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JackassTales…Tale # 41… Readers; this story was requested by a sexy young lady of the forum. I told myself I wouldn’t write anymore request stories but I couldn’t resist this cutie’s insistence. Although I’ve tried to stick to her original script (names, ages, game premise, etc.), I found my writings wandering off from some of her detailed requests. She wanted something “short and fun”, well this is not all that short but hopefully you will see that there is a whole lotta fun going on here. I hope I’ve kept enough of her original request details intact that you will find this to be an enjoyable read.

Kelly’s Game: “Who Cums First”

Part 1 – Night Games

An almost imperceptible sound unexpectedly awakened Kelly. Normally, this 15-year-old girl could have slept through a thunderous lightening storm. The girl turned her head towards her bedroom door. “I could swear I heard my door open and close,” she said aloud.

This girl’s ears must have been deceiving her because her eyes told her that the door to her girlie girl bedroom was tightly shut. Having not yet finished her beauty sleep, Kelly turned onto her back, closed her eyes and fell back asleep.

“Whew, that was a close one!” Brian whispered to himself. “Sis would have kicked my ass all over the place if she had caught me sneaking into her room!”

When the 12-year-old boy heard the steady sounds of his sister’s sleeping breaths he climbed out from under her bed and knelt on his knees beside the slumbering girl. Although Kelly’s digital clock said it was 1 am, there was enough bright moonlight streaming through the bedroom windows to illuminate the girl’s seductively sexy feminine form.

Oh god, Brian loved looking at his sister’s unbelievably hot, sexy body! And hell, the girl damn well knew it, too! Since he had hit puberty only a few weeks ago, the girl had taunted and teased him mercilessly. Every time he was near her she would ‘accidentally’ flash him a glimpse of her ass or her tits or her pussy. Shit, the cockteasing girl’s mischievous ‘look-but-don’t-touch’ behavior was driving this boy crazy!

Brian’s preteen dick was already hard and swollen as he studied the oh-so-innocent looking girl lying before him. Somewhere in the night her bedcovers had been thrown aside and now there was no obstacle to keep this boy’s eyes from feasting on the female beauty before him. Not unless you counted the crop-topped, sleeveless camisole shirt which covered her tits or the sheer, lacy, bikini-style panties which covered her pussy.

Brian counted them as covering, oh yeah, the top and panties were covering too damn much of his sister’s sexy-girl body! If he had his way, he would strip the girl naked and then eat her pussy and suck her tits!

Speaking of being naked, Brian wore only his briefs, so he slipped them down over his ass and pulled them off over his feet. His evil intentions were to look at his sister’s body while he jacked-off his meat and let his seminal fluids shoot out into the tissue he’d brought along.

Brian was young so he wasn’t very good at figuring out how much girls weighed or how tall they were. By his best guess-estimation, he supposed Kelly was maybe about 20 pounds heavier than his 100 pound weight. Her height he imagined was no more than 1 inch taller than his 5 ft 2inches. But god almighty, however tall she was or however much she weighed, every sexy inch of her was purely gorgeous female woman!

Temptation urged Brian to gently lift the bottom edge of his sister’s top. The garment was so short hemmed that after lifting only two inches he found himself staring at the ripening mounds of a couple of tantalizing tits. At two inches more, two nubile-nubbed nipples burst into view.

If not for fear of the retaliatory consequences which might ensue if he awakened his sister, Brian might have covered those nubby nipples with his tit-hungry mouth and sucked them like crazy. As it was, he settled for leaning over and repeatedly kissing both boobs with tender caresses of his lips.

Emboldened by the fact that his top-raising and boob-kissing adventures had not awakened his hard-to-awaken sister, Brian decided that he might as well check out her pussy. Hooking a finger into the waistband of the sleeping girl’s skimpy panties, he pulled out and down.

“Holy mama in heaven!” Brian’s eyes silently exclaimed. The boy was looking at the most gloriously beautiful mound of feminine flesh he had ever seen in his life! A deep, wide crack separated the protruding halves of the girl’s magnificent teen pussy.

Brian was a little bit perplexed by something. His sister’s pretty pussy didn’t even have as much pubic hair as his quickly-maturing, preteen body had! Heck, she didn’t have any pussy hair at all!

Just then, a remembrance popped into the boy’s mind. Brian recalled how a friend had told him about how some girl’s shaved their pussies to make them look prettier and sexier. “Shiiittt!” the boy exclaimed softly. “There couldn’t be any pussy in this world prettier than the one I’m looking at right this second!”

Upon closer inspection, Brian’s exploring eyes noticed the tip of a peek-a-boo clit poking out from between Kelly’s vaginal folds. Having a limited knowledge of feminine anatomy, this boy was curiously intrigued by this particularly enticing pussy protrusion.

Pulling his sister’s panties down further, the unbelievably horny boy dared to tempt the fates of female wrath by leaning over and licking the tip of the fascinating clit. Without his mind’s permission, his horny hard dick ordered him to suck on the bewitchingly wondrous clitoral jewel.

Having been teased and taunted for week after week by his sister’s malicious cockteasing, Brian gave in to his undeniable lusts and he spread the girl’s pussy lips open. Grabbing a mouthful of clit, the sex-hungry boy started sucking and eating voraciously.

Kelly was dreaming. One of those tall, muscular jocks she drooled over at school was kissing her tits and pulling her panties down. Oh goodness, the hard-bodied athlete was sucking on her clit! Oh god, it was feeling so incredibly good it felt more like it was happening in real life and not in a dream! What now? Oh glory, he’s eating me now, he’s sucking my clit, playing with my pussy mound, and fingering my hole!

“Ouch, damnit, that hurts!” Kelly’s dream mind screamed. The sound of her own voice awakened the girl from her dreamlike slumber. Shaking the cobwebs from her consciousness, she realized she wasn’t alone in her bedroom.

“Ouch!” the girl squealed again. The thing that was hurting her was the vacuuming lip suction and the mouthful of razorlike teeth which were chewing on her clit. And damnit, it wasn’t a muscular jock doing the clit-eating either! Hell no, it was that horny little chicken-shit brother of hers!

Before giving it a second thought, Kelly reached out a hand and viciously slapped the boy. “Brian, you piece of shithouse excrement!” the girl screamed. “What in the hell do you think are you doing?”

Brian fell back. His face was aflame with the shame and embarrassment of being caught. He wasn’t sorry, oh no he wasn’t sorry at all, but god what would Kelly do to him? “Please Sis, please, please, please don’t tell on me!” he pleaded. “Please don’t be mad either because it’s your own damn cockteasing fault!”

“You little shit-eating turd!” Kelly yelled while pulling up her panties. “Don’t you dare blame me for your unforgivable, unprovoked actions! God, I wouldn’t be surprised if you wanted to rape me! Mister, Dad will cut off your balls and feed them to the dogs when he hears about this!”

Brian’s flaming red face turned ashen white with fear. His dad was very protective of his innocent little girl. Kelly’s warning about loosing his balls scared this boy to death. “God Sis, you wouldn’t really tell, would you?” he implored. “I’ll do anything if you won’t tell on me!”

Malicious bedevilment came over the teenaged girl. Kelly smiled malevolently. “Where is that $100 bill Granddad gave you for your birthday?” she asked. “Boyshit, you give me that and I might not tell.”

Brian’s head drooped in disappointment. He was saving his money for a customized BMX dirt bike and without the $100 he wouldn’t be able to get it. Oh well, better to lose his bike than his balls. He jumped up, ran to his room, and retrieved his treasure.

Kelly’s outstretched hand jerked the $100 bill from her brother’s hand. Reaching for her purse, she stuffed it inside. When she turned back, Brian was still standing without a stitch of clothing on.

“Kelly?” the boy hesitantly asked. “Now that you have your blackmail money, can I play with your pussy just a little bit more? Oh Sis, I love your beautiful pussy so much it makes my dick ache!”

Kelly’s hand involuntarily reached out and grabbed her nude brother’s ballsack. With malicious intent, she squeezed the pair of egglike testicles. She watched Brian’s grimacing face fight the pain knowing full well that he couldn’t scream. The last thing he would want would be to awaken their parents.

While squeezing, Kelly’s eyes did something she had no intention of letting them do. They began studying the form of her little brother’s cock. Surprisingly, this girl’s eyes discovered that the boy’s erection was amazingly nice for a youngster of his age. Incredibly, his 12-year old penis was already as meaty and big as her 16-year-old boyfriend’s was!

For one split second Kelly wondered what that nice cock of her brother’s would feel like inside her pussy. If the boy could be trained properly he could offer a way of getting a piece of on-call-cock anytime she wanted it.

Kelly shook her head and put all such thoughts out of her mind. Still, this impassioned, sexually-aroused girl was highly intrigued by the size and shape of her brother’s stiffened erection. Perhaps there would be no harm in having just a little bit of fun with him.

“Turdboy, do you really want some more pussy?” she asked while squeezing the boy’s balls tighter. “If you do, then you have to play a game I just made up. It’s called “Who Cums First”. You can play with my pussy until you make me cum then I’ll play with your cock until I make you cum. Whoever cums in the shortest amount of time loses and has to do all the other person’s chores for a full week. Wanna play?”

Although the pain in Brian’s testicle sack was almost unbearable, he enthusiastically nodded his head in and affirmative gesture. God, he’d play any game just to get some more of Kelly’s sweet, wet pussy!

Brian’s sister’s viselike grip finally released his balls. The sexy girl then stripped off her camisole top and her bikini-bottomed panties. The horny hard boy nearly shot his seminal load just thinking about getting a hold of that delectable feminine flesh.

Kelly lay with her legs dangling off the edge of her bed and told her brother to start. She glanced at her lighted, digital clock so she could count the time. This girl knew a secret that the boy didn’t know. Girls just naturally took longer to get warmed up enough to cum than guys did. She would win this game easily and have no chores for a whole week.

After Brian’s pussysucking adventures began again, Kelly began to doubt the wisdom of her previous thoughts. She was a girl, but the enthusiastic pussyeating boy’s natural-born skill was already warming her up quickly. This girl’s feminine horniness combined with the vivid remembrances of her pussysucking dream had her body feeling orgasmic fires building deep within her loins after only two minutes.

Brian ate, he sucked, he licked, and he chewed all the vaginal flesh he could reach. His kissy-licky, probing tongue danced and darted into and out of pussy crevasses, holes, and valleys. Using Mother Nature’s instincts as his guide, he found himself gaining an unexpectedly useful expertise at pussysucking. Oh glory, he loved eating pussy, he did, he did!

Despite Kelly’s insistence that her feminine ‘secret’ would work, her female loins betrayed her body. Within five minutes of her brother’s frenzied pussyeating attack, this girl began cumming. Her vaginal juices flowed freely and her pussy cum sprayed the boy’s face. Powerful orgasms raced throughout her quivering cunt and spread out all over her.

Disgusted by her trembling body’s too-soon, orgasmic betrayal, Kelly slapped Brian viciously and pushed his slicky-wet face away from her tingling pussy. She hoped against hope that the boy hadn’t been keeping track of the time, too.

“Five minutes, Sis!” Brian declared triumphantly. “Why girl, I can do five minutes before cumming standing on my head! Give me your best shot, but big sis you’ll be doing my chores all week!”

Without replying to her brother’s boastful taunt, Kelly grabbed the boy’s cock and began rapidly pumping. One minute passed and then another. The girl saw that the boy’s pleasure-filled eyes were watching her intently, yet she was seeing no evidence of orgasmic cum.

Glancing at the fast-running clock, Kelly panicked. She didn’t dare let her little shit brother beat her at her own game! Just then the girl remembered that this boy she was always sexually teasing was also turned on by dirty talk.

“Oh cum on Buddy-Boy big cock,” she said. “Oh Brian, your penis is the finest, man-sized cock I’ve ever had in my hands! Cum to Mama’s hot mouth and squirt your delicious liquids into my deep throat! Cum on Big Boy, give Sissy a mouthful of your cummy cream!”

Capturing the boy’s cockhead with her mouth, the desperate girl began aggressively sucking the pulsating penile rod. At the three minute mark, Kelly’s gaze noticed a euphoric flush creeping up her brother’s face. The girl was also feeling the swell as the rock-hard cock prepared for ejaculation.

As the clock flashed through the four minute mark, Brian’s dick gave way to the ecstasy of his sister’s handjob and cocksucking manipulations. While deep inside the girl’s insatiable, meat-eating mouth, his erection erupted and spewed out steamy, liquefied man-juice. The most intense orgasms he’d ever felt in his 12 years of life ran through the length of his manhood.

At this time, Kelly did a most unusual thing. Without warning, she jerked her mouth off the cum-shooting cock and hopped back up into her bed. “Little Shit brother of mine,” she commanded. “Climb up here and stick your big, beautiful cock into my pussy and fuck me like crazy! Oh yes, you dirty little, pussy-loving boy, pour the rest of your cum into me!”

Brian was as innocent and naive as a virgin-boy could get, but hell how hard could learning to fuck a pussy be? Mechanically speaking, it was as simple as inserting a rounded peg into a rounded hole. So, this is what the preteen boy did.

Climbing to his feet, Brian positioned himself atop his naked sister and guided his milky wet, elongated cockpeg into Kelly’s well-lubricated, cum-soaked pussyhole. By pumping his hips up and down repeatedly, this boy soon got the hang of the pussyfucking game. Before he realized what was about to happen, his cock began emptying its load of seminal cream into his sister’s slippery honey hole. Rutting and rooting around like a boar hog screwing an in-heat sow, the boy squealed with delight.

By the time her little-boy brother had pumped his swollen erection into her pussy a dozen times, Kelly began cumming again, too. A series of back-to-back multiple orgasms rocked her feminine soul and body. Little boy hell, this brother of hers was the best bed partner she had ever had! One earthquaking orgasm after another stole away her sanity and made her whimper blissfully.

Okay, okay, so her little shit brother was a good lay, but damnit she wasn’t about to let the young dickhead know that she thought so! After her spasming pussy muscles had milked every drop of cummy cream from Brian’s pussy-pounding cock, Kelly shoved his body off of her and pushed him away.

Twisting around in her bed, Kelly raised her legs, placed her barefooted feet against her brother’s bare-assed naked butt, and kicked him off the bed. She laughed when he landed hard on the carpeted floor.

“Aha, I win!” the mean-spirited girl shouted victoriously. “I’ve won the Who-Cums-First game! I’ve won it twice. I won when you began to cum quicker than I did with our suck-jobs! I won again when you started cumming before I did while we were fucking! Ha, this means you have to do my chores for two weeks!”

Rubbing his sore, floor-bruised ass, Brian sprang up from the carpet. This young boy’s mind admitted the truth of his sister’s statements, but he wouldn’t admit to them as being the absolute whole truth. “Well Sis,” he said rebelliously. “I suppose, in a way, I kinda won, too! I had me a mouthful of sweet pussy and I got to dip my dick into a glorious pussyhole! Oh yeah, I’d say I won big-time, too!”

“Asshole, you’ll change your tune tomorrow!” Kelly retaliated spitefully. “You will have enough chores to do to keep you hopping all day! I want you to clean my room, do the laundry, vacuum the floors, empty the trash, wash the dishes, and more, more, more! Now get the hell out of my room before I yell RAPE!”

When Brian turned toward the door, Kelly’s eyes had a glimpse of his naked young ass. Spite turned to remorse for her hateful behavior. Reaching out, the girl on the bed grabbed her brother’s waist, pulled him back towards her, and kissed his floor-bruised ass. After juggling he boy’s sticky-mess cock and balls for a few minutes, she whispered consolingly, “Goodnight sweet, tender-hearted boy, now go to your own bed.”

Part 2 – Day Games

Having been sexually drained, Kelly slept like a baby until morning. When the early morning’s bright sunlight glared in her eyes, she awakened and jumped out of bed. She didn’t remember putting her panties and top back on, but apparently she had. A sticky feeling damping her crotch made her realize that the panties were probably soaked with cum from her brother’s cock which had leaked out of her pussy.

Stepping out into the hallway, Kelly had every intention of heading to the bathroom. At that moment, Brian’s bedroom door opened and the boy stepped out into the hallway, too. Wearing only his briefs, he stared at the sexy girl staring at him.

Regretting last night’s remorseful emotions, Kelly decided she would be especially bitchy to her brother today. “Good morning, Asswipe,” she sneered and said. “Are you ready for chores? Here, you can start by taking my panties and top to the laundry room.”

Slowly but surely, the girl began a seductive striptease. She yawned and stretched her arms then slipped her skimpy top up over her boobs. Her nipple-topped teen tits burst into the boy’s glaring view. As Kelly pulled the garment over her head she saw the bulge inside her brother’s briefs swelling.

This was exactly the reaction the cockteasing girl was expecting. Just to torment the boy further, she cupped both of her breasts then bounced them up and down. “Nice ones aren’t they?” she wantonly teased. “But fella, enjoy the view because you are not touching them anymore!”

Confused by his nighttime bedmate’s words, Brian went ahead and watched. Wow, his sis sure had nice tits! His dick was getting harder and hornier by the second. This boy watched in fascinated awe as his sister’s panties slowly slipped down her silky smooth legs.

“Smell of that!” Kelly exclaimed as she pushed her panties into Brian’s face. “Can you smell that stinky cum of yours which has leaked all over them and my bed?”

Brian took a deep breath and breathed in the aroma of his sister’s panties. “Yeah Sis, I do” he answered. “But mostly I smell the sweet sexy fragrance of your nice hot pussy. Can’t I play with it just a little bit this morning?”

“Fuck no!” Kelly replied while still rubbing her panties under her brother’s nose and mercilessly teasing him. “There will be no pussy for you this morning!” she added.

In order to further inflame her brother’s sexual frustration, Kelly reached for the waistband of his briefs and pulled them out toward her. This girl almost lost her cockteasing resolve when the preteen boy’s horny hard erection burst into her view. For a brief moment in time, she allowed the tips of her fingers to brush the head of the boy’s beautiful young rod. A quick remembrance of how good that meaty stiffness had felt inside her pussy last night flashed through the girl’s mind.

“Here, take these to the laundry room!” she angrily ordered. The girl stuffed the skimpy bikini panties into the boy’s briefs and snapped his elastic waistband against his belly.

“Dipshit, pick up my top from the floor and go begin your chores!” she added. “I’m going to the bathroom and wash your disgusting, slimy filth off my body!”

The nude girl turned and walked away. Brian watched as Kelly’s pretty ass jiggled and swayed down the hallway. “Wait Sis!” he shouted. “God, I’ve got to pee so bad I’m about to wet myself! Let me take a quick piss before you go in!”

“Oh you poor dear, I know you wouldn’t want to pee on yourself,” Kelly said consolingly. As the girl opened the bathroom door, a mischievous gleam lit her face and she added, “But boy, I’m still kinda mad at you for sneaking into my room last night, so frankly I don’t really give a shit if you piss all over the place!”

Brian watched in horror as his sister slammed the door in his face. He heard the lock latch in place. Stunned, he walked to the laundry room next door to the bathroom. Suddenly, inspiration hit him. Racing to the window, he opened the sash and lifted the screen. After pulling off his briefs, he stuck his penis out the window and let fly a pressurized stream of urinary fluids.

Unbeknownst to the pee-pissing boy, Kelly’s best friend, a precocious 14-year-old girl named Annie, just happened to be staring out of her bathroom window in the house next door. The curious girl’s eyes were no more that ten feet away from the peeing boy’s naked body.

Inspired by mischief, Annie ran to her bedroom, grabbed her video camera, and ran back. Focusing her lens, she was just in time to catch the ending to the boy’s bladder-emptying adventures. She giggled when he vigorously shook his penile rod in an effort to dislodge every pee drop.

“Oh won’t Kelly and I get a kick out of watching this video together,” Annie silently thought to herself. This girl was well aware that her best friend’s little brother had a huge crush on her. Using this knowledge, she had joined forces with her friend in mercilessly teasing the sexually curious kid. She too had given the horny boy taunting glimpses of female body parts and seductive ‘look-but-don’t’ touch invitations.

Just as Annie was about to turn off her camera, the boy reached behind him and grabbed a piece of cloth. The bright pink color of it indicated that it might be a pair of panties. He smelled of it and rubbed it all over his erection then he spread it on the windowsill and began to move his hand. Adjusting the video camera’s zoom lens, the girl saw that Brian was…oh shit he was masturbating! And boy-o-boy wasn’t that a nice cock he was jerking on!

When his cockteasing sister had shut the bathroom door in his face, Brian had become a little bit pissed-off. As he stood at the laundry room window peeing, his anger grew. Now that his pee had stopped, he gave some serious thought to jacking-off in order to relieve a bit of his frustration.

Thought turned into action. Brian reached out and grabbed the bright pink bikini panties Kelly had taken off. He held them to his nose and again inhaled the girl’s intoxicating pussy smell. This boy then rubbed the triangular-shaped piece of feminine clothing against his dick and felt his tender cockflesh swell from the garment’s silky sexy texture.

“I’ll teach the cockteaser to torment me!” Brian whispered irritably. “I’ll cum all over her favorite pair of panties and I’ll fill them with the smell of my dick and its juices!”

Brian laid the panties on the windowsill in front of him and took a firm grip on his erection. His pumping hand was just steadying into a smooth masturbation rhythm when a glint of reflected sunlight poked him in the eye. Startled, he glanced up. Holy shit, Annie was standing at her bathroom window with a video camera in one hand and a dialing cellphone in the other!

Brian’s pumping hand froze in mid-stroke. Time stood still. From somewhere in the deepest recesses of the boy’s mind he became aware of several things. He saw Annie turn and run out of her bathroom. He heard Kelly’s cellphone ringing then he heard her running to answer.

This mortified boy turned away from the window, but he was in such a state of confusion that he forgot to release his death-grip hold on his dick. Before he could gather his thoughts, he heard running steps tramping down the hallway towards where he was at. The laundry room door burst open and two girls rushed in.

“See Kelly, I told you!” Annie proclaimed triumphantly. “Your brother is naked as sin and he’s jerking his meat! And look, there on the windowsill are your pink panties he is jacking-off into! I betcha he’s already soaked them with his disgusting cum!”

Kelly raced past her brother and snatched up the panties in question. “Brian, you deep-shit boy!” she angrily wailed. “If you’ve ruined my panties with more of your cum then I’m going to kick your ass!”

After a methodical inspection, Kelly seemed to be satisfied that no further harm had come to her favorite feminine garment. “They’re okay Annie,” she said. “Thanks for warning me.”

Annie smiled. She had helped out her best friend in the world. But, wait a minute, what had she said? “Hey Kelly…?” she curiously asked. “What do you mean by saying you hope he doesn’t get ‘any more’ cum on your panties? Is there already some cum on them?”

Kelly blushed slightly but she recovered quickly and stood her ground. “Yep, there is,” she answered. “Last night Brian and I played a game I made up called “Who Cums First” and he lost. Now he has to do my chores all week! No, for two weeks because he came first when we sucked and he came first when we fucked!”

“You fucked Brian?” Annie inquired inquisitively. “Was he any good? He does have a surprisingly beautiful and big cock? Goodness, I wish I had someone to do my chores for a week!”

Brian was caught red-handed holding his dick in his hand while two girls talked about him just as if he wasn’t even in the room. Although he was startled, his eyes studied the two feminine forms standing before him. Obviously Kelly had just stepped from the shower. She wore nothing more than a short bathtowel which barely covered her ass and almost couldn’t contain her boobs. Annie’s more petite body was concealed inside a pair of short-short pajama bottoms and a tight-fitting, powder-blue pajama top.

“Annie, my friend,” Kelly said. “If you want someone to do your chores then why don’t we all play the “Who Cums First” game. If Brian looses, he will be our slave-boy for a whole week! Want to play?”

Without awaiting her friend’s answer, Kelly stepped forward and smacked Brian’s hand away from his dick. “Hey Annie, come check this out,” she ordered. “You’re absolutely correct, for such a young boy, my brother has a pretty nice cock!”

Hesitantly, Annie stepped forward and the two girls began fondling the boy’s hard, horny erection. Brian was fully aware that neither girl had sought out his opinion as to whether or not he wanted to play their game. Of course he had no objections, but hell, they could have at least asked!

Oh glory, the silky smooth feminine hands felt so good playing with his dick! Okay, they didn’t ask him, so he wouldn’t ask them either. Brian reached out both hands. One hand went under Kelly’s towel and the other disappeared inside Annie’s pajama shorts. This highly-excitable preteen boy found himself playing with two teen girl pussies!

After a short whispered conversation, the girls released their cock holds and together they sat the naked boy’s ass up on the dryer and washing machine’s flat tops. Then they pushed him flat on his back on the narrow, makeshift bed.

“Check your watch, Annie,” Kelly commanded. “Let’s see how long this boy can last before we can make him cum. Brian, boy you’d better hang onto your cream if you don’t want to be our slave-boy for a week!”

Together the two girls resumed their cock-playing manipulations. Their soft female hands tickled and teased the boy mercilessly. Time after time, they had him ready to shoot his load, but they backed down just to tease him more.

In order to torment the boy even more, the girls striped off their cloth coverings and allowed his eyes to feast themselves on their four teen titties and their two pretty pussies.

After several minutes of their manual manipulations, the girls saw that Brian had summoned his strength and had resolved to hold onto his cock milk forever and ever. He was doggedly determined not to lose the game this time.

While not usually a leader, Annie had a cum-stimulating thought. “Hey, Kelly,” she said. “I know how we can make him cum! He likes me, so I’ll kiss him and you suck his cock!”

Without any further discussion, the girls began putting their plan into motion. Kelly’s mouth closed around the meaty erection she’d had in her mouth last night. Annie’s super-soft lips kissed the supersensitive mouth of the boy who had a huge schoolboy crush on her.

Brian was in a bittersweet heaven. The tormenting, cockteasing girls were driving him crazy with lust and love. The girl of his dreams was kissing his lips and oh how kissable sweet she was! As his lips melted against hers, she guided one of his hands to a tit and the other to her pussy. At the same time, the wondrously erotic cocksucking mouth of his sister was chewing on and sucking his dick.

“He’s getting ready, Annie!” Kelly announced. “Do you want a bite of this meat before he cums? Girlfriend, we’ve got this game in the bag now!”

Annie eagerly accepted her friend’s offer. She guided the young boy’s cock into her saliva wet mouth and started eating. Well, young he might be, but this boy had a fine-sized erection just perfectly shaped for sucking. The girl enthusiastically tugged on the elongated shaft and sucked hungrily.

While Annie’s cocksucking mouth ravaged this boy’s manhood, a thought popped into her mind saying that this swollen erection was also perfectly shaped for insertion into a different female hole. Her friend had fucked this boy, so why couldn’t she do it?

“Kelly, I know a way to make Brian cum for sure!” Annie declared. “I’m going to fuck him! But girl, don’t worry because I’ll be sure to win the game by making him cum before I do!”

With the energetic skill of an Olympic gymnast, Annie vaulted from the floor and made a perfect landing on top of the boy lying flat on the washing machine and dryer. Guiding his hardened cock into her drippy wet pussy, she impaled herself and began screwing him.

Brian’s two hands each grabbed a well-formed, pretty-girl tit and played. He didn’t release his grip even when his dream girl began kissing him again. Red-hot frictional pussyfire burned his cockshaft and he knew he would start cumming any minute.

“Come on my sweet babydoll Brian,” Annie teasingly encouraged. “Use your big boy cock to fill your girlfriend’s pussy with your steamy hot cum! Oh god, you feel so good!”

“Girlfriend…?” Brian asked himself silently? That single word, added to the unbelievably sexy girl’s dirty talk, drove him over the edge. His deep-penetrating, pussy-squeezed dick started spilling its seminal load. Annie wanted him to cum in her, so cum in her, he did! Oh glory, it felt incredibly good!

Annie felt the pressurized seminal eruption shooting deep into her feminine loins. “He’s cumming, Kelly!” she victoriously announced. “I win my part of the game! Oh god, I’m cumming now, too!”

Kelly decided to make sure her brother treated her friend’s pussy to a proper fucking. The girl grabbed the boy’s testicle sack and milked his balls with her fingers. He squealed like a girl, but he emptied his cum into Annie’s vaginal void.

Kelly’s fingering hands also felt some of the spurting vaginal cum spraying her brother’s cock and balls. Oh yeah, Annie must be having a really good time screwing this boy!

After an indeterminate amount of time, Annie stopped fucking the wornout boy and jumped off of him. This sexually satisfied girl kissed the boy’s lips with genuine passion. “That was really nice, Brian,” she said. “But Honey, you started cumming first, so I win! You are my slave-boy for a week! Now you have to screw Kelly.”

Brian sat up on the edge of the dryer with his legs dangling over the edge. “Sorry girls, but I don’t think I can,” he said. Picking up his flaccid erection with his hands, he added, “Just look at my poor limp dick! Annie, your sweet pussy took away all its stiffness!”

The two nude girls looked at each other. They each realized that boys’ cocks were such delicate sexual instruments that they couldn’t be played too many times too quickly.

Kelly was furious because of this unexpected obstacle. After watching her friend and her brother having such a good time, she wanted to get fucked, too! “Hey, there is more than one way to skin a cat!” she suddenly exclaimed. “I overheard my aunt telling my mom about a trick that gets a man hard again! I betcha it’ll work on boys, too!”

Grabbing her brother’s arm, Kelly jerked him off the dryer. “Come with me and follow orders!” she commanded. “And, I don’t want you to give me any shit about what I’m going to do either! Come on Annie.”

Leading Brian into the bathroom, Kelly lifted the commode lid and ordered the boy to sit on the seat. “Annie, come over here and stand beside your ‘boyfriend’ then start kissing him and let him play with your tits and nipples! I’m going to do something else.”

Brian sat down and found himself the recipient of dozens of Annie’s luscious-lip kisses while his hands played with her beautiful boobs. He hardly paid any attention when his sister sat astride his lap facing him. When the girl’s busty tits pressed against his bare chest his slowly-awakening dick certainly took notice.

As Annie kissed him more fiercely, Brian’s body began feeling a sensation he’d never felt before. The feeling wasn’t coming from the kissing girl’s lips. No, he was feeling a soothing, liquefied wetness bathing his cock and balls. Oh goodness, it was nice! But, what was it?

A tinkling waterfall sound of dripping moisture came from within the toilet bowl. Brian’s puzzled mind soon cleared enough for him to recognize the sound. Why his sister was peeing! Good god, she was peeing all over his new-grown pubic hair and his cock and balls!

While peeing is usually associated with something nasty or dirty, the fact that Kelly was peeing on his dick this morning was making Brian have a completely opposite reaction. The girl’s pee was neither dirty nor nasty! As a matter of fact, his sister’s pee-shower was so erotically stimulating that his limp penis was awakening and growing at an amazing rate.

Suddenly, the sexually stimulating shower stopped. Kelly’s bladder was empty. The girl took a look at her brother’s growing erection and she realized he needed just a little bit more encouragement. “Annie, have you peed this morning?” she asked. Can you take over for me?”

Without answering, Annie took her friend’s position in Brian’s lap. An amber-yellow stream of pussy-peeing liquids soothingly showered the cock below. The boy’s swelling erection stood up so straight it began tickling the pee-shooting hole between the sexy girl’s legs.

Kelly turned on the bathroom shower and allowed the water to get steamy hot. When she heard Annie’s peeing stop, she told the two to join her so they could all get cleaned off. The two girls and the boy bathed each other then they frolicked and played in the tub. Hands fondled, lips kissed, and passions aroused.

When she realized that her brother’s cock was now fully aroused, Kelly ordered him to again take a seat on the commode. This time there would be no peeing, but the girl did again straddle her brother legs and sit in his lap.

Annie quickly caught on to her friend’s seductive game. Reaching between Brian’s legs, she guided his erection into Kelly’s drippy wet, cock-hungry pussy. The young boy’s sister began bouncing up and down on the stiffened penile rod. The boy was getting fucked again whether he thought it could happen or not!

Kelly found herself facing a dilemma. She wanted to win her part of the “Who Cums First” game, but her body wanted a cock in her pussy so badly that she knew she would start cumming soon. If only her little brother wasn’t such a good pussyfucker and if only his cock wasn’t so muscularly built then she wouldn’t be having such a hard time controlling her horny-hot feminine hormones!

Annie sensed her best friend’s predicament. In an effort to help, she whispered in the boy’s ear. “Brian, my beautiful big-cocked boy,” she enticed. “Cum for us girls and you can have some more of my pussy later today! Wouldn’t you like some more of your sister’s tight, wet pussy tonight?”

Oh hell, Brian lost it! If not for the pee-pissing pussies, if not for the nude bathing girl shower, and now if not for this girl’s sweet-dirty promises then he knew he could have lasted longer. But in all it was just too much to stand. His seminal reservoirs had not yet had time to fully refill, but what semen and sperm his body had been able to replenish now shot up into his sister’s cock-riding pussy.

“I’ve won, I’ve won!” Kelly shouted even as her pussy started cumming, too. “Brother, you lost the game and now you have to be our slave-boy for sure! But mister, you might as well keep on fucking me and let’s see what you can do with your meaty big-boy cock!”

So Brian kept on fucking his sister and the girl continued fucking him. The girl’s early morning pussy-muscles milked his cock and they both continued enjoying their cum-playing game. Orgasmic bliss rampantly ran throughout feminine and masculine bodies. Kelly was squealing with delight. Her little brother was, too.

Even as Brian’s last drop of cum was squeezed out of his orgasming cock, one thought nagged at the boy’s young, immature mind. Just what was involved in being a slave-boy to two hot-blooded sexy teenage girls?

As if reading the horny-cocked boy’s mind, Kelly and Annie glanced at each other and smiled with thoughts of all the cockteasing, mischievous ways they could torment him this week. Perhaps by the end of the first week they could make him beg for mercy. Maybe they would be merciful and maybe they wouldn’t. Most likely, they wouldn’t be merciful to the horny little boy all! Nope, they probably would not!

These two cockteasing girls could only foresee one problem with their plans for mischievous sex teasing. The innocent, sweet boy seemed to be giving as good as he got in the sexual department! Damn, they loved the boy’s cock as much as he loved their pussies!

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owlcwY Thanks for the article. Want more.

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"Kelly's Game: "Who Cums First"" - Brian, Kelly and Annie - (Brother, Sister and Her Friend)

The devil made them do it!! What an evil fifteen year old sister Kelly is to her twelve year old brother!! She must have inherited a biological corrupted gene for her sick-mind to work the vicious games she forces onto her brother! Brian's body has developed much more progressively and faster than his brain, and his sister Kelly is the "perfect" animal to take advantage of his immaturity! And as he is performing the inordinate amount of chores he's now relegated to do for Kelly, her friend Annie gets involved. Now Brian is lured into games with both girls playing evil tricks and games on him!

In fact,, the girl's tricks are so immature and perverted, even the sex and fucking Brian is forced to perform on them lacks sexuality! Although Brian does like the new experiences of two female bodies and their pussies wrapped around his oversized dick!

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It sounds like you've got some good friipdshens in TX. I miss hanging out with good friends (even though I've made friends here). I desperately need a pedicure, too! Usually I use my own tools, but I am beyond being able to help myself at this point!

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Ozzie Girls do you want a daddy to fuck you love you and hold you. I will reward you when you please me and punish you when your naughty IM me, e mail me

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