Kate found herself in bed with both sons and their dog when both a friend of her son Charlie and her husband walked in.
My Disastrous Night 7 - It's Finally Over

Kate found herself in bed with both sons and their dog when both a friend of her son Charlie and her husband walked in.

Oh God no, not again, Kate thought to herself as she realized her husband Jim was standing in the doorway. Here she was sandwiched between her two sons, one fucking her pussy, the other her ass, and she couldn't move. To make matters worse, her dog Bear, a German shepherd, had managed to get his knot tied to her son Charlie's ass.

"You are sick Kate, sick," Jim exclaimed, standing there staring at them all.

"Are you kidding," Sam interrupted. "This is great."

"I'm so sorry Jim," I told him. He just stood there in shock. But that girl, Sam, turned around and grabbing my husband by the neck, pulled him down into a kiss. Some little twit of a girl was kissing my husband on the mouth. And to make matters worse he wasn't resisting.

"Come on," Sam said as she pulled Jim towards the bed. They went to the far side of the bed and she began removing her clothes. "Get those things off, now."

"Jim, please, you can't," I begged, knowing what this little Lolita was trying to do.

"Look at you Kate," Jim said, "and tell me why the hell not." With that he took off his clothes. The little bitch had already climbed up on the bed next to me and had her legs spread wide as a welcome sign to my husband Jim.

"Sam, that's my dad, you can't," Charles objected.

"I know who it is Charles," Sam said. "We met downstairs. I came over to see you but it looks like things got a whole lot more interesting. Come on Jim. Don't you want to taste some hot teen pussy?"

Jim got up on the bed and buried his face between that slut's legs. "Oh baby yeah, lick me Jim, yes."

Oh God I wanted to puke, and would have if it weren't for my two sons buried inside of me. Every few seconds Charlie would involuntarily push his shaft up into me and then it would gradually slide outwards, in response to something that Bear was doing in Charlie's ass. I would have the same involuntary action to try to expel him from my ass that just squeezed my whole area down there including my vagina. That of course kept my other son Tony hard and he would react by thrusting in and out a few times. It was all very erotic to my body and kept me in a perpetual series of tiny orgasms.

Looking back at Jim he had worked his way up Sam's upper body and was sucking her small little tits. I watched as he moved on up to her mouth, as he opened up to her mouth, as they sucked the air out of each other. Then I watched Sam suddenly gasp into Jim's mouth, as he must have penetrated her pussy. Yes, that was it. They broke their kiss as Jim began thrusting into this little whore.

"Oh God, you're so fucking tight Samantha. I can't hold it," he exclaimed. "I'm like a little teenager with you."

"Just give me your cum baby," she said to Jim. "Give me all of it." And he did. I had never seen him cum so fast before. He could usually hold it a long time but this fucking little girl had my Jim cumming in record time. "Yes, I can feel it. Give me all of it. Don't worry about cumming so soon. It will make our next fuck so much longer."

Next fuck? She's going to fuck him again?

"Get over on your back Jim, I'm going to bring this guy back to attention." Before Jim's head hit the pillow Sam had her mouth around Jim's penis, sucking and prodding to get him hard again. My experience was that it took him the better part of half an hour but with this young filly, who knew.

"My God Sam, you are amazing," Jim said. "Where did you learn to work a man's dick like that?"

"From fucking my dad of course," she admitted without hesitation.

"You did what?" Charles blurted out.

Samantha ignored Charles. "Oh it looks like you're ready for me," she said as she moved up into position, straddling Jim. A second later she was rocking her body on my Jim, my Jim, not hers. That petite little minx was fucking my husband right in front of me and he was loving it. I watched as Jim lifted his hands up to her tiny breasts and began massaging them.

"I swear to God Sam, you are the best fuck I have ever had," Jim exclaimed. "Even better than your mother Sandra."

"My step-mother you mean," Sam corrected Jim.

"You fucked your client's wife?" I asked, not believing what I heard.

"What did you expect me to do when I caught you fucking the family dog?" Jim shot back.

"So while you were fucking my step-mom," Sam continued. "I was fucking my dad. We played a little rape game. Then I went over to a friend's house and met Charles there. I guess he really likes it in the ass. We had a gay old time fucking the hell out of each other didn't we Charles, with emphasis on the gay?"

Just then Bear's knot had shrunk enough that he slid out of Charlie and jumped off the bed. Tony was able to push me up enough to get out from under me. He immediately went over to Sam and grabbed her by the hand.

"Come with me," Tony said as he literally pulled Sam off of Jim. "You can finish that with me in my bedroom. It's time we fuck people our own age." He walked her out of the bedroom pulling the door shut behind him.

"Maybe I should go back to your mother's. She's not a half bad fuck," Jim admitted.

"You fucked Grandma too?" Charlie asked as he finally pulled out of my ass.

"What do you mean TOO, Charlie?" I asked him.

"From what I learned this morning, when I discovered neither of you boys were still over there, she had fucked both you boys." Jim went on to say, "So I figured I might as well too. She was pretty good I have to admit. It must have been all the practice she got from you Charlie. She said she only just started with Tony last night."

"I've got to get out of here," Charles stated. "This whole family is sick. Or maybe I'm losing my mind. Dad, do you know any good head doctors?"

"As a matter of fact I do," Jim said. "Her name is Sandy. The card is in my pants pocket. She is the best head doctor I know. You won't regret it and neither will your head. Tell her I sent you and that I want her to give you even better service than she gave me."

"Thanks dad," Charlie said as he got the card and left.

It felt strange. One moment there was a crowd, an orgy in fact. The next moment I was lying along with my husband on our bed. He still had a fierce hard on. So I wasn't surprised when he rolled over to me, on top of me, and entered me swift and hard. I was on my back now and Jim was fucking me like he had never fucked me before. It was the intensity of it all. I could see now what just a little time with that girl Sam did to his libido. He was rejuvenated, reinvigorated. He was the kind of lover I had dreamed about. When I came, I came hard. My nails dug into his back as my body went stiff. His cum burst forth in several glorious spurts, deep inside of me and a new wave of pleasure ran through me.

"Jim, oh Jim, I love you," I declared.

"I love you too honey," he said. "But his voice was somehow different now, not strained as I would have expected it.

"Kate, darling, you gave us a scare." It was Jim's voice, but so soft, so caring, so different than what I remember from earlier tonight. I looked up and saw Jim's face next to mine but we weren't on our bed. I was on a couch and Jim was kneeling on the floor next to me.

"Where am I? What happened?" I asked, confused by my surroundings.

"You passed out honey. It was probably a mixture of that cough medication you took at home and a little too much to drink tonight. You weren't out for very long and breathing fine so we just tried to get you awake."

"It was all a dream," I said, more to myself than anyone else.

"Yes, I'd say you had a whopper too," Jim added, "from all the talking you did. I think we should get you home now."

"I think we'll be heading out too," Andrew said.

"Yes, we have a young teenage girl that shouldn't be left alone for too long," Sandra said. I looked away but caught something out of the corner of my eye. Sandra slipped my husband something that he glanced at and just held in his hand.

After Andrew and Sandra were gone I reached down and took Jim's hand, opening it up. He was holding Sandra's business card. Taking it I flipped it over. On the back she had scrawled the words "call me later" and then a phone number. "Over my dead body," I said as I ripped the card up. "Let's go home."

On the drive home I couldn't take it any longer. I had to confess about the bathroom incident with Andrew, how I had fucked him by mistake. "Honey, I have something to tell you about when I went to the bathroom, when I was going to meet you there."

"God Kate that was incredible, wasn't it? You were so hot. It may have been a quickie but you were out of this world." Jim couldn't stop praising me.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "You liked it?" I asked, just trying to be sure it was really Jim and not Andrew.

"Oh yes darling," Jim confirmed. Then it was Jim and not Andrew. That was just another part of my dream, another part of my disastrous night.

"I love you more than anything Kate," he said.

"I love you too Jim," I told him. "This has been a crazy night and I just want to go to bed and forget about it all. Oh dear, you need to cancel the fishing trip for tomorrow. The boys don't want to go. They don't even like fishing."

"How do you know that?" Jim asked me.

"Trust me," I told him. "I just know."

The End (really)

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Its good to see the end hear.

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Kudos to you! I hadn't thhuogt of that!

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gr8 story & to the reader complaining bout the dream ending he missed the part about her knowing the kids hated fishing. ther is more to this story than meets the eye

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I realize it's erotic fiction, but to have it be just a dream? Sorry, but that is the laziest thing a writer can do to end a story. Everything else was good until the end.

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