Time passes. Life changes. It's about relationships, not about hardcore sex.
Lani and I prepared and ate a breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and sliced ham. We talked about how unhealthy the food was but how good it tasted, especially have what we had experienced earlier. Just as we finished cleaning up the dishes and loading the dishwasher the phone rang. I looked at Lani, “You might as well answer it. I suspect it’s your mom.” She quickly plodded on bare feet to the phone. I watched her breasts jiggle as she moved. She answered the phone, “Randall residence.” After just a second she said, “Hi, mom.” She winked at me and made a gesture with her hand indicating she was in my kitchen, talking to her mom, naked as the day she was born. “Oh, we’re fine. We just ate a late breakfast and have been waiting on you to call. That’s why Geoff told me to answer.” She continued, “How as your trip?” I assume the answer was something less that good. “I’m sorry. Maybe you can get some rest later.” She grimaced as she listened to what Audrey was saying. “Well, it didn’t go that well. I actually had Beth bring me home early. We were both a bit blown away by all that was going on.” After a second she said, “No. I won’t be dating him again. I don’t think I’ll have that decision to make. He’ll never ask me out again. But I don’t mind. I really don’t like him.” Again, after a pause she said, “I don’t know. I don’t really have any plans. I don’t know about Geoff. I was thinking of going to the mall. Maybe I can convince Geoff to go along.” She gave me a questioning look. I frowned. She laughed, then explain to her mom. “Well, from the look on his face, I think he’s not particularly into shopping like I am.” After another minute of conversation, she handed me the phone. “Mom wants to speak to you.” I took the phone and said “Hi.” Audrey asked about the date. I told her I didn’t have all the information but it seemed that the kid made a rather inappropriate pass at Lani and she left him cold. I agreed with Audrey and her daughter was a pretty good kid, except when she wanted to be stubborn. I laughed and winked at Lani who stuck her tongue out at me. After a bit more conversation, we hung up with Audrey saying she would call that night if she was able to get free. I approached Lani who turned to me and put her hands around my neck. “By the way, Mr. Randall. I didn’t tell you, but that was incredible.” I looked into her eyes, kissed her lightly on the lips and replied, “Yeah, I know. I have always liked eggs, potatoes, and ham.” With that, Lani punched me in the gut. I grabbed her and pulled her into my arms. “I agree, sweetheart. That was incredible.” She laid her head on against my chest. “You really are a good man.” I hugged her firmly. “And you are a very special young woman.”

“The mall is open. Would you like to go?” Lani was spread out on the sofa, still naked. I looked at her. “Well, seeing as how we seem to have no clothes, I guess we might need to go buy some.” She laughed, stood up, and walked toward me. I was in the recliner and she sat across the arm and settled into my lap. Her ass was on top of my cock, which was still as limp as it had ever been. As she leaned into me, I lifted my hand her to right breast and began to massage it. “You have beautiful breasts.” I continued to lift it, causing the areola and nipple to push outward. Lani looked down and said, “Do you really think so? I never thought about it much.” I leaned down and took the nipple into my mouth, sucking gently, teasing the nipple with my tongue. After a moment I released it and said, “Take my word for it. Your breasts are really nice.” As she pushed herself up she said, “Well, as long as you think so. Now, about the mall. What do you think?” I looked at her. “Are you sure you want to take me shopping with you?” She grabbed my hand and began pulling me out of the chair. “It’s not just for me. We’re going shopping for you, too.” She made a grimacing face and continued, “I’ve seen your wardrobe. You really do need some updating in the clothing area.” I laughed as I followed her to the bedroom. I brushed my teeth and was dressing when she came into the room wearing cut off shorts, t-shirt, and flip-flops. “Geoff, I’m going to run to the house a minute.” She didn’t wait for an answer as I continued to dress in what I’m sure was out of date shorts, golf shirt, and sandals. After a few minutes the phone rang. “Geoff,” Lani said. “I’m ready. I’ll meet you out front. Is it okay if I drive?” “Sure,” I responded and made my way toward the door. I walked across my yard toward her car. As I approached the drive the front door of the house opened and out stepped Lani. I did a double take. She was wearing a brightly colored sun dress of batik fabric. Her hair was pulled back with clips. She had white sandals on her feet. But what set the outfit off was the fairly large white floppy hat with a yellow ribbon around the crown. I was not sure it was Lani I was looking at. I could have sworn it was her mom as a teenager. “Wow,” I said out loud. “And who is this beauty?” She smiled as she approached me. “I thought I would dress a bit differently for my favorite man.” From that moment I never saw her as a giddy teenager again. What happened earlier had transformed her into a woman – a young woman, yes, but still a woman. Her manner changed. She walked differently. She stood differently. I would have said she was a young woman at least 22 years of age. I was still in amazed surprise as she drove us to the mall. As we walked toward the large building, she wrapped her arm around mine. We spent the rest of the morning going from store to store. After lunch we made our way back to some of the same stores to either try on or purchase clothing we had looked at earlier. As we strolled through stores and between stores, making our way through the Saturday crowds, I noticed a number of people looking at us. At first I assumed people were thinking we were a young girl and her grandfather. However, from the looks I saw on the faces of some, especially the men, I began to think that we were being viewed as a sweet young thing and her sugar-daddy. Either way, it made me stand straighter and feel a sense of pride that I was with the most beautiful woman shopping that day. Lani picked out several shirts for me and some slacks. “Where am I going to wear these?” I asked. “We’ll take care of that. Just trust me.” She tried on and modeled a number of outfits for me. In one store the clerk looked at me as if I were some lecherous old man. I ignored her. Finally, we made out way home. As we walked into my house carrying our packages, I looked at Lani and said, “By the way, I have said it before now but I will now. You are absolutely beautiful. I cannot tell you how it made be feel to be with you today.” She leaned toward me and gave me a kiss. “Thank you.” She paused as if she was not sure what words to say. “Geoff, after this morning, I feel different. No. I am different.” Again she kissed me softly. “Thank you again.” She turned and went to her bedroom. I carried my bags to my bedroom and began hanging my new clothes up. Lani walked into the room and started putting my shirts on hangers. She was completely naked again. She smiled as I began to undress.

Having eaten at the mall, we just ate salads for supper. We relaxed watching tv. Lani cuddled up to me on the sofa. My arm was around her, her head on my shoulder. We talked some about her school and her friends. It was hard to see her as a high-schooler now. When the phone rang, I reached for it. It was Audrey. I told her that I had been convinced to go shopping and now I had a closet full of new clothes. She explained about the day and said she was ready to go to bed. I looked at the clock and saw it was almost ten. “Yeah, I imagine we’ll start heading that way soon.” After she spoke to Lani for a few minutes, getting a repeat of our mall trip, Lani handed me the phone. I placed it in the cradle. “Ready to head for bed?” Lani nodded and we walked to the bedroom holding hands. We showered together, playing with the water nozzle. After drying off, we turned down the coverlet and laid down. Lani immediately laid her head on my shoulder. Her left hand was rubbing my chest, her fingers sifting through my chest hair. After a few minutes, she lowered her hand to my abdomen, continuing to make circles with her fingers over my skin. Then, she reached down and lifted my fairly limp cock into her hand. She began to lightly stroke up and down. I remained motionless and speechless. As she made short strokes, my cock began to grow harder. “I can feel it get hard,” she said softly. “It’s amazing what just a little touch will do.” She raised her head and look at me. “Geoff, teach me about a man.” Then she paused. “No, teach me about you. What do you like? What makes you feel good?” I thought for a moment. “Well, I don’t know that there is just anything in particular. I enjoy what you are doing now. But then after this morning, I am not as needful as I was then. If you know what I mean.” She nodded as if she did. “To be orally stimulated feels good but it is not always the way I want to find relief. Making love is always nice. But, at my age, it is about more than sex, Lani. It is the person I am with that makes it special and gives love making more feeling and enjoyment.” I paused. “By the way, other than my wife, you are the only woman I’ve been with.” I really didn’t want to lie to her but there was nothing to be gained by telling her that I made love to her mom. After a few minutes she said, “I don’t think I’ll ever feel what I felt this morning. I don’t think sex, or making love, will ever match that.” I rose to my elbow, placed my fingers under her chin, and lifted her face to look at me. “Lani, let me share something with you that is very important.” She had an anxious look. “Making love isn’t a contest. It isn’t about making it better the next time. That’s impossible to do. Sometimes the feelings are more intense than at other times, but trying to make the next time more special or more incredible will only result in disappointment.” She nodded in understanding. “What we must do is to make each time we are with the person we love a special occasion. It doesn’t matter if we are making love or preparing a meal. Or, for that matter, going to the mall. Each opportunity we have to be with the ones we care for, we should consider it a gift, and we should cherish it for the moment it is.” She smiled. “Yeah, I see that. I mean, we made love this morning. It was beyond anything I could have dreamed. But later, at the mall, I felt really good being with you. We had a good time. It was different than being here in bed, but it was not worse or better. It was just special.” I kissed her on the forehead. “That’s right. As wonderful as this morning was to me, as special as I felt with you, as intense as my orgasm was, it was complete in itself. It deserves not to be compared to any other time.” She laid her head down, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her. She kissed me with passion, our tongues playing with each other. I wrapped my arms around her and our bodies seem to meld into one – skin against skin, our legs intertwined. After a long kiss, our lips separated. “Then, we just need to seize the moments when they come, right?” I nodded. “Then, this moment is what it is. Nothing more, but nothing less.” Again I nodded. “Good.”

With that, we kissed again and my hands began to caress her skin, making its way to her left breast. She moaned a bit as I began to massage and lift it. Our lips parted and I moved my mouth down and covered as much of her breast as I could. I sucked gently as she rain her fingers through my hair. After a few minutes, she guided me to her right breast. She replaced my hand with hers and began lifting and massaging her breast into my mouth. It was like she was nursing me, feeding her soft but firm breast to me. She sighed softly as I increased the pressure of my sucking. My tongue traced around her swollen areola and across her erect nipple. Her body began to move as she shifted her legs, raising her hips, pressing her labia against my thigh. My cock pressed against her body. I moaned as I sucked, enjoying the feeling of her areola and nipple filling my mouth as she fed herself to me. Lani’s breathing increased and she let out a soft, “Ahhhhh,” encouraging me in my feasting. I moved to her other breast. I massaged and pressed in so that her nipple was erect. My tongue made circles around it, leaving a trail of saliva over her areola. Then, I placed my open mouth over it and sucked hard. She pressed her pussy against my leg and began to move up and down. My leg was wet as her pussy juices oozed from the recesses of her vaginal canal. I paused to raise up. I looked at her face which showed her passion. She smiled and moaned. “I want to make you cum,” I whispered. Again she smiled and nodded. “Do you mind being a little kinky?” She smiled again and shook her head. “I’m yours,” she sighed. As I spoke I moved my hand down her to swollen lips, cupping her pussy, moving back and forth slowly. “I love the way you taste. I want to make you cum with my tongue.” Again she sighed, “Whatever you want. I’m yours.” I raised up and kissed her on the lips. “Will you sit up, over my mouth? I want to lick you and make you cum in my mouth.” She smiled. “Mmmmm. Sounds nice.” She lifted herself up and I laid down on my back. I moved down a bit in the bed. Lani positioned herself over me, straddling me across the chest. Then she slowly moved forward, spreading her knees wide enough to put one on each side of my shoulders. I was looking up at her pussy. It was wide open, already soaked with her juices. “You are beautiful,” I said. “And delicious.” Her labia were swollen. She was very pink. Her clit was already hard and extended beyond its hood. As she lowered herself down, I was able to move my hands up to her ass. I guided he down to me. For some strange reason, the image of a space shuttle docking at the space station came to mind. But that was only for a fleeting moment. Her pussy lips touched my lips. I pushed my tongue into the crevice and began to lick. Immediately she moaned loudly. I was able to look up at her. She had one hand against the wall above the headboard of the bed, supporting herself. The other was massaging her breasts. She was licking her lips. I focused all my attention on giving her pleasure. My tongue pushed in as far at I could make it go. Her juices were already running down my face. I licked and sucked, pulling her liquid into my mouth. After a few minutes, I guided her down a bit more, allowing me to really focus on her clit. I covered her clit with my mouth, sucking it and teasing it with my tongue. Lani cried out. It was as though the pleasure was so intense it was painful. I made circles with my tongue around the now swollen pleasure pearl. Then, sucking lightly, I flicked my tongue up and down over it. “That’s it. That’s it,” she cried out. I continued this, knowing that she would cum soon. Her hips began to move back and forth over my mouth, forcing me to move my head to keep up with her. I held her ass, attempting to slow her movements. I didn’t want to lose contact with her clit. She cried out again. “Geoff, I’m going to cum.” I could not respond. My mouth was full of her pussy and my tongue was busy licking up the flow that was coming from it. I felt her legs stiffen against my shoulders, pressing inward against them. She stopped her movements as I heard a moan that came from deep within her. I began to lick furiously. My tongue lapped at her, pushing into her love canal. I was making love to her with my tongue. I quickly moved back to her clit. With the tip of my tongue flicking over it, she started to spasm. “Oh, oh, oh,” she cried out. Her legs pressed against my shoulders and her body began to shake. I licked, sucked, teased as her pussy squeezed and opened. The flow began, running into my mouth, down the sides of my face. I swallowed what I could. I was afraid I would get choked but I managed to keep licking up into her pussy as her cum bathed my face. Finally, her movements slowed, her legs relaxed. She moved back, resting her wet pussy on my chest. She was breathing hard and moaning. I caressed her lower back as best I could since she had me pinned to the bed. After a minute, she moved off of me and laid beside me. She was speechless. I laid on my side, place my arm under her head and held her. There were no words. I embraced her as her body recovered from the intensity of pleasure. After what I suppose was five minutes, she opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. She smiled slightly, breathed out. She leaned toward me, her tongue extending into my mouth. Then she said, “That is what I call, seizing the moment.” She raised her hand to my face which still had some wet places from the amount of cum that washed over me. “Was that okay? Did I do okay?” I kissed her and drew her closer to me. “Oh, sweetheart, that was more than okay. I do thank you for doing that. I guess I just wanted to see what it would be like.” She smiled, caressing my face. “I just wanted to please you.” I whispered, “I wanted to please you, too.” She looked into my eyes. “I guess that is what it’s really all about, isn’t it? It’s not just about sex. It is about two people, who care for one another, wanting to share pleasure.” I embraced her, “Oh, my dear Lani. You are wise beyond your years. Yes, it’s about caring for one another.” We laid together, arm and arm, for a while. Then she whispered, “Geoff, I want to please you, too.” Although I had not had an orgasm, my cock was semi-flaccid. I felt pleasure of a different sort by making Lani cum in my mouth. I really hadn’t thought about myself. “Thank you, sweetheart, for wanting that. But now, I think you need to recover.” She did not respond but relaxed in my arms.

I think we both may have dozed off. When she stirred, I woke up. I looked at the clock. It was almost one a.m. Lani opened her eyes and looked over at me. She raised up on one elbow and at the same time, moved her hand down between her legs. “Hmm. I think I need a shower. How about you?” I nodded in agreement. We rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom. She gathered the towels as I adjusted the water. We bathed without saying a word although we kissed a couple of times. I rinsed off and moved to the back of the shower so Lani could wash the lather from her body. She ran her hand between her legs, running them deep within her slit. As the water cascaded over her, making small waterfalls over her breasts, my cock stirred a bit. She adjusted the flow down and stepped toward me. She kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth. She looked into my eyes and said, “I’m fully recovered.” With that, she lowered her head, pausing to lick and lightly suck each of my nipples. Then, she was on her knees with her hands stroking my cock and ball sack. She licked my now stiffening member. She covered the head with her mouth and began to slowly stroke me with her hand. With the other she gently massaged my balls. Her head moved back and forth, her tongue caressing the underside of my cock. She would stroke with her hand and then move back and forth, pushing the full length into her mouth. Her steady movement had its effect. After a couple of minutes, I felt my balls tighten. Lani realized that I would cum soon so she increased the speed of her strokes. “I’m going to cum,” I said softly. She did not respond with words but continued her movements. I looked down and my cock moved in and out of her mouth. Her tongue continued to caress my head and my shaft. “Oh,” I moaned as I felt the swell rising in me. She began to stroke faster, keeping the head in her mouth. The first spasm came and I felt my sperm moving through the tight muscles of my cock. I shot into her mouth. Again and again, my felt the hot liquid spurt forth. She continued stroking, never taking me out of her mouth. As the spasms receded, she slowed her movement. Finally, she had just the swollen head in her mouth. She ran her tongue over it and I flinched. “Sorry,” she was able to mumble. She stroked me as I until I was limp. She stood and I pulled her into my arms. We kissed deeply. I could taste myself on her tongue. We moaned into each other’s mouths. We finally left the shower, dried off, and went to bed. We went to sleep holding each other.

The phone rang and startled me awake. I reached to the table beside the bed and answered it. “Good morning.” It was Audrey. I was shocked out of my early morning stupor. I glanced over at Lani who was slowly rousing. “Good morning,” I managed to say without sounding too groggy. “Are you guys having a good morning?” I was able to respond. “Well, so far so good. I haven’t had to put any unruly children in time out.” I was able to get out a laugh. “Can I speak to my little girl?” It was obvious she was being factitious. “Just a minute. I’ll go get her.” By now, Lani had her eyes opened. I mouthed, “It’s your mom” even though I had placed the phone on mute. Lani jumped up as I also mouthed. “The living room.” She ran out the door and plodded down the hall. I heard her pick up the extension and unmuted my phone. “I think she’s here.” I heard Lani say, “Hey, mom. What’s happening?” Audrey told Lani about her meetings and the restaurants where her team had eaten. Then she asked, “Are you okay about your date problem?” Lani laughed. “Oh yeah, mom. That’s no big deal. Geoff allowed me to talk it out. I’m okay.” Her mom commended her on being strong enough to leave the party. After they chatted a while, Audrey asked to speak to me. “Geoff, Lani yelled, “Mom wants you again.” By this time I had joined Lani in the great room. I took the phone. Audrey explained that she would be home later that night. I told her she could come over whenever it was. I’d leave the door open for her. We said our well wishes and goodbyes. She thanked me for taking care of Lani. Again, I explained that she needed little taking care of as she was becoming a young lady with a good mind and strong spirit. Lani smiled as I said this. After hanging up she approached me. “Are you okay?” I laughed. “I will be if my heart will stop racing.” We laughed and headed for the bedroom. We showered quickly and dressed. For some reason being naked after talking to Audrey didn’t seem right. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, reading, and enjoying chatting about what was in the news. I marveled at the knowledge of this young girl. She seemed much more mature than her friends that I had met over the years. We often caught each other looking an each other. We would just laugh and continue what we were doing. As night approached, Lani packed her bag, knowing her mom would come for her when she arrived home. I sat in my recliner, feet propped up and a neck pillow behind my head. The tv was on but I was reading without paying much attention to it. Lani was stretched out on the sofa reading and making notes.

I was startled awake. I opened my eyes to find Audrey standing over me with her hand on my shoulder. She smiled and glanced over to the sofa. Lani was asleep covered with a throw I kept folded on the back of the sofa. “Well, you two must have had a rough day.” I laughed as I lowered my feet. “Actually, I think we just relaxed enough today that we could both sleep.” My thoughts were actually on the night before and the exhaustion we both felt from the orgasms we had experienced. Audrey gently woke up her daughter. “Hey, it’s time to go home.” Lani stirred and rose. I don’t think she opened her eyes, making it toward the door with her mom following with her bag. After seeing that they got into their house, I locked the door and made my way to bed. I stripped down and got between the sheets, reaching over for the warm, young body that had been there this morning. I sighed as I thought about what we shared. I could taste her and feel her in my mind. As I replayed the sounds and feelings of the night before, my cock twitched. I reached down, feeling it grow in my hand. “You’ve got to be kidding,” I said as I drifted off to sleep.

The next few months passed without any sexual activity with either mom or daughter. We often ate meals together, sometimes at my house, other times theirs. We ate out often as well. I tried to explain to myself what had developed with the Anders ladies. We related to each other in a very relaxed way. Even though I had experienced an intense sexual relationship with both, neither seemed to show any signs of discomfort when we were all together. I realized that my feelings for both went far beyond any sexual cravings. I think my age and the fact that I was married to Emma for so many years allowed me to be free from being controlled by sexual urges. What I wanted in life was more than sex. Having been in a wonderful marriage bond until Emma’s death, I wanted relationships with depth. What seemed strange to me was that I sensed something of the same from both Audrey and Lani. Although I had more times with Lani than her mother, I felt that Audrey was not looking for romance or sexual excitement. She just asked me to hold her. I think she wanted the touch of someone she knew cared for her. I loved them both, not in a romantic way. Even though I had a son and daughter and several grandchildren that I loved and enjoyed being with, the level of my love for Audrey and Lani was different–not more or less–just different. I often reflected on what had happened in my life. I could never have dreamed of what was to come. I would not describe it as a dream. It was more a nightmare.

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