A little diddy I wrote a couple of years ago
My name is Gerald and I have a story to tell, but before I do let me tell you a little about myself. I just turned 15 and I am a nerd, not that I want to be, but I just am, the educational system is boring to me and I usually excel in all my subjects, especially the sciences and math. I try not to stand out but I am compelled to do my best with my homework and exams and stuff. There is just something in my makeup that drives me, I can’t explain. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 147 pounds. I have brown hair and eyes and I wear glasses. Anyways, on to the story:

I had worked on this project for the science fair for over two months and I was no where near where I needed to be at this point. I made, I bet a hundred different formulas and none of them worked. On paper they were perfect and very plausible, but in reality, they were all just formulas that either smelled really bad or had no odor at all, but they all had something in common. They didn’t work. Then one night, working in the make-shift lab in the basement I had made up Formula 1602. That’s not how many I made the number was a combination of what the formula consisted of. 1 is for the sterilized water and 6 is for the 6th formula I made of certain other chemicals and the 02 is for the batch and the percentage of the formula I made. I hate to say it but several of the formulas I had made and tested killed the test subjects.

When I finished the formula I tested it on one of my lab mice I had bought from a supplier and I watched it. At first nothing happened and then she started to act kinda strange running around the isolation cage and she kept twisting around and licking herself. None of the other mice had done that, so I noted it in my lab journal. The more I watched her the more she licked but that was all she did. After a while I put her back in the cage with the other mice and she immediately went over to a male mouse and started rubbing and turning her butt to him. Before long he mounted her as I watched and when he was done she went to another mouse and did the same thing. He also mounted her.

Now this is not what I was trying to do, in fact, it really doesn’t matter what I was trying to do for the science fair at this point. My mind was saying that maybe I had found something way better than winning some old science fair if it works on human females, at least for a guy who was 15, kinda nerdy with raging hormones. If it was so, then it was a fantastic find. If and it really was a big if. If it works on humans like it did on the mouse, I could be a millionaire before I was 20. My mind screamed at all the possibilities. It had to be tested and if I was to produce this formula for the general population, the FDA or some other organization in the government would hold it up for years for testing it and making sure it was safe for public consumption, maybe I could sell it to a pharmaceutical company for a million dollars or more.

I decided I would keep it quiet and do some testing on my own. Hell I didn’t even know if it would work. I thought about whom all I knew that I could test this formulation on. There was my mom, my nosy sister the Tolley twins, Elizabeth down the street and then there were the ones at school… Especially the ones that snubbed me in the past… Hell, I didn’t even know if it worked or even the dosage. But, all that was mute at this point or at least that is what my analytical mind was saying. I had to watch the mice and see what the total effect was and journalize it. One drop approximately .5 Mg was all the mouse had and she was mating like she was a nymphomaniac or something.

I wrote in my journal that the effect of the .5 Mg. of Formula 1602 caused extreme sexual arousal in the subject mouse. The mouse had now moved through the 3rd and 4th male in the cage and was now working on number 5, the last male I had bought. I could see she was getting very tired, but still she continued. After number 5 she went back to the first one and he mounted her again. This was astounding, I had never witnessed anything as bazaar as what was happening in the cage. She was screwing all the males in the cage and going back for more.

After the 1st one did her again she was headed for the second on and sort of just stopped halfway across the cage. She was so tired that she couldn’t move. I made note in the journal and then I retrieved her from the cage and put her on the desk. She was still breathing and she appeared to be just sleeping. I weighed her and noted that in the journal as well. On the bottom of the page I did some calculations, I figured her weight verses the amount of the formula and soon I came up with an approximate dosage that would be needed for a human of approximately 100 lbs. Wait, wait I’m getting ahead of myself. I had to test the formula some more. I got another mouse and weighed her and then I cut the dosage in half and gave it to her and then I transcribed all the information to the journal and then I waited and watched.

After 15 minutes or so she started running around the cage as the 1st mouse had done and then she started licking just like the first. I watched a while longer and then decided to put just one male in the cage with her and see what happens. Making notes as to my theory I did just that. She immediately went to him and soon he mounded her. After they were done she turned and began to rub against him and soon she was cuddled up next to him and when I tried to retrieve her, he tried to bite me. I wasn’t sure what this meant but I made notes. I put the 1st mouse in another isolation cage and called it a night.

After I went upstairs I took a shower and tried to sleep but it wouldn’t come. I laid there for what seemed like hours, my mind racing with thoughts of different girls and I together. And what it would mean if I did something like this, what it would mean to the world. Then, I thought about all the stuff that people would turn it in to and the last thought I had was that I wasn’t going to tell anybody about what I had formulated. I would just keep it to myself.

When the alarm woke me I quickly dressed and headed down to the basement. The first mouse was walking around the cage doing the mousy thing and so were the male and female acting as normal as anything. I had some time before school so I got the male out and gave him the same dosage as I had given the 2 females the night before. Religiously making notes in the journal. After a while I could tell he was horny, his penis was sticking out and before long he mounted the female and she at first squealed and tried to fight him off like she didn’t like it, but then she stopped squealing and relaxed and let him have his way. I was definitely going to have to try this on a human subject.

Over the next few days I tested and retested the formula on the mice and every time they reacted the same way. I checked the formula for stability and other things one does with such formulas. I checked it for odor, which I found “0”, I didn’t try to see if it had a taste, because I didn’t want to become a raving sex maniac like the male mice did. But I was finally satisfied with the results I had noted in my journal and was now trying to figure out who I might test it on. I had several candidates, but no prospects.

The opportunity didn’t present itself for a couple more days and then out of the clear blue, Jennifer Daniels needed some help with her science homework. She came up to me in the hall and asked if I would come over and help her with her science homework and study for a test that was going to happen Monday of next week. She explained that if she screwed up and failed the class that her daddy wouldn’t let her get her driver’s license, which meant he wasn’t going to get her the new Mustang she wanted. Well, by all means, I was at her disposal.

Let me explain about Ms Jennifer Daniels, she was a cheerleader with big boobs, not big, big, maybe a C- cup and they fit her 5’0” frame. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes and a nice body. She was one of the ones that snubbed me unless they needed something like now. I think it was because I was so nerdy and she was one of the most popular girls in school. She dated the quarterback on the football team and he was a jerk too.

Anyways, I knew that Kevin, her boyfriend was going to be out of town on Saturday. Something to do with football camp or something and he wouldn’t be around to bother us, so I set it up for 10 AM on Saturday. I couldn’t wait. I would be alone with one of the most popular girls in school and I was going to try out my formula on her. God, I hoped and prayed all my research wasn’t in vain and something dreadful would happen. Over the next few days I worried and almost decided not to try it. My mind raced. What if she had a reaction? What if it killed her? Or worse? I tested more mice I got from my supplier and finally decided I would take it with me but may not use it.

When I arrived at the Daniel’s house I saw that one of the cars was gone and the other one was idling in the circle driveway. As I knocked on the door Mrs. Daniels was coming out. She stopped looked at me for a minute, and then asked who I was. I told her I was Gerald a friend of Jennifer’s from school and I was going to help her study. She looked down her nose at me and I realized where Jennifer got her attitude from. She yelled at Jennifer that her friend, uhh study partner was here. Then she turned her nose up and strode off to the car and drove off.

A minute later Jennifer came to the door wearing a purple jogging suit that looked like it was tailored to fit. She invited me in. We went up to her room and started to work on her homework. Hell, her room was bigger than our living room. As I tried to teach her I realized that all the stories you hear about the blonde girl that was a ditz… That was Jennifer. I thought after a while, that if I looked up the word in the dictionary, her picture would be right there. I worked with her for over an hour on one theory before she understood it another hour before she could apply it. I had my work cut out for me. I finally dried up and needed something to drink. She had been sucking on a large cup with a straw all morning and hadn’t even offered me anything. She was so self-absorbed it wasn’t funny.

After dealing with 5 or 6 calls from her girlfriends and her losing her train of thought for whatever reason, I was about fed up with Ms Jennifer Daniels. I asked her for a glass of water and she huffed, but went to get my request. While she was gone I calculated her weight and put the amount of formula in her drink. When she returned with a cup of water, I drank it and I waited. I continued to try to teach her what she needed to know, but it was hopeless.

As I was explaining another theory, I noticed her upper lip was beginning to perspire. Little beads of sweat were becoming noticeable and she started to fidget more than what she had done previously. Then as she spoke she would reach out her tongue and wet her lips. I also noticed that she would rub her boobs, of course accidentally and she was rubbing her legs together as she tried to explain a theory I just gave her. Little Ms Daniels was getting horny as hell. After a few more minutes she complained about how warm it was getting and I agreed even though the temperature in the room had not changed.

She reached up and grabbed the zipper at her neck and drew it down about half way. Just far enough that I could see the lacy bra she was wearing and she increased her leg movements and the accidental boob rubs. She began to perspire more and soon she had reached for the zipper again and drew it down completely. “You don’t mind, do you? It’s awfully warm in here.” She said. I just shook my head no. I kept looking at her lace covered boobs as she tried to comprehend the lesson. Then she reached up and pulled her top off completely still complaining about how hot it was. I didn’t acknowledge her then.

I asked her where the bathroom was as I needed to go and she pointed to a door off to the right and I went in but only for a minute. I opened the door quietly and peered out. She had one hand down inside her jogging pants and her eyes were closed. She was frigging herself like there was no tomorrow and the other hand appeared to be tweaking her nipple inside her bra. I made some noise and opened the door further and stepped out into the room and she opened her eyes, but didn’t stop what she was doing. I stopped and just watched. Soon she was up and coming towards me. She grabbed my shirt and yanked it up out of my jeans and started pulling it apart popping buttons as she opened it. Then she fumbled with my belt and my jeans until she had them down around my knees. She then dropped and wrapped her lips around my cock and drew me into the most wonderful place my cock had ever been.

She worked on my cock for a couple of minutes as she buried her hand back in her jogging pants and then she reached up with her other hand and started jerking me off. I stood there not believing how good my formula had worked. Then, she pressed down and released my cock with her hand and soon her forehead was against my pubic bone. She gagged but didn’t stop. I could feel the muscles in her throat massage my cock. It didn’t take long for me to shoot a huge load of my juices down her throat. When she stopped sucking her hand went back to my cock and kept it hard.

That was just the beginning, she grabbed my arm with her other hand and led me waddling because of my jeans to the queen-sized bed and turned me around and pushed me down. Then she yanked my jeans off completely and then she stood up and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her jogging pants and pushed them down. I was greeted with a cute little thong that was pink with white lace. She quickly discarded those too and climbed on top of me. She grabbed my cock and before I knew it she had sat down on it impaling herself on my shaft.

She started to ride me like a wild bronco. She was sweating profusely now and she was like a wild woman. She was trying to drain me to get a life sustaining elixir or something, but I didn’t mind. I was having the time of my life. Here I was in her bedroom fucking the girlfriend of the quarterback and a cheerleader. I was in heaven. I reached up with both hands and caught her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and twisted them hard. That seemed to drive her into more of a frenzy. She had not made a sound since all this started, but now she was moaning and gasping for breath and cooing. She reached down and put her hands against my chest as she rode, her hips getting faster and faster.

When she finally hit her peak screaming that she was coming, she raked her nails on my chest leaving scratches that began to bleed. She reached down and started licking the wounds like it would save her life or something. I was almost there but she had stopped moving her hips and was just sitting impaled on my cock as she licked my wounds. Eventually I coaxed her to get off me and I rose up and turned her around on her knees until her feet were off the bed. I got up behind her and pushed my cock in completely in one fell swoop. I grasped her hips and started slamming into her with all the force I could muster. I thought about the way she treated me and the way her mother had done so too. I just slammed into her as hard as I could.

One time I pulled back too far and when I slammed forward, I missed her pussy and my cock hit her ass and bent and I started to reposition but then it slipped inside and went about ½ ways into her ass. She screamed, but didn’t try to pull away. She arched her back and suddenly she thrust her butt back at me driving my cock in deeper. I gripped her hips tighter and forced the rest of my cock deep into her ass until she was impaled on it. I fucked her for a good 5 minutes before I felt my nuts churn and I picked up the pace. I pulled back one last time and jammed my cock as far into her tight ass as I could and released what felt like a gallon of juice deep in to her tight ass. She collapsed on the bed and I barely made it to lie beside her. I rested for a while, she was passed out. It scared me at first, so I checked her vitals and realized she was OK.

About 30 minutes later she rose up and looked at me in disbelief. She stuttered something about, “I… You… We… OH, MY GOD… that was the most incredible… Holy FUCK!!!” then she got this serious look on her face and just looked at me. After a minute or so she said she didn’t know what got into her, she was sorry and she never acted that way before.

Then she said, “You can’t tell anyone about this!” “Why not?” I asked. Then she started to cry, between the sobs she said, “Cause, it will ruin my reputation… But GOD, it was so good I want to do it again. Promise me you won’t tell anybody, PLEASE? I’ll let you do me anytime you want, at least every chance we have.” I looked at her as if I were thinking about what she offered. I had already decided I wouldn’t ruin her precious reputation, but I also figured I would get the best out of this deal. I looked at her and told her she had to convince me that it was worth keeping my mouth shut. She immediately slid off the bed and got between my legs and started playing with my cock, which twitched a couple of times and started to fill with blood. Before long it was as hard as a rock and she was working it into her mouth after kissing and licking it almost as if she was worshipping it.

I laced my fingers behind her head, wrapping my fingers in her gorgeous hair and started fucking her mouth, at first just slow short strokes, but then harder and faster and longer ones. My cock would hit the back of her mouth and then I would feel a sort of pop and then it would slide down her throat. I did this until I blasted her tonsils with an explosion of 5 or 6 long ribbons of my seed. When I was done she pulled back and wiped her mouth and then licked the back of her hand. Then she crawled up and began rubbing her sexy body all along me like a cat and she was purring like one too. It took a while but she got me hard again and pulled herself up and plopped her ass down one me again sinking my shaft quickly inside her steamy pussy. She worked my cock until she had cum 5 times the last really took it’s toll, she could barely hold her head up after that but I still hadn’t finished so I flipped her over onto her back and slid into her extremely wet hole. At first she tried to wrap her legs around my waist but soon she couldn’t hold them there and she just relaxed and let me have my way with her. She had three more orgasms.

After a while I was sort of bored with that and wanted to do her butt again, but she was too tired to get on her hands and knees so I lifted her legs up and threw them over my shoulders. This allowed me access to her beautiful ass. I pushed the head of my cock against her anal muscle and she cooed and shuddered. Then as the head slowly entered, her whole body started to vibrate. Then her anal muscle collapsed just under the head of my cock and as she had another orgasm, it squeezed my shaft unbelievably. My nuts churned and I plunged as deep into her as I could and released my final torrent of juice into her lithe body. I collapsed beside her for a while and then I went in and took a shower and got dressed. She was still asleep naked on her bed when I left.

After I got home I wrote everything that happened today in my journal and then I locked it away for safe keeping since I didn’t want my snoopy sister or my mom to read about my new Formula or that it caused such a reaction and how I described everything in detail although analytical it was also very graphic. Later I got to worrying about when Kevin got back, what Jennifer would tell him. I wondered if I should expect him to come over and beat my ass, but that worry was for nil, he never showed up and at school on Monday, he never even looked my way.

On Tuesday first thing, I was standing at my locker and Jennifer came down the hall, as usual every guy in the hall stopped what they were doing and watched her move along with her friends. Then, she stopped in front of me and turned and then she handed her books to the girl standing beside her who for the life of me I can’t remember. Suddenly Jennifer slung her arms around me and hugged me tightly and squealed, “Thank you so much, I passed the test and daddy is taking me Friday to get my license.” I was flabbergasted and just stood there. Finally I was able to nod and say, “You’re welcome.”
Then, she turned grabbed her books and was gone. When she left my friends came over and asked what that was about and if I copped a feel and if I felt her tits against my chest and everybody was patting me on the back and making a big deal out of it. I just explained I helped her study. If they only knew what really happened, I would have a statue out front of the school and be worshipped as a god or something.

The rest of the day word spread about Jennifer stopping and hugging me in front of everybody and soon word spread that Kevin was looking for me and I got real nervous. I scurried between classes and made it to my last class without running into him. I figured I had it made since he had football practice after school. So I went to my locker and started for home when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I steeled myself for a beating and I flinched and crammed my eyes shut when he held out his hand. When I didn’t feel him hit me I opened my eyes and he had this weird look on his face and his hand was sticking out. I carefully reached out and took his hand and he shook it. He thanked me for helping Jennifer pass her test. I smiled and said it wasn’t a problem. He turned and walked away. I almost melted on the spot with relief that I wasn’t going to be beaten to a bloody pulp.

Kevin turned out to be an OK guy, he would wave or nod or say “Hey” any time he seen me. I sort of felt, I don’t know, I guess sorry for him, knowing that I fucked his girl senseless and he didn’t even know it. But I didn’t feel sorry enough to tell him about it. In fact after a while the evil side of me rejoiced in it. Here I was one of the biggest nerds in school and I fucked his girl, a cheerleader in fact and one of the most sought after girls on campus. Those thoughts made me feel almost like a god…

I had to be careful with how I used my Formula, I didn’t know if the way things turned out was because it was just Jennifer or if it was the Formula. I couldn’t be sure and didn’t want to take the chance it was just her. So I held off using any more until about a month later. My mom had to go out of town on a business trip for some kind of manager’s training weekend or something and she made me watch my sister. The morning after she left I was in the kitchen making breakfast when my sister came in still wearing her long nightshirt and started bugging me about going to the mall and seeing her friends. I told her not today cause I had to finish the yard and my homework and… she cut me off saying I wasn’t her boss and I couldn’t tell her what to do and yada yada yada. I finally told her to shut up and go get dressed while I finish breakfast. While she was upstairs I slipped down to the basement and grabbed a vial of the Formula and came back upstairs.

Now I never really intended to do anything with my sister, so don’t get the idea I was into incest or anything like that, in fact I had never really saw my sister as anything other than a pain in the ass, or maybe some insect I would like to crush. So anyways, my intentions were to just give her a little bit and make her maybe more easy to live with for the next two days. I put a fraction of the amount I figured for her weight in her orange juice and set her food and juice on the table. She was soon back in the kitchen dressed in a cute little top that left her midsection naked and a jean skirt that was looked 2 sized too small. I swear if she bent over I could see her ass. She sat down and ate, but she still yacked about going to the mall and I couldn’t stop her… I tuned her out for a while and then I realized she wasn’t talking any more. I looked up and she just sat there and looked at me.

I continued to eat, but I kept an eye on her watching out of the corner of my eye. She started breathing heavier and soon her upper lip started to sweat. She was wiggling in her seat. I wondered if I had given her too much Formula. She was acting like Jennifer had with about 3 times as much Formula. She smiled at me and I could tell she was rubbing her legs together by the way her body was moving. My little sister was turned on. Hell, she was getting horny as hell. I ignored her. When I finished eating I stood up and went to the sink with my dishes and started to wash them. Suddenly my sister was right there and she rubbed her chest against my side as she put her dishes in the sink. I still ignored her, but I felt her little bumps that would one day be her breasts.

I finished washing the dishes and went to the living room and sat down on the couch, she followed me and sat down right beside me touching my side. She didn’t quite understand what she was feeling, I guess, since she wasn’t sexually active or anything. “Hey Gerry, don’t you think it is hot in here?” she asked and I just shrugged my shoulders and told her, “Not particularly.” She said she was hot. Now like I said I never thought about her as a sex object or anything, but she was rubbing against me and sort of cooing and she reminded me of Jennifer and the way she acted after getting a dose of the Formula. I still wasn’t going to do anything since she was my sister.

I got interested in a program and ignored her for a while, when I finally looked over at her she was sitting there with her top off and was swinging her leg back and forth gently. Her skirt had eased up until; I could see her panties and the wet crotch she had. She was in misery. I thought, Ah-huh, serves her right for challenging my authority. “Hey Gerry?” she started. “What now?” I asked harshly. “Why do I have this itch between my legs?” she asked. I wasn’t sure how to answer her so I asked her what she meant. She blushed and squirmed on the couch a bit. “You know, I have this itch.” She took her hand and pointed right to where I could see the imprint of her slit though her panties. “It itches right here.” Then she touched herself right at the top of her slit and she gasped and moaned. She threw her legs together trapping her hand in between and then she shuddered. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she arched her back as I watched curiously. Now, watching her caused me to get hard really quick and I tried to hide it as I sat there watching.

Soon, she came down from her plateau and then she opened her eyes. I saw lust in them as she peered at me. “God Gerry, what happened? Now it’s worse than it was.” She said. Then she looked up at me with this pleading look. “Please Gerry help me, it’s driving me crazy.” She asked as she plunged her other hand down between her legs. Then she saw the tent in my shorts and reached over and grasped it with a hand wrapping her fingers around it. I gasped and told her she better not do that and then she squeezed it and asked, “Why not? Can I see it? OH GOD Gerry? Just holding it makes the itch worse, Can you do something, Please?” she asked. “I’ll do anything if you just help me.”

I couldn’t let her go on so I pulled her hand away from my cock and got down in the floor in front of her and pushed her legs apart. She gasped and asked what I was doing. I told her she asked for help and I was trying to do just that. She took a deep breath and held it as I slid my hands up her thighs till I touched her wet panties. She exhaled and then gasped as I pushed her legs further apart and reached my head down and touched the crotch of her panties with my tongue. “What are you...? OH…! WOW…!” she squealed as I licked up her slit until I touched her clit.

Using my fingers, I pulled her panties to the side and started licking her little pussy directly and she went nuts. She grabbed my hair with both hands and seemed to be trying to force my head into her body as she arched her back and thrust her hips forward. I continued to lick and suck as her juices flowed freely. Now I wasn’t that experienced or anything but she tasted wonderful, like a fresh, I don’t know, flower or something. She tasted different than Jennifer had, even though I had not really got down and ate her out or anything, I had licked my fingers once to see what she tasted like. My sister was different, fresher and I concluded that it was because she was a virgin.

My sister squirmed and squealed as she started thrusting her hips up and down and yes it did have more of an effect on me than I thought. My cock was like a steel bar and I knew then I was going to fuck her, but I also knew it was wrong. Maybe that is why it was affecting me so much. Using my finger I started rubbing around her virginal hole dipping the tip in just a little. Whenever I did this she thrust her hip harder at me, but I continued to lick and suck her clit. She was gasping for breath and moaning and then suddenly, she arched her back and stiffened like a board. She screamed as she reached, I guess, the highest peak she had ever reached in sexual bliss. Her whole body was spasming.

I had had about all I could stand and I leaned back and pushed my gym shorts down to my knees. I grabbed my cock and guided it to her sopping wet slit and rubbed it up and down between the folds. This seemed to renew her orgasm. Her eyes were screwed shut her breath was very erratic. Her chest was pumping up and down shallowly and she was squeezing both her little nipples between her thumb and forefinger. I started to just shove my cock into her, but then I guess some little piece of moral fiber popped into my head about taking her virginity and her being my little sister. But I was too far gone to just quit.

I grabbed her and pulled her down on the floor and flipped her over. She was gasping then. I pulled her ass up by her hips until her ass was right in front of my cock. I grabbed one of her cute little butt cheeks in each hand and spread them until I saw her little anal flower. I started rubbing my cock against it, dipping down her wet slit every few seconds drawing more of her juices up. Then, I pressed against the tight little orifice and pulled her hips back. She squealed and shuddered as I felt her ass hole spread and the tip of my cock entered her neither region. She began to shake or maybe it was more like a vibration and she pressed back against my cock causing it to slip in further. Suddenly her muscles clamped just under the crown and squeezed. She gasped again and that started another orgasm with her young body which now looked like she had just come out of the shower, she was so wet from sweating. I reached around her hip and slid my finger through her slit and up to her clit. She screamed and lunged back sinking me further into the hottest, tightest velvet like glove I had ever felt.

I pushed forward driving my cock even deeper and she rolled from one orgasm to another, she came so many time I lost track as I started pumping my cock into her tight ass. My nuts churned and soon I exploded deep on her tight ass sending what felt like a gallon of my juice into her bowels as rope after rope splattered the walls inside her ass. I collapsed onto her back and rested with her still impaled on my cock which did not get soft. I could feel her anal muscles rippling against the shaft as I regained my composure. She was lying there still gasping for breath.

“Gerry?” she started, “Will you PLEASE not tell mom on me?” I thought about it for a second. Here I was with my sister’s ass impaled on my cock and now she was asking me not to tell mom? “I won’t give you anymore trouble if you promise not to tell mom, Please?” she continued when I didn’t say anything. “I guess I won’t as long as we can do this some more.” I told her. I don’t know where that came from. “Really… OK!” She exclaimed. I pushed myself up and slowly started to slide my cock out until the head was all that was in her ass held by the tight grip of her sphincter muscle and then I drove it in completely as fast as I could. She squealed and shuddered as it hit bottom and then I started pumping in and out of my sister’s ass like there was no tomorrow. Another orgasm hit her and then she rolled from one orgasm to another and I worked my cock in and out.

Sis passed out after maybe 5 minutes and I continued to fuck her butt until I couldn’t stand it any more. I unloaded a new batch of my juices into her bowels and then collapsed beside her. I dosed off and when I awoke she was gone. I laid there for a minute and then I heard the shower running. I got up and pulled my shorts up and sat down to watch TV again. In 15 minutes or so Sis came down and sat down beside me. I looked over and smiled at her and she smile back at me. we sat there for a few minutes and when a commercial came on she turned more towards me and asked, “Hey, Gerry? What happened earlier?” “What do you mean?” I asked her. “Well…? I know I made you do what you did. But, when I touched myself down there and then when you started rubbing me and especially when you pulled my panties to the side and licked me. I have never felt anything like that before. It was like the 4th of July, New Years, and the turn of the century all rolled into one.”

I pretended that I didn’t have a clue what caused it and told her so and I also told her, “What happened to you was you had an orgasm when you touched yourself. And then when I did what I did you had several of them.” “WOW, it was the most bestest thing that has ever happened to me. I liked how it… How they felt and I want to have more of them. Can you teach me how to have them, like the ones I had when you did that to me?” “Look it’s really complicated, you had one when you touched yourself and it felt good. Right?” She nodded her head. “The thing is, is that when someone else touches you, your mind doesn’t really know what the next sensation is, so it kinda is surprised at each new sensation and therefore reacts differently, maybe stronger or such.” “So, she started. “If I touch myself it feels one way, but if I let you touch me its better?” “Well, yeah, if you put it that way, but it’s not just me, anybody touches you that way will cause your body to react differently.”

“Oh no Gerry, I wouldn’t let anybody else touch me like that. Just you cause I know you love me.” I was in such shock by her words, I was speechless. Now, where had that come from? I might love her cause she is my sister, but up till now, I couldn’t stand her. And later on I got another surprise. Jennifer called and wanted to know if I wanted to come over. Now that was shocking, Jennifer had never called and asked me to come over. I asked her, “Why.” And she told me to just hang out. “What about Kevin?” She said they had broken up and she just needed some company. I told her I was babysitting my sister and she sounded disappointed when she replied, “OH! Well, I guess you can bring her too.

“When?” I asked.” “The sooner the better,” she breathed heavily into the phone. I took a shot in the dark, “Are you playing with yourself?” I asked. “M-M-M, and I’m thinking about your cock and what I want to do with it. Hurry!” I told my sister I needed to go over to Jennifer’s house for a minute and she was determined she was going too, so we headed over. When we arrived there was a note on the door, it said COME ON UP, I’M WAITING> it was written in red lipstick. I went in with my sister in tow. I told her to go in and watch TV on the big screen that was on in the livingroom and I headed upstairs. I was half naked by the time I went through her door and was completely by the time I reached her bed. She grabbed my cock and sucked it in almost all the way. I gasped as I felt her throat pop and my cock slid down her throat. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the sensation.

Suddenly I heard, “GERRY!” it was my sister’s voice, I opened my eyes and she was standing in the doorway watching Jennifer deep throat me. I reached for her and she came over beside me. She was staring at Jennifer suck my cock. Then she surprised me, she reached out and grabbed my cock as Jennifer slid her lip up my shaft. She jerked the head from her mouth and as she knelt down, she said, “I can do that too!” Then she put the head in her mouth and started pumping her head back and forth, the head bouncing off the back of her throat with each downward motion. Then she held it tight against the back of her throat and I felt the pop and my cock slid down her throat. My knees buckled from the sensation and then I watched as Jennifer started to rub my sister. She slid her hand under my sister’s top and I could see her fingers playing with her nipples and then her other hand slid down inside the waistband of her skirt. My sister moaned which reverberated all the way down the shaft of my cock. Soon, Jennifer started undoing my sister’s skirt and it dropped to the floor and then she was pulling her up on the bed, but my sister never released my cock. Jennifer positioned her so that she was straddling her head and I saw Jennifer start to lick and suck my sister’s pussy. That was more than I could take and my nuts exploded a river of my juices down her throat. As I recovered, my sister was moaning and squirming around on Jennifer’s face. And she was moving her hips faster and faster. I crawled up on the bed between Jennifer’s legs and sunk my revived cock into her wet pussy in one quick push. She squealed into my sister’s pussy.

I fucked her for everything I was worth. My sister was doing the same thing mashing her pussy against Jennifer’s face. I reached around and was tweaking my sister’s clit as Jennifer ate her out. She was gasping and moaning and her head was thrown back as she rode the teenager’s mouth. My sister had her hands, one on each breast, squeezing and pinching the nipple. Then I felt Jennifer’s muscles tense and I knew she was about to explode so I picked up the pace and was slamming in to her like a wild man. Suddenly my sister screamed as she came and then Jennifer came too. I was still good since I had come three times already. Once they both had regained their senses I pushed my sister off to the side and then I rolled Jennifer over and stuffed a pillow under her stomach, raising her ass up in the air. I spread her butt cheeks with my thumbs and aimed my cock for her anal flower. We were both wet and once the head touched her opening, I drove into her tight ass completely with her pushing back helping me impale her on my shaft.

My sister watched for a minute and then she slipped between my legs on her back and then she started licking Jennifer’s pussy as I fucked her ass. Jennifer gasped at first, but then started grinding her hip down onto my sister’s mouth. She screamed as she rolled through I don’t know how many orgasms. Then my sister started playing with my nuts and it didn’t take long before I blasted my load deep into Jennifer’s tight ass. After I collapsed, my sister continued to eat Jennifer’s pussy for a while. When she finally came out from between her legs, her face was soaking wet with Jennifer’s pussy juice.

Jennifer reached over and began to kiss my sister’s lips and her lick face. My sister grabbed her face and brought her lips to Jennifer’s and they kissed open mouthed in the hottest kiss I ever seen. I started to rub my sister’s body and in just a little while I rose up and gently drove my cock deep into her tight young ass for the second time today. She pushed back against me pulling Jennifer’s head with her. They continued kissing and licking each other as I pumped my shaft deep into her ass. I fucked her for a long time, sometimes slow and sometimes fast, some short and then long strokes. I was just enjoying the sensual feel of her muscles caressing my cock. Then she started sucking Jennifer’s nipples and Jennifer was moaning along with my sister. It was music to my ears.

Finally, my nuts churned and I picked up the pace. My sister started to moan louder and I reached my hand under her and found Jennifer’s hand already there. I reached my other hand over and started finger fucking Jennifer in unison with me and my sister. Suddenly we all three screamed out as we exploded together in a mass of tangled bodies.

It’s a good thing Jennifer’s parents were gone for the weekend. It took the rest of the day just to get the smell of sex out of her room. When my sister and I got back home, she asked if she could sleep with me. Who was I to refuse her? So when we went to bed she crawled into my bed and cuddled her ass right against my cock and went to sleep after she kissed me goodnight. Sometime in the night I awoke with my cock buried in her ass. I don’t know if I did it or she did, but I slowly stroked in and out of her a couple of times but I was so tired I dozed back off with it still in her ass and we both slept.

The next day I was talking to Jennifer on the phone and I found out why Kevin and she broke up. She said that after that Saturday with me, sex with Kevin just wasn’t the same, she tried to make it work, but he just seemed to want what her could get and didn’t think about what she wanted or needed. She broke it off with him a few weeks later. Now if I promised to keep it secret, she was content with fucking me every few days and not have the hassle of a boyfriend. That was just fine with me. This was good for a while but I started to get bored with my sister and Jennifer and I started thinking about who I could use the formula on next…

I wonder?

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