I am a 13 year old boy and in my opinion my mother is the sexiest woman in the world. She is in terrific shape on the account of her being a health nut that goes to the gym at least 2 hours a day. She has voluptuous blonde hair up to her upper back, big blue eyes, sexy golden tan skin, gorgeous facial features, big natural 40DD breasts (with no sag) and a very slim figure. However her best feature by far is her incredibly sexy ass. It is big and has some give to it but is hard as well due to her constant working out. And to add to all of this she is only 28 because she got pregnant with me at the age of 15! She was taken advantage of by a rich and powerful businessman. Thankfully the man who got her pregnant paid her millions of dollars to move away and keep quiet about the whole affair. So she moved away from her home at age 15 and moved to a rural area in Alabama where the man bought her a big ranch house.

Despite being pregnant at a very young age, my mom raised me with a lot of care and did a very good job. She was very innocent and would never go out to clubs or parties in her teens and mid 20’s because she never trusted a babysitter to take care of me. Also because of the millions of dollars that she received from the man who got her pregnant, she never had to work either so we had a lot of time together. I always felt very close to her and we would talk about everything from school to girls, much like best friends. However being a preteen male I noticed how truly beautiful my mother was and I found myself getting into a habit of fishing through the laundry and sniffing her sweaty sports bras and thongs after she would come home from the gym. This quickly escalated into masturbating using her silky underwear. By the age of 13, I thought more and more of my mother as a sexual object and not as a mom. I knew these thoughts were wrong but I couldn’t help it, she was just so sexy. And what made it worse was she seemed to be getting hotter and hotter as the years went on. The sight of her ass would get me an instant boner, even if she was wearing loose jeans or sweat pants. And whenever she bent over and inadvertently showed me some cleavage I would almost explode instantly. Since my mom was so innocent and na? she never suspected me of thinking of her as anything other than my mom.

I knew I could abuse her naivety and start touching her more. So I started giving her long and random hugs and kisses throughout the day and squeeze her would even squeeze her ass cheeks playfully. Of course she didn’t expect anything and would simply respond most of time with an “awe I love you too honey.” The next thing I started to do was offer to give her massages after she came back from the gym. I would sit on the couch and she would sit on the floor in front of me in a loose tank top exposing her cleavage. These extensive looks at her cleavage is when I discovered that her 40DD breasts just might give her godlike ass some competition to be her sexiest body part. They truly were a sight, on most women; 40DD boobs look weird, saggy and would fall apart like eggs. But her tits were perfect. They had no gap and no sag at all, whereas most women need bras to hold up their breasts, her tits would probably be positioned exactly the same even if she didn’t wear a bra. After some massages with her tank top on, I knew that I needed to see more so I got a bit bolder.

So one day while I was massaging her I asked her

“Mom I think it would feel better for you if I was massaging your bare skin.”

“Yeah probably, I’ll take off my tank top.” She responded “You know you are really sweet giving me all of
these massages, I know a kid your age probably has a lot better ways to spend his time.”

“No problem mom I would do anything for you.”

“Awe I love you honey.” She said as she stripped off her tank top.

I would have said I love you too but the sight of my mother’s magnificent breasts being covered in nothing but a bra had me speechless. What had me even more surprised was how na? my mom was. So after a few more minutes of massaging her I decided to push my luck.

“Mom these bra straps are really getting in the way, could you take your bra off.”

“uhm, sure” she said a little more cautiously.

She took it off slowly but covered her tits with her hands.

“Fucking bitch.” I thought to myself. I was getting angry; I was so close to seeing my dream girl’s boobs
and she covers them up with her hand. I recovered my poise and said to my mom

“I’ll go head upstairs and put your bra and tank top in the laundry so you won’t have too, because I know you’re tired from the gym.”

“Awe thanks sweetie, you are such an angel.” Said my mom who was now reassured of her son’s good intentions.

So I picked her bra and tank top and took them upstairs, I put her tank top in the laundry basket and put her sweaty bra in my room for later. With her bra and shirt not even in the room as her, I would give her a massage for however long it would take for her to fall asleep and them I would finally get a glimpse of those tits.

So I went back and sure enough she was still covering her boobs from my view, so I went back onto the couch and started massaging her. And just as planned, after about half an hour she dozed off. Her hands were still covering her boobs. I wanted to make sure she was asleep before I went in for a feel; the last thing I wanted to do was lose her trust so I massaged her a little more and then gave her some nudges. She was asleep for sure. So I got off the couch and kneeled right in front of her, I slowly moved one arm out of the way, now I could see all of her tits except the nipples which the other one was covering. So I moved her other arm out of the way barely able to contain myself. And there they were; the most beautiful breasts on god’s green earth, right there for me to see. I took a minute to admire her golden tan, perfectly shaped, and of course 40DD breasts. After a couple minutes I decided I had to touch them no matter what the risk. I started near her waist and moved up her sleek, silky smooth stomach until I got to her breasts. I delicately lifted a finger and touched the end of her right nipple with my finger and started to circle it. She showed no signs of getting up so I started to gently squeeze both her tits with my hands. I massaged her tits for about 10 minutes. Then I laid her down on her back and started to suck her titties. I was in heaven.

“This must what being on ecstacy feels like” I thought to myself.

After what seemed like an hour of having my way with her breasts, I decided to go after what I wanted for so long, her incredible ass. I turned her around and stripped her sweat pants off to reveal a small black thong that was clearly no match for her big tight butt. I put the thong out of its misery by slowly removing it and I started to massage here naked ass cheeks. 2 big golden tan globes right there for my taking. I lowered my nose about half an inch from her anal and took a long intoxicating sniff. Then I split apart her luscious ass cheeks and started licking her asshole. I then started squeezing her ass hard, pinching it everywhere when I heard

“What are you doing sweetheart”

It was my mom who finally woke up. I was in complete panic so I said the first dumb thing that came to my head.

“Uhm mom I thought that I should do a full body massage you know, so I decided to go a little lower than usual.”

“Ok but why did u have to take off my undies.”

“They weren’t letting me get fully access mom, sorry if this is awkward.”

“Oh it’s not awkward honey, you are my son, and yeah I guess I do have a pretty big bum. Thanks baby.”

“No mom your butt is perfect, it’s really nice, and in fact your whole body is.” I told her before I realized that that I might have just taken it too far with that comment.

“Aw thanks your sweet, well im gonna go to sleep sweetie, goodnight.”

“Alright good night mom.”

Wow words could not believe that she bought that, my mom’s stupidity and innocence could not be described by words. I was relieved. But what should have made me scared only made me more lustful for my dream girl. I knew my thoughts were wrong and I knew I couldn’t try for any more then I already did. But those boobs and that ass just could not get off my mind. I dreamt of that blonde vixen for every minute that I slept over the few days. And for every minute during the day I spent as close to my mom as possible, whether I was hugging her, or playing childish games with her, massaging her or just talking with her and gazing into her beautiful blue eyes. I was obsessed by the sexy goddess that is my mother. My obsession of her quickly turned into an obsession of fucking her. I felt like she was mine, like I owned her, and I should be able to do whatever I want to her and her sexy body.

So over the next few days I orchestrated a plot to rape her and eventually make her my sex slave. I would wait till she came back from the gym so she would be tired, then I would wait for her to go to sleep, I would handcuff her and then have my way with her. Then I would make her pose naked so I could take pictures of her, and then I would use those pictures to blackmail her into fucking me whenever I want.

One week later on Wednesday July15th, I put my plan into action. My mom came home dead tired like I counted on and after watching some tv and her daily massage from me, she said goodnight and I hugged her for an especially long time.

“Is something wrong honey”

“No, I just love you so much mom, I want you to know that.”

“Awwwe, honey you are so sweet, I love you to baby.”

She went to sleep. I waited a couple of hours to make sure she was in the middle of a deep sleep. Then I made my way up to her room. I opened the door, I had goose bumps, I was shaking slightly, after being obsessed with doing one thing for so long, when one’s about to do that thing, it’s a special moment.

I lifted the covers and there she was looking more beautiful than ever. Her golden skin was simply radiant, and even though she was in a loose t-shirt and shorts, she looked more beautiful than any women in the world would in sexy lingerie or even naked. I admired her beauty for what felt like hours before I decided to begin

The most important part would be applying the handcuffs without her waking up, if I could do this then the rape would be easy because she wouldn’t be able to defend herself. I slowly took her t-shirt off revealing a white lace bra. Then, I slid off her shorts revealing a matching white lace thong. The underwear made her look like a sleeping angel. She yawned loudly and flipped her body on the bed. I couldn’t believe how easy she had made it for me. So I took advantage, I brought her long graceful arms behind her back and applied the handcuffs. Then I turned her body and carefully removed her bra revealing her perfect golden breasts. She looked so peaceful sleeping. However I wanted her awake for the whole experience so I pinched her nipples until she woke up.

“What are you doing honey, I don’t need a massage right now, mommy’s trying to sleep.”

I could not believe this, to this very moment she has complete faith in me. I could not respond, instead I kept on rubbing her breasts.

“Sweetie why am in handcuffed”

I did not answer again, I lowered my mouth and passionately kissed her while continuing to feel up her tits.

“Get off what are doing” she said finally coming to the realization that her son was raping her.

“I have to do this, don’t make it difficult.” I said.

She started to squirm her body, but without her arms it didn’t matter how sleek and graceful her body was, she wasn’t getting out of this rape. Tears started pouring out of her big blue eyes. This sight made me want to go back in time and never attempt this plan, but it was too late now. I started biting her soft tits, making them turn purple.

“Owwww stop it!!!” she screamed in pain.

“Stop moving then bitch! And let me kiss you” I responded.

She complied, and I kissed her passionately, forcing my tongue down her throat. I kissed her for what seemed like forever, even though she was crying her eyes out, I was in heaven. Then I moved down to her tits again and sucked them and occasionally bit them just to hear her moan and scream. Her pain turned me on even more. Then I turned her body over and slid her thong off.

“You know slut, I have wanted your ass for a very very long time.”

She used this opportunity to her advantage, she kicked me with all her force knocking me back, then she got up and tried to open the door, but I had made sure that both the locks on her door were locked knowing that she would have no way of opening It she was handcuffed.

She desperately slammed against the door with her body but to no avail, I was angry now I got up, took her body and slammed it against the wall, making her scream in pain, then I picked her up and slammed her to the floor and once again got on top of her. I started throttling her tits to punish her for what she did. This mauling of her breasts made her lay still and accept that there was nothing she could do.

I turned her body around body around and bent her over my knee and started spanking her big butt. The sensation of spanking my mother was making by penis go even more berserk. I loved it,I kept spanking it faster and harder each time, making big red handprints on her beautiful golden ass cheeks. Each time I made contact I could hear her let out a soft scream. I finally stopped. I split her butt cheeks and started sniffing her asshole. It was intoxicating. I started to lick her ass. I licked every square inch of her magnificent big butt. I loved the taste and the aroma of her ass. Then I turned her body around again and started licking her beautiful shaven pussy. Even though my mom wasn’t, her pussy was have a great time as it was oozing fluids after being licked.

I finally decided it was time to fuck this babe. I unzipped my pants and took my hard 8 inch cock out. But before I did anything I leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“You know mom, I’m only doing this because you are so gorgeous and I want to make you mine.”
She didn’t respond, she simply closed her eyes to try and stop the tears from falling down her cheek. I wiped the tears off her cheek and kissed her again, this time on her gorgeous lips. While I was kissing her I started slowly pumping my penis into her tight pussy. My penis in her pussy was the best feeling I had felt in my life. I started to pump harder and harder, my mom’s breasts were rocking to the rhythm of my dick, and I could hear moans escaping from her mouth. I knew that even though she was horrified, her primal urges were forcing her to enjoy this. I finally climaxed and filled her with my sperm. I kissed her and said

“That wasn’t so bad now was it.”

“Just get off me!!” she screamed.

“Oh I’m just getting started, you are nowhere near done yet.”

I played with her breasts a bit more until I was ready to fuck her again. I turned her around, leaned her against the bed so she wouldn’t fall over, and started pumping her pussy again, this time doggy style. This felt even better than before, this time, her big ass globes were there to cushion my penis as I penetrated her pussy. I pulled her full silky hair back and used it as leverage. As I started going faster and faster her hair would no longer suffice so I grabbed her tits. The faster I went, the more tightly I gripped her big tits and the more I yanked them. This made her scream in pain/pleasure. At this point I had no care in the world what she was going through, it was all about me, and I was having the time of my life. I went harder and harder until I finally exploded in her pussy for the second time. I layed her down and looked at the big red hand imprints that I had left in her big perfect boobs. My mom was breathing very hard, all of this getting fucked had made her very tired. I didn’t give her much time to recover as I got her up again and started to thoroughly lick her asshole. This time it wasn’t just for my pleasure, it was to prepare it for anal sex.
Without warning I ripped my cock into her anal making her exert the loudest scream yet. Good thing we lived in a rural area far away from any neighbors because if we lived in a city, everybody and I mean everybody would have heard the scream that my mom let out. Her scream of pain only turned me on more. I continued thrusting my cock into her anal making her scream again and again.

“Please stop!! Stop it hurts sooo much!! If you stop now I will forget any of this ever happened!” She managed to scream out.

I didn’t even respond to this preposterous request, I was having way too much of a good time. To the dismay of my mother I increased my intensity and pumped my dick into her ass even harder. Right before I was about to ejaculate I stuck my dick in her pussy and filled it up for the third time. I was determined to get her pregnant with my baby. Only then would she be mine forever. After I did this I went to work on her ass again with my tongue. I split her ass cheeks and licked her raw and beaten asshole again. I did this until I felt like I had enough sperm recovered to get a good fulfilling blowjob from my hot mom. I got her up and said
“Come on almost done, just suck my cock, and make it nice and slow, I know it’s been a while but I know you still remember how to give a good blowjob.”

And did she ever, she put her gorgeous lips around my penis and slowly engulfed it.
“Good slut, now look up at my face while you are sucking my cock.”
She did this too, her big blue eyes filled with tears and fear. The pleasure of looking into her innocent blue eyes while she did this was almost as pleasureful as the blowjob itself. Her mouth slowly went up and down my shaft. I gave her a slap in the face and told her to start to gradually go faster. She moved to medium speed and then gradually started going full out. She looked down momentarily so I gave her another hard slap on the cheek and told her to keep eye contact. Finally I cummed in her mouth.
“I know it is a lot of cum but I want you to swallow it all.”
She did.

I got her up, gave her a slap on her ass and told her to go lie down on the bed and get some rest. I actually had no care whether she got rest or not but I needed her boobs and ass to lose their redness and go back to their normal radiant golden tan color or the pictures I was going to take would look like they were forced not taken voluntarily. And if they looked forced then they would have no use in blackmailing her into becoming my sex slave. So I waited a bit and let her sleep for about an hour until I checked her assets.
“Yes!” I thought to myself as her breasts and ass recovered to their original golden color. I took off her handcuffs, fetched my digital camera and woke her up.
“Mom I have untied you because I couldn’t stand to see you in that condition anymore.” I lied “I am sorry for all of this mom but you are just so sexy, I promise I will never do anything like this again. But to resist the temptation I need something that I can refer too whenever I feel like doing inappropriate things too you. Like a smoker and nicotine gum.”
“Like what” she said cautiously
“Like naked pictures of you.” I said as I showed her the camera.
“Ok but promise you won’t do anything like this again.”
“I promise mom.

“Oh honey you really had me scared there, but I knew you weren’t that evil. I know boys your age have these urges and if I can help you to not resort to this level again by taking nude pics of myself then I am all for it.” She said as she even flashed me a smile.
“Alright thanks mom, but I will need a lot of pictures though from a lot of different positions.”
“Ok sweetie whatever it takes.”
This is where my years of looking at porn helped, I got pics of her from every angle imaginable, all kinds of ass pics of her bending over doggy style and sticking it out, boob pics of her playing with her tits and licking them, vagina pics of her playing and toying with her snatch, and tonnes of her showing off her flexibility in various positions. And most importantly she was smiling and looked like she was having a good time in every picture. I even got her to hold my dick up to her face and pretend to suck it. All in all I had about 300 pictures. To top it all off I got her to do a 10 minute video of her stripping and playing with her boobs, ass and pussy.

“Wow alright thanks a lot mom, I’m gonna go to my room and jerk off to these pics. Sorry for everything, love you, goodnight.”
“No problem honey everyone makes mistakes, I forgive you and I promise everything will be back to normal in the morning. Goodnight sweetheart.”
Oh how wrong she was, things would never be “normal” for her again. I went to my room and did jerk it to her hot pictures and her amazing video, but after that, I uploaded them onto my laptop, hacked her email and started to make the email I would use to blackmail her with. It looked like this:
Hey you, it’s me Alexandra Banks, and I just want you to know that I am very horny and am tired of not having sex with anyone. If you haven’t seen me in a while I still have a smoking body. I have 40DD tits, sleek athletic stomach, long legs and a smokin’ ass. I am desperate for sex and will fuck anybody, just show up at my house and I will sex you up. My pics and video are attached.
XXX Love Your Personal Slut,


In the morning I took my laptop into my mom’s room and placed it on her bed. I climbed up on her bed, took her shirt off, ripped her bra off and started playing with her beautiful breasts again. This woke her up.

“Honey what are you doing, remember, I took all those pictures for you so you would be able to resist your urges.”

“yeah but still pictures are just not that exciting.” I said as I continued squeezing her melons.

“Well what about that video I made.”

“Yeah that was really sexy and hot mom, but it just made me want the real thing even more.”
Now she started fighting back and got me off of her. She then quickly put her bra back on her tits.

“Well that is too bad mister, this is wrong, and I am not gonna let you just play with my breasts so you better just stick to jerking it to what I gave you. “

“You really are a stupid bitch, why do you think I asked you to smile while I took the pictures I did it to black mail you.” I showed her the email I had made and watched her innocent blue eyes wide in horror. “If I press this button I will send this message and all of the pictures and the video to everybody that you know, including all of your siblings and parents, you will become a social pariah to all of your women friends, and all the men that you know will think of you as nothing but a hot slut that they will be able to fuck anytime they want. So you can either put your clothes on and watch me send this email and ruin your life or…”

“No no no anything but that, what’s the other option.” She exclaimed.

“The other option is that you can agree to become my personal slut. You will be expected to please me in any way I want and whenever I want. You will call me master. You will only ever be allowed to leave the house to go to the gym. You will keep your body in impeccable condition, if you gain even 5 pounds in undesired areas, I will send the email. You will not be able to refuse any of my sexual desires. My wish will be your command. And finally, you will bear my baby. So what do you say mom, will you become my sex slave”

A tear came out of her gorgeous eye and rolled down her cheek. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, she bit her lower lip and nodded.

“Good, good, don’t worry slut, you will grow to love being my slave. This calls for a congratulatory blowjob, so get naked and give me the best blowjob that you’ve given in your life.”

“Yes Master.”

She stripped off her bra exposing her masterful boobs, then she slowly walked towards me, turned around, bent over and stripped off her sweat pants revealing a black thong. She slipped it off and stuck her incredible ass right in front of my face. I grabbed it and took a deep whiff. Then she got on her knees, unbuttoned my pants, and slid down my boxers to reveal my hard 8 inch penis. She slowly placed her lips around my penis and started massaging it with her mouth, moving up and down my shaft. She then remembered to look at me with her big innocent eyes. The look that she was giving me this time was much different than last time. Last time it was a look of sadness and fear, this time her eyes were still filled with tears, but there was no fear or confusion, instead it was replaced by a look of defeat and understanding. She understood that I was no longer her son. I was her master and that she could never escape this life. She accepted that now her sole purpose in life would not be to raise me, but to please me. I took my hand and stroked her silky blonde hair and said

“You are doing a great job, I Love you my beautiful sex slave.”

She said nothing, and continued to suck my penis

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She stripped off her bra exposing her masterful boobs, then she slowly walked towards me, turned around, bent over and stripped off her sweat pants revealing a black thong. She slipped it off and stuck her incredible ass right in front of my face. I grabbed it and took a deep whiff. Then she got on her knees, unbuttoned my pants, and slid down my boxers to reveal my hard 8 inch penis. She slowly placed her lips around my penis and started massaging it with her mouth, moving up and down my shaft. She then remembered to look at me with her big innocent eyes. The look that she was giving me this time was much different than last time. Last time it was a look of sadness and fear, this time her eyes were still filled with tears, but there was no fear or confusion, instead it was replaced by a look of defeat and understanding. She understood that I was no longer her son. I was her master and that she could never escape this life. She accepted that now her sole purpose in life would not be to

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