Our blonde bombshell from the Hackney Cab story is out again...
Our blonde bombshell has been out on the town and, a little the worse for drink, is waiting for the night bus home. Getting lots of attention in her tight white tee, which is clinging to the bra that’s making her small breasts look pert and so fondlable, a black leather mini skirt and high heels, lads are passing by behind her just to kop a feel of her small but perfectly round ass.

She gets on the bus and pays the driver, then starts to climb the staircase. “I wouldn’t go up there young lady, stay down here” the driver shouts, knowing that upstairs are a load of horny, rowdy lads who’ve had far too much to drink. He didn’t fancy her chances against that lot, but she doesn’t care and mounts the staircase. As she stops to let each guy find a seat a lad looks up her little leather skirt and finds she’s not wearing anything underneath. She had been, but they came off during a previous encounter in an alley behind a bar earlier on. “Look out lads”, he shouts up to the horny blokes on the top deck, “this slut’s not wearing any panties!”

“Oh shit” she thinks to herself, as she reaches the top deck to cheers from the baying crowd. “Slut, slut, slut, slut, slut” they chant and clap as she makes her way down the aisle, with every lad on each aisle seat making a pass at her, reaching up her tiny skirt or just grabbing her ass.

Eventually she has to stop mid aisle as she can go no further, the bus is full up. She instantly feels uneasy as she is trapped and feels the touch of hands on her skirt and legs. “Bet you’re a good fuck lady” says one, “I’d like to find that out” says another. Suddenly there’s a shout from the back seat “bring that bitch over here, I’ll snap her in half!”

Immediately she’s shunted down the top deck, each lad groping her tits or ass on her way down the aisle to the back seat, where a tall hunky fella awaits. He clears some space by telling two guys to stand up, and lies her down. One leg goes to the floor, the other he positions on top of the back seat as he slides up her little skirt and starts to suck on her clean shaven pussy. Clean shaven that is, but for a small arrow of public hair pointing to her cunt, like it was telling you where to stick your cock. As he licks her out, those standing above release their hard cocks and start to wank over her. The last guy sitting in the corner gets his cock out and, raising her head onto his lap, moves her mouth onto it. This is too much for one to bear and almost immediately she looks up to see streams of cum in the air, which land on the side of her face.

The guy licking her out now reveals his massive cock. Thick and long, she looks aghast as she knows it’s not gonna be an easy ride. He squeezes his meat into her small pussy and a tear runs down her face as he starts to pound her. She’s had big dicks before but this guys a size too far, but soon her pain becomes pleasure as he feels the warmth of her cum well up inside her. He picks up the leg that’s up in the air and enters her ass. She cries in pain and knocks her bag to the floor. It falls open, revealing her white panties, removed by her previous lover that evening. As her screams get louder and louder as that thick, meaty length pounds her ass, a lad grabs her panties and rams them into her mouth. “That’ll quieten the bitch down”, he says.

The lad sitting with her in his lap turns her head towards his cock and fires his load over her panty stuffed face, stream after stream lands on her. Then he wipes his cock on her pretty blonde locks.

With the guy in her ass pounding her like she’s the fittest girl he’s ever seen, she fingers herself to orgasm. It fires out of her pussy all over his belly and down to his cock. He fucks her faster then pulls out, releasing his cum in streams onto her t shirt and skirt. “You needed a new design for your tits” he says, as he squeezes every last drop onto them.

Everyone’s cheering and wanting their turn. A lad sits down and gets her to sit on his cock, facing forward so guys can fuck her face. Many are almost ready to blow, so he helps them along by grabbing her t shirt between her breasts and ripping it open. He then snaps her bra in half, to more cheers from the hungry crowd. Four guys surround her as she’s being fucked in her cunt, one enters her mouth. She wanks one either side until they shoot over her face and breasts. The lad in her mouth holds her and comes in her mouth, she swallows it to even more cheers.

The guy she’s sitting on repositions himself in her ass, so another comes forward and fucks her pussy. She comes again to the double beats, and lads are just walking up and shooting over her body from the sides. The lad in her ass now wants to come, so they bend her over the seat. He rips off her tee and shoots right up her back, all over her sopping skirt and ass. Next each guy in turn stands on the seat to fuck her mouth while another fucks her ass. She fingers herself to come again.

The bus stops as the driver is watching on CCTV and he wants a go. She looks out of the windows to see lads in their bedrooms on either side masturbating to this live porn show. They shoot their cum on their bedroom windows, as the driver makes his way upstairs. “I told you not to come up here you stupid bitch” he says, pulling his cock out of his pants and entering it inside her cum drenched, bruised body. Grabbing her ass as hard as he can, he rams his cock in and out of her as others squirt their hot, sticky loads all over her from the back and the sides. He makes her face him and he fucks her pussy to orgasm. “What makes you think I wouldn’t like it?” she says, looking him right in the eye as she bites on her lip. He puts her heels up on each shoulder and starts to fuck her asshole frantically, as more and more guys cream her puny torso, grabbing at her small, cumsoaked breasts. He pulls out, squirting his load right up her body, onto her breasts, her belly, her skirt. She fingers herself to orgasm yet again as she cannot believe how her evening has turned out.

Then the driver shouts “ok lads, clean her up”. They ask for tissues but he explains “THIS is what I mean”. Placing her on the floor, he pisses all over her, head to toe. Each lad in turn follows suit. Then he picks up her piss and cum soaked body and takes her downstairs. Asking where she lives, he gets back in the driver’s cab and takes her to her house. She enters the doorway, topless and dripping in piss and cum as her dad stands in the hallway…

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bMMi2m However, the author created a cool thing..!

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kjjpo['pl lkjj;ok'; ;kj;lkl;.jhoiu kilnl,jnlj ljkljhouhuihkjbjhfvuytgiu uhnjnjk

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have her dad rape her in the hallways in her mouth pussy and ass cum all over her and then piss on her
hott story

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