My Wife Takako shows our friends how to fuck in the water
It started as a fun vacation with our best friends, John (31) and Cathy (29). In fact, Takako (31), my Japanese wife, spends every Saturday with Cathy going to garage sales. My name is Jack. John and I (35) are team mates on an amateur baseball team. He’s the catcher and I’m the pitcher. We hit it off from the first team practice, when we met. By the way, we are married… John & Cathy (2 years); Takako & me (5 Years) Recently, on a three-day holiday in Reno, John won a $50,000 jackpot. He and Cathy decided they wanted to visit Japan, Cathy’s lifelong dream. They said that they wanted us to come along and would pay for airline tickets, hotels and meals. Takako said that her family in Tokyo could put us up while we were in the big city and that she could negotiate some discounts at some of the hotels near any of the sights that Cathy wanted to visit. From the drive to the airport, it became the perfect vacation. After two days in Tokyo, we caught a train to a popular hot spring resort, about 200 miles north. We stayed at a traditional Japanese Inn with both indoor and outdoor hot spring baths, called onsen. It was a great adventure for the three Americans, including myself and very nostalgic for Takako. After checking in, Takako couldn’t wait to take a bath. Cathy was a little hesitant, since she heard that the baths were not private, but instead… open to all the guests. She felt shy about getting naked in front of strangers. Takako tried to convince her that it was no big deal and besides, there were only a few guests staying at the Inn. The Inn Keeper told Takako that he could close off one of the smaller baths, while the four of us were using it. That made Cathy feel much more comfortable. However, when she found out that all four of us would share the same bath, she turned red with embarrassment. John teased that now she could see Jack’s cock. She punched his arm and smiled, “Well now that you put it that way… why not.” I had taken several Japanese baths in my time, so I knew the rules about soaping, scrubbing and rinsing outside before getting in the very hot bath. However, John and Cathy were a bit confused. So after taking off our clothes, John and I sat naked on stools, with nothing but a small white towel covering our private parts, while Takako demonstrated to Cathy how to scrub her husband’s back. Cathy’s first remark was, “How about me?” Takako replied, “In Japan, men come first; but don’t worry, you’ll get your chance.” Takako showed her how to use a rough-textured towel to clean off dead shin. She started on my back. Cathy did John, but was struggling to do it effectively. So, Takako suggested that they switch. I could feel the lack of skill immediately, as Cathy began her awkward strokes down my back. John, on the other hand, began to ooh and ah from Takako’s magic touch. After about two minutes Takako, moved around to face John, “OK Cathy, now it’s time to do the front.” Cathy looked shocked, “You mean you want me to squat in front of your husband and wash his… you know what!” Takako laughed, “You mean John’s cock is the only one you’ve ever seen?” Everyone laughed, not expecting to hear her say such a thing out loud. Cathy looked at Takako, as she scrubbed John’s shoulders and chest. When she looked down at his towel, she could see that John was sporting a hard on. She smiled and began soaping me down. She seemed to be more energetic and skillful in front than she was in back. Then, Takako nonchalantly removed John’s towel and began cleaning his penis. Cathy stopped to watch for a minute, then pulled my towel away and started in on my shaft and balls. It really felt good. Takako asked John to rise up; while she slid her hand under his ass and stuck her finger up his anus… stroking in and out several times to make sure it was clean. She then took John’s rock hard, 8-inch cock in her hand and began to stroke it with her bare hands. It was almost as if she was jacking him off. After watching, Cathy did the same thing to me. It looked like John was going to shoot his wad any second, when the bliss ended as Takoko rinsed off his groin area with a small bucket full of hot water. She then said, “OK John, it’s my turn. They traded places on the stool. Cathy was still stroking my 9 ½ inch rod as if she was never going to stop; but eventually realized what she was doing and rinsed me off as well. We guys did a fairly good job on their backs, but when John moved around to face Takako, she objected, “Traditionally, men do not do a woman’s front… only the back!” John, countered, “Well I’m not Japanese, so I’m not required to be traditional. He then began to soap her shoulders and firm 34-C breast. I followed his lead. Cathy closed her eyes as my palm slowly slid across her 36-B tits. Her nipples were getting very hard. Remembering, Takako’s movements, he asked to rise up, as he inserted his large, soapy finger in her tight rosebud… sliding in and out at least ten times. Takako kept her eyes closed, obviously very sexually stimulated by the situation. As I reamed Cathy’s ass hole, John did something unexpected. He inserted his finger into Takako’s pussy and began a fucking motion. Her eyes flashed open with a look that said, “What do you think you’re doing?” John looked into her shocked eyes, “I just want to make sure you are thoroughly clean before we climb into the bath. The stimulation continued for over 20 strokes before, Takako shakily leaned over, grabbed the bucket and rinsed off. As she stood, I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm. It was a look that I had seen many times. Takako was multi-orgasmic, Cumming 3 to 4 times almost every time we made love. In fact one night we counted 14 climaxes… her record, so far. As John and Takako climbed into the clear bath, as I continued stoking Cathy’s hot twat. I added another finger that started her moaning. She stared into my eyes as her entire body turned bright pink and shook with a powerful orgasm. When I slowly pulled out my finger, her eyes begged me not to stop. But, unfortunately the fun ended and we quietly made our way to the bath. Once inside, we joined our respective spouses and talked about what a unique experience Japan was turning out to be. Back at our large bedroom with double futons on either end, we sat and drank sake until 2 in the morning. Before going to sleep, Takako suggested we get up early, since we were due to catch a train at 9 am and take an outdoor bath in the garden. The Japanese guests would still be sleeping at 6, so we could have it all to ourselves. We all agreed, but when the alarm went off at 5:40, Cathy was not able to motivate herself out of bed. In fact, John and I barely made it; however, Takako was wide awake and left just ahead of us to check and see if anyone else was there. When we arrived, she was already inside… having soaped, scrubbed and rinsed. We noticed that she did not have a towel wrapped around her body. She was totally nude in an open-air bath, in the middle of a garden. Anyone staying at the Inn, including the staff could come along at anytime. I asked, “Aren’t you worried that some stranger will see you?” “This is Japan’, she retorted, “This is an Onsen; being naked in a place like this is acceptable.” We finished rinsing and joined her… John on her right and I on her left. “Do you think Cathy will join us?” she asked John. “No” he said, “She’s not a Morning Person. In fact, I hope we can get her up and to the train on time.”. Takako reached down at placed her hands on both our thighs; while sliding up and down, “Well, at least John gets to experience an outdoor hot spring bath in Japan. Many Japanese never have this opportunity in their lifetime.” Her fingers linger on my inner thigh and I looked over to notice she was doing the same to John. Titling her head against a rock, she sighed and looked up at the clear blue sky, “Isn’t this wonderful?” In unison, John and I replied, “Yes”. She then continued, “You know, yesterday was the first time a man has ever washed my front in an Onsen or regular bath. When I was young my Dad and I took baths together and after I cleaned him, he would do my back… but never the front. “It was different and kind of exciting.” Her innocent remarks were so pure and filled with no guilt or remorse that usually accompanied Western thinking. I softly spoke, “So you liked John, fingering your pussy and rosebud?” She stared at me for a few seconds then said, “Yes, it was very erotic.” I felt her hand grip my cock. She was doing the same to John. Her delicate, small hands were slowly sliding up and down on our hard rods. John looked at me for permission to enjoy the circumstance. I smiled with a small nod of approval. Again, Takako spoke in what was a very sexy, sultry voice, “You know, I could get used to having two hard cocks in my hands and strange fingers in my cunt.” It was the first time I had ever heard her use the word. “Where did you learn that word”, I asked. “One day you forgot to turn off one the web sites you are always reading when I do housework and exercise on weekends. It was all about wives who have sex with other men, while their husbands watch. I checked and found that you visited the same types of sights almost every time that you go online. Jack, do you secretly want to see your Japanese wife fuck another man in front of you?” I began to stutter, not knowing what to say. It had, in fact been a fantasy of mine, since I had read the first story online about wives who had sex with other men and their husbands at the same time. As John listened intently, Takako continued, as if in a hypnotic trance, “Do you want to watch John’s fat, hard cock penetrate my pussy and bring me to an orgasm, like you did with your fingers on Cathy yesterday? Do want to see me suck John’s big dick and slurp up his pre-cum like I do when I eat noodles? Do you want to watch me lick his balls, while I stick my finger up his anal tunnel? Do want to see him cum in my mouth and watch me swallow every spurt or would you rather see a cream pie? What do you want Jack? I know you must be interested, since you read so many stories.” When I looked at her, I saw raw lust in her eyes as she waited for an answer. “Yes” I replied, “Yes to everything you said and anything else you want to do… YES!” She smiled and positioned herself between John’s legs, instructing him to sit on one of the large, flat rocks that surrounded the bath. Taking the tip of his cock between her thumb and index finger, she held it up high. Her tongue began to slither up the shaft like a cat grooming its fur. She stared into my eyes, as she licked a sucked so passionately. She was looking for that look in my eyes, when my body and mind are filled with pleasure. She obviously found it, as a sexy smile covered face and sparkle flashed in her eyes. She was doing this solely to satisfy my deep dark desires and fantasies. I felt the selfless love she had for me as she took it beyond my wildest dreams. Her mouth covered the tip of John’s cock. She pushed down to the half-way point. I could see her tongue encircling the shaft. John was lost in lust. I am sure he had never had a blowjob like this before. She went deeper and deeper, until the entire cock was in her mouth and throat. Her nose was mashed up against his lower stomach. I could see the sucking action in her throat. I had felt the same sensation many times before. As she pulled back, John groaned, while his ball sacs expanded and his penis twitched. He was firing spurts of cum into my wife’s mouth. I could see her gulping it down, trying her best to swallow every drop, but it was too much. Some escaped out the sides of her mouth and slid down her chin. Using her left hand she scooped up as much as she could and as soon as John stopped shooting, she released his cock from her mouth and began licking his cum off her fingers and hand. Again she looked deep into my eyes, allowing me to totally enjoy this exciting moment. She noticed that my cock was throbbing, as I beat it as fast I could with my hand. Grabbing it just in time, she covered it with her mouth, as my semen blasted into her welcoming throat. She grinned as she swallowed all of it, without spilling a drop. Turning to John, she saw him playing with his semi-erect penis. “Look”, she said, “Our Johnny is still horny. Does he want to feel inside Takako’s little pussy? Do you want to fuck me?” He looked at her with a lustful stare, “Yes… I want to fuck my friend’s wife!” Takako stood up in the water and waded to John. She climbed on his lap, groped his cock; inserting in her hot cunt. Sliding down, she looked back at me. “Don’t worry babe. Maybe we can turn Cathy into a slut and give you some strange nookie.” “No”, I replied, “I’m not looking for another woman. I just get off watching you.” Takako shook her head, “Jack, how about John. Maybe he wants to get off watching Cathy. Don’t be so selfish. John, would you like to see Jack fuck Cathy with his big cock?” He nodded yes, and then added, “As long as I can feel this tight pussy again.” Takako laughed, “Don’t worry Johnny, I think Jack will want to watch this again and again… right Jack?” I shook my head, yes. Smiling with a devilish sparkle in her eyes, Takako pushed her vagina all the way to the base of John’s shaft before saying, “Two voyeur husbands and two slut wives. I think this is going to be an unforgettable vacation”.

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i wish my wife would be more sexy ? she is from thailand only seen two cocks her dead husband and mine . she has the tights pussy i ever seen but she is not into sex .

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paragraphs please

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Your wife, Takako (in Romanian kako means "shit on her") is a slut that has nothing to do with Japanese self esteem...
If this story is true, than it means you're not healthy (up there) and you've just got married to a Very pervert slut...

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