This is not about raw sex but the development of relationships we only dream about.
Over the next months, Audrey, Lani, and I spent about the usual amount of time together. I helped them with their yard work and they helped with mine. For Lani the school year passed quickly. Besides being a cheerleader for the football team, she played volleyball. I attended as many games as possible. Often, the three of us would go out to eat following a game. On several occasions, Lani would go with friends to a team party, leaving Audrey and me to eat together. Our friendship developed to a deeper level. She told me about her up-bringing in a very strict family. She had a couple of younger siblings, which her parents refused to allow to have any contact with Audrey following her pregnancy. As we talked she often cried and we often laughed. There was never a hint of anything romantic between us, much less anything sexual. She would talk about Lani and I would share about my family. There were a few occasions when Audrey had to be out of town and Lani spent the night with me. She always slept with me and we were always naked under the covers. A couple of those “sleep-overs” found us bringing each other to orgasm. We even discussed what it felt like and offered guidance to each other as to what felt good. But mutual masturbation and showering together is as far as our sexual activity went. Over the months, Lani never talked to her friends about us and she gave no sign to her mom about what was happening when we were together at night. She turned fifteen and developed physically. Her breasts were larger but your areola were still very pink and puffy. Her nipples became more prominent, especially when she walked around my house in just a t-shirt and no bra.

At the end of her sophomore year of school she asked her mom if she could have an “end of school party.” Audrey agreed and I suggested they have it at my pool. This was quickly accepted by Lani and plans were made. The week after school was out, the pool was cleaned well and the deck furniture cleaned. I had installed a large grill to the side of the pool patio. Lani had invited ten of her friends. There were six girls and four boys. Audrey seemed nervous but I assured her all would be okay. When they all arrived I thought it best to lay down the rules. I told the kids that there could be no “horseplay” around the pool to prevent any injuries from falls. They could play in the pool but no dunking. I wanted them to have a good time and warned them that a trip to the emergency room usually put a damper on the fun. They agreed and some even thanked me for allowing them to use the pool. Audrey was dressed in a terry cloth robe. There were moments I could tell she was wearing a bikini under it. Most of the girls had on bikinis which I would have refused to allow them to wear had they been my daughters. Lani had on a new bikini which covered all that needed to be covered but still allow her shape to be seen. I could only image how the boys felt around these beautiful young girls. I noticed that they stayed in the water most of the time. I have to admit that I thought I might have to hide my lower body several times as I watched these teen beauties prance around. Three of the girls were well endowed and their breasts bounced as they walked. I think Audrey caught me looking at them a couple of times. I simply smiled and shrugged and said, “Oh, to be young again.” To my surprise, she replied, “Well, you know there are some things that get better with age and experience.” I didn’t know if she was flirting or not but I did reply, “Experience? What experience?” She laughed and said, “Yeah, I hear you.”

The party seemed to be a success. I decided to go into the house for more ice. Audrey was cleaning up the serving table. I grabbed the cooler and headed into the house. No sooner had I closed the door to the sun deck when it opened again. It was Lani. She walked up to me and said, “Thank you, Geoff. It is a wonderful party having the pool.” I kissed her cheek and said, “You’re welcome, sweetheart. I’m glad I could be a part of this.” Then, she stood close to me, put her hands on either side of my face and kissed me on the lips. She pulled back and looked at my eyes. “Do you like my new bikini?” I held her at arms length, “What do you think?” She gave a soft laugh, then put her hand on my crotch and said, “I’d like to see how much.” I leaned down and kissed her, parting her lips with my tongue. Our tongues danced for a few moments as I pulled her close. “We better get back,” I said. She nodded and grabbed a bag of chips. I followed her out the door and to the pool. The party lasted another hour before parents began to arrive to pick up their teens. They each thanked Audrey and me for the party. Lani helped as we cleaned up plates and cups. I took the bag of trash to my large trash bin while the ladies gathered wet towels. We met by the pool and I said, “Hey, guys, no need for you to leave. If you would like to swim, the pool is all ours now.” Lani squealed and leaped into the water, splashing Audrey and me. “I need to go put on my suit,” turning toward the house. When I made it back to the pool, Audrey and Lani were swimming laps. I did a cannon ball causing the girls to scream. We splashed each other and then we moved around in the water, chatting about nothing in particular. We swam for about thirty minutes when Audrey said she needed to head for bed. Lani followed her to the ladder. Audrey climbed out slowly, allowing me to see her shape. I realized this was the first time I had really seen her in something other than shorts, slacks, or work clothes. Her legs were very shapely, her ass was firm and slender. She turned when she reached the pool patio and I saw her breasts. They were large and firm. The air was cool and her nipples responded, pushing against the material of her bikini bra. She saw me looking and said, “Not too bad for an old lady, is it?” I blushed. “Sorry, just being a man.” Lani grabbed a towel and headed toward her house. Audrey paused and turned to me. “Thanks, Geoff. It was special for all of us.” She walked away with an exaggerated swing of her hips, looking back over her shoulder.

Two weeks later Audrey invited me to dinner on a Friday night. She said she and Lani wanted to repay me for the use of the pool. I told her it wasn’t necessary but she insisted. “Who and I to turn down a home-cooked meal?” I said with a laugh. I walked over from my house at the appointed time. Audrey answered the door with a smile. She was dressed in what I assumed were her work clothes. “I’m running a little late so come in an make yourself at home.” I walked in expecting to find Lani helping in the kitchen. “Where’s that bundle of energy you call a daughter?” Audrey walked out of the kitchen wiping her hands on a dish towel. “Oh, I meant to tell you. The parents of one of her friends invited her to go to the lake this weekend. There’s going to be a big fireworks show and a concert by some big names singer. I hope you don’t mind but I told her she could go. We’ll provide a “thank-you dinner” later.” I quickly replied, “Audrey, it’s okay. You could have called me and we could make it later. You didn’t have to cook for just me.” “Hey, you are not bother. I wanted to cook tonight. It is good therapy for me. Helps get my mind off of work.” She busied herself in the kitchen. “Can I help?” I asked as I walked into the kitchen. “Well, you can pour a little wine. It’s ready as soon as my made-from-scratch rolls are out of the oven.” I exaggerated my words, “She’s a smart legal expert and a good cook, too. What else could a man want?” We both laughed. The oven buzzed and she removed the rolls. I could smell the yeast as soon as she opened the oven door. We prepared our plates and sat at the dining table. I lit the candles and Audrey put on some soft music. The meal was delicious. We chatted about everything from politics to pollution. As we finished eating, she raised her wine glass. “To good food and a good friend to share it with.” “Here-here,” is said as we clicked our glasses and sipped. We cleaned the table and put away left-overs. Afterward we sat down in her den. It was cozy and feminine. I sat in one stuffed chair on one side of the fire place, she sat in a matching chair on the other. After a few minutes she said, “Geoff, do you mind if I change out of these work clothes,” gesturing to the skirt and blouse she was wearing. She stood and I heard her footsteps fade down her hallway. After a few minutes she returned, wearing what I suppose would be called lounging pajamas. The pants and pull-over shirt were a pale yellow cotton. The outfit seemed to be very soft and hand loosely on her body. She wore yellow slip-ons on her feet. As she walked into the room, I could see her breasts swaying. She was braless. The movement across the fabric must have stimulated her nipples and they were pushing against the lose top.

Audrey returned to her seat and took a sip of her wine. “Thanks for waiting.” I laughed, “I’m too full to run away.” We listened to the music without saying very much. It had been years since I had sat this way with Emma. There was no need for words. Just being together in the same room was enough. I was surprised when Audrey asked, “Do you miss Emma?” Then she caught herself. “I’m sorry, Geoff. I shouldn’t have asked that.” I looked at her and smiled. “Oh, no. It’s okay. Yes, I miss her. I think of her every day. I see things around the house that remind me of her.” There was quiet for a minute or two. “Do you mind if I ask if you have considered remarrying?” I thought for a minute before I responded. “Well, I don’t think I have just ruled it out. I haven’t been looking for remarriage. I mean, I do not go out of my way shopping for someone to marry. I guess I really haven’t given it much thought.” Audrey was in thought. “You mean you haven’t met anyone that you even thought about dating or getting to know better?” I wasn’t sure where this line of questioning was headed but I replied. “Oh, I’ve been around many women. In my work I am in companies where women hold positions from CEO on down.” I paused to think of how to state what I was thinking. “I guess I just can’t seem to find someone who measures up to my standards.” Audrey looked a bit surprised. “Oh, then you hold the bar pretty high?” After a second she continued, “But I guess I can see that. Emma was quite a lady and I can see how few women would hold a candle to her. I know I admired her more than any other woman I’ve ever met.” I smiled enough that Audrey said, “What?” I finally responded. “Audrey, I’m not sure how to say what I have felt when I have had contact with other women.” I then leaned forward in my chair to make my point. “We’re good friends, right?” She nodded, seeming to be surprised by my question. “What I mean is, we are more than just neighbors. We’re good friends and that means we can be open with each other, right” Again, she nodded with growing curiosity. I continued. “Yes, I hold the bar pretty high. And Emma sets a pretty high standard. Do you remember the song that included the line, “She’s once, twice, three times a lady?” Audrey nodded, “It’s been a while since I listened to the golden oldies station but I do remember the song. “Well, I used to tell Emma that she was three times a lady. So, I guess that is how I look at women. I guess I would be looking for someone who is three times a lady.” I paused, allowing Audrey to think about what I said before I continued. “But, I have admit, that my bar is not just set by Emma. When I am around women in the offices and companies where my work takes me, I might take a second look at them. I might listen to what they say and how they say it. I cannot help but compare them. But it is not just Emma that sets the bar high.” I stopped speaking. I needed to think if I really wanted to say what wold come next. Audrey looked as if she was anxious for me to complete this thought. I smiled and said, “Now don’t get me wrong and don’t make more of what I am about to say that what it is.” I paused as her face expressed high degree of curiosity. “I compare women that I meet to you more than Emma.” I sat back in my chair, watching a flush come over Audrey’s face. I quickly continued. “What I saw in Emma, I see in you. Audrey, I think you too are three times a lady.” I smiled. “I see how you are with Lani. Your firmness and yet your gentleness. You desire to understand her and be a role model for her. In the times you are with her, you are one time a lady.” I waited for a moment as I observed the look on her face. Surprise, tenderness, and warmth. “Then, I see your caring spirit. You are sensitive to others, always wanting to do something for other people. Working in a law office has not made you cynical. When I see the times you are wanting to help others, you are two times a lady.” I paused again. She leaned forward in her chair. “Then, I see your heart. I see a reflection of your soul. Your love of life is contagious. When I see you enjoying the beauty of the day or the not complaining when it rains, you are three times a lady.” I leaned forward again. “I see so much of Emma in your but I also see so much that is vastly different than Emma. I see you and I appreciate who you are.” To be honest, I’ve not met a woman that measures up to you. And because you are my best friend, I don’t need anyone else.”

Audrey was clearly in shock. Her hands were folded in her lap as she leaned forward in her chair. The dim light glistened off a tear that rolled down her cheek. She stood, not taking her eyes off of me. She slowly walked toward me so I stood. She reached out and I gave her my hands. “Geoff, those were the most precious words anyone has ever spoken to me. I don’t know what to say.” I squeezed her hands gently. “Audrey, you don’t have to say anything. You are a very special woman. You are a great mom. You are a good person. And I am blessed that I have you as a friend.” We stood facing each other, holding hands, without speaking. We both smiled. Finally, she spoke. “Geoff, I don’t want you to get me wrong and not make more out of what I am going to say that what it is.” She smiled as she repeated the words I had spoken to her. “But I need to ask you a very big favor.” I quickly responded. “Anything.” She paused, glancing over to the sofa, almost gesturing with her head. “Would you hold me? I need to be held right now.” Without replying, I stepped toward the sofa and sat down so that my right arm rested on the sofa arm. She stood in front of me as if she was trying to decide how to sit. I gave her my hand and guided her to sit next to me. But I guided her so that she sat with her back to me. Then, I took her shoulders and pulled her back so that her back rested on my right arm. I then turned her so that her knees were folded and laying against the back of the sofa. Her chest was now against my chest which let her naturally lean her head on my right shoulder. She pulled her arms up to her chest and I cradled her in my arms. After a few seconds, I felt her body relax and her entire weight seemed to rest against me. My arms were wrapped around her as she began to breath softly. I thought she might even go to sleep but she spoke quietly. “You feel good.” I smiled and replied, “You feel good, too.” With those words I began to move my hands gently and softly up and down her back. My fingers were dancing across the fabric of her top. She seemed to cuddle closer. “It’s been a long time since I was held.” I nodded. “It’s been a long time since I held someone.” I knew this was not the time to even think about Lani being held in my arms as we lay naked in the bed.

For a long while, we sat on the sofa with Audrey cradled in my arms. I continued to caress her back, my left hand and arm moving up and down. Audrey shifted and put her right arm around my neck. “You are a good man, Geoff Randall,” she whispered. I kissed the top of her head, smelling of her hair. With her right arm lifted up to my neck, my hand and arm slowly moving up and down her back, I noticed that my arms now brushed against her right breast as it pressed against my chest and pushed out to the side. It seems that Audrey felt the contact as well. After a few minutes, she turned a small bit, allowing more of her breasts to be turned toward the movement of my hand. Now, it was obvious that my hand was very slightly brushing near the nipple of her right breasts. As I moved across it, Audrey breathed in and shifted her position a little more. It was obvious she wanted the touch so I became a bit bolder. I moved my hand from her back to her side. As I went down, the back of my hands brushed down her breast. Moving up, I moved around a little more so that my hand actually pushed against the breast. Again, Audrey breathed a sigh. On the next pass, I used my fingers to massage the side of her breast. She shifted a bit more as I began my upward movement from her waist. She lifted her face from my shoulder and we looked eye-to-eye. My hand slowly moved up and I covered her breast with my hand, massaging it, lifting it, allowing my fingers to tease the nipple. She closed her eyes and sighed again. I continued massaging, letting my fingertips trace around her nipple. I lowered my hand and slid it under her shirt. I moved up her skin until I was able to cup her breast in my hand. It was full and heavy but not overly sagging. I lifted, massaged, and squeezed. I played with her nipple, which was now very hard. After a few minutes, Audrey was shifting her legs. I was thinking that she was feeling the sensation between her legs. I continue to massage her right breast. Then, she pulled away from me, allowing me to pull the bottom of her shirt over her head, leaving her torso fully exposed. As she sat up, I was able to bring my right hand to her left breast. Now I was massage both of them, lifting, squeezing, teasing the nipples. She breathed deeply with eyes closed. I guided her to shift her position which put more room between us. I leaned down, lifting her right breast, and put my mouth over her nipple. My tongue danced over the erect nipple and I began to gently suck the areola and dance my tongue over the nipple as I sucked it into my mouth. She moaned louder, putting her hands behind my head, encouraging my ministrations to her breasts. Sucking, teasing, massaging, I continue to focus my attention on her beautiful breasts. She was responding by breathing heavily and moaning louder.

While keeping my mouth attached to her left breasts, I moved my hands down to the elastic band around her waist. I slowly slid them down. Audrey raised her hips to allow me to slip her bottoms over her hips. I realized she had on no panties. I moved them over her legs with her help and dropped them on the floor. My left hand now moved down her right leg. I slowly went up and down, going down further with each pass. I made it to her ankle and moved up slowly. On the next pass, I put my hand between her legs at her calves. She spread her legs as I moved my fingers up passed her knees. I moved up and down on her inner thigh, stoking her right leg, then the left. After a few moments of this, I move my hand up to her pussy. I was surprised to find that she was shaved except for a small strip above her pussy. My fingers found the folds of her labia and I began to caress the soft, puffy flesh as I continue to suck her breast. “Oh,” she said softly. As my fingers moved up and down her lips, she raised her hips as if inviting to be delve deeper into her love canal. I pushed my middle finger between her lips and find her wet in the recesses of her fold. I moved up and down, pushing a little deeper each time until I was able to I insert my finger into her wet and surprisingly tight hole. I thought she would scream. She laid her head on my shoulder, moving her hips with the movement of my fingers. It was when used my index and fourth finger to separate her lips and moving my middle finger to her clit that she did cry out. “Oh, my,” she moaned through her breath. She turned her back against the arm of the sofa, fulling opening her legs to my hand. I move my mouth from her right breast and began to suck her left one. I sucked harder as my right hand moved faster. My middle finger gently attacked her clit, making circles, rubbing across it. I would move down and push my finger all the way into her pussy and pull it out covered with her juices. These I used to lubricate he clit. I move faster and she responded by moving her hips faster and moaning louder. I opened my mouth wide, sucking in as much of her breast as I could. My tongue stroked the nipple that was pulled in as deeply and I could get it. She began to breath harder, moving faster, her hips pushing up and down. I pushed my finger deep into her and allowed my palm to push against her clit. She began to gasp. I felt her legs stiffen and her body convulse. I moved faster and sucked harder. Her body went into an uncontrollable spasm as she cried out. I felt her pussy tighten around my finger and I pushed keep, feeling the juices building deep within her. I slipped a second finger in and moved faster, finger fucking her. She cried out again as shudder after shudder swept over her. After was seemed like minutes, she began to calm a bit. But I continued my movement, returning to her clit. I used my middle finger to rub the ridge that is just above the clit. She responded with movement. The faster I moved, the more movement she added. Again, I felt her body begin to shudder. She cried, she moaned, she gasped as her body became rigid. I continued rubbing her pussy, pushing deeply within with two fingers. I could feel her cum leaking out over my hand wave after wave of spasm swept over her. Finally, she collapsed. Her legs stretched out, her arms limp. She once again laid her head on my shoulder as her breathing slowed and returned to hear normal. I removed my hand from between her legs. She flinched as my fingers touched her clit. I am sure it was sensitive. I wanted nothing more than to bring my fingers to my mouth to taste them but I resisted the temptation. I wrapped my arms around her and allowed her to experience that physical and sexual utopia. Neither spoke for some minutes. Then, she raised her head, “Thank you,” she whispered. “My pleasure,” I responded. I kissed her on the forehead. She put her hand behind my head and brought my lips to her lips. It was a soft, gentle kiss. “I’m not sure what just happened,” she said softly. She had what I interpreted as a worried look in her eyes. “Can I try to explain?” She nodded, “I wish you would.” I smiled, “Well, one friend just met a need of another friend. I think there is nothing more special than knowing that when you need something, there is one person you can count on to meet that need. No conditions. No surprises. No apologies. Just friendship at its best.” I kissed her forehead again. “That is what just happened.” She started to speak, “But you have needs too...” I put my finger to her lips, the finger that was just keep inside her pussy and still had the scent of her sex. “Shhhh. There’s no need. This is for you. Enjoy the moment and know that this is not about me and what I need. This is about you and what you needed tonight.” Audrey smiled and sighed, “In case no one has told you lately, you are a good man, Geoff Randall.” I pulled her into my arms, guiding her head to my shoulder. Once again she bent her knees, leaning them to the back of the sofa. I noticed a large wet spot on the fabric but that would have to be dealt with later. Now it was time for Audrey to enjoy the feeling of her body being totally relaxed. I leaned down and whispered, “I love you, Audrey. I’m always here for you.” She cuddled more into my arms and moaned out, “I love you, too.” After a few minutes she was asleep. I held her for almost twenty minutes. The music played softly and my laid my head back. Although I had just done for her mother what I had repeatedly done for Lani, my thoughts were for the daughter. I didn’t know what this night would do to the relationship I had with Audrey. I felt it was raise it to a new level of friendship and closeness, but not romance. But I was certain that if Lani found out about what had happened, she would be crushed. I don’t like keeping secrets but I knew that this time with Audrey had to remain our special night. Unlike with Lani, I did not think this would happen again with Audrey. But I was almost certain that my changed life with Lani would continue.

I didn’t see Audrey or Lani for the next several days. I wondered if Audrey was avoiding me, feeling uncomfortable about what happened. I would see her car pull out of the drive in the mornings, taking Lani to school and going to work. Although Lani came over one day after school, Audrey made no contact. Lani was her usual self. It was almost like she was two people. She was the school girl, full of life and energy, sometimes giggling, other times moody. Then, it seemed she could transform into the very sexy young woman, expressing desire and sharing pleasure, at ease with a man almost old enough to be her grandfather. In either role she was comfortable with me. She always kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug when she left to go home. We never discussed our sexual activity and she never acted sexy or made an attempt to seduce me. Nor did I. The times we masturbated each other just seemed to happen. It was ten days since my experience with Audrey when the phone rang on a Friday evening. “Hey, it’s me.” I recognized her voice. “Lani and I are going to get a pizza later. Do you want to come? We’d love to have you.” I was a bit taken back, not expecting her to be as she was before that evening. “Yeah, I don’t have plans. I’d love to come.” At six, I walked across the yard as they were coming out the door. I sat in the back seat of Audrey’s SUV and allowed Lani to ride in the jump seat. We ate at a popular, locally owned pizza parlor. The place was busy as usual and we were shown seats about a ten minute wait. Once seated I was able to look Audrey in the face. When our eyes met, I smiled. So did Audrey. “Thanks for the invite,” I said. Audrey elbowed Lani, “This can be our thank you for the pool party.” Lani agreed. Her mom looked at me and said, “I guess we really never got to do it properly.” There was a hint of nervousness in her voice when she said it. Lani voiced in, “Oh, yeah, I’m sorry about that Geoff. I hope you’ll forgive me for standing you like that.” I smiled at her and took her hand. “Nothing to forgive.” Before I could say anything else, Lani jumped out of her seat. “There’s Rhonda. I need to tell her something.” She was gone before a response was made. Audrey reached across the table and took my hand. “Geoff, I, uh, need to apologize for what happened. I should have never allowed myself to force myself on you.” I covered her hand with mine. “Audrey, you didn’t force yourself on me. Whatever you were feeling that night is okay. We’re friends. No. We are more than friends. I am always here for you.” I paused, thinking of how that sounded. “I don’t mean is that way. I mean, I’m your family and you are mine. Whenever you need me, I’m yours.” Again I paused, feeling my face turn red. “I don’t mean that like it sounded.” Audrey laughed and squeezed my hand. “I know exactly what you mean. I told you that night and I say it again. You are a good man. I am grateful to have you as a neighbor and a friend. Actually, more than a friend.”
She continued, “I’m not naive enough to believe we can both pretend it never happened. But I value you in our lives. I don’t ever want to jeopardize that.” I smiled, “I can assure you that you have not, nor will you ever, break what I feel for the two of you.” Audrey quickly moved her hands when she saw Lani coming back to our booth. We ordered, ate our pizza, laughed, and talked for over an hour.

As we pulled into her drive, Audrey looked back at me and said, “Care for a night cap? It’s still early.” “Sure, but I don’t want to keep you ladies up too late.” Lani jumped from the vehicle, “It’s Friday night. We can stay up late.” She ran to the house without waiting for her mom and me. After we were all inside, Lani told us she was changing clothes and ran down the hall to her room. Audrey looked at me. “I guess I better leave these on.” She was wearing jeans and a loose blouse. “You look great.” Audrey poured two glasses of wine and some juice for Lani. In a matter of minutes we were relaxing in her great room. I sat on the sofa, in the very place I sat that night two weeks earlier. I noticed that there was no stain on the cushion. We chatted, watched a silly tv program. I finally said good night and walked home. I was relieved that the sexual events had not spoiled what we shared. But I also wondered what might happen next. And with whom.

Lani’s fifteenth birthday coming up. I asked Audrey if I could help in anyway. She told me that she was planning a party for Lani and could use some help. Over the next week we gathered decorations. Lani was excited about becoming a year older. She was also developing a body that looked very little like a school girl. Her breasts were bigger and her hips had taken on shape. What I noticed most were her legs. Because of her athletic activity they were well toned. She was a stunning young girl and she was reminding more of her mother. The day of the party arrived. I have purchased Lani a new MP3 player with her mom’s permission. I also prescribed to a music download website for her. When she opened the gift box she squealed, reminding me that she was still a teenager. She jumped up and ran over to me, giving me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. I felt her breasts press into my chest. I had to stifle the thought of wanting to spend time caressing them. As it was, my cock made a slight movement in my pants. The party was a success. As it was ending, Lani came to Audrey in the kitchen and asked to go to Beth’s house for the night. Her family had just purchased a large LCD tv and they were going to watch some “chick flick” in HD. Audrey agreed for her to go and Lani ran to pack a bag for overnight. As she was leaving the house, she went into the kitchen to tell her mom goodbye. I was in the great room with a trash bag picking up paper plates and cups and other left-overs from the party. Lani approached me, her earphones around her neck. “Thank you so much, Geoff.” She looked over her shoulder toward the kitchen. Then she put her hand behind my head and gave me a kiss on the lips. Her tongue caressed my lips and she lingered for a moment. “You’re great,” she whispered before turning and running out the door.

With the house put back in some kind of order, Audrey walked into the great room and collapsed on the sofa. I was sitting at the other end. “Whew!” she sighed. “Oh to be fifteen again.” I laughed. “I’m not sure I had that much energy when I was her age. I know I don’t have it now.” Audrey put her feet on the sofa between us. “I shouldn’t have worn those new shoes. My feet can feel it.” Without thinking, I reached over and began to massage her feet. She moaned, encouraging me to turn toward her and really begin rubbing her feet with more pressure. She was wearing a pair of short and a blouse. She scooted down a bit, laying her head on the sofa are, extending her feet more toward me. I rubbed one for a bit and then the other. “I think you could make a second career out of doing that,” she said softly. “I think I’ll just enjoy retirement.” I continued to rub, moving up her ankles to her calves. She sighed every few minutes and my fingers pressed deep into her toned calf muscles. I adjusted my position so I could reach her knees. “You know, I actually took a massage class once,” I told her. “Years ago Emma and I were members of a wellness center. We used to give each other massages.” Audrey opened her eyes, “You were a good student.” I decided to be a bit bolder. “Would you like a massage?” She did not respond for a moment, as I continued to do a deep-tissue rub on her lower legs. She finally said, “Actually, I think it would feel great.” She lifted her head off the cushion. “What do I need to do?” I thought for a moment. “Well, you need to be able to lay flat. Emma and I sometimes just used a blanket on the floor. Most of the time we used the bed.” Audrey sat up and put her feet on the floor. “Well, I vote on the bed.” She stood and I followed. As we walked toward her bedroom, she asked over her shoulder, “What do I need to wear.” I hadn’t really thought about this and hesitated. I was uncomfortable telling her that we were always nude when Emma and I massaged each other. I hesitated but finally responded. “If you really want to do this right, here’s what I suggest.” Audrey led me into her bedroom, turned and waited for me to continue. “You need to take a fairly warm shower to get the skin warm and soft, opening the pores.” She nodded. “Then, you wear whatever your comfortable with. A bikini is okay.” She seemed to muse over what I had said. “Okay,” she finally said. “I’ll go shower right quick. Is there anything else we need?” I replied, “I don’t suppose you have any massage oil, do you?” “No. Does that mean no massage?” She was frowning. “Oh, no. Just some nice scented lotion will do.” She smiled in relief. “I have plenty of that.” She turned, walked into her bathroom, unbuttoning her blouse as she closed the door. “I’ll only be a few minutes.” The door closed and I called through the door. “Do you have a large beach towel or a soft blanket to put on the bed?” She called out, “In the hall linen closet.” I went to the closet and found several beach towels that were soft and plush. I chose one and returned to the bedroom spreading the towel on one side of the bed. I realized I needed to pee. I made my way to the guest bathroom, relieved myself, noticing that my cock was a little larger than normal, though still flaccid.

I head the water stop as I walked back into the bedroom. Within a few minutes, Audrey came out of the shower, wearing a long terrycloth robe. “I’ll show you what lotions I have.” She went to a dressing table and picked up several bottles. I chose one that had a nice soft scent. “This will do just fine.” I pointed to the bed. “I put a towel out to keep lotion off your coverlet. She walked toward the bed, loosed her robe and let it slip off her shoulders. She had a towel wrapped around her. It came below her butt cheeks and I assumed she was wearing panties or a bikini bottom. “On your stomach first,” I said as she lifter her leg to the bed. The towel rose up and I could clearly see the slit of her pussy. She managed to lay down, opening the towel as she did so. Now she was on her stomach the towel laying across her body. She reached her hand down to pull the towel down over her cheeks. I could not help but admire the shape of her legs. “Okay, I’ll start with the shoulders.” There was enough room for me to sit beside her on the bed, turning so I could easily reach her shoulders and neck. I pumped lotion in to my hands, rubbing them together. I could feel the warmth of her skin as I began to smooth the creamy lotion over her shoulders. As I massaged, she moaned. “That feels good already.” Then she asked, “Are you supposed to talk during a massage?” I replied, “That’s up to you. However, personally, I have found that talking distracts from the feeling of the body being caressed and the muscles being relaxed.” “Hmmm,” she sighed. There were no words spoken after that. I worked on her shoulders, feeling the tension fade. She noticed the well toned muscles of her arms as I made my way down each one. I pulled the towel down a bit as I began to make my way down her back. I finally, folded it across her butt cheeks as I reached her lower back. I spent much time on her back, trying to reach the deepest muscles. As I pushed up, my fingers spread down the sides of her torso. I could feel the sides of her breasts, pushed out because she was laying on her front. She did not move but sighed several times.

I made my way down to the legs and applied more pressure than to her back. The larger muscles needed more work. I massaged her right leg, which was further from me. I made my way down her thigh to her feet. I spent several minutes on each foot, massaging each toe. Audrey giggled. “Sorry,” I whispered as I continued to massage. The pleasant scent of the lotion floated in the air. I moved to the left leg and made my way down slowing working with the muscles, feeling her relax more. After I finished with her left foot, I applied more lotion and began moving up her legs, rubbing firmly using the palms of my hands. I began at the foot and slowly went up to her thighs with both hands. My left hand was on the inside of her leg. As I moved up, she parted her legs slightly. Although I could see her pussy, I avoided touching it. I switched to the left leg and did the same. I began at her lower back and made my way up to her shoulders and neck and spent a couple of minutes kneading those areas. “You can turn over now,” I said softly. She had been so quiet I thought she might be asleep. I unfolded the towel and covered her back as she was turning over. She held the towel in place as she settled on her back, again reaching down to cover her pussy. I looked into her eyes. We both smiled and she sighed. I began with her neck and moved up to massage her temples, brushing the hair away. “Oh,” she said. “Oh, that feels nice.” As I massaged her temples with my fingers, I massaged her forehead with my thumbs. I pressed firmly over her sinus areas. Then I moved down her neck to her shoulders. I made my way down each arm, making sure the towel stayed in place. When my hands moved across her chest above her breasts, she opened her eyes. “You can move the towel if you need to.” I continued to massage her shoulders. “That’s up to you. Whatever you are comfortable with.” I paused. “Would you like a full-body?” She closed her eyes and gave a slow nod. I eased the pressure from her shoulders and slowly moved them down. I took the edge of the towel and folded it down to her lower abdomen. Only her pubic areas was covered. After applying more lotion, I began to slide my hands down the sides of her chest, not directly touching her breasts. As I moved up and down, I moved closer to her breasts until my hands cupped them. I then put both hands around her left breast and began to massage, moving my hands up, bringing them together. This motion squeezed her breast and raised up. I did this several times, each time coming higher until my fingers moved across her nipple, which responded by instantly becoming erect and hard. After several more passes over her breast, Audrey shifted a little. She gave a soft sigh. I moved to her right breast with the same slow, gentle motion. I pressed firmly but not hard with my palms, lifting the breast, forcing the areola to extend and the nipple to become erect and hard. I then put one hand on each breast and massaged from the outside, pushing them toward each other. My finger caressed her nipples. Audrey’s eyes remained closed but she moved her legs together. My cock was beginning to stir as I massaged her beautiful breasts.

I move my hands down over her torso, massaging firmly, rubbing the lotion into her skin. I then moved down her legs, beginning with the left one. I massaged firmly over the thighs and down her calf, taking my time. Again, I spent time with her feet, applying pressure to the sole. As I made my way up her left calf with my hands wrapped around her leg, moving, the motion caused her knee to bed slightly, lifting off the towel. The caused her thighs to spread a bit and I could clearly see her labia. There was a touch of moisture in the slit between her lips. I moved my hands up her leg to her thigh. Again, my hands were wrapped over her leg, my fingers were on the inside of her thigh. As I moved higher, her legs opened a little more. I avoided touching her and I kneaded her thigh muscles. I followed with the right leg, doing the same motions. As I reached her upper thigh, again, her legs spread a little more. Although the towel covered her lower body, from my vantage point, I could see her pussy and the moisture that was collecting in her slit. Audrey sighed as my fingers approached her upper thigh. Her hips raised up just a bit, seeming to meet my touch. As I moved back down her thigh she lowered herself. But, when my hands slowly pushed upward, she again met my movement by pushing her lower body up. I was not sure what this meant but I decided to take the chance. With my hands still wrapped around her upper right thigh, my fingers resting just below her pussy, feeling the warmth, I leaned over. “It’s full body, if you want.” Without opening her eyes, she smiled slightly and nodded.

I moved my hands down her leg to her knee, before bringing them up again. Only this time, I went far enough to feel her lips against my finger. Again, I moved down the up. But I went higher, moving my hands up over the top of her leg and up to her stomach. I slowly pulled the towel away and gazed at the most beautiful body I have ever seen. I applied more lotion and began to massage her lower stomach, just above her pubic area. She was shaved except for a narrow line above her pussy slit. My hand brushed over the top of her pussy. Then, I moved both hands to the inside of her legs, my palms massaging the soft, smooth skin. This motion caused her to spread her legs, inviting my touch. I shifted my position so I could better reach her. I brought my right hand up her leg and covered her pussy, moving slowly up and down, my palm pressed against her labia. She responded by moving her hips. I moved my palm up, allowing my middle finger to slide between her labia. I then moved up and down slowly. I pushed my finger in deeper, feeling the wetness that had collected. As I moved up and down slowly, I pushed the tip of my finger into her pussy hole. This brought a stronger reaction as she sighed and moaned, bringing her hips up to meet my movement. I continued this for a couple of minutes while my other hand moved slowly over her lower abdomen. I pulled my hand up, my middle finger resting on her clit, which was obviously responding to the stimulation. Her pussy was wetter and I moved down again. Audrey’s breathing increased in speed and deepness. Her head turned slightly to the side as she spread her legs. My finger continued to caress between her lips and over her clit. I then, lowered my left hand down, using my index and fourth finger to spread her lips. My middle finger rested on her clit and began to caress, making circles around it and moving up and down across it. As I did this, I pushed my the middle finger of my right hand into her pussy. Moving in and out slowly, I went deeper and deeper with each stroke. I then pushed a second finger into her now soaking wet hole. They slide in easily as her movements matched my strokes. I continued this for another minute as Audrey became more stimulated. Now her breathes were more broken as she moved faster. She moaned, moving her head back and forth. I continued my hand movements as I could tell that she was getting closer to an orgasm. I increased the speed of my movements slightly. Now her body was moving more. Her breasts were almost swaying as her hips pushed up against my hands. I leaned over and covered her left nipple with my mouth. I sucked the areola firmly, causing the nipple to extend in my mouth. My tongued danced over it, feeling how hard it was. This put Audrey over the edge. She cried out and began to shudder. Her body rocked, forcing me to make the effort not to lose contact with her pussy and clit. “Oh, Oh, Oh,” she moaned. Her head went back, her body raised off the bed and stiffened. Her legs tried to close on my hand but I managed to keep my fingers thrusting into her pussy. The juices began to flow and I felt my hand become wet with her cum. I continued to rub her clit, trying to keep us a pace that would make her orgasm last. As the spasms began to recede, I continued my movements. Within thirty seconds, her body stiffened again and she cried out. I moved my mouth to her other breast, sucking firmly, teasing the nipple with my tongue. I don’t think I have known of a woman’s orgasm to last so long. Of course, my experience has been somewhat limited in my adult life. Audrey continued to moan, as a third set of spasms swept over her body. Her pussy was flowing out cum as I felt the tightening of her muscles on my fingers. I pushed deeper and deeper, my fingers actually sloshing in the juices that were deep within her canal. As this last spasm eased, I slowed my movements, allowing my fingers to slide gently in and out of her pussy. I continued to caress her clit but more gently. After about a minute her breathing began to slow and her body relaxed. Her legs went limp. I raised my mouth from her breast and kissed her forehead. She raised her left arm, placed it behind my head, and drew me to her lips. Her open mouth met mine as her tongue pushed into my mouth. She was still breathing deeper than normal as she held the kiss. Finally, she removed her hand and I raised my head. I looked into her now open eyes as she sighed and smiled. She seemed unable to speak. I cupped her pussy with the palm of my hand and moved it slowly, still feeling the wetness that flowed from within her. I raised up and reached over her for the robe that was laying on the bed. As I spread it over her body, I noticed that her legs were still open. Her pussy was covered by the milky white cum that flooded from inside. The towel was soaked under her. I covered her feet and her body. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. “You just lay here. I’ll be right back.” She sighed as I moved to the bathroom, finding a wash cloth. I wet it with fairly warm water, not wringing it all out. I walked to the bed and pulled the robe aside as Audrey watched without saying a word. I folded the warm, wet cloth and placed it between her legs, wiping off the juices. Gently moving up and down and managed to wipe between her very red, swollen lips. I pulled the robe back over her and replaced the washcloth and returned the washcloth to the bathroom. The light from the bath was the only light in the room. I again leaned over Audrey and kissed her, this time on the forehead. Her eyes were closed. “You lay here.” She nodded slowly. I don’t think she could have gotten out of bed had their been a fire. I walked to the door and pulled it closed as I left the room. I made my way to the kitchen. I looked at my right hand. I smelled of my fingers. Even after using the washcloth I could still smell her scent, mixed with that of the lotion. I cleaned up the kitchen and took out the trash before sitting on the sofa and turning on the tv. My cock was still reacting from what had just happened. I knew that later I would need to take care of things. My thoughts could not have known that taking care of myself was something I would not have to do.

To be continued...

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