I meet a gril who needs a surrogate grandfather
I met Cassandra at a late summer family Party. I saw her arrive and my eyes ran up and down her
slim frame taking in the roundness of her ass, covered by a pair of tight shorts, the bulge of her
breasts (which I was later to learn were small, firm and very kissable "A" cup) pushing out
against the tight t-shirt she wore, her long, smooth legs and the way she smiled, a fuck me smile
if I'd ever seen one.

I guessed her to be 15 or 16, but later found out she was 19. I had to tear my eyes from her before
I got caught ogling her. I'm in my late 50's so I didn't want my family to think I was a pervert, which in
fact is the truth. Hell if I had half a chance I'd have talked her into having sex with me that
minute, even if she was 14. But I knew, or thought I did, that because she was so young, and I
was so old, there wasn't a chance in hell for that to happen and that I would get my ass hung for
her age.

I puzzled over who she was for a while. I knew most all my family and I didn't know any of them
who had a daughter that age, other then Christy, my cousins daughter. A few minutes later I
heard Christy scream and saw her run to the new arrival. I worked my way close enough to hear
their conversation and discovered that Cassandra was a friend of Christy's from her former high
school. The two girls hadn't seen each other for almost a year.

They chattered on and as I was trying to get another look at Cassandra's fine young body, my
cousin Drew grabbed me and insisted I be his partner for a game of horse shoes. The game lasted
for an hour before we gave up, having been defeated four times in a row.

I wandered into the house to use the bathroom and on my way out ran smack into Cassandra.

She held out her hand, looked at me with her large brown eyes and said,"Oh...Hi. I'm Cassandra,
Christy's friend. And you are?"

"I'm George Christy's dad's cousin." I said taking her soft smooth hand.

I stood staring into those delectable eyes, holding her hand and letting my mind build a grand
sexual fantasy for what seemed like an hour.

Finally I shook myself and said,"You were headed for the bathroom? I guess I'd best let you get
on with your business."

She smiled and I could feel my cock swell at the look in her eye. I swear it was the most blatant
fuck me look I've ever seen! But as I let go of her hand and walked out the door, I was already
sure it had more to do with my pervy old mind and fantasy building then any fuck me look she
had given me.

I was talking to Christy a few minutes later when Cassandra returned from the bathroom. Just as
she walked up Christy was called away by her mom.

"Are you ready for school?" I ask trying to make conversation.

"Not yet." She replied,"I register at North Western State next month."

I did a double take and blurted out,"North Western State? College? How old are you?"

Cassandra grinned and replied,"I get that a lot. I'm 19."

Then she looked at me with a wishful look in her eye and said in a soft, sweet, voice,"You
remind me so much of my grand father. You look just like him. I miss him."

I thought,'Fuck! Just what I wanted,'You remind me of my grandfather! My age is telling on me.'

Out loud I said,"Really? Thank you."

"We were close." She said, that faraway look still in her eye,"We had a lot of fun. He died when I
was 13."

"I'm sorry to hear that." I replied, then because I was feeling pissed about being old and wanting
to change the subject I ask,"Would you like a root beer float? They're dishing them up over there
at that table."

Cassandra's eyes grew moist and she said in a voice that was close to tears,"My grand father
always made us root beer floats."

"I'm sorry if I brought up a painful memory." I replied.

"That's ok." She said with a smile, her eyes shiny with tears,"All the memories I have of him are
great. The only painful part is he isn't here any more. I would like a float if you'd get me one?"

I nodded and went to the table, returning a few minutes later with two root beer floats. We ate
and talked for half an hour. I managed to cheer her up and had her laughing before we were
finished with the floats.

My brother yelled that dinner was ready so Cassandra went off the find Christy. I spent the next
few hours talking to family , then decided it was time to go. I made my rounds saying good bye
and managed to find Cassandra last.

"Well," I said,"I'm headed home. I hope school is fun for you. And I think you'll like the town. I
should know, I live only a few miles from the campus."

"Really?" Cassandra replied, excitement edging her voice,"Maybe I'll see you sometime."

"I'd like that." I said, knowing it was all lip service and I'd probably never see her again..

She waved goodbye and I drove off, mumbling to myself,"Yea, I'll see her all right. Every night
when I jack off!."

I thought about Cassandra every day for the next couple of weeks. And I jacked off every night
with fantasy visions of her tight little ass in my head. Gradually though she slipped out of my
thoughts until I rarely thought about her.

One evening a couple of months after the family party the phone rang and when I answered a soft
female voice said,"Hi George, this is Cassandra."

For a few moments I didn't know what to say.

The silence must have been pretty long because she said,"This is George isn't it?"

I finally found my tongue and replied,"Yes it is. Hi Cassandra, what can I do for you?"

"Well, I thought if you weren't busy I could stop by for a visit. All my friends have gone out for
the evening, I have all my school work done and I'm bored."

"Bored isn't good." I chuckled,"Please, come on by. I'm not doing anything but watching some

I gave her directions to my house, then set about picking up the place. Half an hour later the door
bell sounded and when I answered it Cassandra stood framed there. She was dressed in a loose,
white blouse, a denim skirt that hit her at mid thigh and a pair of sandals. She had a small book
under one arm.

I invited her in and showed her to a seat in the livingroom. I ask if she'd like something to drink
and listed the ones I had, Coke or ginger ale.

"A coke please,"She replied, then a bit wishfully added,"I'd love a root beer float."

I grinned and said,"I'm sorry, but I don't have the makings for that. I could run to the store and
get the stuff, if you'd like."

She smiled and replied,"That's ok. A Coke is fine."

I got her the Coke and sat down across from her so I could devour her with my eyes.

"What are you reading?" I ask pointing to the book.

"Oh," She replied, then hesitated for a moment before adding,"That's my diary. I brought it to
show you a picture of my grandfather."

‘Oh fuck!' I groaned inwardly,'She still thinks I look like her grandpa! Fuck!'

"Really?" I said as I moved over and sat next to her.

I put my arm along the back of the sofa behind her and leaned close as she opened the small
book. She pointed to a picture of her grandfather, a tall handsome man. I was only paying a small
bit of attention to his picture because my cock was beginning to swell as I caught a whiff of the
scent of her hair.

I was lost in the smell of her for a few moments, then became aware that she was
talking,"...parents started leaving me with him every other weekend when I was eleven. He
would take me to the park and zoo, then I'd spend the night with him while my parents were
having a night out. That's when he'd make me root beer floats. I'd sit on his lap and eat it as we
watched a movie. We had a lot of fun. I really miss him."

"I'm sorry for you he's gone." I said.

"Me too." She said as she closed the book and sat it on the end table.

Then she smiled at me and said,"I can't believe how much you remind me of him. You not only
look like him, your voice is almost the same and you walk like him too!"

Out loud I said,"Why thank you."

Internally I thought,'Fuck! Well I can at least get an eye full of her!'

We talked about her parents, then school and her classmates for the next hour, then she looked at
her watch and said,"I've got to go. My roommate will be home shortly and we have laundry to

She turned to look at me, smiled and said,"Thank you. That helped. You really do remind me of

We got up and I saw her to the door. As she was leaving I ask,"When are you going to come back
for another visit?"

"I'm free Friday night." she said over her shoulder,"Would that be a good time?"

"No date?" I grinned, then before she could answer I said, " I'm sure you can get all the dates you
want. Any boy who would turn you down is nuts! I'll see you Friday night."

She smiled and waved as she walked away down the sidewalk.

I went back inside and sat down, thinking about how her hair smelled and the fact that she was
coming back in two days. I sat there for five or ten minutes day dreaming before my eyes landed
on her diary still sitting on the end table.

I picked it up and at first thought of taking it to her. Then I decided to wait and give it to her
when she came back on Friday. It had a small lock on the front which was unlocked. Absently I
opened it and looked at the picture of her grandfather, then idly flipped to the first page.

For a moment I felt a twinge of guilt. This was her personal diary and I was invading it. Then I
shrugged and thought,'What the hell. If she asks I'll lie and say I didn't read it.'

Her hand writing was fine and precise. Each entry was dated and the first page had only a
sentence or two about how she received the diary for her 9th birthday. I read it, then flipped to
the next page.

At first she made an entry a day. I read a few pages and each was almost the same as the last, all
about liking this boy or that friend. After a page or two I randomly picked a spot farther back and
opened it to that page. From the date I calculated she must have been 12.

I began to read the two sentences entry and it instantly caught my full attention. It read:
Dear Diary,
Tomorrow I go to stay with grandfather for the weekend. He has promised that this is the
weekend we will do it! I can't wait! He makes me cum so many times with his fingers and
tongue, I hope regular sex will be as good.

The next entry was dated two days later:
Dear Diary,
It was fantastic! After dinner and a shower, he had me sit on his lap and eat my root beer float as
he used his fingers to make me feel good. I ate the float and he made me cum twice before I was
done with it. After I finished eating, he had me lay on the couch and told me he needed to
make sure I was lubricated enough so we could do it. He used his tongue and made me cum
again. Then he had me straddle his lap. He put his cock against my pussy and began to work it in.
It was just like he said it would be. Although I felt really full, it didn't hurt because of what he
did to me last time. And by the time he was inside me it felt so good I could hardly stand it.

He said the best thing was for me to do the moving, so I began to slide up and down on it. I
cummed again before he did. When he did I could feel his cock moving around inside me as he
squirted his stuff into me. It felt so good! We did it four more time before the end of the

As I read her entry and understood what she had wrote, my cock grew harder and harder. Her
grandfather had been fucking her!

I was a bit puzzled by the reference she made to what he had done to prepare her for it, so I
flipped back and read the entry for the weekend before. The entry before she went to his house
Dear Diary,
Grandfather told me last time I stayed with him that this weekend we were going to do
something different. He makes me feel so good with his fingers and tongue I wonder what the
new thing is?

The entry after the weekend read:
Dear Diary,
As usual grandfather made me feel so good! He used his fingers as I sat on his lap and made me
cum three times, then he laid down on the floor and had me sit on his face. Oh I love to do that!
He made me cum three more times. After that he had me suck on his hard cock, but didn't want
to cum. He ask me if I was ready to have full sex with him, let him put his hard cock inside me. I
said I was and he said we would do it next time because he had to make sure it wouldn't hurt me
when we did it.
He went and got my root beer float for me and I sat on his lap eating it while he used his fingers
to touch me. When I was done eating I felt very sleepy and grandfather said he would carry me to
bed. I fell asleep before he got me to bed and I didn't wake until the next morning. I was in his
bed snuggled close to him as usual. I got up to go to the bathroom and discovered my pussy was
all sticky and really sore. I ask grandfather about it and he told me he had given me a pill to make
me sleep so he could prepare me for the next weekend. He said I was ready and the reason I was
sore was because he had broken my cherry while I was asleep so it wouldn't hurt when we did it
next time. He used his tongue and licked me to a cum again before we went down for breakfast.
That feels so good! I can't wait for next week end to find out how it feels to have his cock inside

When I finished that entry I couldn't wait. I pulled out my cock leaned back and jacked off right
there on the couch. When I came I groaned, visions of Cassandra sitting on a hard cock filling my
head as I filled a tissue with spunk.

When I was done I left my semi-hard cock hanging out of my pants and returned to reading her
diary. I started from the beginning and skimmed each entry until I found the first entry that
mentioned her grandfather touching her.

I looked at the date, did some mental calculations and figured she had been just past her 10th
birthday the first time. The first one had been tame. He had made her a root beer float and had
her sit on his lap and watch a movie while she ate it. She mentioned in passing that he had
rubbed both her inner thighs and that it felt good.

I read through her entries quickly. The progression was amazing. Over the next years worth of
entries, he had gone from rubbing her legs, then to letting her sleep with him, then rubbing her
crotch through her panties while she was partially asleep, then to having her wear no panties with
her nighty and on to fingering her little pussy. The second time he fingered her pussy, he made
her cum. Her diary entry for that occurrence had stars and exclamation points all over it.

Right after he began to make her climax, he talked her into helping him do the same. He fingered
her to a climax, then had her stroke his cock until he came. The first time she didn't know what
to think when all that white stuff erupted from his cock. But after a few entries, she seemed to
adjust to it. Through the whole thing she made it plain that he had drilled into her it was a secret
between them.

By the time she was 11 they had been making each other climax on a regular basis. A month after
her 11th birthday he introduced her to oral sex. It was after they had gone to bed. He fingered her
until she was very close to a climax, then pulled her nighty up, spread her soft thighs and
proceeded to lick her slippery little pussy.

From her entries, at first Cassandra was shocked, but as her grandfathers tongue explored her
tight little slit, licking her tiny clit, she had realized how good it felt, as her diary entry said,"...Oh
god it felt so good! Tons better then fingers! I love it when he does that!..."

He introduced her to cock sucking a few entries later. He had her suck his cock until just before
he came, then finish it with her hands. After that they fell into a routine and the entries for the
next 8 or 9 months were about the same. He would pick her up at her parents on Saturday
morning. They would go to the park or zoo for the day, then back to his house. They would eat
dinner then shower together and dress for bed. He would wear a robe and she would put on a

After that he would make her a root beer float and put on a movie. She would sit on his lap and
eat her float as they watched the movie. During the movie he would slip his hands up under her
nighty and rub her budding little breasts, then slip his fingers between her legs and stroke her

When the movie was done he would put her on the couch and lick her tender little pussy, making
her cum two or three times, then have her suck his cock and finish by jacking him off. They
would go to bed In the morning she would usually be awakened by her grandfather either
fingering her or licking her pussy.

A month before her 12th birthday he had talked her into letting him cum in her mouth. Her diary
entry read:
Dear Diary,
This weekend we did something different. As usual grandfather made me cum several times with
his fingers and tongue. Then he ask me to suck on his cock. This time though he ask if I would
let him cum in my mouth. I have tasted his stuff before and it's not that bad so I told him I would
do it. I love him and want to please him because he pleases me and makes me feel so good.
I sucked his cock and just before he was about to cum he told me to get ready.
I was prepared and it was way cool! His stuff shot out of his cock into my mouth. I
swallowed and swallowed until his cock stopped squirting. After he was done he pulled me onto
his lap and kissed me on the mouth, then ask what I wanted him to do for me. I told him I wanted
to sit on his mouth, then have him wake me with his tongue in the morning. He did both for me
and it was sooooo good! I love my grandfather.

I was slowly stroking my cock as I read on through another half a dozen entries until I arrived at
the one where he fucked her. The next three or four were full of descriptions of how he
introduced her to fucking. He had her sit on it, he put her on her knees and fucked her doggy
style, fucked her sideways, in the standard missionary position, but the one that made me groan
with lust as I read it was when he fucked her with her ankles pushed up to her shoulders.

As I read and stroked my cock I could feel myself getting close to cumming a second time. I
didn't want to cum until I finished all the entries,. but I wasn't prepared for the very next one.

Dear Diary,
Grandfather bought me a really neat present. He told me I would have to keep it hidden from
everyone and if anyone found it I couldn't tell them it came from him. It's a small pink vibrator
and it feels so good when I put it in my pussy! When he gave it to me he had me lay down and he
licked me as he pushed the vibrator into my pussy. I came three times in five minutes! Then as he
licked my pussy he put the tip in my butt hole. At first I wasn't sure I liked it, then as it tingled
my butt hole and his tongue worked on my pussy, I had a huge cum. By the time It was done he
had pushed it into my butt. I came three more times before he pulled it out. Grandfather says that
sometime soon he will put his cock in my butt and use the vibrator on my pussy. He said it will
feel as good as the rest of what we do.

The next two entries were descriptions of him using the vibrator and his tongue to make her cum
multiple times and how he fucked her with the vibrator in her ass. The next two after that he used
a larger vibrator he bought. I could see what he was doing, getting her ready for his cock up her
tight little asshole.

The next entry he again used a vibrator, but a larger one still. At the end she wrote:
He says I'm ready. I'll be 13 next week and he wants to fuck me in the butt for my 13th birthday.
If it's as good as the vibrators have been, I'm ready!

I was close to busting my nut as I turned to the next entry. As I read her description of how he
first used a vibrator to stretch her out, making her cum once during the process, then how he
pushed his cock into her tight rectum and filled her with his spunk, I lost it and blew my nut,
cumming what seemed like a gallon.

After I cleaned up, I read on. There were only two more entries. Both full of descriptions of
how he had eaten her, used a vibrator to make her cum multiple times, then fucked both her
pussy and ass. Judging by her entries, she enjoyed it immensely. I figured her grandfather must
have died after the last entry and she quit writing in her diary because of that.

I closed the book and sat there thinking, her voice echoing in my head," You remind me so much
of my grand father. You look just like him. I miss him." And ,"I can't believe how much you
remind me of him. You not only look like him, your voice is almost the same and you walk like
him too!"

Like a flash the whole thing came into focus and made sense, her comments about how I looked
like her grandfather, her leaving the diary on my end table unlocked. She wanted me to read it!
She wants me to fuck her! I could feel my cock swell again as I picked up the diary and began to
reread her entries.

Friday I had everything ready when she knocked on the door. When I opened it and got a look at
her my mouth watered. She was dressed in a pair of sandals, a short skirt that showed off her
smooth legs, and a tight top that I could see her nipples through.

"Hi." I said in way of greeting,"Come on in"

I followed her to the livingroom and ask as she sat down,"Something to drink?"

"Please." She replied with a smile.

I went to the kitchen, quickly made a root beer float, returned to the livingroom and held it out to
her with a grin.

She took it from me, smiled and said,"Oh thank you, thank you! I love root beer floats!"

I sat down next to her, then puled her diary from where I had it hidden from sight, under another
book on the coffee table.

I held it up so she could see it and said ,"You left this here the last time."

She glanced up from her float, and froze with the spoon in her mouth, looking from me to the

"I have to apologize,"I said,"but you left it unlocked so I took a peek inside. I hope you don't

She took the spoon out of her mouth, looked up at my face, back at the book, then shook her head
and said in a small voice," I.....I don't mind."

"Very interesting reading." I said,"I can tell you love your grandfather a lot. You did love him
didn't you?"

She was looking at her float as she nodded her head.

"I thought so. So while you're eating your float, would you like to watch a movie?"

Again she nodded, her eyes still on her float.

"Great!, but I think you might be more comfortable if you come sit on my lap while we do." I
said patting my knee.

As if she was in a trance, she rose, stepped over to me and sank down on my knee.

I grinned, wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close as I picked up the remote and started
the movie.

The movie began and after a few minutes I could feel her relax. I put my hand on her bare leg and
began to gently rub it.

After a few moments I let my hand slide slowly up her thigh. To my delight I felt her legs move
apart ever so slightly. She ate her root beer float slowly, her eyes on the TV screen, seemingly
oblivious to my touch. Slowly I inched my hand up between her legs until my finger tips touched
the crotch of her panties. I stopped for a moment, then gently began to rub her pussy through her

I leaned close and whispered to her,"I know you miss your grandfather a lot. Would you like me
to be your grandfather?"

For a long moment she sat still and I thought perhaps I had made the wrong move, then in a
barely audible whisper she replied,"Yes.....yes. Please be my grandfather....."

"Aw my sweet little girl, "I whispered as I worked my fingers under the crotch of her panties,
then I almost lost it when I felt her totally bald cunt, but managed to say,"I'd love to be your
grandfather. I promise not to ever hurt you and to make you feel really, really good. Ok?"

She sat still, then I felt her tremble as my fingers pushed between the warm, bare, slippery lips of
her pussy.

She swung her arm around my neck and buried her face against it, then I felt her legs open wide,
giving me total access to her pussy as her muffled whisper reached my ears, "Oh grandfather,
you always make me feel so good! Please, make me feel good!"

As I diddled her tight hole with the fingers of one hand, I pushed my other hand up under her top
and cupped her firm tittie.

Her nipple was standing tall and as I rolled it between my fingers I whispered to her,"Would you
like your grandfather to use his tongue on you? Make you cum? How about if you sat on my

In answer I felt her nod, then heard her muffled whispered reply,"Oh yes please!"

I picked her up and stood her on her feet, then reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties
to her ankles. As I stood and sat down on the floor, she stepped out of them, leaving them in a
heap in front of my chair. I laid down on my back, smiled at her, then motioned her to me.

She stepped slowly over me, until she was standing directly above my face. Looking straight up I
could see her pussy, bare and glistening.

"Come down to me sweet girl." I said to her," Let your grandfather make you cum."

Slowly she sank down until her wet, warm, bare little pussy made contact with my tongue. I
thought I would cum in my pants when the taste of her pussy hit me. I reached up and slid my
hands under her top and cupped both her titties as I began to lick up and down her slit.

I licked her slit, sucked her clit and generally gave her tight pussy a working over with my
tongue. I could feel her trembling, hear her moaning. It wasn't more then five minutes later she
let out a long groan, then I felt her pussy pulsing as she came. As her climax finished, I climbed
out from between her legs, took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

"I think we would be more comfortable in the bed." I said as I lead her to my bedroom.

When we arrived at my bed side, I turned, took hold of the bottom of her top and said,"I think we
should get undressed. Here, let your grandfather help."

I pulled her top up and off, getting my first look at her tits. As I thought, they were "A" cup size,
with nipples as big as the tip of my little finger standing tall on each. I hooked my thumbs into
the band of he skirt and pushed it to her ankles. She stepped out of it, then I urged her to the bed.
She sat on the edge as I knelt and pulled her sandals off.

I stepped back and with a few quick motions removed all my clothes. I climbed onto the bed,
took her hand and pulled her to me, wrapping my arms around her.

I put my lips against her ear and whispered,"What would you like your grandfather to do now?"

There was silence for a few heart beats, then her whispered voice answered,"Please grandfather,
fuck me!"

"I'm not sure I can last very long if we do that right now." I replied.

"I don't care!" She whispered,"I want your cock inside me! Fuck me! Please fuck me!"

I rolled between her smooth legs, then quickly pushed them up until they were against her
shoulders. I rubbed my cock head up and down her wet slit, then put it against her hole.

"Please....please fuck me now!" She whimpered.

I leaned forward and with one long thrust buried my cock to my balls in her hot, tight pussy. As I
did she let out a long groan and began pushing her hips up toward me.

I began to fuck her with long slow strokes, but she would have none of that.

"Please fuck me harder." She gasp,"Please.....harder!"

Soon I was slamming into her, my balls bouncing off her tight little ass at the end of each stroke.
I knew I couldn't last long and I didn't.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned,"I can't stop it! I'm going to cum!"

"Cum for me grandfather!"She gasp,"Cum in me grandfather! Cum in your little girls tight

That was all it took. My balls tightened, then my cock throbbed blasting gob after gob of spunk
deep into her tight pussy.

As my cock finished throbbing, dribbling the last of my cum into her depths, she pulled me
down on top of her, held tight to my neck, whispering," I love you grandfather."

I laid there, my cock inside her warm tight pussy, her firm breasts against my chest, enjoying the
feel of her body.

"This is Friday evening." I said,"You are spending the weekend with your grandfather aren't

I heard her giggle then she replied,"Sure."

"Good." I replied as my hips began to move sliding my still hard cock in and out of her pussy," A
bit later you are going to show your grandfather how good a cock sucker you are aren't you?"

"Oh god yes!" She groaned, lifting her hips to meet my strokes.

"I think this will be a wonderful relationship." I said cupping her tight ass cheeks and beginning
to fuck her in earnest.

"Oh, oh......fuck me grandpa....please fuck me..."She groaned.

The end

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