Okay. I appreciate the comments of my first series. Since this was my first submission, I was not sure about how to format the stories. Many writers seem to block their text. I'll try to do better with this one. Again, let me add that I do not write about sex. I write about relationships. Obviously, there is the older-younger theme. If you are looking for wild, free sex, this story is not for you. I try to make my characters real and the plot is always a bit of fantasy, always fiction. I invite your comments.
I laid my lure about three feet from a tree trunk. I slowly reeled it toward the boat. I felt the slightest tug on the line. I waited for just a few seconds. Then, another slight tug, and I set the hook. It took several minutes to land the bass. I had caught bigger ones but this one still had a lot of fight. Nothing more satisfying that drawing a nice size fish from under the cover of brush. Well, I guess that is a bit of an exaggeration. Let’s just say, for a angler, one of the most satisfying experiences is landing a nice fish. My name is Dave Elliott. I’m 32 years old and stand about 6'2". I tip the scales at about 190 lbs. But if someone asked me to describe myself, I would say before anything else, I love to fish. My dad was a fisherman and his dad before him. I spent my younger days on the river, on the lake, or standing next to a pond. I learned what they knew and, through the years, picked up a few tricks of my own. Since I’m single, I fish whenever I can. I support this habit, avocation, possibly addiction of mine, as the co-owner of a consulting firm. I help other companies develop organizational structures, policies, etc. that help them make money. Because my partner and I are good at what we do, we make a good bit of money ourselves. We do not have an office. We work out of my partner’s basement which cuts down on overhead. We have a couple of secretaries who enjoy their work because we are very casual-jeans, sweatshirts, Nikes. I have to travel a bit but I have enough free time to do what I love best-go fishin’. I have dated off and on through the years but I never found a lady that I wanted to make a life commitment to. So, I do some casual dating from time to time, but fishing is my first love. Now you know how odd I am.

On this particular day, I left what we call an office about an hour earlier. I had completed a proposal for a toy company, mailed it, and headed for the lake. I actually live on a rather large lake created by a hydroelectric dam. After the thirty minute drive home, I changed into my fishing frocks and walked down to the dock. I put my gear on board my boat, along with a cooler of drinks, sandwiches, and some candy bars. I have a bass boat, but today I decided to take the pontoon boat, my favorite. I made my way to one of my favorite spots, dropped anchor and wet my hook, so to speak. Today I wanted crappie because I really like eating them. I caught the bass while testing a new lure. It worked. It was very quiet and serene. The fish weren’t biting so I moved to a new spot. After Christmas I gathered Christmas trees from friends. I weighted them down with concrete blocks and dropped them in deep coves around the lake. These made great crappie beds. Today, I was planning on visiting several of those beds. I made my way into a rather large cove. The water was deep and still. I dropped my anchor and allowed myself to drift a bit toward the bank before I tied it off. I had been here about ten minutes when I caught that bass. I released it back into the water and reached for my crappie rod. I sat back in the padded swivel chair at the front of the boat. I cast a short distance toward the bank and relaxed.

After about thirty minutes I needed to pee. I rose from the chair and stood at the edge of the deck at the rear of the boat. I opened my fly, took out my cock, and relieved myself into the water. As I moved back to the chair, I reached into the cooler for a bottle of water. I sat down, cast my lure again, and leaned back. I reeled in my lure and was about to cast again when I heard what sounded like giggling. I glanced around and saw no one. Just as I convinced myself that I had heard something else, I heard the sound again. I looked up toward the bank and slowly looked at the brush. It was then I saw something red. I reeled in the lure and turned in my chair, taking a long pull from the water bottle. I looked toward the bush where I could still see the color and I spoke, “Hey, you want something?” Again I heard giggles. “You might as well come on out; I know you’re there.” Much to my surprise, two girls stood up. It was hard to see them because of the brush and shade.

“Come on down,” I called out. “I don’t bite.” I pointed to the water. “Apparently, the fish don’t either.”

The girls made their way down the slope to the edge of the lake. I stood and move to the front of the boat which was closest to the bank. From my limited knowledge of young girls, I would say these were somewhere in the neighborhood of thirteen or fourteen years old. One was blond, tall, and slender. The other had darker hair, was not quite as tall. She was heavier but from far from being overweight.

“Hey,” the blond said.

“Hey,” I replied. They giggled again. It suddenly dawned on me that they probably saw me peeing just a few minutes before. I decided not to mention it. “You girls come here often?”

The blond spoke again. “Yeah, sometimes.” She pointed back up toward the trees. “I live up that way.” They stood and stared at me.

“And you?” I asked, looking at the other girl.

“Oh,” she said. “I’m her cousin. I’m just visiting. I don’t live here.”

“I see.” I could think of nothing else to say so I asked, “Do you girls like to fish?”

“My brother does.” She paused. “Well, he used to. He don’t live here anymore.”

“I see.” I felt a bit stupid with the reply but this conversation did not seem to be going anywhere.

“I like to fish. I come every chance I get.” I pointed toward the open water. “I live over there, on the lake.” There was silence. I decided to continue what seemed to be meaningless conversation. “So, what are you girls doing here?”

The girls giggled again before the dark haired one spoke. “I have to leave tomorrow. We thought we would walk down to the lake. So here we are. We saw you.”

“I see.” There I go again. I wasn’t sure what she meant by that last statement, but I decided to assume she was referring to my act of peeing. “Well, a man has to go when he has to go.” This brought about another giggle and what appeared to be blushing in both girls.

I decided to either give them a chance to leave or to get to know them better. “Do you want to come aboard?” I asked. “I can move the boat close to the bank.” The girls looked at each other and shrugged. “I don’t bite. I already told you that.”

They stepped toward the edge of the water. I threw them a rope and told them to pull after I loosened the anchor rope. They pulled and the boat floated to the edge of the water. I opened the gate in the railing that surrounded the deck. There was a space large enough for them to jump to the bow. I stepped in the space and held out my hand. The blond jumped. I grabbed her hand and pulled her on board. I waited for the cousin. She jumped. I missed her hand but she landed pretty much in my arms. I grabbed her to keep her from falling back into the water. As my arms wrapped around her, my hand pressed against her breast. It was firm and larger than I would have suspected because the shirt she was wearing was too large for her. She seemed to blush a bit as she stepped under the canape.

“So, would you like something to drink? I have some soft drinks and water in the cooler. There’s some sandwiches and candy bars, too.” The blond stepped over to the cooler and bent over, opening the lid. This was when I really noticed what the girls were wearing. The blond had on cut off jeans. Let me qualify that description. She had on very short cut off jeans. When she bent over, the back rode up onto her ass cheeks. When she stood, she reached behind her to pull them down to cover her cheeks. She seemed to notice that I had been looking at her bend over. She handed a diet drink to her cousin and popped the lid on one for herself.

“My name is Dave.” I held out my hand to shake theirs.

“I’m Carly,” said the blond.

I looked at the cousin. “I’m Jackie.” She giggled. “It’s really Jaclyn, but everybody calls me Jackie.”

“Nice to meet you both.” I sipped my water as they sipped their sodas. I spoke to break the silence. “Carly, you said you live near here? I’m not being nosey but is it safe for you two to be wondering around in the woods.”

Carly shrugged her shoulders. “Oh, I do it all the time. Me and my brother have been all through these woods.” She paused. “He don’t live with us any more.”

“Who is us?” I asked.

“I live with my grandma. It’s just the two of us now. My grandpa died several years ago.”

“I’m sorry about that.” I actually felt for the young girl. “I was very close to my granddad. He’s the one who taught me to fish. I was very sad when he died.” Carly smiled slightly, seeming to appreciate that I had actually engaged her in conversation. I looked at Jackie.

“I live in South Carolina,” she volunteered. “Me and my folks are here to visit. My mother is Carly’s aunt.”

“I see.” I felt stupid again. “It’s nice to meet both of you girls.” I looked over the lake. “I like this spot. I usually do pretty good here.”

“I’ve seen you before,” Carly said. “I recognized your boat.”

I smiled at her and then I said I thought was the dumbest thing to say, after I said it. “Have you seen me pee before?” I tried to laugh away my embarrassment.

“Actually, I have,” she said, blushing. Both girls giggled again. “But don’t worry. Like I said, I’ve got a brother.” For some reason she needed to explain to me that she had seen a man’s penis before. As if it made seeing mine okay.

“Well, I’ll have to be more careful in the future I guess.”

“It’s okay,” Carly said. I don’t think either one of us understood what she meant by that.

“Well, maybe I’ll see you here again sometime. And I guess maybe you’ll see me again, if you know what I mean.” We all blushed and we all laughed. “This is such a nice quiet spot on the lake.” I felt the need to change the direction of the conversation. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on the perspective, the conversation went where I would not have thought.

“Yeah, I know,” Carly said. “I have been swimming over there.” She pointed to a place where the bank was more gradual and there was more of a grassy and sandy area which would allow easy entry into the water. Her next words made my mind whirl. “I even swim nude sometimes.”

An image came to my mind. I tried to force my thoughts to go in a different direction, but I failed at that. Carly was wearing one of those elastic tube tops. Although it covered most of her upper torso, I could see the small bumps her nipples made in the fabric. Having already examined her ass, my mind was trying to picture this nubile body stripping down and walking into the water. When I came back to the present, I sensed that both girls were looking at me. Their giggling is what helped me clear my thoughts.

“Well, maybe I’ll have to come fishing here more often then,” I said in a flirting way. Carly laughed. Jackie punched her on the arm.

“It’s getting late. I guess I need to head toward home.” I rose from my seat. The girls rose from the bench seat they were sharing. “I’ll give you a hand so you don’t fall into the water.” We stepped to the front of the pontoon deck. I took Jackie’s hand. She jumped to the bank. I turned to Carly, to take her hand.

“Maybe I’ll see you again. When do you come fishing?” She was holding my hand as she spoke.
“Well, tomorrow is Saturday. I was thinking about heading out again. I suppose I could drop by here and see what I might catch.” I smiled, still flirting with her.

“I suppose you’ll need the right bait.” With that, she jumped to the back and both girls ran up the slope. They turned and waved. “Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow,” Carly called out as they headed up through the woods.

I realized that my cock was sending signals. I adjusted myself through my shorts, hauled in the anchor and headed toward home. “Well, that was not what I expected today,” I said to myself. The breeze coming over the water cooled my face which was till flushed. My heart was beating faster than normal. “I wonder where this is going?”

I put away my gear and cleaned out the cooler. I ate one of the sandwiches and a candy bar. I showered, using the opportunity to relieve some of the tension that had developed in my balls as I replayed the afternoon encounter with the two girls. As I allowed the water to cascade over my head and down my body, the thought came to mind. “The right bait?” Then, that thought expanded. “She’s the bait–jail bait. Be careful, Dave.”

I watched tv and did some housework until I went to bed. Even as I tried to sleep, I could not get the image of Carly out of my mind. It was the image of her swimming nude. I could only dream of what she would look like without clothes. At that moment, I don’t think I really ever imagined I would find out.

I woke up the following morning, relieved I did not have to go to work. After showering and eating a light breakfast, I did some work outside around my house. I often looked out across the lake, wondering what Carly and Jackie were doing. Since Jackie said she was leaving for home, I assumed she was packing, possibly she was already gone. I made a sandwich for lunch and then began gathering my gear for the afternoon on the lake. I convinced myself that even if I did not see Carly, I could at least enjoy fishing. I waited for a couple of hours before I made my way back to the cove where I met the girls. Being Saturday, there were more boats on the lake. I was hoping no other boats would be at “my cove.” I was glad to find it empty as I slowly steered the pontoon around a point and into the quiet and secluded spot.

I dropped the anchor and set about getting my rods ready. I usually had at least two ready with lures. I sat at the bow, cast toward as suspected fish bed, and tried to concentrate on catching fish. I caught four crappie in about twenty minutes. I was putting the fourth one in the fish tank when I heard my name.

“Hey, Dave.”

I turned to see Carly making her way down the slope to the edge of the lake. I knelt down to wash the fish off my hands. “Hello,” I called out. Carly was wearing a long t-shirt and a pair of shorts–not the same ones she had on the day before. “Want to come aboard?”

“Sure,” she said. I pulled up the anchor and used my trolling motor t move the pontoon to the shore. I tossed Carly the rope and she pulled me close enough to jump aboard. I took her hand as she jumped and held it as she made her way onto the deck. I steered the boat back out into the cove.

“Did Jackie leave?”

“Yeah, she and her folks left pretty early this morning.” She looked around for a place to sit. I pointed to the bench seat.

“Would you like to fish?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She paused. “But it has been along time since I did. You may have to help me.”

“That’s fine. I’d be happy to.” I handed her a rod that was set up for crappie. “Do you remember how to cast?” She made a funny face.

“No really. I’ve never used one like this before.” I used open reels and a light line.

I directed her toward the bow and pointed to area where I thought she might get a strike. I showed her how to hold the rod and use her index finger to hold the line until she was ready to release it. The first couple of attempts were not so good. The third one actually put the lure just where it needed to be. I then explained about slowly reeling it in, twitching the rod to make the lure jump under water. She caught on so I moved to the other side of the bow and cast my lure. Carly got a strike but she pulled the rod to hard to set the hook. She apologized. I just laughed and told her not to worry. The point was to have fun. She relaxed and cast again. She almost screamed when she got her first fish. I reeled my lure in to help her. I talked her through reeling in her fish. When she got it to the boat, I scooped it up with my net.

“Oh, wow,” she said. I removed the hook and put the nice size crappie in the tank.

We fished for a while, both of us catching a couple more crappie.

“Dave,” Carly said quietly. “I need to go to the bathroom.” This was something I had not considered happening.

“Well, let me see.” I thought for a minute. “I can take you back to the bank and you can go up in the woods.” I paused before mentioning the other alternative. “Or you can do like me. Just go over the side of the boat.” After I second I said. “But I guess it’s a bit easier for a guy to do that than a girl.” I blushed.

“I think I can manage the side of the boat.”

“Okay, I’ll turn around. I promise I want look.” I laughed. She blushed. Before I was able to turn, she pulled down her shorts. She was wearing a bikini panty. I was relieved when I saw it. She looked at me and smiled. Then, she pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing the matching bikini bra. I smiled and turned toward the bow. “You can use the back area.”

Within a few seconds I heard her peeing into the water. I was so tempted to turn around to see how she managed to relieve herself. After a minuted she spoke.

“Okay. Thanks.” She was blushing. I turned and smiled.

“When you gotta’ go, you gotta’ go,” I said. Carly did not put her shorts or shirt back on. I noticed then that her breasts were a nice size, at least for a young girl her age. Actually, I didn’t know her age so I asked. “Carly, can I ask how old you are?”

She turned to me. “I’m almost fifteen,” she said as if that were an accomplishment. “Why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering.” I picked up my rod and was about to cast my lure when she spoke again.

“What were you wondering?” She had me. I was not sure how to answer the question. At least, I was not sure what answer to give that revealed what my thoughts of her had been over the last twenty-four hours.

“Well, let’s just say that I wanted to know your age.” That did not satisfy her.

“And? Now that you know, are you still wondering?” She seemed to want to pursue the conversation.

I reeled in my lure and turned toward her. Carly was seated on the bench seat, her legs stretched out on the deck and her arms stretched out on the back cushion of the seat. I sat in the swivel deck chair. We looked at each other for a minute as I gathered my wits and tried to think of what to say.

“Okay, well,” I paused. “I think you are a very attractive young woman and I was just curious about your age.” She smiled. “I mean, it isn’t every day I come fishing and meet someone like you at the lake.”

“What do you mean “like you?” This girl just wasn’t going to let up on me.

I thought for a moment and decided to lay my cards on the table. “You are a beautiful girl. I could tell you are young, and now I know just how young.” I smiled. “I’m over twice your age. And being a man, I am attracted to you.” I paused for a longer time. “But, now that I know your age, I recognize that whatever thoughts I might have had are pointless.” I know I was blushing. I could feel my face burning.

Carly smiled. She seemed to be enjoying making me feel uncomfortable. “And what were your thoughts?” I had a feeling she already knew what those thoughts were. So I decided to just go for it.

“After you said what you did about swimming nude, I have thought about what you look like doing that.” I paused. “I’m sorry if that offends you, but those were my thoughts. I know now that there is no point. You are too young for me.”

“Who says?” She was looking at me with playful eyes and a sexy smile.

“Well, the law for one thing. There is something about you being a minor that I need to pay attention to.”

Carly sat up, pulling her arms and legs toward her body. She leaned toward me. “I don’t see any law here, do you?” I know my mouth must have fallen open as she stood. She walked toward me, put her hand on my arm. “Wanna’ go swimming?” She opened the gate to the bow area and dove into the water.

I stood and walked to the bow, holding on to the railing for fear of my knees collapsing. Carly swam around, laughing. “Oh, this feels good,” she said. “Come on in.”

I so wanted to join her. “I don’t have a swim suit.” I was wearing a pair of shorts which I had no problem swimming in, but that was all I could think to say. Carly swam toward the boat. She was treading water that was up to her neck.

“So?” Her arms were moving under water and it was difficult to see what she was doing. But within seconds she tossed her bikini bra and panties toward the boat. They landed at my feet. “Now we’re even.” She swam away and I could see her butt as she kicked her feet.

“I’m crazy for this,” I said to myself. I pulled my shirt over my head and dropped my shorts and boxers in one move. I dove into the water, hoping the coolness would bring my hardening cock under control. I surfaced to find Carly swimming toward me. She approached and began treading water. Although the cove was not as clear as a swimming pool, it was not as murky as the water in the channels could be at times. She faced me and moved her arms back and forth, kicking her feet. I could see the white skin of her breasts and make out her nipples.

“Nice?” she said with a smile.

“If you’re talking about the water, yes, it’s very nice.” I looked her in the eyes. “If you’re talking about how you look, well, I would say the same.” She smiled, reaching out and taking hold of my shoulders. I continued to tread water but I wanted to reach out and caress those beautiful breasts.
Carly laughed, put her hand on my head and pushed down. I took a breath and went under water.
No longer having to worry about keeping my head above the surface, I reached out and grabbed her. I turned her around and put my arm around her. She was laughing and trying to get away. My right hand covered her right breast as she struggled. I let her go. She swam a few feet away and turned to splash me. We both laughed and swam around a bit. I decided to head back toward the boat.

I reached the ladder and climbed up to the bow. My cock was softer but still extended beyond its normal length. As Carly swam toward the boat, she was looking at it. I walked across the deck to grab a couple of towels. As I turned, Carly climbed up the ladder and made her way toward me. She held her arms out and turned, modeling her body.

“So, now you know,” she said.

I nodded. “Yes, now I know.” She walked to me and stopped about two feet away.

“And, what do you think?”

“I think you have a beautiful body. You are a beautiful young girl.” She reached up to run her fingers through her hair and squeeze out some of the water. This caused her breasts to push forward. I would guess they were a B-cup size. Her areola were full and light brown. Her nipples were darker. At that moment they were very hard and erect. Her pubic area was shaved. I was surprised at this for some reason. I guess I just had very little knowledge of teen girls.

“Would you like to touch them?” She asked. She moved a little closer.

“Carly, right now, I cannot think of anything I want more. But you are not yet fifteen and I am thirty-two.” I paused. “I could go to jail for what we are doing right now.”

She smiled softly, looking around the cove. “Who’s going to know?”

My cock was beginning to stir. She noticed it. “Carly, I would know.” My heart was pounding in my chest. I wanted to ravage this young body. She was inviting me to take her. I backed away a couple of steps. I needed to think, to get my mind clear, and to make a good decision here.

“Dave, it’s okay. I understand what you are feeling.” She put her hand on my shoulder. “I have to admit that since I saw you yesterday, I have imagined being here today with you.” She walked to the bench and sat down. “Maybe we need some time.”

I looked at her. “About three years I would say. At least then you would be legal.” I sat on the other side of the deck across from her. We were less than eight feet apart.

“Then, maybe we can just pretend.” I wasn’t sure what she meant until she leaned back, stretched her legs toward me and spread them out. I had a perfect view of her pussy. Her labia were very pink. I could see her love canal. Her clit was visible but mostly covered by its hood. She moved her right hand between her legs and began to caress herself. Her left hand began to massage her left breast. I watched in amazement. “Last night, I did this to myself as I thought about you.” She smiled. “Jackie did, too.”

I leaned back against the cushion and pushed my feet toward hers. They weren’t quite touching but almost. I wrapped the fingers of my right hand around my cock and began to stroke slowly. Carly used her middle finger to slide up and down her slit, holding her lips open with her index and fourth fingers. After a minute, she pushed her finger into her hole and began to move it in and out up to the middle knuckle. I continued to stroke.

“You cock is the only one I’ve ever seen other than my brother.” She licked her lips and pushed her finger to full length into her pussy. She massaged her left breast from the back to the nipple. This forced the areola and the nipple to extend toward me. I licked my lips. She pulled her finger out of her pussy and brought it to her mouth. She sucked on it, licking it, for a few seconds before returning it to the warmth and wetness of her vaginal depths. Her hips began to move up and down. She was obviously getting turned on.

I stroked my cock a little faster, running my hand up and down the full length. I cupped my balls with my left hand and began to fondle them, massaging them slowly. I raised my hips a bit, too. I could feel myself building. Carly licked her lips and moaned as she moved her finger up to her clit. Pulling the hood away, the little pearl was getting hard. It glistened with the moisture from Carly’s finger. Her fingertip caressed it, making circles around it before gliding up and down over it.

“Oh,” she said softly. I smiled. As much as I wanted to watch what she was doing with her finger, I was drawn to her eyes. I could see the passion building in her expression as she licked her lips and moaned softly.

“Are you a virgin?” I asked her. After I said it I felt foolish. This is not time for that question.

She replied in a whispering voice, “Technically yes. I’ve never had sex. But as you can see, I go pretty deep without any obstruction.” She smiled. “Let’s just say I’ve done this before.”

I nodded to her and smiled. “I am feeling very good right now.” I increased the speed of my strokes. “It won’t be long,” I said softly. We watched each other for another minute. Both of us were moving faster and squirming as we sat.

“Oh, Dave, I’m there,” Carly said as she began breathing heavily. Her head when back for a minute. Her eyes were closed as her hand increased speed. She removed her left hand from her breast and inserted her middle finger deep into her pussy. She fucked herself with her finger as her middle finger of her right hand danced across her clit. She moaned loudly. I could hear her finger sloshing in her pussy. I was able to see the juices soaking her lips. I went over the edge.

“Oh, my,” I groaned as the pressure increased in my scrotum. I felt the semen building. It began to move up my urethra. “Oh, my sweet Carly,” I said as the spasms hit. I stroked faster and I felt the first spurt shoot from the tip of my cock. I made myself look down as the second stream followed, hitting the deck floor between Carly’s feet. I looked at her.

She was looking at my cock at it expelled my love seed. She groaned as the spasm rushed through her lower abdomen. I could see the cloudy liquid dripping from her pussy to the deck. Her finger was assaulting her canal as she rubbed over her clit.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she cried out. Her legs closed, clamping down on her hands. Her breathing was heavy and in short gasps. As her orgasm weakened, she fell back against the cushion. Then, she leaned over and laid down. She brought her right leg up, resting her foot on the cushion. Her left leg she spread out across the deck. Her right hand caressed her pussy softly. Her left hand rested across her stomach. I recovered from the intensity of my orgasm. There were ropes of cum across the deck. Under where Carly was sitting was a small puddle of the creamy white fluid that came from her womb.

I couldn’t help myself. I stood up and walked shakily across to her. I kneeled down beside her and kissed her gently on the lips. She smiled and raised her left hand to my mouth. I opened my lips and she inserted two middle fingers. They were still wet with her juices. I sucked on them. She pulled them out of my mouth and caressed my lips. She then put them into her mouth and sucked, licking them.

“Wow,” she said. “I wonder where that came from.”

“I don’t know,” I said with a smile. “I don’t think I’ve ever been there before.” She gave a soft giggle. We both stood. Carly walked over to the ladder and made her way down into the water. She stopped when the water was at her waist. She reached down with her right hand and washed between her legs. When she was finished, she stepped back to the deck and walked toward me. I put my arms around her and she laid her head on my chest.

“That felt good,” she whispered. “I’ve done that to myself before but I never felt that.”

“I know what you mean,” I replied, giving her a kiss on the top of her head, her hair still wet.

We broke our embrace. I went to the cooler, opened the lid. “Want something?”

“Yeah. Got a diet soda?” I handed her one and took one for myself. We sat together on the bench seat. “You gonna’ have to wash the deck,” she said with a laugh.

“It will be worth it, I assure you.” I held her hand as we sipped our colas.

“What now?” she asked. “What do you want to happen?”

“Carly, I’m not sure. I want to see you again. But I don’t want you to be hurt. And I don’t want to be in trouble.” I put emphasis on my last statement.

“I understand. I want to see you, too.” She paused. “I’m out of school for the summer. I have two months before I go back.”

I nodded. “Okay.” I was thinking. “It was nice meeting you here today; but, I would like to be with you in a more comfortable setting.” She nodded. “I have to work every day, too.”

Again she nodded. “I don’t think you better come to my house. I don’t think Granny would approve.”

I laughed. “I agree with that. But, do you want to come to my house?”

She smiled. “I would love that. But how?”

“Since you live on the other side of the lake from me, it would be at least a fifteen to twenty mile drive to your house. I’m only guessing but the lake is big.” After a moment, I said, “Why don’t you meet me here. I can get to my house from here in fifteen minutes easy. Especially if I am in my bass boat.”

“Okay, that would be great. When?” She had anticipation in her voice.

“How late can you be out?”

“Granny works until about nine o’clock on the days she works.”

“Okay,” I said, turning to her and taking her hands in mine. “I’ll plan on getting off early next Friday. I’ll come home and meet you here.” I thought. “Let’s say we meet at three o’clock.”

Carly agreed and gave me a hug. “I want it so much.”

“Carly, I want to get to know more about you. And remember, I’m still thirty-two and you’re just fourteen.”

“I’m almost fifteen,” she said.

We stood and dressed. I filled a bucket with lake water and poured over the results of our sexual stimulation. I used the trolling motor to get us close to shore. As we approached, Carly stood in front of me. I put my arms around her and kissed her. Our lips parted and our tongues gently caressed each other. We parted. She turned and jumped to the bank.

“Thanks, Dave,” she said, blowing me a kiss. I waved as she disappeared up the bank and into the trees.

I pulled up the trolling motor and started my outboard. I was back at my dock in twenty minutes. I took my time going across the lake trying to process what had happened. “Dave, you’re a fool,” I said to myself. “Maybe you just should have gone fishin’.”

To be continued...

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2013-12-20 05:18:58
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2013-01-15 19:48:25
A great beginning I just had to start stocking my cock as i was reading it, the mere thought of get to fuck a fourteen year girl got me rock hard can't wait to read the rest of the story and bring the the other girl into it as well


2009-09-26 21:46:45

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2009-09-23 08:23:05
Very good story. Ignore the rants by the critics; this isn't a literary forum, you know. I loved the fact that they just masturbated together the first time. It leveled the relationship and made it a slow start. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Nice Job!


2009-09-22 19:29:49
I wanted to find out what makes a top-rated story so I started with this series. The reason why this is at or near the top of the class is perfectly clear. The votes and comments are bogus. There is nothing new and different here, and no “edge” to it. The story has been told many times before, and with more conciseness and more hot sex (is there any in this story?). Of all the comments on the last chapter of this farce, only ONE is from someone with a user ID. LMFAO! Having this story as a winner in terms of perceived popularity is an insult to readers and other authors alike. Seriously author, if you are going to cheat, please do it with some semblance of credibility. Go ahead, put some more moronic and delusional comments on your story that nobody who is brighter than a black hole will believe. Shame on you, scammer! And to make matters worse, one can only presume you are bombing others with your capability to administer multiple (negative) votes to maintain the place on your self-ap

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