Leaving no one out.
Chapter 7

Cammy disappeared a moment later, and they could hear her footsteps in the sand as she dashed off into the distance. Lance sat up, wondering what he should do. He glanced down at Autumn, who lay there staring up at him, a worried look on her face.

"Autumn," he told her gently. "I need to go have a talk with Cammy, big brother to little sister. You might have convinced her to go for a long walk, but I don't think she was expecting to see this when she came back."

Autumn nodded, so he rose to his feet and left the hut. He turned to face the direction she had run, and spotted her a hundred yards down the beach, sitting in the sand and staring out into the blue ocean. She didn't seem to be going anywhere, so he took a quick dip in the lagoon to clean himself off before approaching her. He strode down the beach, trying to think of what he would tell her. From what he had overheard between the two girls earlier, Cammy hadn't really been in favor of this relationship. Now Lance had betrayed her, and he needed to set things right. Unfortunately, he didn't know any way to do it without making either Autumn or Cammy hate him.

Cammy was his sister. That was the most important thing. He decided that if he had to choose between the two girls, he would always choose his family.

As he approached her, she merely continued to stare out to sea. He sat down beside her, then after a moment of hesitation, slipped an arm around her shoulders.

"Cammy," he said tenderly. "I'm sorry. I didn't know this would bother you, or I would never have done it."

"It's okay," she replied. "I knew it was bound to happen eventually; I just didn't think it would be so soon."

"Bound to happen?"

"I mean, we've been here long enough that we have to start wondering if we'll ever get rescued. Maybe we won't. And you're the only boy and girl on the island who aren't related, so, well..."

Lance sighed. "You're absolutely right, Cammy. I was starting to feel a little lonely, and you know how Autumn feels about me, so I guess it was kind of natural for it to happen."

"Yeah, Autumn mentioned to me yesterday that she wanted me to make myself scarce so that she could have a chance to spend some time alone with you. Honestly, I didn't think it would go this far."

"Neither did I."

"Look, I don't want to make it sound like I'm against it. You two have found someone, and I'm happy for you. Especially for Autumn, because she's been in love before, but she's never had anyone return that love. It's just that... well, what if we don't get rescued? I can never have the same thing, can I?"

"Don't say that, Cammy. I'm sure we'll be home in a week or two, and then one of these days some guy will--"

"Don't," she insisted.


"Don't patronize me. I don't want to hear about 'some guy' or 'one of these days.' Lance, I just need..."

She closed her eyes and hung her head, and he could see the tears running down her cheeks. Lance drew her in to him and hugged her tightly.

"Cammy, I love you," he told her. "I can't stand to see you unhappy. Please tell me what's bothering you, and if it's in my power to fix it, I will. I'm your big brother, remember? So let me look after you."

She lifted her head and gazed up at him with tear-filled eyes. "Lance," she said. "I need to be loved now, not some time in the future."

"I do love you," he insisted.

"No, I don't mean like that. I don't want to feel left out. If you want to be with Autumn, that's okay, but I want to be included in that."

His eyes went wide with shock. "Cammy," he gasped. "Do you realize what you're asking?"

She nodded, then leaned in and kissed him on the lips. For a moment he thought of pulling back, of rejecting her, but against his better judgment he let it happen. He had only a moment of hesitation, then he let himself relax and enjoy the feel of her lips. There was none of the disgust that he thought he might experience at the thought of kissing his sister, only love and passion. Maybe it was because he had always felt especially close to her after learning of her nearly terminal illness. Maybe he just felt protective of her as her big brother, and his desire to see her happy overwhelmed any feelings of impropriety he might have had. Or maybe just seeing her beautiful nude body these past few days had allowed a certain attraction toward her to awaken in him.

He had one last qualm though, so he drew back and gazed into her eyes. "Cammy," he said tenderly. "Are you sure about this? Doesn't it bother you that I'm your brother?"

"So what? The reason there are laws against that kind of relationship is because of the consequences if we were to have children. But after the treatment for my cancer, I can't have children any more."

Lance had known all about that, but he had never spoken with her about it because he thought it might be painful for her to be reminded of the fact. "I'm sorry, Cammy," he said.

"Don't be sorry. It doesn't bother me. Frankly, the thought of going through childbirth scares me. Besides, because of this, I can be with you without worrying about it. Please, Lance. This is what I want."

He leaned in and kissed her again, wrapping his arms around her and holding her body to his. Cammy, his sister, the girl he had loved for fifteen years. Especially after nearly losing her, twice, he knew he would do anything for her, anything to make her happy. It no longer mattered what happened to him, as long as he could see the smile on her face and know that he had given it to her.

He was still a little overwhelmed by everything that had happened. He had just finished making love to Autumn, the sweetest little girl he had ever known, and now his own sister wanted the same treatment. And he wanted them both. Did that make him some kind of lecherous pervert, or just the luckiest man in the world?

He didn't care. All that mattered now was giving Cammy what she wanted.

"Lie down," he told her. Cammy lay on the beach, and Lance reclined beside her. It was still too soon after his tryst with Autumn for him to be able to give her everything she wanted, but at least he could worship her body with his hands and his mouth. Still somewhat hesitantly, he reached and and placed a hand on her stomach. Cammy sighed and closed her eyes. Lance began to move his hand slowly over her body, caressing her gently and tenderly, and letting himself enjoy the feeling of her soft skin. Admittedly his hands were a little rough after all of the manual labor of the past few days, but his sister didn't seem to mind.

He focused on her stomach at first, rubbing her there in a kind of massage that helped to relax her and ease the tension out of her body. He let his hand move in ever-increasing circles, until he brushed against the bottom of her breasts. She simply smiled and breathed in deeply.

This was it, the point of no return. Up till now, everything he had done to her, aside from those kisses, had been nothing that a big brother wasn't supposed to do with his sister. If he continued, he would be crossing a line, and could never return.

"Lance," said Cammy breathily.

He slid his hand over her breast and gently kneaded it between his fingers, eliciting another sigh from her. From the smile on her face, he could tell that she really enjoyed it. He enjoyed it too, just knowing that he was doing something special for the girl he loved most in the world.

Yes, he loved her more than anyone. He could see that now. Maybe one time it had been only as a sister. Then that love had strengthened every time he visited her in the hospital, every time he wondered if it would be the last time he would see her alive. Now here on the island, his love for her had matured.

He leaned over and kissed her on the chest, just below the neck, causing her to smile and hum in delight. He continued to kiss her all over her neck, shoulders, and chest as his hand massaged her breast tenderly. Then he let his hand slip lower, and she sucked in her breath, realizing where he headed. Lance was not quite up to the task of giving her everything she wanted just yet, but at least he could do with his hands what he couldn't do with the rest of his body, then finish the job later.

When he reached her sensitive spot, Cammy cried out. She was already damp down there just from the anticipation, and Lance gently teased her with his fingers, causing her to squirm. He stared down at her pretty face, with her eyes closed and an open-mouthed smile on her lips as she breathed in deeply, and he thought he had never seen such a beautiful sight. Then she opened her eyes and gazed up at him with adoration, and he realized that this sight was even more beautiful.

Lance happened to catch some movement out of the corner of his eye. He glanced up and saw Autumn there, half-hidden behind a tree. She stood there with a look of hurt on her face. Cammy turned and saw her as well. For a few seconds, brother and sister stared at their friend, then Autumn burst into tears and dashed off into the jungle.

"Oh no," said Cammy. "I didn't want..."

"Come on," Lance told her. "We need to settle this once and for all." He helped Cammy to her feet, then took her hand and followed the fleeing Autumn back toward the camp. Ahead of them, the girl ducked into the hut. Lance and Cammy slowed their pace; she was going nowhere after all.

When they reached the hut, they turned the corner and saw her sitting on the floor with her legs pulled up to her chest and her head buried in her knees weeping. Lance sat down on one side of her and Cammy on the other.

"Lance, how could you?" Autumn sobbed. "I loved you. I trusted you. And now I find out..."

"Autumn," he told her gently. "I still love you. Don't think of this as some kind of affair--"

"I just want to feel needed. But you two are brother and sister, so you love each other already, and now you don't need me any more."

"Is that what you think?" Cammy asked, putting an arm around her shoulder. "Of course we need you! Isn't that right, Lance?"

"Absolutely. Autumn, you once told me that here on the island we make our own rules. So why can't we have a rule that says that a man can love two women at once? Besides, I happen to know something that you two have been keeping secret from me. I saw you kissing in the lagoon the other day, and I overheard you in the hut later. So I'm no more guilty of cheating on you two than you are of cheating on me."

"You know about that?" asked Autumn.

"Yes. And from what I heard, it sounds like there's no reason for anyone to be jealous. Let's just get everything out in the open. No more secrets. I don't want anyone to go behind anyone's back any more; let's just all agree to love each other."

"Really? You mean, you don't mind if Cammy and I..."

"Actually, it's a real turn-on. The other day I had to go dunk myself in the ocean after hearing you two in the hut."

Autumn actually giggled at that.

"So I think that if all three of us are willing," said Cammy, "we should all do it together."

Autumn smiled and wiped away the tears from her eyes. "I guess that's all right," she said. "I mean, I love you both, and I don't want to choose between you."

"You don't have to," Cammy told her. She leaned in and kissed her friend on the lips. It was tender and sweet, and Lance nearly gasped at the sight. Despite the short interval since his last orgasm, he found himself growing erect again.

When the kiss ended, Cammy glanced down and giggled. "I can see Lance likes this arrangement," she said. She reached out and took hold of it, sending a shiver of excitement through his body at the touch.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?" asked Autumn.

"Oh yeah," said Lance.

"Oh yeah," said Cammy.

Autumn giggled, then leaned in and whispered something in her friend's ear. Cammy's eyes grew wide as a grin spread onto her face. Then she did something that shocked Lance; she leaned down and took him into her mouth.

"Oh shit!" Lance moaned in delirious pleasure. Cammy sucked on it, sending electric thrills through him with every motion. He could hardly believe it was his little sister doing this to him. He had seen her sick and nearly lifeless in the hospital, he had seen her vivacious and energetic after her recuperation, but he had never seen this side of her. The complete transformation added another level of excitement to the pleasure.

Autumn, meanwhile, knelt behind Cammy and pressed her body up against her back. She reached forward and groped Cammy's breasts, teasing them in much the same way Lance had earlier. He watched the girls' lesbian play in delight, not even trying to hide his reaction from the girls. If not for his recent orgasm he probably would have climaxed right there in Cammy's mouth just from the sight of it.

Autumn let one of her hands slide down Cammy's body until she slipped it onto her young mound, causing his sister to squeal in pleasure with the sudden sensation. Lance had begun to warm her up, but now Autumn was continuing where he had left off. She massaged between Cammy's legs with much more skill than Lance had shown earlier; naturally she had more experience with that sort of thing and knew what felt good. Cammy moaned at the sensation, her body beginning to squirm with her friend's ministrations.

"I love it when you do that to me, Autumn," Cammy gasped, taking her mouth off of her big brother's cock long enough to say the words.

"I know," Autumn replied. "I can get you to do anything by doing this to you. Cammy's my little sex slave."

So the sexy vixen Autumn was back, taking control of the lovemaking. Lance found that tremendously erotic, especially now with all three of them involved. Just watching Autumn dominate his sister thrilled him beyond belief, but the added stimulation of Cammy's mouth wrapped around his cock made it that much better.

Autumn leaned down and kissed Cammy on the neck, still massaging her body. The three of them were already getting into a rhythm, with Cammy's body rocking forward and back as Autumn rubbed her between the legs, and Autumn matching her movements to her friend's. Cammy's ministrations on her big brother fell into that same pattern, and Lance moaned with every bob of his little sister's head.

He didn't know how much more of this he could take. Were it not for his tryst with Autumn earlier that day, he would already have lost it. Even now, the thrill of the forbidden passion between his sister and himself, coupled with the erotic sight of the two girls before him and the intensely pleasurable physical stimulation on the most sensitive part of his body, threatened to tip him over the edge.

He wondered if Cammy would mind. She had been the one to instigate this after all. She had practically begged him for this opportunity. But he also knew that if he lost control right now, he wouldn't give her what she truly needed. And now that he thought of it, he needed it just as badly.

"Cammy," he groaned, unable to control the lust in his own voice. "I want to... I want to..."

His sister lifted her head, giving him a moment of relief. "You want to what?" she asked with a teasing smile.

"I'll bet I can guess," Autumn answered for him. "He wants to shove that long, hot cock of his right up your pussy. He wants to drill you till you beg for mercy. He wants to--"

"I get the idea," Cammy grinned, cutting her off. "Lance dear, is that what you want to do?" she asked in a playfully sweet voice.

"Oh yeah," he gasped, too excited to even attempt to be as eloquent as Autumn.

"Well then, I guess I'd better let you do it then." She rose up and brought one leg over his waist. Lance leaned back on his hands, giving her plenty of room to maneuver. He wasn't sure how she wanted to do this, but was happy to oblige her whatever her desires.

"Lie down," she told him gently.

"That's no way to talk to your brother," Autumn grinned. "Do it like this. Get down on the ground!" she barked at Lance.

He laughed, then lay back. Cammy scooted up so that she knelt above his hips, her beautiful young pussy just inches above his engorged cock. Even the very anticipation of what was about to happen sent a shiver through his body.

"May I do the honors?" asked Autumn. Not waiting for an answer, she took Lance's cock in her hand and pointed it up toward his little sister's waiting slit. Cammy gently lowered herself toward it.

Lance gasped at the first contact, not only from the physical sensation but from the thrill of having now moved past the point of no return. As he entered her, he marveled at the thought that this was his own baby sister that he was doing this to. Until the island, he had never even had the slightest inclination toward a sexual relationship with her, and now only a few days later he was engaging in a deliciously depraved act with her. Normally he was pretty conservative with his sexuality, but now he found that very depravity exciting and erotic.

Like Autumn, Cammy was no virgin, he discovered. He refrained from asking her about it; the question might embarrass her, and truth be told, the idea of her as being sexually experienced also turned him on, and he preferred his fantasies to the reality he would no doubt discover if he asked her about it.

With his cock buried deep inside her, he gazed up at her with love and adoration. There was a certain liberating feeling in finally doing this with her; no more would he have to keep his desires in check, or spend time alone with his thoughts, or take a cold dip in the ocean. And because he loved Cammy so much, he felt a kind of fulfillment, as if this were always meant to be.

He let his sister take over, rocking up and down on her hips and finding that rhythm again. He relaxed and let it happen, delighting in the feel of her warm, moist body wrapped around him. His own hips rose up of their own accord to join in the sensual dance, thrusting over and over, deeper and deeper, inside of her.

Autumn let her hands slide all over Cammy's body, rubbing her and groping her all over but focusing especially on her more intimate spots. She leaned in and gave Cammy an open-mouthed kiss, and Lance watched in amazement and delight as their tongues intertwined. Then Autumn drew back and began to kiss down Cammy's body, first her chin, then her neck, then her upper chest. She turned her head to the side and glanced at Lance, grinning as she brought her face up next to Cammy's breast. Giving him a perfect view, she opened her mouth and ran her tongue over the nipple.

He groaned at the sight, and both girls giggled at his reaction. There was something intensely beautiful and delightfully naughty about two girls pleasuring each other's bodies like that. Lance had seen his share of pictures on the internet, and he knew a couple of women who leaned that way, but never had he seen it right there in front of him like that.

Autumn had more in mind, though. She gently took the nipple between her teeth and nibbled on it, eliciting a squeal of pleasure from Cammy. Lance would have thought it would hurt, but he supposed that if Autumn were really gentle, even the mild pain could add to the intensity of the sensation. She let her mouth wander lower, kissing and licking down Cammy's body, past her ribcage, past her stomach, and finally to the focus of their lovemaking. Lance felt her tongue brush against the shaft of his cock, running from the base right up to the point where it disappeared inside his little sister, and then continuing on along Cammy's body. Cammy squealed again as Autumn apparently reached that extremely sensitive point.

"Oh god, that feels good!" Cammy moaned. "I love it! Fuck me, big brother!"

"Yeah, fuck her, big brother," Autumn giggled.

The nasty talk fueled his desire, and he pounded into her even harder. Autumn had to move back to keep her head from being crushed between the two of them, but she knelt behind Cammy instead, letting her hands return to their original positions. She rubbed her friend's clit furiously as Lance thrust deeply inside her.

The double stimulation was too much for Cammy, who screamed in ecstasy and shook with an intense orgasm. Lance watched as it wracked her body with extreme pleasure. He had seen a number of erotic sights these past few days, but nothing could compare to the vision of his baby sister in the throes of her climax, and knowing that he was at least in part responsible for it.

That sight pushed him over the edge too. His own body tensed up and he gave one final thrust, shoving impossibly deep into her body and literally lifting both girls off of the ground. His cock twitched inside of her, spurting his seed for the second time that day. It was every bit as intense as the first time.

Then his strength gave out, and his hips slammed back down on the ground. The two of them continued to rock together for a few seconds as they gradually came down from the high. Lance gasped in his breaths until his heart slowed enough that he could breathe normally.

Cammy lay down on top of him, resting her head against his chest and purring with contentment. Autumn lay next to them, reaching out with one hand and tenderly brushing away Cammy's mussed hair from her face. She leaned in and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek, then lay down once more beside them and hugged them both.

"So that's it then," sighed Lance. "I can't believe how wonderful it feels to have both of you. I love you both more than you could possibly imagine."

"I imagine I love you just as much," Cammy smiled. "So I take it this doesn't bother you any more, Autumn?"

"As long as Lance is man enough to handle both of our needs, I'm very happy about this arrangement."

"Any time he's not up to it, I'll take care of you," Cammy winked.

There was nothing more to be said, so the three of them lay together in each other's arms, just enjoying the warmth and closeness of their bodies. Lance knew that this kind of activity would be frowned upon in the civilized world, but he didn't care. For now, they had the island, their own private paradise, where they were free to love each other the way they wanted.


Life after that was wonderful. Now that they had gotten over their moral hangups, they let themselves love each other the way they wanted. Sometimes one of the three would give the other two some private time together, but more often all three were included in their lovemaking. Lance was thrilled to be able to make love to two gorgeous girls at once, but sometimes he just liked to watch the two of them engage in sapphic delight. Autumn seemed especially happy, and her shyness was quickly wearing down. She even started flirting with him, and he found her inexperienced attempts amusing yet also sexy. Cammy, playful as always, got a lot more physical, and at least once a day he found himself wrestling with her, usually resulting in the two of them making love. Autumn usually joined in somewhere in the middle, and they were more than happy to include her.

Sometimes he just lay in the sun, watching the girls wash each other's backs under the waterfall. Sometimes they frolicked in the lagoon, or bathed in the ocean.

There was still plenty of work to do, but the girls were eager to help out, especially if it meant giving Lance more leisure time to spend with them. Sometimes their sexual play was more exhausting than the work itself, so every night they slept well, despite having only a piece of sail cloth between them and the ground. They did their chores in the morning before it got too warm, then spent all afternoon swimming or playing or having sex, then sat out on the beach each night and watched the stars come out.

Autumn was the first to make a decent spearhead, so they fashioned a spear from a straight stick and gave fishing a try. It took a couple of days of practice before their first catch, but eventually they managed to do it, so they added fish to the menu, which suited Lance just fine; he was getting tired of rabbit.

The days passed surprisingly quickly, filled with fun and excitement rather than fear and despair. Despite all of the things they lacked, they had made a home here. Over the next couple of weeks, their cares and worries slowly dwindled until the three castaways nearly forgot that there was another world out there at all.

Three weeks after their arrival almost to the day, Lance woke up one morning and stared out to sea. Far off on the horizon he spied a black speck, moving slowly north. His eyes went wide as he realized it was a ship!

He hurried and woke the girls, who dashed out to the beach to see it. From its constant motion, it obviously hadn't seen them. No doubt it would require some kind of signal to get its attention. Lance dashed back to camp and retrieved the flare gun. He loaded it, then headed back to the beach. He held it in the air and prepared to fire.

Before pulling the trigger, however, he happened to glance at Autumn, and was surprised to see a look of regret on her face. He understood the reason for that look because he felt somewhat the same way himself. Returning to civilization meant returning to its rules, where a twenty-five-year-old man could not make love to a fourteen-year-old girl, where a brother could not make love to a sister, where a man could only love one woman at a time, and where two teenage girls who loved each other would have to face daily prejudice and scorn. Autumn had finally realized her dream, and all too soon the dream had to end.

He turned to Cammy and saw the same look in her eyes. Yes, returning to civilization meant giving up the happiness they had found here. That ship could take them back to the world of soft beds, varied cuisine, hot showers, water faucets, roads, entertainment, and money. But despite their limited possessions and resources, despite the heat of the sun and hard work required just to stay alive, this was their own private tropical paradise, and leaving it meant leaving behind happy times and even, in a way, each other. That ship might rescue them from the island, but it would also take them away from some of the best times they had ever had.

Lance smiled, then set the gun down on the sand. Maybe there would be another ship in a couple of weeks. Maybe not. In the mean time, they weren't in any particular hurry to leave. He put his arms around the girls, then the three of them sat down on the beach and watched the ship slowly sail away into the distance.


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