My wife finds herself exposed!
My name is Steve (32). I’m married to a beautiful woman from Hawaii named, Michiko (30). Every weekday, she attends an advanced aerobics class on the beach. In fact, even when we are on vacation or a business trip she does her daily exercises in the hotel room. She’s 5 feet 5 inches tall, 35, 22, 34, and firm all over. She has green eyes and an exotically gorgeous face. However, she is shy around other people and until recently, very conservative in her dress and behavior. In our bedroom, she enjoys almost any sexual activity; but around others she avoids sexual conversations or the use of foul language. That being said, she always tries her best to make me happy. Since we moved into our beachfront home on Maui, immediately after our wedding, she walks around the house… when we are alone… in a t-shirt and absolutely nothing underneath, except during that time of month… if you know what I mean. Whenever I reach for her and start playing with her ass or tits, she never rejects my advances; and, in fact, encourages me. She is ready and willing for sex, whenever I want it and sometimes she even asks me to satisfy her needs.

After some coaxing, I recently convinced her not to wear panties when we go out at night to clubs, restaurants or friend’s homes for parties. Her skirts or dresses usually reach the top of her knees or below mid-thigh. It really turns me on knowing she is naked under her dress. By the way she has never worn a bra, even in high school and college. Upon returning from a BBQ party at a friend’s home last night, we took a bath; then cuddled together on our double lounger located on the patio of our house. Wearing nothing but thin silk robes, we stroked each other’s body, kissing and caressing. During this intimate foreplay, I asked, “How did you enjoy the party?” She smiled, “It was very erotic!” I was surprised at her choice of words, “What do you mean by erotic?” “Well,” she said in a low husky voice, “After we were there for about an hour, when Patti whispered in my ear that when I walked by the landscape lights near the pool, anyone watching could see my naked body underneath the white sun dress I was wearing.” Patti is Jerome’s wife. He and I play on the same amateur softball team. Jerome is a handsome guy… 6 feet 2 inches, great hard body, very friendly and African-American, as is Patti. “So what did you do”, I pushed. She looked into my eyes, “Please don’t get angry!” I assured her that my love was irrefutable. She could say or even do anything, but my love for her would never change. With that said, she continued her explanation, “I immediately went to the toilet and looked at myself in the full length mirror. It was true. When light shone through the thin cotton material, I could clearly see my naked body… my nipples… my shaved pussy… my little bubble ass… everything.” With that description, my cock was rock hard and seeping pre-cum. I could feel my heart beating at much higher rate, “What did you do?” Michi stared at me silently, searching for some sign of anger or repulsion. When she saw nothing but loving lust, she answered, “At first, I thought of asking Patti to let me borrow a slip or another dress. She’s larger than me, but not by much. But then, I realized that I was extremely excited. My pussy was throbbing. The thought of the men at the party seeing me naked under my dress was making me horny. In fact, I remembered that earlier, when I had walked over to the poolside bar for another Mai Tai, Jerome and several of his friends sitting at a nearby table were staring at me, with big smiles on their faces. At the time, I just thought they were being friendly; so, I held up my drink and waved with the other hand. They all started laughing and then raised their glasses to me. Obviously, unbeknown to me, they had enjoyed my naked body as I walked back to the house."

"Suddenly, the idea of displaying my body, while being able to pretend that I was innocently unaware, gave me a small orgasm. Steve, I’m sorry; but I wanted to expose myself again; but this time being aware of my nakedness. I wanted to see how it would feel and if it would excite me like the mere thought of it had given me to a tiny climax. I headed back outside and walked over to the pool-side bar; but this time, much more slowly. Two guys in the pool watched me intently. My tiny cunny began to drip with excitement. Then I saw Jerome and his friends looking through my dress. My God, I had a big orgasm right then and there. I had to stop walking in order regain my composure. Even the young bar tender was taking in my naked exhibition. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face; although he tried to maintain a professional manner when I asked for a Mai Tai. My nipples were tingling. My pussy was soaking wet… in fact, I could feel drops of cum sliding down my inner thigh. I had to concentrate on controlling my breathing. My head was spinning. I walked back passed Jerome and friends, the guys in the pool and just before going into the house, I turned to smile and wave to all the men watching. Their awkward reaction was priceless… like kids getting caught with hands in the cookie jar.”

I reached inside her robe, slid my finger into her hot cunt, “That was hot, Michi. After that, I bet you were ready for a long, hard fuck?” “Yes, I am… so please do me… now!” Her hand found my rock-hard rod and began stroking it as she kissed my neck. I drove my finger deeper inside her vaginal canal and started vigorously massaging her ‘g-spot’. She screamed, “God… Oh God… I’m Cumming baby!” A stream of liquid ecstasy shot at least one foot out of her vaginal lips. Her body shook with pleasure. As she slowly came down from her powerful orgasm, I whispered in her ear, “When the men were looking at you, did you imagine any of them fucking you?” “Steve, I keep telling you over and over again, our sex life remains exclusively between you and me and stays in our house… please understand this and don’t push me to do anything with anyone else!” “No Michi, I’m just talking about fantasy… imagination… not actually doing it. I think it would fun to imagine what it would be like… but no physical contact with others… just words… just pretend! For example, at the BBQ party. You didn’t do anything with anyone, but experienced two orgasms… using just your imagination.” Michi was silent, as I continued to caress her body and suck her nipples. She began to squirm, “You mean we only imagine and talk; but never actually do it?” “Yes, just pillow talk. You know it is often said that the mind is the most erotic organ in the human body.” She bgan towarm up to the idea, “I must admit that I often fantasize about sex… but I honestly never wanted to take action… they were just thoughts.” “I bet all those guys who saw you were imagining what it would be like to fuck your tight, shaven pussy.” “You mean like Jerome?” “Especially Jerome!” “But Patti is so pretty and sexy.” “I didn’t say he wanted to marry you or spend the rest of his life with you… he just wants to fuck you or maybe just imagine fucking you!” “Oh my God Steve, do you really think Jerome was fantasizing about pushing his cock into my cunt?” “Oh yes, Baby. He has often asked me about what it’s like to be married to an Asian. He said that when he was stationed in Japan, while in the military, some of the greatest pussy he has ever had was with Japanese girls.” “Did you tell him anything about our lovemaking?” “Not really. I just said… I know what you mean.” “So he’s been with Japanese women and he thinks we’re the best at sex.” “Yes, Michi. I am positive, when he saw you tonight, his cock was straining against his shorts. Tonight he is probably masturbating while thinking about your hot body.” Steve, you are making me so horny. I have never imagined Jerome… sexually; but now you have put some very naughty thoughts in my mind.” “Go ahead; tell me about your thoughts.” “Promise you won’t get mad?” “I’ve told you already… you can tell me anything.” “OK… when I was in college, my roommate and I would often talk about fucking a black man. We even bought magazines with naked black men and sex videos with black men fucking White, Asian and Black women. We use to masturbate while looking at the pictures. Once we even had a Lesbian sex session, while imagining we were doing a black man. Now I have images of Jerome naked and pushing his big black shaft deep into my cunt.” “How do you know he’s big?” “Patti told me once that he has a 9-inch cock… we were both kind of drunk.” “Did you talk about my cock?” “I just said… oh he’s about the same as Steve. I figured that she would tell Jerome. But your 7 inches are more than I need, baby.“ ”So tell me, what do imagine it would be like… fucking Jerome?” “You mean you want me to tell you what I would do with him, if I had never met you and we weren’t married?” “Yes… please… but first I need to go inside for just minute… don’t lose that thought.” I went inside and retrieved a 9-inch, black vibrator that I had purchased several months ago, in hopes that a moment like this would arrive. When I returned, I shielded the vibrator with a bottle of champagne and hid it under a table near the lounger, while she was looking out at the ocean. I opened the champagne and poured us each a glass. “Honey, are you sure you want me to tell you this?” I just smiled and said, “Absolutely!”

“OK then… If I was still single and had never met you, I would probably want to have sex with Jerome… if only to satisfy my curiosity. First, I would let Mary, my roommate, hide in the closet; so that she could see him and the action. When I bring him back to my room, I would let him move at his pace to kiss me. Once he kisses me, I’ll respond.” As she spoke I unfastened her robe and began stoking her nipples. “Steve, you’re making me very horny.” “Good, I’ll set the mood.” “Well, eventually, I imagine he would get me topless and play with my tits, just like you’re doing right now. Then I would reach down and start feeling his cock through his pants. After kissing and touching, we would eventually end up naked on my bed. I once read a story about a black man fucking a Chinese girl; and in the story, he had her straddle his face, while he sucked and licked her pussy. That’s what I would like him to do, first… lick me to an orgasm with his tongue.” I grabbed Michi and guided her over my face and began licking her clit, while massaging her ass. “Yes… Steve… just like that.” “No, Baby, remember… I’m Jerome”. “Ohhh… Yes, Jerome… you are hitting my spot just right. Oh God Jerome, I won’t last long. You have me, Baby… here I cum… God Yes… Yes… Yesssss!” I felt Michi’s thighs vibrate around my ears. As soon as she recovered, she continued her monologue, “Now, it’s my turn. Let me suck on that big black cock of yours.” She moved down between my legs; and, while keeping her eyes closed, began to slide her tongue up and down the bottom of my shaft. She occasionally stopped to lick the tip and then after a slow slide down, lapped up my balls. I was going crazy. She had never given me such a sensual blowjob. She was really getting into our role play. Then her voice became very sultry and husky, “Jerome, do you like my hot tongue and wet lips. Do feel like you want to cum, Baby? Do you want to come on my face, on my tits, or in my mouth? Do you want me to swallow your warm cum? Or do you want to fuck my small cunt? Can you do both… feed me your cum and still have more for my tight pussy? Do you want to shoot your sperm inside my fresh vagina? I’m safe, Baby… I’m on the pills. I hope you have enough to do both. So, Jerome what do you want?” I moaned deeply, on the verge of a gigantic orgasm. “Both Bitch… I’m ready to do both.” “Oh dear, you called me bitch… am I your bitch? Do you want me to be your little Jap bitch? Do you want to make me do naughty things to you. What kind of nasty things do you expect your Bitch to do for you?” Trying my best to imitate Jerome’s deep voice, “Oh Bitch, I’m gonna make you do everything that a woman can do to a man and I’m gonna a do everything a man can do to a naughty slut like you.” “Like what, Jerome… tell me!” “I’m gonna fuck you in the ass, but first I’m gonna stick my tongue deep inside your rosebud until its wet and open for my big, hard, long love muscle.” “Ohhh, that sounds nasty. What else?” “You’re gonna ream out my ass with your tongue, while I slide a big fat cucumber up your pussy. You will also jerk off my dick while you lick my asshole” “Oh my, Jerome that is so nasty. What else?” “I’m gonna invite my home boy over and both of us are gonna fuck your pussy and ass at the same time. Then you will suck us off until we both fill your throat with cum.” “Yes Jerome, I’m your Bitch, Baby… you can use me anyway you want.” Suddenly I couldn’t hold it any longer… shooting a large volume of semen into her mouth.” “Mmmm, Jerome, you taste so good”. She swallowed, and then licked her lips. “Now can you stick that big black thing in my horny little cunt.” She straddled my hips and prepared to ride my cock. While she was getting into position, I reached down and grabbed the realistic, black vibrator and brought it to my groin area. Michi started reach for my cock, to guide it into her hungry pussy. “No, Baby… close your eyes and let me do it. Just enjoy Jerome’s big hard tool.” Her eyes were already closed; which was allowing her to vividly maintain the fantasy. I rubbed the tip of the vibrator against her vaginal lips and clit, “Ohh, Steve, you feel so hard!” “Who’s Steve, I’m Jerome… don’t forget it.” “Oh yes, Jerome… you are so hard, Baby”. With that, I pushed the black dildo into her canal, causing her to drop her hips down, penetrating even deeper. “Jerome, Sugar, you’re so big and hard… God you feel good” She started to rotate her hips… pushing down even further. Suddenly, it reached the point where my cock usually stops but the black toy was still penetrating into her unknown territory. “God, Jerome, you’re so huge… I’ve never felt so full… Baby, I’m coming!” Her juices were flowing onto my hand and thighs. “Yes, Jerome, I’m yours, Baby… fuck your little Bitch… do me!” She then rose up until the soles of her feet were balanced on the cushion of the lounger. She was in Asian Cowgirl mode; moving forward, backward, clockwise, followed by counter-clockwise gyrations. She was in a state of erotic hypnosis, mumbling naughty words of passion, “Oh do me Jerome… my tight cunnie is yours, Baby. Make me your slut… fuck your Bitch, Baby… fuck me… Oh God I’m cumming again.” I looked between her legs and saw that the entire, 9-inch cock was buried in her squim and she was grinding down on it. Her body was limp, and it appeared that she was on the verge of passing out. “I’m yours, Jerome… use me any way you want… I’m your Bitch, Baby”. With that she collapsed on my chest and continued to breathe heavily, as her orgasm continued to jolt through her nerve system. After at least three minutes of lying listlessly in my arms, she finally slid over on her side, next to me. With her eyes still closed, “Steve that was unbelievable. I have never come so many times. What got into you, Baby? Your cock felt so big and hard.” I pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and brought it up to her lips. She licked it; then realized that it couldn’t be me. Opening her eyes, she saw the long, black monster in front of her face. “When did you get that?” “I bought it several months ago, hoping it could add some more fun to our sex. Tonight, I thought it was a good time to use it!” “Did it really fit in my pussy?” I pushed it back into her sloppy, wet cunt. She rose up on her elbows to watch, ”Oh my God, look at it. It’s so sexy.” I shoved it all the way in and picked up my pumping speed, “Does it feel good?” “Oh yes, it’s so big and hard. It’s touching me in places I didn’t know I had. It’s stretching me… here I go again!” She squirted a large stream of cum all over the cushion. “Oh Steve, it’s unbelievable. I never imagined sex could feel so intense.” “Just think how it would feel with a real black cock… Jerome’s big black cock.” “No honey, I’m your wife, I love you… I couldn’t do it.” “You want to… don’t you?” “Yes, I want to, but I can’t”. “Imagine that big cock in your tight cunt… pumping you to another orgasm… just one time… just to say you did it with a black guy… to fulfill your curiosity.” “Are you sure you can handle it?” “I told you already.” “Yes, Steve, I want to fuck Jerome… I want to fuck a black man; but I’m afraid.” “Of what?” “After that session with you and the black vibrator, I’m afraid I can’t stop at one time. I’m afraid that I’ll want to do it again and again. That I’ll become his Bitch and let him do whatever he wants, where ever he wants, whenever he wants! Is that OK with you?” I saw the sincere lust in her eyes, “No, Michi, I don’t want to give you up for anyone or anything. I held her in my arms and we drifted off into a deep sleep.
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