I am Matt Wyatt and I am an English teacher at a private school. I am getting on in years as I am now 55. I consider myself an intelligent man. Not only have I had years of learning in the field of literature, I have had many years of training in psychology. In fact, before I became a teacher I had spent 20 years working as a highly paid and highly respected psychologist. However, over the years it took a toll on me and once I decided that I had made enough money I retired from it and took up a job as a teacher. I have been teaching English 11 at this school for10 years now. Most students loved me as I was a very lax teacher and give out fairly easy A’s on essays and assignments. And never in my 10 years had I done anything that could be deemed as inappropriate. Do not get me wrong, I am no saint; I do notice some of my sexier students. And the fact that the schools made the girls wear sexy schoolgirl uniforms did not help, but nonetheless I was able to control my urges. This all changed when a student named Kayleigh Kobus entered my classroom on the first day of the semester.

As I first laid eyes on her I was in awe, of course a number of students were piling in but I could only notice her. Her radiant golden tan skin made her stand out from the rest of the pack. I could tell that she was probably a half or a quarter Latina from two things, her sexy sharp facial features and her magnificent ass. To add to those features, she had big round breasts (At least DD’s maybe bigger), big green beautiful eyes, light brown hair with a slight bit of blonde, long sexy legs, and she was very skinny. She was the perfect mix between Latina and White. Even though I had never seen Kayleigh before, I had sure heard about her. The male teachers in the staff room would go on and on about how she was such a tease and how hot she was and how much they wanted to just tear that skirt off of her and rail her. I would scoff at them and say that the relationship between a student and a teacher is sacred and should never be sullied. By looking at her, I instantly saw their point about how hot she was and about how she was a tease. She had chosen the XX small size for her blouse size which was clearly too small for her 5’9” body, this exposed her gorgeous waist and her slim sexy stomach. Furthermore she looked like she was wearing a push up bra and she unbuttoned her blouse all the way to the third button which allowed for her awesome cleavage to be easily seen. And she rehemmed her skirt so it was about 5 inches above what it was for the other girls, it barely covered her big ass, and it revealed all of her long tan sexy legs. She was wearing a small black thong which I noticed because she made sure she pulled it above her skirt it so it was clearly visible. Each and every article of clothing on her was against school policy because it was too revealing but I guess because the administrators were predominantly male, they didn’t mind Kayleigh dressing the way she was. I quickly noticed that I had gotten a boner by looking at this sex vixen so I zipped to the back room and pinned my penis to my stomach using my pants.

I came out and greeted everyone to English 11 and introduced myself. I noticed the how the students seated themselves, Kayleigh was in the middle of the class and it seemed like all the boys in the class were around her in a circle, desperately trying to make conversation with her. The rest of the girls were on the outside, looking annoyed. I don’t know why but I had a problem with these boys chatting with her, I wanted her for myself. So for the first time in my teaching career I made a strict seating plan. I made Kayleigh sit in the corner nearest to me and made sure to surround her with only girls. I tried being nice and putting other good looking popular girls around her because I assumed that they were probably friends. I was right as they quickly started chatting about girl stuff, I didn’t care at all as long as other men weren’t talking to her. Next I decided I wanted to learn more about her, so for the first time ever I made my class write an essay on the first day. I made them write it about where they were from, what background are they, what are their hobbies, and if they are involved in any extracurricular activities. After class I collected the essays and took them home to grade. I really was only interested in Kayleigh’s essay so I quickly glanced over the rest and gave them mostly A’s and a few B’s if they were really bad. When I go to Kayleigh’s I spent hours analyzing it. It was terribly written, by far the worst in the class but it got me the information that I wanted to know about her. I found out that my suspicions were right and that her mom is half Latina, making her a quarter. And I found out that she was the school’s head cheerleader, the captain of the softball team, part of the gymnastics team and the captain of the girls’ volleyball team. She was even so good at volleyball that scouts from major universities were looking at her already. I was impressed by her athleticism, this obviously explained for her incredible body.

I also hatched a plan to spend more time with her. I would give her an F and tell her that she has to come in for an hour everyday so I could personally tutor her. So the next day I handed back the papers, the grades were much to the delight of most of my students. I looked at Kayleigh, she didn’t seem too phased, she looked like she was used to it. After class I called her into my room.
“Kayleigh your writing really needs to improve, I suggest coming in an hour every day to see me, and it could do wonders for your grades.”
She started to cry, her big green eyes looked so sexy, she leaned over on my desk and practically stuck her boobs right in front of my face “Please Mr. Wyatt could you just mark my essays a little easier than everyone else’s. Because if I don’t pass this class, I won’t be able to accept volleyball scholarships to universities.” She sniffled, while she was saying this she purposely dropped her pencil right beside me and bent over to pick it up, exposing her beautiful golden ass.

I saw right through this act and said “You know being able to cry at will is a pretty impressive talent. It may be the reason your passing all your other courses but it won’t work on me.” She stealthily unbuttoned another one of her blouse buttons; this almost exposed her breasts fully. I could even see the edges of her nipples. To my shock my previous assumption was wrong and she wasn’t wearing a push up bra, she wasn’t even wearing a normal bra, her full, round DD breasts were naturally that perky, they stood up in perfect position on their own. Even I couldn’t resist this.
“Awe come here give me a hug Kayleigh.” I said. She lifted up her skirt and sat on my lap so her bare butt cheeks were sitting on my leg. She surely felt my raging boner. Then she gave me a tight bear hug. While my hands were around her she removed the part of the blouse which was covering her nipples. Now her fully exposed tits were pressing against my body. The softness of her big breasts sent me over the edge. I removed her blouse fully and started stroking her back while she was still hugging me.

After a few minutes she got up and asked “So I get an A now right”

I took me a few moments to respond as I was still entranced by her boobs (which were still completely naked.) I snapped out of it and I responded

“Of course not, all I did was give you a hug; we still have a lot of work to do.”
“Shut up you sick old pervert, you felt me up for like 10 minutes and I showed you my tits, I don’t go any farther than that.”
“I think you just earned yourself detention with that tone missy, that adds an extra hour to your time.”
“Whatever give me back my blouse and I guess you can stare at me for a bit longer perv.” She said angrily.
“Looks like you just added another 2 hours to your detention. And I’m not giving you back anything until you come here and learn how to write better.”
“My dad is a lawyer you know, he will have you sued for sexual assault so fast.”
“You’ve got nothing on me; it’s my word against yours. It’s my 10 years with a clean teaching record against your 3 years of dressing like a slut. So get over here, get that ass back on my lap, if you don’t I will give you an automatic F in this class and thus you will be ineligible to receive your scholarships. You will have to kiss your only hope of going to university goodbye. So get over here, and let me help you.”
Now legitimate tears were rolling down her cheek. She walked over and sat down on my lap. This time she was not nearly as enthusiastic and flirty.

“Lose the skirt.”

She slipped off her skirt and handed it over to me. I took her blouse and skirt and locked it away in a drawer in my desk.
“Your beautiful.” I said as I started stroking her sexy stomach and waist. She was crying, she used to being the tease, she was used to having the control, now she had none, she was in my power. I gave her a pen and paper.
“Go ahead and write an essay, write about how you want to fuck me and what you would like to do to my cock. Make it sexy or you will get an F.”
She started to write. I had no interest in what she was writing, how could I when I had this beautiful body on my lap, free for me to play with. I made my way up her stomach to her breasts. I circled her nipples until they were hard. Then I started to massage her breasts gently. They were truly magnificent, they were so big and soft, yet they were as resilient as only 17 year old breasts could be. I could see that she wanted to protest my touching her breasts, but she realized it would be to no avail so she continued writing. I gently kissed her long elegant neck. Her hair smelled sensual. I then took my hands and shoved it between my lap and her ass cheeks. I grabbed her thong and slowly slid it down her legs and eventually off. I split her beautiful meaty ass cheeks and started squeezing them like melons. Much like her breasts, her ass was soft but was also resilient. It was tight and muscular due to her athletic nature. I then made my way to her clean shaven pussy. Upon entering her pussy with my fingers, she shivered and dropped her pen.
“Oh don’t mind me, keep writing.” I said with a smirk, I knew exactly what was going through her head. “How could I not fucking mind you your fingering my fucking pussy.” But she didn’t say it; she was smart enough to know that it wouldn’t help her cause.

Her pussy was very tight; I guess she wasn’t as slutty as she appeared. She truly was just a tease. “She might even be a virgin.” I thought to myself. This thought got me very excited.
She finally finished her essay.
“Good, now get down on all fours like a dog; make sure you stick that gorgeous ass out. For every spelling and grammar mistake you made I am going to smack your ass with my leather belt.”
I began to read the essay, it got me very aroused, even though I forced her to write about having sex with me and what she would do to me. However it was still a very poorly written paper and I easily spotted about 70 mistakes in the essay.

“Well, you did make it sexy so I’m going to give you a C.” I saw her eyes light up in excitement for the first time today. I continued “but I spotted about 70 mistakes so that means 70 whips to your ass.” The look in her eyes quickly changed from excitement to fear. It occurred to me how sexy this would be on tape so I got one of the school’s video cameras and started to film her on all fours. I told her to bark like a dog and shake her ass in front of the camera. I made her say that she wanted to be spanked. Then I started whipping her. I made her count down from 70. She took the first few fairly nicely, barely even letting out a scream. But when the count got to 50 she was in agony. Her ass was burning. By 40 whips it had turned from a beautiful gold tan color to and dark reddish purple. She was crying her eyes out. By 50 whips her screaming was getting so loud that I was sure the whole school was going to hear. So I picked up her thong and stuffed it in her mouth.

“Don’t worry I’ll take up the count from here sweetheart.” I continued whipping her; muffled screams were being exerted, but not nearly loud enough for anyone to hear. When I got down to my last 10 whips, I made sure that I made them count. I whipped her with all of my strength, I took her thong out of her mouth, I didn’t care who heard her scream. I told her to count again. I whipped her hard
“AHHHHHHHHH 9” she screamed. Her ass was fully purple now. I whipped her harder.
“AAHAHHHHHHHH 8” Her screaming turned me on I gave her 5 hard consecutive whips to he bruised but still beautiful ass.


She let out one final scream. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway, I told her to run to the closet, she tried getting up but she couldn’t her pain was unbearable. So I picked her up, threw her in the closet, stuffed her thong in her mouth and told her if she called out anything she would fail. It was the principal who came in.

“I heard these terrible screams, it sounded like they were coming from your room.”

“Yeah I heard them too.” I responded. “It’s the drama department, their practicing I think their holding tryouts for a grieving widow or something.”

“Oh ok, well I’m going to head out, it’s 5:00 what are you still doing here, are you here for that poker tournament some of the guys are holding here at 7”

“Yeah actually I am, I thought there was no point in leaving and coming back so I’m just gonna stay here and get some marking done.”

“Alright good luck, see you.”

“Bye, have a good night.”

He left. I locked the door and went back to my prey. I opened the closet and told her to get up. She could still barely walk. Her ass was already starting to regain its natural color, it was remarkable how easily it recovered.

“Now sweet Kayleigh, we will do everything that you wanted to do in that essay, starting with a nice tittie fuck.”
I layed her down in front of the camera and I whipped out my 10 inch penis. I pulled apart her breasts, stuck my dick in between them and then told her to squeeze them together. I started moving in and out, the sensation of big 17 year old breasts around my cock sent me over the edge. I cummed a little prematurely but oh boy did I ever cum. It went all over her breasts. I told her to stand up in front of the camera and lick her boobs clean. She did, she could easily lift her breasts and lick them because they were so big. After she licked all my cum off I told her that now we were going to fuck for real.
“NO NO please, I am a virgin, I don’t want to lose it this way.” Ah so the truth came out, obviously this only made me want to fuck her more.

“No sex, no pass.” This made her cooperate, I started to rail her fast right away, I had no regard for the pain that she would be in once her seal broke. She started screaming in pain, this only made me pump faster, she was squirming, trying to get me off of her, I held her down by her breasts and started squeezing the hell out of them, this made her calm down and accept my dominance. I fucked her and fucked her and fucked her until finally I exploded inside her pussy. I gave her no time to rest, I turned her around, told her to get on all fours and I started fucking her pussy doggy style. This position was always my favorite and with her it was the best sex I ever had because her big ass cheeks were cushioning my dick as I pumped. I used her tits for leverage as I went faster and faster. I squeezed them more and more. I told her to shake her ass while I fucked her. This turned me on even more, her nice ass was massaging my dick as I fucked her. After what seemed like hours of doggy style I exploded in her vagina again. I then told her to suck my cock while I ate out her pussy. We assumed 69 position. She started sensually sucking my cock while I ate her out. Even though she was a virgin I could tell you that she has performed plenty of blowjobs. She was sucking my cock like a pro. I told her to move her waist down so I could start licking her anal. She did. I split apart her sexy Latina ass and went to work licking her anal. I loved the aroma and taste of it. I did this until she caused me to cum.

“Drink it all girl.”

She swallowed it.

“Now since your asshole is lubricated how bout we do some anal” She widened her beautiful green eyes in fear. She knew that my dick would tear her asshole. She also knew that I didn’t really ask her a question, and I would fuck her anally no matter what she said. I got her to get on all four with her ass facing the camera. “Now open your ass hole as wide as you can, the wider it is the less it will hurt.” She tried opening as wide as possible but it still was very tight, I knew I would rip her apart. I split her ass cheeks apart and took a long intoxicating sniff of her ass. Then I slowly stuck my penis in her anal. I could hear her winces of pain. She didn’t want to scream because she learned by now that her pain only made me hornier. I started going faster and faster, she couldn’t take it anymore. She let out her loudest scream yet. I pulled out and cummed all over the camera. I told her to lick the lens clean and to talk dirty while she was doing it.
“Mmm I love your cum. I want to suck your cock dry. I’m nothing but a cock slut. I want your penis inside of me.”

“Damn this video’s gonna be hot.” I thought to myself. Then I heard footsteps coming and I noticed that it was 7 o clock. I remembered it was the other male teachers coming for their poker game. Kayleigh went to go hide but I stopped her, I told her to sit in my lap and not to worry. I knew that it was all the male teachers’ deepest fantasy to fuck Kayleigh. They came in and their jaws dropped. To my dismay the principal was with them. Kayleigh’s eyes widened and her cheeks immediately turned red. She covered up her breasts. I was screwed; there was no way I could get out of this.

“Wyatt what the HELL are you doing!! I ought to fire you.” Screamed the principal.

“I I I’m sorry sir but” I was stuttering, he interrupted me.

He smiled, walked over and said “I ought to fire you for not sharing this babe. I mean come on it’s Kayleigh Kobus, Theres enough woman of her to go around.”


He grabbed Kayleigh and started feeling her up. Kayleigh desperately tried getting away and she did, but only to be grabbed and wrestled to the floor by the other 5 teachers. All 6 of them started shoving their dicks in Kayleigh, desperately shoving them in any hole they saw. Poor Kayleigh was overwhelmed, she had two dicks in her mouth, two in her vagina, one in her anal and the principal himself was tittie fucking her. I grabbed my camera and focused in on the gangbang. Every piece of her was being grabbed at, her ass and pussy were getting pounded, and she had loads of cum shooting into her mouth. It was so hot and it was great material for the video. Once the men cummed, they felt her up for a while, rotated positions, and started going at it again. After the cycle (pussy, anal, mouth, tits,) repeated three times Kayleigh collapsed from fatigue. But that didn’t stop the men from having sex with her unconscious body. They went her body for hours more, obviously she was in no shape to give a good blowjob but her tits ass and pussy were still game. After they had enough of fucking her unconscious body (about 3 hours after she collapsed) they made a circle around her and started to masturbate. I joined them. We all shot our cum on her unconscious body. After this, the boys started calmly playing their poker game, and I got a computer and started editing the movie to make it even better and hotter. About an hour later Kayleigh came to. She tried getting up but fell instantly. Her ass and pussy had just taken too much assault for her to walk. I walked over to her and asked how she felt.
“Shut the fuck up you bastard.” She said weakly.

“Kayleigh sweet heart that’s no way to talk to your future husband.”

“What the hell are you talking about”

“Yeah I have decided that the best option for you is to drop out of school and marry me. Then we could be together forever.”

“First of all, I am only 16, second, why the hell would I drop out.”

“Oh I have been kind enough to fill out your emancipation papers, sign for you and send them for you.” Said the principal who continued calmly playing poker “Oh and I also told your parents that you ran away from home and are probably on a plane across the country, and of course they believed me because what reason would I have to lie to them right”

She got up to her knees and said “I don’t care, I am going home tomorrow afterschool no matter what, and there is no way I am dropping out of school.”

“Well that’s your decision.” I said.

Morning came and it was time to get ready for school. We were still all in my classroom. All of us were already dressed (except for Kayleigh who was still naked and asleep.) I woke her up and told her to take a shower to get all of the dried cum off of her. I led her to the showers in the locker room and started showering with her.

“We gotta get all that nasty cum off you sweetie.”

“Don’t touch me you bastard.”

I disregarded this comment and continued to scrub her breasts and ass clean. She was way too weak from last night to resist me. After the shower the principal brought her some clothes to wear. It was a uniform from the elementary branch of the school.

“This is way too small people will think I’m a slut.”

“Well you kind of are now aren’t you” he chimed, this made all of us chuckle except of course Kayleigh. She put the clothes on and boy did she look sexy. The blouse was so small that the top 4 buttons burst when she put it on. It covered about a quarter of her nipple, everything else was clearly visible. And it only came up to about 3 inches above her belly button exposing her beautiful tan stomach. Her skirt covered about half of her ass. And of course we gave her no Bra or thong to wear. School started, everybody poured into my class, I told Kayleigh to come late. She came about 5 minutes after the bell. The sole purpose of this was to embarrass her and did it ever fulfill its job. Not one single eye was anywhere but on her breasts. The boys loved it and were all over her, the girls thought she was an absolute skank. I dropped my pencil in front of my desk

“Kayleigh since your already up, can you pass me my pencil”

She walked to my desk and bent over to get my pencil, this let everyone have a clear view of her incredible ass and clean shaven pussy. Right then the announcement came on. It was the principal.
“Good morning students, we will now have an assembly, everyone please come to the gymnasium.”
The whole school was in the gym when the principal started talking.
“Hello everyone, we have called this assembly for one purpose, to announce our athlete of the year, It is none other than Kayleigh Kobus, Kayleigh will you please make your way to accept your reward.”
A cheer went up from every boy in the audience as Kayleigh slowly made her way to the principal. The principal put his arm around her and slowly grabbed her blouse and pulled it a bit so her right breast was completely exposed. A louder cheer went up from the boys in the audience, every single one of them had dreamt about fucking Kayleigh Kobiss and not one of them wasn’t hard. Kayleigh surprisingly didn’t notice what the principal had done so she started jumping up and down in joy because she thought they were cheering for her, this made her remaining blouse buttons burst and unleashed both of her breasts. She still didn’t notice.

“Now we will play a video commemorating the great year that Miss Kayleigh Kobus has had.”
All of the lights went off.

“I want your cock in me” echoed Kayleigh’s voice over the P.A. system. Then the video began. The first image that was shown was Kayleigh on all fours asking to be spanked. This was enough to make the boys whip out their penis and start jerking it in the dark, the girl’s were all laughing, and Kayleigh wanted to die. The principal’s arm was around her tightly and wasn’t letting her move. The video was edited beautifully, it flowed from one scene too another, all the faces of the men who were fucking Kayleigh had been blurred out, and all that was being played on the P.A was Kayleigh talking dirty. While all eyes were on the video the principal took Kayleigh’s blouse completely off and he stealthily cut her skirt off leaving her completely naked. She was so embarrassed by her sex tape being played in front of her entire school that she didn’t even notice what her principal did.

The video went on for about 2 hours showing full scenes of all of her sexual acts. And Kayleigh was forced to watch all of it. It started with her getting spanked 70 times, her screams and counting down the spanks left were being echoed throughout the P.A., then it showed me putting her tits around my dick and fucking them. Then it went to the glorious scene of her licking the cum off of her big sexy breasts right in front of the camera. There was an especially large cheer for this scene. Then it moved into her losing her virginity when I fucked her for the first time and this scene changed flawlessly to me fucking her doggy style, grabbing her breasts for leverage; making her scream. Then came another hot scene, we were in 69 position and she was sucking my cock while I was eating her out and licking her ass hole. Then came the anal, again Kayleigh’s screams echoed throughout the gym. This was much enjoyed by most of the girls in the school who hated Kayleigh’s guts because she was so beautiful. Then came one of the hottest scenes of the video, Kayleigh was licking my cum off the lens of the camera while talking dirty. This got the loudest uproar from the boys in the crowd. Then came the gangbang scene. Only the highlights of the gangbang were showing like when it started and when there was an especially big cum shot. Kayleigh collapsing and the men having sex with her unconscious body was also shown. The last scene was when all of us shot our cum on Kayleigh’s unconscious body. And it ended with “Mmmm I want your cum, I am nothing but a cock slut” echoing through the gymnasium. All of a sudden when the video ended, a spotlight was shone on Kayleigh who was still didn’t realize she was completely naked. Everyone stood up. The horny boys were all give her a standing ovation and whistling. The girls were simply laughing at Kayleigh. She looked down and noticed she was naked. She was still being held by the principal who said

“Wow Kayleigh quite the display of athleticism, that’s why you’re the athlete of the year. ” Everyone roared in laughter.” For anybody who wants to remember Kayleigh’s incredible athleticism, copies of this DVD will be passed out at the end of the assembly.” Not he turned his attention to Kayleigh “Please speak to the people that love you so much.”

She walked up to the microphone and prepared to make a speech, this was so embarrassing that she felt like dying. All eyes were glued on her naked body, boys were literally salivating over her body, most of them had never even seen a naked girl before, much less a girl who was as sexy as Kayleigh. Kayleigh started to talk
“Thank you everyone for your applause, I just want everyone to know that I love you all and I am glad to be your Athlete of the year.”

The principal walked up to her gave her a slap on the ass and said to everyone
“She’s great isn’t she, and what a good sport too, I don’t know too many people that would speak in front of their whole school naked.”

Kayleigh looked down in horror and noticed that she was completely naked, she started to run. Her breasts were flopping everywhere while she was running, this made the boys even crazier. She went to the door and it was locked. I was right beside it and I said to her.
“You know you could stay here naked
in front of all these people, or I could open it with my key, but you would have to do something for me.”
“Anything” she said “JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!!”

I opened the door took her hand and led her out of the school. As they left they heard the principal saying
“Alright there are thousands of copies of this HOT DVD so come on and help yourself.” And they heard the sounds of thousands of footsteps hurrying to the front of the gym.
“Where are you taking me.” She said

“Utah, just an hour’s drive. We are getting married, you are mine forever now.”
“No I’m not gonna let that happen.”
“Ok I guess than were going back to school then.”
“No you can’t.”
“Then where are you gonna go Kayleigh, Home The tape has been sent to your parents already, they think you have left home to pursue a career in porn. They don’t even think of you as their daughter anymore. Are you gonna live with a friend Face it you have no friends anymore, everyone just thinks you’re a slut. Oh I got it, your gonna move to your university on a volleyball scholarship right What university will take you now, your sex tape will be all over the internet. Face it, the best life you can have now is to be my wife, I have enough money for both of us, and for our eventual children.”
Tears were rolling down her cheeks, she knew that I was right, she knew that there was no other option, she knew that she had to wed the man who ruined her life. “Ok I will marry you.”
I was ecstatic, my plan had just worked and I at 55 years old had just potted myself a sexy 16 year old wife.
“Good, I promise I will take good care of you, you will never have to work, all you will have to do is keep me sexually pleased for the rest of my life.”

We arrived at Utah and then we arrived at a sleazy bar/motel where they happened to perform weddings and didn’t care about how old the bride and groom were. I wanted it to be packed for our wedding but know one I knew lived in Utah so I got a bunch of horny single drunk guys to come attend our wedding, I got them to come with the promise of a hot young bride.
Kayleigh was getting her makeup done by the one woman, who worked at the place, and I was getting dressed, I had a spiffy white suit on.
“Are you sure that this is what the Bride will wear” the woman asked me.
“Yea she looks great, and we match too don’t we”
“Yea I guess” she said
It was time to get married now, I walked down the sleazy aisle, the smell of booze was dominant. Then Kayleigh walked down the aisle. The cat calls and yells from the crowd started immediately. There was my beautiful 16 year old bride, wearing nothing but a white veil. Men slapped her ass as she walked by slowly, some even got out of their seats and started caressing her breasts. She continued walking amongst the spanks and pinches and cat calls. I didn’t mind this at all, nothing could bother me at this time. She arrived and the minister did his thing and ended with
“Do you Matt Wyatt take Kayleigh Kobus as Your lawfully wedded wife”
“I do”
“Do you Kayleigh Kobus take Matt Wyatt as your lawfully wedded husband”
“I do”
“Good, Matt you may kiss the bride.”

I passionately took my bride and kissed her. Then I thought I would put on a show for the people who showed up. I made eye contact with Kayleigh, and motioned to my dick. She got the message. She got down on both knees, opened my zipper, pulled my penis out, put her lips on it, and started giving me a blowjob. Everyone in the crowd started cheering at the sight of my sexy young nude wife giving me a blowjob. I cummed in her mouth and she swallowed it all without me even asking. I picked up my naked young bride and carried her out of the chapel while getting showered with applause from the crowd.
We got into the car, drove to the new house that I bought in Utah. Most of the furniture was on the lawn still (damn movers). So I carried Kayleigh to the bed which was on the lawn. Most of our neighbors were now looking, the men in awe of my sexy wife. I hopped in bed, and she came after me and got on top. She took my pants off and started sucking my cock to get it hard. Now most of the neighborhood was crowded on the street watching us. She put her pussy on my erect dick and started thrusting her pussy while I laid back. After what seemed like hours of sex I cummed in her pussy causing an “oooo” from the neighbourhood. She then lied down on the bed beside me and went to sleep I put my arm around her. This was going to be a long and great relationship.

Please comment on what you think of this story, I am open to positive criticism, I want to keep getting better as a writer so both praise and criticism are welcome.

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