This is a teen gay story, if that is not your thing, do not read more. This is purely fictional, all events are my own fantasies; however the names and descriptions are 100% accurate as with all my stories.
AP Euro Trip!!

This is a teen group sex story. This gay encounter never happened, but I hope to god it will. I am writing this before the trip, and it involves my three roommates: Tom, Jeremy, Konrad and myself.
I have known I was bisexual for many years, and have both gay and straight sex fairly regularly. I have jacked off to the thought of most of the guys and girls at my school on many occasions. I have been on many overnight trips with my high school all over the country, and the globe. My next trip was in Rome, Italy. We had to break into groups of four, for room assignments, and I went with four of my best friends. Tom, an incredibly hot guy, is 15 and has the sexiest body I have ever seen. He has chiseled abs, which, every time I saw them, I wanted to kiss. He had the cutest little patches of hair under his arms, I remember the first time I saw them, we were at a pool party and he used my towel, dried himself when he was naked, cock and everything, it was great seeing him naked. His legs had a coating of blonde hair, which I had fantasies of running my hands over while I would give him head. I always loved giving blowjobs, and his cum down my throat would have been my crowning jewel. The other guy in my group was named Konrad. He had blonde hair, a sexy chiseled body, and beautifully shaped legs and ass, both with a coating of blonde hair. I had seen him as well at the pool party, and I truly loved seeing him naked, he too used my towel, he had a half boner when he rubbed my towel over his hairy cock. I love that towel. I had seen him soft in the bathroom before when he was peeing at a urinal, and he caught me looking at his dick. He just stood there a while, slowly stroking, looking at me, with me staring at his hardening cock. He worked himself to full attention and stepped away from the urinal and towards me. He asked me why I was looking at him, and asked if I liked this better. I didn’t respond, and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick. He used my hand to jack himself off, and I loved touching his fat cock.

“you like that,” he said. “ you like touching my dick?”

He stepped away, and let his pants and boxers fall, he walked behind me and rammed his hard dick into my ass, performing a mock rape. I loved the feeling, and he told me he would have to do this for real sometime, and I told him I had to have his dick inside me now. He said no, too risky, and the warning bell rang. He told me to zip his pants back up, and I got on my knees and lifted his boxers to his knees. I asked him how he liked seeing me a foot from his dick, and he replied that he liked it. I asked his how he liked this, and I licked his cock head, and sucked his head. I moved down, and took half his dick into my mouth, and then deepthroated him on my next pass. I did this several times, burying my nose in his blonde pubes; I loved the taste of his cock. I looked into his eyes and he had his head thrown back, and mouth open. I ran my hands over his hairy legs, an he moaned. He placed his hands atop my head, and pushed me down as hard as he could. I then pulled his six inch dick all the way in my mouth, and took his balls in as well. With this, he and I were in heaven, and he almost screamed, and blurted out “I’m gonna cum”. I replied, “go ahead” and sucked as hard as I could on his head. He rewarded me by shooting a massive load on my tongue. I loved his cum, and he just kept pumping as I swallowed. I drank him dry, while sucking his throbbing cock. I sucked his balls as he deflated. I pulled his boxers back up, and his pants. I did hi zipper, button and belt, all the while, my hands were on his soft dick. I loved his body. I kissed him and he tasted his own cum. The he left the bathroom and went to class, I followed. This was the first experience I had with him, and we both wanted to finish what we started.

Jeremy, unlike the others, was skinny and tall. But, the adage is true, skinny guys have big dicks. I first saw him in the bathroom in sixth grade. He had a boner, and was standing a foot from the urinal. No blowjob, but I stared at him for as long as I could, and he knew it. I continued to watch him in the bathroom, and he continued to show me. I had seen him soft as well, many times, and loved it just as much. He was pale and freckled. He was 6’2” and weighed 120lbs. But he had about ten pounds of cock. I especially loved his thick pubes surrounding his dick, which he showed me often when he peed. He was my best friend, and I knew that his girlfriend had never even blown him, so I wanted to make him cum, both for myself, and him- a public service of sorts.

On the plane, we were grouped, and the four of us were given our room assignments. I was ecstatic that I would spend two weeks with Konrad, and his cock, and the other two, I knew that I could seduce the horny boys pretty easily. We went to the hotel, and unpacked. Tom went and took a shower, while Konrad and Jeremy unpacked. Tom walked out of the bathroom naked, and I saw his hairy cock laying down, and a drop of cum at the tip. “Someone had a little fun in the shower didn’t they,” pointing to his dick and drop of cum. He said shut up, and we laughed. Konrad stripped and walked to the closet with his cock swaying between his legs, all of us watched him. Then Jeremy stripped and walked to his suitcase, and bent over to look into it, showing his red ass hole. Tom, with a little boner from being naked in front of the guys, slowly walked over, with his hand on his dick, and pushed it into Jeremy, he jumped, and cussed Tom out. He apologized, saying it was a joke, and Jeremy said he wasn’t gay and did not want another guys dick anywhere near his ass. We all laughed, and I stripped to change my boxers. They all noticed my huge boner, and laughed and joked, but Tom bent over to get into his bag, and I pushed my dick into him, and he did nothing but look back at me, so I pushed in more. Here I was with my dick buried all the way to my pubes in a guys ass, knowing perfectly well he was not gay, but I wanted to continue the joke. I stayed in him, and started to hump him. He asked what I was doing, and sayed nothing, just fucking you. We all laughed, and I did it for a few more minutes, while he looked through his suit case. He was humping himself on my dick and I was about to burst. He asked me if I was gay, and all the guys said yeah, in a questioning manner, asking the question again. I replied no, I was just horny, and your ass looked like a good place to shove my dick. He said thanks I think. And asked me if I was going to cum anytime soon, and I asked in shock, if he would let me, and he said sure, but you’re getting a big load in the face when you’re done. I said, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I grabbed his hips, and pounded Tom, while Jeremy and Konrad watched.

“ Ooohh yeah Tom, your ass is so tight, and feels so good wrapped around my dick” as I pumped him. I’m gonna cum, I screamed, and rammed into him as hard as I could, ad he went rigid. I blasted my load into him and laid down onto him and rubbed his body. I moved onto his dick, and pulled out my cock. He straightened up, and turned around. He told me that I was going to give him a blowjob, and he was going to shoot his cum down my throat, and then tonight, he was going to fuck my brains out. I got down on my knees, and replied yes master. I rubbed my hands on his legs, and sucked his balls. I ran my tongue up his six and a half inch cock, that curled upward toward his belly button. I sucked my way up to his cock head, and I kissed it and swirled my tongue over it. He put his hands on my head, and face fucked me. I deep throated him, and he was sent into ecstasy. I slowly brought him back down, and I took my mouth off. He looked at me with a pout, and I told Jeremy and Konrad to come over here. They did, and I put my hands on their hard dicks, and went back down on Tom. I blew him for about fifteen minutes more, I was amazed by how long he could last, and he went into another level of ecstasy, as I deep throated him, and took my hands off the other guys and put one on his ass, and fingered him, and used my other hand to rub his giant balls. He yelled out that he was going to cum, and I let him. Tom launched seven shots of his baby batter from the tip of his throbbing cock, to the end of my tongue. I pulled nearly all the way off so that he could watch himself bust a nut in me. He screamed, and I swallowed hard and deep throated and sucked his ultra sensitive cock head a little more, until he completely deflated and pulled out of my mouth.

I asked who was next, and Tom told me to blow Jeremy, because he already had precum on his dick, and needed some relief, He agreed to Tom’s request. I moved over to him, rubbed his legs, and licked the precum off his head, then sucked him off. I moved and bobbed my head down on him, humming all along his eight-inch shaft. I put my fingers on his hole, and he clenched up, Tom told him to let me in, it intensifies the pleasure, so he unclenched his hole, and I slowly inched my finger in, then another. I put my other hand on his balls and he instantly starter to face fuck me, shoving his cock into me with each thrust, and my fingers into him with each release. He did this for a while, then screamed that he was going to cum. I knew it had been a few day since he blew his load, because we had been traveling, but he shot gallons of cum into my mouth, and it flowed from my mouth, despite my efforts to swallow the liquid gold. It flowed into his pubes and down his legs, and into his crack. I sucked it off his balls and pubes, and off his legs, then I licked his crack between his legs, and as soon as my tongue hit his hole, he came again, all over his stomach. I licked that off, and he was speechless. Tom and Konrad applauded. I then went down on Konrad hard, and Jeremy sat next to tom on the bed, and stroked his hard dick. I told Tom to lay on the floor, and he obliged. I then mounted him, and proceeded to go down on konrad again. He loved looking at the sight, and blew his load in my mouth. I then rolled tom over, and let him do me doggy style, and I came on the ground. He then pulled out and made me turn around and jack him off. I obliged, and grabbed him hard. I stroked him a centimeter from my face, and I licked his head, and he came again on my face, I then let him lick it all off, and we kissed, and he pushed every bit into my mouth, and I swallowed it. We played tonsil hockey for a while, and our tongues danced. I loved the taste and feel of his mouth, and he broke the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“Holy Fuck,” said Jeremy, “I never thought I would have gay sex, this will be one hell of a trip. One hell of a sausage fest!”

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Very hot! Keep writing, please.

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good story write more!!

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He shoved his cock in a guy and took a cock but he said he wasn't gay?


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Hey, you brainless idiots. Obviously, most of you have the IQ of a brick and no balls. Otherwise you would be reading and writing about sex with adults instead of children. I also notice that readers and writers don't show any contact ID. What are you afraid of?

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the writing was not segregated enough, and was hard to understand

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