Lad's 16 year old sister is coming to stay at her brother's Uni house
It was getting late for Karl to be at his job, he’d been tidying the house he shared with three student mates. As they sat in a line on the settee he left the room, saying “no fucking my sister, right?!” They agreed without hesitation as he’d always said she was a bit of a minger, so why would they want to?

Engrossed in Countdown they hardly noticed the key in the lock as Emily walks through the door and along the hall to the sound of life in an otherwise empty house. She opens the door, puts her bag on the floor, and says “hi, I’m Emily”. The three lads almost spit out their Stellas as Emily is far from the minger she was portrayed. Clearly this was to Karl’s idea to stop being bombarded with requests for her to visit, but now here she was: 17, 5 foot 3 tall, long blonde hair, in a black fitted blouse with a tie, a grey plaid skater mini with net underskirt, stiletto shoes and, most importantly, a cute, beautiful face.

The lads couldn’t stop looking at her as they sat there trying to make conversation, they were struck dumb. Emily’s phone beeps, “ah my phone” she says as she stands with her back to the boys and bends over to retrieve it from her bag. From the lads’ vantage point this was quite a sight, her legs stretched as she bent over and her little skirt now raised, almost showing the bottom of her butt cheeks. Each lad gets a hard on. Emily turns round clutching her phone “got it” she says, as she beams a smile from her beautiful face. She glances down and notices Tom’s erection bulging in his pants, pretending she’s seen nothing she starts making small talk as she checks the other two out. They’ve both got hard cocks throbbing in their jeans, and Emily smiles knowing they like what they’re seeing.

“So, what did my brother say?” she asks, “we’re not to fuck you!” replies Tom. “REALLY? Don’t you just hate being told what to do? I do”, says Emily as she walks towards them, gets onto her knees and positions herself between Tom’s legs. They’re dumbfounded as she leans forward, strokes Tom’s pulsating cock through his pants and says “I take it these are for me?” as she glances at the others’ crotches.

She unzips Tom’s pants and releases his hard cock. “Get your’s out too” she says as she starts to suck on Tom, then reaches out and starts skiing with Derek and Steve’s. They can’t believe their luck, she’s pretty AND sucking and wanking them in the first five minutes of meeting! They all stand, allowing her to take turns in sucking them. Tom then moves back onto the couch and Derek moves behind her, throwing her skirt up her back and, ripping her panties in half, enters her tight pussy. With Tom in her mouth, Steve starts to fondle her adequate breasts and opens her shirt. Emily rotates between Tom and Steve as Derek rams his cock in and out of her pussy. It’s not long before she starts to come, it seeps out of her and down her inner thighs as Derek relentlessly hammers her before her grabs her hips and holds them firmly as he releases his load inside her.

She moans in pleasure as she feels his warm, wet cum inside her. She looks up at Tom, “you next”. He slides underneath her, is cock entering her wet pussy as he starts to pound her. Derek gets his second wind and stands over wanking frantically until he shoots again, splashing all over her pretty face and her blouse. “You’ll need to change before Karl gets back” he says, smearing his second load over her face.

Steve moves back to her mouth after removing her cumsoaked shirt and bra. “Nice tits” he says as he starts to ram her mouth, holding her head to get his cock deeper inside her.

Derek’s phone goes and he takes it outside, but his voice is loud enough for Emily to hear him invite two rugby mates over. Mmm… rugby players, she thinks to herself, imagining what they will be like and how good a shag they’ll be. Tom asks if she does anal and she gets off him and onto all fours with her ass in his direction. He throws her skirt back up and enters her asshole, the tightness of it speeding up his orgasm. He pumps her tiny ass over and over, faster and faster as Steve is in her mouth pounding away. Tom can hold it in no longer and, pulling her tightly towards him, he shoots his load deep inside her ass. She loves the feel of his load being pumped inside her and looks up at Steve exhilarated.

Now Steve takes over, ramming his cock into her dripping pussy. “You’re such a good fuck” he tells Emily as he pounds her hard and fast. At this point Derek’s two rugby mates enter the room, Emily looks up to find two huge, well built lads stand before her. “So, you’re Karl’s horny sister eh, we’re gonna fuck your brains out!” “Oh oh oh oh oooooohhhh” she replies, as Steve brings her to orgasm, “th th that’s ok” she gasps. Steve rams her pussy as hard as he can before pulling out and squirting her ass and thighs with his copious, thick load. She collapses onto the floor, fully satisfied – but knows there’s more to come.

“Stand up you little slut” says Mike the first rugby player. She stands there so small between these two lads each over 6 foot tall, they grab at her breasts and lift up her skirt to check her neatly shaven pussy. Mike starts to finger her wet cunt as Jake pulls out his cock. Big and fat, he puts the others to shame. Seeing her delight in looking at it Mike says “if you like that check this out”, his is even longer and wider. These boys are gonna hurt, Emily thinks to herself, but there’s no going back now.

With Jake on the floor Emily sits gently atop his rock hard cock, she gasps in pain as she lowers herself right onto it. Jake starts to fuck her, grabbing her breasts as she writhes on top of him. Mike stands above and rams as much of his cock as he can into her mouth. Watching her being fucked brings erections back to the other three who start masturbating around them. Mike then gets behind and flicking her skirt up, enters his massive cock into her arse. A tear runs down her cumsoaked face, Mike is hurting and he knows it. But no pain, no gain she thinks to herself as these two rugby titans bang her rampantly like a pair of jackhammers. It’s not long before she comes once more, urging them to pump her faster and faster. The three lads surround her face, each squirting all over it till the cum runs off it onto her breasts and belly. Mike pulls out of her ass and, throwing her skirt up over her back, shoots his load right up her pretty net underskirt and right up her back.

Jake gets out from underneath and takes up the vacant position in her ass, pounding repeatedly. He flips her onto her back and, placing her legs on his shoulders, enters her ass from the front. Sucking Mike’s cock dry, Jake pulls out and squirts. Her tits and belly, the front of her skirt and her pussy, all awash with his load. Zapped of energy, Emily lies motionless on the floor as the lads get dressed.

By ten o’clock she’s all washed and showered, changed and perfumed, looking like butter wouldn’t melt when Karl comes through the door with pizzas. The lads couldn’t believe their luck and are happy when she says that she’s staying the weekend, with a wink …

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I take it this is your first story.

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not to bad lol more like really really bad

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2009-09-03 13:00:48
Lousy're probably lousy in bed foreplay.....stupid story.

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a good ending would be him revealing that they shouldn't fuck her cause she has like 50 STDs.

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not to bad

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