Horny cab driver oggles a girl, and WTF she gets in his cab...
The Hackney Cab driver, in his late forties/early 50’s, sits watching the girls leave The Tower nightclub. He notices one I particular, she’s tall, long blonde hair, long legs and skinny, just his type. Looking hot in a tight white top, a very short red plastic mini skirt with the logo of the Rolling Stones tongue on the front, and very high heeled white stiletto shoes, she’s making his cock hard thinking what he’d like to do to her.

To his amazement, after she says her goodbyes to her friends, she chooses his cab and staggers towards it, absolutely steaming drunk. She trips and only just manages to stay on her feet as she grips the door handle. She gets in, mumbles and address, and slumps herself on the back seat legs akimbo and passes out.

Realising she could be out for a while, the driver moves off and parks behind the club in a car park. There’s noone around, so he gets in the back and starts to prod her to wake her up. He looks down to her legs, now on full show was that tiny mini skirt that barely covered her arse when she stood up is now resting around her waist, revealing that she’s not wearing any panties and her pussy is clean shaven, all for a neatly trimmed line down her middle. He looks closer to see a white liquid seeping from her onto the seat. She’d just been fucked in that club and the lucky lad’s load was spilling out of her. The driver licks his fingers and starts to finger her wet twat, she doesn’t flinch as he enters first one finger, then two. He rams is fingers in and out, rubbing hard at her top inner wall, as more and more cum runs out of her.

Next he goes down on her, licking out her pussy as she continues to sleep. He can’t believe she doesn’t wake to this, so chances his luck with his cock. It’s long and fat, she’s got to notice that right? He pulls her body to the end of the seat, spreads her legs, and enters her puny frame, fearing snapping her in half. He starts slow at first then gets faster and faster, lifting her legs onto his shoulder so he can get deeper inside her. “That’s the thing with you skinny bitches, you can’t take a decent length inside you”, he says to her. He pulls out and pushes her knees up to her face, into the back of the seat, and enters her arse. Only to find it already lubricated with the cum of yet another lucky lad. “You horny bitch” he shouts as he starts to ram her in the ass. She wakes up and starts screaming, trying to kick with her legs, but he’s too powerful and keeps pounding her. Suddenly she stops fighting, and realises how good he feels inside her. She reaches down to her pussy and starts rubbing her clit, then entering four fingers in her cunt. “Those other two in the toilet were crap”, she says, “couldn’t make me come”. The driver tells her that he will, and her screams of terror turn to screams of passion as he drills her ass to orgasm. She rubs herself frantically as her body convulses, then she gushes a mixture of her hot cum and the cum of her previous encounter. This seeps onto the driver’s cock as he pummels her ass till he’s ready to blow. He pulls out, squirting her sopping pussy, ass and skirt with stream after stream of hot load. “It’s a good job it’s plastic” she says, “I don’t think my dad’d like to see me walk in with that all over me!”

The driver gets up and she starts to suck him clean, as the door opens and two lads get in thinking it’s an empty cab. She looks up at them longingly as they’re fit, and the driver says “she’s all yours lads”. He gets in the front as they get their cocks out, one is a normal size but one is thick and meaty. They lay her along the back seat and Mr. Meaty spreads her legs and enters her, she gasps as his thick cock slides into her and he fucks her hard and fast. The other rips her top right off her, “we’re not getting a titwank out of those” says the other lad, moving to her mouth. As both guys pump her from each end she fingers her clit, feeling another orgasm build. Next Mr. Normal sits down and she gets on him facing him, Mr. Meaty takes her ass. It’s a good job it’s lubricated with cum, but she screams as he enters her. He knows it’s hurting but couldn’t care less as he fucks her hard and fast with no letting up. Mr. Normal calls his mates, letting them know what they’re doing and invites them over. She comes again to the pounding she’s receiving.

Knowing more lads are coming, they get her on all fours as they spitroast her in the ass and mouth. Then Meaty goes back in her pussy just in time for the door to open again and a gang of lads appear, their cocks in their hands. One immediately enters her mouth, holding her head e rams his cock in and out of her till he comes, creaming her pretty face over and over again. The other two have been more resilient, but are now ready to come. Mr. Normal pulls out of her ass and squirts his load all over her ass watching it drip down the back of her legs. Next, Meaty gets on his knees and comes in her face. As she gets up onto her knees the cum drips down onto her tiny breasts, and three more guys get in. Jake, Callum and Carl, three likely lads with huge dicks. Jake takes her mouth, Carl her cunt and Callum her ass. All three rotate holes, making her come once again to her being pounded. While they fuck her, random guys from the gang outside enter the cab to wank over her. When they’re done, Carl lies her down and kneels between her legs and shoots his load right up her body, one hits her already cumsoaked face, next her breasts, then her skirt which is on her waist and belly. Callum shoots from her head over her belly and tits and finally Jake covers her face and blonde locks in his sticky load.

“Looks like she needs a shower before I take her home” shouts the driver from the front, “good idea” says Callum and they drag her out of the cab and lower her onto the tarmac. Each lad then gets his cock out and pisses the cum off her, she is completely soaked from head to toe and then placed back in the cab. The driver drives her home and she staggers to the door, barely able to walk after all that cock. Her dad is waiting up for her, how is she going to explain getting in at this unearthly hour?
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