Through the years a relationship developed. It was not about sex. It was about caring for another in a way most of us only dream about.
Life with Lani was once again filled with laughter, companionship, and comfort with one another. We prepared for the week-long visit from my family. We gave them directions to the house. My son and his family arrived about lunch time on July 2. It was exciting to see the kids. Ricky was 6. Sarah was 5. Lani showed Greg and Misty to their room. All the bedrooms were upstairs. The rooms that Lani and I chose to be ours were at one end of the house. The guest rooms at the other. The vaulted ceiling of the great room separated the rooms. There were balconies that looked over into the great room and the ends of the house were connected by a walk way that ran along the lake side of the house. I told the kids they would be camping out in the great room with their cousin. They thought that was “awesome.” We were all relaxing on the porch when my daughter, Keri, and her husband, Brad, drove up. Keri was carrying Emajean, the two-year old. Luke was four. He jumped from the SUV and ran into my arms. Lani watched our greetings with a smile. She got a hug from everyone. The kids were drawn to her because took up time with them, playing on the floor with them and teaching them new games. Our families caught up with the latest news about work. Lani was asked about her courses. After dinner, we all piled onto the pontoon boat for a ride around the lake. The kids wore their vests. We even had one for Emajean. The sun was going down and there was a nice breeze blowing. After returning to the house, Lani helped the kids put up a small tent in the great room and spread out sleeping bags. Emajean would sleep in the room with her parents. After we exchanged our “goodnights,” which sounded like the Waltons, we each went to our bedrooms. Lani showered in her bathroom and I showered in mine. After lights were out and the house was quiet, she came to our room. I was already in bed, reading, waiting for her. She crawled in next to me. We kissed. “I love your family,” she said. I looked at her. “This is our family, sweetheart.” She cuddled to me and we chatted a bit about the next day’s plans. After a bit she rolled over on top of me. We kissed softly as I caressed her back. She slowly moved down my chest, kissing my nipples. She continued to kiss my stomach and moved lower. I spread my legs and she moved between then. She raised up on her knees, leaned down, and took my flaccid cock into her mouth. I instantly responded, growing harder by the second. She stoked me gently, taking me into her mouth and moving her lips up and down with her strokes. I attempted to pull her up to me but she shook her head. “I want to please you,” she whispered. She continued her strokes as I began moving my hips up to meet her downward movement. I moaned softly. She cradled my balls with one hand, stroking with the other. The speed of her hand increased, as did her head as she moved up and down. Within two minutes I could feel myself reaching that point of no return. “I’m going to cum,” I whispered as I moaned. She did not slow down. She continued stroking, raising and lowering her head. As my legs stiffened, she pushed her mouth down. My cock must have reached to the back of her throat. Her tongue was caressing the underside of my shaft. I began to cum, the spurts were strong. She swallowed my seed. When the spasms stopped she continued her strokes, more gently as my cock began to soften. She crawled back into my arms. I kissed her, tasting my cum in her mouth. “Thank you,” I said as I cradled her. “I wanted you to feel good.” We lay together as we drifted off to sleep.

When I woke up I heard laughter. I reached over to touch Lani but her side of the bed was empty. I got out of bed, went to the bathroom to relief myself and wash my face. I decided to take a quick shower and shave. After I dressed in shorts and a golf shirt, I went down stairs. The kids were playing on the floor. Lani was in the kitchen. The coffee was already made. Mugs, spoons, the sugar bowl and sweeteners were on the counter. She was at the sink. I walked up behind her, wrapped my arms around her. My right hand massaged her left breast through her bra. She turned to face me. We held our kiss until we heard the feet of children running toward the kitchen. We broke off our embrace as Ricky, Sarah, and Luke ran into the kitchen. “We’re hungry,” they all said in unison. “Hungry?” I asked. “Just what makes you think we have food.” They giggled. “Papa, we know you have food,” Sarah chimed out. I walked to the pantry. “Hmm, let me see.” I turned to Lani. “Lani, do you think we have any food for these wild critters?” She laughed. “I think I can come up with something.” She asked, “Okay, who wants cereal? Raise your hands.” They all began calling out the names of favorite cereals. I opened the pantry door to see what we had. We had stocked up on several brands that kids seemed to prefer. They each grabbed a box and headed for the table as Lani got bowls from the cabinet and spoons from the drawer. I put milk on the table. Lani helped each pour the milk and they began eating. All the while they giggled and punched at one another. “Papa, can we go fishing today?” Ricky asked. “I don’t see why not.” Before the kids finished eating their parents had gathered in the kitchen, pouring coffee and juice. “You guys might want to take your coffee out to the porch. It is a beautiful morning. Lani and I waited on the kids to finished their cereal. I gave each a fruit bar and they headed to the porch. As I washed out the bowls and put them in the dishwasher, Lani wiped the table. As we headed toward the porch, Lani gave me a kiss.

The day went well. The kids caught at least one fish each. Luke even caught a sizeable catfish. The parents took the ski boat out for a spin. The men did a little skiing as Lani and I watched the children. Luke crawled into Lani’s lap. “Are you my aunt?” he asked her. Lani smiled as she looked at me. “Well, sort of, I guess.” Luke leaned into her. “I’m glad. I like you.” She gave him a hug. “ I like you too, Luke.” The next day we took the kids to a water park. Lani and I told the parents that we would take care of the children so they could have a night out. They jumped at the opportunity. We piled them all into my SUV and headed for a pizza restaurant that was designed especially for kids. Lani held Emajean, playing with her. She held her hand as she toddled around the restaurant and I watched after the other three. The week passed quickly. On the day of their departure, the dads packed their vehicles. We all hugged and kissed each other. My daughter came to me before they left. I was at the boat house putting away some life jackets. “Dad,” she said. “How are you doing?” I turned to her. “I’m fine, sweetie. Why do you ask?” She smiled. “Well, you seem younger to me. I think having Lani around is good for you.” I gave her a hug. “I think she is good for me, too. We enjoy being here. She loves school and has plans for her master’s degree.” I thought for a minute. “I think it helps me to have someone close to take care of, not that she needs much of that.” We held hands as we walked up the steps from the dock to the house. “She fits well with the family,” Keri said. I replied. “She is family, darling.”

Lani began her summer course. The break before the Fall semester gave us time to work around the house, doing landscaping. We enjoyed the weeks. Our love making seemed more intense. The semester came and went along with Spring. Lani took extra courses and was able to complete her required hours in three years and one summer. That is where I find myself as I began sharing with you about my life with her. I was sitting in the reserved section for parents of graduates. I heard her name called, “Elani Rebecca Anders.” I rose in my seat, watching her step onto the dais and walk across it. She took her diploma and shook hands with the president. I was so proud of her. She had already been accepted into the master’s program. My heart was beating faster as I looked at her smile. Her eyes sparkled. She was confident and strong. I made my way to her quickly when the graduation ceremonies were over. I hugged her. “I am so proud of you.” I wanted to kiss her but restrained myself. We went out to eat that night and got home late. We crawled into bed and held each other as we went to sleep.

Lani began graduate studies in marketing. But she was focusing on a specialized area using the web and providing companies with internet services for increasing their consumer base. She was given a choice of writing a research paper or completing a project. Lani chose the project. I provided some help in developing an organization chart for the employees a company would need to be a computer marketing consulting firm. To my amazement, Lani decided to actually begin a company. She knew a couple of computer guys. I met them. Either one could have been the poster child for true Geeks. Neither one had enough sense to tie their shoes or get out of the rain, but they both knew computers. She told them what she was doing. She could not promise them much in the way of income but she convinced them of the potential. I think they would have worked for free just to have a chance to develop programs and set up networks from scratch. As the project got underway, I provided some names of companies I had worked with and the names of consulting firms that might be interested in allowing Lani to work with them as a part of her project. Most listened to her proposal and the explanation of her project. They would be getting free support for their business for one year. I was not that familiar with using computers in the area of marketing but Lani had a vision. Although there were some rough edges that had to be smoothed and some computer glitches that had to be fixed, the project went so well, Lani’s company, Network Marketing Strategies, actually made money for the companies she was providing support for. Before the year was out, Lani signed contracts with four companies. She was also providing support for some small businesses who wanted to expand into the world of cyberselling. Her supervising professor was completely awed by what Lani had accomplished. When time came for her to earn her degree, she was asked to speak at the ceremonies. Within two years from the time she began her project, Lani’s company was earning over a half million dollars in gross income. The university even awarded her a contract when she presented a plan for on-line courses for the military. She added staff, including more computer Geeks. She paid them well, signing them to contracts that included profit sharing. My little twelve year old neighbor was now an up and coming business owner.

Lani’s company required her to travel quite a bit. Sometimes I was with her. Most of the time, I remained at home. She came home from one trip and told me she had met a man, two years older than she was. He worked for one of the companies she had contracted with. She liked him and he seemed to like her. We discussed how I felt about this. I reminded her that I hope was that someday she would meet that man who would love her as she deserved and who was a man she could love. When she told me he was coming for a visit, I accepted that I was going to be replaced in her life. Although we still slept together from time to time, Lani usually wore some sort of night gown or pajamas. We no longer made love or showered together. I could tell that she was concerned about my feelings, but I continued to assure her that I was okay with her finding someone to marry. She traveled to visit him every month or so. I assumed she was sleeping with him. I was able to meet him and I liked him. He seemed to really love Lani. My role in her life became more like a father or grandfather. Nick seemed to accept that. Several months passed. Lani returned from a trip to see him. She came into the kitchen for breakfast the morning after she returned. She gave me a hug and kiss. As she backed away, she held out her left hand. There was a ring on her finger. It was a large diamond in a solitaire setting. I smiled and hugged her. “I want you to be happy, sweetheart.” She looked into my eyes as tears filled hers. “I love you. I will always love you.”

The weeks passed. A wedding date was planned. I traveled with Lani to meet Nick’s parents and family. They were a nice family and I enjoyed the time with them. I was truly happy for Lani even though I felt there was a large cavern in my heart. About one month before the wedding, I was at home reading when Lani came from work. I knew that Nick had been in town. Lani did not give me the usual kiss. She set down her brief case and plopped into a chair close to my recliner. I looked at her. She seemed deep in thought. “Hey,” I said. She looked at me. “Hey.” It was obvious she was forcing a smile. “Is something wrong?” I asked. She paused. “No, I guess I’m just tired and work is hectic.” I laughed. “Well, I think having a wedding around the corner might add a little stress to your life.” She gave something of a nod, got up, and went upstairs to her room. When she came down, I was in the kitchen. “Want some dinner?” She walked to the counter to watch me chop some vegetables. We ate dinner without much conversation. I did not question her. I knew she would tell me when she was ready if there was a major problem. The next day she went to work and her scheduled seemed to return to normal, but she was still less talkative. I attributed this to wedding plans and work.

Three weeks before the wedding, we were eating breakfast. “Geoff, I’ve made arrangements to take the next month off.” I was surprised that she was not allowing more time after the wedding before she returned to work. It was my understanding that Nick was going to become a part of her company. “I would like for us to go somewhere. Can you get away?” This really surprised me since I knew the wedding plans were still incomplete. There are always last minute things to do. “You know me. I’m free as a bird.” She explained that she had checked into a resort in the Smoky Mountains. It would be only a three hour or so drive and she would like for us to get away. I agreed. As we cleaned up the dishes I noticed that she did not have on her engagement ring. I didn’t think anything about it, assuming she would put in on when she dressed for work. She worked that day, coming home early. The next morning, we drove into the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and made our way to the resort. I thought back to the island we visited years earlier. I knew this trip would certainly be different from that one. We checked in and were shown our suite of rooms. There two bedrooms, a large sitting area with all the amenities. The patio had a hot tub and looked out over the mountains. We walked on a trail that wound through the trees. We saw a few deer. That evening we enjoyed a dinner of fresh trout before sitting on our patio, looking at the stars. We did not talk so much but it was nice to be together. I knew there would be no more times like this for us. Although my life with Lani had been good, our relationship was about to change. At that moment, I had no thoughts about how drastic that change would be.

We rose to prepare for bed. We kissed lightly on the lips and said our goodnights. Lani went to her room; I went to mine. I showered and got into bed. I read for a while and turned off the light. I was thinking about the future when there was a light knock on the door. Lani opened it and said, “Geoff, are you awake?” I looked up. “Yes, I’m still awake.” I could see her move in the pale light coming from a night light in the bathroom. She walked toward the bed wearing a robe. She untied the belt and allowed it to slip from her shoulders. I could see the form of her naked body. She slid into bed and moved to me. I put my arm out and she cradled her body against mine. I could feel her warmth and smell the lotion she had applied. She cuddled close. I could feel her breast pressing against me. She lifted her left leg and placed it over my thighs. Her thigh brushed my limp cock. “Are you okay?” I asked. She leaned up to me, kissed me on the lips. “I’ve never been better,” she whispered. She began to move her hand around on my chest. She tweaked my nipples in a playful way. Then, she pulled herself up to me, rolled about half-way on me and kissed me. Her lips parted and her tongue caressed mine. I opened my mouth and she kissed me deeply. Our tongue danced together. We had not kissed this way in months. I rolled more toward her and our bodies met. As the kiss became more passionate, I began to caress her back. I made my way down to her ass. I slowly caressed her cheeks, pulling her closer to me. My cock began to twitch. She opened her legs more, allowing my erection to lay on her inner thigh. As I caressed her, she lowered her hand and began to stroke me slowly. I moved my hand to her pussy. She was damp and her lips were open and inviting. I pushed my middle finger into her slit and began caressing her wet, warm inner lips. When I inserted my finger into her, she pushed forward. I used my finger to make love to her for a couple of minutes before I moved to her clit. She flinched and moaned as I began to caress her now hard clit. I knew it would not take long for me to cum. I realized by her breathing that she was getting closer. I was about to roll over on her when she rolled onto me. She rose on her knees enough to put her pussy over my cock. As she lowered herself, we both moaned. She was hot, not just warm. She was wet and I was sensitive. She pushed down until she had taken my entire length into her waiting canal. She leaned toward me. I cupped her breasts, massaging them, sucking on them as she moved. As I neared orgasm, I reached around and grabbed her ass. I began thrusting upward and lifting and lowering Lani onto my hard cock. She buried her face against my neck as the spasms began for her. I increased the speed and force of my thrusts, impelling her deeply. As I began to cum, I pushed harder. I was pounding against her clit and her response was almost violent. She cried out as her juiced flowed from her inner depths, around my thrusting cock, and out of her pussy onto me pubic area. I moaned as my spurts continued, flooding her with the seed from my body. She collapsed. I collapsed. She laid on me for a long time as our breathing slowed. I became limp and slid out of her. I could feel her pussy emptying our fluids. She rolled onto her side. I rolled with her so we could face each other. She looked into my eyes. “I love you.” I was still surprised at what had happened. “I love you, too.” I wanted to ask but did not. I needed to wait for her to share what she needed to, if she needed to.

We lay in the dark for a while. Then, she spoke. “Geoff, I need to talk to you.” “Okay,” I replied. “I’m here.” She spoke softly and quietly. “I broke up with Nick.” That was the last thing I expected to hear. She paused. “No, I need to be honest with you. Nick broke up with me.” Those words were even more surprising. Lani would be a wonderful wife and companion for any man. I could not imagine why he would want to break off their engagement and wedding at this late date. Again, I wanted to probe but I needed to let her share as she wanted to. “He told me something. At first I didn’t want to believe it. But the more I considered it, the more I knew he was right.” I waited as she collected her thoughts. “He told me he could not compete with you.” My reaction was physical. I started to sit up but Lani put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down. “Lani, I am sorry if I hurt you and Nick.” I was about to go on when she put her fingers over my lips. “Shhh,” she said softly. “This is not about what you did. I know that you would never do anything to cause me hurt or break up a relationship. Please know I believe that with all my heart. This is about me and what I did.” I whispered, “What did you do?” She smiled. “Actually, I really didn’t do anything I have not been doing for years.” She saw the puzzled look on my face in the dim light. “I have compared every man I have ever known to you.” She stopped me before I could speak. “It’s not your fault. That’s just the way it has been.” She kissed me quickly on the lips. “I have used you as the measuring rod, no pun intended, for other men all my life. You put the bar pretty high.” She made a face. “Nick told me that he could tell how I felt about you. I did not realize it but I was always saying something about the way you did this or did that. And I don’t mean in the sexual department.” She gave something of a laugh. “However, he didn’t measure up there either.” She touched my face. “You are one of a kind.” She took a serious tone. “I know you were there for my mom when she needed you. And I mean in every way.” She smiled. “I know she needed you to love her. And I could tell when you made love with each other. She was different for weeks after your times together.” My face felt warm from being flushed with embarrassment. “It’s okay. I loved you more because of it. You provided for her in a way I never could have. You asked for nothing and you gave everything. In a way, she used you. But you made her feel better. You loved her as you love me. I cannot tell you what that means to me.” She paused for a minute. “Anyway, I just needed to tell you Nick was right. He does not deserve a wife who continually compares him to another man, especially you. He would always have come up on the short end of the stick. Again, no pun intended.” She pulled herself to me. I embraced her, holding her for a long time.

Lani pulled away and looked into my eyes. “I have to tell you something else. I need you to listen to me and I need you to accept what I am going to say. Please so not argue. I have thought this out for a long time. Even before I met Nick I have had this on my mind.” Again, I had a questioning look. “Geoff, I want you to give make a baby in me.” She held up her hand. “Please, let me finish.” She put her fingers to my lips again. “I have thought this out. I am not asking you to marry me. We both know that our ages, and most likely, your family, would not allow for that. But, we love each other in ways that I would never love another man. And I think you will never love another woman. I want a baby with you. I want to create a life that comes from what we feel for each other.” Even if she had given me the chance to speak I would not have been able. “And I guess I need to tell you that I stopped taking the pill as soon as Nick broke it off. It was then I decided that the only man in my life was going to be you. And I know I will not have you forever. So, I want part of you in me and in my life through the child we bring into this world.” I breathed out. I laid over on my back. My mind would not work. Lani laid her head on my shoulder and caressed my chest with her fingertips. “Lani,” I was finally able to say. “Are you really sure this is what you want?” She rose up to look at me. “More than anything I have ever wanted in my life.” I smiled and chuckled. “Well, I guess we’re off to a good start.” She rolled on top of me. “I can think of nothing I want more than to create a life with you and to share life with you as long as I have life to share.” We kissed. She rolled to my side and we went to sleep.

The next day we walked the trails and enjoyed the coolness of the mountains. The next night, we showered and went to bed. We made love again. This time I was on top. When I came, I pushed as deeply into her as I could. We laughed about it. There was a difference in what we were feeling, almost like newly weds. People at the resort looked at us during breakfast as we reached across the table to hold hands. Lani got up to go to the bathroom and kissed me as she walked by. She was so beautiful. I could see the look of shock on the faces of older woman and the look of envy on the faces of their husbands. We shopped, bought some souvenirs, and some items for the house. The days passed quickly. The night before we were to leave, we showered early and went to bed. We played and teased for a while. I went down on Lani, caressing my body with my tongue. She pushed herself into my mouth and I licked and sucked. I used my fingers to uncover her clit and I sucked it with my lips. She almost screamed in pleasure as my tongue flicked over it. She came once and flooded my mouth with her juices. Finally, she pulled me up to her. “I want you in me, Mr. Randall. I want to feel you in me.” I eased up and guided my cock into her pussy. She was so wet and warm. I pushed in and she raised her legs high up on my torso. “I want to give you a better target,” she said with a giggle. I pushed deep enough that I could feel her cervix and the opening to her womb where her egg was waiting. “I’m at my most fertile time,” she whispered. I moved in and out, increasing my speed as she experienced another orgasm. I pushed myself up and began to pound her. My cock was pushing as deep as it could go. Finally, I felt the rush. My semen carrying my seed spewed into her womb. She cried out again as I filled her with my warm fluid. As I finished she quickly lowered her legs as I rolled off of her. She turned around in the bed and put her feet up against the wall, placing a pillow under her lower back. “Just want to give those little fellows a better chance of getting lucky.” I placed my head on her lower abdomen and in a high pitch voiced, made sounds for the sperm that were swimming up her love canal. “Hey, guys, follow me. Look at that. Is that an egg. Oh boy. First one there is a daddy.” She laughed as I kissed her stomach and made my way to her breasts. “I don’t think I am going to like having to share these.” She punched me. “You would deprive our child of needed nourishment would you?” We kissed and just laid together for a long time, her feet against the wall above the bed. We returned home the next day. We made out at traffic lights, held hands at a fast food restaurant. I had thought over the years how good my life with Lani had been. They could not compare with what I felt at on that day. She went back to work, delegating more responsibilities to other staff. She looked happier than I can remember seeing her. Then, one morning she woke up, getting out of bed and rushing to the bathroom. She threw up. She came back into the bedroom with a smile on her face. Later that morning she use one of the pregnancy kits she purchased at the drug store. It showed positive for being pregnant. She made an appointment with the doctor. We went together. Her tests confirmed what we hoped for. Lani was pregnant with our child. The months passed as he developed the “tummy.” But her face glowed with joy. She allowed people to believe that the baby was Nicks. That was okay with me. We continued to make love until I was afraid I would hurt the baby. I also had to stop spending time with her breasts. I was not particularly fond of breast milk.

Nine months and six days following our trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Lani went into labor. The nurse helped me put on the garb I needed to wear in delivery. I followed her in. Lani was on the delivery table, legs in stirrups. I leaned over and kissed her through my mask. She groaned and I coached her as I had been taught in the classes we attended. I could tell the delivery room personnel were shocked that I was the baby’s father. I didn’t really care what they thought. Lani was told to push, I held her hand, and told her to breath the way she was supposed to. Finally, she pushed hard and a head appeared. Then shoulders. Then the rest of the body. Our little girl was in the world. She cried out. “Well, she takes after her mother,” I said. Everyone laughed as the cord was cut and our baby was laid in her mothers arms. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I looked at them. I looked up at the doctor. “You can touch her,” she said. I touched the little hand and these tiny fingers took hold of mine. I kissed Lani on the forehead, again through my mask. We were laughing. I was led out of the room as the doctor finished what she needed to do. Our daughter was taken to the nursery and I watched as she was bathed, screaming the whole time. Then, the thought came into my mind. I almost collapsed as the image became so clear. I was bathing a twelve year old girl as she cried because of injuries suffered when she was knocked down by other students at school. I could feel her soft body as I rinsed the mud from her. That is how it started. That is how Lani came into my life.

Later, we were in Lani’s room. She was holding the baby, nursing her. “Geoff,” she looked at me. “We never decided on a name.” We had discussed it but never came up with the name of the little girl we knew we were going to have. “I know you are the father but would you allow me suggest a name.” I nodded. “I like Emma Leigh Randall.” She smiled. “Emma is right because of your Emma. Leigh was mom’s middle name.” I smiled. “That would be perfect,” I said. “But what about Randall. Don’t you want her to have your last name.” She shook her head. “No, I want people to know that she is yours. We can tell them you adopted her. You sort of adopted me. I mean, you are not really my father but you’re the only one I’ve ever known.” I agreed. Lani then pulled the yawning little girl away from her breast. She held her to me. I took her into my arms. Lani said as I took her, “Here you go Emma Leigh. I want you to meet our daddy.” Tears filled my eyes as I kissed her little head and cradled her into my arms. “Geoff Randall,” Lani said softly. “You’re a good man. I love you.” I leaned and gave a lingering kiss to our child’s mother. “I love you, Lani. You are my life.”

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