all these stories are fastanies. Sometmes i will just sit at the computer and type whatever flows into my head. Sometimes i will put myself in the females place. there is 4 parts to this story. so be sure to watch for them. and of course please vote at tne end of them all. Please enjoy

My first fuck came when I was 13. I was well delvopled for my age.
I was 5'4" tall, 104 lbs. My breasts was 34 AA's, my hips had rounded
nicly. My cunt hair was very sparce.
I would go into the bathroom while my mom was showering just to get a look
at her body. She had large firm tits, not as firm as my 34's, but firm for her
age. The one thing I like was the way she kept her pussy hair shaved off. I
think she did for my dad because I could hear them at night going at it hot and
heavy. My mother was always moaning to be fucked harder and deeper. They didn't
know I could hear them or maybe they didn't care if I did.
Once while in the bathrrom I asked my mom, "How does it feel to have no
hair down there?"
She said, "It is the most wonderful feeling. At first I didn't like it but
after I did it a couple of times I liked it. Why do you ask?"
My mom and I had started how the woman to woman talks. "I thought I might
try it. But I wanted to know how it felt. I mean how a pussy felt without hair."
I replied.
"Well, I think it will be alright for you to touch my pussy to see how it
feels." With that mom spread her legs a little and I reached out and touched her
cunt lips.
"It feels as smooth as a baby's bottom." I giggled.
"Feel my clit. It bigger than yours but just as soft." Mom stated.
As I touched her clit Mom jumped a little. "That feels good. I have a
very sensitive clit." Mom moaned.
I had fingered my clit so I knew what she was feeling.
"I guess it is time for me to tell you about sex and the other nice
things men and women do." Mom said.
"Diane, are you still a virgin?" She asked.
"Yes, Mom. I am still a virgin. But sometimes I wished I wasn't." I
"I'll talk to your father to see if you can watch us some night and see
how two people fuck. Would you like that?" Mom answered.
My Dad agreed to let me watch. I hadn't seen his cock since I was about
7 or 8 so I had forgotten how big he was.
On Friday night while we were eating dinner, Mom and Dad told me I could
watch them. Maybe even join them if I wanted. Mom said that she would show me
everything that they did. She would even show me how two women made love to each
When we finished we went to their bedroom. Mom said to get undressed. I
was a little nerivous at first but Mom told me not to be afraid. She and I were
naked when my dad walked into the room. He was as naked as we were. My eyes went
straight to his cock. It was soft but to me it looked huge. Dad layed down on
the bed.
"First, Diane, we are going to look at your father's cock or penis, which
ever you want to call it. I preferr to call it a cock." Mom stated.
"You may touch it. You'll find that it is very soft. I know it looks big
and it is. But it gets bigger as it gets harder." Mom started.
I reached out and touched the head, it jumped a little. I could have
sworn that it also grew some.
"See how soft it feels? Now pick it up with your whole hand and feel the
weight of it." Mom continued.
As Mom laided back, spreading her legs she said, "Now I'll show you what
you pussy looks like by showing you mine."
"As you see, there is no hair on my lips, and you will also noticed that
my clit is purple and swollen. A woman's clit always swells when she gets
excited and ready to have sex. If you touch my pussy hole, you'll find that it
is wet. That is called pussy juice and all women and girls get wet with these
juices." Mom pointed to her pussy hole.
I reached with one finger and probed around her pussy lips and hole. My
finger got really wet.
"Now that you finger is wet, put it to your nose and smell it. It smells
sweet, doesn't it? Now put your finger to your tongue and taste it." Mom said.
It did smell sweet and as I hastly move my finger to my tongue and licked
the tip of it. The juice tasted sweet also.
"Now watch your father as he gets me ready to be fucked." Mom replied.
My father moved over to my mom and started kissing her on the mouth. Then
he moved down her neck towards her tits there he took her large pinkish nipple
of one breast into his mouth and sucked it like a baby. Mom in the meantime was
starting to squirm and wither on the bed.
I was watching everything. I saw my Dad's cock starting to swell. It had
grown twice its size. I looked at my mom's pussy hole and saw more juices
comming out. There was a puddle beginning to form under her butt.
After my Dad had sucked both nipples for awhile, he moved towards Mom's
belly. I didn't know what he was going to do but Mom was starting to thrash on
the bed the move he moved down towards her pussy.
"Yes, my dear, that's it! Keep going!" Mom moaned as Dad's tongue touched
the top of her pussy mound.
I had hear about pussy eating but didn't know what it meant.
Dad climbed between Mom's legs laying on his belly hiding his cock from
my view. When Dad touched his tongue to Mom's clit, Mom wailed, "OOOOOOHHHHH!!
YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS! That's it! Suck my clit. Stick your fingers in my pussy!!"
I got down closer to watch what my Dad was doing. I could see his tongue
flicking across Mom's swollen clit. Her clit looked as if it had grown in size
After a few minutes, Mom's back arched and she bucked her pussy against
Dad's face. She quit breathing and her body stiffened. Her face turned red. I
thought she was going to die. Then she collasped onto the bed. Dad released his
grip on her ass and clit. He got up and I saw his face was covered with Mom's
slimy wet juices.
"Damn, I love the way your father eat pussy!" Mom said as she recovered
from her orgasm.
"Honey, you just saw how a pussy gets eaten by a man that knows what he is
doing. I hope that one day you can feel what its like. Maybe we'll have your
father do it to you, what do you think about that?" Mom asked.
"By what I saw happening to you I think I would like that." I replied.
Dad was now laying on his back. His cock was sticking stright up into the
air. I felt a flutter in my stomach.
"Look at your father's cock. See how nice and hard it is? That's the way
it has to be to enter a woman's vagina. See how big it is? Touch it and see how
it feels. Feel the ridges and bumps. Feel how hot it is?" Mom stated.
I reached over and grabbed the cock around the middle of the shaft. It
was hard as rock. I had never felt a cock before and was amazed by how it felt.
I felt it pulsing in my hand. I touched the head to feel the velvet head. Its
head was purple and huge. My fingers couldn't go around the whole thing. But I
still didn't know what a man did with it when it was this hard.
Mom said, "Now I going to show you how to suck a cock. Some women think
that to suck a cock is a nasty thing to do but it is the most wonderful and
loving thing a woman can do for a man. It like eating pussy." With that Mom
lowered her head to Dad's cock and took it into her mouth. I watched as she
sucked over 1/2 of it into her mouth. I didn't think it would fit but Mom made
it look easy. She kept sucking till her nose touched Dad's pubic hair. My Mom
had swallowed the whole thing.
Meanwhile, Dad was moaning and his hips were jerking upwards trying to
get more of the cock into Mom's mouth.
Suddenly, he yelled, "I'm cumming!!"
Mom pulled most of the cock out of her mouth. I saw the cock jerking and
saw Mom's throat moving as if she was swallowing something. Then Mom pulled the
cock from her mouth and let it finish spurting its load onto Dad's stomach.
"This is called "Sperm". It is what mixes with my eggs in my body and
makes babies like you. The taste is sweet and I love to swallow it. Someday, you
will probably like to swallow sperm." Mom said.
"Now, baby, your Dad and I are going to fuck but this time I'll be on top
so that you can watch his cock entering my pussy. You'll see how my pussy gets
stretched by Dad's huge cock." Mom stated.
Mom climbed on top of Dad and started to lower her pussy to his cock. I
bent over to get a closer look as Dad's cockhead touched Mom's wet pussyhole.
Mom continued to lower herself onto the cock. I watched her pussy stretch to
take the head of the monster cock. As the head disappear into the pussy that
gave me birth, I felt that tingle in my belly again.
I never knew a pussy could hold so much. The whole cock had vanished into
my Mom's waiting pussy. All I could see was the base of Dad's cock. Mom moaned
when her hips hit Dad's pubic bone.
"God, I love being filled with this cock. Its right at the opening to my
womb. Please, Fuck me with your big dick." Mom wailed. I had never heard my
mother talk like that but I guess the pleasure was to much for her.
Dad continued to pound his cock into Mom. I was staring at their loins as
they were fucking for all they were worth. When Dad pulled back on an outstroke
I could see his cock was covered with pussy juice. The tingle in my loins got
stronger. I reached my hand down to my own clit and started fingering it. The
sensatations grew the more I flicked my clit head. I knew then I wanted to be
fucked and fucked good. I hoped my parents would let me join their fun.
Suddenly Dad lunged upwards and held Mom's ass. "I'm cumming!" He yelled
as Mom wailed that she was too! When they had finished cumming Mom rolled off of
Dad's cock which was still hard.
"God, I love a good fuck and that was one of the best I've had." Mom said.
"What did you think of that show? Diane." Mom asked.
"It was the best thing I ever saw. But when can I try it?" I asked.
"Well, I don't know. Maybe we can get your father to do you. Maybe I will
lick you cunt. What do you think? Honey." Mom asked Dad.
"I am willing if you don't mind. But she is awful young." Dad replied.
"No younger than I was when you first fucked me!" Mom retorted.
"But I was young also and then my cock wasn't as big as it is now. I would
not like to hurt her." Dad replied.
"I know but she needs someone who is tender. Someone who knows how to
treat a woman." Mom replied.
"I know I am young but look at my body. I've been having periods for 5
months now. Look at my pussy. Its swollen from watching you guys. Feel my juices
flowing from me." I chirped in.
Mom touched my pussy lips and found them to be almost as wet as hers.
Dad reached over and stuck his fingers to my cunthole then put his fingers
to his nose. "She smells as sweet as you, my dear. Ok, but we'll go slow. If you
want to stop just say so and we'll stop!" Dad stated.
Mom started it all by having me lay down on the bed. She sucked one of my
tiny nipples into her mouth. Dad sucked the other one. The thrill that coursed
through my body was wonderful. I had never felt anything like it before but then
I had never had anyone sucking on my nipples.
While my parents sucked my tiny titties I reached down and grabbed my
Dad's huge cock. It was still hard. My other hand stoled down to Mom's pussy
where I fingered her huge clit.
Mom's fingers were busily working their magic on my clit. Dad had his
finger playing with my virgin pussy hole. He would push his finger in a little
than pull it out. I was tingling all over. I was having feelings I never felt
before. But I was enjoying the attention I was getting.
"I think its time to show Diane what a tongue feels like on her clit. Why
don't you start the honors, my dear." Mom said.
"OK!" Dad replied as he moved between my legs. I was going to get my cunt
eaten. I felt my juice start flowing heavier.
"OHHHHHH!" I wailed as my Dad's tongue touched my clit head. It was like
an electrcial shock. Dad took my tiny clit between his teeth and held it gently
while his tongue flicked acrossed its sensetive head.
"OH, that feels wonderful. Don't stop! More, Please!" I moaned as Dad
continued to suck my clit.
Then I felt something strange. I arched my hips and flew into heaven. I
was having my first orgasm. My first orgasm and it was by my father's tongue. I
didn't want the feelings to end.
Dad released my clit and sit up, "How did you like that, Diane?" He asked.
"It was wonderful. I never knew a person could have feelings like that."
I replied.
"There are more feeling just as good if not better to follow." Mom stated.
"I'm going to lay down and I want to lick my clit. I want you to see how
it tastes and feels. Meanwhile you Dad will do other things to you with his
wonderful tongue just like he does me. OK?" Mom questioned.
I said Ok and she laid down. I kneeled between her legs with my face real
close to her shaven pussy. I had never seen a pussy up close and wanted to get
a good look at it. My Mom's pussy was biiger than mine. I touched it and found
it to be as soft as mine. Her pussyhole was open and I could see inside a little.
I pushed a finger in her hole all the way to the knuckle. It was wet and warm
inside her pussy. I could feel my Dad's sperm and Mom's juices. Since I had
never fingered a pussy before I was curisous as the how the velvety interior
was shaped. Mom's hips were moing as I fingered her.
Since I was om my hands and knees, my Dad got behind me and was playing
with my exposed pussy and ass. Then I felt his warm tongue on my clit again. He
licked my clit than my pussyhole. Sticking his tongue into my hole. I wailed,
"OOOOHHHHHHH!! That feels good."
Then he noved his tongue up to my asshole. I felt it probing my anal
opening like he was trying to insert it in my butt. It felt strange but it also
felt good. I pushed my hips back trying to get his tongue in me.
I pulled my finger from Mom's pussy and placed my tongue to her clit. It
felt soft and velvety just like the inside of her cunt. Mom jumped when my tiny
tongue touched her clit.
"Oh, YES, Diane. Thats it! right there! You are learning fast. You will
be an excellent pussy eater one day." Mom moaned.
I sucked Mom's clit into my mouth. It felt like a baby penis. I continued
to suck it deeply in. Mom sprayed her juices onto my chin. I thought she had
Meanwhile, Dad was licking my buttcheeks, asshole, pussyhole, clit and
my sparely haired pussy.
I didn't want this to end. The feeling I was having in my body were like
nothing I ever felt. But Mom made me quit licking her clit. So said she wanted
to continue my training.
By now my dad's cock was as hard as when he was fucking Mom. I looked at
it in ah as to its size, girth and color.
"I want you to learn how to suck cocks, Diane! Your father will lay down
and you can look and play with his cock. Then you can learn how to suck on it."
Mom replied as she moved me between Dad's legs.
I looked at the monster before me with its big purple head. Its shaft was
veined with blood vessels and ridges. I looked at his balls. They were huge. I
didn't know balls got that big. And they were very hairy. I reached out and
touched the cock that had given me birth. There was some liquid on the tip. Mom
said it was called pre-cum and that it tasted sweet. She suggested that I taste
it and see how sweet it was. I swiped the tip of the cock with my finger getting
the pre-cum. I moved it around between two finger to feel how googy it was. Then
I touched my finger to my tongue. Mom was right, it did taste sweet. I wondered
if I could get more to taste.
"Now put your hand around the cock. See how big and warm it is? You may
need both hands." Mom said.
I did as she said.
"Now, bent over and touch the head with the tip of your tongue."
I had watched Mom suck Dad cock into her mouth so I knew basicaaly how to
do it. The head was warm and velvety on my tongue. I licked the head around and
around. I went up and down the sides of the head wanting to taste every inch of
it. The cock swelled and jumped in my hands. This was neat.
"Now, slowly start putting the head into your mouth." Mom said.
I opened my mouth as wide as I could I didn't think it would fit. About
1/2 of the head went into my mouth. My mouth was stretched to the limit.
"Later on you'll be able to get the whole thing into your mouth. Right mow,
thats enough. Run your tongue aroud the head some more." Mom moaned.
I had noticed that while Mom was telling what to do to Dad's cock, she was
fingering her own pussy. I removed my mouth from the head.
"Now, lick the shaft. Lick it from top to bottom. When you get to the
balls, lick them also. Once in a while take a ball into your mouth and suck on
it. Be gentle though, they are very tender." Mom continued.
I was now licking the shaft. It felt funny with all the veins and ridges.
But I liked the taste of it. It tasted like Mom's pussy juice and Dad's sperm. I
knew as I grew older I would learn to love to suck cocks.
I continued to lick the shaft of my father's cock. Every once in awhile
I'd move to the tip and lick off the pre cum. On the last trip to the tip my
Dad came. His sperm hit my face and then fell to his stomach.
"You did it. You made your father cum" Mom said as she moved to Dad belly
and started licking up the cream. "Diane, come taste the sperm. You'll find how
good it tastes."
I moved next to Mom and began to lap up the sperm along side of her. It
had a warm googy taste but I found I liked it. My Mom and I started to fight
over who would get the most. Mom won.
Dad's dick was now going soft. It looked like a tiny twisted stick. I bent
over and inhaled the whole thing into my mouth. I felt it pulsinsating back to
life. It was starting to get bigger as I sucked it.
Mom pulled me off of the rapidly growing cock. "I want to show how to fuck
a dick of this size."
Mom climbed over Dad's cock. She grabbed the cock in one hand while
spreading her pussy lips with the other. I moved close so that I could get a
real close look at Dad's cock entering Mom's pussy again. Mom moved the head to her
opening and nudged the head into her cunt. I was amazed at how much the cock
stretched her hole. Mom then slowly lowered herself onto the hard shaft. I could
see her juices flowing out of her pussy when more of the cock went in.
Mom told me, "Stick one of your fingers in me beside the cock. Then you'll
see how tight it is."
I reached down and inserted my finger next to Dad's huge cock and pushed
my finger in. Damn, it was a tight fit. Dad had stretched Mom's pussy to the
limit. As they started fucking I left my finger in. It was neat how it felt to
feel the cock sliding in and out of Mom's cunt. Mom was cumming so much my hand
got covered with her juices. I then slipped a second finger into her pussy. It
got even tighter. I thought it might hurt Mom or tear her but all she did was
moan and tell me to put a third finger in. I did.
Mom began to hump up and down on Dad's dick faster and faster. "Diane, go
get the dildo from the top drawer and bring it here to me" Mom wailed.
I opened the top drawer and found an assortment of toys and things. I
grabbed one of the long cock looking things.
"Not that one! The biggest one." Mom moamed.
I grabbed the biggest one I saw and took it to Mom. She grabbed from me
and put it up to her pussy hole. I watched as she pushed the dildo into her
cunt next to Dad's dick. I didn't think it would fit but in it went all the way
to the base.
to feel. Fully packed with cocks." Mom screamed as she continued fuck both Dad
and the dildo. After a few minutes of this Mom pulled the dildo from her pussy
and moved it to her butt hole.
I couldn't believe what I was about to see. Mom had the dildo up to her
asshole then the dildo disappear into her butt. She pushed the dildo in until
she had only the base in her hand. Her ass was full of the big dildo which was
bigger than Dad's dick.
"OH, GOD, this feels great! I love a cock in my ass! I love a cock in my
cunt!! I am full of cock!" Mom yelled.
After about ten minutes of being fucked by Dad and fucking herself with
the dildo, Mom pulled the dildo from her ass. I looked at her butthole and saw
that it was still open to the size of the dildo. I could see into her butt.
"Honey, take your cock from my pussy and fuck my butt. Show our daughter
how a real man fucks a tight butt like mine. Hurry, please, I need it." Mom
With that Dad pulled out of Mom's pussy with a loud plop. Mom got on her
hands and knees with her ass high in the air. Her shaved pussy and stretched
asshole were exposed for all to see. Dad got behind her and put his cock up to
her asshole. As he nudged his cock to her hole, Mom rammed her ass back impaling
the whole cock into her butt in one stroke.
HHHHHH!!! That what I needed. Real meat in my butt! Fuck me deep and hard. Fuck
my bowels!! Cum deep in my ass!! Pound that monster cock into me!! OOOOOOOHHHH!!
Mom was wailing as Dad rammed his cock into her ass. I watched him pull it out
till just the head was in her then rammed it back in. I thought he might tear
her butt from the pounding, he was doing it so hard. But Mom kept yelling for
him to pound her harder and deeper. I guess it didn't hurt her. I guess she
enjoyed it from the way she was carrying on. I wondered what a cock would feel
like in my ass. I hoped I would soon find out.
Finally, Dad rammed his cock in to Mom nice and deep and held it there. He
was cumming in her ass. Mom was moaning, "Yes, Cum in my ass! Fill my bowels
with your hot life-giving sperm. I can almost taste it. I can feel my bowels
getting full. GOD, How I love it when you sperm my ass!"
Dad finished cumming and pulled his now softing cock from Mom's butt. I
watched his cock come out followed by a huge gob of milkish-white sperm. Mom
just laid there with her ass still in the air, grasping for air and quivering
and shaking.
When Mom finished shaking she laid down on the bed. "Some day you will be
able to enjoy a good ass fucking. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do." Mom
"Why wait, let's do it now!" I said.
"I think you should wait before being butt fucked. First, you have to
learn how to be fucked in your pussy. Then how to enjoy other aspects of sex.
You don't just jump in and start one without being ready." Dad chirped in.
"Can I lose my cherry tonight?" I asked.
"Maybe." Mom replied. "You have to understand that you should go slow
taking one step at a time. So far, you have eaten a pussy and been eaten. You
have sucked a cock. I think we could try to take your cherry tonight but we are
going to go slow and use alot of KY jelly."
"OK, Diane, Lay down on the bed on your back. Now, spread your legs. Your
father and I are going to look at and play with your pussy and clit." Mom said.
Dad and Mom began to finger my tiny pussy. Mom inserted a finger into me
and pushed in until she hit my hymen. Her finger felt good as it poked and
prodded my virgin hole. I felt my juices beginning to flow. The more my juices
flowed, the easier the insertion of her finger became. Then she inserted a
second finger with the first one. I felt a tingle coursing through my body. A
tingle I knew would lead to my first orgasm of my young life.
Mom removed her finger from my pussy and went to the bathroom. Dad kept
playing with and licking my clit. I felt my sensations and pleasure growing more
and more as he played with me.
Mom returned from the bathroom with the KY jelly. She opened the lid and
put a large gob on my pussy lips and hole, she smeared some on my tiny anal
opening. Then she got between Dad's legs and sucked his cock into her throat. I
watched his cock disappear into Mom's mouth till her nose was in his pubic hair.
After a few minutes, Dad's cock was hard as a rock. He pulled in from
Mom's mouth telling her, "If you don't quit I'll cum again and Diane will be a
"I can't help myself. When I start deep-throating you I don't want to quit
untill I have swallowed your precious load of delious sperm. And you made me
that way." Mom retorted.
Mom greased Dad's monster cock with the KY also. Dad got on his knees
between my legs and nudged his cock up to my pussy opening. I was a little
scared because of the size of his cock. I thought he would probably tear my tiny
pussy to shreds when he fucked me.
Mom said, "This is going to hurt when Dad pushes into you. You will also
bleed as your hymen tears but the bleeding and the pain will go away in a few
minutes. Are you sure you still want to do this?, Diane."
"Yes, I do. But I hope I won't be torn to shreds by Daddy big cock." I
"Ok, here we go!" Dad stated as he nudged the head of his dick into my
tiny opening.
The pain was almost unbearable as the head started to spread my virginal
lips and hole open. I almost told Dad to stop but I knew I want to feel a cock
in me. Who else would be better to take a young girls virginity to her loving
father with her mother helping. I gripped Mom's hand as she rubbed my cheeks and
tiny rosebud nipples.
Mom said, "I can see the head entering your pussy. About 1/2 the head is
"I know. I can feel it stretching my tiny hole. Its feels like it is
tearing me." I wailed.
Dad pulled back and the pain subsided. He looked at my hole. "It doesn't
look torn. But I'll go slower if your want me to."
"No. I just have to get use to it. I want to lose my cherry tonight." I
Dad resumed to putting his cock in me. The pain came back but not as bad.
My pussy was getting use to the side of his dick.
Suddenly the head slipped past my opening and up against my maidenhead. I
cried in pain from the sudden stretching of my hole. "Holy Shit, That hurts!"
Mom looked down to see if I was bleeding. "You're not bleeding but I know
that it does hurt. When your father did me I thought I had had a tree trunk in
me. I bled from just the head. You are probably more elastic than me."
"The pain is going away, now. But I feel like a tree in in my pussy. I can
Dad's cockhead against my hymen. It feels like there is no way he can go any
deeper." I mentioned.
"There is a tiny hole in your hymen to allow the blood from your periods
to flow out of. That is where your hymen will split when your father pushes his
cock deep into you. It is also where you will feel the most pain. Your pussy
will grow to take the size of his dick. When he rams his cock past your hymen,
wrap your arms around him tight and your legs too! Don't try to push or get out
from under him. Bite your tongue and wait for the pain to subside. OK" Mom told
"OK, but how will I know when he does it. Should I do something to help?"
I asked.
"When Dad rams in, you should relax and raise your ass to help it get in
quickly and deeply." Mom replied.
"Are you ready? Diane." Dad asked.
"Yes" I replied.
There was pain like I never felt before as Dad rammed his cock into me.
Ripping past my hymen and deep into my pussy. Not stopping till his cock hit my
young womb. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MY GOD!!!!" I screamed from the searing
pain created by my tearing hymen. "It hurts so much!!" I grabbed my mother hand
and squeezed with all my might.
"OK, baby, the pain will start to go away in a minute." Mom replied.
Dad held still, not moving his body or his cock. I felt like a huge tree
trunk had just been rammed into me. Mom was right. The pain started to subside
very quickly. As I relaxed and the pain disappeared, Dad started to slowly take
his cock from my now non-virginal pussy. He stopped when just the head remained
in me. I looked between my thighs to see his cock covered with my blood and KY
"Did I take all of it, Mom?" I asked.
"No, honey, only about 1/2." Mom replied.
"When will I be able to take it all?" I asked.
"When you are older and more experienced" Mom answerwed.
Dad slipped his cock back into me. I could feel every ridge and bump of
his monster cock. The feeling I was getting were new to me but I knew then that
I would love being fucked again. Dad continued to fuck in and out of my pussy
and with every srtoke I felt my first orgasm coming closer and closer. Mom was
still sucking my tiny nipples. I could feel the cockhead hitting my womb on
every stroke. It made the tingle get more intense.
Then my first orgasm hit, my body stiffened and I ram my hips up to meet
my father down stroke. I was cumming. I also felt the cock in my pussy swell. I
knew that my father was going to cum and he was going to cum in me. I couldn't
wait to feel his hot sperm splash inside of me. I wanted to feel sperm for the
first time. I wanted to feel it wash my womb opening. But most of all I didn't
want my first orgasm to end.
"OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!! MOM, I cuuummming!! I feel Dad's cock getting bigger!
I want to feel his sperm in me.!!" I wailed.
Just then my father rammed his cock deep into me newly fucked pussy and
held it there. He was cumming. I could feel his hot sperm hitting my tender
virginal womb. I came again. "OH, MY GOD!! Its feels so wonderful!! I love the
feel of Dad's hot sperm." I yelled then I passed out.
When I awoke I felt something warm on my pussy lips and hole. I looked
down to see my Mom licking and lapping up the sperm that was draining from my
cunt. "OH, that feels good, Mom" I told her as she continued to lick me. My Dad
was now sucking my tiny nipples. I looked at his cock which had softened. It
didn't look like the monster that had just finished taking his daughter's cherry.
It looked like a baby's dick.
Mom finished cleaning me and sat up. "You must have enjoyed your first
orgasm. You passed out for about ten minutes. I want you to see your hole. It is
stretched open." Mom got her hand mirror and held it so I could look at my cunt.
The hole was stretched open as she said. When I had looked at myself before I
never could see a hole, now there was a hole the size of my Dad's hard dick.
"Will it ever close or will it stay open like this forever?" I asked.
"No, my dear, it will close but it will take a couple of hours. It will
open like this every time you fuck a man then it will close. Here look at mine."
She said as she laid back. I had seen my Dad's cock fuck Mom but her hole was
about the size of a pencil. I reached down and pressed my finger into Mom's hole.
"That feels good, Diane. Put other finger in me." Mom cooed. I pushed a
second finger into Mom's pussy. It felt slack, so I put a third than a fourth.
Mom began to moan louder. I deceided to put all my fingers in her juicy cunt.
Mom went wild.
"Put your whole hand in me, I want to be fist fucked." Mom yelled as I
slipped my whole hand into her pussy up to my wrist. I stopped pushing when my
hand touched her womb. I had never felt the inside of a pussy before and found
it was a different feeling. I fingered Mom's womb. I wanted to feel a womb and
since I was buried to the wrist I figured I'd explore her cunt. It was a neat
feeling. Mom, meanwhile was going crazy. She fucked her pussy on my hand like
it was cock. I doubled up my fist and began to fuck Mom's pussy with my hand.
"God, I love to be fist fucked. I love the feel of a whole hand in my
pussy. Diane, Take your hand out so your father can fist me." Mom wailed.
I took my hand out of her pussy and watch my father put his big hand into
Mom's cunt. In slid his hand all the way to his wrist. Mom screamed as Dad's
hand hit her womb. "OH, Yes, that it! Right there! Yes, fist fuck me!! Deeper,
harder! Stretch my pussy!! Make me cum!! God, I love it when fist fuck me!!"
She moaned.
Mom rolled over onto her hands and knees. "Fist fuck my ass, too!! Stick
your big hand in my butt!! Fill my bowels!! Fill my pussy!!" She told Dad. Dad
did as Mom asked. While his one hand fucked her pussy, he began to stick his
fingers in Mom butt. I watched as Dad inserted one then two fingers. After a few
minutes of this he inserted a third and fourth finger. I watched Mom's asshole
stretch to take all of Dad's fingers. Mom kept pushing her ass back trying to
get more of Dad's hand into her butt.
"Oh, that feels so good! Please, Push your whole hand into my ass!!" Mom
moaned. Dad now pushed his hand forward and I watched it disappear into Mom's
rectum. Dad continued to push his hand in, past his wrist 1/2 way up his arm
before he stopped.
"Damn, I feel so packed. My ass is stretched to the limit but it feels
so wonderful!! Please, fuck my ass! Please, fuck my pussy!! Mom was moaning and
groaning as Dad fucked both holes with his hands.
"I'm cumminnng!!" Mom yelled as her orgasm shook her body.
When Mom finished cumming, Dad pulled his hands from her cunt and ass.
Mom stayed on her hands and knees jerking and breathing hard. Pussy juice was
running down her legs. I looked as her ass and pussy to find two gapping holes
staring back at me. I had never seen inside a ass or pussy.
While Mom recovered, I saw that dad's dick was hard. I bent over and
started to suck on the head. This time I was able to get a little more in my
mouth. Dad must have been super horny from fisting Mom because after a couple of
minutes with my mouth he started cumming. I tryed to swallow all of his sperm
but I could do it fast enough. As I was glupping down some of his sperm the rest
dripped down my chin to my tits then to my belly.
When Dad finished cumming I removed his dick from my mouth and said, "I
didn't kmow a cock could deliver so much sperm."
"I sometimes can't swallow all of it myself, Your Dad does make alot of
it." Mom replied when she saw me sucking her husband's dick and swallowing the
"I want to be fist fucked someday, Mom, when I get older. It looks like
it is very wonderful." I told Mom.
"It is a different type of orgasm. Amd I hope you do do it. It like
having a baby but you can have multiple orgasms from it." Mom said.
"Can I get my butt fucked by Dad?" I questioned.
"I think we have done enough for tonight. Let's wait till tomorrow night
and maybe then we can see if you are ready for a cock in the ass. Besides Dad is
worn out." Mom stated.
That night all I dreamed about were hard cocks. Cocks in my mouth, cocks
in my pussy, cocks in my ass. I even dreamed of having a cock in my ass, one in
my pussy and one in my mouth all at the same time. I dreamed about eating my
Mom's pussy and my Dad fist fucking me. I knew Saturday night was going to be a
wonderful and exciting nights. My asshole tingles at the thought of taking a dick
up it. Good-night!! (End part 1)

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Teaching her from you is better than some dumbasses...will you teach her how daddy likes to watch mommy be a dirty slut with his Buddy's ??? You are one sweet cock loving good teacher!

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That was unrealistic and a piece of shit story. Some good part but not many. I thought it would be much better. Dissappointed it wasn't.

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