Truth or Dare with Sis


I know it’s creepy but honestly I think my sister Kayleigh is the hottest girl in the world. She is 17 and has an amazing body. She has silky hair, golden tan skin, perfect round breasts that could fill up any top, a tiny stomach, long smooth legs and a juicy ass that always leaves a guy wanting more. To add to that she has piercing eyes that scream fuck me.

The only thing about Kayleigh is that she is kind of a bitch now. We used to get along great when we were younger but ever since she started high school she became popular because of her looks and by grade 11 she was the “Queen Bee” at our school. I thought this would help me as I entered my freshmen year but she completely ignores me and my friends except for when she spots a chance to make a joke to make her friends laugh at the expense of my friends and I. She made our freshmen year hell. Thankfully it was over. It was now summer vacation and the living was easy.

One Friday night I had my friend Vlad Dudley over for a sleep over. Now I don’t consider myself a looker but compared to Vlad I was Brad Pitt. Vlad was really fat, had greasy red hair, and had glasses and bad acne. To add to that he was by far the horniest guy I’ve ever met. My sister walked through the room as we were playing video games; she looked at Vlad with disgust, called me a loser like usual and walked upstairs to get ready for a party. We both tilted our heads and stared at her juicy ass as it swayed from side to side with every step she took up the stairs. Vlad finally broke our gaze by saying
“Damn what I would give to tap that ass.”

We both laughed and returned to the video game. About half an hour we heard Kayleigh angrily scream
“FUCK Mom you are so lame.”

We continued playing; I was used to my Mom and Kayleigh having loud arguments.
My Mom talked pretty calmly so we could only hear Kayleigh’s side of the argument. She continued.
“But MOM this was going to be the party of the year!”

“FUCK FUCK FUCK, okay I guess if you’re making me I have to do it then!”

A few minutes later my Mom and Dad came downstairs and said

“Hey boys, we’re going to go visit grandma for the weekend because she’s gotten awfully sick, Kayleigh’s in charge of you boys so behave okay”

“Okay mom” I said as they left the house.

Kayleigh came downstairs in a loose hoodie and sweatpants and said

“Well because of you little shits, I have to stay home this weekend, I hope you’re happy.”

“Quite happy.” Vlad replied wittily.

Kayleigh responded with a glare. She sat down on the couch and watched us play for a bit. We got bored after a while and decided to just watch TV. Vlad quickly rushed to sit right next to Kayleigh. She glared at him in disgust and moved to the next couch, I found this pretty funny. As we were watching TV I noticed that Vlad wasn’t even watching the tube, he had his eyes placed squarely on my hot sister. Even though she was wearing loose sweat pants and a hoodie I noticed that Vlad had a boner. Kayleigh either didn’t notice or didn’t care that Vlad was staring at her. I guess she was used to being stared at by guys everywhere she went.

“Ugh nothing’s on.” She said “I’m so fucking bored.”

I thought for a bit,

“Um Sis, why don’t we play a game to pass the time.”

“Well since there’s nothing else to do what do you have in mind”

“Dare. Like we used to when we were kids”


The three of us sat on the floor in a triangle. I looked at Vlad, he was looking at Kayleigh and had a very menacing smile on. I knew exactly what he was thinking.

My sister talked

“I’ll play but there are some rules, nothing that’s dangerous” then she turned directly to Vlad and said “no nudity and nothing sexual.”

He reluctantly agreed but added “let’s make it interesting, if someone wimps out on a dare they owe the darer $100.”

We all agreed on the rules and started playing

The dares started out innocent enough, whether it was making a prank phone call, or barking like a dog, or doing a silly dance. But sure enough a few dares into the game Vlad took it to the next level. He dared Kayleigh to take off her sweater.

“Perv” Kayleigh said before she took off her sweater revealing a tight white tank top that was pushed to its limits by her round tits. I went next.

“Lose the pants Kayls.”

“Eww no I’m only wearing a thong underneath”
Vlad chimed in “Well that is technically not nudity so it’s either that or you’re coughing up 100 bones”
She thought about it for a bit before saying

“Ok, but this doesn’t leave the house okay”

We nodded and she slowly slid down her sweatpants revealing a sexy white thong that fit her juicy ass wonderfully. Vlad and I were both very hard.

It was Kayleigh’s turn.

“I’m gonna make you pay.” She glared at Vlad and I “I want you both to go into the bathroom and drink the toilet water like dogs.

“EWWW Fuck that” we both said. But sure enough she followed us into the bathroom and watched as we drank the (thankfully unused) toilet water. Kayleigh was laughing her ass off. After we were done Vlad said

“Ok you’re gonna get it bitch. Take off your shirt.”
The smile on Kayleigh’s face disappeared quickly. She knew this dare was within the rules so she slowly took off her tight tank top revealing a small silky white bra that matched her thong. The bra was clearly having difficulties from keeping her perfect breasts from spilling out.

Kayleigh looked in the bathroom mirror and adjusted her thong and bra so they could cover up as much as they could. This was rather futile, what she had on wasn’t meant to cover up; it was meant to look sexy. Vlad and I had completely forgotten about the game, we were completely awe struck by my half naked sister. She broke the trance by saying

“Well it’s your turn loser.”

I thought for a second, what could possibly make Kayleigh look better without nudity I looked at the shower and got it.

“You’re going to love this Kayls, I want you to take a cold shower, and you have to put soap on and everything. And me and Vlad get to watch.”

She had a look terror on her face. But she knew she had to do it. Vlad was ecstatic he was jumping up and down in excitement.

“I’m gonna get you back.” She said as she entered the shower and opened the curtain the whole way so that we could watch. She turned the water on, I felt it to make sure it was as cold it could be. I gave her the okay and she turned on the shower. She screamed out loud. She had goose bumps all over her beautiful body and her nipples were instantly hard. Her bra started to slip off due to the water pressure. She noticed at the last second and readjusted it and kept her hands on it (much to the disappointment of her audience.) She pleaded to stop but I pointed at the bar of soap. She hastily rubbed some on her chest, stomach, ass and legs and turned off the water as fast as she could. She came out shivering. Much to our delight her bra and thong were pretty much transparent and her nipples were hard. There were still white soap streaks on her chest and ass.

“Ok my turn” Vlad said

“What the Fuck, it’s my turn!” Kayleigh said

“No you used a double dare on both of us when u made us drink the toilet water, so you miss a turn.”
Kayleigh accepted it. We went back to the living room.

“I want you to get on all fours, close your eyes and open your mouth.”

Kayleigh looked confused for a second and then she figured it out and looked disgusted.

“EW you gross kid, I’m not going to give you a blowjob, nothing sexual is allowed remember”

“Who said anything about a blowjob, just do it, I promise if my dick even touches you I’ll give you a hundred dollars and stop the game.”

“Okay.” She replied

She got on all fours closed her eyes.

“Open your mouth real wide and stick your ass out as far as you can. Hold it for 2 minutes.”

She looked so hot, her hard nipples were clearly visible through the soaking bra and her tiny thong was
engulfed by her juicy ass cheeks. Vlad and I hadn’t even seen a real girl in a bikini before and now we had a super hot older girl before us on all fours, dripping wet and dressed in almost nothing!

She did as Vlad said, she probably just thought horny Vlad just wanted a mental picture to masturbate to later. She was wrong.

Vlad reached into his backpack and took out a small digital camera. I knew this camera well; it made no sound and no flash. Vlad used this to get pics of girls bending over or whenever an opportunity of an up skirt came up.

He walked over to Kayleigh’s mouth and whipped his cock out. He placed his cock as close to her mouth as possible and started snapping pictures. He motioned me to her ass and I did the same thing. I took my cock out and motioned as if I was fucking her from behind. He took some pics. Then he set the camera up on a table and we both got in position making it look like we were double teaming her.

We put our cocks away and hid the camera

“Ok time’s up get up”

She did.

“This game is getting boring let’s stop.” Kayleigh said

“Whoa not so fast it’s my turn.” I said

“OK go loser, last round, and then I’m going to bed.”

“Take off your bra.”

“Fuck you, you know the rules.” She replied

Vlad added

“New rules. From now on anything goes, and only we get dares.”

“Yeah that’s really going to work; you horny twerps need to go after someone in your own league. I’m
going to bed.”

Vlad just smiled and took out his camera and showed her the pics we had. Kayleigh’s eyes widened in horror.

“If you don’t do what we say we’ll send these pics to everyone you know and everybody will think you are a slut that likes to fuck freshmen, and even worse people will think you let your own brother fuck you. Do you want that to happen”

“N-n-noo.” She said as she was tearing up

“Then I suggest you do what the man asked”

She shakily took off her bra, releasing her perfect breasts. Vlad and I were in awe. After a while of just staring at her breasts Vlad snapped out of it and went on to the next dare.

“I want to take off your thong with my mouth.”

“NO! I won’t let you!” she screamed

Vlad quickly snapped a few pics of her topless.

“Stop doing that!” Kayleigh snapped

“I will if you just let us do our dares.” He said with a devilish grin on his face.

“Now bend your body over that couch and let me take your thong off. “

She bent over the ledge of the sofa so that her legs were on the floor standing while her body rested on the sofa. Vlad split her butt cheeks apart and started munching. This sent a quiver down my Sister’s body. It turned me on watching Vlad’s ugly pimple filled face delving into my sister’s hot ass. I took the camera and flashed some more pics. It was funny because Kayleigh normally wouldn’t let the most popular guy in the school touch her and now quite possibly the ugliest boy in the world was having his way with her!
I watched as Vlad fished out her thong and slowly led it down her legs, making sure to lick every inch of flesh that was on the way. He got it all the way off and it seemed like he was going back to her ass but I stopped him

“Hey not so fast, your turn is over.” I laughed

He seemed disappointed but realized he would have plenty more time with my Sister.

“Ok Kayleigh now that you are completely naked I want you to give me a lap dance, and end it with a happy ending if you know what I mean.” I said as I gave her a wink.


A simple flash of the camera showing Vlad’s face in her ass was enough to whip her into shape.
I leaned back on the love seat and she came over. I threw the camera to Vlad and he set it to video mode as Kayleigh started her dance to the song Low by Flo-Ryda.

She swayed her ass side to side and like a snake and a charmer my dick began to grow. She was a great dancer. Her hips moved faster and she slowly started massaging my dick with her sexy ass. She got back up and turned to face me. She had a finger in her pussy and played with her tit with her other hand as she continued to dance. If I didn’t know that she was being blackmailed I would’ve thought she was actually into this dance! After some more sexy moves I decided I couldn’t take it anymore and I motioned to my cock. Still dancing to the beat she bent down and sexily took my pants off. Then she slid my boxers down and paused. She looked up at me; she really didn’t wanna do it. I pointed to the camera as if to remind her of the consequences if she didn’t do it and slowly she lowered her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and slowly deep throated. It felt so good and warm.

Now Vlad zoomed in, even though neither of us had any sexual experiences before, but we both have watched plenty of porn and knew how to film this. Being my first blowjob I came about a minute in but boy was it a big explosion. I looked down and Kayleigh’s face and chest was covered in cum.

“EWW” she screamed as she raced to the bathroom to clean up.

She came back good as new.

“Sorry I didn’t last long Sis, but I guess we can work on my endurance this weekend can’t we”

Vlad roared in laughter. Kayleigh just glared, but she knew the truth, she was ours and we could do anything we want to her with the incriminating evidence we had. Vlad asked for a blowjob and this time I filmed. He came even quicker than I did!

We had another round of blowjobs (lasting much longer this time) before we decided we needed a bit of a break. After feeling Kayleigh’s hot body up for a little bit we ordered her to make us some burgers while we played some video games.

She served us dinner in front of the TV, as she walked back to the kitchen to clean up Vlad gave her a slap on the ass as if to say good job. I laughed.

I couldn’t believe the events that had occurred this night. In a matter of hours Kayleigh went from the girl that made our lives miserable to our hot sex slave.

After dinner Vlad said

“I don’t know about you but I’m ready to fuck this babe.”

“No please.” Kayleigh begged “I haven’t even fucked a boy I like yet please don’t make my first fuck be with my brother and his gross friend.”

Vlad and I looked at each other and laughed. We didn’t even respond to this preposterous request. We took Kayleigh up to her bed and instructed her to lie down on it. Vlad said

“Since you are her bro I’ll let you do the honors, I’ll film”

“Thanks buddy.” I said

I quickly stripped down and got on top of her. I spread her legs and brought my penis close to her pussy. Vlad narrated

“How adorable is this Brother and Sister about to lose their virginity all in one big thrust!”
I slowly brought my dick to her pussy and entered gently. For all I was doing to Kayleigh I didn’t want to hurt her. I broke her seal and some blood started leaking out. I thrusted in and out slowly. She moaned slowly, I thought she actually might be enjoying this until I looked up at her face and tears were flowing freely. I started going a bit faster and I started sucking on her tit.

Right when I was about to explode I took my penis out of her pussy and exploded on her chest.

“Ew gross man, I don’t want your cum on the tits that I’m going to be sucking on.”

“Hey bitch be a sport and lick it off.” He said as he smiled.

Kayleigh knew by now that whatever we said she had to do, no matter how gross it was. She nearly puked as her tongue touched the cum on her titties. She slowly and painfully slurped up all of the cum. It was so hot watching her lick my cum off her boobs, and of course it was all on film.

“My Turn!” Vlad said

He gave Kayleigh no break or warning as he jumped on her body and started fucking her roughly. He had no regard for her pain like I did. She was in a lot of pain, not only from his 6inch member firing in and out of her tight virgin pussy but from the weight of him since he weighed 220 lbs, about a hundred pounds more than her! Vlad was really gross to look at naked, he was fat and had zits on his ass, back and face, almost the complete opposite of Kayleigh who was skinny and didn’t have a single blemish on her golden tan skin. Again the sight of this monstrously ugly boy fucking my insanely hot sister turned me on. He roughly grabbed her tits and bit into one making Kayleigh scream out loud. He said

“Here cause I’m a good guy I’ll make it easier for you.”

He grabbed her head by the hair and stuck his dick in her mouth before exploding. This causes my sister to gag and choke but she eventually got it down.

“I don’t know about you man but I’m pooped, I’m gonna go to sleep.” Vlad said

“Yeah I’ll be right back.” I said

Vlad ordered Kayleigh to take a shower and then come back to sleep with him.
I logged on to my computer and unloaded all the footage and pics on to my computer in order to make more room on the camera. Then I had an idea. I liked the idea of my sister “repaying” Vlad and I for all the times she was a bitch to us at school. So I sent an email to my 4 other main friends to come over the next day so that we could play truth or dare with my sister.

I went upstairs to a comical sight. Vlad was hogging all of the blankets, his flabby arm was over my sister’s body and he was drooling on her face. I lied down beside my sister who was still awake and I gave her a long open mouthed kiss goodnight.


Vlad and I woke up pretty early the next day. He giggled as he fingered my Sister to wake her up. She uncomfortably got up.

“Make us some breakfast girl.” He said.

Kayleigh drowsily got up and walked downstairs to the kitchen. We watched some TV. After we ate our breakfast in bed Vlad decided that he needed some pussy so he ordered Kayleigh to get on all fours on the bed. He started nailing her pussy from behind. I wanted a blowjob so I filled her mouth up. Vlad had a vicious look on his face as he grabbed and Kayleigh’s hips and was fucking at full speed. Kayleigh would have screamed but her mouth was stuffed by my cock. I exploded in her mouth and a short while after Vlad exploded on her tits, forcing her to slurp it up again.

“Now take a shower and get dressed Kayls, we are expecting company.” I said

She looked confused as she went into the shower, so did Vlad. I explained to him the plan and he loved it as much as I did.

The doorbell rang. It was my friends that I had invited the night before. There was Sukh an overweight brown guy, Chris a pimply white kid, Zack a small Asian kid and Greg an ugly white kind that looked kind of like Vlad.

We hung out in the living room until we heard the bathroom door open. I yelled

“Kayleigh come down here!”

She did and to her shock there were now six boys waiting for her. She was now fully dressed. It seems like she appreciated wearing clothes after that privilege was taken away from her for a night. She was wearing a jacket on top of a sweater and baggy pants.

“These guys came down here to play Dare.” Vlad said while smiling
We sat in a circle and made Kayleigh stand in the centre. Just so the rest of the guys knew exactly what we meant by this positioning we explained the rules.

“This is a special kind of game of Dare gentlemen, all dares will be directed towards Kayleigh, anything goes, and she doesn’t get a turn. I will start off.” I said

“Take off your jacket.”

Her jacket dropped to the floor revealing her sweater; the vague outline of her big breasts was showing. Vlad went next

“Lose the pants”

She slowly lost her baggy pants revealing tight TNA pants that showed off her shapely ass. I looked at the boys they were talking between each other; in awe that they were in control of this unbelievably hot babe.

Sukh went next

“Take off your sweater.” He said kind of shyly

She did, revealing a t-shirt.

“Take off your shirt.” Said Chris eagerly

She did so revealing a very modest bra that contained her breasts well. It looks like she learned her lesson from yesterday. She still looked amazing though and none of these kids have even seen a girl in a bra so they didn’t mind.

“Lose the pants” said Zack

She peeled off her TNA pants, having to hop up and down a bit to get it over her ass. She was wearing granny panties.

Greg was feeling horny so he said

“Lose the bra AND the panties”

Everyone paused for a bit but sure enough she lost her bra; letting her melons fall loose and then her panties; exposing her perfect ass.

Now some of the boys whipped out there cocks and started jacking off. It was my turn.

“I wanna French kiss you.”

She came and sat on my lap without hesitation; I held her sexy nude body in my arms and kissed her deep and long; cupping her right breast in my hand while kissing her. It was the longest kiss I have ever had. To my surprise she was even kissing back; I guess she learned it’s in her best interest to try and please us. After a couple of minutes I finally removed my tongue from her mouth. It was Vlad’s turn.

“I want a blowjob”

Kayleigh crawled towards Vlad’s dick on all fours. There was a murmur among the boys. It was excitement mixed curiosity. Excitement because they had the hottest girl in the school doing whatever they want and curiosity at how this happened.

Kayleigh whipped out Vlad’s cock and went to work. She looked like a porn star sucking that cock, since Vlad had just fucked her in the morning the blowjob was a rather slow process. Kayleigh’s mouth went faster and faster but much to Vlad’s amusement he didn’t cum. After about five minutes of rigorous sucking Vlad finally cummed.

Sukh said “I want a boob job.”

Kayleigh crawled to Sukh thick 7 inch dick and wrapped her big breasts around it and started moving them up and down on it. Sukh helped the cause by thrusting his dick slowly. It didn’t take long before Sukh exploded on Kayleigh’s chin and chest. Vlad told Kayleigh to eat the cum and much to Sukh’s delight she did as she was told.

“I wanna lick your tits.” Said Chris

Kayleigh stood before him. Chris started at her feet and licked every square inch of her legs leading up to her ass. He spent some time licking her bum but quickly moved up her stomach to her tits. He licked all the flesh on her right breast and then started licking the nipple until it got hard. Kayleigh’s legs were quivering as her nipple was being licked. Then he put the boob in his mouth and started sucking on the nipple much like a baby would with his Mom. After some time he moved to the Left boob and did the same. He crammed her tits together and tried putting both in his mouth. This caused Kayleigh to moan in pain and the rest of us to laugh. After Chris was done with her tit’s they were glistening in saliva.

Zack went next

“I wanna eat you out.”

He laid Kayleigh on the ground and brought his mouth to her pussy. When his tongue first touched her pussy lips Kayleigh let out a quiver. He split apart her lips and delved deep within her pussy. Her juices naturally started oozing out of her pussy and he slurped up every drip. He reached around her waist, putting his hands on her ass cheeks. He lifted them up closer to his face to get even deeper in her pussy.
When he was done Greg said

“I want to fuck you.”

Kayleigh stayed laying down and Greg started slowly fucking her. Vlad decided he wanted a blowjob and couldn’t wait so her walked up to Kayleigh and forced his dick in her mouth. The other boys looked at each other and joined in. 2 got hand jobs and one started titty fucking her. I grabbed the camera and started filming this. We made 6 stations, blowjob, pussy, boob job, 2 hand jobs and filming. After a boy would cum he would move to the next station.

This provided hours of fun but after a few hours the guys and I got pretty tired so we stopped and watched some TV. Kayleigh made us some snacks. After eating the guys each gave Kayleigh a kiss or a slap on the ass and went home. Now Vlad and I were at home. Kayleigh went to go shower.

“Now what” I asked

“I don’t know man I’m pretty tired from all that fucking. What a weekend eh”

“Yeah” I laughed

“Oh shit!” he said “Today is my Dad’s birthday, I gotta go home man. See Yah I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“K Bye”

He left and I started playing a video game. That’s when a thought hit me. I called Vlad

“Hey Vlad, I have an idea, how about we give your Dad a very special kind of birthday present.”

We worked out a plan. Vlad was going to tell his dad that we had set up a blind date for him which is going
to be Kayleigh. Kayleigh was going to be very friendly towards him and would do anything he asked. The thought of my hot sister Kayleigh with Vlad’s monstrously ugly Dad really turned me on.
I told Kayleigh the plan and to get ready and look her best, and to come to Vlad’s at 7:00.

I went over to Vlad’s house and knocked. His Dad answered. He was absolutely monstrous looking. About 6’2”, a lot of acne scars on his face, obese (at least 300 pounds), wild curly grayish red hair, the facial features of a pig and to add to that today was his 50th birthday!

I wished him a happy birthday and then went off to find Vlad to tell him the details. Vlad’s father told us that he had a “hot date” and instructed us to play in the living room while he would stay mostly in the kitchen with Kayleigh.

At around 7 the bell rang. Kayleigh walked through the door. She was wearing a light jacket around her dress. She walked in and Vlad’s dad said

“Hey Kayleigh! I didn’t know you were going to be my date.” He laughed

Kayleigh gave a fake laugh before wishing him a happy birthday and giving him a long hug.

“Well I don’t know what you’re parents would think about this little date” he said

“Mr. Dudley, I’m 17 I can make decisions for myself.” She said in a seductive voice

Damn my sister was a great flirt when she wanted to be!

“Well that’s good enough for me” He laughed “why don’t you let me take your jacket for you”
He slipped her jacket off. He was clearly stunned at the sexy dress she had on. What she had on was more lingerie that a dress! It had to thin straps around her shoulders, it was extremely low cut, pushing up her breasts, and it ended just a few inches below her ass.
Mr. Dudley was clearly ogling her assets.

“My my, you’ve really grown up Kayleigh.”

Kayleigh laughed

“So what’s on the schedule for our date” she asked

“Well your brother and Vlad are in the living room playing some games, we can just hang out in the kitchen until dinner’s ready.”

“Sounds good.”

They walked past us into the Kitchen. We went to a little peephole we made so we could see what was going on.

Mr. Dudley sat on one side of the table and Kayleigh sat on the other.

“Why don’t you come on this side Kayleigh.”

She did as she was asked. She sat down next to him. He put his arm around her. Kayleigh had a disgusted look on her face. He didn’t notice since he was staring down her chest with his mouth open the whole time. He clearly didn’t mind that he was three times older then this young sexy girl!

He tried making some small talk but it was obvious he was only interested in one thing. We watched as his rough hand moved up Kayleigh’s smooth legs. She cringed but let it happen. He reached all the way up her legs to her thong. He rubbed her pussy through the silky fabric. He was about to reach inside her thong when the oven timer rang.

He looked disappointed but he knew he had to get the chicken before it burned. He called us in to eat. He poured some wine for Kayleigh and himself, we had some pop. He insisted on feeding Kayleigh and Kayleigh feeding him. It was funny how he actually thought a girl like Kayleigh was attracted to a guy like him.

After dinner he took Kayleigh to the living room to watch a romantic movie. We used the same peephole in reverse to see what was going on. Kayleigh actually looked kind of scared as she’s been on enough dates to know this is when a guy makes his move.

He reached around her and brought her body close to him with his flabby arm. As the movie went on he started whispering stuff in her ear. Kayleigh forced out some laughs. He brought her even closer to him with his arm and let his hand rest on her breast. Seeing that she wasn’t resisting he started squeezing her breast through the dress. Then he started kissing Kayleigh on the cheek. Her first reaction was to
resist but remembering what I said she kissed him back.

He then locked lips with her and forced his tongue deep down her throat. Sensing that if he fell on top of her she might suffocate, she pushed him back on the couch and got on top of him. They were furiously making out. If he wasn’t so monstrously ugly I would have thought she actually was into him.

Mr. Dudley clumsily fell to the ground, causing the whole house to shake! Kayleigh once again got on top of him and started kissing him; she was on her hands and knees with her ass in the air. He reached down her body and started squeezing her juicy ass.

He peeled her dress up exposing her thong clad ass. He felt her juicy cheeks for a bit. Next he slid the straps of the dress down revealing a strapless black pushup bra that made her tits look incredible! Not knowing quite how to dispose of the rest of the dress Mr. Dudley just tore it with his brutish hands and threw it on the floor beside them.

After kissing a bit more Mr. Dudley took his tongue out of her mouth and stood up. He lifted Kayleigh up with one hand and put her over his shoulder and walked upstairs. I’m sure he thought he was being romantic but I couldn’t help but think of an old monster carrying a young beauty back to his lair.
We had placed Vlad’s camera in his dad’s room on the dresser and hooked it up to the big screen TV in the living room.

We turned it on and saw Mr. Dudley throw Kayleigh onto his bed. He licked his lips. I could see that Kayleigh was really scared, but she did a good job covering it up. This time she didn’t have a chance to get on top as he almost fell on her. They started making out again. Kayleigh was trying to push his gut off of her but to no avail.

He unhooked her bra and tossed it to the ground. Her big breasts were free; he licked his lips and went in to feast. He sloppily toyed with her tits with his tongue before he started sucking on the nipple and ruthlessly twisting the other with his hand. Then he put the whole tit in his mouth, it was pretty funny because it looked like her was trying to eat it. As he was mauling Kayleigh’s tits with his mouth he slipped her thong off with his hands. He started massaging her juicy ass cheeks at the same time.
He took off his shirt letting his full gut hang loose. Then he took off his pants and boxers. He had a really big dick! It was probably 12 inches, and really thick!

There was so much good stuff he didn’t know where to put what first! He decided on French kissing Kayleigh’s mouth, playing with her tits with his hands and without warning he started fucking her pussy deep and fast. This made Kayleigh let out a scream that I thought would shatter the windows of the house! She had a lot of cock in her over the weekend but none the size of Mr. Dudley’s.

Much like Vlad, it didn’t seem like Mr. Dudley cared what Kayleigh was going through, he only cared about satisfying himself. Now he freed his hands and mouth and placed his hands on her legs. He was focused on fucking her as fast and hard as possible. With each long thrust her tits would bounce, her head would hit the headboard and she would let out a moan that would echo through the house. The sound of her moaning was very sexy and seemed to drive Mr. Dudley to go even harder.

It was incredible how long he was lasting. Vlad explained that his Dad spent a lot of time with prostitutes so his endurance was incredible.

Then something new happened. Kayleigh started moaning louder and louder and she eventually orgasmed! Her body went limp and she had a really weird look on her face. Mr. Dudley was still going hard.

He stopped for a second and flipped Kayleigh around. He made her get on all fours and started fucking her doggy style. Once again the moaning started and her tits started to bounce as he started fucking her as fast as he was before. He slid his hands down her stomach to her tits and grabbed her nipples. He twisted them as he pumped her from behind. After about ten minutes Kayleigh let out another huge moan and she orgasmed again!

Her body once again went limp and her knees collapsed making her lie flat on the bed. Mr. Dudley spread her legs as wide as they would get and started fucking her more. After a few minutes he withdrew; sensing he was about to cum. He stuck his dick in between her tits and started titty fucking her.
After a few minutes he started moaning. He stuck his dick in her mouth and after about a minute of sucking he let off a huge load in my sister’s mouth.

He put on his robe and instructed Kayleigh to clean up. We heard him coming down the stairs so we quickly turned off the TV.

“Hey boys, time to go to sleep guys.”

“Alright goodnight Dad.”

“Goodnight Mr. Dudley.”

“Goodnight boys.”

As we were walking upstairs I looked into the kitchen and saw him take a pill of Viagra and smile.

We didn’t get that much sleep that night, Kayleigh’s constant moaning mixed with a loud rhythmic thump kept us up.


We woke up the next morning and went downstairs. Kayleigh was in the kitchen cooking and Mr. Dudley was sitting at the table reading the newspaper. Kayleigh looked tired but still looked hot as hell in her pushup bra and thong.

“Good Morning Boys. Sit down, Kayleigh has offered to make us some scrambled eggs.”
We sat down and had some breakfast. That’s when my phone rang.

I picked it up, it was my Mom.

“Hey Mom”

“Hey sweetie, I have some bad news. Grandma’s still pretty sick, so you’re Father and I feel obliged to stay
here and help out around the house. It may be a couple of weeks before we’re back.”

“Oh Ok”

“Yeah, do you have somewhere to stay”

“Um yeah we can stay at Vlad’s house.”

“Well as long as that’s okay with Mr. Dudley.”

“Oh I’m sure it is.” I laughed

“Ok bye sweetey, and remember as long as we are away Kayleigh is in charge.”

“Ok, Bye Mom.”

I asked Mr. Dudley if it was alright if Kayleigh and I could stay a couple more weeks and I expected he was more than fine with having Kayleigh’s hot ass around longer.

“Hey Kayleigh when you’re done with the dishes come back to my room alright.” Mr. Dudley said

“Okay” she replied as Mr. Dudley went upstairs.

We told Kayleigh to take off her bra and thong off; she did. We had our way with her for a little bit before sending her upstairs. We watched her hot ass scamper upstairs; we heard the door close, and not much

later we heard the same moan and rhythmic thump.

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