Tracey uses a local Indian reataurant to cheat on a tv show, gets more than she bargained for
After applying for the chance to be a contestant on Come Dine With Me, the big night arrived. Offering up an evening if Indian cuisine, she soon realised she’d bitten off more than she could chew and would never please the particularly catty crowd she’d been placed with to entertain. So she decided to use her brain instead of her cooking skills, and approached her favourite local Indian restaurant and asked them to cook all the meals and bring them secretly to her house during the evening. The guys at the restaurant have always had a soft spot for her, or should I say a HARD one! Perhaps it was her lively personality they loved, or maybe it was the fact that she has great breasts and fantastic legs (always on show, wearing crop tops and leather mini skirts), that had them running to the loo to jack off whenever she ate there?

Anyway, an agreement was reached – they cook, she fucks! “We cook and make you win and you fuck us all” says the boss. “What can be wrong with a one night stand with three hot Indians?” she says to herself, she just won’t let her hubby in on the deal. As she reached the door to leave Omar shouts across the restaurant “And you can wear that outfit too” (referring to her tight blue vest top and bum length, short black leather mini skirt, “we’ve wanted to fuck you in that for ages!” She looked back and gave him a knowing smile as she pushed the door open and left. All eyes followed her ass to the car as she crossed the road, “nice work boss!” says Ahmed. “She doesn’t know quite what she’s let herself in for” replies Omar, winking.

The big day arrives and the meals are duly brought over, a course at a time. The other contestants love it and she wins. The camera crew are in on the deceit, but they make a deal that as long as she wears another revealing short leather outfit on the night and they can film her from any angle (for their own copy of the show) they’ll keep schtum! There always seemed to be one cameraman or other disappearing to the loo, and various pictures of her at various events seemed to disappear and then reappear later, making Tracey smile to herself and get a little wet ;)

The final show airs and all are watching at the restaurant, Omar calls her after it’s finished and tells her it’s payback time. As it happens her fella is out that night with his pub mates so, at close of business, she drives to the restaurant in their outfit of choice and her highest heeled black stilettos. They invite her into the back, to the lounge, where she poses up against the wall for their photos, facing the wall she looks back as the cameras flash. She gives them that knowing look over her shoulder, knowing that her pics will be printed large and put up in the back toilet for them to enjoy. She’d seen their wives and they all wear Burkhas hiding their sexy bodies, so they appreciate a bit of bare flesh. As the photos continue, two lads get either side of her and grab a breast and a buttock each, smoothing their hands over her tiny leather skirt Ahmed tells her “we’ve waited so long for this you little slut”. She feels one finger slide into her ass, followed by another in her already moist pussy. The feel of their hard cocks pressing into her legs and all the attention is making her really wet.

They lead her to the couch and sit her down, now the videos start rolling too. Ahmed removes her top and plays with her breasts awhile, before moving his hands down to her legs and up her skirt. Slowly removing her silver satin panties, he starts to lick out her sopping, neatly shaven pussy. Omar then enters her mouth. It’s not long before it’s time to let the fucking commence, so Omar carries her upstairs to the bedroom, throwing her on the bed a litlle more violently than she’d expected. The slow, gentle start comes to an abrupt end as Omar climbs on top sticking his cock between her ample breasts, squeezing them into his cock as he rams them furiously. Ahmed spreads her legs and enters her wet cunt. Next Omar is back in her mouth, holding her head to rampantly fuck it. The experience is much rougher than she’d imagined it, and certainly rougher than the loving sex she’s had with boyfriends and her husband, but was so turned on it wasn’t long before she’d been brought to orgasm. Ali puts the video camera on a tripod and slides underneath, filling her ass with his massive cock. She’s never done anal and a tear weeps from her eye as his length rams in and out of her. With all three pumping her, she convulses and starts to come. With her come seeping out of her Ahmed rams her hard and fast.

Next, they swap places and Omar fucks her dripping cunt, Ali her mouth and Ahmed, her ass. “We can only dream of sluts like you in our culture” says Ahmed, emptying his hot thick load deep inside her tight asshole. Omar pulls out and creams all over the leather skirt he loves to see her in so much, and her belly. Then Ali shoots all over her face and tits.

Totally cumsoaked, Ahmed (also known among the lady clubbers in the town as “Mr. Fingers”) starts fingering her to her second climax. Totally shattered she lies there, legs akimbo, with both her cum seeping from her pussy and Ahmed’s from her ass. She closes her eyes for a few minutes. “Wake up bitch!” shouts a voice she doesn’t know, she looks up to find the bed surrounded by the seven kitchen staff she’d forgotten about when she agreed to the deal. “NOOOOOOOOOO!” she shouts, but Omar replies that she did agree to fuck “all” of them.

Rachid climbs onto the bed, her legs so oft the focus of many a compliment, are now flailing in the air trying to force off her ass-ailant, but he’s too big and too strong for her. Omar and Ahmed grab an arm each and hold her down as Rachid enters his huge cock deep inside her. “Sure beats whacking off to the CCTV footage of you in all those short skirts, when you come to eat here” he says, fucking her like a whore. She starts to scream so Ahmed picks up her silver panties and rams them in her mouth. She writhes to his pounding, making her breasts jiggle about, which turns him on even more. He fucks her relentlessly till he’s ready to blow, then he pulls out releasing his load, shooting right up her body – tits, belly and skirt.

Photos are taken throughout and the next chef gets onto the bed, flips her over and gets her on all fours, entering her duly lubricated ass. She screams through the knickers, as his cock is too big. A third chef climbs on and removes the panties, replacing them with yet another huge cock, ramming her throat with great gusto.

As Amit and Aditya spitroast her, Pranav gets underneath and fills her pussy. He pounds her cunt as the others pump her frantically. She can take no more and comes once again. They continue to fuck her fast and then abruptly pull out all at once. Getting her up onto her knees, they push her panties back in her mouth and each in turn holds her hair as they empty their Indian Special Sauce all over her face, panties and breasts.

Now, kneeling up on the cumsoaked bed, indeed covered in cum herself, the last 3 lads arrive into the room. Rahul, Armand and Samir, not known for their love of the sexy way British women dress, climb on. “You fuckin’ slut” says Rahul, “we’re gonna show you how an Indian really fucks an English girl”.

She instantly feels that this will not be an easy going fuck, as Rahul grabs her hair roughly, removes the cum stained knickers and starts to fuck her mouth. His cock is really long but he rams it into her holding her nose and making her gag. Amand raises her skirt up over her ass and starts to fuck it, placing his hands around her neck as he rams his cock deep inside her. Samir whacks his cock against her breasts as Amand slaps her ass hard.

Used only to more gentle “lovemaking”, she is strangely turned on by all the rough treatment and furious pounding she’s receiving. These guys were rough and fucking her like a porno slut, she was more turned on than at any other time. Rahul takes his place in her ass as Amand moves to her mouth and Samir her pussy. Amand also holds her nose making her gag, as Rahul pounds her ass like a jackhammer, slapping it as he smiles for the camera. Samir is ready to blow, but doesn’t pull out, instead filling her cunt with his load and then continues to pound her until Amand takes over. Rahul still drilling her ass, keeps pumping relentlessly. He wants to be the last to come and gets his wish as Amand shoots his cum up inside her. His beats continue until she comes one more time. Then Rahul is the last and, with her ass in the air and her face now in the pillow, he pulls out shooting his hot sticky load all over her ass and up the back of the skirt. He whacks his cock against her buttocks as he watches his cum slide down her ass and thighs.

They flip her onto her back and take more pics for the toilet wall, cumsoaked and their cum oozing from between her legs, her cunt awash with their load.

Initially concerned about how the night was turning out, she lies back realising she’d just had the most exhilarating session of her life. After she’s had all those hot guys fuck her and come over her, she vows to herself never to leave the house ever again looking dowdy – but always to look sexy for her secret onlookers. After all you never know who wants to fuck you in their mind, and she wants to ensure she never lets an admirer down.

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