This is complete fiction. content may affend or disturb some readers if you don't like incest then you should avoid this story.
It’s a beautiful spring day, the birds are singing and the sun is shining. All the while every other teenager is out and hanging with their friends, one 18 year old girl is slaying on her bed wearing her school uniform and reading an erotic/ fantasy novel.

As she turns the page she quickly glances at the time. Seeing that it’s almost five o’clock she places her bookmark in the novel, and then sets it on her bedside table. “He should be getting in right about… now.”

Just as she says now the main door opens downstairs and in walks her step brother. He takes his time getting to his room. She listens carefully as he enters his room, judging by the sound of his footsteps Wendy can pinpoint where he is.

Being ever so quiet, she tip toes over to her closet where a crawlspace is located. Knowing full well that it connects both her and Kevin’s rooms, slowly she crawls into the narrow space and makes her way over to her brother’s room.

Being very careful she lifts the trapdoor of the crawl space open and looks into Kevin’s room. Every time she does this she is thankful that his closet shelters the crawlspace.

Moments later Kevin emerges from his own bathroom connected to his room. Ducking down Wendy watches him closely as he starts to remove his school’s baseball uniform. As his shirt comes off she eyes his nice six back abbes and muscular torso.

Next he begins to remove his pants. This being Wendy’s favourite part. She watches as his hands slowly slide the waist band down his hips and thighs.

Once his pants are off she looks him over starting from his feet and moving upward. When her eyes gaze upon his boxers she notices a nice large bulge at his groin. Looking at that she can’t help but lick her lips.

Kevin then stretches his arms, legs, and then cracks his spine back into place. Then once his muscles are relaxed he sits down facing his closet and begin to do his routine sit ups.

Lucky for Wendy that Kevin’s closet doesn’t get much light due to all the sexy dress clothing he has. Along with a lot of baseball equipment which keeps her hidden from sight.

When his sit up session is done he moves onto push ups. Watching this Wendy can’t help but see how nice a firm his biceps and triceps are. “Come on, hurry up and go to the main attraction…” she whispers low enough so Kevin can’t hear her.

As that session comes to its end Kevin stand back up and sits on the edge of his bed. “Lets see now. What else did my coach say to do today…?” Kevin says aloud trying to remember today’s after game workout. “Ah yes, now I remember. A 30 minute jog, but before that I think I’ll do a quick masturbation session.”

Wendy smiles hearing that and reaches under her skirt to start her own masturbation session. As her fingers reach her slit she isn’t surprised to feel how wet she already is.

As Kevin stands back up, Wendy’s eyes quickly wander to his crotch. Once more he slowly removes his last item of clothing, then tosses it into the closet as his hand grips his 10 inch long a 1 inch thick hard on.

At first his strokes are long and slow, but that quickly changes. Wendy watches with her mouth slightly open as she fingers her tight pussy. With her free hand she carefully reaches for Kevin’s boxers. Once she has them in her grasp she puts the crotch to her nose and inhales deeply.

“Oh good lord….” Wendy moans softly, as her eyes close.

When Wendy opens her eyes she sees Kevin kneeling right in front of her with a mischievous grin. “Hello Wendy. Are you enjoying yourself down there?” he asks softly.

Seeing Kevin looking down at her leaves her speechless and frozen. “I… I… Can explain….” She barely manages to say, as her face turn red.

“Oh? Well I’m dying to hear your reason for watching me jack off. And also why you are getting yourself off at the same time.” He states as he grabs a hand full of her hair. “Now come on out of there so you don’t get any back problems.”

Slowly she climbs out of the hole and crawls out of the closet with him leading her by the hair. “So lets here your reason for such impure actions toward your step brother.”

Wendy Lowers her head, but Kevin pulls it right back up. “I…. I’m sorry… I just can’t help it… I feel greatly attracted toward you… Every time I pass by your door and hear the shower on I go in and take a peek. Looking at your perfectly muscled body gets me soaked…. I… guess I’m one of those people who get off on incest….” She says between sobs of embarrassment and shame.

Kevin gazes into her tear filled eyes and grin evilly. “Oh is that all? Isn’t there something that you might be with holding from me so I don’t get angry or disgusted?” he inquires.

Wendy’s head once again lowers in shame. “There… is… one more thing…” she states in fear. “I… I love you…. More than I… should for a sibling…” She looks up at him with tears running down her cheeks.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that…. I merely thought you were just a horny and sexually frustrated nympho…” Kevin stated in shock. He lets go of Wendy’s hair and wipes her cheeks. “So there is still one thing to do in order to settle all this.”

“Anything, I’ll do anything you want, I’ll even be you slave for as long as you want me to be.” Wendy offers as long as he will be willing to forgive her.

“Anything..? Are you sure about that my dear sister?” Kevin smile one of his devilish smirks that makes when he has a rather trouble some thought. Wendy without hesitation nods and takes her brothers hands. “I’m yours.”

“Very well, then. What shall I make you do for me first?” Kevin wonders as he lays back on his bed. “Anything I want huh? No matter, what it is?” He closes his eyes to think about something rather harsh.

Just then he feels something hot and wet on his prick. Sitting up he sees Wendy sucking him off with her eyes closed. “Well that’s an understanding start. But I never told you to touch me there now did I?”

Wendy opens her eyes and stops sucking but doesn’t remove her mouth. “Ah, hell. Continue until I say otherwise.” He states and lies back down. As Wendy continues he gets a rather evil thought. “Stop.”

Wendy does as told and removes her mouth this time. “Remove your clothes and lay on the bed so I can look at your figure.” Kevin orders as he goes over to his desk across the room.

The instant Kevin stands so does Wendy as she unbuttons her blouse and pulls down her skirt. Once her uniform is off, she crawls onto the bed. “Shall I remove my bra and thong for you as well master?” She asks softly.

“Yes, and lie facing the ceiling.” He instructs as he looks through the desk for a need item. Wendy smiles as she lies on his bed, positioning herself in a seductive pose.

“Ah here we are.” He states as he grabs two items and hides them behind his back. Wendy was either lucky or unfortunate to see Kevin grab a lighter. “Master..? I saw a lighter, what are you going to do?” she asks feeling a little uneasy.

“You will see in a moment. But listen to me and do exactly as I say or you will be punished. Lay still and don’t make the slightest sound.” He orders as he moves onto the bed and sits on her lap. His smirk became more of a cruel smile.

Wendy lies still and clothes her mouth. While Kevin takes his lighter and lights a large red candle. “It is time for your branding my pet. This will ensure your loyalty to me and only me.” Kevin states as he tips the candle to its side slightly, and lowers it to her breasts.

Wendy watches the red wax melt and wonders how hot it will be on her bare soft flesh. Suddenly Kevin uses his free hand to pin both of Wendy’s arms over her head so she can’t struggle as much.

As the first drops of wax hit her breast, she throws her head back and bites her bottom lip to keep from crying out. As the wax keeps hitting her flesh she closes her eyes and clenches her fists.

“Good girl, just try to ignore the burning sensation and it will be over soon.” Kevin says now that her whole breast is covered in wax. Then he moves the candle over to the other breast to start the same process once more.

Wendy’s eyes water as the hot wax starts to burn her right breast. She grunts in pain and shakes her head. “…. M…Mas…ter… please…. It hurts too much…” she says as best she could without letting out a cry of pain.

“I told you not to speak and you dare disobey my order? Must I punish you my sweet kitten? I will if it will teach you your place!” Kevin barked in a firm tone, but only to play his roll as her master. Truth is he hated to harm a woman, but at the moment he had to see Wendy as property and nothing more.

“I’m… sorry… I won’t disobey you…. Anymore… just please let me… relax before you continue…” She begs with tears running down her cheeks.

“Continue? My dear I never stopped and now both of your C cup breasts are in cased in hot wax. Now since this candle is nearly done I will place it on your belly where it will stay until all the wax has melted off the wick.” He informs her as he lets go of her arms and moves off her lap.

Wendy watches as Kevin places what remains of the candle on her navel. Her eyes follow him as he gets off the bed and walks over to the closet. “Now where did I put that box…?” He searches the shelf in the closet while trying to remember where he placed the box which has certain items packed inside.

“Master, what is it that you are looking for?” Wendy asks lifting her head to get a better view of Kevin’s nicely shaped ass.

“A box, which holds a good supply of… Equipment for sexual experiences.” Kevin replies as he lowers his arms. “Yet its not here.” He adds after a moment.

“Did it have a lid with graffiti on it? If it did then mother threw it out.” Wendy states softly.

Hearing that, Kevin drops his head and sighs. “That was the one. Wait there and do not move until that candle is completely out.” He said as he starts to put on a pair of shorts and a white sleeveless shirt.

“I’ll be back in twenty minutes; I’ll lock my door in case our friends come over and wish to hang out. You just stay quiet and don’t move.” He instructs as he grabs his wallet and car keys.

“Wait I’m just supposed to lay here and watch this candle melt on my navel?” Wendy protests.

Kevin smiled and patted her head. “You are my slave remember. And what I say is final. I’ll let you listen to some music while I’m gone.” Kevin said as he turned on his ipod and laid it next to Wendy. Then he left the room and locked the door.

As Kevin exits the house he looks up at where his room is and smiles. “This will be fun.” He says as he gets into his car and drives away.

Wendy Sighs heavily as she listens to her brother’s music. She easily becomes bored as she watches the slow melting candle. “This really sucks. Eighteen more minutes until he gets back… Damn it!”

Once Kevin arrives at his destination he quickly makes his way into the XXX store across the street. As he enters he is greeted by a beautiful blonde. “Hello sir, may I offer any assistance?” she asks softly.

“Yes actually, I need a few items.” Kevin replies with a smirk. “Let’s see what were they…? Ah right. I need two remote control vibrators, two pairs of handcuffs, and a ball gag and…. What is that damn thing called..?” Kevin states as he brings his hand to his chin to think.

“If you describe it then I might know what it is.” The blonde advises.

“Actually, I’ll take the items I just listed and a leather collar with a chain leash.” Kevin said lowering his hand.

“Very well, then. I shall bring them to the counter for you. And if you don’t mind, may I ask who all these toys are for.” The blonde says softly.

Kevin smirks. “They’re for my little sex slave.” He states as he walks over to the register.

The blonde smiles from his answer. Then hurries to get Kevin’s needed toys. “Lucky girl, to have suck a handsome man for a master.” She whispers to herself.

When she arrives at the register she quickly scans the items while making small talk with Kevin. Before he leaves the store the blonde calls him back. “Hey, if you want to have some more fun with your girl I’m free every weekend.” She states while giving him her cell number.

After Kevin arrives at home he checks the time, and then heads up to his room. Being very quiet he unlocks his door, and walks in to find Wendy sleeping on the bed. “Well I guess she got bored.” Setting the bag of toys down her carefully removes the wax on her navel.

Due to Kevin peeling off the wax Wendy wakes up. While removing the head phones she sits up. “Welcome back. What did you go and get?” she says before yawning.

“I got a few toys; I think you will enjoy them.” Kevin answers with his mischievous smile.

Wendy tilts her head to the side to look at the bag on the floor. “Well bring them out then. I really want to see what my master will use on me today.” She says softly.

“Do you now? Well then you better close your eyes until I say to open them.” Kevin said reaching into the bag.

Wendy obediently closes her eyes and waits. Once her eyes are closed Kevin lays the toys out on the bed. Being quiet he opens the sealed package which holds the collar and leash. With a smirk he puts the collar on Wendy then attaches the leash. “Open your eyes my pet.”

As Wendy’s eyes open she becomes somewhat shocked. “V-Vibrators, handcuffs, and a gag..?” She looks at Kevin then touches her neck. “Why did you put this on me?” she asks while rubbing the collar.

“My slave needs a collar so everyone knows that she has a master. And this leash is for taking you on long walks.” Kevin replies with a gentle smile. “Oh and one more thing you should know, you are forbidden to remove the wax from your breasts. Only I am to do that. But if the wax melts in the shower then you must pour on more to replace what was removed.” He adds firmly.

“As you wish, master. I will not remove the wax from my breasts.” Wendy agrees softly.

“Good girl. Now let’s test some of these toys.” Kevin suggests as he starts to open the packaged toys.

Wendy crosses her legs and helps Kevin take out the toys. “So… um… what will you do with me first?” She asks as she holds up one of the small vibrators. Looking at it closely she lets a small smirk cross her lips, just before she licks the little red bulb.

“Don’t worry my pet, you will find out soon enough.” he assured her. With that said he grabbed the handcuffs, pinned her down and latched her to the headboard.

Once he made sure that she couldn’t undo the cuffs and get free, Kevin took one of the egg, shaped wireless vibrators and slowly pushed it into Wendy’s wet pussy. She moaned softly as it made its way inside her.

Due to the sudden and unexpected level Kevin set the vibrator to, Wendy thrust her hips steadily. Then she closed her legs to get more pleasure out of it that worked well. However, because she closed her legs the vibrator slipped into her Cunt more than expected. It was now passed her opening and resting on the wall of her soaking Cunt.

Her moaning grew so loud that Kevin had to put the gag on Wendy in order to keep her quiet. With a smile he watched as she enjoyed continuous pleasure.

After fifteen minutes Wendy’s body turned stiff as her mind and body were taken over by multiple long orgasms. Due to the Vibrator still inside her she soon passed out from the pleasure.

Once Kevin was sure she was out cold he turned off the toy and carefully retrieved it from her soaked pussy. Setting the cum covered toy down, Kevin unhook the gag and removed it from Wendy’s small mouth.

Looking her over Kevin noticed that the wax he poured over her Breasts still encased her lovely 32 Cs. Then he thought about how to get the wax off without breaking it. Five minutes passed before Kevin thought of how to get the wax of his slave’s breasts.

Getting off the bed he walked over to his desk, and opened the box that sat beside his lamp. Rummaging through it he finds the perfect tool then moved back to his bed. With a smirk he gently takes one of Wendy’s breasts and slowly pushes the edge of the tool under the wax. He carefully moves the tool around her breast to loosen the wax.

Once the bottom is loose enough Kevin pushed the tool further up and continues his previous use of the tool to loosen the wax. After awhile he manages to remove the wax cover and lightly sets it down on the bedside table.

Soon he gets to work on her other breast, using the same technique as the first.

After he gets that one off Wendy wakes up. A small, tired smile crossing her lips. “How long was I out for?” she asked with a yawn.

“About a half hour.” Kevin answered as he stroked her soft cheek. “So do you want to shower or have another round of fun with me inside you this time?” he asked with a grin.

Wendy smiled and licked her lips. “How about we do both, all at the same time.” She answered as she tried to sit up. But couldn’t go far due to her restraints. “Master, can you let my arms free now?” she asked as she laid back down.

Kevin un cuffed her and took her nibble into his mouth, getting it nice and hard. “Sure why not.”

Together they entered Kevin’s bathroom, as he turned on the water Wendy started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his jeans. A small smile crossed Kevin’s lips as she undressed him. Once the water was at a good temp he stood up and allowed Wendy to pull off his shirt and slowly slide down his boxers.

Gazing at his large cock Wendy smiles and takes it into her hot wet mouth, sucking him until he was fully erect. Removing her mouth rather slowly she licks her lips and looks up at him. “There, now you can use him.”

Kevin smiled and shook his head a bit. “Thank you for getting me ready, now get in that shower.” He ordered playfully.

Wendy got to her feet and bowed her head. “As you wish master.” With that she moved around Kevin and into the warm spray of the shower head.

Once Kevin was in he closed the glass door and pushed Wendy’s back to the cold tile wall. She let out a gasp as the tile pressed against her skin. “Shall I wash master’s body, or does he want me to service him first.”

Kevin placed his hand over Wendy’s pussy, and looked into her lovely eyes. “I’ll use your body to satisfy my needs.” He said before grabbing her ass and lifting her up, and easing her onto his hard cock.

Wendy groaned as Kevin slid into her hot pussy, he felt so good as his cock filled her cunt. When he managed to get his whole length inside, Kevin started to thrust.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Wendy rode Kevin’s cock while moaning loudly as she was given pleasure by her older brother. “Ah…. Ke… vin….” She said just before kissing him passionately, forcing her tongue through his lips to explore his mouth.

When Wendy kissed him, Kevin’s pace increased, as did the strength of his thrusting. Moaning into his mouth Wendy thrust her hips to match Kevin’s pace.

Kevin thrust his cock as deep and hard into Wendy’s pussy as he came, emptying his cum deep in her cunt.

Feeling his cock stiffen, and his cum filling her, Wendy moaned loud as her orgasm was forced on her.

Panting Kevin lifts Wendy off his cock and set her down. As Wendy leans against the wall she looks at Kevin’s cock, covered in both of their cum. She kneels then quickly takes his cock into her mouth, sucking and slurping the cum off of it.

“Good girl.” Kevin said once Wendy was finished cleaning the cum from his now limp cock. He backed up into the spray of water, letting it wash the sweat from his body. He closed his eyes and sighed lightly. Then he noticed that Wendy was stroking his cock, opening his eyes he saw that she was washing it.

“I must wash my master before I wash myself.” She said softly, and then stood up. Blocking the water she started to scrub Kevin’s chest and arms. When she was satisfied with his front she turned him around and started on his back, Wendy squeezed one of his ass cheeks while scrubbing the other.

“Some one is in a playful mood.” Kevin said as he glanced over his shoulder.

“Maybe I am, is that a bad thing master?” Wendy said softly as she backed out of the way of the shower head so Kevin could rinse off. She eyed his well muscled body and licked her lips while he wasn’t looking. She loved that body of his and loved to gaze at it.

Kevin turned around and looked at Wendy. He looked her over, loving how her body was shaped; it was perfect down to the last detail. Her eyes were lovely and her hair was beautiful.

Their eyes met and locked, slowly both moved toward the other and smiled. Wendy was the first to break the silence as they pressed against each other’s body. “What does master wish for me to do for him now?” she asked in a soft yet seductive tone.

Kevin smiled for a moment as he thought of what he wanted Wendy to do for him. “Hm…. Well my pet I’m not truly sure about that.” He said as he thought about the fun they could have. Then he remembered that Blonde’s name and number.

Wendy looked at Kevin, wondering what he was thinking when a smirk crossed his lips. “Master? Do you have and idea, I would love to hear it.” She said looking up at him.

“Well I just remembered a number of a friend that I saw today, and thought that we could have fun together.” Kevin said as he placed his hands on Wendy’s hips. “So I hope you don’t mind if a third person enters our fun sessions.” He added with a playful smile.

Wendy tilted her head a bit as she thought about it. “Is it a guy or a girl?” she asked sweetly, and then she kissed his neck to tease him, while her hand found his cock. “Depending on the gender I might be more willing.” She added whispering into his ear.

Kevin chuckled lightly. When he felt Wendy stroke his cock back to life he leaned his head toward hers. “It’s a girl, and she’s very cute.” He said as his hand moved over her ass and under to her pussy.

Wendy moaned softly as Kevin started to tease her by sliding his finger back and forth through her slit. “A girl master? That’s fine…. Ohh…. Always teasing…” she moaned as her hand pumped his cock faster.

“Good, now we should get out of the shower and dry off. Then I can phone my friend and pick her up so she can join in our fun.” Kevin said as he slowly removed his hands from her and kissed her neck.

Wendy nodded slowly as she took her hand off of Kevin’s hard cock. She wanted to feel it sliding in and out of her pussy again; she loved how it felt inside and desired more. “As master wishes.” With that she turned around, bent over and turned off the water.

Watching her bend over like, that made Kevin smile. One more fuck couldn’t hurt, besides he was hard again. So he took hold of Wendy’s hips aligned himself with her pussy and thrust his cock deep into her cunt.

Wendy Gasped from Kevin’s sudden intrusion, but also wanted him to fuck her before he left. Moaning as he pounded her cunt she held onto the rail on the wall and the bath tap for support.

As Wendy was about to cum they heard the front door close, both stopping and listening carefully they heard their mother walking through the kitchen. As Kevin removed his cock from her pussy they quickly dried off and went to their separate rooms.

Once dressed they went down stair, to see why their mother was home so early. Wendy entered the kitchen to see her mother crying. “Mom what’s wrong?” she asked walking up to her crying mother and hugging her.

Kevin looked into the kitchen and decided not to interrupt the two girls. Instead he held the number of the blonde from the XXX store and dialled it on his cell.

“Hello? This is Kate.” Came the answer. “Hey Its Kevin, I bought a few item from the store today, you know for my slave. I was wondering if you were able to join in some fun tonight.”

“Oh! Yeah the handsome master, I remember you. Sure I could swing by when ever you want, or you and your sex slave could come to my apartment.” Kate said with a seductive tone. “Which would you prefer, handsome?”

Kevin chuckled lightly so Kate couldn’t hear him. “We’ll swing by your place; it might get crowded by friends and family here. So give me the address and we’ll arrive by 8:00, sound good?” he said.

“Yeah that’s great, I’ll be waiting handsome.” With that she hung up. Kevin did a silent yes and arm pump. This was going to be a great night, well at least for him and Wendy.

Kevin walked into the kitchen seeing Wendy and their mother still hugging while Wendy tried to calm her down. “How’s she doing?” he asked Wendy as he came up behind her.

“Hard to tell, she hasn’t stopped crying yet. And she wants to talk with us about something.” Wendy answered as their mother let her go and hugged Kevin.

Kevin held his mother as she started to calm down, her tears had stopped and her breathing was returning back to normal. “Mom, come sit on the couch.” He said softly.

As their mother sat on the couch, Kevin and Wendy sat in the chairs facing the couch. “What I’m about to tell you is very nerve racking, and I don’t want it to leave this house. I have already done something about it and nothing further needs to be done.”

Both Kevin and Wendy looked at each other and then back to their mother. “What happened to you?” Kevin asked, sitting on the edge of his seat.

“I’m getting to that honey.” Their mother said softly, she took a breath to fully calm herself before she spoke. “I was in a bar that I usually go to after work. I met with a friend of mine; he’s a good man and very friendly. He bought and brought my drink when I was in the bathroom. After drinking it I felt dizzy and needed to get some fresh air, he helped me out of the bar and we talked for a bit. Then after some time we went back to his place. He set me down in the guest room and left.”

She paused again. Her memory was fuzzy and she couldn’t remember much. “Then he came back with something in his hand, now I was in a daze so I couldn’t tell what it was. Then I felt my clothing being removed and then I was tied to the bed.”

Kevin and Wendy could only listen to their mother. Wendy was shocked and couldn’t believe what she was hearing, while Kevin was getting angry at this so called friend of his mother’s.

Their mother looked at them before continuing. “Anyway in the end I was raped and I called the cops on him after he released me. While apologizing, he said that he had always wanted to tie me up and let me feel pleasure that only he could give.”

Wendy got up and went over to her mother. “Oh mom, that must have been so hard to say.” she said with tears in her eyes. “You should stay home and relax for the rest of the day.” Wendy added softly.

Kevin sat still as he clenched his fists. He wanted to hurt that “friend” of his mother’s and make him feel regret and pain. His head was low so they couldn’t see his face.

Wendy turned back to look at Kevin. “Brother…? Are you feeling alright, do you need to lie down in your room?” she asked softly, and then crawled over to him.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine in a bit.” Kevin said as he got up and walked out of the living room and up the stairs. Once in his room he slams his fist onto his bed. “Son of a…!”

After several minutes Wendy enters Kevin’s room and closes the door behind her. She moves on to his bed and strokes his hair. “Master is angry isn’t he, shall I use my body to make him relax?” she asked laying down and looking into his eyes.

Kevin raised his head to look at how Wendy was positioning herself on his bed. Leaning close he kisses her lips forcing his tongue into her mouth and holding her shoulders.

Wendy smiled as Kevin pinned her to his bed. She would do anything he wanted in order make him calm down. After their kiss ended she looked up at him and licked her lips. “Master can do with me as he sees fit.” She said softly.

Kevin suddenly pinned Wendy’s arms over her head and cuffed her. “Lie still and be a good girl.” He then went to his door and locked it. Removing his clothes he gazes at Wendy.

“Yes master.” Wendy said as she watched Kevin, her eyes roamed over his body. Licking her lips she thought of what pleasure she was going to receive from him. “Master, I’m not able to remove my top. What shall we do in order to strip me of my clothing?” she said after a few moments.

Kevin walked over to his desk searching for something to remove Wendy’s clothing with. Then he found it, his pocket knife. “Here we are.” He said turning around and flipping the knife open.

Wendy eyed the knife, scared at first then relaxed as she realized that it was for her clothes. She stayed as still as she could while Kevin sliced her shirt and bra off. He then did the same to her shorts and panties.

“That’s much better.” Kevin said as he pulled away the pieces of clothing and tossed them aside.

“Master is very skilled at cutting away cloth. Has he done such acts before me?” Wendy asked softly, her crotch becoming wet with anticipation.

“Perhaps I have. Or perhaps I just know how to cut away things that are in the way.” Kevin answered with a grin. He placed the knife on the bedside table and bent over Wendy, lightly he laid soft kissed on her neck. While his left hand slowly made its way to her wet crotch, where it started to tease her clit.

Wendy moaned softly from the slow teasing. Her lust for Kevin grew more and she knew that if his teasing became more pleasurable she might plead for him to fuck her.

Kevin moved his lips to Wendy’s, tasting them with some delight. Forcing his tongue into her mouth they shared a deep passionate kiss. As their kiss went on his hand moved down a bit more and he thrust three fingers into her soaked hole.

“aha…” Wendy moaned into the kiss, if her hands were free she would have grabbed the back of Kevin’s head with one hand while the other would have stroked his hard cock.

Ending the kiss Kevin moved his head down to suck Wendy’s hard nipple. Flicking his tongue over it a few times to tease her before taking it into his mouth, and sucking between her moans.. His thrusting fingers pick up in pace and depth.

“Kevin….Ohh…. Please…” Wendy moaned louder. “I want you… inside me….” She begged like a good pet. Her moans rose with every action he made with her body, and she knew that her orgasm would soon be upon her.

“Try and be quiet my pet. Mother might hear you.” Kevin said as he lifted his mouth from her wet nipple to suck the other one.

Wendy pouted a bit. “But… I know you like to hear me…. Ohh… moan…” She said softly between moans. “Fuck me…. Please I can’t wait much….. Longer…” she added as her hips tried to keep up with Kevin’s fingers.

“Not just yet my pet. I still have a few things to do with your luscious body.” Kevin said with a mischievous grin. He then pulled his fingers out from her wet cunt and licked them clean. “Unfortunately I have to go and buy a items needed for my plans.” He added as he moved down between her legs and began licking her slit and clit.

“Ahh…. You’re going to leave me…. Here all alone and horny…?” Wendy asked
between her moans.

“Not quiet. I’m going to make you cum first, and then I’ll go and get those needed items.” Kevin said just before plunging his tongue in to her hot wet hole.

Wendy gasped from the sudden thrust of Kevin’s tongue, as he explored her vaginal walls she felt her body nearing an orgasm. Even though she wanted to cum, she wanted Kevin to pleasure her a bit longer before he left again.

As Kevin’s tongue continued its exploration of Wendy’s cunt. His thumb started to tease her clit, in a some what rough manner. Making her moan rather loud, almost to the point where their mother could hear.

Although Kevin knew that their mother might hear Wendy, he didn’t want to stop. The reason being, he wanted her to cum so he could get those toys and Kate so he and his slave could have some more fun.

Taking hold of her older brother’s head, Wendy pushed his face into her pussy with a cry of bliss. Her orgasm pulsed through her body as a wave of her cum washed over Kevin’s face, and into his open mouth.

After Wendy’s hands and legs released Kevin’s head he crawled onto of her and kissed her deeply. “Good girl.” He said with a grin, shortly after that both of then got dressed and left the room. Wendy going to hers, and Kevin heading out to his car.

As Wendy lay down on her bed she heard Kevin’s car pull out of the drive and head out to town. With a sigh she closed her eyes and curled up, using one of her pillows as a teddy bear. “He better hurry up.” She muttered softly.

As Kevin pulled into the parking lot of the triple X store, he saw Kate leaning against her car with her hands in the pockets of her tight jeans. With a smile he got out of his car and casually walked over to the store entrance. “Evening Kate.” He said while glancing back at her.

Kate just smiled and watched him enter the store. She was ready some fun time with him, and she was also interesting in his lucky slave.

While looking around the store, a woman in her late twenties approached Kevin. “Hello there is there anything I can help you with?” she asked in a soft and sweet way.

“Yes actually. I’m looking for a certain toy, a silicone dildo that can be filled with water for a more natural experience. It’s for my girlfriend; I thought that she might enjoy it when I’m at work.” Kevin said softly.

“Ah yes, we have one left in stock. I’ll have it ready for you when you are ready to check out. Feel free to browse for anything else that your girl might like.” The woman said before walking into the back room.

With a smile Kevin continued to browse, taking a few things that would be great for Wendy to use when he wasn’t around to for fill her needs. When he came to the registers he held about six items in his arms.

“Oh my, your girl must be a handful if you need these to keep her satisfied.” The woman said as she scanned the lube, vibes, and anal toys. “$106.75 is your total.”

Once Kevin paid for the items he thanked the clerk for her help and walked out the door. Kate saw the bag of toys and smiled playfully. Quickly she walked up to him and kissed his lips. Once she removed her lips she smiled again. “Kevin, I’m sorry but I can’t make our date tonight. I have a few family matters to take care of, but I’m free all day tomorrow.”

“Yeah that’s okay I understand. I have a few family matters of my own to tend to tonight anyway.” Kevin said with a nod. “By the way, your greetings are rather forward.”

“It was meant as an apology. But I could do something else to apologise.” Kate said with a coy smile. “I think both of us will enjoy it.” She added after a short pause.

“I bet we would, but as much as I’m willing to experience your other apology. My slave is in need of great physical attention, so I’m sadly going to have to refuse that offer.” Kevin said as he gently held Kate’s chin.

Kate pouted a bit. “Aright. I’ll let you go this time, but when we next meet I’m going to apologize to you, and I won’t take no for an answer.” She said then kissed him once more before going back to her car and driving home.

During the drive back home, Kevin’s mind wandered back to Kate. Wondering what her apology could have been. “Damn. This is going to annoy me now.” He muttered as he shook his head.

As Kevin’s car pulled into the drive Wendy sat up and smiled. “Bout time he got back.” She said while sliding off her bed and going down stairs to greet her loving brother.

When Kevin entered the house he was startled by Wendy’s sudden hug. “What took you so long? I was falling asleep from waiting.” She stated softly.

“Sorry my pet, but I got more than one toy for you. I also had a little chat with a friend of mine.” Kevin informed as Wendy released him.

“Oh… which friend, guy or girl?” she asked curiously. Although she would never admit it, Wendy was a nosey girl. Because of that she nearly started an online gossip page. Good thing Kevin convinced her to do other wise.

“Girl, her name is Kate. Now get that ass of yours up stairs.” Kevin said with a demanding tone.

Upon hearing the tone of Kevin’s order Wendy instantly went into her slave character. “As master wishes.” She said and hurried up the stairs and into Kevin’s bedroom. Where she found something so unexpected, that she froze in the doorway.

When Kevin joined his sister as his doorway his mouth dropped. On his bed was their naked mother shoving the vibrator in and out of her pussy, while she played with her large tits. What was more shocking was her moaning. She kept repeating, “Oh… Kevin fuck me… fuck me hard…. Ohh yes…!”

Wendy turns her head and stared at Kevin with a confused and shock expression. Then in a low voice asks him one question. “What the hell is going with our mother?”

In the same low voice Kevin answers. “How in the hell should I know? She got raped two hours ago and now she’s fantasying about my cock pumping in and out of her cunt. It doesn’t make much sense to me either. Unless…. Oh fuck me running….”

“What? What are you thinking about? Tell me master I want to know.” Wendy said as she latched onto Kevin’s arm.

“I think that our loving mother is just like you. But she prefers to fantasise instead of masturbating while watching me jack off.” Kevin stated in a way to convince himself. He paused for a moment to think. “I think that she truly wants me to fuck her, over and over. She did say that I look just like my father.”

“Master… I don’t want to share you with her. You and I good enough for each other right?” Wendy said as she looked him in the eyes. Her grip on his arm tightens as she pressed her body to it.

“I know you don’t want to share me. But you will tomorrow, I have a very special surprise for you to enjoy.” Kevin said as he took Wendy back to her room.

After about an hour they heard their mother leave Kevin’s room and head down the stairs. “Well it’s about time. I want to try those new toys you bought.” Wendy said as she lay on her bed with Kevin as her pillow.

“I believe that you’re addicted to sex little sister.” Kevin said as he lightly stroked Wendy’s cheek.

“If I am then it’s your entire fault. You fucked me with those toys and with your cock.” She stated with a smile. “And I’m glad that you did.” She added quickly.

“You are huh? Well then I’m pleased to hear that.” Kevin said as his other hand cupped Wendy’s breast and began to fondle the soft flesh. “We could fuck in here if you don’t want to back to my room.”

“No, I’d rather not lay in our mother’s cum. You can fuck me right here.” Wendy said softly. Her hand then moved down to Kevin’s crotch, where she started to rub his limp dick through his jeans.

“Alright then.” Kevin said as his hand slipped under her shirt and started to roll and pinch her nipples.

Wendy moaned softly. “Harder…” she said softly while her hand unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. When she found his cock under his boxers she began a steady paced stroking.

Kevin suddenly pulled Wendy’s shirt over her head, and then moved so he was able to move about with more freedom. Then he took a nipple into his mouth and started to suck it.

Wendy moaned louder, and her stroking increased. “Yes… “She said softly, her legs began to fidget as her pussy became damp.

Kevin’s free hand slowly made its way down and under Wendy’s skirt. As it reached her damp slit his middle finger started to move up and down, stroking her in a teasing way.

Wendy bit her lip to keep her moans quiet. Her legs spread wide so Kevin could have more access to her pussy.

Kevin slowly pushed two fingers inside Wendy’s wet cunt. Thrusting in and out, at a stead pace. He then removed his mouth from her nipple to suck on the other.

“Oh… yes.” She moans and placed her hand on the back of Kevin’s head. “Use the toys… please…”

Kevin stops sucking and lifts his head. “Alright then you little slut.” He said as he thrust his fingers hard and deep into Wendy’s cunt, before leaning over her and grabbing the bag of toys.

Wendy gasps from the rough thrust. Moving up the bed she gives Kevin room to empty the bag. Her pussy soaks itself as her mind races over what he bought. “This is going to be fun.”

“Damn straight it’s going to be fun. Now which one shall we use first?” Kevin said as he looked at the dildos, lube and the anal toys.

Wendy licks her lips as she eyes the toys, and then tilts her head as she looks at the beads. Her eyes go wide as she notices that the beads get bigger further along the string. “That might hurt a bit….” She mutters under her breath.

Kevin took the dildo and grabbed Wendy’s arm. “Get on your knees my pet.” He demanded. Wendy did as told and got on all fours. She watched as Kevin removed his clothing. She wondered what he was going to do first. “I’m ready master.”

Kevin knelt behind Wendy and took hold of her hips with one hand as he thrust his cock into her pussy. He then grabbed her hair and pulled it back a bit so her mouth opened, and then he shoved the dildo into her mouth. Thrust the toy and his hips in rhythm.

Wendy sucked the toy while enjoying the fucking her brother’s cock was giving her. She moaned onto the toy as her eyes closed.

Once Kevin was sure that his cock was lubricated enough her pulled out of Wendy’s cunt, and aimed for her tight little asshole. With care he eased the head of his cock into her ass.

Wendy Gasped as she felt his cock enter her ass, closing her eyes tightly she waited until he was all the way in before moving her hips.

Slowly Kevin pushed his cock inch by inch into Wendy’s ass. Once half way in her ass, he stopped so her body could adjust to fit him.

“Okay… keep going…” Wendy said as she pulled the toy out of her mouth. “And shove this toy in my cunt, it might ease the pain…” she added hoarsely.

Kevin continued to push his cock into her ass until it was fully buried to the hilt. He then waited again for her ass to fit his cock. Reaching under her body he pushed the toy into her cunt and started a quick thrusting.

Wendy moaned as her cunt was once again being pleasured by a thick cock. She reached down to her clit and started to rub it, trying to get more pleasure out of this session.

Slowly Kevin started to thrust in and out of Wendy’s ass. “God you are so fucking tight.” He said as he reached behind him and grabbed the lube, opening the cap he poured some lube onto the opening of her ass, and onto his cock.

As Wendy felt her ass loosen from the lube she knew that Kevin would start to thrust faster and deeper. She whined with pleasure from the assault on her clit and cunt.

As Kevin’s pace quickened he thrust the toy deep and hard into Wendy’s cunt. “You like my cock in your ass you little slut?” he asked as he pounded her tight hole.

Wendy screamed with pain and pleasure as she came. Her pussy tightening around the toy, and her ass doing the same to Kevin’s cock. From the pressure of her ass Wendy forced Kevin to cum, emptying his hot sperm into her narrow ass.

They collapsed onto the bed and panted. “Oh… fuck… that was… a great… orgasm…. Master…” Wendy said between her breaths.

Kevin slowly pulled out of her ass then rolled to the side to lie on his back. “Yeah… you… forced my cum into… your tight ass…”

“I know… I can feel it…” Wendy said as she crawled over to Kevin. “Now then… What else do you have in mind for us?”

“Nothing actually… I’m spent for today… so you are just going to have to please yourself…” Kevin said softly, his breathing slowly going back to normal.

“Aw…. But I want one more good fuck before going to bed.” Wendy pouted as she stroked Kevin’s balls.

“Alright but you can ride me… I have no energy left.” Kevin said as he moved over Wendy and grabbed a towel. “But let me get cleaned up first.”

“I’ll clean you up.” Wendy said as she stood up and walked over to her brother. “I’ll do a great job too.” She added while grabbing a towel of her own.


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Nice idea, but I wonder what a six back is, and how do you get a nibble into your mouth.

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Can't stand domination and master slave crap!
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Great story. Loved the story and how it played out. Mom in it was a bit shocking and out of place but otherwise a good story. On the second one, if you do write one, could you not put it all in bold?

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