I appreciate your patience. I also ask you to accept that even after proffing several times, there may be typos. Eventually, we have to express what we feel. We cannot always dictate to our hearts what we are to feel. Right or wrong, the reality is that we are who we are. I hope you will allow these two to share themselves.
I woke up before the wake-up call came from the front desk. I reached for Carly. She was not in the bed. I opened my eyes to see light coming from her room. I crawled out of bed and made my way to the adjoining door. She was sitting on the bed looking through the files of information she would share later in the morning.

“Good morning,” I said groggily. She looked up and smiled.

“Morning to you, too.” She stood and walked to me. I gave her a quick kiss. I knew I had morning breath. “I got up to work on this.”

“Please don’t worry. You’ll do fine with it.” I thought for a minute. “You need to remember that you know more about these programs than anyone who will be in your session.”

“Right,” she said, sitting back down and continuing her review.

“I’m gonna’ jump in the shower right quick.” I turned and made my way to the bathroom. After relieving my bladder, I got in the shower and adjusted the water. I took a quick shower, shaved, and dressed. I would wear a suit for the presentation. When I walked back into Carly’s room, I heard water running in her bathroom. I returned to my room and began organizing my presentation material. In a few minutes, Carly walked into my bedroom wearing a hotel provided robe. She kissed me again and told me she was going to put on some makeup and get dressed.

We went down to the hotel restaurant about forty-five minutes later. She sipped some juice but said she did not feel very hungry. I ordered pancakes with a side of sausage and coffee. I ate as she sat quietly. She would look at me and force a smile. I could see the tension on her face. But I knew there was nothing I could do short of telling her she did not need to make the presentation. I also knew she would feel very guilty if she did not do it. She knew I was counting on her, as well as Jeremy and Sharon. We returned to the rooms when we finished. We brushed our teeth and made our way to the office building where the presentation would take place.

“Dave, what do I say if these secretaries want to know something of my experience or background?” I thought about it a minute.

“Where do you want to go to college?” I asked. She looked at me with some surprise.

“Me go to college? There’s no way I could afford it. Besides I still have three years of school.”

“Okay. Let’s just say that you wanted to go to college. Where would you want to go?”

“I guess one of the colleges or universities at home. Why?”

“If anyone asks about your position with our company, tell them that you are an intern doing a summer project before you head off to college for a degree in business management.” She looked at me as if I had told her to tell them she was from Mars.

“And you think they will believe that?” She shook her head. “I think you are a bit out of your mind. I thought you were crazy for suggesting I do this. I know you are crazy now.”

We walked on to the building and arrived around nine-thirty, met our host, a young man named Alex. We were shown the conference area where our sessions would be. The two rooms were next to each other. I took Carly’s arm as we walked down the hall. I could feel her almost shaking.

“Excuse me, Alex. Is there a room we can use for a few minutes? We need to go over a couple of matters about the presentation.”

“Sure. Follow me.” He directed us to an empty office. He said, “The sessions begin at ten. I’ll be back for you at about ten minutes till if that is okay.”

“That will be fine,” I replied as he closed the door. I turned to Carly and pulled her into my arms. She was shivering. “Darling, you will do fine.” I held her tightly. “Carly, I’m sorry I got you into this.”

She shook her head. “No, Dave. It needs to be done. I just don’t want to disappoint you and the others.” I kissed the top of her head. “Careful. Don’t muss my hair.”

I held her away from me and kissed her. “I love you,” I said. And I meant it. At that moment I have never been so proud of anyone in my life.

“I love you, too.” We kissed again. I held her as we looked out the window at a view of the Nashville skyline. There was a slight knock on the door and a pause before it opened. I don’t know if our host assumed that a pause was necessary or was just following company policy. But I was grateful that we had time to turn from the window.

“We’re about ready if you are.” We followed him down the hall to the conference rooms. I walked into the room Carly would be using with her. She moved to the table that was set up for her to use. She was dressed in a light blue skirt, a white blouse, and a jacket that matched the skirt. She had on white open toe shoes with low heels. As she began placing files and hand-outs on the table she looked so beautiful. And she looked older than her fifteen years.

“Good luck,” I said. I left and went into the room for my session. I sat up my files, gave the power point disc to another young man, and organized my handouts. A cart was rolled in with coffee and a tray laden with donuts. There were pitchers of water on the conference table and glasses at each chair. There were tablets and pens also. Managers began filing in, taking seats. Some went for coffee and donuts. Others poured water. I poured myself a glass of water, sipping it as the group got settled.

I was introduced by one of the vice-presidents. I began my presentation. After two hours I called for a break, which seemed to make everyone happy. I needed to go to the bathroom. On my way back to my conference room, I peeped n on Carly’s session. She had removed her jacket and was sitting at the table. There were ten or twelve others around the conference table. They were discussing something about one of the programs when I interrupted.

“Excuse me. I’m Dave Elliott. I gestured toward Carly. I’m with her.” There was a cacophony of greetings. “How’s it going?”

One of the older ladies spoke. I assumed she was the senior administrative assistant. “This is really a nice program. You all have put a lot of work into this.” I looked at Carly. She was smiling, which caused me to quietly give a sigh of relief.

“Good. I hope it works for you.”

“Oh, we’re sure it will,” said another lady at the table. “Carly has already helped us tweak it a little bit to adapt it to something we are already doing here.”

“Good work. It will be your program. Make it fit your needs.” I turned to leave. Before I closed the door I heard a voice say, “Carly, he’s cute.” There was laughter in the room as I shut the door with a smile on my face.

After a break for a lunch of deli sandwiches, fruit, and chocolate chip cookies, we continued our sessions. I had an opportunity to pull Carly aside and speak to her.

“It seems that things are going well,” I said.

“Oh, Dave, I was so scared. But they are all so nice.” She punched me in the stomach. “One of them asked me what year of college I was.”


“I told her I was preparing for college by being an intern at your office.” She looked at me. “And then, they wanted to know about you.”


“Yes. They all think you are so cute and said they wished they had supervisors and bosses that looked like you.”

“What did you say?”

“I agreed that you were very nice.” She smiled. “I wanted to tell them you were already taken.” With that we returned to our sessions. Mine was completed by three o’clock. After I collected all my materials, I made my way to Carly’s room. Her participants were sitting in groups of two and three around the conference table. Carly was moving from group to group, making comments about whatever they were working on. She looked up and saw me. She made her way to me.

“I’ll be about fifteen minutes more. I have them divided into work groups with each applying some of the specifics of this company to the programs and worksheets.” My mouth almost fell open.

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

“Well, you’re never too old to learn new tricks,” she said with a quiet laugh. “I’ll see you in just a bit.” I left the room. I could not believe what I had seen. She was actually taking charge of her session and allowing the secretaries and assistants to tailor the program to their individual needs. I made a mental note to do that at my next presentation. One of the managers saw me and called me over. We discussed some aspects of the presentation. We were still talking when Carly joined us.
We were escorted by Alex to the vice-president who had introduced me. He was on the phone when we were shown into his office. He gestured for us to take a seat. Within a minute he placed the phone on the receiver.

“Well, Dave, that was an excellent presentation. Is it okay if I wait a day or two to let you know our decision about using it? This was normal so I agreed. He looked at Carly. “Well, for someone who is about to enter college, you certainly won over our support staff.” He gestured to his phone. “That was Mrs. Foster, our senior assistant to my boss. She wanted to know how soon we could put your program into our network.” I looked at Carly. There was a smile on her flushed face. “If that is how our support received it, I think you’ll be getting a positive answer from us.” We stood, shook hands, and left.

Carly was silent in the elevator. We were on the street walking to the hotel before she spoke. “I can’t believe I did that.” She stopped abruptly, causing me to have to turn around after I took a couple more steps. She looked at me and stepped into my arms. We kissed right there on a main street in Nashville, Tennessee. As we broke the kiss, I was hoping that there were no police around. We made our way to the hotel. Carly plopped on my bed.

“I’m exhausted.” She got up and walked into her room, unbuttoning her blouse as she went. In a minute she was back in my room wearing only a matching bra and panty set. “So what now, bossman? Do I dress for going out?”

“Wouldn’t you like to get out and unwind a bit?” My thoughts were taking another direction as I looked at her body. She agreed it would be nice so we put on jeans and golf shirts and walked the streets for several hours, stopping to eat at a diner that had a neon light shaped like a guitar in the window. Of course, there was country music playing.

We returned to the hotel. We both stripped down to underwear and laid on my bed. The tv was on some sports channel. Carly nestled up against me with my arm under her head. She chatted about the ladies in her session and how they seemed to respect her knowledge. “Dave, I can’t believe they thought I was actually ready for college.”

“But you looked that way in your outfit with that hairstyle.” She rose up on her elbow and looked at me.

“Do you like for me to look this way?” I was not sure how to answer that question. I paused too long. “Well, are you ashamed that I looked only fifteen before yesterday?” I was afraid that this was where she was headed with her question.

“No, Carly. I’ve never been ashamed of how you look. I like the way you look. You don’t wear makeup and you have such a natural beauty.” I kissed her softly. “But I will admit. Today, you really took my breath away. You looked really nice in that outfit.” I kissed her again. “I want you to look the way you want to. I suggested this hair style and the new outfits because I thought you would be more comfortable this way today. Now that today is over, you take the look you want.” She laid her head down and again and was quiet for a while.

“I think I’ll be flexible. Sometimes one way, then sometimes another.” With that, she cuddled to me. She was asleep in a matter of minutes. I watched a baseball game until I dozed off.

The following day we drove out to the Grand Ole Opry hotel and saw other sites in the city. We ate lunch at a great barbeque restaurant. We went into a couple of stores that catered to the county music theme of the city. Carly wanted a shirt. I found a belt I liked. We ate dinner at the hotel. While we ate we decided to cut our trip short and fly back home the next day. I called the airline and we were allowed to change our reservations without a penalty since there was plenty of space and we wanted first class. We left the hotel early and made our way to the airport. Carly was dressed in the second outfit she had purchased at the mall. She looked very nice and just as mature as she had for the presentation. She called her granny while I checked us in. Our flight arrived at our city in just over an hour. After claiming our luggage and catching the shuttle to the lot where my truck was parked, we headed for the lake and home. It was lunch time so I asked Carly if she wanted to eat before we went home. She thought that would be a good idea.

There was a pizza place that was popular with the “lake people.” We walked in and were directed to a booth. We ordered a medium pizza with diet Pepsi. We were sharing small talk when Carly suddenly spoke, “Oh my lord.” She put her hand up beside her face. I looked around. At a table not far from us, four girls who appeared to be Carly’s age or a little older were seated.

“Don’t look at them,” she said quietly. “Can we leave?”

“What’s wrong? Who are they?” She leaned toward me and in a quiet voice she explained that two of the girls were in her grade. The others would be juniors. They were all cheerleaders. She also explained that they were some of the lake group that looked down on her. I tried to glance at them as she was explaining all of this.

“Please, Dave. Can we leave?”

“It’s too late, Carly. They have already seen you.” Two of the girls got up and walked toward our booth.

“Hey, Carly,” one said with something of an air. She looked at me, obviously wondering who I was.

“Hello, Paula,” Carly said. “And you too, Patricia.”

“We saw you sitting here. We almost didn’t recognize you.” The one named Patricia spoke. She looked at me. “And you are?” Again, an air of arrogance in her voice.

“This is Dave Elliott. He’s my boss.” They looked surprised.

“You’re boss?” Paula asked. Before she could say anything else I slid out of the seat. They were standing and we were sitting. They had the position of power. I was going to change that.

“Well, don’t believe that. She doesn’t really work for me.” I glanced at Carly who seemed hurt by my words. I continued. “Actually, I work for her.” I looked at Carly and winked. “She has been serving as an intern in the company that I co-own with my partner.” I emphasized my words. “She has learned more about our business this summer than I’ll ever know. We just flew back from Nashville where we made a presentation to a company there. Carly was the one who made the sale. She is a remarkable young lady.” I purposefully used the word lady. “We’ll be glad when we can bring her on full-time.”

The lake girls were in shock and speechless. “Oh Dave, hush. You know you are exaggerating,” Carly said. There was nothing that sounded like a teenager in her voice.

Patricia said, “I guess we better go eat our pizza.” They glanced back at us as they returned to their seats.

As they turned I spoke again. “It was nice meeting you girls.” I put emphasis on the word “girls.” I took my seat and looked at Carly. She was trying not to laugh.

“You are a fool, Dave Elliott.” She looked at me with those deep blue eyes. “But I thank you for it.” I felt her leg brush against mine.

Our pizza came and we ate it. Occasionally, I would glance toward the table with the girls. As we ate, Carly told me a story about she and her brother getting into trouble with their grandpa. When she told me about their hiding under the bed until their granny got home, I laughed out loud. I looked around to see if I disturbed anyone. It got just quiet enough that I heard one of the lake girls say, “She made him laugh.”

We finished the pizza and headed for home. I said something about her grandmother being glad to see her a day early. Carly reached over and touch my arm. “Dave, I told Granny we would not be home until tomorrow.” She looked at me. I glanced over at her. Her eyes were asking the unspoken question, “Can I stay with you tonight?”

“Are you sure you want to do this?’ She nodded. “So do I.” I took her hand and held it as I drove toward my house. We unloaded our bags and carried them into the house. I followed Carly as she took hers to my bedroom. Once she sat it down, she turned to me and I pulled her into my arms. We embraced for several minutes. We kissed softly. Then, we unpacked our bags.

As I was putting away my suit, Carly unbuttoned her blouse and hung it in the closet with my clothes. “Do you mind?”

“No,” I said with a smile. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to her feet. She was standing in her bra and panties as she picked up her skirt and put in on a hanger. She went into the bathroom and closed the door. I pulled off my slacks and hung them up. I was in my boxers when she came out of the bathroom.

“I’m thirsty,” she said and walked out the door. I followed her to the kitchen.

“Make yourself at home.” She took two glasses from the cabinet, opened the fridge, and filled them with ice. She poured us both sweet tea and walked back into the great room. She sat on the sofa, curling her feet to the side. She leaned back.

“I’m tired. Are you?’ I nodded. “And I want to thank you again for the scene you made at the restaurant.” She laughed. “I’ll be the talk of the school when we begin. I’m sure some phone calls have already been made.” She sipped her tea for a minute then rose and walked toward the door to the deck. She went outside and laid back on one of the lounges. I followed her. The deck was in the shade and we relaxed, enjoying the quiet. We heard birds and a few boat motors in the distance. We talked a little about the trip to Nashville. Carly told me more about her brother when they were growing up. I loved to hear her voice. Although she sounded young, there was also a hint of maturity beyond her years. Her life experience had caused her to grow up mentally and emotionally faster than her peers. I decided that I was attracted to her because of that. I did not see her as fifteen. She was more a young woman to me.

“I’m not hungry?” I said. “Are you?”

“Not really.” She looked at me. “Are you ready for bed?”

“I think so.” I looked at her. She had a soft smile on her face. She rose from her chair as I did. I opened the door and we walked through the house to the bedroom. Carly unfastened her bra and tossed it toward a chair. It missed and landed on the floor. She paused long enough to slide her panties over her legs. She tossed them. They landed next to her bra. I took off my boxers and tossed them in the corner where I usually piled my dirty clothes for a day or two before taking them to the laundry room. I heard the shower water running. I stepped into the shower after Carly. She turned to face me, put her arms around my neck, and pulled me to her. We kissed deeply and long as the warm water helped wash away the travel.

We broke the kiss and began washing. She washed her hair with my help. And she used some cream she brought into the shower with her to remove her makeup. I washed and rinsed and stepped out of the shower as she rinsed. She toweled off as I brushed my teeth and used mouth wash. She did the same a few minutes later. She rubbed her hair with the towel to get is as dry as possible. I told her there was a drying in a drawer. She used it to finish drying her hair. By the time she had combed through it, I was in the bed. The sheet was around my feet. My body was uncovered.

Carly stepped toward the bed and climbed across it, laying down next to me. She laid on my arm and I turned toward her. I cupped her face in my right hand. I caressed it softly. There were no words. I leaned toward her. She raised a bit to meet me. We kissed. Our tongues danced together. She placed her hand behind my head. Our kiss continued for several minutes. When our lips parted, we smiled.

“I like being with you,” I whispered. “I want you to be in my life.” I was not sure what that meant. I only know that it was what I had been feeling since I saw her leading the session in Nashville. “I don’t know what that means now. But I know what I want it to mean in the future.” I kissed her softly again. “I want you to be my partner if you will have me.”

Carly spoke. “Oh, Dave. It seems like such a long time. I really don’t expect you to wait for me to finish high school.”

“I am not going to wait for you.” She looked at me with a questioning to her face and eyes. “I want to walk through those years with you. I know we can’t really date. But I cannot imagine spending another day without knowing that you are a part of who I am. And I want it that way for the rest of my life.”

She looked at me. “I want to be a part of your life. And I want you to be a part of mine.” She paused. “I really don’t know how this will work, but I want it too.” We kissed again. I pulled her to me. Our bodies were together. Our legs were intertwined. “Dave, I need to ask you for something.” I pulled away enough to look into her face. “We said that we would know the right time. For me, that time is now.” I knew exactly what she was saying because I felt the same way.

“Are you sure, Carly?” She nodded.

“Aren’t you?” I nodded. We kissed. I caressed her shoulders and across her back as I pulled her into me. As we kissed, she touched my face. My fingertips glided over her skin. She was warm and soft and smooth. I slowly slid my hand down to her hips. I caressed her cheeks and moved back up her back.

She rolled onto her back, spreading her legs. I broke the kiss and caressed her with my tongue as I made my way to her breasts. I began to massage her left breast and I covered her nipple with my mouth. I sucked gently, allowing my tongue to caress the soft fullness of her areola. As the nipple became erect and hard, I pulled my mouth away. Continuing to massage, I used her nipple to trace along my lips. This really tunes me on. I again covered it with my mouth and sucked. She placed her hand behind my head, pulling me into her. I increased the pressure of my massage, pushing her areola and nipple upward. I opened my mouth wider to receive more of her small but firm mound.

“Oh, Dave. That feels so good,” Carly whispered. After a few more minutes, she guided me to her right breast. I made wet circles around the areola with the tip of my tongue. Her nipple responded by growing erect. I began to suck it. As I drew it into my mouth, I used the flat of my tongue to caress it, almost as if I were milking it. Again she moaned, pulling me into her. I sucked harder. Her hips began to move, pushing her pubic area against my leg. She was moving her pussy up and down my thigh. I continued to suck until she pulled me up to her.

“That really feels good,” she said softly. I kissed her. “I want you,” she sighed.

We kissed. Our tongues danced. I continued to massage her breasts as we kissed. Then I slowly moved my hand over her stomach. My fingertips barely touching her smooth skin. I followed the line of her body down to her left leg. I went all the way down to her knee as our kiss continued. As I moved slowly up her outer thigh, she shifted her leg, pulling it to the side, allowing me to move to her inner thigh. As my fingers glided along the smooth, soft flesh of her inner thigh, she pushed her hips upward. She was inviting me to touch her. Very slowly I allowed my fingers to dance over her skin. As I reached her swollen pussy, I barely touched her. Using just two fingers, I skimmed over the puffy lips. I could feel the moisture and the warmth. She flinched as I moved slowly up and down. I applied more pressure, feeling the lips softness and fullness. She moaned again.

I used my middle finger to follow the slit between her lips. The tip of my finger was barely inserted as I moved it up and down. Again, she pushed herself up, causing my finger to part her lips and slide into her wetness. We broke our kiss and I moved my mouth down to her breasts. As I sucked one then the other, I pushed my finger deeper into the recesses between her labia. There was more moisture. Her fluids lubricated my finger and I moved it up and down. I pushed in a bit more, finding the opening that was the source of her juices. I slowly pushed in, just a little at a time. I inserted to my first knuckle and pulled out. Her hips were moving more now. I continued sucking each breast, playing with her nipples with my tongue. She pulled me toward her as she pushed her hips up in response to the movements of my finger. I pushed in farther in, inserting my finger deep into the warmth of her inner vaginal canal.

I pulled my finger out, following her slit upward in that small space to her clit. When I touched it, she moaned loudly. Using my index and fourth fingers, I separated her lips, causing her clit to be exposed from under its hood. I caressed it with my fingertip. Her whole body responded as her hips began to gyrate. I made circles around the firm pearl and then I began to rub across it, back and forth, up and down. Her breathing was more rapid, her body movements stronger.

“Dave, please, I want you in me.” I slowed my caresses and raised my face up from her breasts. I looked into her face.

“Darling, we have to be very careful. You know that?” She nodded with a sigh. “I cannot cum inside you. As much as I would like to, I cannot allow myself to do that.”

“I know,” she said through her breaths. “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, no, don’t be sorry.” I kissed her. My finger was continuing to caress her clit and move up and down her pussy slit. “Carly, tonight, I am not as much interested in having an orgasm and I am in showing you that I love you.”

“Yes. Dave, I want this, too. I want to feel that we are one.” She kissed me. “Tonight, I want to feel love, not just passion.” She reached down with her right hand and began stroking my cock. “Can we do that?’

I smiled at her. “You are so beautiful. I love you so much.” I moved my hand up and lifted myself. Carly spread her legs as I rolled between them. I raised up on my knees just so I could look down on her loveliness. She was smiling. Somehow we both were feeling what each needed.

I did not want to cum inside her for fear of getting her pregnant. But tonight, cumming was not what I wanted. My desire was deeper than sexual passion. I wanted to meld my life with hers. Carly opened her legs as she bent her knees. I lowered myself to her. She reached down and gently took hold of my very hard cock. As I lowered myself, she raised her hips. The tip of my cock touched her lips. She slowly moved me up and down into her slit, allowing her fluids to lubricate my skin. I moved lower and she positioned the head just into her opening. She lifted herself more, allowing the head to push past her labia and into the warmth and wetness of her canal. She released me and I pushed down just a little. She was very tight.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I whispered.

She shook her head. “It doesn’t hurt.” Putting her hands up to my waist, she pulled me toward her. My cock pushed in a little more. Again, I felt the tightness of her muscles as I entered this virginal womanhood. I lowered my upper body, resting on my lower arms and elbows. Carly placed her feet between my knees. I pushed in further, very slowly. I could feel the tightness rise up my cock. Carly smiled at me, nodding that all was okay. She licked her lips. Her eyes were locked on mine. Slowly, I pulled out just a bit and pushed inward again. This time I went deeper into her. I repeated this several times, each time moving farther into her tightness. Finally, my pubic area pushed against hers. My cock was fully inserted. I could feel how tight she was, grasping me with her vaginal muscles. I could feel her warmth.

We kissed. It was not passionate but tender and soft. I moved very slightly. Just enough to allow my cock and pubic bone to stimulate her clit. Her body flinched several times as my pushed in and pulled out no more than an inch or less. We were face to face.

“This feels so good,” I said.

“Yeah, it does,” she whispered. “I feel like we are one person.” My movements made her breathe in quickly. She smiled. “I like that.” As I slowly moved in and out just enough for her to feel it, she was responding. I pushed in against her clit and she pushed her head back, closing her eyes. “Dave, I’m not going to be able to take this much longer.”

“You want me to stop.” I kissed her softly.

“Are you kidding? I want you to keep doing just what you are doing.” I complied with her request. We looked into each other’s eyes as I moved. Her breathing grew quicker. Her hips were raised in time with the slight movement I was making. Normally, at this point, I would have increased the rate of my movements and my thrusts would have been stronger. But tonight was not about passion and cumming. This was about two people experiencing oneness in love. I pushed against her clit. As I moved in and out, I felt her legs tighten around me. She opened her mouth and began breathing rapidly.

“Ahhh...ahhhh,” she moaned. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me down to her. I buried my face into her neck. Her body began to shake under me. She reached down to my waist and held me close to her. “Uh..uh..uh..” she cried out. Her spasm swept through her as she pushed herself into me, forcing my cock deeper into her womb. I felt her muscles pulsating around my cock. For what seemed like a full minute, Carly’s body was responding to my slow, short movements. Finally, she released her grip on me. Her legs relaxed. Her arms collapsed to her side. Her breathing began to slow. I felt her chest rising and falling beneath mine. I raised myself to my elbows, looking into her face. Her eyes were closed but there was a smile on her lips. She swallowed deeply and looked at me.

“Is this what love feels like?”

“Oh, this is part of it. But he good thing is, this is only part of it.” I kissed her. It is the other parts that make this feel so good and be so special.”

She nodded. “I think what you’re saying is that the other parts of love are what keep this from being just sex, right?”

“Yes. That is what I’m saying.”

“Well, if that is the case, I can’t wait to experience all the other parts.” We kissed, again softly and gently.

My cock was still hard inside her. Carly moved her hips. “Love me, Dave.”

I began to pull in and out farther. Her movements indicated she wanted to quicken the pace of my thrusts. She placed her hands on my waist and was pulling and pushing me so that I would move faster. I managed to say, “Carly, I can’t cum.”

“I know. Just let me know when you are ready. I’ll take care of it.” I thrust into her. She began to respond. Within a few seconds she reached another climax. She cried out as her body spasmed. I pushed harder and faster. I felt myself beginning to build. The feeling began deep in my scrotum. I was ready. I felt it rising.

“Okay,” I moaned as I pulled out of her. Carly reached down and began to stroke me. I was wet with her juices. She grasped me gently and stroked rapidly. Suddenly, I erupted onto her stomach. I felt the surges of cum pass through the grip of her fingers. I looked down at her and she was smiling. I smiled through my moans. Even after the surges stopped, my cock pulsated in her hand. She slowed her movements. I collapsed to her side.

“Love feels like that, too,” she said, rising on her elbow and kissing me. She looked down at her stomach. There were pools and streams of cum from her pubic area up to her breasts. “My, you had a lot stored up, didn’t you?” She rubbed a little of my cum on her finger and put it in her mouth. “Not much taste.”

“Yeah, but it sure feels good.” We both laughed. We kissed. “I think somebody needs a shower.” I rose from the bed and got Carly a towel. She wiped her chest and stomach before walking to the bathroom.

We showered, kissing and teasing. When we returned to the bed, we held each other. We kissed softly and we each caressed each others arms and shoulders. I ran my fingers through her hair and she ran hers across my chest.

“What do we do now?” I said.

“Do you mean right now, or what do we do after that?” I smiled.

“What do we do for the next three years? I want you in my life but I don’t know how to do that.”

“Dave, I want that, too. But maybe we are going to have to just see how it happens. I can’t date you. At least not for another year. I think maybe after I’m sixteen we can be more open.”

“I hope so.” I thought for a minute. “Well, if this is what we both want, then I believe in us. I believe we can make it work.” I paused. “I am sorry we have to be a secret for now. But the day will come when we can tell the world.” We embraced.

That night we went to sleep in each others arms. The next day, we would have to leave the world we had created in my house and return to the world where right and wrong were more rigid. I knew that I loved this girl even though she was fifteen. I knew that she loved me, even at her young age. Whatever happened we knew that what we felt in our hearts was right for us. Carly breathed softly as she lay against me. “I love you,” I whispered. “We’ll make this work.” I drifted off to sleep with the thought, “You never know what you’re gonna’ catch when you fish in strange waters.”

To be continued...

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2013-12-20 05:20:01
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2013-10-06 10:19:56
I think that this series is great. I like the lead up, and I think that this could really happen. Great

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2012-10-21 23:52:44
What in the name of hell is with the AT&T add?

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2012-05-31 04:57:41
I have T-Mobile and on May 6th, I received an email where they're ardsvtieing Truly Unlimited Data, Talk & Text' for $79.99/mth. I jumped on that offerand changed my plan. I'm wondering if I'll still be able to continue with this plan if/when AT&T takes over since AT&T has put a cap on their data services.

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2012-04-27 12:30:08
great story. ok, this was posted 3 years ago. but reading through the comments has been very entertaining to say the least. someone was obviously very jealous of your writing. but wasn't even a good enough writer to do a review for each chapter. instead, they copy and pasted the same lame negative review from each one. and to make it even more hilarious, they LMFAO at people giving good reviews as ANONYMOUS and his negative reveiw for every chapter has been ANONYMOUS!!! what a freaking moron....

good story, good job writing. other than a few gramatical errors and incorrect words ( a good spell checker would solve that) these have been good stories, very much worth reading

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