My introduction to sex from my best freinds grandmother
It was the end of our highschool freshman year and Billy my best friend and I were looking
forward to summer vacation. He had invited me to go with him to his grandmothers farm and I
was excited about going.

We were both 15 so we were to young to drive but still old enough to want to. So when Billy told
me that his Gran let him drive the farm trucks and equipment, I was ready to go.

Billy's parents drove us up state to the farm a week after we got out of school. It took over three
hours to get there. When we arrived Billy's parents went in to see his Gran and left me and Billy
to unload our luggage. We pulled the bags from the trunk then Billy motioned me to follow him.

He lead me to a building a short way from the house next to the barn. When we entered he
grinned and pointed to a door.

"This use to be the farm hand quarters." He said,"But Gran can't afford all the help now. Frank,
the only hand she has left lives with his family so it's empty. That's your room over

I opened the door and stood looking at my room. It had a single bed against one wall, a dresser
with a mirror, a small night stand, a small table and a closet with no door. A lamp was on the
night stand along with a clock radio. The table had a small tv sitting on it.

Billy stuck his head in the door and said,"Come on, I'll show you the rest of the place."

I threw my bags on the bed and followed him out the door. He showed me the barn, then the
work shop (we spent a lot of time there looking over the tools and such) then took me out to the
pond. It took over an hour for him to show me around.

Just as we were finishing up we heard his parents calling us. We ran back to the house to find
them ready to go home. I got my first look at Billy's Gran and I was shocked. I had envisioned a
short, stooped, wrinkled, gray haired lady dressed in a shapeless dress holding a cane.

What I saw was completely different. She was a short, gray haired woman alright, but there
reality diverged from my mental image. She was dressed in tight jeans and a tight flannel shirt.
She didn't have a cane and she moved with a fluid grace. She had a few lines on her face,
but she was still very pretty. Additionally, her tits were huge! They stuck out like twin cones
from her chest.

I had a difficult time pealing my eyes off them and I felt embarrassed as my cock got hard at the
sight of her. She was Billy's grandmother! I was getting a woody over an old woman's tits! Later
I ask Billy how old his Gran was and he told me she was 53.

Billy's mom hugged us both, then his dad told us to behave before they got in the car and drove

Billy's's Gran said,"Well Billy, don't you think you should introduce your friend to me?"

"Oh, sorry. Gran, this is Carl, Carl this is my grandmother."Billy's said.

She held out her hand and I stepped forward to shake it.

Before I knew what was happening my face was planted between those huge tits of her's and she
was hugging me tight to her as she said,"No hand shake for us! I'm a hugger and you need a big

She ground my face between her soft globes for what seemed like forever. I could feel my cock
tingle as she held me there.

Finally she released me and said,"Come on in. Let's get a bite to eat."

We followed her into the house and I whispered to Billy,"Does she always do that?"

"You mean the hug?" He whispered back,"Not always, but if she likes you she does. She must
like you."

We sat down at the table And she served up supper, which was home made fried chicken,
mashed potato's and gravy. Billy and I ate until we couldn't take another bite.

When we were done Gran said,"Why don't you two go feed the calves while I do the dishes?"

We trudged to th barn and spent the next couple of hours feeding calves. When we were done it
was dark. We made our way back to the house.

"The shower in the bunk house doesn't work."Gran said,"You're going to have to take one here.
Billy go get your stuff and shower. I want to talk to Carl for a bit. I'd like to get to know him if
he's going to live with me."

Billy left to get his shower stuff and Gran lead me to the parlor. We sat and talked for 20 minutes
as Billy showered. I had a very difficult time because the top two buttons of Gran's shirt had
come unbuttoned and I had a great view of her cleavage.

I found myself very confused, My 15 year old dick swelled as I thought about the touch of her
tits against my face, but my mind recoiled at the thought of thinking about Billy's grandmother
that way. If anyone found out I was getting a woody over an old woman they would never let me
live it down!

Billy finally finished and Gran sent me to get my stuff. Billy walked to the bunk house with me
and was flopped on his bed as I headed back to the house. When I entered Gran was upstairs and
called down that I should go ahead and get in the shower.

I climbed into the shower and spent quite a while under the water. I took the opportunity to
relieve the pressure in my balls by jacking off. No matter how I tried not to, my mind would
bring up images of Gran's cleavage. I finally gave in and fantasized about what it would feel like
to squeeze and play with her huge soft tits.

When I was done I pulled on a pair of old sweat pants I had and stepped out of the bathroom.
Gran met me at the bottom of the stairs. She had on a robe tied at her waist.

"I'm so glad you could come with Billy." She said, then said,"Come give me another hug."

I stepped forward to hug her and a moment later found my face again between those monster tits,
only this time there was no bra between my face and her skin.. As she held my face between her
tits I felt her robe slowly slipping open. When I managed to look down I saw that the tie had
come undone. I watched both in horror and fascination as her robe slid slowly open, until one of
her nipples appeared before my eyes. It was the size of the tip of my little finger, brown, crinkled
and erect.

She let go of my head and I stood up. I was embarrassed and looked at anything, the wall, the
floor, the ceiling, other then where I wanted to look, at those huge luscious tits.

"I saw the woody you had earlier." She whispered,"and I know you have one now. I know you
think I'm an old woman, but I still like sex. And I haven't had any in a while. If you want, I'll be
happy to take care of that for you."

I was shocked and didn't know what to say. Even after jacking off in the shower, my cock was so
hard it ached, but I also knew that if I did do it, I couldn't ever tell anyone I had sex with Billy's
grandmother! As we stood there her robe slid open even more. Her tits were totally exposed. I
wanted to run, hide and stay right there for the rest of the night all at one time.

"Give me your hand." She said as she reached down and took hold of it.

A moment later I felt her pull it up and cup it around one of her tits. I started to tremble, my cock
was so hard it hurt.

"I know you're nervous," She whispered moving my hand back and forth over her nipple,"And I
know you would be embarrassed if any of your buddies found out what you did with an old
woman. But I'll never tell."

She pulled my hand off her breast, then gently pulled me into the livingroom. She stopped in
front of the couch. She hooked her thumbs into the band of my sweat pants and pulled them to
my knees. I stood there totally stunned, my hard, young cock waving in front of me. She put her
hand on my chest and gently pushed me back until I was seated on the couch. She knelt between
my legs, then finished untying her robe.

She pulled it open then leaned forward and said,"Relax. Lean back."

I was very nervous, wondering what she was going to do but I tried to do as she ask. She wrapped
her hand around my cock and an electric jolt shot through me at the touch. I had never had
anyone, besides myself, touch my cock and I was amazed at how much different and better it felt.
A moment later I groaned as an even better sensation engulfed me as she put the head in her
mouth and began to gently suck on it.

‘A blow job!' I thought,'She's giving me a blow job!'

The sensations of it were fantastic, and it only got better as she worked her lips down over my
shaft until she had all of it in her mouth. She sucked and licked my cock for a few minutes, then
just as I thought it couldn't get better, she wrapped her tits around my balls.

I couldn't take any more. I groaned as my cock exploded, throbbing, shooting cum into her
mouth. Not a drop spilled from her lips as she swallowed and swallowed. As my cock stopped
throbbing, she gently licked it clean, then got to her feet. I also got to my feet and pulled up my
sweat pants.

We walked to the door in silence, but just as I had my hand on the knob to open it, she put her's
over mine and ask,"You will keep this just between you and me won't you?"

I nodded, not trusting my voice.

"Thank you." She said, then added,"Tomorrow night after Billy's asleep, if you'd like to come
back we could do it again, and maybe......other things."

I nodded, opened the door and in a state of disconnect, walked across the yard to my room.
Billy's room was dark and quiet when I got there, so I figured he was asleep. I laid awake for a
long time that night thinking about what had happened.

I felt guilty and a bit dirty, because she was old and Billy's Gran. I had let a grandmother suck on
my cock! But when I thought about the blow job, it all seemed to change. That was so fucking
awesome I still couldn't believe how good it had been.

But as I thought about her mouth, as I relived what she did, my cock grew rigid. I ended up
jacking off again that night, reliving the sensations of Gran's mouth on my cock and the feel of
her soft tits wrapped around my balls.

I woke the next morning with Billy hammering on my door,"Time to get up, bro! We rise early
on the farm!"

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and sat on the edge of my bed thoughts of the night before
running through my head. I didn't really want to face Billy, much less his gran with the thoughts
of what had happened the night before rattling around in my head.

I knew I had to face them, so I reluctantly got dressed and walked to the house. I stopped for a
moment with my hand on the door knob gathering my courage, then opened the door and entered.
Billy was at the table scarfing down hot cakes and Gran was standing next to a griddle.

"Hey sleepy head." Gran said, then added,"How many hot cakes do you want?"

"Six will do fine." I replied.

She picked up a plate walked over and pushed half a dozen hot cakes onto my plate.

"Butter's there,"She pointed as she spoke,"there's syrup, jam and peanut butter if you want."

It felt surreal. Every thing seemed normal, but I knew this lady had sucked my cock the night
before. I automatically began to eat. Billy and his Gran chatted about what we should do for
the day, which began to bring things back into normal focus. Before long it seemed like what
happened was a dream.

After we were done Gran said,"You two go bring in the hay bails from the west pasture. Carl, can
you drive?"

"I have a few times with my dad." I replied.

"Good,,"She said,"One of you take the tractor, the other the hay truck. Go on now, get going!"

Billy and I went out and started the two machines. I took the truck and he the tractor. We drove
out to the field and started picking up the huge round hay bails laying all over the field. We
worked all morning and had the field clear before noon. We returned to the house for lunch and
Gran feed up a great lunch of home made soup.

After lunch we took a ride on the two quads she had up to the north pasture to check fences. We
did more screwing around then anything as we rode the fence. After the fences were checked
Billy took me to a spot on the pond where we could swim. We swam and laid in the sun for a
couple of hours before returning to the house.

We parked the quads and as we got to the house Gran came out and said,"You two worked hard
today. I talked to Frank and he is willing to drop you off at the arcade in town if you want to go.
I'll pick you up when you're ready to come home."

Billy and I both were willing to go, so we changed clothes and Frank took us to the arcade. We
played games until we were out of money, then called Gran to come and get us. She picked us up
and took us back to the farm. When we arrived it was close to 9:00PM.

"Ok,"she said as we got out of the car,"showers, then bed. Tomorrow morning is going to come

When Billy and I got back to our rooms he ask,"Do you want to shower first?"

"Why don't you go first, I said,"I'm going to call my parents."

I had no intention of calling my parents, I just wanted to be last in the shower. I was hoping what
had happened the night before would happen again. I waited, guiltily impatient, pacing my room
until Billy returned from his shower.

As he walked in the bunk house I grabbed my stuff and headed to the house, my heart pounding
harder with each step. When I arrived I took hold of the door knob, my hand shaking, both from
anticipation and fright, my mind full of questions . What if I had imagined the whole thing? And
if I hadn't how do I initiate it again?

I took a deep breath, opened the door and stepped in.

"Gran? I'm here to shower." I called.

I heard a noise up stairs, then she was coming down the stairs dressed in the same robe she had
worn the night before.

"You and Billy worked hard today." She aid as she stopped in front of me,"I'll bet you're tired."

"A....a little."I replied.

She stepped forward and pulled me to her.

This time she didn't pull my face into her cleavage, she pulled me to her and pressed her body
tight to mine as she hugged me and said,"Thank you for all the hard work. Go now. Take a

I walked to the bathroom stunned. I was expecting her to say something about last night, but she
hadn't even mentioned it. I showered in a daze, wondering what had happened. I was so
preoccupied I didn't even jack off.

When I came out, she was in the livingroom watching TV.

"Goodnight." I called standing at the door.

She got up and walked over to me. She slowly untied hr robe and let it fall open. This time I not
only got a look at her huge breasts, but as my eyes moved downward, they stopped on the brown
curly bush covering her pussy.

She took hold of one shoulder, then with her other hand pulled my face up until she was looking
into my eyes and said,"Last night wasn't a dream. I enjoyed it a lot. I have needs to, needs
that will also make you feel really good. If you want to feel better then you ever have, come back
when Billy's asleep. Up the stairs, first door on your right. I'll be waiting."

She took my hand, and pulled it down to the brown curls of her pubs. A moment later my eyes
grew large as she guided one of my fingers through that bush into her slit. It was warm and wet.
She used her fingers to rub mine up and down her slippery pussy. After a few moments, she
pulled my hand from between her legs, stepped back, smiled and pulled her robe together.
Without another word she turned and walked into the bathroom. I walked back to the bunk house
like a zombie. When I got there I could hear Billy's TV through the door. I climbed onto my bed
and laid there, trying to decide what to do.

I laid there thinking. I wanted to go, but was frightened someone would catch us. I had almost
talked myself out of going, when absently I reached up to scratch my nose. As I did the smell of
her pussy on my fingers hit me. My cock tingled and I thought I was going to cum right then. As
I laid there smelling her scent on my fingers, my cock decided for me.

I got up and tiptoed to the door, opened it and listened. I could still hear the TV from Billy's
room. I thought for a moment, then went over and opened his door. If he was awake I would tell
him I could hear it and ask him to turn it down. When I glanced in Billy was rolled in his blanket
sound asleep. I quietly closed the door and before I could change my mind, I headed to the house.

When I reached the front door I stopped and stood with my hand on the knob, nervously
wondering if I should go through with it. I raised my hand and took another sniff of her scent. My
cock spasmed and I was through the door before I could think about it any more.

I slowly climbed the stairs, my heart in my throat. When I reached her bedroom door it was
cracked open an inch or so. I gently pushed on it and it swung wide. I stood still, trying to see
into the dark room, my heart pounding.

From the darkness I heard her soft voice,"Come to me. Straight ahead."

I walked slowly forward until I bumped into the bed.

I felt her hand touch my leg and heard her whisper,"Take off your clothes and climb in with me."

All I had on was my sweat pants. I pulled them off, took a deep breath, then lifted the blanket
and climbed into the bed. A moment later, for the first time in my life I felt the exquisite
sensation of a naked female body being pushed against mine.

"I'm glad you decided to join me." She whispered, then added,"Tell me how many times can you
jack off in one night?"

At first I was stunned by her question, then it hit me I was laying in bed naked with Billy's Gran,
why be stunned by a question like that?

"The most I've ever done was 4 in one night."I said.

"Great!" She said, laughter filling in her voice,"Then I'll plan on you doing at least that tonight.
So if I suck your cock, you'll be able do it again?"

" so." I stammered, not startled by the question as much as the fact that she had
said she was going to suck my cock again. The memories of the last time flooded my mind and I
almost came right then..

I felt her toss back the blanket, then urged me onto my back. A moment later I groaned as her
warm mouth slid down over my hard cock. A few seconds more and it felt even better as she
used her huge tits to surround my balls.

It took me all of two or three minute to blow my nuts. As my cock throbbed, she cupped my balls
and gently kneaded them, making me cum for what seemed like an hour. When I was done
cumming she didn't stop, she kept gently sucking on my cock for a while longer. Finally she
stopped and crawled up next to me.

"Would you like to finger a wet pussy?" She ask.

She took my hand and guided it to her pussy.

As my fingers touched the slippery lips of her cunt I heard her moan, then she pushed my hand
tight against her cunt and said in a husky whisper,"Put your fingers inside me."

I pushed two fingers into her pussy and felt her tremble, then felt her other hand pulling at my

"Suck my nipple." She said.

I found her hard nip and began to suck on it.

She groaned and whispered,"Oh that feel so good! It's been so long! Oh god that's good!"

I fingered her pussy and sucked her nipple for a long time, then all of a sudden she pushed me
away and gasp,"Stop! Stop!"

I pulled back thinking I had done something wrong. I felt her move and a moment later she was
astride me. She reached down and lined my cock up with her pussy, then slide down until I was
buried to my balls inside her. I couldn't believe how good it felt.

"Oh God....that's so good.....a hard cock is so good to feel deep inside me....."

She began to slide up and down on my cock, groaning louder and louder each time my cock slid
into her. I felt another orgasm closing in on me, building in my balls. But she beat me to it, for a
few moments later, she cried out, her body began to tremble, she wrapped her legs around mine
and I felt her push down, trying to get every last fraction of an inch of my cock inside her, then I
felt her pussy squeezing my cock.

As I felt her pussy gently sucking at my cock, it triggered mine. I groaned, pushed upward as my
cock throbbed squirting cum deep into her cunt. As I came I was dimly aware of Gran gasping,
then the sensation of her pussy pulsing around my cock, strengthened and doubled as she
climaxed yet again.

She slowly climbed off and lay down beside me. We lay there for a few minutes, then I felt her
hand slide down over my stomach, until it wrapped around my cock. It had gone semisoft, but as
her hand began to stroke it, it quickly returned to a hard state.

"Would you like to put it back in me?" She whispered.

"Sure." I replied.

She urged me over between her legs, then said,"Go on, put it in."

I reached down grabbed my hard shaft and found her entrance. I pushed forward and instantly it
was surrounded by wet, warm pussy. I began to fuck her in hurried short strokes.

"Slowly,"She whispered,"Slowly. You can have all you want. Take your time."

I slowed down to a slow steady pace. She pulled me down against her huge soft breasts and was
in heaven. Time seemed to disappear. It was me, Gran and the utterly fantastic sensations of her
body against mine, my cock sliding into her wet, juicy pussy. I could feel my orgasm building,
feel it gathering strength as I fucked her. I groaned as it peaked, my cock throbbed inside her,
spilling my spunk in long squirts into her pussy.

As my cock twitched to stillness, I felt her pussy milking it, like a velvet hand gently squeezing

Gran grinned at my expression and said,"I do Kegel exercises every day to keep my muscles in
shape. You'll probably never find another woman that can do this as good as I can."

I lay there enjoying the feel of her pussy squeezing my cock, then she whispered,"Fuck me as I
squeeze you."

I began to slide in and out of her, and as I did she would squeeze my cock on the inward stroke. It
was an utterly fantastic sensation. I didn't think it could get any better until she started
whispering to me.

"Do you like being in my wet warm cunt? Like fucking a willing pussy? Like my tits against your
chest, or wrapped around your young balls as I suck your cock? Come on baby, show me you like
this old, wet, warm snatch. Fuck me.........that's it fuck me......fuck me hard....fuck!"

She whispered nasty things to me as I fucked her. I had cum three times already, but it didn't
seem like it. My balls grew tight and I knew I was going to cum again.

I groaned as it washed through me and my cock throbbed a forth time that night, again spilling
spunk into her warm cunt..

As I came I heard Gran whisper,"That's it baby, cum for me.....cum in my pussy....fill me up....oh

Her whisper changed to a panted moan,"Oh fuck.....oh fuck....oh........ FUCK! THAT'S GOOD!"
She yelled as I felt her pussy sucking greedily at my cock as she too came.

I rolled off and lay on my back, my cock semirigid, spent for the moment.

Gran turned on her side and said,"Well, is fucking as good as you thought it would be?"

I grinned and replied,"No....better!"

She chuckled and said,"Yes, I think so to. From the first time I did it I loved fucking."

"When did you do it the first time?" I ask.

"Well actually it was with a boyfriend, but the first time I enjoyed it, it was with our neighbor
George Baskins. He was a sweet man in his early 50's and I was," she stopped for a moment, then
laughed and said," hell I was your age. He wasn't married and didn't have a house keeper, so he
hired me to clean his house for him a couple of hours twice a week. While I was cleaning his
house one day I found his stash of porn."

Gran stared off into space and I could tell she was lost in thoughts of those days as she
continued," I had always been sexual. I was fingering my pussy by the time I was 12, and had my
first climax at 13. Anyway George had all kinds of magazines and tapes. I looked through a few
of then and they really turned me on. The day I found them I sat right here on his couch and
masturbated while looking at those magazines. God what a climax that was! I felt totally wicked,
looking at his porn and fingering myself on his couch. The next time I cleaned for him I got there
early and put one of the tapes into the BETA deck. I fingered myself to two climaxes in the next

"This went on for a few months. After a while I decided I wanted to try sex for real. At the time I
was going out with Frankie Grounds, a football player. I figured I'd let him fuck me. I won't go
into the whole thing but we went out and I let him fuck me. When he broke my cherry, it hurt,
but not all that bad. But what was bad is it took him all of 2 or 3 minutes from the time he started
until he came. It was very disappointing."

"I let him fuck me a couple of more times, but it was always the same, a 2 minute fuck, then he'd
cum, get dressed and take me home. I was pretty confused until I figured out that all I really
needed was someone who would take more time. I knew it was possible, because when I watched
George's tapes I got horny as hell and came two or three times. So after thinking about it, I
decided to get George to fuck me."

"I knew George got home at 6:30PM. I had always done his house work right after school, from
3:30 to 5:30. But changed it to 5:30 to 7:30 so George would be there when I was working. The
first time he was surprised to find me there. I told him I had an extra class and it was the only
time I could clean. The first couple of times I just cleaned the house, but I made sure I was
dressed in the sexiest clothes I had, a tight top with no bra and a very short skirt with a thong
under it. I would bend over when I knew he was looking so he could get a look at my ass."

"After the first couple of times, I got into his porn stash, which he kept in his bedroom night
stand, and left one or two of the magazines on his bed. I did that several times. I noticed that he
was looking at me differently, like he was hungry. But he didn't say anything about the
magazines. Next I took one of his tapes and left it in his BETA deck."

Gran grinned and continued,"The next time I cleaned George seemed nervous. Just before I left
he ask me if I had been watching his tapes. I acted scared and told him I had and that I was sorry
and that my parents would kill me if he told them. Then I gave him the opening I was hoping he
would use, I told him I would do anything he wanted if he wouldn't tell my parents."

"He looked stunned, then mumbled that I shouldn't be watching his tapes and he would have to
think about what he wanted to do about it. As I left I told him again I'd do anything if he didn't
tell my parents. I spent a couple of nervous days until th next scheduled cleaning day. When I
arrived that day I found George already there. He told me he had taken a day off work. When I
got in the house he ask me to come into the livingroom."

Gran stopped for a moment then she reached over and took hold of my hand and pushed it
against her sopping cum filled pussy.

"Finger me."She said in a chocked whisper.

I slipped two fingers into her warm sopping cunt.

She groaned then returned to her story as I slowly fingered her pussy,"When we got to the
livingroom I could tell George was nervous and I began to get excited hoping it meant he was
going to make a move. He told me he had thought on what he should do about me watching his
tapes. He ask me if it made me excited to watch them. I told him it did, and I took the
opportunity to tell him one more time I'd do any thing he wanted if he didn't tell my parents. He
looked very nervous, then ask me if I masturbated while watching the tapes. I was so excited I
couldn't find my voice, so I just nodded. Then he turned on the TV and the BETA deck."

"One of my favorite tapes came up and George said I could start by showing him how I
masturbated to the tapes. I didn't even try to play coy. I was horny as hell and my pussy
was,"Gran shuddered, and raised her hips as my fingers slid in and out of her dripping pussy,
then with a low moan she returned to her story," wet, so I told him I would. He motioned me to
him and he reached up under my skirt and pulled my thong down to my ankles. He then pulled
my skirt down and had me step out of both."

"He told me to sit on the couch and do what I usually did when I watched the tapes. For some
reason I wasn't embarrassed at all. In fact I was very turned on by having him watching me. I
spread my legs wide, then started watching the scenes on the TV, fingering my pussy with both
hands. With the scenes on the TV and George watching me, it only took me a very few minutes
to cum."

I felt her hand slid down and wrap around my cock, which was hard as a rock.

She began to slowly jack me, then in a soft voice full of small grunts and catches, she returned to
her story,"I had my eyes closed when I came, and when I opened them George was standing in
front of me with no pants on, his hard cock waving in the air. He took hold of his hard rod with
one hand and put the other on the back of my head and told me it was time for me to suck on it
for him."

Gran panted for a moment then continued,"I had watched it done on the tapes numerous times so
I tired to emulate what I had seen. I cupped his balls with one hand and began to lick and suck at
that hard pole. George groaned and told me he hadn't had sex in a long time and that I was a
great little cock sucker. A few minutes later he groaned he was going to cum, then I felt his cock
swell, then throb as he filled my mouth with cum. I didn't know what to do so I started to
swallow as he blasted several more squirts into my mouth. When he was done he let go of my
head and stepped back"

Her body shuddered again and I finally figured out she was having mini orgasm as she talked and
I fingered her.

Gran let out a long breath then continued the story,"After he came in my mouth he ask if I had
planned it that way. I tried to play innocent but George said I had either been pretty stupid not
putting away the magazines and tapes, or I had done it on purpose. And he said I was anything
but stupid. Also he said the invitation of ‘I will do anything' was pretty blatant. He told me that if
I wanted him to fuck me he would be more then happy to do it."

"I hadn't been embarrassed about masturbating in front of him, but telling him I wanted to fuck
seemed to make me very embarrassed. It took me a short while but I explain what had happened
with my boyfriend and what I wanted. George took my hand and as he lead me to his bedroom
assured me that when he was done I'd be satisfied."

Gran had been stroking my cock through the whole story as well as me fingering her sopping
pussy. Although I had cum four times already, I could feel another one building in my balls as
she continued,"When we got to his bedroom he pulled off my top and made me get on the bed.
He climbed on and got between my legs. I thought at first he was going to stick his cock into me
right away, but instead he began to suck and lick on my breasts."

"My boyfriend had fondled my tits, but had never sucked on them, so the feeling was new and
delicious. After awhile he started kissing down my stomach and I knew from watching the tapes
what he was going to do. But when he finally slipped his tongue in my pussy, I thought I was
going to have a heart attack form the sensation. It was so good! He licked and sucked and
fingered me until I had my second climax. When I did I thought I would pass out it was so

"Do you want me to do that to you?" I ask, wondering what a pussy would taste like.

"Oh fuck yes!" She groaned, then added,"But we'll do it next time. I have a lot of things to teach
you. But first, see if you like it."

I felt her hand slide over mine and felt her fingers slid into her pussy next to mine. Then she
pulled them out and placed them against my lips. I opened my mouth and experimentally sucked
on her coated fingers, unsure of how it would taste. As the taste of her cum filled pussy hit my
tongue I felt my cock twitch. As I licked her fingers clean I knew I wanted to spend some time
with my face buried in her pussy.

"I see you like it." She chuckled, then said as she pulled her fingers from my mouth,"any way,
after I climaxed that time he continued to gently lick my pussy lips for a while, then he moved up
and placed his cock against my pussy. He ask me if I was ready to fuck. I didn't want to speak so
I just nodded my head. He pushed the length of his cock into me and then began to fuck me in
long slow strokes. It was so much better then what Frankie had done."

"He fucked me for what seemed like hours, his strokes getting faster and faster, until finally he
moaned that he was about to cum. By that time I was too and when I felt his cock begin to throb
inside me it pushed me over the edge and I cummed. We laid there with his cock inside me for a
long time, as he stroked my body and murmured comments about how good a fuck I was and
how much he enjoyed it. Then before he pulled out he ask if I was going to let him fuck me
again. I kissed him and told him I'd fuck him any time he wanted me too."

Gran's pussy was so wet I could feel her juices dripping off my fingers as I slowly slid them in
and out of her. I could also feel my balls tightening as they grew closer to a climax as she jack
me. But I didn't want to cum just yet. I was very interested in the story she had been telling me
and wanted her to finish the tale before I blew my nuts again.

"So how long did you aw... fuck him?" I ask.

"George and I fucked until I left for college."She replied around several soft moans,"He taught
me everything, and I mean everything, about sex. And we had fun every time we fucked. I came
to appreciate older men. In fact I married one. Tom, my dead husband, was 30 years older then
me when I married him."

I was puzzled, if she liked older men, why was she fucking me?

So I ask,"If you like older men, fuck me ?"

"Several reasons,"She panted,"one, I haven't had anyone in a long time and I'm horny as hell,
two, you're a sexy young man, and three I want to pass on what I learned for George. I knew you
were a horny little fucker when I saw you staring at my tits and I caught sight of the woody it
caused.. And I figured you for a virgin. I decided then I'd fuck you all summer and teach you
things you can't imagine."

Gran groaned again, then flipped onto her stomach and pushed her ass into the air as she said,"I
can't take any more, get in me...fuck me...."

I got up on my knees behind her, put my cock against her pussy and pushed. She was so wet I slid
to my balls in her sopping cunt. I began to slowly fuck her but she didn't want that.

"Fuck me you little bastard!" She groaned,"Fuck me like you want it!"

I grabbed her hips and began to ram into her, slamming my cock full length into her sloppy wet
pussy over and over. I could feel her juices dripping off my balls as I fucked her. Then my balls
tightened and I groaned as my cock exploded for the fifth time that night.

As my cock twitched and throbbed inside her she buried her face in the pillow to muffle the
sound and screamed,"OH FUCK.....OH FUCK....OH MY FUCKING.....GOD!!!!"

As I finished cumming she collapsed on the bed pulling my cum covered cock out of her sloppy,
dripping pussy. I laid down beside her and she groaned," It's been so fucking long since I had
cock! So good, so fucking good!"

We laid there for a while and before I knew it Gran was shaking me awake.

"We fell asleep. You've got to get back to your room. We can't have Billy discovering us here."
She said.

As I got out of bed I wanted to ask if we were going to do it the next night, but didn't know how
to ask.

I pulled on my sweat pants as I stuttered,"Aw, will we going to..."

"Are going to do it again?" Gran chuckled,"Well, do you want to fuck this old woman again?"

"Yes," I responded before the last word was barely out of her mouth.

"Good, because I have a lot of things to show you. We'll talk tomorrow. Go on to bed now."

I let myself out of the house and walked back across the yard, tired but in a totally satisfied fog.

I opened the door quietly listening for Billy. His TV was still on so I figured he was still asleep.

I climbed into my bed and laid there for a few moments thinking about what had happened. I
knew I could never tell anyone about what had happened. If my friends found out I was fucking
an old woman like Gran I'd never live it down. But as I drifted off to sleep I also knew I'd fuck
her every chance I had. My last thoughts as I fell asleep were images of her huge tits flopping up
and down as I fucked her.

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PLEASE learn that the past tense of ask is ASKED and use it. It is a glaring mistake in all of your stories and ruins what would otherwise be a fairly decent piece of writing. You frequently use the present tense when you should be using past tense, and other than that you do a fairly decent job with spelling and grammar, other than the occasional typo, which is to be expected. Other than that, keep up the good work.

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She was 53 but was wearing a thong when she was 13? Did they even have thongs in the 60's/70's????

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