The Arab overslept and found the caravan gone and he was totally alone in the middle of the desert lost. He decided that he would head out on his camel and hope it was the right direction. If it wasn't, he would before he died, allow himself one last earthly pleasure and make love to his camel. Hour after hour he rode in the blazing sun, but saw in the far distance a dot. He steered toward the dot and after awhile the dot was a tent and as he came upon the tent a beautiful woman came out and met him. He asked what she was doing in the desert all alone and she explained that she had been unfaithful to her husband and he left her here to die and would he please save her?
She told him that she would do anything he wanted if he would save her.
"Anything?" the Arab asked.
She replied, "Yes, anything, you name it."
The Arab got down off his camel and told her, "Come closer".... closer still. Now hold this camel."
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