Tony was pushing my legs wide bending them at the knees while he held my ankles. “Oh fuck” was all I could pant through my cum covered lips. “Mmm I told you I was gonna try some of you sweet ass Candy,” Big T said as he slowly pushed his massive head into my pussy. I had no idea at the time but Tony was trying to push his 2 and a half inch thick cock at the tip that expanded to nearly 3 inches thick at the base into my well used pussy. It seemed to take forever for Tony to get all of his 9 inches into me, even as stretched as my pussy was the lips and walls of my pussy strained at his girth. Any girl will tell you long cocks are good but wide and thick cock is a treasure. Tony began to slowly pull out of my pussy and I grabbed his hips and stopped him. This type of cock I did not get very often and I wanted to feel him buried into me. I was moaning heavily, panting from the sensation of my pussy being stretched and manipulated by this massive black cock. I pushed off with my hands and T began to withdraw his cock from my cunt. As his massive tool pulled out of my pussy his thick head cleared my lips and he then began his deep sloe thrust back into me. Tony slid his cock with a quicker motion into my hungry pussy and my entire body just went ridged. I dug my finger nails into the edge of the cloth covered table. With each thrust Tony quickened his pace until he was thrusting in and out of my red swollen pussy lips. I was still tensed as Tony stroked his fat cock into me but after a few minutes I began to relax.

Tony with drew his cock from my pussy and commanded “Turn over slut I wanna look in your eyes while I fuck you. I did so and he eased his massive cock into my cunt. As I became comfortable with the rhythm that Tony had set I finally started breathing heavily, enjoying the feel of that cock pushing my pussy lips and walls wide. Each time he bottomed out in my pussy the thickest part of his cock would push hard on my G spot. I mainly just grunted and moaned to his thrust. A few times I would try to speak, “Jesus Christ Fuc….” the pure ecstasy I was feeling as his thick base pushed on my G-Spot simply took the breath out of me and my screams would turn into incoherent moans and grunts. Tony never accelerated passed his smooth stroking rhythm, he didn’t need to. He was absolutely the best fuck I had ever had. His constant strokes just satisfied every urge I had. As my pussy began to quiver I let out a high pitched sustained shriek that cut through the music and moans in the building. Half way through my shriek my pussy contracted and I shot my cum so forcefully onto Tony that splashed off his muscular abdomen splashed his chest and all over my tummy and tits. Not skipping a beat Tony stroked his massive cock constantly and methodically. My cunt was fucking tingling from my orgasm and I could feel every vein on his hard thick cock. During my orgasim I dug my fingernails deep into his chest then raked my nails down to his abdomen. After my orgasm I was no longer digging my nails into him, I was simply patting and caressing his chest as I just laid there barely able to breathe as he continued in his strong steady thrusts. It took a few minutes for me to recover from my orgasm, I was so tired from being fucked and sucked on that all I could do was just lay there and let Tony constantly stroke into me. He was sweating from the work he was putting in and everytime a drop of sweat would fall from his face it would drip onto my abdomen. My body was so reactive to the smallest changes that each time a drop hit my hot flushed skin my tummy would flinch causing my pussy to squeeze T’s thick cock.

I eventually began to come out of the trance that this big black dick had me in and began to moan and squirm on his cock. About ten minutes passed with and I soon let loose a smaller less intense orgasm. My body went ridged and a smaller scene as before plaid itself out. Tony never falterd, he constantly stroked my pussy for at least twenty minutes. After my first two orgasms I had a few smaller vaginal orgasms. It was just fucking perfect the way his cock made me feel. One of the girls in a waitress outfit came by and asked “You thirsty Baby? Big T can take it out of you.” I muttered something that not even I understood and she smiled at me. I closed my eyes and just went back to enjoying the best fucking I had ever had. The next thing I know I feel the table moving and I opened my eyes. The little petite waitress had climbed on the table and was straddling my head. She had a nice little cropped bush and pussy lips that hung out of her. She lowered her pussy to my mouth and I sucked on her lips and tongued her pink little clit. She lifted off of my mouth and put her pussy within licking distance of Tonys mouth. As she poured a little tequila into my mouth Tony rolled his big thick tongue all over her pussy and she cooed and smiled at me. She went to her knees placing her pussy right over my mouth. I licked and slurped her pussy tasting her juices with the remainder of Tequila in my mouth. We continued for a few minutes and she cam on my face and mouth which and I licked her twat clean of her juices. Tony still just stroking into my pussy finally started top tense up and pulled out of me leaving my pussy gaping and devoid all splayed out. The little waitress stood and rotated quickly and got on all fours and began to suck Tony’s throbbing cock until it exploded forcefully in her mouth and face. I was licking her pussy still and after Tony withdrew from my legs and the waitress and I simply enjoyed each others pussy. She cam again from the licking and sucking of my tongue and lips and she drew another orgasm from me and licked and cleaned my pussy.

After we cleaned each others pussies she got off the table and I just laid there in a crazy completely fucked out trance. I was completely worn out; I couldn’t move I was just too exhausted to try. I just laid there in a half drunk half sleepy state. For all I know, with the way I was laying on the table my pussy on the edge and the sleepy near unconscious state I was in, anyone that wished could slide right in and fuck me with me not knowing any different. As a matter of fact when I finally woke up from my drunk sexed out state I was covered with cum from head to pussy. In the 45 minutes that I was out numerous guys had come up and fucked me, they would pump their cocks into me and then pull out and shoot their loads of cum on my face, tits and tummy. Mike said I was enjoying it so I wasn’t completely passed out but I remember none of it.

After I woke up most of the men and women were passed out. There were maybe five guys still fucking or being sucked on by Tiffany and a few waitresses. I sat down in the booth with my legs on the table in a slumped exhausted way. I was awake and looking at the room as a whole covered in cum that was beginning to dry. Vince came by and offered me a drink of water and some pills, which were aspirin of some sort. I swallowed the pills and chugged most of the water and just looked up at him with an exhausted look. “Well what did you think of my little party Candice?” Vince asked through a smile. “It was the most erotic and amazing thing I have been a part of Daddy.” I returned. He responded “Well you certainly lived up to expectations. Everyone wanted a piece of your slutty ass.” I offered a weak smile and said thanks for letting me come to his party. He sat down beside me and offered me a wet towel. After I cleaned the drying cum from my face and tits, he handed me an envelope with five thousand dollars. I looked in the envelope and then looked at him and he immediately said, “I know you are not a whore, but I want to make a proposal. This is just a gift, something to thank you for being here and having fun.” “I am not going to take this money Vince, I fuck who I want when I want!” I said forcefully. “I know Candice, I know what you are, you are a little slut that loves to fuck and enjoys fucking at parties lick this. I do not want you to be a whore for me. I just want to be able to invite you to parties like this and for you to do what you did tonight. No strings, co commitments no bull shit at all. Trust me, these men here like to have something that they can’t just pay for. It’s a lot different for a man when he does not have to pay for pussy and some fine cock crazed slut like you comes along. “ I thought about what he said. And I accepted the money reluctantly. Maybe its whore money maybe it’s not, whatever it is if I can just come to his parties and do what I want, with no strings attached then I was willing and wanting.

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So... where is part 1? And part 3? ;-) Loved it! Made me cum real hard!

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You are one sick bitch. And i would bet $5000.00 you are ugly as Fuck

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