Time passes. Our relationship takes a dramatic change. Please remember, it's not about sex. It's about people.
The months passed. Lani was almost seventeen. Audrey continued to work hard and travel some. When she was away, she offered to allow Lani to stay at home by herself, but she always said she had rather stay with me. Audrey even complimented her daughter on wanting to keep me company, explaining that she knew I must be lonely living alone and not having anyone to keep me company and give me companionship. I think she was making an attempt to prevent her daughter from suspecting that over the past months Audrey and I had made love twice. Audrey called me from work one day saying she was not feeling well. She was going to take the rest of the day. She had called her doctor who told her he was work her into his patient schedule. That Audrey’s firm handled the legal matters for him probably influenced his willingness to see her. She asked if I would make sure Lani got home from school okay. I agreed and told her I hoped she felt better. I happened to see Lani drive up so I walked over to her house as she unloaded her books from her car. I told her about her mom’s call. “Yeah,” she called the school and sent me a message that she was not feeling too well. We walked into the house. “I’ll head back home. You can call if you need anything.” We kissed quickly on the lips and I went back home. Audrey arrived in a couple of hours. She called and asked me to come over. As I sat at her kitchen table, she sipped some wine and explained that the doctor wanted her to have some tests. She had scheduled them for the next week. We chatted a bit and I went back home. The days passed as routine as any of my days. Audrey had her tests done and waited for the results. She always seemed healthy and seemed to attribute her fatigue to her work schedule and not being able to exercise regularly.

On Tuesday of the next week, my phone rang about two o’clock. “Geoff, I need to talk to you.” I could tell Audrey was crying. “I’ll be home in about fifteen minutes.” I hung up the phone and paced the floor, waiting for her car to pass. When I saw her pulled into her drive, I hurried out the door. I met her before she got out of the car. When she me, she opened the door and ran into my arms. She was sobbing, unable to speak. After a few minutes, she let go of me. “Let’s go into the house.” She walked to the house. I quickly closed the door of her car and followed. I glanced over my shoulder and saw our across the street neighbor peering our her door. I waved at her and she quickly closed the door. I closed the door as I followed Audrey into the house. She collapsed into a chair. I sat on the ottoman in front of her. She looked at me, working to compose herself so she could speak. “Geoff, I have cancer.” I know my faced turned white as I felt the blood rush from it. I reached for her hands. “The tests came back positive.” I was without words so I let her speak. “My doctor is not sure about all of it yet. I have to have more tests and some biopsies done.” Tears rolled down her cheeks. “I’m so scared.” I moved to her, sitting on the arm of her chair. I held her in my arms as she cried into my chest. After a while she was able to talk. “Lani will be home soon. What do I tell her?” I held her hand as I spoke. “I think right now, until you know more, you might just say you need more tests.” I thought for a minute. “Actually, Audrey, I think you should tell her the truth. She going to see you have been crying. She’s quite a young woman. I think she would prefer knowing so she can be here for you.” Audrey slowly nodded her head. I rose and walked to her bathroom. I wet a washcloth with cool water and returned. She pressed it to her face. “I know that great strides have been made in cancer treatments. We’ll see what further tests show so the doctor can plan a strategy of treatment.” She nodded, trying to be confident that she would beat this disease that had invaded her body. When Lani came home, I left, thinking it better that they share this time alone. It was after dinner that Lani walked into my great room. I got up from my chair to meet her. She fell into my arms and cried. “My mom’s sick,” she said between sobs. “I know,” I said as I held her. After a bit she sat down on the sofa. I sat beside her. “Mom’s gone to bed. She took something to help her sleep.” I nodded as she spoke. We sat there for awhile not speaking. I held her hand. Occasionally she was sniff back tears. She stayed with me for a couple of hours. Before she left she looked at me. “Geoff, tell me my mom’s going to be okay.” I looked at her. “Lani, I wish I could tell you that. But I can tell you the doctors are going to do all they can to take this out of her body.” We embraced and I walked her home. I leaned against the door when I returned to my house. My heart felt like it had been ripped out. I went to bed but did not sleep. I tossed all night long trying to decide what I could do.

The tests and biopsy took place in ten days. Lani and I sat her the hospital room waiting for Audrey to be returned. The doctor came in before she did. “Well, we’ve done some x-rays and taken blood samples. I did an MRI. I also did a biopsy on her liver, pancreas, and lymph nodes.” He paused. We’ll know something by the end of the week from the biopsy. The MRI should tell us more in sooner.” Lani stood. “Will she be all right?” The doctor forced a smile. “I can promise that we will do all that medical science provides to take care of your mom.” With that he left. Lani paced around the room until Audrey returned. She was heavily sedated but roused enough to smile at us. “How’s my cheering section?” Lani laid her head. Audrey managed to put one arm around her. I walked over as she offered me her other hand. “Thanks for being here, neighbor.” I squeezed her hand softly. “Where else would I be?” I leaned over and kissed her forehead. She was in the hospital overnight. Lani and I brought her home. For the next couple of days we spent most of the time together. One night I spent on their sofa. Audrey would get up and dress each day. She had been ordered by the senior partner of the law firm to stay at home. Audrey asked me to accompany her and Lani to see the doctor when his office called and asked her to come in. His news was not good. Audrey was at an advanced stage of cancer. Although the primary location had not been determined, the cells had invaded her pancreas and liver. He had little doubt that the lymph nodes were invaded as well. He discussed various protocols of treatment and recommended a referral to a specialist at one of the larger hospitals in our city. His office made the appointment. Our visit there provided several doctors discussing what treatments were available. The first round of chemo was scheduled.

Audrey called me from the hospital and asked that I come after lunch. I walked into her room. There was a man in a suit sitting next to the bed. Audrey smiled and reached for my hand. “Geoff, I want you to meet Robert Ashworth. He is a partner with the firm I work for.” I shook the man’s hand. “If she were honest she would tell you that we work for her.” I managed a laugh as I stepped to Audrey and took her hand. She spoke. “Geoff, Robert has some things he needs to talk to you about.” I reached for a small chair and sat next to the bed, holding Audrey’s hand. I looked at Robert. “Audrey has updated her will and completed some forms. He opened a file and began shuffling through papers. First, she wants you to be the executor of her estate.” I looked at Audrey to protest that she would not need an executor for any estate. She read my mind. “No, Geoff, please do not argue about this. I need you to listen.” She smiled, “I’m okay with this.” Robert continued. She also has appointed you as guardian to her daughter, Elani Rebecca Anders.” He said this as if I did not know who she was. He recognized my look. “I know this sounds a bit cold and legal but it’s the best way to explain Audrey’s wishes.” He continued. “You are being asked to assume all the rights and responsibilities for Audrey until she reaches the age of eighteen. In our state, she reaches her majority at that age and will be free to control her own life.” I did not respond. “As her guardian and as executor of Audrey’s estate, you will have control of her financial affairs, providing for her daughters needs.” He looked at me to see if I had any questions. I looked at Audrey. “Geoff, you are the only real family we have. You would do me a great favor if you will do this for me. And for Lani.” I looked at her, feeling my eyes beginning to tear up. Audrey spoke. “Robert, can you give us a few minutes?” He rose, closing the door as he walked into the hall. “Geoff, you are my best friend. No. You are much more than a friend. To be honest, I’m not sure what I should call you. But I do know one thing. You are the only person I trust with my daughter.” She smiled. “I will be able to face what is coming if I know that she will be safe and taken care of.” I kissed Audrey on the forehead. “You know I would give my life for that girl. As a matter of fact, I wish it were me lying there instead of you.” Tears flowed down my face as Audrey drew me to her. She cried as well and we held each other as best we could with her lying down. After a few minutes, I was more composed. I looked at her. “You know I’ll do whatever you need me to do and whatever Lani needs from me.” Audrey nodded. I again sat down, continuing to hold her hand. “I have wanted to tell you so many times. I never knew what love is until I met you. I saw you and Emma and envied her. I could tell by the way you looked at her that she lacked nothing that is truly important in life. You loved her and it was so obvious. She knew it, too. She talked to me about you.” She paused. “And I need to tell you something. When I see you look at me and look at Lani, I see that same love. I am not saying you loved us as you loved Emma. But because of you I know what love is supposed to be.” I touched her face. “I do love you, Audrey. It has been different than my love for Emma. Actually, I think the love I have for you and Lani is actually a better kind of love. I loved Emma because I was supposed to love her. Oh, she was wonderful and I still miss her. But over the years, we became so comfortable with each other that we just loved each other because we didn’t know how not to.” I paused in my thoughts. “But I love you and Audrey because I want to. You have filled a place in my life that no one else could have done.” There was a knock on the door and Robert slowly opened it. “Come on in, Robert,” Audrey said. We talked a bit more about what it meant to be a guardian of a minor. I asked a few questions for clarification of some areas. But, as I left the hospital, I realized the responsibility that I was assuming.

Audrey lived six more weeks. She died in the hospital where she had to be taken to have her pain controlled. The day before she died, I was in her room. She managed to talk to me more than usual. “I need to tell you something. You’re a good man Geoff Randall.” She smiled through her pain. “I have been, I have been blessed to have you in my life.” Lani was alone with her when she died. It was not the place for me to be in those final moments. Lani walked into the hallway and into my arms. We both cried for awhile. Arrangements for the funeral had already been made. This took place several days later. I pretty much made all the decisions related to this. Lani said she just needed me to do it. For the next several weeks, we went through Audrey’s personal things. Lani took care of the jewelry and clothing and other more personal things. I was so proud of the way she was able to make decisions. Audrey moved in with me. She was about to finish up her senior year in school. Even with all that happened she was able to take college entrance exams and complete applications. Audrey’s estate was more than I ever thought it was worth. Her life insurance policy with the law firm made Lani a millionaire. Investments were made wisely. It was not exaggerating to say that Lani was a wealthy young woman. I sat with her one evening and explained all of this to her. I assured her that she had plenty of money to do what she wanted but I encouraged her to speak to her mom’s financial advisor and continue to invest and spend her funds carefully. She listened and expressed appreciation. She graduated from high school with honors. She was only behind the top graduate by hundredths of a percentage point. She was accepted into a highly rated university. We discussed her moving away and living in a dorm. I encouraged her, knowing how much I would miss her. But she reminded me that she was only about a hundred miles away. The week following her graduation from high school she said to me. “Geoff, I want to do something.” I looked at her. “Okay, I hope it’s legal.” She thought for a moment as if she were seriously contemplating this. She got a very sexy and mischievous look on her face. “Let’s just say most of it is.” I looked surprised. “Just what do you want to do?” She sat in my lap in the recliner. “I want us to go on a trip.” This was certainly not what I expected. I knew she had been invited to go on a post-graduation trip with her friends. She continued. “I really didn’t want to go with Beth and the others. But I feel that I deserve something for being the second smartest person in school.” I knew she was not bragging or being arrogant. That was not Lani. I agreed with her. “So, where to you want to go.” She relaxed in my lap. “I have been doing some research. There is an island in the Caribbean. It has a resort. I want us to go there.” I raised my eyebrows. “Listen, sweetheart. I appreciate your wanting to do this. But you really need to do something like this with others your age. You don’t want to go to a Caribbean resort with someone my age.” She looked serious. “You are exactly right. I don’t want to go to the Caribbean with an old man. But I do want to go on a trip to the tropic with a man that I love very much and who loves me.” She kissed me quickly on the lips. “I’ve got all the info on my computer. All we have to do is set a date.” I looked surprised. “As a matter of fact, I’ve already contacted them. We can have a very private beach cottage for two weeks beginning the fifteenth of next month. Then, I’ll have just a bit over a month before I need to be at university.”

We made our reservations and went shopping. She insisted that we begin working on our tans before we arrived on the island. She did not want us to look like snowbirds. We both missed Audrey but our lives began to settle into a routine. Lani slept with me every night. We would hold each other. It was several weeks after her mom’s death before Lani expressed any desire for any sexual activity. I was completely okay with that. I knew what she was feeling. But we shared some very special nights together. And then, there was that day beside the pool. We were working on our tans as she had insisted we do. “Will you put some lotion on my back?” she asked as we lounged beside my pool. She had already removed her bikini bra. I rubbed the lotion over her skin which was already developing a soft light brown tone. I completed her back and down her legs. She wiggled a bit as I rubbed the liquid into her inner thighs. She moaned a bit. As I finished, I applied a bit to my chest and was about to lay back down on my chair. “Do you think you’re done?” she voiced with a lilt in her voice. She turned on her back and said, “How about these?” She pointed to her breasts which showed no tan lines. I raised up and reached for the lotion with a smile on my face. She grasp my arm to stop me. “No, not with lotion.” She laid back down, pulling me to her by my arm. I leaned over her, giving her a kiss. She placed her hand behind my head and directed me down to her right breast. I opened my mouth and covered her areola and nipple. She was a little salty from being in the sun and sweating. But I began to suck softly as she shifted in the lounge chair. I sucked for a few minutes, teasing her erect nipple with my tongue. After a bit I moved to the left breast, sucking, licking, and teasing her areola and nipple. She moaned a bit more. I looked up at her. She reached down and pulled her bikini panties down her legs. Then she rose from the chair, took my hand, and walked to the pool. She began walking down the steps at the shallow end but turned. I was standing at the top step. She reached for my swim trunks and pulled them down. My erect cock popped up. She stroked it for a minute and then turned. “Come on,” she said as she lowered herself into the clear, cool water. We moved toward deeper water. When the water was chest high for me, she turned and approached me. I took her into my arms, as she lifted her legs and put them around my waist. I pulled her close, my hard cock poking her in the lower abdomen. As she wrapped her hands behind my neck, I placed my hands under her ass. “Let’s make some waves,” she said with a wink and a smile. I guided her to me. She reached down with one hand and directed my cock into the opening of her pussy. Even in the chlorinated water, her fluids made her slippery enough for me to slide into her waiting canal. When the head of my cock was hidden between her lips, she pushed herself toward me. My cock went in the full length. We just stood that way for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being connected. We kissed passionately as I raised one hand to her breasts. I massaged one, then the other. At one point, I lifted her enough to lean over and cover her breast with my mouth. The taste of chlorine was not so good, but the feeling of her full areola and nipple in my mouth made it worth whatever I had to taste. As I sucked her breasts she moved back and forth. After several minutes, we kissed again and our movements became more rapid. I was thrusting in and out with some energy. She was moaning. This continued for some minutes. Our oral reactions made it obvious that we were both getting near the point of orgasm. I increased my speed and she increased her breathing. Then the moment came. We both were moving. The water was splashing between us and our abdomens collided. Her head fell back as she cried into the air. I felt her tighten around my cock. I also felt the surge begin within me. She shuddered and I groaned. I came with force as I felt the hot liquid shoot from my cock into her warm, inviting love canal. After six good spurts, I was spent. She slowed her movements as she laid her head on my shoulder. “I think that was a tidal wave,” I said. She nodded slowly. We held each other for a while. With her legs still wrapped around me and her feet locked behind my back, I began walking around the pool. The cool water washed around us. As my cock became soft I pulled out of her. She released her legs and I reached down between them, caressing her pussy lips. I washed away my cum as it oozed from where I had deposited it. She smiled and giggled and I teased her clit. “Ready to go to the Caribbean?” She asked. I hugged her. “I’m ready.” We stepped out of the pool. I glanced around my yard. Even though there was a privacy fence, I wondered if anyone had observed us. Lani was still less than eighteen and what we just did was considered illegal on my part. But I thought about the trip to come. I could only imagine what would happen then.

We boarded the jetliner and took our first class seats. The flight attendant immediately cruised through the cabin, asking if we wanted a drink. Lani and I both asked for apple juice which was promptly brought. As we chatted, we noticed glimpses in our direction. I have no doubt the other passengers were wondering about us. Lani was wearing pastel sun dress. She was beautiful with her tan only highlighting her bright eyes. Her hair draped her face as she pulled it back and held it with a clip. There was really no way to determine her age. She was wearing several pieces of her mom’s jewelry. Her earrings dangled down to her neck. Around her neck was a golden pendant. She had a diamond studded princess bracelet on one wrist and a nice expensive looking watch on the other. There were several rings on her fingers. She had an ankle bracelet resting just above her right foot. Those who suspected that she was still a teen must have gasp when she reached over to take my hand. I took a bit of pride in thinking that some saw me as her sugar daddy. We laughed and chatted as we lifted off and traveled the five hour flight to our destination airport. Upon arrival we were met and escorted through customs and immigration. We were then ushered toward a small plane which took us to the island. We landed and were immediately met by an open jeep type SUV. “Your luggage will follow,” our driver said in a thick island accent. The drive across the island was accompanied by a history of the island and the resort. We were told it once belonged to a notorious pirate who raided ships carrying rich cargo to and from Europe. How much the story was embellished we did not know, but it made the trip over the narrow, bumpy road tolerable, even enjoyable. We arrived at the small resort to find an army of employees waiting at the front drive. There were smiles and greetings. One young girl handed Lani a bouquet of flowers. We were ushered into the small lobby where we signed cards and provided necessary information. By the time we completed these matters, a vehicle pulled up with our luggage. Once again, we were guided out another door, onto an open veranda with a expansive view of the blue waters of the Caribbean. There was a decorated golf cart at the bottom of the steps. We sat in the back seat. Our driver again explained the lay out of the resort. We were told that each cottage was private with its own beach. We drove passed what I assumed were houses of people who lived on the resort. In front of each house was a sign with the name of a tropical bird. When I asked about these beautifully landscaped structures, we were told that they were cottages. After a short drive through brush that is common to the tropics, we passed through some dunes and topped a low hill. Before us lay a house. The grounds were manicured. We pulled passed a sign with the word Osprey embossed on it. “Here we are,” our driver said with excitement. “It is our desire that you enjoy your stay with us.” As we pulled up to the covered area in front of the house, the double doors opened and two ladies stepped out. “Welcome, welcome,” they said together. They had beautiful brown skin and wore tight strapless dresses. There were slits up the side which allowed most of their legs to show as they walked toward us. Lani elbowed me. “Behave yourself,” she said. I took her arm and helped her out of the cart. We followed the hosts into the house. They quickly walked us through the two bedroom house. They continued to refer to it as a cottage. The floors were tiled. The rooms were bright and open. We were directed toward the bedroom that I assumed they intended for us to use. There was a mosquito net pulled to each side of the king-sized bed. Fresh flowers were on ever flat surface large enough to accommodate them. One of our guides opened double doors onto a patio where there was a Jacuzzi to one side. Down a flight of five steps was a small swimming pool. Beyond the pool was a partially covered patio. Beyond that was a path leading down to a small beach. Beyond that was the sea. Lani hooked her arm through mine. “Well, what do you think, Mr. Randall? Will this do?” I was speechless. “Well, we’ll see I guess.” Our attention was directed back to the house. We walked arm-in-arm up the steps. I glanced back at the view. “A fellow could get used to this,” I said. We were shown the kitchen which was well equipped. There were bottles of water, soft drinks, and a brand of Caribbean beer in the fridge. Fresh fruit sat in a bowl on the counter top. One of the hosts handed us a menu. “You are most welcome to have food prepared here in your cottage. Just let us know in the morning and a cook will be assigned to you. You will be able to discuss with her what you would like to eat.” She paused. “However, if you wish to eat at our dinning room, here is a menu. If you will call ahead before you come, all will be prepared for you when you arrive.” I smiled at her, “Thank you.” Then I asked, “If we choose to dine at the room, how do we get there?” She smiled, “Oh, sorry, I forgot to show you.” She led us to a door that opened into a garage. There was a golf cart parked in it. “That will do just fine. You have been most helpful.” They asked if we needed anything else. Lani and I looked at each other and shrugged. “What else could we need?” The ladies laughed, turned, and walked to the front door. “If you should need anything at all, just pick up the blue phone. It had a direct connection to the front desk.” She started through the door but turned around. Again with a broad smile showing her white teeth. “I might also add. You have complete privacy. You will not be disturbed by any staff unless you call for assistance or our front desk calls to arrange for housekeeping.” The message was clear. “This place is for you to enjoy yourselves. If that means no clothing or any activity that needs not be interrupted, then you have your privacy.” We thanked them again. They closed the door. Lani looked at me and threw herself into my arms. “This is wonderful.” She released me and walked toward the patio. As she walked she removed her sandals. Standing on the patio she began to loosen the buttons of her dress. There, before all of nature, she slipped out of her dress, removed her bra and panties, tossing them to a chair. She turned toward me, “Well, what are you waiting on?” she ran down the steps and waded into the small pool as I followed, striping off my clothes.

We lazed in the pool for while, enjoying the breeze off the water. After discussing our evening meal, I went to call the front desk to inform them we would be dining in their room. Lani was under the shower located on the patio next to the pool. I admired her tanned body. She was beautiful, reminding me of her mother. I joined her to wash the chlorine off and we relaxed on cushion lounge chairs for a while. I had already removed my watch but I figured is was probably time to get dressed for dinner. Not knowing about a dress code in such a place I called the front desk. I was told that comfort was the main purpose for the resort. We were to dress as casual or as formal as we wished. I put on a pair of bermuda shorts and a golf shirt. Lani also wore shorts and a bloused that tied just above the belly button. We both wore sandals. I drove the cart and we made our way to the main building. There was steel pan music coming from somewhere. We walked into the lobby and saw a sign pointing to the restaurant. We made our way through doors into an open area. Tables were decorated with clothes of a variety of colors. Each had fresh flowers. To one side of the area was an open space with a hard wood floor. We assumed that was for dancing. To the side of that was a slow dias holding a live band. The musicians where playing Caribbean music. Although the place was not full, there were more people than I thought were there. I wondered if all had the same degree of privacy as we did. We were brought two tall, chilled glasses of fruit punch which was delicious. We sipped as we patted our feet to the music. One young couple got up and began dancing; others were chatting; others were eating. When the music changed to something a bit slower and more in keeping with my generation, I stood and held my hand out of Lani. She took my hand and did not release it as we made our way to the dance floor. I was about to take her hand in the dance style I was accustomed to. She took both my hands and wrapped them around her waist. Then she placed both hands around my neck. She leaned into me as we moved around the floor. “This is our first dance,” she said softly. “But not the last,” she added. Our bodies were as one as we moved around the floor. Several times as we turned, I noticed others at tables were looking at us. At one table, two older couples were dining. One of those ladies was even bold enough to point toward us as she talked. When the dance finished, Lani and I walked hand-in-hand back to our table. I couldn’t help myself. As we passed the table with the two older ladies, I winked at the one who had pointed. Her face turned red as I smiled. Our meal came. We ate and chatted about some things we might do. We had picked up a brochure about the island. “It’s nice not to have a schedule, isn’t it?” she asked. “I’m so glad I don’t have homework.” I laughed. “Just wait until you are in your university classes. Then you’ll know what homework really is.” The evening was nice. We returned to our cottage as the sun was about to set. We slipped off our sandals and walked down to the beach. The water shimmered and pulsed as the sun began to hide itself. I put my arm around Lani and she leaned into me. After the sun set, we stood for a long while. “I wish mom could have seen this.” I held her close. “I do, too. I do, too.”

I had only a few occasions in my life to sleep under a mosquito net. I was reminded why I did not like it then. But, it was to be endured for being able to enjoy the evening breezes. We both slept well and woke early. The sun comes up quickly over the water. It actually gets light long before it appears. I looked at the clock. It was not even seven a.m. Lani was balled up under the sheet. I slowly got out of bed and walked out to the patio. Before we left the main building after dinner, we had arranged for a cook to come to our cabin to prepare breakfast. We were given a check list of the items we wanted. We completed our selections and ask for someone to come about nine o’clock. That meant we had a couple of hours before we had to dress. I walked to the kitchen and prepared the coffee that was made available. As it brewed I washed my face and shaved. I poured a cup and sat on the patio. I was about half way through the cup when Lani walked out and sat in my lap. We kissed briefly. “Oh my, did I sleep good,” she said with a yawn. I sipped my coffee as she relaxed against my chest. After a bit she got up and went inside. I heard the toilet flush and the water running in the shower. I decided to join her. We showered, dressed, and both had a cup of fresh juice and coffee. A little before nine we heard a golf cart approach. There was a knock on the door. It opened slowly and we heard a female voice call out, “Breakfast.” The girl saw us and asked if she could come in. Lani greeted her as she went into the kitchen area. “I’ll have breakfast for you soon.” She busied herself with cooking while we looked at the brochure, discussion our day. Later, we were walking the narrow streets of the islands only reasonable sized town. We shopped, picking up a few items. The morning passed quickly as we enjoyed the sights and sounds of this quaint island. The people were very gracious and welcoming. We saw several other white skinned tourists. We seemed to stand out among the people. We decided to make some food purchases so we could cook for ourselves. Fresh fruits were plentiful. About mid-afternoon we headed back to the cottage. Those first few days were quiet and peaceful. We talked about all sorts of things. We also discussed what Lani might expect when she went to the university. At night we went to sleep in each others arms. There was no real sexual activity other than some teasing in the pool or Jacuzzi.

After a day of hiking, swimming in the clear blue sea, and napping, Lani and I were in the Jacuzzi. The water was warm but not hot. The jets caused it to massage our bodies as we relaxed. Lani was sitting next to me, the water up to our necks. My hand was on her thigh, her hand laid over mine. She looked over at me and gave me a slight elbowing. “Hey, how you feeling?” I turned to her. “I’m so relaxed. I can’t believe it. This was a great idea.” I leaned to kiss her, planning on just a quick peck on the cheek. She turned her head to me and our lips met. She placed her hand behind my head to hold it in place. I felt her move. She rose to her feet, using her free hand to balance herself as she straddle me, still standing. She raised her head and placed both hands on the edge of the tub. She then put one foot after the other on the seat and raised up. Her pussy was at eye level. She bent her knees and leaned forward. There was a light pole just beside the tub. She grasped that and lowered herself toward me. It was obvious what she wanted. She spread her legs, bent her knees, and lowered her pussy toward my mouth. I leaned my head back as she slid her thighs to either side of my head. She rested her lips right on my mouth. I began to lick her, very gently at first. As my tongue moved up and down her slit, I pushed deeper. After a minute, my tongue was fully between her inner lips, licking and pushing into her hole. She rocked a little in response to the stimulation. I placed my hands on her thighs. I sucked and licked, feeling her getting wetter and wetter. As she became more aroused, I moved to her clit. I licked it, sucked it, teased it. After a few minutes of this she started to cum. She moaned softly and deeply. I was attempting to hold her movements to a minimum to allow my tongue to stay on track. I continued to lick her through another orgasm. She finally lowered her body, sitting on my legs facing me. She laid her head on my shoulder as I caressed her back. As her breathing slowed, she reached down and began to stroke my hard cock. She raised up and lowered herself on to me. We kissed as she rocked back and forth, grinding her clit into my pubic bone and pushing me to the deepest depths of her womb. As our kiss broke I moved my hands to her breasts. I loved sucking them. They were so firm and full. I licked over her nipples, teasing them between my lips, flicking them with my tongue. I sucked harder as she moved faster. She put her hands on my shoulders, rising and falling on my cock, forcing me deep into her. I felt my balls tighten until they finally exploded into her, emptying my seed into her womb. As my spasms slowed, she eased her movements. We lay together for a long time, even after my was completely limp but still inside her. “I love you,” I said softly. “I know,” she replied. “I don’t know what I would do without you.” We eventually rose from the water, showered and went to bed. That night, she laid against me longer than usual. “I’ll miss you when I leave.” I hugged her close. “That is next month. We have right now.” We drifted to sleep in each others arms.

The two weeks passed to quickly. We left for the airport after saying our goodbyes to the staff. We left a sizeable gratuity for those who were so gracious to us. Our flight was quiet. I think we both saw the next month passing even quicker than the previous two weeks. And they did. I bought Lani a new car, which she could well afford. It was sportier and had a good crash rating. I filled my pickup with her “stuff” and I followed her on the two hour drive to campus. We got her settled into her suite. Since she could afford it, we opted for a student suite with only two bedrooms for two students. Her roommate was from her high school. They were friends but not as close as Beth and the gang she ran around with. I met Monica’s parents. They were obviously curious about who I was to Lani. While the girls unpacked and arranged their rooms, Paul and Cindy and I went to the snack bar. We sipped coffee as I explained that I was Lani’s guardian and how I came to have that role. Cindy’s eyes teared up as I shared our story–most of it anyway. Not now and never was the time to share what our relationships developed into through the years.

Lani settled into college life. She came home about once a month. During those weekend visits she slept with me, naked as usual. We did not make love on every visit; however, we enjoyed cuddling as she told me about her courses and the professors. She talked about new friends and campus activities she participated in. There was to be a special weekend at the university and she asked me to come for all the events. I arrived on a Friday afternoon. I had reservations at a local hotel but went by the campus first. I called Lani about lunch time. She was between classes and we agreed to meet at a campus sandwich shop. I felt a bit odd being surrounded by all the students. Campus life and campus dress had changed since my day. Casual had become slouchy. Shorts skirts and t-shirts abounded on young girls of every size and shape. Lani caught be looking around. “Sort of like a buffet?” isn’t it. We laughed and enjoyed being together, getting a number of looks from the students around us. I am sure most thought I was her grandfather. Lani told me she had a late meeting that afternoon about one of the weekend events. I told her I would check into the hotel. She said, “No, you’ll stay at our apartment.” When I protested that I did not wish to invade their space, seeing that there was not much of it, she insisted. She told me I could sleep on the couch. Then she said, “At least, you might need to start the night there.” I gave in and called the hotel to cancel my reservation. There was no protest since they were bombarded with requests for rooms because of the weekend on campus. She gave me the key to the apartment and said she would be there about six o’clock. We agreed we would try to find a place to eat. I made my way to the building, parked, and carried my bag up to the apartment. Monica was not there so I settled my bag into Lani’s room. With nothing to do I decided to stretch out on her bed and read. I dozed off, waking up to the sound of music. I assumed Monica was home. I didn’t want to scare her so I opened to door to Lani’s room and walked into the living area, prepared to speak to her. The music was coming from her room and the door was open. I decided to knock on it and tell her I was in the apartment. As I stepped to her door, before I could knock, I heard a low moan. I glanced into the room. Monica was laying on her bed, with the headboard against the wall with the door. This allowed me to see the bed without her being able to see me unless she sat up and looked toward the door. She was naked from the waist down. She had on a spaghetti strap t-shirt which was pulled up over her more than ample breasts. Her right hand was delving into her pussy; the left one was caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples.

My heart skipped a beat as I could not help but watch her. She rubbed her clit for a minute, then she would push at least two fingers deeply into her pussy, driving in as far as she could, then pulling out. Her hand was moving fast. She moaned, raising her hips to meet the thrusts of her fingers. After a couple of minutes, she began to breath very hard, moaning loudly. She cried out, “Oh fuck, oh fuck,” as her body writhed on the bed in orgasm. This lasted for almost a full minute as she responded to her self-stimulation. As she came down from her high, I backed away from the door. I wasn’t sure what to do. But I decided to act nonchalant and see what happened. I quietly hurried into Lani’s room for the book I was reading. I went to the living area and sat on the sofa so that Monica would be able to see me if she sat up on bed and looked toward her door. As I sat, I could still see lower body on her bed. Her hands continued to move between her legs. Within a couple of minutes, as I was feigning reading, I noticed movement in her room. I did not look directly at the door. The music volume was lowered and in another minute the door opened. “Oh, Mr. Randall.” I looked up with a smile. Monica’s face was flushed, either from embarrassment or from the intensity of her orgasm. “Hi, Monica. I hope I didn’t startle you. Lani, gave me her key and told me to make myself at home.” Looking at my watch I continued, “I got here about an hour ago. I actually went into her room to read and fell asleep.” Monica was wearing a nice robe that reached down to mid-thigh. She walked across the room. “That’s nice.” She was obviously searching for words. “I hope I didn’t wake you.” I looked at her and smiled, “No, you didn’t.” I watched her as she moved slowly across the small room. “I hope I didn’t disturb you.” I think we both realized we were playing word games. She knew I had either seen or heard what had just taken place. If she had looked, she would have noticed the effect her self-pleasuring had on my cock which was still straining in my slacks. “No, you didn’t disturb me either.” I watched as she walked toward the kitchen area. “I’m glad.” She glanced back over her shoulder. “Would you like something to drink or a snack? We aren’t allowed alcohol and I’m afraid our cupboard is a bit bare. But I think I could find something.” I watched her as she moved to the fridge. “I feel like something sweet. How about you?” I laid my book aside and watched as she bent over. Her robe rose up to just below her cheeks. The front fell open and by the light of the fridge I could see the slop of her right breast. “Oh,” she said. “Not much here. Only this.” She pulled out a container of whip cream. “I guess this will have to do.” She walked toward the sofa, dipping her finger into the soft, white foam. She brought her finger to her mouth and said, “Mmmm.” It was the same fingers she had used to dip into her pussy. “Wanna’ taste?” She dipped the same finger into the container. She extended it toward me. I opened my mouth and she inserted it. I closed my lips around her finger and sucked off the cream. It was sweet but the taste and scent of her sex was strong. She pulled her fingers out of my mouth. I licked my lips. “That would go well on just about anything,” I said with a smile. Monica sat on the sofa next to me. But instead of sitting against the back, she turned. Laying her head on the sofa arm, she lifted her left leg and placed her foot behind my head. She placed her right foot on the floor, causing her legs to be spread as wide apart as they could be. She loosed the belt that held her robe, pulling it apart, exposing her body to me. Her breasts were large for a girl her height. Her pussy glistened with the juices from orgasm not ten minutes before. I could smell her sexual scent. I am sure my face showed shock. Monica dipped her fingers into the whipped cream and placed a glob on her clit. “How about some dessert?” she whispered. I could not help myself. Here is a beautiful young college freshman with an athletic body, her pussy gaping before me, less that two feet from my mouth. I leaned over and covered the whip cream and began licking. My tongue lapped up the cream as well as the juices that covered her lips. I probed into her crevice, moving the tip of my tongue up and down, pushing into her as far as I could. I finally slid off the sofa, leaning down between her legs. I placed my hands under her ass cheeks, lifting her pussy up to me. With this angle of attack, my tongue delved into her wetness. She began moving as I teased her clit. Monica sighed slowly, moaning and saying, “Oh fuck, that feels good.” I focused my attention to her clit and she went wild. Her hips were moving up and down. I covered her clit and sucked firmly, pulling in out from under its cover and flicking it with my tongue. She clamped her thighs against my head as she began to cum. I could feel my chin getting wet with my saliva and her juices. I moved down so I could suck it into my mouth. As I continued to lick her clit, I pushed two fingers into her hole. I pushed as deeply as I could, extending my fingers down against the lower pussy muscles. She cried out, thrust her hips up, and squirted into my mouth. I swallowed what I could. Her cum was running off my face. She came again before she began to calm down. I continued to lick her and fuck her with my fingers for another minute until she reached down and pulled my mouth away from her red and swollen lips. “I can’t take any more,” she said through her breathing. I felt her body relax as she continued to sigh. I raised up, wiping my face with my hand. As she laid with her eyes closed, I reached up and began to massage her breasts. I reached up, sucking on each nipple. Her areola were huge. She moaned a bit as I sucked for another minute. I finally stood over her, looking down at her body. She smiled at me, as she slowly sat up. The part of her robe that was laying under her was soaked with her juices. She slipped it off and wiped up what she could. “Good thing this is fake leather, isn’t it?” she said. She stood and walked to the kitchen. She wet some paper towels, returned to the sofa and wiped up the remaining cum. “There,” she said. She tossed the towels into the trash can, turned toward me, motioned with her finger that I should follow her. I did. Guided me into her bedroom. As I entered, she turned and began unbuckling my belt. She loosed my pants and pulled them down. Sitting on her bed, she grabbed my cock and began sucking it. She stroked with both hands, her head moving in and out. She was attacking my hard cock, moaning as she took the entire length into her mouth. After a couple of minutes she looked up at me. “I want you to fuck me,” she said. She stood up and turned to her bed. She got on her hands and knees, offering me her pussy from behind. I was able to step forward even though my pants were around my ankles. I placed my cock at the opening of her still swollen and wet pussy lips. She backed as I pushed forward. I slid in and she began moving back and forth. I began thrusting as hard as I could. I reached around her, cupping her DD size breasts. I drove myself into her, deep and hard. She moaned, “fuck me, fuck me.” I complied with her wishes. I rammed her over and over. I could feel my balls tighten. She cried out again and I pushed hard against her. “Oh, oh, oh,” she cried. And I felt the surge in my groin. My balls spewed forth their product. My hot cum began to spurt into her womb. She started moaning louder as an orgasm swept through her. I filled her pussy as deeply as I could. She finally collapsed onto the bed, her legs spread, my cum oozing from her pussy. She rolled over, wiping the cum with her fingers, sucking on them. “Mmmmm, nice,” she said. My cock was now limp. “You fuck good. You’ve had a lot of practice.” I smiled at her, watching her scoop as much cum as she could and licking it from her probing fingers. “Thanks,” she said with a wink. I nodded, “My pleasure.” She closed her eyes as I pulled my pants up and walked from her room. Once in Lani’s room, I stripped down and stepped into the shower, hoping the scent of our activity was not too strong. I redressed, waiting on Lani. I heard the shower running in Monica’s room. Her door was open and I walked in. I peered into her shower. She was leaned against the wall, her hand was moving between her legs. I heard her moan again. I shook my head and voiced to myself, “That girl is insatiable.” I returned to the sofa, checked for wetness or stains before I sat down. Picking up my book, I began to read. I heard Monica moving around in her room. She stepped into the living area wearing a short skirt and tight shirt. “I’ve got a date,” she said. “Maybe I’ll see you later.” I was left alone with my thoughts. I felt a bit guilty about fucking Monica, thinking I had betrayed Lani. I decided I had best not mention it as I resumed my reading, waiting on her to come to me.

To be continued....

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