Be patient. The story will develop and I describe what happened over the years.
As the students’ names were called and they walked across the platform to receive their university diplomas, I feel a sense of pride and a high degree of excitement waiting to hear Lani’s name. I was sitting in the “reserved for parents” section even though I am not her parent. I am her guardian. I’ll explain how I became Lani’s guardian after I tell you a bit about the people involved in this life adventure.

My name is Geoff Randall. I am 62 years old. I am often thought to be younger than my age. I am 6'2" and am fairly fit. I exercise regularly and try to maintain good health. I have some excess weight but I am not fat or over-weight at 190 lbs. I am a business consultant focusing on office organization, efficiency, communications, etc. I make a good living. I was married to Emma for 31 years before she was killed by a drunken driver nine years ago. It was during my grief over that tragedy that Lani and her mother, Audrey, became more a part of my life. The mother and daughter had lived in the house next door to us for about four years. Lani was seven when she and Audrey moved. As I would discover later, Audrey was26. She was a single mom that had never been married. Lani’s father had abandoned Audrey as a college sophomore when he discovered she was pregnant. Although disowned and shunned by her family, Audrey managed to complete her education, earn a master’s degree, and find a well-paying job in a law firm in a large southern city. She and Lani moved next door to Emma and me when we took a job as a legal assistant in the largest law firm in city. Audrey and Lani Anders became our neighbors.

Emma and Audrey became instant friends despite the difference in ages. Their closeness was matched by the relationship that develop between Lani and me. Actually, Lani’s name is Elani Leigh but she was introduced to us as Lani. While Emma and Audrey went shopping, Lani and I worked in the yard, went fishing, and swam in our pool. I even took her to the golf course from time-to-time. She called herself my caddy. Over four years we spent a lot of time together. Audrey and Lani went on vacation with us for two years where we met our son and daughter and their families in Florida. It seemed that we were as close to them as any family could be. When Emma was killed, Audrey was there for me after my own family had to return to their lives. She and Lani became my “local” family. And our closeness grew for the next five years until Audrey developed cancer. She died only six weeks after the diagnosis. And that is why I am sitting here today in anticipation to see my lovely ward graduate from university.

But I must tell you about the years before this date and the events that I still cannot believe took place. I ask that you bear with me as I try to recall as accurately as I can the events that changed my life.

As I said, Lani was only seven years old when she and her mom became our neighbors. She was very outgoing and full of life and energy. She had dark blond hair like her mom. And she was tall for her age. I often laughed when I saw her with her school friends. She was a head taller than all the boys. Audrey was given several promotions in the law firm. I am not sure what her job entailed but she often had long hours at the office and regularly traveled out of town with attorneys to sit in on depositions, contract negotiations, and other legal activities of the firm. Her income increased but so did her need for someone to keep Lani after school. Emma and I were glad to do this. Following Emma’s death, I received a large insurance settlement which allowed me to travel less and have the freedom to work out of my home. Lani continued to spend a lot of time as our house. On occasion she had to spend the night. Our relationship seemed very natural as Lani and I often prepared a late supper for her mom. We were all relaxed together. Audrey had given the school permission for me to pick her up from school and I was the emergency contact when Audrey was not available. It was this circumstance that changed my relationship with Lani and, eventually, her mother.

I received a call about 10 am one morning. Audrey’s voice was obviously panicky. She was crying as she explained that she has received a call on her cell phone from the school that Lani had been injured. The principal told her that Lani was basically okay but had some minor injuries and she was upset. The principal would explain more when Lani was picked up. The problem was that Audrey was traveling to a deposition with two associates from the firm. She was unable to return home and she asked if I would go to the school for Lani. Of course I agreed. I assured her as best I could that Lani would be okay and I would take care of her. I asked her to call back in one hour when I would know more and could explain the situation. She agreed.

I quickly dressed in more appropriate clothes and made my way to the school. I went to the office and a secretary escorted me to the nurses room. I walked in to see a rather worried look on the principal’s face. Lani was reclining on a cot on a towel. Although I noticed the bandages on her left leg and left arm, what was more obvious was the amount of mud on Lani’s skirt and blouse, both of which seemed to be wet. She had been crying and she began to sob again when she saw me. I quickly sat next to her as she pulled herself up and into my arms. I saw mud in her hair when she laid her head on my chest. The principal’s voice captured my attention and I listened as she explained that three other students had pushed Lani, causing her to fall hard into a puddle of rain water. She cut her leg and scratched her arm on sharp gravel. In response to my questions she explained that Lani told her the other students were upset because of Lani’s grades. I asked about the other students. I was told their parents had already taken them away from the school. She assured me there would be a disciplinary hearing to address this situation.

I turned my attention back to Lani, asking if she could walk to my car. She nodded as she quietly sobbed. I told the principal that I was sure Lani’s mom would want to discuss this further but now it was more important to get Lani taken care of. The nurse quietly told me that the leg was cut and had been bleeding. She had cleaned the wound but it would need more first aid attention. She did not think it was serious enough for the hospital emergency room if I knew basic first aid. We slowly walked to the car as Lani allowed me to support her. We made it to my house and I helped her out of the car. She apologized for the mud she got on my seat. I tried to joke with her about it but she was not in the mood for that. I finally picked her up in my arms and carried her into the house. I took her to the master bathroom. She sat on the toilet seat and I tried to decide what to do. “Your mom’s going to call again in just a little while,” I told her. She nodded. I asked her if she was okay while to went for the first aid supplies. She said she was okay. During the minute I was gone she had leaned over and was removing her shoes and socks which were both wet and muddy. I kneeled to help her with her socks. She raised her leg a bit and I clearly saw mud up her leg under her skirt. “Sweetheart, we’re gonna’ have to get these wet and dirty clothes off you.” “I know,” she replied and began to stand up, putting weight on her right leg.

I looked at her with some embarrassment. “Do you need me to help you?” She shook her head, “I think so. My arm hurts.” Still kneeling, I reached up and began to unbutton her shirt. I pulled the bottom out of her skirt and began to slowly slip it off her arms. “You really got wet,” I said. “Yeah,” was her reply. Guiding the shirt over the bandage on her arm, I slid of off and tossed it in the sink. It was really then that I noticed she was standing in front of me in her bra. It was blue and had a little lace. I blushed as I realized that she had more developed breasts than I would have thought. I had seen her in the summer in her bikini and her breasts were noticeably bigger..not big, just bigger.

She made an effort to unbutton her skirt without success. “Let me help if that is okay,” I said, Again, she nodded, watching me reach up and undo the button and slowly slide down the zipper on the side. The skirt fell to her ankles and she stepped out of it, being gentle about raising her left leg. I tossed the skirt in the sink with the shirt. Again, I looked at her, unable to stop myself from glancing at her blue high rise panties. What I noticed was the mud on them. “Good grief,” I said with real surprise, “is there anywhere you didn’t get mud?” I think she thought I was blaming her and she began to sob again. “I’m sorry, sweetie, I’m not blaming you.” She looked at me. “I know, Geoff. It s just they were so mean to me.”

I stood before her and took her into my arms. She sobbed for a few minutes more. When she was quiet again I said, “We need to get you cleaned up. Do you think you can take a shower? I have a spray hose in mine and that might be easier for you.” She examined her body, seeing the amount of mud and dirt she had on her legs and panties. “Geoff, I think you will have to help me.” I was a bit shocked, not really knowing what helping would involve. “Okay, I’ll do what I can if you are okay with it.” I reached into the shower and turned on the water, adjusting it so it would neither be too hot nor too much pressure. When I turned toward her, she was reaching behind her back with her right hand trying to unclasp her bra. She shook her head and said, “I can’t do it” and turned her back to me. I know she must have felt my hands shaking as I unhook the catch and let the bra hand loose. She moved her arms forward and the straps slid down. When she turned around, she handed me the bra. She looked at me and said, “Not much to look at are they?” I didn’t know what to say. Somehow I blurted out, “Oh, they’re just fine.” What I was really thinking is how beautiful her breasts are. They were about the size of half a baseball. But the areola were full and puffy. Her nipples where small and pick. I also noticed that there was movement as my cock responded to what I was gazing at. I caught myself and quickly turned to adjust the water.

Lani slid her panties down. “Oh, these did get muddy,” she said. “I hope they will wash.” I turned toward her and she handed them to me. “I’ll let the soak in cold water for a bit. Maybe that will help.” She sighed as if to say, “Okay, now what?” I took her right arm and helped her into the shower. I couldn’t help but notice the hairless mound between her legs. I pulled the curtain partly closed. “What about my bandages?” she asked. “Let’s keep them on. I’ll change them after your shower.” I stepped to the sink and ran cold water over the shirt, skirt, and panties. Lani gasped and almost cried out. “Are you okay?” “No, it hurts for water to run over my arm and leg.” Before I could respond. “You’re gonna’ have to help me, Geoff.”

I stepped toward the shower and peered behind the curtain. “Okay, what do you need me to do?” She handed me the shower nozzle and the washcloth. “You’re gonna’ have to wash me.” I think she could tell I was embarrassed. “Geoff, it’s okay. I need your help.” I sat on the edge of the tub and began to wet and soap up the washcloth. Lani stepped closer to me as I aimed the water to her right side. “I’ll try to be gentle.” I let the water run over her arms and across her chest. It cascaded over her breasts, which made her areolas to shrivel and her nipples to perk up and get hard. She noticed me looking at them. I gently washed her arms and down her side. I asked her to turn around and I soaped her back. “Oh, sweetheart, we need to wash your hair.” I stood, reaching for the shampoo. I lathered her hair which was a little shorter than shoulder length. After rinsing it, I once again began to use the cloth over her back. I move down across her butt, doing my best not to move into her ass crack. I washed her right leg and rinsed it. “I need to clean your left leg.” She turned so I could better reach it. I could also better see her puffy mound and slit.

Slowly, gently I washed the mud off her leg and rinsed it as best I could. “The water does not hurt so much now.” “Good” is said. It was only natural that I wash the inside of her legs. I asked her to turn again and her back was too me. I started at the ankles and worked my way up with the wash cloth. I washed up her right leg and then her left. As I reached her inner thigh of her left leg, she moved her right leg out a bit, allowing more room between her thighs. “Lani, are you okay with me washing you back here.” “Yes, it’s okay.” I put more soap on the wash cloth and slowly moved up over her ass. I covered two fingers with the cloth and pushed into her ass crack. She actually opened her legs a bit more and I lathered between her cheeks. I could not feel anything through the cloth but she jumped a little as it moved across her hole.

I soaped up her back again and rinsed it well. I used my bare hand to make sure her skin was rinsed. I moved it down her back and across her butt. I held the water nozzle close to her skin and moved down her legs, using my hand to remove any traces of soap. As I moved my hand back up, she again opened her legs a bit to allow me to rinse between her cheeks. My fingers moved into her crack and I could feel her small hole. Again she jumped just a bit. “I think we have the mud off your back,” I said to ease the tension I was feeling. She turned around to face me, seeming to indicate, “Now do the front.” I had rinsed her chest but I had not washed it with the cloth. I first washed her left arm, being careful not to brush over the bandage. I was able to rinse the mud from her arms. I moved the cloth down her stomach and her sides. I washed down her right leg, rinsed it, and slowly washed the left. Most of the mud was already gone. As I moved up her legs and approached her inner thighs, her legs parted. I looked at her eye-to-eye. “I’m not sure I need to wash your private area. Hasn’t your mom told you that no one should touch you there?” She looked a little puzzled before she said, “Yes, we have had the talk. But you’re not just anyone.” With that, she moved her legs apart. “It’s okay for you.” I moved the soapy cloth up her thighs and as gently as I could, I moved it between her legs. I moved it back toward her ass and then forward. My cloth covered finger moved between her lips and into her slit. She flinched a bit. “Sorry.” “It’s okay.”

After she was sufficiently lathered with soap, I picked up the shower nozzle and began to slowly rinse her. Again, I used my bare hand as I rinse and wiped around the bandage on her arm. I rubbed her shoulders as water flowed over my hand. The soap was rinsed away. I moved slower and my hands moved across her breasts. I spread my fingers slightly as I rubbed over them. I could feel how firm they were. Again, my cock was making moves. Lani, let out a breath. “Are you okay?” “Sure,” was her reply. “I just never had anyone do that before, except mom and that was a long time ago.” “I know, Lani, and I feel awkward doing this.” “It’s okay, Geoff. I understand. But thank you for helping me.” I continued to rinse as she spoke, moving the water nozzle and my hand across her stomach, down her sides and down her legs. I moved the water up her legs, rubbing the skin with my hand as the water flowed over it. She was so soft and smooth. I could not believe how hard my cock was becoming. As I moved the water up between her legs, she parted her legs more. I turned the nozzle upward so it flowed directly over her pussy. I moved my hands between her legs, my middle finger following the slit back to her asshole. I think slowly moved it forward, sliding it between her lips. The warm water made her wet but as I moved across her pussy, I felt a different wetness. As the tip if my finger caressed her clit, she jumped slightly. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt.” As I looked up at her, she looked down at me and said, “Oh, that didn’t hurt.” She even licked her lips, seeming to imply that it was just the opposite. It felt good. I could not help myself. As the water continued to flow up over her pussy, I moved my hand back again. And, again, her legs opened a bit more. As I pulled my finger forward, I could feel the softness and the wetness of her pussy. My fingertip once again slowly caressed her clit. This time she did not flinch. I caught the sound of a slight moan or sigh as she pushed her hips forward, inviting the touch to continue.

I had gone to far. I moved my hand away and stood. “Well, I think we took care of the mud. Now, we need to dry you off and replace your bandages.” I helped her out of the shower, taking a towel and wrapping her in it. I dried her off, knowing she would be unable to do it. Being careful not to rub across her bandages, I got her completely dry. It was then it dawned on me, “Lani, you don’t have any clean clothes.” She looked at me, “Hmm. What can we do?” “Do you mind wearing one of my shirts?” “No, that will be fun.” I wrapped the towel around her. “Okay, you head for the living room. I’ll go find something for you.” She limped toward the living area. I quickly went into the bedroom and adjust my still hard cock, hoping she had not noticed. “I’m a little wet. I’m gonna’ change,” I called out down the hall. I quickly put on some loose athletic shorts and a t-shirt. I found her an athletic shirt with the name and logo of the local football team. It would be too big for her but I was thinking that would be a good thing.

I found her sitting on the sofa, the towel wrapped around her shoulders but hope in the front. I could clearly see the soft mound of her pussy. “Here, try this for size.” She dropped the towel and reached for the shirt with her right hand. “Can you help me?” I helped pull it over her head and put left arm in the sleeve. She did the right one. It slid down her body and we both laughed. It was good to know she was not is as much pain. “Let’s take care of these bandages.” I cut the cloth tape holding the arm bandage in place. I gently dried the area and applied some antibiotic ointment. She flinched a little but did not start crying. As I finished wrapping the arm the phone rang. “I know who that is,” I said as I reached for the phone. “Hey,” Audrey quickly asked about Lani. “Why don’t I let you talk to her?” I handed the phone to Lani when it came to my mind, “Is she going to tell her mom I bathed her?” “Hey, mom.” She paused a moment. “Mom, I’m okay. I have some scratches but all is okay. Geoff is getting ready to change the bandage on my leg.” After another pause, “Don’t worry, mom. I’ll be okay. We’ll explain it all later. I love you, too.”

Lani handed the phone back to me. I quickly explained what happened and told her that I informed the principal that you would be in touch. “Yeah, she’s okay. She’s a real trooper.” Lani smiled when I wicked at her. “No, but I gave her one of my sports jerseys. It’s big enough for her to camp in.” I thought a little levity might lighted Audrey’s worry. “She can sleep her but if you want to check on her when you get in that will be okay. Why don’t you call me when you get back to town. I’ll have the light on for you.” Lani was listening to the conversation. “Okay, just be careful and we’ll see you tonight.” I laid the phone down and looked at Lani. “I thought maybe I didn’t need to tell mom about the shower.” I smiled. “Well, I can see why she might be a bit concerned.” “I’ll tell her I was able to do it myself, okay.” I felt guilty about keeping this a secret from Lani’s mom but at the same time, I was thinking about my response to touching her daughter. “Let’s take care of the leg.”

As I reached for the fresh bandages, Lani pushed her left leg toward me, opening her legs and allowing me to see all the way to her pussy. What I noticed was a slight glistening in the slit. I know she saw me looking. There was a slight smile on her face when I looked at her, my face a bit flushed and my cock becoming a bit harder. “Thanks, Geoff. I’m glad I have you.” I reached out to caress her face. “Hey, we’re pals. We are here for each other when times are hard.” I changed the bandage without any further conversation. Lani watched me prepare the bandage, put on the ointment, and wrap the gauze around her leg. I am sure she also saw me steal glances at her pussy. When I finished. I clean up the bandages materials. “How about something to drink. What do you think you will like for lunch?” Lani shifted on the sofa but did not cover he legs with the jersey. She kept them open. “I don’t know. Maybe a turkey sandwich and a coke.” I moved toward the kitchen. I’ll get some juice for now. It’s a little early for lunch.”

I returned to the living room with two classes of grape juice. I sat on the opposite end of the sofa from Lani. Again, she shifted a bit, keeping her legs open with the jersey riding up above her knees as she bend her right knee.. She sighed softly, “Thanks for the shower. It was really nice. It sure made me feel better.” I reached out and touched her left foot. Rubbing it softly, I said, You’re welcome. I’m glad I was able to help.” There was a bit of a twinkle in her eyes as she said, “Maybe you’ll have to help me again.” I looked at her. “If you need me to I will.” “Yeah,” was her reply. “I think maybe I’ll need help.” After saying this, she slowly got up with a slight groan, indicating that her leg was sore. I watched as she stood, limped toward me and sat down. She turned and laid down, her head across me lap. She stretched out her left leg but bent her right knee upward, leaning it against the back of the sofa. She shifted slightly allowing it to rise above her thighs. I could just see her soft mound and her slit. As she leaned her right leg against the sofa back, she moved her left leg slightly toward the edge of the sofa. Her slit opened a little. Again, I could see what appeared to be a glistening wetness in the slit of her pussy. She raised her head back a little and looked up at me. I glanced down at her. She smiled and moved a bit to get more comfortable. She laid her left arm across her chest. As she turned her head to see the tv, she raised her right arm above her head, laying it across my leg. Her had was almost touching my cock that was not fully erect.

My right arm had been stretched over the back of the sofa. I brought it down and gently brushed the hair from her forehead. “Comfortable?” is asked. “She moved her right hand and grabbed mine. She said my hand on her chest and sort of nestled against it. She again shifted as if to get more comfortable. Doing so, my right hand was brushing against her left breast. Again, she nestled it against her and I could feel the softness of her small but full breast. “Hmmm,” she sighed. “This is nice.” We were both quiet as we watched some tv program. I moved the fingers of my right hand slightly, softly caressing her. I was not really groping her breast, but I had no doubts that my movements were causing the jersey fabric to move. I made a comment about the tv show, acting as though I were not even conscious of what my fingers where doing.. Lani yawned, causing her to shift. “Sleepy?” I said in almost a whisper. “A little,” she said softly. “I just feel so comfortable and relaxed.” She moved a little more, her right hand nestled mine again as she pushed it up a little higher on her chest. My hand was laying over her breast. I acted as though I unconsciously closed my fingers, realizing where my hand was. “Oh,” I said, “I’m sorry.” I started to move my hand but she held it in place. “No, it feels good.”

It was time to take responsibility for what was happening. “Lani, I’m not sure I should be touching you this way.” She turned her head up to look at me. “It feels nice to be close to you. And you aren’t hurting me.” “It’s not about hurting you, sweetheart. I don’t think I should have my hand here.” I move my fingers to indicate that my hand was on her breast. “It’s okay. It feels good. And I’ve got a shirt on.” With that she turned her head toward the tv and pushed my hand down harder on her breast. “I don’t think your mom would approve.” Actually, there was not “thinking” about it. I knew that Audrey would go ballistic if she saw her daughter this way. “Well, I guess she will not have to know.” Lani shifted again, looking toward the tv. My fingers took on a life of their own. I spread them and began to slowly caress Lani’s breast through the shirt. I began to massage with more firmness, allowing my fingers to move up toward her nipple which was obviously responding to my touch. After about a minute of my attention to her breast, Lani’s hips moved slightly. She moved her right hand down to her leg and softly caressed her thigh just below the jersey. I thought she was going to touch herself but she stopped short. The moisture in her slid was becoming move obvious. I wanted so much to touch her there, to slid my finger into her slit and caress her lips. Lani moved her hand back above her head, brushing over my hardening cock. There was a slight pause in her movement as she came in contact with the lump in my shorts.

After a few minutes I could hear her soft breathing. She had fallen asleep. Before I moved my hand from her breast I softly massaged it, feeling its firmness. I glanced down at her legs. I decided to take a chance. I moved my hand down to her legs. I placed my hand just above her pussy and extended my middle finger, gently pushing it between her lips. I moved it slowly, gathering what bit of moisture I could. Lani stirred slightly but I continued to gently push a little deeper and slide my finger up her slit. I paused when I felt her small clit. I moved up and down very slightly. She stirred again, letting out a soft moan. I brought my finger to my lips and placed it to my tongue. I could taste her juices. She was not sweet but not salty. There was a slight musky taste. My cock was almost bursting through my shorts. I slowly lifted Lani’s head and slid out from under her. I place a small cushion under her and she rolled over, still sleeping soundly. I covered her with a light throw blanket and made my way to the bathroom.

I pulled my shorts down and began to rub my cock. Her skirt, shirt, and panties were still in the sick under cold water. I quickly reached down for the panties and squeezed as much water from them as I could. I held them in front of me and I rubbed my cock. In a matter of a few minutes I exploded into the wet but soft fabric. Catching my breath and calming down, I decided I needed to wash and dry her clothes. I pulled my shorts up, took her clothes to the laundry room, reading the washing instructions. I collected some of my own clothes, placing the bundle in the washing machine. After starting the washer I went into the kitchen to prepare lunch. I gathered from the fridge the items necessary for turkey sandwiches. The phone rang. It was Audrey. I told her that Lani was sleeping but she seemed to be not hurting as much. I was able to share a bit more about the incident that occurred. She was upset about the other kids’ actions but I assured her the principal was just as upset. She said she would call later if she got the chance. Otherwise, she was see us later in the evening.

When I hung the phone up I heard Lani call out. “Geoff.” I walked into the living area. She had pushed aside the throw and was getting up. “Hey, sweetie, how are you feeling?” She stood. “Okay, I guess. I need to go to the bathroom.” “Sure thing. Do you need help?” She turned toward the hallway. “I don’t think so.” I watched her as she walked, putting more weight on her left leg. “I’ll be in the kitchen making sandwiches. By the way, do you want cheese?” “Sure,” she said as she moved down the hall. In a few minutes I heard the toilet flush. As she walked into the kitchen she asked, “Where’s my clothes?” I turned toward her with a smile, “They’re in the wash. They’ll be done in a bit. I have to dry them too. Then you can have your panties and bra. I think you might be more comfortable with them on.” I wasn’t sure why I made that comment. Lani shrugged her shoulders as she walked toward me. I put my arm around her and gave her a quick hug. “I love you, Geoff,” she said softly. I was a bit taken back, not expecting that. “Well, I love you, too, angel. You are very special to me.” She leaned into me and said, “Thanks again for everything. I am glad I have you.” I leaned over and kissed the top of her head. “I’m glad I have you, too. I don’t think I could have made it without you and your mom.”
She turned toward me and put her arms around my waist, giving me a hug as she laid her head against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back. “I guess we better eat. I am sure your hungry.”

We ate our sandwiches sitting on the sofa. We watched a rerun on the tvland channel. We both laughed and looked at each other during the funny scenes. When we finished lunch I cleared our plates and glasses to the kitchen. “You want to stretch out on the sofa? I’ll put the clothes in the dryer.” When I returned she was laying with her back propped up on a cushion against the sofa arm. Her legs were stretched across out, her knees bent but together. Once again, the jersey was allowed to ride up to her thighs. “Does my bandage need changing again?” I leaned over to look at her leg bandage. As I did so, she opened her legs, exposing her pussy. I tried to concentrate on the bandage. “No, it looks okay. And I think we will not need to change it until you are ready for bed.” She lid down a bit to allow her head to rest on the cushion. As she did so, the jersey went under her bottom and rode up her legs. Her upper legs and pussy were completely exposed with her legs open. I glanced down at her pussy and then into her eyes. She smiled slightly and said, “Do you think I’m pretty?” I must have shown my surprise at the question. “There are girls at school that call themselves pretty. But I don’t know if I am pretty. I leaned toward her and placed my hand on her right knee. “No, sweetheart, you are not pretty. You are real pretty.” I smiled as she giggled. I continue to lean toward her with my head only almost between her knees. “Lani, you are a very beautiful young lady.” I began to caress her leg just above the knee. She closed her eyes and sighed. “That feels good.” She opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. “Geoff, can I tell you something?” “Sure, you can tell me anything.” “Today, when you helped me with my shower.” She paused. “Well, it felt sorta’ good.” I must have had a questioning look, not sure where this was going. “I’m glad. I certainly didn’t want to hurt you, although I know the water burned your scrapes and cuts.” She quickly responded. “No, I don’t mean like that. I mean when you washed me, you know, in my private area. It felt good.” I continued my soft caressing of her leg just above the knee. “Lani, has your mom talked to you about the body and about sex?” “Sure, we’re had the talk. And I know I’m not to allow anyone to touch me here.” She nodded her head as if pointing to her pussy. “She right,” I replied. That is why I felt a little uncomfortable helping you with your shower.” She smiled and replied, “I know. But you were helping me and that makes it okay.”

Then, she seemed to get bolder. “But it also felt good when you touched me before I went to sleep.” I had been caught. I am sure my faced turned forty shades of red and my heart skipped a beat. “I’m sorry about that, Lani. I shouldn’t have done that.” She looked at me, reaching out with her right hand, touching my hand on her knee. “Oh, no, it’s okay. As I said it felt good. I just want you to explain to me why it felt so good.” She paused and continued. “Mom told me about sex and body parts. But she never told me that being touched would feel like it did.” I replied. “I’m not sure I am the one to share this with you. Don’t you think you should ask your mom?” “No, I think she would be upset. But I just know when I shower myself, I can feel funny when I touch there. But it does not feel like when you touched me.” I smiled at her, thinking of how to handle this. “Okay, I’ll explain what I can.”

I continued caressing leg with her hand on mine. “Well, men and women are made differently. I’m sure your mom told you that.” She nodded. “A woman has a small area located there.” I looked toward her pussy. “It is called a clitoris. There are many nerves there and when it is touched in the right way, it feels good.” She looked down at pussy, moving her right hand to between her legs. She slowly placed a finger in her slit and moved it around. She touched her clit and said, “There it is.” She moved her finger slowly as I watched in amazement. She was touching herself with me watching. She shook her head. “Still doesn’t feel like it did when you washed me.” I shrugged and said, “Well, I guess that is the way it is. It just seems to feel better when someone else touches us in those areas.” Then she said what I was afraid she was going to say. “Will you touch me again?” I removed my hand from her knee and sat up, looking at her. “Lani, I think your mom warned you about being touched by someone other than yourself, her, and your doctor. I paused. She nodded. “I could be in big trouble for touching you. I could go to prison for a very long time. I would be called a sex offender and child molester.”

Lani thought for a moment before she spoke. “Well, no one will know. I want tell anyone, not even my mom. It just felt so good, I want to feel it again. Just for a minute. Please.” Without thinking, my moved my hand down her inner thigh. Lani spread her legs and my fingertips glided over her soft, smooth skin. I moved my hand up to her stomach and softly caressed her before moving down to her pussy. I placed my fingers on her soft mound and began to move them up and down. Slowly, I slipped my middle finger into her slit. She flinched a little but also moaned. Moving up and down I realized that she was already getting wet. When I reached her tight pussy hole, I paused and pushed in just a little. Again she flinched. I pulled out and moved up. Her legs were now spread open and her lips parted. I could see her wet hole and the small button of a clit. I began to caress her clit, slowly making circles and moving up and down over it. She caught her breath and pushed a little against my finger. She breathed out a moan as I continued rubbing. Her hips began to move as I continued caressing her clit. I once again moved down, inserting my finger up to the first joint. I did not want to break her hymen. I returned to rubbing her clit and her movements became faster. After about two minutes, she shuttered and moaned a bit louder. I continued to rub her, feeling her clit growing harder under my touch. Then, she began to shutter harder, moaning and moving faster. Her mouth opened, she almost cried out as her body went became stiff. I felt her pussy getting wetter as her first orgasm swept through her body. After about thirty seconds, she relaxed, keeping her eyes closed. She breathed out as she uttered, “So, that is what sex is like.” I smiled. “Well, let’s just say that is part of it. There’s a lot more than this.” She looked at me and smiled. “Hmm, then I think I going to like it. Thanks, Geoff.” I moved my hand from between her legs and leaned down. I was almost laying on top of her. I kissed her forehead, then her nose. Then, I gave her a quick kiss on the lips. She put her right arm around my neck and pulled me to her, kissing me again on the lips. “You’re a good teacher. Will you teach me more?” I looked into her eyes. They pulled me into her soul. I smiled, kissing her again, my tongue just slightly moving over her lips. “We’ll see,” I said. “We’ll see.”

To be continued....

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