You wondered what Andrew did when his wife Sandra was away. Andrew finally pulls the ultimate act of terror on his daughter, raping her. But there is a twist.
My Disastrous Night 3 - Andrew

You wondered what Andrew did when his wife Sandra was away. Andrew finally pulls the ultimate act of terror on his daughter, raping her. But there is a twist.

"Andrew, Andrew, wake up." Sandra always had trouble waking up her husband. Finally she was able to rouse him.

"What is it?" I answered.

"My answering service called me," Sandra explained. "I have an emergency. From what I know now I don't expect to be back before morning at the earliest."

"Well be careful," I warned her. "Someday one of your crazy clients is going to end up, well, just be careful."

"I always am," she promised. "I'll see you, I guess I won't see you until after you get home from work. Good bye."

Then she was gone, and I was wide-awake in the middle of the night. I had been planning for just this sort of thing for some time now. I quietly went out to the garage and got my equipment. I then snuck into Sam's room. Samantha, or Sam as I called her, was my 14-year-old daughter and I planned on raping her.

There was enough light filtering into Sam's room for me to see what I was doing. She had a metal headboard that had vertical rods about every four inches that rose up to a height of about four feet above the bed at the center curving downward to about two feet on the ends. The footboard was similar in design with the vertical poles but they all stopped even with the bed so that you could actually hand your feet over the end of the bed if you wanted. This provided just what I needed. I had four sets of handcuffs that I had added some padding to the one end of each set. I didn't really want to mark up my daughter, just keep her from getting away. I also had a blindfold, one of the good kind that actually worked.

I quietly approached my daughter, who was on her side fast asleep. Ever so carefully I pulled the cover and sheet down to the end of the bed, being careful not to cover the outer edges of the footboard. I needed access to the metal rods. I fastened one end of a set of handcuffs to a rod on either side of the footboard. When fastened to my daughter's ankles her legs would be spread far apart. I set the other end of the handcuffs on the bed for easy access. I did the same with the other two pairs of handcuffs, fastening them to the headboard far enough apart so keep her immobile when she had all four sets fastened. I had prepared in the weeks before by measuring her height and knew exactly which rods to fasten all the handcuffs to.

It was now show time. I knew that once I put the blindfold on her I had only a few seconds to get the wrist handcuffs on or she would pull off the blindfold. I very carefully got up onto the bed and straddled Sam. Then I pulled the elastic strap on the blindfold wide open and carefully moved it down around her head. She hadn't moved yet but I hadn't touched her yet either. I relaxed my grip and let the blindfold compress around her eyes. She moaned as if waking up. I quickly grabbed one wrist and pulling it up to one of the handcuffs, snapped it shut tight.

"What's going on," Sam said. But I didn't pause. I took her other wrist and jerked it hard up to the other handcuffs. A moment later her hands were secured.

"Stop. Daddy help me," she screamed. "Stop it. What are you doing?"

I didn't answer. She was thrashing her body all over the place. I fought to get one of her legs under control and soon had one ankle locked down with the foot handcuffs. The other leg was then easier though she got in one good kick to my chest.

Once she was totally secured, and she realized it, she quit her jerking around and tried to talk to me, to talk her way out of her fix.

"Who are you? What do you want? Please don't hurt me," she pleaded.

I answered her by ripping open her pajama tops, revealing her fresh nubile breasts to me. I just stared at her youthful beauty. Then I ripped off her bottoms and panties, tossing everything to the side. By now she was crying uncontrollably.

"Please don't hurt," she cried. "I'll do anything you want. Just don't hurt me." I responded by slapping her across the face. Of course she would do whatever I wanted. She was already secured and stripped naked.

Taking my time I removed my clothes and put them neatly by the door, never looking away from Sam. She continued to cry. I walked over to the bed and looked down at my daughter. She had a light complexion, which made her dark triangle of hair around her pussy stand out. Her head hair, also dark, was strewn about her face. I climbed up on her bed and knelt between her spread legs. Leaning forward I held myself up above her with my hands just under her arms. I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. She instinctively twisted her head away and I rewarded her with another slap to the face. I then tried to kiss her again. She quietly cried but didn't move away. I pulled back and put my finger into her mouth forcing her mouth open. She resisted so I slapped her again. This second slap seemed to do the trick. She allowed me to open her mouth without any resistance.

With her mouth now open I leaned down and kissed her. Finally she seemed to understand and she kissed me back, open mouthed. I let my tongue slide into her mouth and was met with her tongue in a dance that delighted my senses. Sam was learning fast how to respond to her attacker.

Breaking the kiss I moved down her body, kissing and licking my way to her precious breasts. There I lingered as I took in a mouthful of her delicious bosom. I toyed with her breast even though her body continued to shiver in tears.

Leaving her luscious breasts I kissed my way down to her most private area. My tongue slid across her hairs and I noticed her body slightly respond to me. She tipped her hips upwards towards my face as I licked my way around her pussy. When I hit her clit she gasped in spite of her continued cries. I began to work this area hard to the point that Sam's body, no longer under her own control, responded back. She was wet with her own fluids, her pelvis thrusting upwards as I assaulted her.

Suddenly she cried out, "Oh God forgive me," as she shoved her hips up into the air and held herself there. She was clearly having an orgasm. This was the moment I was looking for. I quickly pulled my face away and positioning my now hard shaft at her opening, shoved my erection deep into her vagina. She cried out but I ignored her. I began thrusting in and out as hard and fast as I could, while she was still in the throws of her orgasm. She fell back to the bed but I didn't let up. Sam did the best she could to thrust back at me, being spread and secured by handcuffs.

She kept crying, "Oh God, oh God, oh God," never letting up on her now active participation of her own rape.

I couldn't hold off any longer and with one final grunt pushed myself as deep into my daughter as possible and just held myself there. I shot out several hard quirts of my cum before the flow dwindled off and I was spent. I fell on top of her, my weight holding her down, my head falling next to hers. I breathed in her scent, so familiar, so wonderful.

After I felt rested and my limp member had slipped out of her, I rolled off of her and just listened to her heavy breathing.

"What if it wasn't me?" I asked Sam.

"Well then I just got fucked hard by a stranger," she replied.

I took off her blindfold and kissed her again. She kissed me back. "I should just leave you here like this for a while. Then come back and fuck you whenever I want."

"You wouldn't," she stated flatly. "Get me out of these handcuffs. They're starting to hurt."

I unlocked the handcuffs. "Well was it as exciting as you had hoped?"

"Even more so," Sam confessed. "I was really scared. Even though I was sure, well pretty sure it was you, I was still scared. The blindfold was a great idea. And when you slapped me, I wasn't sure it was you anymore. You were great."

"How was the sex?" I asked her.

"Out of this world," Sam told me. "I never came so hard in my life. And when I first climaxed, and then you started fucking me, it was like a constant succession of orgasms. God I loved it. I love you Daddy."

"And I you baby doll," I told her. "Oh sorry about your pajamas. I'll get you a new pair."

"It was worth it," Sam added. "Daddy, I've been seeing a boy."

"Anyone I know," I asked.

"No, but you're not mad?" she asked me.

"We've talked about this and both knew that one day you would find someone you liked a lot, someone other than me," I reminded her.

"Yes, I know," she remembered. "Even so, I just want you to know I have loved every minute of our time together and I wouldn't trade it for the world."

"Me neither," I agreed.

"So you don't mind me having sex with someone else?" she asked point blank.

"Well a little, but I knew it would happen, and I'm OK with it. You just be careful. Stay on the pill and always use a condom," I counseled her.

"He wanted me to come over tonight, his parents are away, but I thought that you might be doing our rape encounter so I told him no. Would it be OK if I went over there now?"

"It's the middle of the night. Do I need to drive you?" I asked.

"Well actually he can come get me, if you don't mind."

"He drives? How old is this boy?"

"His name is Paul and he is 17."

"I want his name, address, and phone number written down before you leave. Give him a call. I trust you to be safe. I want to meet him. It is silly for me to think you won't have sex with someone so I might as well be part of the process and hopefully I can help steer you away from the losers."

"Thanks Daddy," she said as she kissed me.

She made her call and then we got dressed and waited for his arrival. Paul turned out to be a really nice guy. I told him that if hurt my baby that he wouldn't live long. Then I watched them both leave.

I remember when Samantha was just a little girl, after her mother died in an automobile accident. She couldn't go asleep alone and ended up sleeping with me. One night led to another and another until it was the normal thing for us to do. When summer came along we started sleeping in the nude together. Our snuggling led to touching and soon I was fingering my little girl. She wanted to know about our differing anatomy and I explained it, showing her more and more as the years went by. She learned to please me and I helped her through puberty. I don't even remember when we first had sex but from my point of view we had been making love for a long time before that. I got her on the pill as early as I could without the doctor's getting to wise to what we were doing. The rape scenario tonight we her idea. She wanted to know what it would be like and I did the best I could without really knowing myself.

I really think that she has been having sex outside of our relationship for at least a year now. But this was the first time she ever admitted it to me. As she indicated I think she was afraid that I might be mad. I just knew that one day it would happen. That was part of the reason I married Sandra, to give me an alternative outlet. But our marriage hasn't been the greatest. Actually, fucking Kate the other night was the most exciting sex I had had in a long time, short of tonight's rape of my daughter. I insisted that her husband manage my account so that I might have an opportunity again some time. I wondered what her husband would say if he knew.

The end (for Andrew, for now)

Dear Readers,
We know what a little of what has happened now with Kate, Jim, Andrew, and Sandra. But what about Jim's mother? Jim left her in charge of his two boys while he went back home to Kate and then into the arms of Sandra. Did Grandma just go back to bed or did she take advantage of this opportunity of being along with two virile young boys? We're about to find out.


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