Two stories in one. just random thoughts
As the full moon rises on an old castle, two lovers meet in a secret room so enjoy a full night of passion. They stand a few feet from the bed, kissing each other deeply. Slowly removing the other's clothing. Letting their clothes fall to the floor, they move onto the bed. He holds her close letting her feel his Erection pressing against the small of her back. Using his right hand to tease her clit as the other kneads the soft flesh of her perfectly shaped breast.

Softly he whispers what he plans on doing to her in order to make her go insane from pleasure. Then he turns her head, pressing his lips upon hers. Soon he teases her tongue with his, long and passionate they kiss. Several moments later she is tied to the bed posts, her body in a spread eagle position. A playful smirk on his lips as he grabs a small bottle of chocolate syrup. Then he also takes a strawberry, lightly pours some of the chocolate on it, and holds it just above her red lips.

With a smile she opens her mouth, letting him place it in just a little. Biting off a bit, she enjoys her nice sweet snack. Once she has eaten all of the strawberry her gave her, he pours a small amount on her hard erect nipples. And slowly pours a line from each down to her wet slit. Starting from her slit he licks ever so slowly up to her breast. Licking up one line at a time. He stops just short of her chocolate covered nipples to let the coco dry a little. Next her kisses her deeply letting her taste the chocolate on his tongue.

After breaking their kiss he moves down and cleans the coco off her nipples. Then to toy with her a little he gently blows on them. Listening to her quick gasp from the cold air on her nipples he moves farther down and with a slow and long stroke of his tongue he starts to lap at her snatch. She moans with every stroke of his tongue, loving every second of his teasing actions. And wanting much more and never wanting him to stop.

Enjoying the taste of her running juices he decides to enhance her pleasure. So he quickly pushes his tongue into her warm wet twat. She gasps from the sudden intrusion of her womb, and feels his tongue explore her walls and warmth. Moaning louder, gently saying his name and begging for more. She is nearing her much awaiting climax.

He brings his hand onto her body, using his thumb to tease her clit. Wanting her cum, so he can taste the creamy juices of her orgasm. She wriggles with pleasure her moans now much louder which turned to whines. Begging him, between whines of pleasure, for him to ravish her.

He smirks, removes his tongue from her womb to suck her clit. He quickly pushes two fingers into her. Trusting them in time with his sucking. She calls out his name as her back arches, then announces her climax, with a loud cry of pleasure. Her body shakes from her orgasm, her breath heavy and quick. He licks up her cum as much as he can get in his mouth.

Once she is done Cumming her moves up her body, so he can kiss her sweet lips and let her taste her own cum. She feels his prick at her slit, wanting him to push it in. She moves her hips to get him to understand her need for his cock.

Breaking the kiss he looks into her eyes, seeing her desire for him to fuck her all night, but wanting him inside her that very moment. So he gently inches his prick inside her wet pussy. Thrusting slowly at first, and then moving faster.

While he thrusts he sucks on her breast, and lightly toys with the other.

If her hands were free she would be clawing at his back, while her moans rang through the room. She asks for more, for him to thrust harder. And being the gentleman he is he does as asked.

He quickly kisses her; while her eyes are closed he reaches for a small knife on the bedside table. Just as he reaches it she opens her eyes. Seeing, the knife in his hand. He breaks the kiss and tells her it’s for the rope, then to prove it her slashes her bounds and tosses the knife to the floor.

Her arms wrap around him, her nails digging into his back as he continues to thrust. She bites his shoulder, but not hard enough to draw any blood. She moans into his shoulder holding him tightly. She is nearing her orgasm, and knows that he is too.

She pries her mouth from his flesh, crying out his name as her climax rocks her body with sweet pleasure. He thrusts as deep as he can go then releases his hot creamy cum into her hot womb.

He lies upon her, as they catch their breath. Smiling to one another from the pleasure they enjoyed. Now they cuddle close, her limbs untied and somewhat sore. They retreat under the cover so they may sleep. Well, At least, for a little while.

Office fun

On a rainy night in Vancouver, A young girl of 21 works a double shift. Her name is Clare; she has been working at the dealership for a bout a month. The same amount of time that she has been living in North Vancouver, with her Lover Edward.

Almost one hour ago Ed called her office wondering what time she would be home. She guessed that her work would be finished by 10:30. The time now was 10:25, and her work still needed about two more hours to finish.

Sighing with frustration, Clare shakes her head and takes a little break. She goes to the bathroom to splash cold water on her face in order to wake herself up. Unfortunately it only works for a few minutes.

At 11:00 she thinks she hears someone wondering through the dealership, but then believes that it’s just the rain and wind from the storm outside. And she could never expect what was going to happen next.

Five minutes later Edward enters her Office holding a case of her favourite Alcoholic beverage. Along with a small container of chicken; salad. “Hey! Looks like you could use something to eat.” He said placing the drinks and her dinner on the desk.

“Thanks Hun. I really could use something to eat right now.” She said and kissed him deeply. Wrapping her arms around his neck; pulling him into her. “I could use something else too. Can you guess what?” she said with a coy smirk.

“Oh? And do you want to eat first or after?” Edward asked stroking her sides. He always enjoyed making her wait awhile before he gave her what she wanted.

“After, I’ll need to recoup from the fun anyway.” Clare answered lifting herself onto his hips. “Fuck me... Please, I really need it.” She added softly.

He sets her down in the desk, spreading her legs wide. A smile crossing his lips as her pulls her thong out from under her skirt. She unbuckles his belt and unzips his jeans. Then quickly pulls them down and licks her lips when she sees is erection.

Clare wraps her legs around him, pulling him close, wanting him so much. “How do you want me?” she asks sweetly.

“Turn over love, and then we can have our fun.” Edward said just before kissing her. She turns over, shaking her ass a little for him. Then gasps from his, sudden thrust into her wet snatch.

He thrust gently at first, then once she is wet enough he thrusts harder. She moans softly, enjoying their fun. But not knowing what he has planned to do.

Their fun becomes more intense with every passing moment. Thrusting deep into her; holding her hips, and pulling her into his thrusts. Her moans growing louder. Loving every second of having sex in her office.

“Oh God… Baby… more please more…!” Clare whines as she teases her clit. From hearing that he turns her around, quickly pulls out of her; then starts eating her out.

She holds his head, pushing his face into her soaked slit. “Oh! Oh, god!” She cries as he inserts his tongue into her pussy. Swirling it around her in open hole, exploring her inner walls and tasting her sweet juices.

Without warning she suddenly reaches her climax, which has come quicker than expected. And he sucks up as much as he can.

Once her body settles from her orgasm she lays back on her elbows. “Oh god, Baby. That was great.” She says softly. He stands up and quickly kisses her deeply. “Now it’s your turn to cum for me.” She said with a coy smirk.

“And where would you like me my dear?” He asks in a whisper by her ear. Clare glances around the room and smiles. “On my couch. I want you sitting on my couch.”

They move to the couch, where she pushes him into a sitting position. And then she drops to her knees and takes him into her mouth. Sucking him with such expertise that he closes his eyes and leans back. Softly groaning every now and then. She runs her tongue the underside of his shaft as she withdraws, then licks the tip of his head and takes him in once again. She continues on like this until he places his hand on her head.

Clare lightly runs her teeth over his shaft, wrapping her tongue around his length. Sucking him harder, doing everything possible with her tongue to tease him. “Oh Clare that feels great…” Her head bobs faster and faster. Her hand fondling his balls to get him to cum. With a few more moments of her teasing he cums, shooting his hot cream into mouth and down her throat.

She swallows every drop; slowly she removes her mouth from him and licks her lips. “Delicious.”

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