This is not a story about raw sex. It is a story of developing relationships in which sexuality plays a part. I attempted to make this as true to real life as possible.
The door bell rang and startled both Lani and me. She quickly pulled down the jersey to cover her legs. I hurried to the door. It was Mrs. Allen, the school principal. “Lani forgot her backpack, Mr. Randall.” She handed me the backpack as I stood to the side. “Come on in, Mrs. Allen.” She walked into the living area and Lani rose up to look over the back of the sofa. “How are you feeling?” Mrs. Allen asked. “I guess I’m okay. My leg and arm hurt a little but they feel better than this morning.” Mrs. Allen sat down beside her. “I’m glad to hear that. And I want to say again that I’m sorry about what happened. I hope to have the opportunity to discuss what happened with your mother.” I smiled to myself thinking that the principal no doubt knew that Audrey worked for one of the largest litigation law firms in town. “Can I get you something to drink, Mrs. Allen? I’ve got some ice tea.” She looked at me and responded, “Oh, no thank you. I need to be going. I just wanted to check on one of our best students and bring her backpack. By the way, in case you are not able to come to school tomorrow, I have your work assignments in here as well.” That brought a rather disapproving look on Lani’s face. She was a good student and made great grades. But I think she saw the next few days as something of a vacation. I knew her injuries were hurting less than she indicated to the principal.

Mrs. Allen rose to leave. I walked her to the door and wished her a good evening. I walked back to the sofa. “Well, I guess you have some work to do.” I laughed when Lani grunted her disagreement. I reached over to stroke her foot. “I’ll go clean up from lunch and see what we might have for dinner. I prepare enough for your mom to have leftovers.” I rose to go to the kitchen and Lani began looking through her backpack. The rest of the afternoon was quiet with little conversation. I don’t know what was on Lani’s mind but I could not stop thinking about what had happened earlier. I was a bit worried that I had violated any trust she had in me. But she seemed to be as ease as she worked on her assignments. I was preparing dinner when the phone rang.

“How’s my little girl?” Audrey asked when I answered the phone. “Oh, she doing okay. Mrs. Allen brought her backpack which we forgot along with her assignments for tomorrow. Also, I am certain she is anxious to discuss all of this with you.” Audrey quickly replied, “I’m anxious to discuss this with her. I want to know how three students managed to gang up on my daughter.” I could tell Audrey was venting her frustration at not being able to be there for Lani earlier. I allowed her to blow off steam before I asked her about dinner. “I’m back at the office. I’ll be home about 7:00 p.m. if you two wish to wait.” “Great,” I replied. “I’m preparing a dish with chicken. We’ll wait for you.” We said our good-byes. I heard the clothes dryer buzz and went to remove the clothes that were drying. I took out Lani’s skirt and shirt and put them on hangers. I took our her panties and bra and took them into the living room. “Hey, here’s your undies. You can get dressed now.” Lani looked up. “Do I have to?” I was surprised by the question. “Well, I think it is best if you do. I think your mom might not like the fact that you’ve been around here all day without panties and bra.” She rose from the sofa and I helped her pull the jersey over her shoulders. She stood there completely naked and seemed to feel no embarrassment at all. I handed her the bra. She took it and looked at me with an expression that said, “I need help.” I assisted in pulling the bra straps up to her shoulders. She turned and I hooked the back. She handed me her panties. I kneeled down, holding them. She put her hand on my shoulder as she lifted placed each foot in a leg hole. She stood straight as I pulled them up, unable to take my eyes off her bare pussy. I could still see a bit of moisture left over from her orgasm. That done, I helped her pulled the jersey back over her head and down her body. I am not sure why I did it, but I stepped toward Lani and pulled her into my arms. “You are a very special young lady,” I said softly. She leaned her head against me chest. “I like being special to you.” Then she put her right arm around me and said, “Thank you, Geoff. Thank you for being here for me.” I rubbed her back for a minute. Then she spoke. “Don’t worry about today. I’m okay. This is just for us.” I kissed the top of her head. I was not sure what to say but I know what I felt. I loved this young girl as if she were my daughter or grand-daughter. I had touched her is ways that go against all I believe. Yet, I was not sorry. I let her go and told her I would continue working on dinner. She sat on the sofa, turned on the tv, and picked up one of her school books.

Audrey arrived before seven o’clock. The table was ready and I served the meal. Lani explained what had happened at school. I told Audrey that I had to wash her school clothes, hoping they were okay. I had read the washing instructions and tried to follow them. “Oh, I’m sure they are fine.” After some more small talk, Audrey stood and picked up her and Lani’s plates. “I’m taking care of the dishes.” I tried to protest. “I have been sitting all day long. I want to stand and I might as well make myself useful.” There was a pause and I could tell a tear rolled down her cheek. “I guess I haven’t been much good for anybody today.” I walked over the Audrey and put my arm around her. “Hey, don’t say that. You had to work. You had no choice.” She leaned against me, wiped away the tears, then moved to the sink and began washing dishes while I put the left-overs away. Audrey and Lani later went the their home next door. Lani was able to walk without too much discomfort.

I prepared for bed with Lani on my mind. I still could not imagine how I allowed myself to bring her to an orgasm. But as my mind played a rerun of what happened, my cock stirred. I was about to take a shower when the phone rang. I looked at the clock. It was after 10:00 p.m. My first response was panic, thinking that Lani had told Audrey what happened. Answering the phone, my heart almost stopped as I heard Audrey’s voice. She seemed upset. “I am sorry to call you so late, Geoff. Lani and I have been talking about what happened today. She’s really upset about the other kids and says she really does not want to go to school tomorrow.” I breathed a sign of relief. Before I could respond, Audrey continued. “I know this is asking a lot, but could you look after her tomorrow. I would take the day off if I could but I have to work on the follow-up of our trip yesterday.” Without hesitation I replied. “Sure, Audrey. I have a couple of errands to run but if she is okay with driving around with me for a bit, I’ll be glad to look after her, not that she really needs looking after.” Audrey thanked me and we said our good nights. I showered and went to bed. I have slept nude for years. Emma and I enjoyed feeling our bodies touching even after so many years of marriage. As I climbed between the cool sheets, my mind once again went to Lani. I wondered what she was thinking as she went to sleep. The image of her body, her small but firm breasts, her bare pussy, the way she looked when she experienced the orgasm. Again, my cock stirred. As I drifted into a deep sleep, I wondered about what tomorrow would bring.

The doorbell rang at 7:45 a.m. I opened the door to find Lani standing with her backpack. Audrey was in her car waiting in the drive. I waved to her as she backed into the street and headed for work. Lani walked passed me and laid her backpack on the sofa. “Mornin’,” I said. “Hey,” was her reply. “Thanks for letting me stay. I really don’t want to see anyone at school today.” I walked to her and put my arm around her. “I understand, but you don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. Those other kids are the ones in trouble.” She looked at me, “I know, but I know everybody will be talking about it and I really don’t want to talk about it.” I walked toward the kitchen. “Well, you certainly don’t have to talk about it here. Make yourself at home.” I looked back over my shoulder, “Do you want some breakfast?” She followed me saying, “No, I ate with mom, but I could use some juice.” I laughed as I said, “Hmm, taking up drinking a little early in the day aren’t you?” I poured some grape juice and handed it to her. She sat at the table as I poured myself a cup of coffee. I sat with her at the table and looked at her beautiful face as she sipped her juice. In some ways she was still a little girl. After yesterday, I also saw her as older. Her body was that of a 13 year old but she seemed more mature than your average adolescent. “Do you need to do school work?” She nodded. “I have a little I could do.” I asked her, “Is there anything in particular you would like to do today?” “Not really,” she said. But I was wondering. She hesitated as if unsure to continue. My look of waiting must have encouraged her to say what was on her mind. “Do you mind if I put on the jersey again? I really liked wearing it.” That was the last thing I expected to hear. “Sure, if you want. I have several. You can choose from them if you want.” I smiled at her, wondering what was on her mind.

I finished my coffee and she finished the juice. I said, “Well, you want to look through my wardrobe?” She stood and followed me toward my bedroom. I noticed she was not limping and the bandages on her leg and arm were smaller with less gauze wrapping. “How’s your arm and leg?” I asked as I opened my closet and began looking through my shirts. “They’re okay. I don’t really hurt so much.” I stepped aside and motioned to the closet. “Take your pick,” is said as I gestured. The jerseys are hanging on the right. I stepped into the bedroom as she began browsing through my clothes. I sat at my computer and checked my email, ignoring what she was doing. I turned as she spoke. “Can I wear this one?” She was holding a short sleeved denim shirt. It was an older one, made soft by many washes. It was one of my favorite old shirts and normally wore it when I wanted to dress casually with chinos. “Yeah, that one’s okay if you like it.” She smiled and disappeared into the closet. I read a couple of emails when she spoke. “How’s this?” I turned to see her folding the shorts and shirt she had been wearing. What shocked me was that she was also folding her bra. What brought even more surprise was that I caught a glimpse of a pair of pink panties folded with her shorts. “Looks nice.” My shirt was actually shorter on her legs than the jersey had been. My cock stirred as I looked at the slender legs which were beginning to take shape. The front of the shirt was just about half-way down her thighs. But the sides of the shirt were cut up a it and exposed her upper thigh almost all the way to her hips. “If we go out I think you’ll need to put your other clothes back on. But, you can wear that around the house, okay?” She walked toward me and stood beside my desk chair. “Sure. This just feel nice.” I closed my email, turned toward her and said, “ So, what’s on your mind?” The look on her face indicated that she had something planned. “Why don’t we watch some tv or a movie?” I smiled, stood, and we walked toward the living room.

Lani plopped down on the sofa. The shirt rose up on her legs. “Anything particular you want to watch?” I asked. “Not really,” she said. “Whatever you want to watch.” I punched a couple of buttons on the remote. “I usually like to watch the news just to see what is happening. Is that okay?” She said, “That’s fine.” I sat on the sofa as my favorite news channel came on. As I sat, Lani turned, laying across the sofa. Her head was on a cushion against the armrest. Her legs stretched out toward me. She raised her left leg and pointed to her bandage. “See, my leg is better.” Her left leg was up off the sofa, spread out to show me her bandage. She had bent her right knee, resting it on the back of the sofa. I could clearly see her pussy. “I’m glad it’s better,” I managed to say. The shirt had ridden up and her upper thighs were uncovered. She lowered her leg. I have no doubts she was noticing that I gazed at her pussy. It was obvious that this was her intent. I became emboldened and stated, “I see you are not wearing your panties today.” She smiled slightly. “Yeah, I like the feeling. Do you mind?” I shook my head. “No, not if you don’t.” I reached out and rubbed her left foot which was almost touching my leg. As I continued my caresses, I moved to her calf. She smiled, welcoming my attention. “That feels good.” Then she added. “I felt good yesterday.” All I could say was, “I’m happy.” My hand went higher up her leg and I leaned toward her a bit. She bent her left knee, opening her legs even more. The slit in pussy opened a bit and I could see pussy hole. Then she asked, “Would you make me feel good again?”

I am sure my face flushed. I had to ask, “Are you sure you want this? You know I shouldn’t be doing this?” She smiled. “I know, Geoff, but no one is going to know.” I slid closer to her and my hand went even higher, caressing her inner thighs. Lani moved down a bit, getting closer to me. Her left foot was resting on my leg very near my hardening cock. She pulled the shirt up and then, she began unbuttoning it. She started with the lowest button and slowly moved up the shirt. When all the buttons were undone, she opened the shirt, exposing her breasts. I thought I would blow my load right then. My fingers gently caressed her legs. I moved up to her stomach and made circles across her abdomen area. She sighed softly and moved her body in response to my touch. I moved my fingers down and lightly caressed her pussy. I moved my thumb up and down over her slit, feeling the moisture that was already collecting there. I used my index and fourth finger to separate her lips. Her pussy was small and fully open and my middle finger began to move up and down . I pushed slightly into her hole and moved it around. Lani was beginning to moan softly and move around. I moved my finger to her pink clit. She jumped slightly and moaned louder. I rubbed is softly, making circles and moving up and down. I would rub down to her asshole and back up to her clit. I pushed into her pussy as far as I could go, then I would rub her clit. She was moving more and breathing harder. I shifted so I could reach her more comfortable and I moved my free hand to my cock which was now hard and pressing again my shorts.

Lani moaned and moved faster. A cloudy liquid was draining from her pussy. I used it to lubricate and I move up and down. I could tell she was getting close so I moved back to her clit and began to rub it faster. Lani bucked her hips up and down with my movements over her clit. Suddenly her legs stiffened. She raised her hips up off the sofa and began to moan loudly. She opened her mouth, breathing harder. And then, the feeling swept over her body. The spasms continued and the juices flowed from her small hole. A wet spot appeared on the sofa as she continued to buck and rock, almost crying out in pleasure. I continued to rub as she seemed to calm a bit. But within seconds, she began again. She screamed out and her body shuttered. Her legs stretched out and she tried to bring her knees together. I move my free hand to her left knee and prevent her from closing up on my hand. I continued to rub her clit as she finally began to calm. I slowed the movements of my finger, moving it down to her hole, gathering the juices that were flowing. Lani was breathing hard, her eyes closed, her mouth open. Her hands had moved to her breasts and she was softly caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples.

As she calmed, her legs relaxed, falling open. I had complete access to her pussy. I surprised myself when I leaned over, placed my mouth between her legs and licked her pussy, my tongue scooping up the liquid that flowed from her pussy. She flinched when the tip of my tongue touched her clit. I knew she was exhausted so I did not continue to lick the small, pink pearl. I pushed my tongue into her hole, tasting the sweetness of her wetness. After one final lick up the full length of her pussy, I raised up. Lani was looking at me, still taking deep breaths. I licked my lips and said, “Mmmm.” She almost laughed as she seemed to unconsciously rub her hands over her breasts. “Oh,” she said. “What was that?” I smiled at her and spoke softly, “That was what it feels like to really have a hard orgasm.” She sighed, “I liked it. It was really heavy.” I looked at her and then said, “Lani, I know this felt good for you. But I need to tell you that it also affects me.” I put my hand down and began to rub my cock through the fabric of my shorts. “If you don’t’ mind, I need to take care of me now.” She raised up with what seemed like a worried look. “Is something wrong?” she asked. “Oh no, not wrong. It is just what happens to a man.” She had curiosity. “What do you need?” I stood, unbuttoned my shorts, lowered the zipper and pulled them down along with my boxer underwear. I immediately stood straight out. Lani’s mouth flew open. “Wow,” she said, “I’ve heard about a man’s penis but I have never seen one.” She was truly in awe. My cock was at least seven inches long, thick with blue veins visible in this state of erection. I sat down and began to stroke myself. “As much as you enjoyed the feeling you just had, I can also enjoy having an orgasm. It is different than yours but it feels just as good.” I continued to rub and she rose to her knees, leaning over to watch what I was doing.

“Can I help?” She sat next to me and reached for my cock. I removed my hand and she wrapped her fingers around me. “Wow, it sure is hard.” She began to stroke it up and down as she had seen me do. The feeling was unbelievable. My cock had not been touched by another person since Emma’s death. I leaned back on the sofa as Lani continued her hand movements. She looked at me. “Am I doing it right?” I breathed out and said, “Yes, sweetheart. You are doing just fine. You can use both hands if you want.” She let go long enough to stand up, step in front of me, kneel on her knees between my legs. She then wrapped both hands around my hard, pulsing cock and continued to move up and down. The precum was just beginning to leak from the tip. “Look she said, you have stuff, too.” I smiled at her amazement. She moved her face closed as if to examine the head and shape. “This is the first man’s penis I have ever seen.” I already knew that but I did not comment. “Is this what every man looks like?” I wanted to answer but I could feel my balls tighten up and I knew it would not be long. “Sweetie, if you keep doing that, I am going to have a feeling a lot like yours. And when I do, some liquid is going to come out of me and it might be a lot. I also might come out pretty hard and shoot up in the air.” She was fascinated as she continued to stroke me. “I want you to feel good like me.” I moaned. “Don’t worry, it will.” I moaned again. “You can move a little faster now.” She increased her grip and speed. I leaned my head back as I felt it building to an eruption. I breathed out and groaned as the first spurt of semen forced its way through her grip and out of my pulsating hardness. I managed to look as another stream shot into the air, falling on Lani’s hands and arm. Her eyes were wide open as she moved faster. I could barely stand it. Another two streams of cum erupted. Her hands and my cock were covered in cum. “You can slow down now,” I managed to say between breaths. I swallowed hard as I looked into the face of this angel. She was smiling as if proud of what she had caused to happen. “Wow, Geoff, that was a lot. I hope it felt good.” I was just able to nod my head and smile at her. “You did good I whispered. Thank you, sweetheart. I haven’t felt like that in a long time.” Without removing her hands and still slowly stroking me, she looked at the cum that was running down her hands and arm. “You tasted my mine. Can I taste yours?” I nodded and watched as she brought a hand to her lips and touched her tongue to the whitish cum. She seemed to be trying to decide how it tasted and she touched her tongue to her hand again. Then, she put the tip of her finger in her mouth and sucked it. “It really doesn’t have much taste does it?” I smiled. “No, I guess it doesn’t. You know, doctors say it is mostly protein.” She shrugged her shoulders and looked at the mess on my cock and her hands. “Can I go wash?” I replied, “Why don’t we just take a shower?” She stood quickly. “Sure, that would be great.”

Lani and I went to my bathroom. I finished striping off and she carefully removed the shirt she was wearing. She got cum on it but I told her it was okay, it would wash. I guess we both assumed we would shower together. After I adjusted the water and stepped in, Lani followed without an embarrassment at all. Her bandages would have to be changed but that was not problem. I picked up a cloth, wet it and began to wash her. She raised her arms and turned around as I soaped her body. She raised her legs when I began to wash there. I kneel as she opened her legs, turned toward me, and pushed her pussy out. I gently washed between her legs. Using only my fingers I soaped her up, sliding between her lips and up to her butt. She giggled a little and then moaned as I slowed my movement. Seeing how she responded I continued to rub her pussy, allowing the full length of my finger to move up and down. I finally focused my attention on her clit. My finger was slick with soap. I felt her love button become harder as I continued to caress it. Lani began moving in time with my hand, pushing toward me and pulling away. She laid her hands on my shoulder, bending her knees. Her breathing became heavier and deeper. She moaned and began to shutter. She leaned her head toward mine as I quickened my pace. She legs shook as she began to moan. I could tell she was about to collapse so I held her with my other hand, pulling her closer to me. She cried out, shivering and shaking. Her legs were weak so I pulled her into my arms. She relaxed against me as the shower cascaded down our bodies. She looked up at me with an expression of exhaustion. She managed a smile. It was then I leaned forward and put my lips to hers. I parted my lips and allowed my tongue to caress hers. She opened her lips and my tongue entered her mouth. Her tongue met mine and we kissed deeply. Water was flowing over us as we embraced. Her arms moved around my shoulders as I continued to kneel. My arms swallowed her as I held her close. I reached from behind and ran my fingers through her wet hair. She moaned into my mouth. We slowly ended the kiss and I looked into her eyes. They were like pools to ocean inviting me to dive deeply into their recesses. We both sighed and smiled. I think we were both unsure about what to do next.

I suggested we get out of the shower and dry off. As I turned off the water, Lani opened the shower curtain. I reached for a couple fo towels and stepped onto the bath mat. I wrapped one towel around me before turning toward Lani and opening up the towel and inviting her to step into it. I sat on the side of the tub and gently moved the towel over her body. I dried her off, rubbed the towel through her hair and said, “We’ll need to change you bandages.” She nodded and walked into the bedroom as I dried myself. Lani walked back into the bathroom and placed her towel and a bar. I did the same and we moved to the bedroom again. Neither one of us made in move toward clothing. The clothes she wore earlier were still folded neatly on my bed. “Can I borrow a hair brush?” I motioned to the dressing table that Emma had used. Lani looked through a drawer, found a brush, and began brushing through her hair. That she was naked was not given a second thought. I gathered the bandages and replaced the wet ones after she finished with her hair. We both walked to the living room, still without clothes. I sat in my recliner. Lani walked over to me and sat down in my lap. She curled up in my arms, laying her head on my shoulder. I wrapped her in my arms as I pushed back and raised the foot rest. Our bodies were warm and it felt good to feel her this close to me. “It felt good,” she finally said. “Yes, it did, sweetheart. But I’m not sure we can keep doing this.” She raised her head and looked at me as if puzzled. “But no one is going to know.” I smiled. “I know but I know it is not right for me to do this to you.” Again, with a voice that sounded older than her age she said, “You didn’t do anything to me. What we did we did together. If may seem wrong to others but right now I feel very good and I feel what we did was right for us.” She laid her head back down. “Anyway, I need to learn about sex.” I hugged her close and caressed her arms as we sat very still, enjoying the moment.

We remained in my recliner for a while. Lani even dozed off in my arms. When she awoke she stretched her arms out. Her breasts pushed out a bit, her areola were puffy and pink. Her nipples were a bit darker. I wanted to reach down and put them in my mouth but I resisted that temptation. I thought Lani had experienced about all the “sex leaning” she could handle for one day. We got out of the chair and went to the kitchen. I poured us both a glass of juice with ice. The rest of the morning was spent in the living room. She worked on school assignments and I worked on my lap top with some proposals for a company. Every now and then I would glance over at her. She was stretched out on the sofa, her knees bent as a rest for her text book. She would read a while then write for a few minutes. Her legs were positioned so that I could see her pussy lips. They were puffy and pink. Although she was basically bare, there were the signs of pubic hair beginning to grow. Once she looked up and caught me gazing at her. She smiled as if she appreciated the fact that I found her worthy of looking at. I was more than looking; I was drinking in her beauty. I caught myself wondering where this new relationship was going. I thought for a minute about the ultimate experience but I quickly dismissed that. She was not ready for having an erect cock penetrate her innocent and virgin womanhood. She may have wanted to learn about sex but that lesson would have to wait, some years I was hoping. I even doubted that I would be the one to teach her what love making was really like.

The phone rang. I looked at a wall clock and noticed it was a few minutes after noon. I was surprised at the time. I guess it really does fly when you are having fun. I reached for the cordless table phone and said “hello.” “Hey, it’s me.” It was Audrey. Suddenly I felt very exposed and a bit guilty. I knew she could not see me but my heart raced as she spoke. I sitting here naked with her naked daughter. She’s chatting away with the man that brought her sweet little girl to several powerful orgasms. I caught myself drifting in thought and focused again on what Audrey was saying. “Oh, we’re fine. She’s doing homework and I’m working on a proposal. I didn’t realize it was already lunch time.” She laughed as she said, “Then it is true that time flies when you’re having fun.” I wanted to respond by saying, “You’re telling me,” but I resisted. “Can she talk?” I looked over at Lani who by now realized it was her mom on the phone. She laid her book and writing paper to the side. She spread her legs to get up, exposing her precious love canal to me. She smiled as she walked toward my chair as if she enjoyed looking at her. I handed her the phone. “Hi, mom. What’s happening?” I could only hear one side of the conversation but it seemed like typical mom-daughter chat. “That would be okay with me, I guess. I certainly don’t have a date?” She looked at me and made a face. Her mom had told her she could not date until she was sixteen. Obviously, Audrey’s experience with Lani’s father made her very cautious. After the last two days, I agreed with this mother’s restrictions. They chatted for a few more minutes before Lani handed the phone back to me. “It’s me again,” I said as this adolescent beauty returned to her studies. I watched her very tight and slender ass as she walked toward the sofa. I could not believe my cock twitched. I had experienced all the sex training I could handle in one day. “No, Audrey, she’s no bother. If she causes problems I’ll put her in time out.” I laughed as Lani cut her eyes in my direction. She raised her hand and moved her finger back and forth as if to say, “No way.” I smiled and winked at her. Audrey explained that she was going to get off a little early and would pick up Lani about three o’clock. The two had planned a trip to the mall and eating out. Audrey invited me but I declined. “Well, I appreciate the invite but I think tonight needs to be ladies’ night. You and Lani need some time together without having to haul your old neighbor around with you.” Audrey laughed and said, “You’re not as old as you think. And we would never think of it as hauling you around.” I laughed a bit and replied, “Okay, you got me. I’ll tell you the real reason. I am not the kind that would enjoy a shopping trip with two lovely ladies. I can only imagine what that would involve.” Audrey laughed. I could tell she appreciated my sensitivity to the fact that she and her daughter had spent little ti me together since she was given a nice promotion in the firm. Although it meant more money, it also required more time. We said our good-byes. I asked Lani if she wanted lunch. She nodded. “I also think it would be a good idea for us to get dressed.” She laughed. “Well, I guess being naked is a good excuse for going shopping.” We went to the bedroom where we dressed. We had a sandwich and chips for lunch.

I spent the night alone. Well, as alone as a man can be with thoughts of a thirteen year old girl dancing around in his head. I replayed in detail the events of the past two days. I almost caught myself reaching out for her. I licked my lips trying to taste the juices that flowed from her pussy. My cock stirred but I said aloud, “Not tonight, my friend. You’ve got to rest tonight.” I went to sleep with an erection and a smile on my face.

Being the weekend, I knew I would not see Audrey or Lani since Audrey always reserved these days from work for she and her daughter. I waved across the yard at them as they were leaving on Saturday afternoon. On Monday Lani returned to school. I was looking out my window, sipping coffee, when I saw Audrey’s car pull out the drive. I noticed that Lani looked toward my house as they passed by. With a return to her busy school activities, Lani stayed busy and so did I. Even while working I had images of her innocent, adolescent body laying on my sofa. I had to force myself to concentrate on my work. Over the next couple of weeks, Lani came over several times in the afternoon. Audrey came with her once to bring me a piece of pie she had cooked. I was afraid that my effort to make my relationship with Lani look normal revealed that something had happened. I saw no signs of curiosity on Audrey’s face. Lani acted like she had always acted. We would hug when she came in the door and she was full of life and energy, talking about school. Audrey told me she discussed what had happened with the principal and she was satisfied that the correct actions had been taken. Lani had no more problems with those particular kids.

I had to go out of town for a couple of days to visit a company that had contracted me for a consultation. I pulled back into my drive, walked in the house, and sat down my bag. Within five minutes the phone rang. It was Audrey. “Geoff,” she began, “I know you are busy but I need to ask you a favor. If it doesn’t suit, please tell me. I can make other arrangements.” I laughed and replied, “It’s okay, Audrey. What do you need? You know I am available to help in any way I can. You’re family.” She then told me she needed to go out of town the next day with two associates. It involved an important case her firm was handling. She would be away at least one night, maybe two. Then she asked if Lani could stay with me. My heart began beating faster as she explained about getting her to school, sports practices, and cooking for her. Again, I was able to laugh. I reminded her again that we are family and I would be happy to take care of her. I explained that I had just wrapped up a contract and would be free for the next few days anyway. Having Lani would give me something to do. She thanked me and said I needed to pick Lani up after her cheerleader practice at school the next day. I agreed, hanging up the phone with thoughts running through my mind. In one way I was excited; in another somewhat anxious, maybe even fearful. I decided I could not make plans for anything to happen between us. I would leave that up to Lani.

The next afternoon at 4:30 p.m. I was at the school gym. Minutes after I arrived, girls came out the door in their cheerleader uniforms. All were cute, come were even pretty. Their body shapes varied as is common with girls that age. I saw Lani, her backpack slung over her shoulder, waving at the others, laughing and almost running toward my car. She opened the door, sat her backpack on the floor and straddled it. “Hey,” she said with a big smile. “Hi.” I smiled back. “How was practice?” She was excited, “It was great. We’re working on a new routine for the next game.” As I drove she tried to describe for me the movements. I just laughed and told her she was not talking a language I understood. “I’ll show you when we get home.” The topic of conversation turned toward food for dinner and what was on tv that night. “Do you have homework?” I had visions of her laying on my sofa, completely nude, working on assignments. “Yeah, a little. But it’s not hard and I can do in quickly.” I pulled into the drive and we both got out of the car. “Here, hold this,” she said, handing me her backpack. She then ran across the grass, raised her hands and did a series of somersaults across my lawn. I was amaze at how high she could jump and how fast she was moving. She planted both feet and did a backward flip through the air. Her short uniform skirt flying up to reveal her matching shorts. Her legs were beautiful, still slender but taking more shape as her muscles developed. She asked, “How was that?” I smiled and said, “Better you than me.”

Lani told me she would go to her house next door and change clothes. When she returned she had on shorts and a tank top. She had a small bag for the night. We prepared dinner and ate, chatting about all sorts of things from politics to boys at her school that she didn’t like and teachers she did. Following dinner, we returned to my living area. I once again sat in my recliner while Lani spread across the sofa with her back to the arm. She had her knees bent. I could see up the leg of her shorts all the way to the light blue of her panties. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra because her puffy areola were outlined in the fabric. We watched tv and sometimes chatted about the program that was on. About nine-thirty, I lowed my foot rest and stated I would take a shower and get ready for bed. Lani said she would do the same. I went to my bedroom and she went to what was not called “her room.” She used the guest shower. When I finished my shower I put on a pair of cut off sweat pants and a t-shirt. I heard the water running so I knew she was still showering. I decided to read so I laid on the bed, picked up a book I was reading, and relaxed. After about ten minutes, Lani walked out of her room, down the hall, and into mine. “I’m going to bed now.” I looked up and smiled. Lani walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek. I placed my hand on her back. She was wearing a t-shirt. “Goodnight, sweetheart,” I said. “Goodnight, Geoff,” was her reply. I read for a bit longer, removed my shorts and shirt since I usually slept naked. I was asleep in a matter of minutes. I was both relieved and disappointed that nothing had happened between Lani and me.

How long I had been asleep I don’t know. I was roused from a dream by movement in the bed. I became awake enough to realize that Lani had crawled into my bed. “Are you okay?” I managed to say. “Yeah, just wanted to be close.” I dozed back to sleep. When I awoke, I was laying on my left side with Lani spooked up against me. My right arm was over her. She was holding cradling my arm, holding it against her so that my hand was open against her breast. As I became more awake, I realized she was naked and pressed against me so that my cock was resting against the back of her leg just below her ass. I stirred a bit and so did she, pushing back against me. I whispered, “Are you awake?” She softly moaned, “uh huh.” We lay like this for a few minutes. I was trying to get more awake and Lani was breathing softly. I moved my hand a bit, sort of caressing her breast. I was firm and soft. My fingers massaged softly. She breathed out a bit louder and moved her legs. I had no doubt she could feel my hardening cock. I managed to raise my head and look at the clock. It was 5:45 a.m. “What time do you normally get up?” I asked softly. Lani turned over and faced me. She looked into my sleepy eyes with her own. “I guess about six thirty.” She closed her eyes, my right arm still over her, caressing her back. I pulled her a little closer so that my cock was resting between her thighs. “You’re hard” she whispered softly. “Yeah, that happens to men in the morning.” Her eyes were still closed as she said, “I guess that’s convenient.” I wasn’t sure what she meant but I said, “Yeah, I guess it all depends on whose in the bed.” She lowered her hand and wrapped it around me, slowly stroking. “Mmmm,” she sighed. Moved my left arm and she raised her head so that it rested on it. My right hand caressed her back as I moved it down to her ass. I gently massaged her cheeks, moving up again to her lower back and back down. I then, moved my right leg against her legs. She opened them and my leg moved between them, with my thigh very close to her pussy. I slowly slid my hand down, across her thigh and around to the front. I moved it, palm toward her pussy between her legs. I the flat of my fingers, I began to caress her pussy lips. She stirred a little and continued to stroke me. I managed to slide my middle finger between her puffy labia and could immediately feel the wetness. She opened her legs more and pulled her left leg up over my right, opening her pussy to me. As she stroked, I caressed and probed her pussy, pushing my middle finger into her pussy hole. I moved it back and forth, feeling the barrier of her hymen. She was getting wetter and I pulled out and moved to her soft clit. As I began to gently rub it, she began moving her hips. Her hand moved a little faster on my cock as I increased my the speed of rubbing her clit. Within two minutes she was breathing heavy and moaning. The head of my cock was brushing her lower abdomen as she stroked. “I am going to cum soon,” I whispered. “Me, too” she said through her deep breaths. We continued our movements until I could feel her begin to shudder. She buried her face into my shoulder, her legs stiffening. She moaned loudly and she moved her hips back and forth in time with my finger’s movement over her clit. As she began her orgasm, I extended my finger into her slit and moved up and down, putting pressure on her clit and my fingertip moved in and out of her tight but wet hole. Her juices ran into my hand. She stopped stroking me while she reached her peaked but continued as the spasms subsided. She quickened her pace and I felt my balls tighten. I began to feel the pulse in my cock. I moaned as the first spasm shot my sperm onto her stomach. Lani moaned with me as continued to stroke me, aiming my hot sperm onto her lower body. After six strong spasms, I was spent. She continued to stroke me, slowing her pace, as my cock began to soften, the sensitive head rubbing against her cum covered abdomen. I jumped as the head rubbed against her. “Sorry” she said. “Oh, no, sweetheart. I just am very sensitive after I cum.”

We lay together for a few more minutes. Lani raised upon her elbow and looked into my face. “I’ve missed that,” she said. I put my right hand against her face and pulled her to me. I kissed her softly on the lips. “Me, too.” We smiled and embraced. I could feel my cum as she laid close. My thigh was still wet with her cum. “I guess we better get showered. You need to go dress for school.” She raised up, pulling the sheet off of us and looking down. “Yeah,” she said. She rubbed her cum covered tummy and spread the wetness. “Wow. You had a lot.” I looked at her, “Well, let’s just say you bring it out of me.” “She laughed as she raised on her knees and straddled me. Her pussy was now laying over my very limp cock. Her breasts were full to be so small. I took my hands and caressed them, massaging them for a moment. We got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Lani said on the toilet and peed. I needed to go as well. She finished, wiped herself with a tissue, and flushed. She stepped into the shower, looking over her shoulder. “Your turn” she said with a laugh. I stepped up to the commode and raised the lid, “Hey, don’t you know your supposed to raise the seat?” She laughed as she adjusted the water. I drained my bladder, flushed the toilet, and stepped into the shower with her. I could not believe how relaxed we were with each other. Here I am, a middle-aged man in the shower with an almost fourteen year old girl. My life with Lani was certainly taking a turn that I would never have dreamed.

Our showers finished, Lani went to her room to dress for school. I slipped on shorts and a t-shirt and headed for the kitchen. The coffee was just about finished brewing Lani walked in dressed capri pants and a pullover shirt. She set her backpack on the floor and walked to the fridge. I first thought was that she looked like a middle-schooler. Earlier, my thoughts were that she was much older than that. “I’ll pour the juice,” she said. “What do you want to eat?” “Oh, I guess cereal is okay. I’m really not that hungry.” She then gave something like a giggle and said, “You would think I had worked up an appetite.” My face flushed at her boldness. “Yeah, you would think,” I finally said. We finished breakfast, cleaned up the cereal bowls. I poured coffee into a travel mug as Lani went to brush her teeth. When she was ready I drove her to school. Before she opened the door she turned and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Our eyes met and we lingered for a moment. It seemed that there should be more to say but the words would not come. “Have a good day. What time do you want me to pick you up?” She paused before she spoke. “Oh, I forgot. I’m going over to Lisa’s house after school. Several of us are going to practice our routines. Her mom will bring me home” She looked like she was worried that I might be upset by this. “Is that okay? I’m sorry I forgot.” I smiled. “Of course it is okay. Have fun and be careful. Your mom said she would call if she could not make it home.” Lani smiled, blew me a kiss, and turned. Before I could drive away she turned back to the car, opened the door, and looked inside. “I love you, Geoff.” Before I could answer she turned and ran toward friends who were waiting on her.

Audrey called later and said she would be home. I spent the day working in the yard and cleaning the house. I also changed the sheets on the bed since the ones we slept on were obviously stained. For the next couple of weeks, life was normal. Lani dropped by to see me a few times. Audrey prepared dinner and invited me over. Every day I spent time in thought about Lani wondering just what had happened and how it had happened. It seems she was normal around her mom and raised no suspicions at all about our sexual activity. I happened to be in the yard one afternoon when Audrey drove in from work. I looked at my watch thinking she was home early. The thought occurred to me that she just wanted some time with Lani. I was about to wave when I noticed she leaned her head down on her steering wheel. She stayed like that for several minutes and I began to think something was wrong. I didn’t want to meddle in what was none of my business but I also wanted to offer help if there was a problem. As I walked across my yard and into Audrey’s she raised up. When she saw me coming, she quickly wiped her eyes and got out of the car. As I approached it was easy to see she had been crying. “Are you okay? What is wrong?” I thought what stupid questions. Obviously she was not okay. “Oh, Geoff,” she voiced before she began to cry very hard. I put my arm around her and led her to the front door. She handed me the keys and I let us in. As I closed the door, Audrey went to her sofa and sat down, placing her face in her hands, sobbing. I sat beside her for a few minutes, letting her catch her breath and wipe her face with a tissue. She breathed deeply a few times before looking at me.

“It’s my parents,” she said softly. I leaned back and waited for her to continue. I felt she did not need to be questioned. She could tell me what she wanted me to know. From previous conversations, I knew her parents had shunned her when she became pregnant with Lani. Finally, she breathed again. “I called them today. For some reason I had them on my mind. So, I called just to see how they were. My father answered the phone.” She paused. “Oh Geoff, my mother died over six months ago. He refused to tell me.” I put my arm around Audrey and she leaned into my shoulder. “I’m so sorry.” Those were the only words I could think of to say. But they did express my sorrow for her. “What happened?” She raised up to continue. “Well, I don’t really know. But I can tell you what my father told me.” She looked at me with deep hurt in her eyes. He told me she died of a broken heart. He said she was grieved over my betrayal of the family name for all these years and I am the one who caused her death.” With those words she collapsed into my arms, weeping as deeply as I have ever seen a human being weep. I held her as she cried. She started sobbing slowly and softly. I continued to hold her for over thirty minutes. I had no words to say. She finally raised her head, her eyes puffy and red. I released her from my arms and she leaned against the sofa. I rose and went into the guest bathroom and wet a washcloth with cold water. Giving it to her, she pressed it to her face, wiped her eyes, and said, “I know I look a mess.” I said nothing as I sat back down beside her. “Would you do me a favor?” “Sure.” She pointed to the phone, “Would call Rebecca Andrews’ mother? Lani is at their house. Would you ask her if Lani can eat dinner there? I don’t want her to see me like this.” As I rose she said, “The number is in the pad next to the phone.” I called and made the request. It was fine with Mrs. Andrews. As I walked back to the sofa, Audrey stood. She walked to me and put her arms around me. “Thank you, Geoff. You are truly a good man and a good friend.” She kissed me on the cheek. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug. “Audrey, I am here for you and Lani. You are my family, at least the family that I can see more than a few times a year. I love the two of you as if you were my own.” And as I said those words, the image of Lani’s naked body laying against mine shuddering through an orgasm. I asked Audrey if she would allow me to prepare dinner. She declined and said she thought she would shower and just try to relax until Lani got home. I kissed her on the cheek and went home. My mind was reeling with images of Lani. I was feeling guilt for betraying Audrey’s trust. I could never have dreamed of the events that would follow in the coming year that would change my life forever...

To be continued...

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